Why are India’s liberals in mourning after Surgical Strike?

I told you so. I invited them to the party yesterday. But I knew they wouldn’t come. Which is what made the party all the more fun 🙂 And the icing on the cake was the fact that they all had to congratulate us on the party, all the while hating it 🙂

A simple glance through the headlines on Scroll and DailyO show the explosion of fear in Lutyens Delhi. Scroll seems to have reacted very emotionally, dumping off tons and tons of articles on ridiculously irrelevant topics in the hope of burying the day’s big story. No seriously, Scroll has put up articles today on the topic of “International Translation Day”, followed by an article on dating and its connections to the economy, followed by an article on the trends in African agriculture! Yes, folks, you read that right… Scroll  would rather talk about African agriculture today 🙂

It goes on…then Scroll has an article on leprosy in Dadra and Nagar Haveli 🙂

And then Scroll is reporting on a stuntman who knows how to play some really cool tricks with fire 🙂

And then Scroll tops it all off with a report on Pune City Football club getting itself a new coach 🙂

To be fair, Scroll could not totally ignore the real story from yesterday. And whatever they wrote on it shows just how much they are burning in jealousy. One report on the surgical strikes talks of how Tajinder Bagga did not manage to gather sufficient people to celebrate the event at India Gate! And then there is the evergreen Dhirendra Jha who began to fantasize about how BJP workers were in a state of near revolt against Amit Shah over the Pakistan issue… until…until…and Dhirendra Jha admits it himself…the anger disappeared after the strikes yesterday.

You know that things are bad in the secular camp when even Dhirendra Jha cannot see a crisis emerging in the BJP.

On to DailyO, where you folks just have to read Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay’s long whiny article. His article itself feels like one long groan emerging from the depths of despair. First poor Nilanjan tries to run down the strike as an attack on “mere foot soldiers” of terrorism. Until, towards the end, Nilanjan finally adds grudgingly how this strike boosts Modi’s image ahead of crucial state polls. You can almost feel Nilanjan’s heart sinking.

I think what worked best for the BJP yesterday was just the right mix of surgical strikes and strategic restraint. The BJP exercised remarkable restraint in TV studios yesterday, giving the Army all the credit, not thumping its chest. The party said little, but their winning smile caused great emotional torture on the opposition. The BJP knew that actions had done all the talking… And today the PM comes out talking about Swachch Bharat and all, again knowing that everything that needed to be said has already been said by the Army’s special forces. Perfectly executed at every level.


10 thoughts on “Why are India’s liberals in mourning after Surgical Strike?

  1. Poor guys ! Only yesterday or so they were chanting 56 inches…56 inches. Their taunting back fired. All is left for them is to concentrate on what Pakistan is saying…Surgical Farce…Surgical Farce…Bla…Bla…Bla.

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  2. But slowly they will come back with a bang. As I said yesterday, “Next stage will be Srinivasan Jain, Barkha Dutt et al meeting the families of terrorists killed in Pakisthan, confirming their docile headmaster parents, how the killed terrorists (Surgical farce Victims) were interested in films , art etc and bringing out sob stories.”

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  3. The most important consequence of this surgical strike is, five years of hard work about training and brainwashing of the handlers of the terrorists got destroyed by the Indian army in couple of hours. This action has put those handlers many years behind.


  4. Truck load of burnol time!

    These stupid liberals can go and jump in the well,their days of controlling the narrative and perception subliminal molding and mind controlling days are over!!

    The days ahead are the days of super intelligent and suave Hindus !!These young Hindus will not take the belittling carried out by these so called pseudo liberals anymore….period!

    Those days of self loathing Hindus are over(whites who were ruling for 200 years did manage to make Hindus self loathing)…..now only Hindu liberals have this complex!

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  5. Your concluding paragraph is well put. I think a large number people have overlooked this aspect. As you said it conveyed the message more effectively. Slowly BJP is learning how to play.


  6. Liberals are really shocked. They don’t know how to react. If you have seen pattern of luteyens, they wud say, yes this is good. Good step by army. Not a single word for modi. Anyhow. Expectation from them is too much. It will take sometime to recover. No need to say, if something happens after this by Pakistan, like some bomb blasts, these pigs will be first to jump and say, hey I told u right, don’t mess with Pakistan, they will kill our people. All these happened bcoz modi.

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  7. On these happy days, the greatest jerk India ever produced called ‘Money Shankar Aiyar’ is not in sight anywhere, who was praying Pakis to help defeat Modiji. With the first strike against his patrons in pakistan, the skunk seems to have disappeared along with his evil designs.

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