#Surgicalstrike : Bhakts’ honor

It’s not a dream.


To be brutally honest, ever since the day of the Uri attacks, the Bhakts have walked online  with their eyes lowered, facing the joint attack of Pakis, Congis and AAPtards. You know why the taunts hurt so much? Because we all thought there was truth to them. Perhaps this is what happens to descendants of a civilization that has seen 1000 years of foreign rule. We begin to doubt that anyone can ever turn the tide. The Congis and AAPtards, delighted with the success of their beloved Pakistan, enjoyed the moment to the hilt.

But, thank you Modi ji! You saved the Bhakts’ honor!

We can look the Congis and the AAPiyas in the eye again. In this moment, we have no ill will towards our friends on the other side of the social media divide. This is a success of the Indian Army and the Government of India. It belongs to all of us. We are going to celebrate tonight and all of you are most welcome to join in.

Now, should some of you Congi and AAPtard friends feel a burning sense of jealousy right now, that’s your problem, not ours 🙂 Our doors are wide open, but ironically, small minds may not fit through wide open doors. But again, that’s all on you.

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25 thoughts on “#Surgicalstrike : Bhakts’ honor

  1. Fantastic!…..this is great news…..those pakis carrying out unprovoked attack on our soil for so long had to be taught a lesson!!

    Now that Modi has started ,he has to continue all sorts of action to trouble this MFN(CW’s version)!!

    With this action by our PM and army…….it has put to an end to the belief that India will never retaliate!!

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  2. Wow, gr8. CW. You summed up all thoughts of any RW on first para. I lost all hopes that,we can really do it. Finally, we did it.Some pigs have already started crying like Mustafa Kama of NC, and as usual Sitaram Yechury. Le these bastards cry. Finally its our day. I feel now, we have some self esteem. A strong message to pakistan that, its days are over.Kudos to Modi and Indian army.

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  3. Great news. I now believe that a selective ‘leak’ of the plan for surgical strike to ‘Quaint’ and vehement denial by the Indian army must be an elaborate plan to lull Pakistani into believing that India would never do that.

    It is very interesting how some Presstitutes are concentrating on what Pakistanis are saying that it is a figment of imagination, but even Nawab Sharif has confessed death of two Pakistani soldiers. Even India is not claiming killing of Pakistani soldiers, only the terrorists.


  4. British mouth piece DM is rabidly anti India and pro Pakistan!

    Look how they report!

    India kills two Pakistan soldiers it described as terrorists at the border in show of ‘naked aggression’ 

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3813139/Pakistan-Indian-fire-kills-2-Pakistani-soldiers-Kashmir.html#ixzz4LeSxEsxC 

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  5. You nailed it CW. As much as I appreciated the diplomatic offensive thus far (IWT, SAARC etc.), in today’s global arena, you don’t earn respect until you demonstrate a willingness to exercise military might. Kudos to the Modi Government and the Indian Army for carrying out the surgical strikes. The sequence of events has NaMo’s administrative genius all over it – isolate Pak diplomatically, name and shame at the UN, get the major powers on our side, and then pull the trigger (pun intended :)). While we should be proud, this is not a time to gloat – our maturity as a nation will be on test here. So far the government has done an excellent job of channeling comms through DGMO and MEA – no chest thumping; just a stern message to the world that India has arrived and will not pull any punches anymore.

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  6. All those bastards who were calling for strategic restraint, take that you liberal Psychos. Not only Army sent those sarkari jihadis to their virgins, they also made sure Pakistani Army personnel get to taste their own medicine.
    Fuckeer Army won’t even accept the strike, and won’t even accept the casualties caused to them.


  7. I am so happy today!!
    I knew they were going to strike back hard.
    The RWs shouldn’t have become so impatient and dejected to start with.
    We shouldn’t expect immediate action and action aligning with our beliefs all the time.The world requires calculated and far sighted approaches.We will be no different from ISIS if we act impulsively and straight forwardly on ideology.One thing we can learn from Peacefuls and Lovers (especially the lovers) is that we should have a long term strategy for image and goal acheivement.We shouldn’t be reactionary.
    I like Mahesh Jetmalinis statement on Arnabs Circus today.He said that it is seditious to call Pakis stakeholders on Kashmir issue.

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    1. Next stage will be Srinivasan Jain Barkha Dutt et al meeting the families of terrorists killed in Pakisthan, confirming their docile headmaster parents, how the killed terrorists were interested in films , art etc and bringing out sob stories.


  8. don’t be surprised, if media now starts showing “displaced ” villagers of border area as “victims” and start blaming Modi sarkaar for that……


  9. Yeah true👍 but some people are like. “Why didn’t Modi do it earlier?”
    If he had done it earlier- “Why didn’t he do it last year?”
    If he had done it last year- “Why didn’t he do it on the very first day of his tenure?”
    If he had done it then- “Why didn’t he do it right when he was born?” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


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