Why are India’s liberals in mourning after Surgical Strike?

I told you so. I invited them to the party yesterday. But I knew they wouldn’t come. Which is what made the party all the more fun 🙂 And the icing on the cake was the fact that they all had to congratulate us on the party, all the while hating it 🙂

A simple glance through the headlines on Scroll and DailyO show the explosion of fear in Lutyens Delhi. Scroll seems to have reacted very emotionally, dumping off tons and tons of articles on ridiculously irrelevant topics in the hope of burying the day’s big story. No seriously, Scroll has put up articles today on the topic of “International Translation Day”, followed by an article on dating and its connections to the economy, followed by an article on the trends in African agriculture! Yes, folks, you read that right… Scroll  would rather talk about African agriculture today 🙂

It goes on…then Scroll has an article on leprosy in Dadra and Nagar Haveli 🙂

And then Scroll is reporting on a stuntman who knows how to play some really cool tricks with fire 🙂

And then Scroll tops it all off with a report on Pune City Football club getting itself a new coach 🙂

To be fair, Scroll could not totally ignore the real story from yesterday. And whatever they wrote on it shows just how much they are burning in jealousy. One report on the surgical strikes talks of how Tajinder Bagga did not manage to gather sufficient people to celebrate the event at India Gate! And then there is the evergreen Dhirendra Jha who began to fantasize about how BJP workers were in a state of near revolt against Amit Shah over the Pakistan issue… until…until…and Dhirendra Jha admits it himself…the anger disappeared after the strikes yesterday.

You know that things are bad in the secular camp when even Dhirendra Jha cannot see a crisis emerging in the BJP.

On to DailyO, where you folks just have to read Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay’s long whiny article. His article itself feels like one long groan emerging from the depths of despair. First poor Nilanjan tries to run down the strike as an attack on “mere foot soldiers” of terrorism. Until, towards the end, Nilanjan finally adds grudgingly how this strike boosts Modi’s image ahead of crucial state polls. You can almost feel Nilanjan’s heart sinking.

I think what worked best for the BJP yesterday was just the right mix of surgical strikes and strategic restraint. The BJP exercised remarkable restraint in TV studios yesterday, giving the Army all the credit, not thumping its chest. The party said little, but their winning smile caused great emotional torture on the opposition. The BJP knew that actions had done all the talking… And today the PM comes out talking about Swachch Bharat and all, again knowing that everything that needed to be said has already been said by the Army’s special forces. Perfectly executed at every level.


#Surgicalstrike : Bhakts’ honor

It’s not a dream.


To be brutally honest, ever since the day of the Uri attacks, the Bhakts have walked online  with their eyes lowered, facing the joint attack of Pakis, Congis and AAPtards. You know why the taunts hurt so much? Because we all thought there was truth to them. Perhaps this is what happens to descendants of a civilization that has seen 1000 years of foreign rule. We begin to doubt that anyone can ever turn the tide. The Congis and AAPtards, delighted with the success of their beloved Pakistan, enjoyed the moment to the hilt.

But, thank you Modi ji! You saved the Bhakts’ honor!

We can look the Congis and the AAPiyas in the eye again. In this moment, we have no ill will towards our friends on the other side of the social media divide. This is a success of the Indian Army and the Government of India. It belongs to all of us. We are going to celebrate tonight and all of you are most welcome to join in.

Now, should some of you Congi and AAPtard friends feel a burning sense of jealousy right now, that’s your problem, not ours 🙂 Our doors are wide open, but ironically, small minds may not fit through wide open doors. But again, that’s all on you.

Best regards,




#NoIndiaAtSAARC is a decent beginning

It certainly makes me happy. It is like scoring a solid 30 runs in the first 5 overs of an ODI game without losing a wicket. You can’t find too much fault with it, but there is a LOT of hard work still to be done.

As far as I can see, the government has taken 4 concrete steps so far against Pakistan. The first is making a move on the Indus Waters Treaty. Far from walking out of the treaty, it is only now that we discovered that India has never so much as used whatever water we are entitled to under the existing treaty! My god…on one hand Nehru already gave them 80% of the Indus waters in the 1960 treaty and now we find out that we have been too cowardly to use even the 20% that even Pakistan does not object to!

LOL! You know, they call India a soft state and I have to say it is not without reason 😥

Countries wrestle to squeeze out the last bit of advantage from each other. I guess India must be the only country on the planet that does not even take what everyone else has already agreed to let us keep! At the very least, it seems that India will now be resuming work on the “Tulbul Navigation Lock” on the Jhelum river which Pakistan calls the “Wular Barrage”. Apparently, India stopped working on it in 1987 after Pakistan objected. Yeah…they objected and we just gave up. We couldn’t even say “Hey this is our 20% of the water and we are gonna keep it!” Finding out about the history of our country can truly be infuriating….

Another useful corollary of reviewing the Indus Treaty is that this is one of the few issues that pits the people of Kashmir directly against the people of Pakistan. Less water released to Pakistan equals more water for agriculture in Kashmir. I don’t think the Indus water will ultimately override the bond of the Ummah, but it never hurts to create some mistrust between two flanks of the enemy.

For me, the boldest single thing that Modi sarkar has done against Pakistan is raise Balochistan as an international issue, that too at the high table of the UN. From now onwards, India won’t answer any more questions on Kashmir. We have a long and stable democratic record and we have nothing to answer to anyone. It is the rogue state of Pakistan that should be in the dock over its treatment of Baloch people and indeed also the people of Sindh, the people of Gilgit-Baltistan and the people of PoK in general. Again, it is sort of unbelievable that it is only in 2016 that India is finally raising the Baloch issue. We are approximately 69 years late, because this issue should have been raised in 1947 itself. Now, the world is not really in a mood to warm up to new, hitherto rather unknown, conflict zone. America won’t hear any of it. Why would they want a new headache? But that’s ok. We just have to keep raising the issue till no one can ignore the new headache.

The third thing that we hear now is that India is going to boycott the SAARC meet in Pakistan. Now this in itself wouldn’t be much of a snub. Except that Afghanistan, Bhutan and Bangladesh have decided to boycott as well out of solidarity with India. This has gotta sting:


The key here is that Bangladesh, Bhutan and Afghanistan are going with us, showing Pakistan that it is not merely hated by India, but a pariah state. The Afghans have been furious with Pakistan for a while now and it’s coming out here. After all, we built the Afghans their Parliament and much of their capital. What has Pakistan ever given to Afghanistan other than suicide bombers? And Bangladesh too! Two major Muslim neighbors saying no to Pakistan should sting. Even Muslim nations have had enough of them..

Not to mention that China will not be thrilled to see India’s smaller neighbors ganging up on India’s side. The dragon has been coaxing them for a while now, as part of their “string of pearls” strategy. For me, I am wondering why Nepal hasn’t joined in the boycott. They are saying that the SAARC summit will be canceled altogether. India needs to try and get Nepal, Sri Lanka and the Maldives to announce boycotts as well BEFORE the Pakis formally announce that the summit is canceled.

The fourth  thing is withdrawing the “Most Favored Nation” status given by India to what is perhaps the world’s Most F*cked up nation. For that, the PM will chair a meet tomorrow and I think the status will certainly be withdrawn.

Altogether, it’s not a bad beginning. But unless we have a lot more batting to come, it’s hardly enough.

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Why I am supporting Trump for President of the United States

First of all, let me share the good news that Opindia put up another of my articles on their main website. As if that wasn’t awesome enough, what really made my day is that The Jaggi decided to share my article as well! Yay!


Now on to today’s business….

I had been planning to write this post for a while, but I think there can be no better day than today than to come out and openly say that I am supporting Trump for US President. Why? Because Trump just performed miserably in his debate with Hillary. So, today when I declare that I am supporting Trump, no one can accuse me of being an opportunist who is trying to jump on the winning bandwagon. Now I think Trump will recover from today’s disaster (as did Obama from his first debate disaster vs Romney in 2012). But that’s a different matter altogether. For today, no one can call me an opportunist for coming out in support of Trump today.

For months, on this blog, I have been skeptical about Trump whenever I have written anything about the US Presidential elections. So what helped me make a firm decision?

Well, it might seem ironic, but for me, it was a blog post by the far left moonbat Michael Moore that made all the difference. I read his blog post titled “5 reasons why Trump will win“. I read that post way back in July, but there are these lines that just got caught in my mind. Lines that are still swirling around in my head. Here are those lines from Michael Moore’s blog post:

millions are going to vote for Trump not because they agree with him, not because they like his bigotry or ego, but just because they can. Just because it will upset the apple cart and make mommy and daddy mad.


Obviously, I am not American. I can only “vote” in American elections in a metaphorical sense 🙂 But, yes, Moore is exactly right. I would “vote” for Trump not because I agree with him, not because I like his bigotry or his ego, but because it will upset the apple cart and make “mommy and daddy mad”. 

Who’s “mommy and daddy”? Well, those would be the self appointed liberal guardians of humanity, imposing their fascist political correctness on all of us to keep us quiet while our homeland, our culture and everything we have is snatched by vile hordes of you know who…

And I am sick of those people telling us what to think and what to say. Today we can’t celebrate Diwali or Holi or Durgapuja or Rakhi or Dahi handi  because of them. If a Tamil Hindu races well bred and sacred bulls on Jallikattu, he becomes a barbarian with no respect for life. When rivers of blood (literally) flow on Bakr-Eid, the same liberal guardians tiptoe away silently out of respect. We cannot have crackers on Diwali but we must listen to the blaring of ….. five times a day in every corner of the country.

Now I am talking only about grievances related to Indian Hindu practices, but the class of liberal elites is universal and knows no borders. A brilliant movie such as “American Sniper” featuring a heroic US soldier in the lead is damned to hell by the liberals for its so called jingoism. But then those same Hollywood liberals make movies like “Loose change” where the Jews or Bush or Mossad or something are accused of plotting 9/11…and they become the toast of American intelligentsia on both the coasts. Wear a Che Guevara T-shirt on an American campus and you are a “progressive”. Support Trump and you become a “fascist”!

Yes, I can totally relate to how American right wingers are fed up of the constant condescension of the political left. I can totally understand how an American right winger feels at being called a racist for not wanting Syrian refugees in his country. If peaceful people cannot live peacefully in their own countries, it’s their problem alone. And if they have a problem, they should ask their peaceful neighbors to open their doors.

American right wingers are called racist, sexist, homophobic, cannibals, whatever for breathing the wrong way. Everything is “rape culture”. But when a bunch of peacefuls comes over and actually starts a mass rape in the heart of a major European city, one is supposed to discover the joys of cultural differences. Enough is enough. Who made these people boss? Who gave them the power to draw the red lines and tell us what we are allowed to say and what we can’t?

So, yes, let’s hope these self appointed “mommies and daddies” get real mad this November. Right now, they are pissed off because Trump is the rebellious kid who just won’t listen to them. And they can go to hell.

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Why Israel is a land of miracles

I don’t exactly remember where I read this expression for the first time, but it is a rather well known fact that Indians (Hindus) have “Israel envy”. Because Israel is able to do to its enemies the kinds of things that Hindus can only dream about. The historical parallel between the oppression of Jews and the oppression of Hindus can hardly be missed. Perhaps the only difference is that the Jews adopted a “never again” approach, while we Hindus are still discussing “idea of India” and the rest of the time we are fighting among each other : Jat vs Gujjar vs Dalit vs Maratha vs Patidar vs Brahmin vs god knows what.

I was watching this recent, really cool video by Vox about how the Israelis ensured that there never would be a Palestinian state. I would encourage everyone to watch the video here. What is truly amazing to me is how the people of Israel essentially took matters in their own hands and were several steps ahead of their government.

I made a few screenshots at key points in the video to show just why Israel is a land of miracles. To begin with, here is how British Palestine was divided between Jews and Arabs in 1948 (blue for the Jews and green for the Arabs)



The green Palestinian area essentially has two parts: the big green blob on the West (now called the West Bank) and the little green strip on the coast (now called the Gaza strip).

Then, of course all the Arab states united to fight against Israel in the six day war of June 1967. In a matter of six days, Israel defeated the military might of all the Arab states and took control of the entire region. One tiny new state vs so many and yet Israel won. Let’s call this Miracle ONE. Here is how much territory Israel managed to win in just 6 days:


By the way, see all those vast territories in light blue that Israel won? Israel immediately returned every single square inch of that land to the countries they defeated in the six day war. I wonder whether the peaceful Arabs would have been so nice had they managed to conquer even one square inch of Israel.

But, if you ask me, what happened next is much more amazing. There have been many examples in history like the Six day war, when a smaller, more motivated army has beaten a much more powerful one. But Miracle TWO is probably unparalleled in history, for it was not done by governments, but by ordinary people. You know, people like you or me.

With no aid or help from the government, Israeli civilians just randomly started moving into the West Bank and building settlements there. Yes, that’s right, ordinary people like you or me decided to pack and move into hostile territory and build homes and cities for themselves. We can imagine they had some slight sympathy from the Israeli government but not much more. This movement of civilians began in 1970s and it was not until 1985 that the Israeli government began allocating public resources to the settlers. Yes, that is fifteen years of ordinary civilians living in enemy land protecting themselves with their own weapons and building their own cities with no money from the government!

And why were these civilians doing this? Because they understood that sooner or later, Israel would have to bow to international pressure and withdraw from the West Bank. It’s just the way the modern world works. You cannot keep a population down with military force for an indefinite period. The only solution was to make a Palestinian state impossible. Here is what the settlers did:


The Israeli settlements were connected by a network of roads that wove all around Arab population centers. A mere glance at the map now shows that the Palestinian state has now become impossible, for it has hardly any contiguous territory left to claim, just hundreds of islands of people separated by networks of Israeli roads.

And that’s how it’s done, folks! Can Hindus do the same with Kashmir? Ordinary people moving in and simply settling  all around Muslim population centers with very little help from the government. No point worrying about Article 370, there’s no need for outside Hindus to buy land in J&K, the Hindus make the land their own simply by squatting on it! There’s a zillion illegal colonies everywhere in India, can’t Hindus build “illegal” settlements in Kashmir? Over the course of time, they will just become legal..

But I doubt if Hindus are up to this task. I know I would be too scared. Wouldn’t you?

And now we come to what I call Miracle THREE, again a miracle done by the people of Israel rather than the government and political parties. Israel has just 8.1 million citizens and 1.7 million of them are Arab Muslims! That’s 20%! And every single one of those 1.7 million Arab citizens has exactly the same voting rights as the Jewish citizens of Israel. Think about that for a second…20% is MORE than the percentage of peacefuls in India!

So, isn’t it logical that vote bank politics over this 20% peaceful vote should have swallowed up Israel by now?

Wait. Perhaps the Israeli Muslim population is concentrated in a few areas, giving them control over very few Parliamentary seats?

No, that can’t be. Because the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) isn’t elected the way the Lok Sabha is elected. Israel isn’t actually divided into any geographical parliamentary seats at all. Instead, the nation votes as a whole and parties are allocated seats in parliament in proportion to their vote share in the entire country! So, it doesn’t matter if all the Muslims in Israel live concentrated in one little village…the Muslim vote would still account for 20% of the seats in the Knesset.

Ok, but maybe there is one big dominant party in Israel which is so big that it doesn’t need the Muslim votes?

The answer to that question is again a huge fat NO! In fact the Knesset is hopelessly fractionated among numerous political parties. There are 120 seats in all and Netanyahu’s ruling Likud Party holds just 30 seats. That’s mere 25%. The mandate is so fractionated that 30 seats out of 120 is considered really impressive!

The formula for ruling Israel is this: hope to win 28-30 seats in the 120 member Parlimament and then forge a coalition with smaller parties to touch the magic 61 mark. Governments are highly unstable and keep falling all the time. It is quite rare for a government to last its full four year term. In an unstable situation like this, can you imagine how much bargaining power you could have if you could claim the votes of 20% of the population?

But that’s Miracle THREE. Despite all this fractionated polity, all this horrible coalition politics, the Jewish Israeli people are always clever enough to vote in such a way that their interests can never be compromised before the Arabs.

We Hindus have a lot to learn. Unstable coalition politics is simply no excuse for losing out on the interests of our own people.

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In Moradabad,Congress and Pakistan alliance comes out in the open

As Rahul baba continues to amuse voters all across the state of Uttar Pradesh, I just thought I would check in and find out what’s going on.

On this somewhat lazy Sunday, here is a video from Samachar Plus channel of a Congress party procession in Moradabad, where full throated chants of “Pakistan zindabad” are mixed in with chants of “Congress party zindabad”. Awww…isn’t this nice?

Now think about Mani Shankar Aiyar asking Pakistan to remove Modi and bring back Congress and put two and two together.

Fortunately, as you will see, the Congress rally in the video has absolutely pathetic attendance. As Congress brings its alliance with Pakistan into the open, it seems very few are willing to follow the party and its moronic leader straight into the dustbin of history.

And they ask questions like this:


I’ll tell you straight Rajdeep. No, this is not possible today. Because Atal Behari Vajpayee was not an absolute moron like Rahul Gandhi. Can you imagine Pappu being sent on an important diplomatic mission to Pakistan? And also because Vajpayee’s rallies never had chants of Pakistan zindabad.

Have a great Sunday folks.

What’s the deal with Arun Jaitley-II ?

Okay, so this Thursday I asked all you folks to let me know why you feel there is so much RW anger (online at least) against Arun Jaitley. And boy o boy! The comments section swelled with emotions. Really thank you, the comments were awesome, very insightful. People brought up a lot of things that I had forgotten about. The comments section was so good that I felt that the comments deserved a post in themselves.

Let’s start with my friend AS who gave me this long list of issues with Jaitley:

1. Ideologically not in consonance with BJP-RSS
2. Corrupt
3. Low on capabilities
4. Very high importance in party and Govt not at all linked to capability
1.a. Has said that for BJP, Hindutva is just an opportunistic electoral opportunity. (Links available on internet of his statements)
1.b. If the most powerful minister hobnobs with ideological enemies, then there is a problem. When on a daily basis this set of enemies is out there to undermine Govt through lies and manipulation
1.c Promotes more of his ilk who are also ideologically corrupt
1.d Augusta Patrakar issue was one, where this gang would have been cornered and would have advanced BJP causes, but he doesn’t do.
1.e He was pointsman for Advani in cash for votes scam. Did a deal with Amar Singh/Rajdeep Sardesai and Advani/BJP ended up with egg. Can’t prove. But KNOW.
1.f Primary backer of idea that this Govt should discard the ideological agenda – Result-
-Modi taking award from Saudi King (imagine ur response if Mumtaz Begum did)
-Sharia Banking
– Nothing done on anti Hindu RTE
– Govt increasing grants to Madarsas and Christian run schools

2.a Was known as top 5 dalaals under UPA. Can’t prove. But I KNOW. Check his IT filings in his last 2 RS elections.
2.b Reason why nothing concrete on any of UPA corruption cases done (and won’t)
2.c Is a chela of Chidambaram and continues with all his IAS officers who are questionable (1 case brought out by Swmay when he was told to shut up)
2.d Pointsman of Badals to liaison with UPA to let them run massive corruption (and drugs) in Punjab.

3.a Election in charge of Advani-BJP in 2009. We know the result.
3.b Single handedly destroyed Delhi BJP by promoting his useless coterie like Vijay Goel and hurting Dr HarshVardhan
3.c last minute intervention by Modi to put Dr Harsh Vardhan saved blushes to BJP in Kejrifart 1st election. If Dr was brought earlier, BJP would be running Delhi
3.d Prevailed to remove Dr and put Nadda(another corrupt) as Health Minister. Did not allow him to run 2nd Kejrifart elections – BJP wiped out as a result and Bedi losing from Dr’s own constituency (not surprising)
3.e Ran away from Delhi 2014 LS elections, when anybody’s won (shows his ground knowledge)
3.f Ran to Amritsar and forced away Siddhu and lost (shows the same)
3.e Another appointee is Sports Minister Mr Olympic selfie
3.f Prevailed for BJP to go soft on Mamata for some silly RS support (with no end result in Bills passing) but BJP Bengal stabbed by center
3.e Another corrupt joker promoted – Anurag Thakur-BCCI guy
3.f 3rd rate lawyer (ask anyone in Supreme Court) – but decides on legal issues – result – Arunachal and Uttarakhand blushes

4.a Amit fatso Shah in total awe of him
4.b Abnormal influence in appointing Ministers and setting Govt agenda (the pseudo secular agenda being followed by Govt)
4.c Not adopting killer instinct in attacking its enemies like Congress andbiys eco system (when all material available right from Augusta Patrakar to UPA corruption cases. Compare with the way Congress directed Tehelka and Lutyens to attack ministers and leaders in NDA 1 (successfully)
4.d Delhi Police attacking AAP on his directives. This will eventually lead to sympathies for Kejrifart. Jaitley resurrected Kejrifart once. He may do again.
4.e List of people he has sidelined –
i Ram Jethmalani
ii Yashwant Sinha
iii Swamy
iv Arun Shourie
v Harsh Vardhan
vi Sushil Modi – Bihar
vi Rajnath/Sushma have no real say in Govt agenda. Gadkari is spared because of Nagpur

All fair points, except perhaps the one on Jaitley being corrupt. I really doubt that one. I am also unsure whether we have evidence that Jaitley was the one who prevailed on the Center to go soft on Mamata in exchange for RS votes that never came. Some of the failures listed here appear to be generic failures of the whole party and I don’t know whether they can be laid at Jaitley’s door. Among the people sidelined, Jethmalani is a total nutcase and Arun Shourie’s exclusion was a compulsion. Considering how Arun Shourie talks about Ambedkar, his career in a Modi government was always going to go nowhere.

On the other hand, the point about Agusta patrakars is very important. His closeness to Barkha Dutt came up again and again, starting with Prof. Vidyasagar. In particular, I think it is commonly agreed upon that Jaitley deliberately did not take the name of Barkha Dutt in Parliament over Radiagate. Somebody reminded me of this in the comments; I had forgotten.

Another awesome comment that came in was from Mad Dogg :

1. His budgets have disappointed the middle class.
2. He’s associated with too many wrong sorts of people. SoGa being the main one. Since she did to this country in just a few decades what the East India Company did in 10, her sins will rub off on all her friends.
3. His pallyness with Chidu. Chidu was SoGa’s hatchetman. Try and remember how of SoGa’s dirty work he did as her Home Minister.
4. The perception that he’s corrupt. Nothing direct, just that he has too many shady a/o corrupt guys as friends. It doesn’t help that all the cases against the dynasty seem to be proceeding forward with the parking brake pulled all the way up.
5. The perception that he robbed the country of much needed talent by manouvering the dumping of Harshvardhan, Jethmalani, Shourie, etc, forcing so many out of the party. The perception refuses to go that it was his backroom intrigues that did the trick.
6. Likewise, the perception refuses to go that he imposed his useless underlings on the long-suffering Delhi BJP worker.
So his angreziat is hardly the issue. His teflon coated corrupt image is.
That he plays both sides of the fence without outright becoming a doormat to the dynasty shows his smartness.

Being pals with Chiddu is a serious violation no doubt. I regard the Chiddambarams as the second most poisonous political family in the country, second only to the Dynasty itself. At No.3, I would probably place the Pawars.

Another big problem would be the way he destroyed the Delhi BJP. In previous posts, I have written about how Delhi BJP is probably the most unsuccessful state unit of the party. Jaitley was in the running as an alternative to Sheila Dikshit as far back as 2002 or 2003 and it is very possible that he has been sabotaging the party there for a long time. The chronic and extreme under-performance of the party in Delhi is really an exception among BJP units…one of a kind. The sidelining of Dr. Harshvardhan is something that was probably scripted by Jaitley. It’s something for which BJP will continue to pay a massive price. Meenakshi Lekhi is another Jaitley in the making, she seems more comfortable sitting next to Arvind Kejriwal these days than among a crowd of BJP workers.

Then, there was also this great comment from Usha Kiran, mostly in support of Jaitley.

I don’t know what to think of Jaitley ji.He is definitely different from most RWs,but just that is insufficient to hold him in contempt.Further if he really was a Fiberal wouldn’t he have just beem part of Congress which has been in power more often than not.
His behavior is mor nuanced than that,after all he is a politician.Everyone has their own agenda,there is nothing wrong with a bit of greed and ambition.
Further we shouldn’t act like commies by accusing him of not being RW enough as the RW allows more variance in opinion than the left.”

I share Usha’s concerns to a large extent. The focus on complete conformity within a party is mostly a trait inherited from the culture of dynastic parties and the communists. And Usha is raising a question that I find very interesting and important: if Jaitley is so friendly to Congress and has so many bridges with Congress, why didn’t he simply join the Congress? I think we can all agree that given his background, connections and mannerisms, he would have made a very successful Congress politician. One must remember that Arun Jaitley started with ABVP as a mere college student, becoming DUSU president all the way back in 1974. And yes, he spent a year and a half in jail as well during the Emergency.

There are many exciting points and counterpoints above. I guess the best thing I do is ask you to keep the conversation going. I can’t wait to hear more from you folks.



What happens in Kairana stays in Kairana

Earlier in the summer of this year, a renowned writer of military themed fiction tweeted thus:


So true. Someone has to stop people from making exaggerated claims like Malda  once being a part of India. And someone really needs to stop crazy Hindu males from making claims about the existence of some fabricated place called “Kairana”, where Hindu families used to be allowed to stay.

Oh wait, those things will be tweeted by the Shekhar Guptas of a future generation, perhaps 50 years from now.

For now, this Shekhar Gupta is saying that nothing happened in Uttar Pradesh’s Kairana. Hopefully that villager type BJP MP called Hukum Singh has learned a valuable lesson about the importance of verifying facts, preferably by studying the standards set by The Indian Express.

So, imagine my surprise when I saw this story yesterday.


Now since I do not happen to be a published author on secret movements of Indian Army units, I felt it was necessary to verify what has really been said and what hasn’t. This journey took me to the website of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), where I found this report:



Let’s the NHRC explain in its own words what triggered their enquiry:

The Commission received a complaint from Miss Monika Arora, Advocate, Supreme Court of India and convener of an NGO stating that families of a particular religion are leaving Kairana area of Western UP due to fear of criminals. It had been alleged that a woman belonging to Kashyap caste was abducted, gangraped and killed, yet no action was taken by the police against the offenders.

I am getting ready to read about how “senior BJP voices” lent credence to all this kind of “complete fabrication”, aren’t you? Let’s keep reading the NHRC release:

It was found to be correct that the victim Smt. Guddi @ Surendri (Kashyap family), as mentioned in the complaint, was kidnapped on 4.4.2016 and was subsequently murdered by Kurban, Mohsin and others.”

Wait, what? How can that be? Doesn’t the NHRC know that senior media voices have already lent credence to the fabrication theory? Oh and for the sake of Indian secularism, I do hope that the real name of Mr. Kurban is Krishna and the real name of Mr. Mohsin is Mahesh.

What else is in the report?

The matter was reported to the police of PS Kairana on 5/4/2016 by Sh. Sangat, husband of the victim Smt. Guddi @ Surendri, but the police neither registered an FIR in this regard nor started to search for Smt. Guddi @ Surendri the same day i.e. on 5.4.2016.

Come on UP police. You have been acting as if this woman wasn’t killed by Gau Rakshaks. Perhaps the local infrastructure in Kairana is incapable of handling high profile visits from India’s Chief Minister, Shri Arvind Kejriwal. Or maybe it’s just that India’s intellectuals don’t have any awards left to return.

Here is point number 12. from the NHRC release:

At least 24 witnesses stated that the youths of the specific majority community (Muslims) in Kairana town pass lewd/taunting remarks against the females of the specific minority community in Kairana town. Due to this, females of the specific minority community (Hindus) in Kairana town avoid going outside frequently. However, they could not gather courage to report the matter to the police for the legal action.”

Ok, ok, this kind of compromise solution where Hindu women cannot get outside their homes and cannot talk to police is not ideal. But, have you considered that Hindu women being forced to stay indoors actually  keeps men of the peaceful community from having to murder them? Please read the AIMPLB report on triple talaq for more on this line of reasoning. You may also like to consult eminent feminist Ms. Flavia Agnes. She is a renowned expert at finding the “positives for women” in situations such as these.

Here is point 15 from the  NHRC release:

The police record reveals that both Sh. Shiv Charan and Sh. Rajender (two businessmen) were threatened to pay protection/extortion money by the notorious gangster Sh. Mukeem Kala. Similarly, four other prominent businessmen of Kairana Market shown in the list issued by the Hon’ble MP Kairana at Sl.No. 2,3,5, & 17 have made the same allegations.

So, the businessmen in the list issued by the “Hon’ble MP Kairana” admitted they were being threatened by gangster Sh. Mukeem Kala. But why was the NHRC wasting its time on a list that has already been rejected by honorable members of the media?

Here is point 16 from the NHRC release:

The notorious dreaded gang leader Sh. Mukim Kala had committed at least 47 cases of Robbery/Murder/ Dacoity/Extortion/Violation of Arms Act during the span of just 05 years from 2010 to 2015, in the States of UP, Haryana, Uttarakhand involving amount of crores of rupees and robbing of Govt. Arms/Ammunition.

Hmmm… seems all that Mr. Mukim Kala is missing is a guard of honor with 400 SUVs. He needs to expand his activities slightly further east to obtain that distinction.

Here is point 18:

In 2013, the post-rehabilitation scenario resulting in resettlement of about 25/30 thousand members of Muslims Community in Kairana Town from district Muzaffarnagar, UP, the demography of Kairana town has changed in favour of the Muslim Community becoming the more dominating and majority community. Most of the witnesses examined and victims feel that the rehabilitation in 2013 has permanently changed the social situation in Kairana town and has led to further deterioration of law and order situation.

And the all important point no. 19 :

Most of the witnesses stated that many families migrated due to threats pertaining to increase in crime and deterioration of Law and Order situation.

End of story. Yes, Hukum Singh was right. But more importantly, the truth became a lie.

That bitter taste in our mouth is the price we pay for having allowed the left wing to monopolize the media space. This has turned into a standard operating procedure for the secular brigade each time they are faced with an obvious wrongdoing of their own. They start a crazy rumor about the story being “fabricated” and fan it all across the public discourse with the help of eager media surrogates. The right wing ends up responding to the crazy conspiracy theory and then charges fly back and forth. In this din, the original story gets muddled and is forgotten.

This is what happened in JNU and this is what happened in Kairana too. In JNU they said the videos were fake and in Kairana they said the list was fake. The right wing ended up responding to the accusations and the story got muddled. The truth in both cases emerged months later, but by then the left had succeeded in its purpose. The story had been forgotten and no one cared any more.

What happened in Kairana stayed in Kairana.

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What is the deal with Arun Jaitley?

Okay, I had been promising to write this post since…well…forever. And I never got along to writing it. I finally realized that today is as good a day as any. Well, so today’s post is really a question to all my RW friends out there and I am really looking forward to your comments today.

It is no secret that Arun Jaitley is not a very popular man among core right wing supporters. At least the online right wing space is filled with numerous angry outpourings against him, accusing him of undermining Modi, colluding with Lutyens mafia, etc. etc.

To be honest, I have always found these charges a little puzzling. As I said, I am not trying to tell you folks anything today, I want to know what you folks think. Let me first lay out how I feel about Arun Jaitley. We are not talking about his performance as Finance Minister here, we are only talking about the charges of him undermining the BJP.

I have to admit I haven’t seen any evidence. But then, what direct evidence could be there? Am I hoping for a written admission from Arun Jaitley saying that he is undermining the BJP, Modi and the Hindu right in general? Of course not. I am asking for any evidence, even circumstantial evidence.

Here’s what we know about Arun Jaitley. There can be no doubt that he “looks” and “feels” different from the average core Hindu right winger. He definitely has a lot of friends in Lutyens Delhi. But can we really accuse Jaitley of being anti-BJP purely because he has a lot of friends on the other side of the fence. For what its worth, I actually know a very large majority of people who can only be described as vigorously anti-Hindu. At what stage does “being on good terms with” translate into “actively colluding with?”

The other thing that we know about Arun Jaitley is that he enjoys the total confidence of Narendra Modi. And that’s not a friendship that was forged due to circumstances in 2014. In fact, back when Modi was fighting the election of his life in 2002, it was Arun Jaitley who was Modi’s main strategist for winning Gujarat. If Modi had lost Gujarat in 2002, India’s political history (and presumably, political future) would be a lot different.

I have to say it is hard to imagine that a politician of the caliber of Modi would not have any idea that Arun Jaitley was conspiring to take it all away from him right under his nose.

The other accusation I often hear against Jaitley is that he is a member of the “16o club”, someone who hopes to be a compromise PM if the BJP is far away from 272. Well, everyone in every party has their own private ambitions. This is not a crime in itself. In fact, the most thriving and successful party will be that one which allows breathing space for ambitions of its members. And should the hypothetical 160 situation arise, there are a lot of contenders who could become “compromise Prime Minister”. Rajnath Singh for instance, or Sushma Swaraj and even Nitin Gadkari. They could just as well be members of the “160-club”. But I have not seen so much anger against Rajnath or Sushma or Gadkari. If and when Rajnath faces RW anger, it is due to questions about his performance, while the online right wing is generally very favorable in its reviews of Sushma and Gadkari.

I have to ask : what exactly sets Arun Jaitley apart?

Is it that Arun Jaitley uses his tremendous leverage with Lutyens mafia only to safeguard his image but never the image of his party? Make no mistake, Jaitley has a lot of influence in Lutyens. Remember when Jaitley made his comment about “one small rape” causing so much damage to India’s image? Any other BJP politician referring to rape as “small” would have been buried by media outrage. But the media didn’t do anything to Jaitley. Rather, the media helped bury the comment and never talked about it again. So, is that what the online RW is complaining about? That he helps himself but not the party?

Let me know. I am really curious.

But I also want to sound one cautionary tone. I worry whether the online RW is being unfair to Jaitley based on certain prejudices about outward appearance. Yes, Jaitley looks like an “Angrez”. He sounds like an “Angrez”. And yes, the RW have been treated with so much disdain and condescension by Angrez types that I understand the prejudice we feel for them. Yes, people dressed like Arun Jaitley and people who speak like Arun Jaitley are often anti-Hindu and they treat us with scorn. I myself feel this way most of the time. I am suspicious of people like Sadanand Dhume and Swapan Dasgupta, because they sound too “Angrez” for my taste. But there is a pitfall here. Anti-intellectualism pursued as an end in itself allows the allegations of the Left to turn into a self fulfilling prophecy.

In conclusion, I am confused about Arun Jaitley. The confusion probably shows in the way this post is written. More than that, I am curious. And most importantly, I really want to hear your views. Help me out here, folks. 

What is happening in Kaziranga?

Despite my best efforts (best hopes, really) this blog is usually not geographically representative of issues in all parts of the country. Part of it is due to the fact that we are swayed greatly by the going headlines in the mainstream media (despite our wish to reduce its influence) and the rest of it is because I am really one guy, with no real sources of news collection. Outside of Twitter, FB and Google News…

But there is something important happening right now. In Kaziranga. In Assam. Recently, there was a demolition drive carried out by the Assam government in Kaziranga. What’s the big deal about that? Isn’t that happening all the time in some part of the country or the other? Sure it is, but you don’t see top level state Cabinet ministers tweeting about the success of a mere “demolition drive”.

Yes, something else is happening. This is not just a demolition drive. It is easy to guess what has really happened. The people being kicked out are not mere squatters, they are, of course, illegal Bangladeshis who had established their colonies in Kaziranga. Yes, there used to be actual colonies in Assam where illegal Bangladeshis live without fear of the law. Just another example of the ruin that the Congress brought upon this nation. Dangerous foreigners taking over our country without fear.

Here is Himanta Biswa Sarma spilling the beans:



From the article, here are the hair raising details:

“The illegal settlements had all the government facilities like PMGSY roads, schools, electricity and even a polling station. There is more to just encroachment…it is a part of a bigger game plan to destabilize the state’s demography. The plan is to spread the settlements further up towards upper Assam.”

Of course there was a polling station! Having the polling station was the whole point of building that illegal settlement for Bangladeshis!

And there are no prizes for guessing what happened next.

Police had to use force to disperse groups that had blocked highways and disrupted movement of vehicles, while several people were injured in incidents of stone-pelting by bandh supporters.


Stone pelting? Now where would a bunch of innocent peacefuls have gotten that idea? Anyways, who called this bandh?

The bandh was called by the All Assam Minority Students’ Union (AAMSU), which alleged the BJP-led government had specifically targeted members of the minority community while carrying out the eviction drive

Hmmm… Hey AAMSU, you got one of the letters in that abbreviation wrong. You all know it should really be ABMSU. You know exactly what that “B” stands for. In fact, I suspect that the whole purpose of your organization is to turn “A” into “B”, right?

Well, get ready AAMSU to call another bandh. With Assam now being ruled by the BJP, the problems of Assam shall no longer be subject to the “tyranny of distance” as one famous New York gangster used to say. You guys can get lots of sympathetic coverage in the “national” media. You guys have made a particularly smart choice by pelting stones. Now, numerous articles on the plight of the “sons of headmasters” of Assam can be written in Delhi simply by applying “Search+Replace” to older opinion pieces.

With respect to the Unit 1-2-3 classification of India’s enemies that I presented yesterday, these articles would be the work of Unit TWO.  The job of Unit TWO is to glorify internal enemies and slow down the arm of the state acting against them. So, dear AAMSU, do not despair. Unit TWO will come to your rescue soon.

By the way, have I said before that Himanta Biswa Sarma is an absolute gem? Perhaps not. He is better than any BJP/RSS guy. Dear BJP, hold on to this man at all cost. If Congress has ruled 57 years, it is because they used to have war horses like these. Learn, BJP! Learn! What Himanta did last week in Arunachal was simply amazing. With this man now being utilized to kick illegals in the behind, I can breathe easy. And yes, there are many more “demolition drives” lined up to happen in next few days:



The picture tells the whole story. Yes, Himanta is a gem.

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