Ecosystem in panic

For the first time since 2014, it seems that the BJP has the Congress truly by the scruff of the neck. The last 10 days have been an absolute nightmare for the Dynasty…setback upon setback has sent the Congress reeling.

First came the #IshratFile and #MalegaonTwist news, which blew away whatever credibility the Congress had left in matters of national security. But hey, the Congress ecosystem worked overtime to keep the reporting in these two cases under wraps and while Times Now and NewsX cried themselves hoarse, the ecosystem mostly managed to keep the news out of the rest of mass media.

Then, came Agusta Westland. With an Italian Court naming the Queen, the news was too big to bury. On top of that it was the week that Parliament resumed its sittings. And then BJP picked Swamy to go to the Rajya Sabha. Now, Manohar Parrikar is personally studying the Agusta files. From the way Parrikar takes direct jibes at Sonia Gandhi’s Italian origin, the Congress can hardly hope for leniency. And ex-IAF chief S P Tyagi has a Monday date with the CBI and ED. Ha! The media Mameluks will find it impossible to bury this story. Add to it the fact that Bofors has instant name recall everywhere in the country and the Agusta Westland story seems amazingly similar.

Finally, as if things could get any worse, came the court order to demolish Adarsh society, the towering symbol of Congress corruption.

The ecosystem is feeling the pressure and for the first time, I can feel them buckling. The panic is telling:

Whoa! Why so defensive? Shekhar Coupta is as “deep state” as you can get. If Shekhar Coupta is this worried, you can imagine the depth of the panic.

Somebody change the topic …please!!!!

In fact, the ecosystem was so desperate they started throwing anything they could lay thei hands upon, including empty shells of long discarded and used up bombs.

Arvind Kejriwal went on a diversion spree, demanding info on the PM’s degrees, threatening to gherao 7RCR and now planning a referendum for statehood to Delhi. Anything…absolutely anything to divert attention from Agusta Westland!

Dirty tricks Chief Ahmedmian Patel, who hitherto only worked from the shadows, ran around from channel to channel protesting innocence.

They even manufactured a “Rajasthan Chopper Scam” overnight:

But if you want to truly gauge the panic level in the Congress ecosystem, here is the lead story on Nehru Dynasty TV that takes everyone by surprise:

NDTV doing an “exclusive” exposing Chidambaram? Are things so desperate at HQ that they are offering  Chidambaram’s wicket in exchange for a pardon for the Queen? I must say even I underestimated the potential of Agusta Westland to rattle the powers that be in Lutyens Delhi…


And THIS JUST IN: Rajdeep Sardesai has disabled his Twitter account. Make of it what you will…


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SOLD! Indian media bought for 6 million Euros

What is common to the following names?

Lalu Yadav, Om Prakash Chautala, A Raja, Madhu Koda, Kanimozhi, Chagan Bhujbal

These are all politicians who have served at least one day in jail for corruption. I think at least 3 of them are still rotting in jail..

What is common to the names?

Subroto Roy, Ramalinga Raju

These are businessmen who used to run vast business empires like Satyam and Sahara and have gone to jail for corruption.

Yes, there is a lot of corruption in India. Now, try to name a journalist who has been jailed for corruption. Can’t find any examples, eh? Yes, my friend, in India we know of politicians, corporate CEOs, police officers, bureaucrats, lawyers, doctors, scientists, engineers who have gone to jail for corruption. But never any journalists! Are journalists the only clean profession in India? Ha ha…good joke.

So, why don’t journalists ever go to jail for corruption? Because journos control the flow of information and most powerful people, from politicians to businessmen, don’t like to get on the bad side of the media. For this reason, the media mostly acts like a cartel with a trade union mentality…you criticize one politician and the other politicians are delighted. You criticize a journalist and every other journalist hates you for it. Which means that journalists don’t compete with each other unlike people in other professions.

In fact, I’ll say it: I believe that journalists are the SECOND most corrupt people in India, much worse than politicians or big business. 


I have said this before. The fact that journalists don’t compete means that they do not make their money on the free market, but through patronage networks. Look at SRK, the so called King of Bollywood. After miserable failures of Dilwale and Fan, he has been begging forgiveness and singing so many praises of Narendra Modi that I have a hunch he might call his next movie “Fan of Narendra Modi”. This means that SRK makes his living on the free market and is vulnerable to market pressures.  But Mameluk media is not affected by public mistrust of its lying and bias…meaning that presstitution is funded through an uncompetitive patronage network…

As if we needed proof, we now have have this:



That’s a contract for more than 6 million Euros from Agusta Westland to Christian Michel’s Global Services FZE to control the media. More specifically:

  • Identify and inform the Company of any hostile press activities that may impact the execution of the Contract.
  • Advise and assist the Company in the development of risk mitigation strategies to minimise the impact of any hostile press activities.
  • Provide the company with routine feedback on press activity with respect to the performance of the Contract or any associated contributing activities.

Yes, folks. The same Christian Michel who now has an Interpol Red Corner lookout notice in his name was paid 6 million Euros to keep Indian presstitutes in line.

Surprised? Not me! Wait…I am surprised…actually. The real victim here is Agusta Westland. What kind of a dumbass company thinks that it takes as much as 6 million Euros to buy out Indian presstitutes? Send them on one trip to America for 1-2 lakh rupees. That’s what ISI’s Ghulam Nabi Fai used to do, remember? Indian companies like Essar who know the prices on the  local presstitution circuit did much better…they handed out a couple of iPads or something as Diwali Gifts. Here is ace corruption fighter and AAP leader Honest Ashish Khetan reporting in Tehelka:

The latest (CBI) against the promoters of Essar Group and Loop Telecom is premised on dubious legal opinions, raising a serious question about the credibility of the entire 2G probe.”


I hate to break it to you Agusta Westland, but you got played. You paid waaay too much. Indian presstitutes would have sold themselves for a fraction of that number.

When foreign tourists come to India, small local traders often rip them off…charging high prices. Looks like the Italians were similarly fooled by local presstitutes. No Agusta Westland, samosas don’t cost 500 Rupees each in roadside stalls and Indian presstitutes don’t cost 6 million Euros. You could have spent 10 minutes on the Electronics section at and that stuff would be enough to buy you as many presstitutes as you want…

By the way, why did I say that journalists are the SECOND most corrupt people in the country? Who’s FIRST?

Well, I could tell you that. But I don’t want to be in jail for “contempt of the corrupt…” 🙂 🙂

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Is saying “Sonia Gandhi” unparliamentary?

This is from Feb, 2016. As HRD minister Smriti Irani’s combative speech lights up the Rajya Sabha, the venerable gentlemen in the Congress and the CPM are taken aback, annoyed at the arrogance of a “jhadu poche wali”. Rajya Sabha Vice Chair P J Kurien, turns his eyes to look at Comrade D Raja and mouths “Adjourn?” (see from 1:06)

Along with that, P J Kurien swirls his hand, explaining to D Raja how to give the signal to adjourn. About 10 seconds later, D Raja pulls his hand out of his pockets and crosses and uncrosses them, signalling “dead ball”. An alert Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi realizes what’s happening and starts shouting : “You can’t adjourn the House…you can’t adjourn the House”. But to no avail. House adjourned.

This is what happens when there is a Mameluk in the Chair in the Rajya Sabha. Yesterday, Dr. Swamy got up to speak for the first time in the Rajya Sabha after being nominated this week. You have to admit this was the best possible time for Swamy to enter the RS. And sure enough, he takes on the Queen straight away over the Agusta Westland scam. No sooner had he named the Queen that her stool pigeons leaped up from their seats.


Now that’s OK. I do not mind if Madam’s Mameluks jump up from their seats at the mention of the Queen’s name. They are falling over each other to prove their loyalty…it is a question of their entire career. The worst nightmare of a Congi is to end up something like this:


Just look at the face of the doomed Mameluk as he realizes with a sinking feeling that Madam has noticed him laugh at Modi’s joke on Pappu… Who would dare want to end up like this guy? So, Madam’s Mameluks in the Rajya Sabha can jump and dance all they want to save  their political careers, I do not mind. The question is why this happened:

When the House reassembled, Kurien expunged Swamy’s reference to Gandhi saying he should not name a member who cannot come and defend himself or herself.


Haha! What happened to tolerance and what happened to free speech? Dr. Swamy did not use any expletive, nor any word of abuse…he simply took the name of Sonia Gandhi. Is it unparliamentary to say “Sonia Gandhi” aloud?  Or is P J Kurien saying that she should be referred to as “Signora Gandhi” at all times? And what a reason given for expunging the remarks…that Sonia Gandhi is not present in the House to defend herself!

Ummm…what? Whaaaaat?

Are you seriously saying Mr. Kurien that no MP in India’s Parliament can criticize a person who is not present in the House? Or does this special exemption apply only to Madam Sonia Gandhi?

The official argument from P J Kurien is so laughable that it barely deserves a retort. Would that argument apply to Vijay Mallya as well 🙂 ?  And would you make the same argument about criticizing Dawood and Hafiz Sayeed…LOL? Or is the Congress planning to give tickets to Dawood and Hafiz as well? ROFL…. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised…

And no, P J Kurien isn’t backing down. Today he was back to expunging Dr. Swamy’s remarks, this time even going all the way to issue a warning:

Subramanian Swamy, who triggered huge protests from Congress on Wednesday over his attempts to drag Sonia Gandhi in the AgustaWestland helicopter row, on Thursday again made some controversial remarks in Rajya Sabha which the Chair immediately expunged and warned him of action for “unnecessarily provoking” members on the other sideExpunging Swamy’s reference to the Constitution of another country that triggered vociferous protests from Congress members, Deputy Chairman P J Kurien also ordered media not to report the remarks.


Ah! Expunged the remarks, issued a warning and even ordered the media not to report the remarks. Where is the free speech brigade hiding now? Intolerance, anyone?

Where is freedom in India when our media receives a fatwa not to report remarks made inside our own Parliament? No Azaadi?


Mr. Kurien, if you are so worried about how people may be affected by what they see on TV, perhaps you should be reminded that there is a woman, somewhere in this country, who says that she shivers whenever she sees you on TV. I won’t say more (click here).

Anyways, I don’t even want to complain about the conduct of P J Kurien. This is what we should expect from him. He is a Congi, so …well…he favors the Congress…this is standard politics. So till Kurien’s term ends in 2017, the BJP will just have to tolerate it. The important point I want to make is that seculars shouldn’t whine when the BJP gives it back to them in kind. Okay…the Rajya Sabha Vice Chairman is your guy…do whatever you want. But then don’t complain when BJP kicks out your government from Uttarakhand. Your power, your hegemony. Don’t grudge the BJP when they give you a taste of your medicine….

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Signora Gandhi, the “driving force”

The Milan Court of Appeals, in its judgment, took note of the conversations between the three middlemen — Carlos Gerosa, Christian Michel and Guildo Haschke — who mention ‘Mrs Gandhi’ as being the ‘driving force behind the VIP’ and her close aides Ahmed Patel


What a time to nominate Dr. Swamy to the Rajya Sabha  🙂  🙂  🙂

Go Swamy go! If you want to watch the Congress party’s stool pigeons spring to their feet all at once and start chattering, please enjoy the video. Watch the reaction as soon as Swamy says “Sonia Gandhi”  🙂

You have to admit that Modi is a lucky man. After two years of missed opportunities to pin down the Dynasty, Bofors-II has just fallen into his lap. This kind of lucky break doesn’t happen everyday…here is the front page of the New Indian Express:



It’s a now or never moment for the BJP and for Modi. You wanted a Congress mukt Bharat, here is your chance to ensure it. Go, get it… In fact, you could feel the Mameluks sweating even before Parliament began today. Here is Rajdeep Sardesai, nervously stirring his Old Monk…

What GPSC scam? Which GPSC scam? You can feel Rajdeep’s fingers shaking as he tweets out in wild hope that something will fall out of the sky to save Madam…

Rajdeep did relatively well, actually. Arvind Kejriwal’s fingers were shaking so wildly that all he managed to tweet out on AgustaWestland was this:


Meanwhile, here is Rahul Gandhi wondering why AgustaWestland is coming up in April instead of August 🙂


Only Agent Ayyub is hard at work:

Oops… Mani Shankar Aiyar’s term in the Rajya Sabha just ended on March 21. We will all miss his dignified “chaiwala” remarks…

Well, we could go on and on about all the newspapers and channels that are scared to talk about this story. That is hardly the amazing part. We already knew that. Go look at the headline on Aaj Tak website and they make it sound like Congress has dug out a scam done by Modi. What is rather amazing is how many media channels have been forced to cover the incident. Just look at the headline of Firstpost today:


To everyone who has despised the dynasty all their life, this is a sight for sore eyes. It’s like yesterday that I remember a combative Sonia Gandhi standing up in the Lok Sabha with a no-confidence motion against Vajpayee and starting with : ” I accuse this government of ….” It’s like yesterday that I remember Sonia Gandhi being crowned patron saint of India with a halo around her head by our media and intellectuals. And I remember like yesterday how an anxious and desperate Sonia Gandhi came out hissing on national television buying time on news channels in April 2014 to accuse Modi of being a danger to “Bharatiyata“. And I remember like yesterday Madam Sonia Gandhi on May 16, 2014 conceding the election, while Rahul Gandhi stood in the background with a retarded smile. Not just like yesterday, make it like the last minute…I remember how Sonia Gandhi stood screaming slogans outside Parliament after her MPs were kicked out for making a ruckus. We lived to see this. And today we have Madam out of her den, hissing and spitting fire...

There is another picture I want to see. I want to see Signora Gandhi in jail…. 

Dear Kanhaiya, please take your B-grade movie script somewhere else!

Friends, let me start by telling you a story. It is in Bihar, during the dark days of Lalu’s unchallenged power. My mother was trying to make a turn into a narrow street where even one car could barely fit in. And along comes this RJD party worker wheeling a thela (cart) and blocks the road. There was no way my mother could make the turn as long as the RJD cart with a large cutout of Lalu Yadav was blocking the way.

Being rude or showing the slightest amount of anger/disrespect to an RJD worker was not an option. So my mom got out of the car and said to the guy in the most polite and subdued manner possible : “Bhaisaheb, could you please move the cart just a little so that we could pass?”

The worker looked up and yelled at my mother with tremendous aggression:

Ha! How dare you? Dare touch this cutout and see…the whole city will be in flames

The party thug then repositioned his cart to completely block the road. We beat a hasty retreat. My mother had to drive backwards nearly for half a kilometer to get out of the lane while the RJD goon enjoyed our plight and revelled in his power! The idea of India won a big victory that day over a middle aged woman and her school going child….

Well, that’s what street thugs do. Go around, picking fights with  random people over small things….harassing and whistling at young women…etc, etc.

Now what happens when the idea of India gets so bankrupt that a street thug has to be made into a national icon? You get Kanhaiya Kumar! 

What happened?

“My hand just happened to brush his neck as I was trying to balance myself on an aching leg. I do not know him personally though I have seen his pictures. This is being done for cheap publicity,” Manas told reporters in Mumbai.”


That’s some guy apparently called Manas Deka, who was travelling on the same flight as His Excellency the President of JNUSU Shri Kanhaiya Kumar. Instantly, the student union thug began a fight.

Almost anyone who has had the misfortune of running into smalltime party thugs will recognize this pattern of behavior. In Bengal, these unemployed losers are called “Parar mastaan” (bullies of the neighborhood). People stayed away from them. Should you brush into a “mastaan” ever so slightly, you can expect a beating. In fact, often times, these losers will actually walk up to you and deliberately bump into you and start a fight…purely for timepass…because they have absolutely nothing else to do. And all these “mastaans” used to work for the Communist party.

This was the life of Kanhaiya Kumar before he was declared a national hero. You know…student union thug…who harasses random women…exposes himself in vulgar fashion, etc. etc. No future, no marketable skills…at some level you could almost feel sorry for them… spending their days beating up this guy and that guy and making catcalls at passing women.

Again, Kanhaiya continued with his verbal diarrhea:

ROFL! Arre Kanhaiya, this is not the School of International Studies at JNU  where idle losers are getting paid by the government to pick fights on behalf of various political parties. This is a flight where paying customers are trying to get to their destinations, for work and family commitments. Spin a better story…

Oh wait…the losers at The Wire already spun a better story for you…

Kumar was sitting in a middle seat, his friend Nishant who was travelling with him told The Wire. The incident occurred before the plane took off. “The man in the window seat was talking on the phone, we heard him say things like ‘I will take care of it as soon as I get a chance’” he said. “Then he suddenly got up, while still on the phone, and put one hand around Kanhaiya’s throat and started pressing. When Kanhaiya tried to remove the hand, the man dropped his phone and grabbed Kanhaiya’s throat with both hands.


ROFL! The man on the phone told someone he would “take care of it as soon as he got a chance” and then proceeded to strangle Kanhaiya 🙂 Mr. Comrade, please take your B-grade movie script somewhere else 🙂 If indeed this Manas Deka guy said that on the phone, chances are that he has WORK assigned to him. He has a JOB, you know… I can imagine you have no idea what that is…

The theater of the absurd continued with this tweet, which was so silly that even Kanhaiya’s media cheerleaders didn’t post it in their reports:

I guess, now that Kanhaiya sees himself as the one and only Lord Krishna, he is given to such delusions that there is only one Manas Deka in the whole world.

The most hilarious thing about The Wire article reporting on Kanhaiya Kumar was this addendum :

This article has been revised as the earlier version stated that Kumar himself was filing an FIR against the accused.

Of course 🙂 The Wire should fire the “journalist” who actually believed that Kanhaiya would file an FIR. Come on, this slapping, kicking, ink throwing, shoe throwing, egg throwing B-grade movie has been done before by an earlier Yugpurush…and we all know that FIRs are never filed in such cases…  🙂

But if you read that Wire article carefully, you will notice that the real conspiracy began to unfold long before our future PM Kanhaiya boarded the flight. Kanhaiya was sitting in the MIDDLE seat!!! The dreaded MIDDLE seat…omg! You know, let me reveal some secret info given to me by my friend Trolleywallah… shortly before Kanhaiya Kumar was checking in, the person at the check in desk said this to someone on the phone: “I shall take care of it as soon as I get a chance”. And a few minutes later, Kanhaiya was given a MIDDLE seat… 

Do they think that torturing someone with the MIDDLE seat is the right way to fight dissent? 

You know who the person at the check in counter was? It was a woman by the name of Mansi…From a quick Google search, I realized that Mansi doesn’t just work for Jet Airways, but also for  Reliance, for Adani, for Tata and is also a  BJP worker from Uttar Pradesh…

Fortunately, Modi’s dictatorship fails again… the problem of bad seats has now been solved:


Well, maybe not for ALL of us, but at least for the Communist royalty.


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Arvind Kejriwal says sorry for supporting Center’s decision to rename Aurangazeb Road

Each time you think Indian secularism has hit its lowest point, it manages to jump off another cliff and go hurtling further downwards. Right now, Indian secular discourse is trending lower so quickly that even secular politicians cannot keep up with it. It was not long ago that Shri Arvind Kejriwal tweeted this:


Of course, this was a mischievous attempt by the media savvy Chief Minister to take credit for this change. But, the language of the tweet was quite cunning…you can’t accuse him of lying because he never said that his government took the decision…he can claim he was only “informing” people about something NDMC did 🙂 Of course, he was counting on the vast majority of people not to know the fact that NDMC is under the Center and not under Kejriwal… But hey…this is Politics 101 and Kejriwal was being clever….you can’t really hold that against him.

The key to today’s post is that back in August of 2015 when Kejriwal tweeted this, surely Kejriwal believed that there was credit to be had in removing the name of the hated despot from the streets of Delhi. That’s why he tried to steal it, right?

Cut to April 2016. About 8 months later, this happened:


Here is what Kejriwal said:

जमाअत इस्लामी हिन्द के प्रतिनिधिमंडल ने शनिवार को मुख्यमंत्री अरविंद केजरीवाल से मुलाकात की।… जमाअत के अमीर ने मुख्यमंत्री से कहा कि औरंगजेब रोड का नाम परिवर्तन करना सही नहीं था। इससे अच्छा संदेश नहीं गया। इस पर मुख्यमंत्री ने कहा कि ‘वैसे तो यह फैसला एनडीएमसी ने लिया है, लेकिन अज्ञानतावश  हमने बिना जाने बूझे समर्थन दे दिया था इसका हमें अहसास है।”


In 8 months, Kejriwal tells the Jamaat -e-Islami Hind that:

  1. The decision to rename Aurangzeb Road was taken by NDMC and not by us.
  2. We supported NDMC’s decision because of our ignorance.
  3. We apologize for supporting NDMC’s decision.

Beautiful, isn’t it? In 8 months, Kejriwal has gone from trying to steal credit from the NDMC to trying to pass the blame to the NDMC! And he has gone ahead and apologized to the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind for supporting the NDMC’s decision…

So, what does this mean? It means that in Aug 2015, as secular as he was, Shri Kejriwal still believed that one could at least despise Aurangzeb without being accused of being communal. But he was wrong. Clearly, even Kejriwal underestimated what the cheerleaders of Indian secularism and the thekedars of India’s Muslim vote were capable of.

Little did Kejriwal realize in Aug 2015 that India’s secular intellectuals were capable of rehabilitating even Aurangzeb. Indeed, starting Sept 2015, a huge battery of “thinkers” was unleashed upon us to prove the greatness of Aurangzeb!

On top of the that, the road had been renamed after Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, who commands universal respect in India. In August 2015, Kejriwal thought he was making a safe bet : Dr. Kalam may be the most loved man in India and Aurangzeb is perhaps the most hated emperor. Kalam over Aurangzeb seemed like a good bet to him back then… Ha! The torrent of Indian secularism has taken Kejriwal by surprise. 8 months later, Kejriwal is a stunned man…regretting and apologizing for making that bet…

Actually it is Indian secularists and people like Kejriwal who make it too easy for the BJP to be lazy. If you think about it, renaming Aurangzeb road may be the  only overtly pro-Hindu decision taken by the Modi government till now. 8 months ago, the Delhi CM was fighting them for the credit. Now, he has vacated the space completely! When the rest of the polity is so actively anti-Hindu, the BJP feels absolutely no pressure to actually act on a pro-Hindu agenda. I have been making this point for months now…

By the way, in talking about this story, we cannot leave out one final aspect. As of now, it seems only NDTV has reported this news. Which creates the possibility that it might be a planted news item… after all, Guru Tegh Bahadur was beheaded by Aurangzeb and the Congress is fighting the AAP in Punjab. In case Kejriwal didn’t actually say this, it is time for the Delhi CM to learn an important lesson. He might think he has the media in his pocket, but the media will always support Madam’s biological son over him.  


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#WestBengalpolls: Devil or the deep sea?

This one was hard. Especially because it’s my home state. And there’s no one worth supporting…

How did Bengal get to be this way? A likely explanation would go like this: Bengalis were never particularly enamored of Congress politics. For a combination of reasons, Netaji being among them, Nehru and Gandhi never quite became fashionable among the people of Bengal. The state began to gravitate towards the big ideological opponents of the Congress at the time: the Commies. After that begins a tale of four decades of ruin…

Times have changed. Now the Commies and the Congis are brothers in arms. The Trinamool proved to be a non-starter in terms of “poriborton” (change). During her decades of fighting the CPM on the streets of Bengal, the only lesson that Mamata Banerjee imbibed was that she had to be more Commie than the Commies themselves.

I’ll tell you what’s the difference between TMC and the CPM rule. During CPM rule, the oppressive state put everyone under the boot and crushed them. Everyone was oppressed equally. Under TMC rule, the Hindus have been singled out and crushed with twice the force.

But then, who would I like to see winning Bengal on May 19? I would have said BJP, but that’s not gonna happen. Nevertheless, I am hoping for them to make it to the double digit mark. Once the BJP crosses 10 seats, everyone will take them seriously in the state. One of the advantages of Bengal politics is that caste politics is irrelevant. This means that once a party starts getting traction, the tide can rise very quickly with no traditional caste loyalties to check the surge.

Okay, so who would I like to see winning Bengal? After much thought, I choose the devil instead of the deep sea. I think the Commies are a much deeper and more dangerous sea than the Trinamool Congress. The TMC is more like a  gang, with criminals cooperating with each other as long as the loot lasts. The Left is much more committed, much more systematic and much more brutal.

As Saradha and later Narada showed, the Trinamool Congress is steeped in corruption. By comparison, corruption at the top levels of the CPM was minimal. The Commies weren’t in it for the money, but for the power…pure and simple…they had an agenda for a larger Commie world and that’s all they cared about. Every single person in Bengal was brutally coerced into becoming a slave for that agenda. Every single resource in Bengal was harnessed for that aim. And that’s more dangerous than a mere gang of criminals. They say that the Taliban paid its soldiers nothing at all… If you think about it, Osama bin Laden was a billionaire. He could have been dating supermodels and living in Paris, but he chose the caves of Afghanistan and finally died in a dingy house in godforsaken Pakistan. Because he didn’t care about anything except his agenda. That’s what makes the Commies so freaking dangerous…

And so while the TMC may commit localized acts of brutality, they will never be able to build anything like the giant Commie machine that kept people of Bengal under its boot for 34 years… The TMC’s brutality is sporadic, not systematic…  

If the CPM does manage to seize power back in Bengal, I think it will finish off whatever little shoots the BJP has squeezed out in the state. Now the TMC would like to do the same thing, but it just doesn’t know how to organize silent and bloody purges like the Commies used to. Take a state like Kerala which is brimming with RSS shakhas. But the murder machine of the Commies works so well that the BJP has never managed to win a single MLA in the state. The TMC cannot quite approach that level of organized ruthlessness.

So well, I’d rather have the TMC than the CPM. Can there be a real alternative in West Bengal before it becomes West Bangladesh? Who knows…

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Does Karnataka exist? Not until it elects a BJP government…

A few weeks ago, I remember reading a very entertaining article on Opindia titled:

Dear Assam, if you want the Delhi media to notice you, elect a BJP government )

The point of the article was that if only Assam gets a BJP government, the so called “tyranny of distance” will vanish. Forget reporting on big riots, every single statement made by every district or block or even panchayat level this or that secretary of the BJP will get breathless coverage in the “national” media. Goa made it big in the “national” media by electing a BJP government 🙂  Take Kerala, where the sitting Congress government is drowning in a sea of corruption and sleaze. There are now actual allegations of sexual harassment against Chief Minister Oomen Chandy. Here is the official response from the official handle of the Congress party in Kerala to charges of sexual harassment:


Yes, that’s an official handle. Imagine if that was the official response of a BJP government…. Sigh.

It is in this context that today I want to raise the following question today: Does Karnataka exist? 

At first sight, it should. Karnataka is a state of 65 million people and houses the metropolis of Bengaluru. It is the IT capital, the software capital, the startup capital, not to mention that it is home to ISRO and HAL. You would think the “national” media would have heard of Karnataka…

But there’s no hope for even a state as important as Karnataka to get any attention…because it happens to have a secular government. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that Maharashtra is suffering a severe drought. Jumping on the publicity bandwagon, India’s top rated troll and film critic has offered to give 10 lakh liters of water from Haryana each day to the Railways to carry all the way to Latur in Maharashtra. Now, look at this:


Karnataka is suffering a devastating drought affecting 27 out of 30 districts. Did they tell you that?

(Aside: India’s Troll Minister could actually take some of the water he gets from Haryana each day and give it to Uttar Pradesh next door…but he only goes to UP for recreational purposes, such as catching  a movie in Ghaziabad or a secularism rock concert in Dadri.)

In the midst of Karnataka’s drought, here is the govt of Karnataka cooling the roads before the Chief Minister’s car arrives. A new vehicle has been added to the CM’s usual convoy apart from the various security and emergency cars: it’s job is to keep the road cool and settle the dust before the Emperor…ummm…err Chief Minister of Karnataka passes by:

Imagine if a BJP minister had done this. Oh wait…Eknath Khadse in Maharashtra did something similar and was crucified by the media (deservedly). But if Maharashtra, why not Karnataka? As I asked, does Karnataka exist?

But there’s more.

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah – who was cornered by his political rivals after a company in which his son, Dr Yathindra S, is a director, won a coveted bid to set up a lab in a government hospital – is in for more trouble. It has been found that Yathindra’s business partner was allotted prime land in Bengaluru, where the real estate prices have hit the sky, allegedly in violation of rules by the Congress ruled government in Karnataka.”


Again, does Karnataka exist? Seriously folks, does Karnataka exist?

Do you know what this is?


That’s the hand of Chief Minister Siddharamaiah, wearing a Hublot watch. The cost of that watch? Rs 70 lakh! 

Where did the watch come from?

Consider the ingredients that have gone into the making of the latest Kannada potboiler: a watch that may be worth an eye-popping Rs 70 lakh….And the mysterious gifter whose identity the CM claims he cannot recall


Nice. So how come the Chief Minister cannot recall who gave him a Rs 70 lakh watch? Is it because he is an ungrateful person?  Or is it that he receives so many of such gifts?

Now compare to the media frenzy surrounding a Prime Minister wearing a suit that was alleged to be worth Rs 10 lakh…

Folks, I have come to the conclusion that Karnataka does not actually exist. What other reasonable conclusion is there? What do you say?



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Did the UPA create a ghost of “saffron terror” simply to fight the BJP?

Friends, this has been a week of revelations. While there is surprise, there is anger, above all there is pain. I have been saying time and again that the new Sonia Congress feels different…it doesn’t feel like the INDIAN National Congress at all. They seem like a political party from an enemy nation. This past week has shown that I was still grossly underestimating their malice towards Hindus of this nation. The rabidly anti-Hindu vindictive streak in Sonia Congress can only be compared to Aurangazeb. Call me a fool, but I didn’t actually think the Congress would stoop to this.

At least it is better to know the truth. And one must say that finally the Modi government has taken some steps to clear up the narrative by revealing this stuff to the public. Okay okay… I know that NewsX and Times Now are the ones who “accessed” this stuff, but come on… LOL…there’s no way they just stumbled upon it  “by chance” walking down the street one fine morning, that too in the same week 🙂  One can be reasonably certain that someone high above deliberately leaked this stuff to these two handpicked channels. Nothing else can explain 4 explosive leaks on Ishrat and so called Hindu terror in one week…

So now, we know this. In 2007, the Ministry of Home Affairs had a secret meeting, the annexure of which is now finally public. And we know that this secret annexure clearly blamed SIMI/Huji and Lashkar terrorists for carrying out Malegaon, Mecca Masjid and Samjhauta Express attacks:


This ties up neatly with what American intelligence knew about the attacks, which also blames Islamic terrorists for the Samjhauta blast in a note dated July 1, 2009:


One can actually put the pieces together and see the larger pattern of what may have been the Congress’ biggest project : Project Hindu terror. 

Back in power after six years in 2004, you might remember that UPA-I was a fairly weak coalition. Let alone the Congress by itself, even the entire UPA’s strength in the Lok Sabha was nowhere close to a majority. Six years is the longest time the Congress has ever been out of power and you could imagine that the top thought in their minds was : NEVER AGAIN.

It is in this backdrop that the pattern starts coming together. The Congress needed the BJP to be simply wiped out so that the BJP could never come back. If you remember, appointing Justice U C  Banerjee Commission to “investigate” the Godhra train burning was one of the first things they did. The Banerjee Commission came to the laughable conclusion that the train had spontaneously combusted or something, an idea that was blown apart when the courts actually convicted the peaceful people who had set fire to the S-6 bogey.

You have to give credit to the Congress’ political instincts. Long before any of the RW saw it coming, the Congress realized Modi’s potential. They understood that the threat was not Advani, but Modi. And they had to destroy him. We now know for sure that Chidambaram signed an affidavit saying Ishrat was a terrorist and then changed the affidavit to say she wasn’t and then told us that he had only made “editorial changes”.

Then came the ghost of “saffron terror”. Here you can see Burqa Dutt annoucing it triumphantly to the world:

The whole bogey of “intolerance” today is small potatoes compared to what they were trying to do there. The secular crowd was far more deeply invested in the plan to declare the RSS/BJP as terrorist organizations. Here you can see then Home Minister Sushil Shinde openly announcing to the world :

This is  unprecedented in the history of democracies for a ruling Government to declare the main opposition as a terrorist organization. Armed with a massive media and academic machine to amplify their views, the Congress expected the “Hindu terror” bogey to be taken to every corner of this country. In fact, it is kind of amazing that they could get very little traction for this story among the general public given the kind of resources they had on their side to push their narrative

In fact, especially in the UPA-I years, a concerted effort was made to classify all major terror attacks as “saffron terror”. And they tried to do the same with 26/11, when ATS Chief Hemant Karkare was killed. Without the sacrifice of Tukaram Omble, which enabled us to capture Kasab alive, I wonder what the Congress would have done to the Hindus. Not that they still didn’t try…


Horrifyingly, it doesn’t end with releasing this one book. Diggy went way further:

Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh has said that two hours before the first terrorists struck that evening, chief of the Maharashtra ATS Hemant Karkare called him to say that his life was “blighted by constant threats” from those opposed to his probe into the Malegaon blast in which Hindu extremists were accused. Karkare was killed by the terrorists that evening.”


It creeps me out to think that they manufactured “saffron terror” out of thin air simply to fight the BJP. Again, call me a fool but I didn’t expect they would stoop this low….


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Bhakts at UK’s Financial Times calculate that India has knocked China from the top of the FDI league table

Revelations. More revelations. Yesterday, Times Now accessed the secret MHA 2007 note that shows that there was intelligence that SIMI was behind the Malegaon blast. And they turned away from those leads in order to create the ghost of saffron terror. Naturally, today’s blog post was supposed to be about that. But, the revelations are so stunning that I realized I need one day more to understand and come up with a reaction. Also, the last 2 days have been pure darkness thinking about the UPA’s house of horrors and I wanted a break from that. So, how about we take a day off to smile and reflect on some fantastic good news that has come in 🙂

This summer, the heat has been so intense that there are now many unusual places where you can make an omelette. Ask this woman in Telangana frying eggs on the street…

But there are other places to choose from if you want to make eggs. For instance, you could make a whole lotta omelette right now on the face of every single person who has made jokes about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s foreign trips ….or called him NRI PM…yada yada yada… 

That’s James Crabtree sharing the UK’s Financial Times’ calculation of FDI projects worldwide. See who is on top? At one point, China’s lead on us was considered insurmountable. Here is The Hindu reporting on where we used to be in this list:

After 2008, for the first time, India again broke in to the top 10 recipients of foreign direct investment (FDI) during 2014, the UNCTAD said in its World Investment Report 2015 on Wednesday. India jumped to the ninth rank in 2014 with a 22 per cent rise in FDI inflows to $34 billion. India was at the 15th position in the previous two years.


That’s right folks…before 2014…we used to struggle to make the top 10 list. In fact, from 2009 to 2013, we couldn’t even get into the top 10! In 2012 and 2013, we were languishing at a pathetic 15th place in the whole world.

And in just the 18 months since Modi came to power, the  Chinese got their a$$es handed to them… You just had to have a teeny tiny bit of belief in the inherent greatness and potential of our nation… Evidently, that was too much to expect from Madam’s Mameluks…

But there’s more places where you can make eggs. Did you say $63 billion of FDI? Rank #1 in the whole world? My my…this is gonna make for a mightily unhappy central banker. Already, Rockstar Rajan has been complaining:

With India being often described as ‘the bright spot in the global economy’, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Raghuram Rajan sees this as a case of “the one-eyed man” being king in the land of the blind.”


Ah! One eyed king in the land of the blind… No data, no facts given to support his argument…mere irritation and trying to belittle India’s economic growth. Remember that elderly neighborhood uncle who used to turn up his nose at a little kid’s school results and say something like: “90%, eh? Ya…getting marks is so easy these days…“. No meaningful criticism, no constructive feedback, merely general grumpiness and a compulsive desire to belittle someone doing well 🙂

Rockstar Rajan is not a happy man. He would much rather go back to sneering condescension towards the Modi government over beef. So sit back and watch. He’s already called us blind in one eye. As the positives mount for the Indian economy in the days to come, the elite Rockstar Rajan will end up calling India deaf, dumb, lame, brain-dead and what not…

Mr. Rajan, you are a brilliant man, several intellectual levels above where I can ever be. And your voice is important as a reality check whenever politicians habitually get carried away with towering claims. But can we at least expect that you do not try to actively undercut investor sentiment in India? We know that you see the Right Wing as semi-civilized, semi-literate savages, if even that. We cannot match your former elite boss either in creating fake terror files or in magnitude of scams. Time and again, you have chosen foreign news outlets, foreign shores and foreign investor meets to run down the Indian economy. Even so, as long as you were running down India’s growth claims using facts and data, you deserved the benefit of doubt. But with your senseless “one-eyed king” comment, you have just lashed out at the country without providing supporting facts. You have betrayed your unhappiness with the fact that India did well…your mask has slipped. At least put it back on…. 

Unless you hurry up and get that mask back on, your cribbing might get you into a situation like this:


Or worse…God forbid…you end up in a situation like this:


Now, wouldn’t it be a shame if some day you found #RockstarRajanAsks trending on Twitter… 🙂

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