Vrinda Gopinath tries to defend P M Bhargava, exposes his Dynastycrook roots

This is my second short post for the day. So, yesterday, after Arun Jaitley took on the Mameluks for their manufactured outrage, Vrinda Gopinath stepped in to express her outrage at this insult to “scientists, writers and historians”.


I am glad she wrote this article, because she has only helped us find out more about P M Bhargava and his Mameluk roots. She says:

It’s difficult to understand why Jaitley would believe that PM Bhargava, who founded the country’s prestigious Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad, is actually faking his distress about the climate of intolerance and bigotry in the country, and that he is insincere in his protest on “the government’s attack on rationalism, reasoning and science”.

It’s not difficult to understand, Vrinda. In fact, your next few lines will expose Bhargava himself. Let me show you. Next, you say:

It’s this kind of pseudo-science that Dr Bhargava has long battled. In 1963, he set up the Society for the Promotion of Scientific Temper and played a key role in incorporating scientific temper as a fundamental duty of the citizens of India, in the 42nd constitutional amendment.

Ouch! The 42nd Constitutional Amendment? Did you just say that Bhargava coordinated with the ruling government of the time to draft the 42nd Constitutional Amendment? Did you seriously believe that people reading your article would not be aware of the infamous 42nd Constitutional Amendment by Indira Gandhi?  Ha ha…here is the official “Objective” of the 42nd Amendment :

It is, therefore, proposed to amend the Constitution to spell out expressly  the high ideals of socialism, secularism and the  integrity of the nation, to make the directive principles more comprehensive and give  them  precedence over those fundamental rights which  have  been allowed  to  be  relied upon to frustrate socio-economic  reforms   for
implementing the directive principles.  It is also proposed to specify the fundamental duties of the citizens and make special provisions for dealing  with  anti-national  activities, whether  by   individuals  or associations.”


Yes, the 42nd Amendment is the infamous 1976 Amendment by Indira Gandhi during the Emergency that gutted our fundamental rights. Did you seriously believe no one reading this would remember that the 42nd Constitutional Amendment is the darkest moment of independent India? I didn’t know that Bhargava coordinated with Indira Gandhi in drafting this draconian law. Thanks Vrinda for letting me know!

Vrinda Gopinath, you have exposed P M Bhargava more than I could have imagined. Now we know that he was an accomplice to the work of Indira Gandhi in suspending fundamental rights of citizens. If P M Bhargava sounded like a hypocrite yesterday, he is completely exposed now. This man actually worked with Indira to suspend our fundamental rights. Now he is talking about dissent. ROFL! Thanks for discrediting him completely. In the brilliant words of Sadanand Dhume:


Why Chetan Bhagat made me laugh (again) and the insecurity of the intellectual left

Today, I am putting up two short posts. The first thing I must say today is how hilarious Chetan Bhagat is getting. It seems that Chetan’s Lutyens dream is finally over. All that Bhakt bashing earlier this year did not earn him his prized ticket to the intellectual world. They are looking down on him like always. Serves you right Chetan 🙂 No wonder you are desperate to get back to the side of the desi Bhakts, which is why you tweeted this:

I could try to describe in words the desperation of Chetan to get back on the right wing after being brutally mocked by Lutyens, but this gif does it best:

A few days back, I had written about how I am laughing at Chetan Bhagat trying to claw back into the good books of us Sanghis.


I must say his desperation has gone up several levels since then. And its gotten much more hilarious.

Ok, so we all know that Twitter armies of intellectuals, Congis and AAPtards exploded in condemnation yesterday for Chetan’s joke on historians.But I have a question. Every day on Twitter, on Facebook, on satire websites like Faking News and Unreal Times we see so many jokes on IT workers, engineers, engineering college students, MBAs and their excel/powerpoint, etc, etc. There are so many jokes on scientists. In fact, in the US, The Big Bang Theory is a mega blockbuster TV show based on jokes on scientists. You know…I never really see IT workers or engineers or scientists or MBAs go up in arms fighting some little joke. How come historians and “social scientists” are so think skinned? Why did the joke get to you guys so much? Perhaps its  because there is some truth to it?

Dear Mameluk “historians”, you can cheat others but you can’t cheat yourselves. And in your heart you know that publishing dictated narratives from 10 Janpath as history is cheating. And by now you guys also know that the public is increasingly aware of your parasitic existence. Perhaps that’s why a little joke drove you over the edge.

By the way, I have a question for All India Bakchod, the so called comedy team:

Dear AIB, what do Archbishops do? You don’t have to answer if you are scared of the big bad Archbishop…

Chickens… lol

P M Bhargava fights for freedom of expression, demands ban on RSS


Till now, I have mostly made oblique references to the Dynastycrooks who have been returning awards to push Sonia Gandhi’s agenda, holding the social “scientists”, so called historians and writers mostly unworthy of even a response. But I believe that being a real scientist (not a “social scientist”), P M Bhargava deserves to be countered.

Dear Prof. Bhargava, I hear that you are an eminent biological scientist. I hear that you are returning your Padma Bhushan Award, which you received in 1986. I only want to ask you sir what you were doing for the last 3 decades with the Award which you received from the blood soaked hands of Rajiv Gandhi 2 years after the slaughter of 5000 Sikhs? Being a biologist, did you spend these 30 years DNA testing  the blood stains on that Padma Award taken from Rajiv’s hands, trying to figure out if the 5000 Sikhs who died were human enough for you to outrage over?

You are totally within your rights to pick and choose what to outrage over. Everyone picks and chooses. But when you are returning your Padma Bhushan to spit in the face of a democratically elected Prime Minister, kindly do not complain if we start digging up on your career. In fact, you are a scientist, I thought scientists were taught to operate on “full disclosure” basis. For instance, why not offer up this detail about your institutional affiliations upfront:

The activists, who formed a banner under National Alliance of Peoples’ Movements (NAPM) include four Magsaysay awardees in Aruna Roy, Rajendra Singh, Arvind Kejriwal and Sandeep Pandey, besides former power secretary EAS Sarma and former director of Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, P M Bhargava.”


Aruna Roy is a former member of Queen Sonia Gandhi’s National Advisory Council and Arvind Kejriwal is …well…an extremely prominent member of the opposition to Narendra Modi. Why not tell us upfront about your associations with these elements? Why leave it to us to dig up the details? You may of course argue that this information is in the public domain, but is that what your career in science has taught you, Dr. Bhargava? If a biologist publishes a study finding that a certain drug has no harmful side effects but the author forgets to mention that he works for the manufacturer of the same drug, what would you say Dr. Bhargava as an eminent scientist?

When you publish your scientific views and conclusions, you are duty bound to disclose upfront all associations that may result in “conflict of interest”. The purpose is that the reader of your papers should be warned in advance of any prejudiced that you might have. It’s the only way to achieve a healthy scientific environment. Similarly, when you speak up as a citizen offering political views and conclusions, shouldn’t you reveal all your former associations that might cause you to be prejudiced?

And finally and most importantly, shouldn’t a scientist be able to see the contradiction here:

RSS should be banned for fanning a sense of fear: Scientist Bhargava


You are concerned about the right to dissent so you are demanding a ban on the RSS right to speak? Let me inform you, Dr. Bhargava that the RSS members are just as much of citizens of this country as you are. Members of the RSS have won hundreds of democratic elections small and big across the length and breadth of this country. The epitome of this is Prime Minister Modi himself who is the democratic representative of our 125 crore people. In the electoral process, Mr. Modi, a lifelong RSS member, has received 170 million votes, which may be the largest number of votes received by any individual in history. To suggest that your single voice should be heard and that of Prime Minister Modi who received a direct endorsement to speak on behalf of 170 million people should be silenced is not democracy. Dr. Bhargava, if you want the right to speak, you have to start by accepting that these 170 million people have a right to be heard. If you are intolerant of the people’s mandate, what right do you have to demand their tolerance to your views?

EXPOSED! Leslee Udwin coached Mukesh the rapist for her documentary India’s Daughter

There is an old adage that thieves come together to steal and later on fight among each other  to divide the loot. Remember the documentary “India’s Daughter” that minted money by maligning India over Nirbhaya’s rape. Naturally, some got a larger share of the booty than the others and those left out are complaining:

Documentary filmmaker Anjali Bhushan has filed a criminal complaint against Leslee Udwin in a Delhi court. Bhushan says she was co-producer and co-director of the BBC documentary ‘India’s Daughter’ which Udwin says is her own work.


Hahahaha! The white British officer got all the credit and her Indian water carrier got nothing? Happens… Naturally, the interviewer asked this Anjali Bhushan the obvious question of where she was all this time. Enjoy the answer she gives:

I wanted to speak to family, friends and other people before taking legal action. I was in Toronto for the HotDocs in April and Cannes in May, I went to a few other places where documentary films are funded and discussed.

Please refer to the old adage I mentioned at the top of this post. She wanted to speak to “family and friends” before taking legal action, ROTFL 🙂 And all this time she was in Toronto and Cannes and other places where bullshit documentaries get funded 🙂 You don’t have to tell us more, Anjali. We know exactly what went wrong. Let her continue:

Today I accuse Leslee Udwin of committing acts of cheating, criminal breach of trust, misappropriation, dishonest execution of agreements and dishonest concealment of property not only against me but also the Union of India. She has also tricked other Indians including ministers and ministries  – everything is detailed in the court document

Oh now you remembered the poor old Union of India, AFTER you went to Toronto, Cannes and all other places where documentaries are funded?

my task was to find a way to get the interviews and she was to find the money. The process of permissions started with the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Ministry of Home Affairs. The actual permissions, to interview the rapists, from Prison Headquarters in Tihar was a very demanding exercise. We were given but under strict guidelines which Leslee Udwin largely disregarded. Leslee Udwin “coached” Mukesh the rapist. Asking leading questions is one thing, but pushing to get a line said exactly the way you want it is not ethical documentary filmmaking. She did the same with his mother. She even attempted to get Nirbhaya’s parents to mouth the exact lines from the script outline that she was adamant on. I objected to this in private arguments..

Ha ha ha….I have some respect for Leslee Udwin now. From the very beginning she didn’t let her native water carriers get anywhere near the money. Instead she put these desi servants to work getting permissions from the Indian government. And Anjali says she complained “in private arguments”  against the coaching of the rapists and various other subjects. Ha! We can make a decent guess exactly what Anjali was arguing about in private and where the arguments broke down 🙂

On the one hand Leslee Udwin walks over people in India who worked with her, trusted her, gave her their time, equipment and advice all free of cost because they believed in the issue. On the other she says she is ‘gifting’ her work to India. Gift? We are talking about rape.

Indeed the documentary was Udwin’s “gift” to India. Yes, even after she walked all over you, it’s still a gift in her eyes. Her very existence is a gift to the planet. The fact that Leslee Udwin cared enough about India to spit in our faces is a great gift in itself.  Poor Anjali should have studied the theory of White Man’s Burden before signing up for this project.

While I kept her updated on all my work (permissions, crew, translators etc.) she kept me out of her negotiations with the BBC including when she pitched the project. Ditto with all donor/funding meetings. There are other financial issues, which are now part of the court document. In hindsight, it seems she had a plan and bulldozed everything to fit it…I now see it as bad faith from the beginning. My contract was so written that she had the final say in everything. In my view, not only has Leslee Udwin cheated me and people who worked with me, she has also cheated the Government of India and Indians

ROFLMAO! This is now beginning to read like a passage from the Memoirs of Jaichand 🙂 Yes, Mohammad Ghori had bad faith from the very beginning, he had a plan and bulldozed everything to fit it. What did you expect was going to happen?

And finally, Anjali says:

I could have let the matter pass, but this is not about me anymore. This is about a woman who was brutally raped in my country. This is about how Nirbhaya’s story is being flaunted as a ‘gift’ to India by Leslee Udwin.  There are no words to describe this shameful publicity and self-promotion

So nice of you Anjali to finally think of our nation now that Toronto and Cannes haven’t worked out…We are thankful both for Leslee Udwin’s “gift” and for your “sacrifice”. There are no words to describe your great patriotism…

FTII fools and the miracles of chicken biryani

Chicken Biryani is a wonderful thing. When you have had one plateful, you always feel like asking for one more. And when you have had enough, you drift into this blissful, satisfying sleep full of sweet, fulfilling dreams.

The news that has just come in is that FTII students have called off their strike.


Apparently they have been on strike for 139 days at this point. Can you believe that FTII has been on strike for 139 days and the nation has still not come to a standstill 🙂 Can you believe that trains were still running, the internet was working, planes were taking off…the economy kept moving even though FTII was on strike?

In fact, in September, the FTII students decided to raise the stakes and 3 Commie uncles went on hunger strike:


I have no idea if they were still on hunger strike until now. My guess is that a longing for Chicken Biryani took its toll soon after the hunger strike was declared. Especially considering that freeloaders at FTII probably get free Chicken Biryani. Surely neither Marx nor Mao would  have turned down free Chicken Biryani. And you can’t use smoking pot as an alternative source of nutrition….

Commie uncles have to eat too. Don’t worry FTII uncles, it doesn’t matter that you made a fool of yourself. What is important is that you tried your best. It is a lot more than your leader Rahul Gandhi has ever done. And thanks for inspiring this Pepsi Commercial:

There is even a butthurt little Commie who has written an open letter protesting the Pepsi ad…ROFL!


Lesson for Modi government from FTII? Stay firm and don’t feed them.

Now a Durgapuja ban in West Bengal

First of all, credit to NewsX for actually picking up this story in an age where a stone thrown in a church is a national headline but a Hindu hacked to death is uninteresting.

In Jihadi Didi’s West Bengal, the targeted humiliation of Hindus continues unabated. The dhimmification of Hindus in their own land is almost complete. The saddest part is that this ban in West Bengal has been going on at least since 2012 and as yet, no one had picked it up. Remember last year when the BJP chose to celebrate Atal ji’s birthday, which incidentally falls on Dec 25? Remember the outrage over “communal elements” trying to reduce the importance of Christmas?

Indeed, let us see what the land of poets and artists has to say about the oppression of the most cherished Bengali tradition in the name of secularism. Do not forget the entire historical context. Today Hindus can’t worship in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Hindus can no longer worship in Kashmir. Generations of Hindus grew up in these lands. And now the scourge has entered whatever little remains of Bengal. If Hindus can’t worship here, where will they go?

About 70 years ago, millions of Hindus and Sikhs left behind their homes and walked into what remained of India. Then, about 25 years ago, lakhs of Kashmiri Pandits left their homes and walked into whatever was still left of Bharat. Where next? The Hindus from Assam will come to Bengal for refuge. Will Jihadi Didi offer them any? And where do the Bengali Hindus go next? And the Hindus from Kerala and Telangana? They can’t go south and jump into the sea. Towards the deserts of Rajasthan and Gujarat, then? There’s Pakistan on the other side.

There wont be a Bharat. Just the “idea of India”.

It’s not working! Liberals realize that the charge of selective outrage is sticking

In India, we have a 5000 year old deep seated reverence for knowledge. This is actually quite different from the American tradition of “anti-intellectualism”, where mocking intellectual “eggheads” is very common. Given our tradition, a revolt by writers and academics against Modi sarkar should have really dug deep into the national conscience. In the last few months, I have sensed that the shifts in Indian society are coming to the fore. It’s simply not happening…the Lutyens cabal of “intellectuals” simply isn’t getting the kind of traction they expected among the general public. The Akademi might have revolted against the Akademi, but the public has revolted against the Akademi.

Yes, it’s sticking. The charge of selective outrage is sticking. If anything, this AwardWapsi drama has caused these unknown “great writers” to come into the news for the first time. And people are realizing the level of these undeserving jokers who got awards from the patronage network for their bootlicking. For the first time, liberals are having to respond to charges of selective outrage. Previously Hindu victims would be ignored with a condescending smile. Now Rajdeep has to come out and explicitly tell us why Prashant Poojary does not matter. As I said before, this is a fantastic development. Let them explain in detail why Hindus lives don’t matter. It’s good for the Hindu right.

Earlier this month, there was an article The Wire “debunking” the charge of selective outrage:


The name of the article is “The Right Wing and the myth of selective outrage“. And yesterday, Troll put out a similar article “debunking” the claims of bias:


This is excellent. This means that the charges are sticking and the liberals know it. They know they stayed silent all these years while the Congress plundered the country, imposed Emergency, snatched our freedoms, oversaw countless riots in which thousands died. And people are now asking questions about the sudden awakening of the liberal conscience. It’s not just “Bhakts” or right wingers, it’s people in general. And the liberals are having to respond. This is actually a major cultural victory in itself. The  liberal narrative is NOT going by unchallenged! Not any longer.

Now let us see what weak sauce this idiot has for us to make excuses for liberals being so soft on the Congress. The author, one Urvish Kothari, begins thus:

In India, there has always been a question mark on the motivations and quality of what passes for public debate on matters of public interest. But never before has this debate been as corrosive as it is in today’s poisonous environment created by the venomous ideology and brutal brazenness of the Modi government.

Yes, we know. The problem is that the “debate” has become two sided, with the other side now having a chance to open its mouth. When you are used to sitting on a high throne and barking orders to a crowd kneeling in front of you, people standing up and asking questions feels like “brutal brazenness”. Next thing you know, they will say start saying that disagreeing with the liberals falls under freedom of expression… the horror!

Truth be told, there is not a single crime or impropriety in the political history of independent India whose initiation could be blamed on the Bharatiya Janata Party alone. Not one. All the scourges we deplore so much today were unleashed during the various rules of the Congress, especially during Indira Gandhi’s time – casteism, communalism (under the veil of secularism), the Emergency, the bubble of garibi hatao, corruption, scams, personality cult, the curse of dynastic politic, and ultimately the Sikh genocide.”

Thanks for the candid confession! By starting these words with “Truth be told”, you are giving off the attitude of “we did it, so what?” Well, when you know it’s the truth, why weren’t you proclaiming this from the rooftops in the last six decades? Why utter the truth finally now as a disclaimer before commencing your BJP bashing? Nevertheless, I am glad that the liberal elite has been cornered enough to be telling the truth, even as a disclaimer.

To propagate, however, that the intellectuals of that time had maintained a studious silence and turned a nelson’s eye to the establishment’s excesses is wholly disingenuous. Yes, the intensity or the magnitude of the protests might not have been the same as today.

More confessions! I actually like this guy 🙂 Now let’s taste the weak sauce he has to offer in terms of excuses:

The eminent Gujarati author Manubhai “Darshak” Pancholi had warned about the excesses of the Congress in his celebrated novel Socrates and public speeches even before the Emergency was declared….It was during the same Congress regime’s term that poet, scholar and writer Umashankar Joshi emerged as a stalwart of Gujarat’s public discourse and a fierce opponent of the anti-democratic forces…Besides them, myriad other intellectuals stood up to be counted during the Navnirman agitation against corruption in the 1970s as well as during Jayaprakash Narayan’s Bihar movement.

That’s it? That’s all you got? That there were a handful of people who protested even back then? Of course there will always be a handful of intellectuals who criticized the Congress at some point or the other over 6 decades! But, where was the mass uprising of the Sahitya Akademi back then? How come the magnitude of protest over some random, unrelated crimes in last 16 months is smaller than major events such as the Emergency, the 1984 riots, Bhagalpur riots, Kashmiri Pandit exodus?

The curtain on the Indira Gandhi era fell with her assassination in 1984. It would do well to remind ourselves that even during that time, the intellectuals were not tight-lipped – not even when Rajiv Gandhi uttered his grossly insensitive statement “When a big tree falls, the earth shakes” in the wake of the Sikh pogrom. Organisations such as the People’s Union for Civil Liberties submitted a meticulous report on the massacre.”

Wow…this is the definition of desperately scraping the bottom of the barrel! You are talking of one of India’s biggest riots and all you could find is that not everyone was “tight-lipped” and some organization prepared a report somewhere. THAT’s your defense? Has any Emergency been imposed in the last sixteen months? Has there been any genocide of any community like in 1984? Have 1000 innocent people been slaughtered in two days as in Bhagalpur? Have lakhs of people been ordered to leave their state as the government looked the other way? Here you have intellectuals getting verbal diarrhea over a stone thrown into a church… You take to newspapers and TV channels everyday to criticize Modi loudly for everything from his foreign trips to why he was a victim of a child marriage. And then you talk of “undeclared emergency”

The author continues:

Given that the Congress was the original sinner in almost every aspect of governance, the BJP had the luxury of indulging in as much aggressive whataboutism as was organisationally possible before it came to power.”

Yes….the Congress atrocities certainly made the BJP’s path to power easy. I will give you that. Why complain? Why not ask the Congress why they committed those sins instead of blaming the BJP for being able to capitalize on them?

However, despite being perfectly in step with the Congress, the BJP overachieved its objectives. A party which originated from street rhetoric and a toxic mindset against Gandhi, Muslims and Christians outdid itself on brazenness. For instance, the Congress did not exactly take out a yatra on the back of the 1984 genocide. Narendra Modi, however, had no qualms doing so after the Gujarat riots.”

Finally, the crying liberal heart is unable to withhold its pain! The BJP originated from “street rhetoric”? I am glad the BJP originated from “street rhetoric”  and not the power corridors of Lutyens Delhi where Jawaharlal Nehru eagerly agreed to divide the country and lose 3 million lives so that he could become Prime Minister as soon as possible.  And you talk about brazenness? Do you remember the brazenness with which Nehru passed a Constitutional Amendment to remove free speech because the RSS mouthpiece Organizer had dared to criticize him? The declaration of the Emergency was not brazen enough for you? The kicking out of SC judges by Indira Gandhi so that fundamental rights could be suspended was not brazen enough for you? Changing the law to quash the SC decision on Shah Bano was not brazen enough for you? Only Narendra Modi seems brazen… ha!

We know where the shoe really pinches. You are angry that the BJP “overachieved it’s objectives”. It should have stayed on the street, no? At best it should have got a few votes and then made a deal with the Dynasty. Exactly what all the other parties have done:


But your problem is that the BJP “overachieved”. Instead of striking a peace with the Gandhis, it decided to uproot their dominance. And they succeeded.

Oh…and don’t tell us we have a toxic mindset against Gandhi, Christians and Muslims. In fact, we learned “whataboutism” from the Christians. Remember that Jesus said “let he who has never sinned throw the first stone”…. Jesus himself, the son of God, gave us the principle of whataboutism. Happy now 🙂 ?

Dear India Today, please give Seemi Pasha a promotion

We have known for a while that under the secular governance of Akhilesh Yadav, the state of Uttar Pradesh is collapsing. With law and order at a standstill, this is what is happening:

An incident that took place less than 25 km from the city has shocked Talheta village near the border of Meerut and Ghaziabad districts. Unknown youths dug out the body of a woman from her grave late on Friday night and allegedly raped the corpse. The woman had been buried two days before the incident took place.”


And here is the reaction of Seemi Pasha, who is an Associate Editor at India Today:

THIS is the level of poisonous bias in our TV studios today. Do I even have to ask what a local incident in secular Uttar Pradesh has to do with Modi?

Dear India Today, please give this Mameluk a promotion. She deserves to be more than just an Associate Editor. She should be your Chief Editor and Chief anchor for all your primetime. I want her venom to spread on the airwaves more, not less.

Because I sense that the spiral of Modi derangement syndrome is approaching an end. Liberals are beginning to snap. From staying diplomatically silent on murder of Hindus, liberals like Rajdeep are now publicly coming out and saying clearly why they are ignoring Hindu deaths. I want Seemi Pasha to be on air, constantly. I want her on the airwaves 24 x 7 attacking the Prime Minister venomously for things that have absolutely nothing to do with him. Let the public see the venom that she is producing. For too long, liberals have been smartly highlighting motormouths from the Hindu right wing, while keeping their own intolerance under wraps, couched in diplomatic language. Modi is causing these haters to snap. Let Seemi Pasha vomit her hatred clearly and let the public see…

By the way, less than 2 months after Modi was elected, this article was published:

It seems ‘acche din’ are yet to come for the residents of Varanasi, the constituency of PM Narendra Modi, as stray dogs and monkeys bite over 400 people every day in the holy temple town


Yes, it started with blaming Modi for dog bites in Uttar Pradesh… the spiral of Modi derangement syndrome has to end somewhere. That moment may be coming…

Dear Rajdeep, will four holocausts be enough?

Recently, Madison Square Veteran Rajdeep Sardesai has produced what may be the most despicable article in recent times, spitting in the face of Hindus and telling them why the murder of Prashant Poojary in Mangalore does not deserve the same outrage level as that of the lynching in Dadri:


First of all, let me remark that the existence of an article like this is in itself a victory for Hindu nationalists and possibly more so for nationalists on Social Media. At least they have been cornered enough to respond! Previously, the slaughter of Hindus would be ignored by media Mameluks with a confident and condescending smile. Now they are responding….which means the liberals sense that the charge of selective outrage is beginning to stick.

This is what we wanted, really. While they stayed silent on killings of Hindus, they could hide behind general disclaimers like “we condmen all violence”. Now they are annoyed enough to come out and justify themselves. And in laying out their justification for ignoring deaths of Hindus, they are automatically compelled to present their bigotry explicitly. It’s the confession we wanted! Hurray!

I am not angry with Rajdeep’s article. I am happy. For the first time, a prominent liberal has come out and presented explicit reasons for ignoring the killing of a Hindu. I hope many more liberals join in and elaborate on this theme. Here is the heart of Rajdeep’s article:

But when we seek to compare two instances without even bothering to examine the political context, we are entering dangerous territory. Prashant Poojary was a Bajrang Dal activist in Moodbidri. The Bajrang Dal has self-admittedly used violence as a weapon against minorities (don’t believe me, meet Babu Bajrangi in Gujarat or listen to him in a Tehelka expose). Poojary has been allegedly involved in cases of intimidation and violence in the region. He was fighting the “beef Mafia” as part of the anti-cow slaughter agitation. He didn’t deserve to die under any circumstance but there is a political context to his death as there would be in Bengal when Trinamool workers clash with cadres of the Communist Party of India (Marxist).”

Ah! So, just because someone is a political activist, his murder automatically becomes unworthy of outrage. Excuse me, but since when have killings of political activists become objects of lesser outrage? From the Boston massacre to the Jallianwalla Bagh massacre to Tiananmen Square, killing of political activists has usually received more, not less outrage. It has often changed the course of history.

Dear Rajdeep, do you know who Miss Marcella Sherwood was? She was an innocent English missionary who was brutally gangraped and beaten and left for dead by some monsters in Amritsar on April 11, 1919. Martial law was declared in Punjab and Indians were ordered to crawl on the street where Miss Sherwood had been attacked. Two days later, 1000 political activists who were protesting the clampdown were gunned down while protesting in Jallianwala Bagh. Congratulations Rajdeep because your logic is similar to the argument that General Dyer made….the atrocities on Miss Sherwood meant that the Jallianwala Bagh massacre was not worthy of outrage.

I can try, but I can hardly do a better job of debunking Rajdeep’s  “argument” than what Opindia has done here:


In this article, Opindia asks:

You now invoke Babu Bajrangi. You are ready to sacrifice Prashant at the altar of secularism for the crimes of a Babu Bajrangi in Gujarat (who incidentally is already paying for his crimes by serving a life term, as prescribed by courts, not some kangaroo court in a TV studio). Why should Prashant be judged via the prism of Babu Bajrangi? Should I judge you from the prism of a Tarun Tejpal?

Ha ha! Totally! Yes, Rajdeep, should we judge you for Tarun Tejpal? Let’s explore this argument further. Should we judge every Muslim via the prism of Islamic terrorists? Where does this logic leave leftists considering the crimes of Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot and Castro…not to mention the Naxals in India?

But I think Opindia left something out. Let us examine Rajdeep’s logic by putting in some numbers. How many Indian citizens are currently in the “danger zone” where they can be killed without hurting the conscience of a liberal? Let us see…

The BJP claims to have 10 crore members. This number is obviously exaggerated and let us assume that this number is exaggerated by a factor of 4. So, that gives us a figure of 2.5 crore actual members. That’s 25 million Indians who can now be killed without pricking the conscience of liberal India! For comparison, 6 million Jews were killed by the holocaust! Yes, that’s what it means, it will take a minimum of four holocausts before Indian liberals sit up and take notice!

Thanks Rajdeep for letting us know.

The second important question is how far liberals will take this ugly logic and define “political activism” so as to declare murders unworthy of outrage. Will a Facebook post supporting a political party also count as “activism”? How about a tweet?  How about signing a petition on change.org? Each time someone is killed, will liberals sift through the person’s entire life to check for any signs of political activism and then declare the murder unworthy of outrage? At what appropriate level of political self expression should a Hindu limit himself before a liberal will consider him “innocent enough” so that his murder may cause outrage?

Dear Rajdeep, we were only asking for equality. Under our largely democratic Constitution, equality is the starting point. YOU demanded that one murder be privileged over another. The onus is on you to explain why. You are the one who has set off on this ugly path of dark logic where one citizen’s life matters more to the liberal elite than that of the other. I am glad you have opened this Pandora’s Box. Now your bigotry is in the open. I hope you write more and more and more articles explaining in greater detail why some citizens matter more than others. We always suspected this was inside your box. Thanks for opening it and showing the ugly contents to the whole world. Hope more liberals follow your lead.

Modi derangement syndrome morphs into hatred for Durgapuja

Having seen the power of just 17 crore Hindu votes in May 2014, the Indian liberal intellectual is currently suffering from an irrational fear of Hindus. Anywhere the intellectual sees a couple of Hindus gathered, even for some harmless fun, the liberal antennae go up and the paranoid fool sees a conspiracy. I thought  I would be going slow this week, partly because I am on vacation myself and was expecting the Mameluks to be relaxing somewhat as well. Turns out this week is becoming a “Durga Puja special”: on the irrational anger that libtards are feeling towards the festival.

Here is one idiot called Debdutta Bhattacharjee from the DailyO who has an article titled:

The Dark Side of Durga Puja


Let’s see what the author plans to do:

Is the Durga Puja all good and glorious, or does it have a darker side to it? Does it have a diabolical agenda, that is expertly concealed? Let’s put the “goodness” of this popular festival – an unmistakable element of dominant culture – to test.

A diabolical agenda? Expertly concealed? This is gonna be a lot of fun….

The goddess is fair-skinned (and hence, beautiful) and embodies all the virtues of life and is shown as slaying a demonic half-man-half-animal creature who is placed at her feet. The demon Mahishasur is dark-skinned, has a naked upper body and is attributed all “dark” (tamasik) characteristics. More than signifying the victory of good over evil, this very powerfully symbolises the subjugation of the dark-skinned indigenous inhabitants of the region, the adivasis, by the fair-skinned Aryans.

I am less offended by the foolish comparison than by the epic failure of imagination! That’s ALL you got! I see a woman brutally killing and trampling a man. Hey, why doesn’t the idol symbolize militant feminist women using deadly violence against men 🙂 Or better still, why not say that the idol is a prophecy that it is the destiny of dark skinned Indians to be ruled by white queens, from England or Italy? Each of the ten hands of the fair skinned goddess could stand for one of the white Queen’s beloved Mameluk’s channels/newspapers? Surely the dominant hand with which the goddess thrusts the trishul stands for NDTV!!

The goddess impales Mahishasur with her trident and that is what the adivasis have always had to suffer, metaphorically speaking. It is almost taken for granted that they would submit to this physical, cultural and psychological disruption in their lives without much ado. They are expected to surrender to the onslaught of the dominant culture without much of a fight. So their lands are taken away from them, they are displaced from their forest abodes and their cultures undergo forced transformation.

My god! Is the goddess an Ambani-Adani agent too? Keep in mind…he is getting ALL of this simply from looking at the Durga idol.

Contact with the mainstream population, though is expected to deliver the fruits of development and modernity to the adivasis, can also have deleterious effects and activists fear that it may expose the adivasis to diseases which they have never known of, and to which they have grown no immunity.

I have news for you Mr. Bhattacharjee. This is not 16th century America that colonists would infect “natives” with strange diseases. You actually need to meet an adivasi. In your imagination, adivasis are hungry and naked living in secluded forests on tops of trees. They are not; if they are hungry, it is for opportunity. The only one who is naked here is you with your stupidity.

The dominant culture, on a civilising mission, prescribes methods through which the adivasis can “upgrade” their lifestyles, so that they can be mainstreamed. Indeed, assimilating into the dominant culture is perhaps the only way in which the adivasis can save themselves from violence in their lives.

Mind you, he is getting ALL of this simply by looking at the Durga idol 🙂

That is what Prahlad and Vibhishan did, for example. Both of them were born in demon clans, but realised that their deliverance depended upon accepting the mastery of the cultural hero.

Yes, and on top of that, Prahlad is known as “Bhakt Prahlad”. The B-word!!!! Could the agenda be more obvious here 🙂 ?  Incidentally, Vishnu appeared as “Narsingh”, a half-man, half-animal creature to slay Bhakt Prahlad’s evil demon father Hiranyakashyap. What are you going to make of that?

Coming back to the symbolism inherent in the Durga Puja, the fact that the goddess kills the demon is what meets the eye. But what does not readily is perhaps that Devi Durga not only slays the physical form of Mahisasur, but perhaps also the vices that the demon possesses. It is almost a purification ritual that an adivasi has to go through to be assimilated into the mainstream.

“Coming back”? Thank goodness….even you realized that this analogy was stretching to ridiculous levels. A purification ritual? You mean like Ghar Wapsi? Incidentally, when Swami Dayananda started the reconversion movement to bring back Hindus who had moved to other religions, he called it Shuddhi (purification)!!! You nailed it brother!

Here are the most telling lines from the article:

This narrative in itself may be seen to reside merely in the realm of mythology, but the symbolism involved renders it socially salient. It shows that once a group of people comes to possess a degree of power, they try to cling on to that power, the abilities of their leader notwithstanding.

Ruling class trying to cling on to power regardless of the abilities of their leader? Ouch! Even chota mota Mameluks like Debdutta Bhattacharjee are taking a swipe at Rahul Gandhi these days. Burre Din for the Dynasty, really…