Attack of the “Science Rakshaks” : Indian liberalism is trying to take over science

Back in January 2015, the Indian liberal ecosystem on social media erupted in loud jeers against Science and Technology minister Dr. Harshvardhan for stating the well established fact that Pythagoras Theorem had been known in India long before Pythagoras.


The vast majority of fake news aims to turn lies into truth. The Left pulled off a veritable coup that day. It managed to spin truth into a lie.

Propagandists always have their eyes on science. Because science occupies such an exalted place in our collective psyche, we must forever be watchful of attempts by political lobbies to seize and control what is put out before the public in the name of science.

It is thus with extreme alarm that one must take note of the so called “March for Science” scheduled for August 9 in various Indian cities; a program that outlines its aims as follows :


Article 51 A : a diabolical spin on Science 

That the aim of this march is political  is immediate from the appeal to the spirit of Article 51A, i.e., the Fundamental Duties listed in the Constitution. This article was not part of the original Constitution, but was added by Indira/India Gandhi in the 42nd Amendment of 1976 at the height of the Emergency.

The democratic Constitution was supposed to empower the citizen with Fundamental Rights. These rights were gutted during the Emergency. Instead, Article 51A became the intellectual core of the Emergency, because it shifted the onus to the citizen, who must submit to the almighty state by means of Fundamental Duties.

And for good measure, Article 51A starts out by demanding that the citizen show respect to symbols of the state such as the Flag and the Anthem (wonder how leftists would feel about that today?). And by requiring every citizen to strive for excellence so as to keep raising the nation as a whole to higher levels. As for the specific line that the “March for Science” folks are referring to, here it is in full:

“…. to develop the scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform

And now listen to Leon Trotsky describe the New Soviet Man that the Communists wanted to engineer :

Man will make it his purpose to master his own feelings, to raise his instincts to the heights of consciousness, to make them transparent, to extend the wires of his will into hidden recesses, and thereby to raise himself to a new plane, to create a higher social biologic type, or, if you please, a superman.”

Suffice to say that science cannot flourish in the spirit of Article 51A, which was intended to emphasize obedience to the state rather than freedom of the individual. That a “March for Science” would make this relic of the Emergency the centerpiece of their thinking suggests that it is little more than a show of yearning for the return of the absolute power of the old Nehru Gandhi establishment.

China celebrates its past, India denigrates 

When the Left stood their ground on the lie regarding Pythagoras theorem, it was obviously banking on their years of groundwork in the education system, sowing an inferiority complex deep into the minds of Indians. To the point that they were reasonably confident that the majority of educated Indians would reflexively reject any possibility of their own ancestors having produced anything of slightest value.

The Chinese on the other hand, have learned from the disaster of Mao’s “Great Leap Forward” 1958-1962, when the Communist Party tried to “modernize” the nation by cutting it off from its ancient roots. Among other things, it led to the death of an estimated 200-500 lakh people (no typo there!) Today, the Chinese take great pride in their ancient culture and achievements.

In 2015, Chinese scientist Tu Youyou received the Nobel Prize in medicine for her treatment of malaria that has saved millions of lives across the world. The key chemical involved was Artemisinin, which was discovered when Tu Youyou and her colleagues delved into medicinal herbs used by the Chinese for thousands of years.

Who’s to say that there aren’t similar gems hiding in the treasure trove of ancient India? We’ll probably never know because ancient Indian science has been stigmatized by liberal discourse to the point that our best minds will automatically be discouraged from investigating it.

And for the record, the Chinese knew about Pythagoras theorem as well much before Pythagoras. The Chinese boldly proclaim this to the world, as seen in this logo on the website of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.


I suppose there is no Huffington Post in China to turn their history into lies. Anyway…


Folks, this is a “maxi post”. It contains a lot of thoughts that I wanted to express for a long time. For sake of time constraints, I have to stop here for today. This post is going to go on tomorrow. If it takes me too much time to collect all the references, I  might even have to go into a 3rd Day. But I want to document systematically the war on science being waged by the Indian left and the worldwide left in general. Tomorrow, I will show you startling stuff … right from the official website of the CPI(M) …. showing the most laughable kind of science denial. You will find out from liberal sources that mathematics teaches rape (not kidding!) Just that when lefties deny science, nobody mocks them. I’m going to do that tomorrow. Please stay tuned. 


Another RSS worker killed in Kerala : Did he have a name?

Well, here’s a good one for the #NotInMyName crowd :


Rajesh. Age 34. RSS worker returning home from the shakha office. Slaughtered. His left hand was cut off. More than 20 wounds on his body.

Hey there #NotInMyName : Can you tell me if Rajesh had a name?

Of course not. Because Rajesh’s name was not Junaid Khan or Pehlu Khan nor Mohammad Akhlaque.

Now, it is a distasteful thing to pit one murder victim against another, like pawns on a chessboard. No person deserves to be murdered, least of all for his/her political affiliations in our proudly free country. This isn’t Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, North Korea or any of the dozens of Commie/Islamist nations around the globe.

But here’s the even more distasteful truth. More and more Hindus today are losing faith in India’s secular brigade … and perhaps even more with the political system altogether. Because the obvious facts are there for everyone to see. In popular discourse, the life of a Hindu is simply not seen to be as valuable as the life of a Commie or a Muslim.

Here, for instance, are two articles published on the same news website within 2 weeks or so of each other.


They are even authored by the same person… one Amit Bhardwaj. The first article overflows with emotion at the murder of Junaid Khan. The second article is a horrifying piece of work … asking whether the death of Kartik Ghosh in Basirhat should be seen as a serious matter.

What was the difference between Junaid Khan and Kartik Ghosh? Was one life more valuable than the other?

The truth is that Hindu victims of communal violence in India have no names. You’ve heard of Junaid Khan, of Pehlu Khan and Mohammad Akhlaque. You remember the face of the crouching Muslim man from the Gujarat riots of 2002:


Now see if you remember the face of a single traumatized Hindu from 2002. Here’s the only Hindu face you probably remember from that period.


There were 254 Hindus who died in communal violence in Gujarat in 2002. You probably can’t even name one. You probably don’t even know the name of a single person who perished in the S-6 coach at Signal Falia near Godhra.

In fact, an “accusation” is spread against Narendra Modi that he allowed the charred bodies of Godhra victims to be put on display in Amdavad. Yeah… liberal India  wanted them buried secretly, out of sight and out of mind, right?

Here’s a simple quiz:

(1) Can you name a single Hindu who died in the Godhra carnage?

(2) Can you name a single Kashmiri Hindu who was thrown out of his home or killed by Muslims in the early 90s?

(3) Can you name a single Hindu who was killed in a terror attack by Muslims anywhere on this planet?

(4) Can you name an RSS worker who has been slaughtered by Commies? (other than the example just above)

No! Because Hindu victims of Commie/Islamic terror have no names.

But even if a Communist accidentally stubs his toe, the elite media makes sure that everyone hears about it, that everyone cries about it and that Hindus are blamed for it.

And why just blame the liberal elite when the alleged Hindu party itself is mostly quiet on violence against Hindus? Why blame the liberal elite when the BJP itself does the barest minimum possible to keep the Hindus interested?

The problem is that Hindus aren’t good crybabies. As pathetic as it sounds, being a crybaby works in the modern world.

The Israeli military, for instance, stands in front of Israeli kids, the sick and infirm and the disabled to protect them from Islamic terrorists. On the other hand, the Hamas terrorists stand behind Palestinian children, hiding in their schools and nurseries. Inevitably when an Israeli bomb or missile lands on the kindergarten in which Hamas terrorists are hiding, Muslims get to show the world pictures of dead kids and garner all the sympathy.

Shame accrues to Israel. Sympathy goes to Palestine.

Amazing, no?

Because Muslims have perfected the art of playing crybaby. Dozens of Muslim men went berserk in Germany’s Cologne, participating in mass molestation. Who was the real victim? Not the women who got raped/molested… the victims were Muslims!

They play crybaby even when they are the ones committing the crimes. We Hindus have been slaves in our own country for 1000 years … and yet we can’t play crybaby!

Hindus need to learn the art of playing crybaby. When one of their own is hurt, Hindus need to learn the art of closing ranks and joining together and raise a chorus for justice. Till then, nobody will heed the Hindus … not the seculars, not the elites and not even the allegedly Hindu Party.

In 2002, there were 59 Hindus who were burned alive in a train. But these two contrasting faces give the basic narrative of what the world remembers about 2002.


Now think for a moment about this helpless man on the left begging for mercy with tears in his eyes. From whom exactly is he begging mercy, by the way? Obviously from the rioters who are standing right behind the dude with the camera, right? Or was the photographer himself one of the rioters?

See what I said about playing crybaby. It always works.


Gujarat : A relentless Modi offers hope beyond 2019

So far, it has been a tale of two Modis. There is one Modi who is soft on his enemies, calls them part of “Team India”, offers Padma Vibhushans to Sharad Pawar and the like. There is the other Modi who crushes his opponents brutally, with opposition forces crumbling at the mere sight of Amit Shah’s long shadow.

It’s a contradiction.

There is one Modi who speaks of the greatness of “peaceful, Sufi Islam”, which is anything but. There is another Modi who used to talk of “Aalia, Malia, Jamalia… “. Long time observers of politics will know what I am referring to. Mysteriously, that original speech doesn’t seem to be around anywhere these days … it seems to exist only in the memories of those who became fans of Modi back in 2002. Like me, you know…

And three years into Modi sarkar, the right wing is impatient for Modi to turn into what I like to call “Modi classic”.

What one needs to realize is that there is one and only one Modi behind both faces. Modi, the politician… who knows when to bide his time and when to strike.

Because the BJP is at different stages of power in each of the states where it is ruling or is a major player.

In Gujarat, you can see what Modi can be like. The wounds of Gujarat Congress … reeling under serial resignations of its own MLAs and leaders … bear testament to Modi’s ruthless instinct.


This is the “Eagleton Resort” about 50 km outside Bengaluru. This is where the Congress has moved its remaining flock of 44 MLAs (they used to have 59!) until the Rajya Sabha elections on August 8. Some reports say there might be just 40 Congress MLAs there.

They can run but they cannot hide. Modi has decreed that Ahmed Patel will not get elected to the Rajya Sabha this time. And he is going to follow through on his decision.

Think about that for a second : Ahmed Patel… or “Ahmedmian Patel” as Modi used to call him … was Sonia Gandhi’s right hand man. Five years ago, he was basically the guy who decided every square inch of media coverage. Today he is scurrying to be a mere MP in the Rajya Sabha. That’s how ruthless Modi can get…. in Gujarat.

Compare  it to neighboring Maharashtra, where Modi is Mr. Nice Guy No. 1. Daily he faces the worst provocative insults from Shiv Sena’s Uddhav Thakre, but Modi keeps a Buddha like calm. The NCP is ever conspiring with this or that caste group to overthrow the BJP. But Sharad Pawar gets a Padma Vibhushan!

The difference of course is that BJP is vulnerable in Maharashtra, at least till it can start a second term in 2019.

The logical conclusion is that Modi’s iron fist is sure to fall on the Pawars and even the Dynasty. But, for that the BJP has to consolidate his power over India.

Modi saw Lalu’s vulnerability and finished him. He saw that Gujarat Congress and Ahmed Patel were vulnerable and finished them too. He’s going to do the same to the Dynasty when the time comes.

That unfortunately can happen only after 2019. Till then, we have to wait.

Bihar government collapse should be a warning against “Mahagathbandhans”

On Wednesday night, as news crews grappled with Nitish Kumar’s resignation, “liberal” India saw its jaw drop with an enormous thud. As the swift ruthlessness of Modi’s “surgical strike” unfolded, along with the news of an NDA government in Bihar to be sworn in the very next day, the mental breakdown in some quarters was not unlike what you see written on Lalu Yadav’s face.


What you see here is the face of a man who knows that his game his over. Lalu Yadav and his scam ridden parivar have danced for the last time on India’s political stage.

As I saw the glum faces on TV and the internet one by one, I wanted to ask them : who died? Why such extreme grief?

I propose a moment of silence for the crooks who returned their ill gotten “awards” during 2015 to try and facilitate the victory of the secular mahagathbandhan.

Okay… enough of rubbing salt on their wounds.

It is time to talk about why the collapse of the Bihar government should be a warning to the people across India. It is all very well to laugh at Lalu’s face, but in 2019 there is a very real danger that we could end up with the people looking crushed like that and crooks like Lalu beaming with victory.

As Modi and Shah have continued their Ashwamedha across India, a formula has emerged  to take them on. Regional and caste leaders see their politics dissolving rapidly in the emerging “Hindu vote”. The idea is to pool the votes of all these moribund parties together along with a moribund Congress to build a bulwark against Modi.

It’s a coming together of those who had nothing left to lose.

The big experiment was Bihar. Nitish Kumar who built his brand by being the antithesis of Lalu’s jungle raj, tied up with the same Lalu.

The big takeaway from Bihar is that the experiment failed miserably. The government couldn’t even last a full two years. And this is the government on which the likes of Rana Ayyub and Ramachandra Guha had pinned such big hopes. I suggest going to their timelines for a laugh at just how much they are hurting.

But Bihar isn’t the only place where there could have been a Mahagathbandhan. There’s Uttar Pradesh. There’s Maharashtra. There’s Assam and even Karnataka will be a prime candidate for a Cong + JDS alliance once Siddharamaiah loses in May 2018.

It’s now for the people of these states to observe what happened in Bihar and draw lessons from it. Do they want to have an ever shaking fragile coalition government in 2019? Or do they want a firm handed government in the saddle : one that will not shrink from bold reforms such as GST, or surgical strikes against Pakistan. A government that will not think twice before sending troops to protect Bhutan from Chinese aggression (remember those days when the Chinese would send their troops into India and we would be crying about it?)

Think about it. In a fragile coalition full of contradictions, each partner knows that the government might be gone tomorrow. What is the most natural, logical behavior for each player in this situation?

Loot! Loot as quickly as possible because you might lose power the next day.

That’s what happened in Bihar. Lalu knew the government could topple and so he didn’t waste even one minute looting and plundering.

Is that what we want as a nation in 2019? Do we want the Sharad Pawars, the Mayawatis, the Mulayams, the Lalus and Deve Gowdas and of course the Dynasty … all sitting in front of the treasury knowing that they must grab as much as possible before the government falls?

Imagine the stampede for getting out as much loot as possible.

Scary picture, no? The people must be aware of the nightmare that could be in the offing and they must choose wisely to avoid it.

Oh and my dream came true… FINALLY some liberal realizes that Nitish Kumar was ruling Bihar with just 16-17% vote 🙂 I have been calling him Bihar’s 16% CM for the longest time. But the moment he defected from the secular liberal camp, they finally did the math!



Bihar government collapse : special collection!

In 2015, I forgot to celebrate. But I always make up for lost time. So, here is the video of Ravish Kumar celebrating Mahathugbandhan victory in Bihar.

With the physical collapse of Bihar government and the mental breakdown of Arvind Kejriwal, the revenge for 2015 seems complete.

By the way, my bitterness and dislike for Nitish Kumar has not reduced one bit. I don’t care if BJP goes ahead and forms a government with Nitish. If anything, I despise Nitish more than I did yesterday … because now he has only cemented his career choice as a serial betrayer. If you ask me, BJP should keep President’s rule for 6 months to ride out any sympathy Nitish might have garnered.

After that, the election is a cakewalk for Modi. The Yadavs probably will defect from RJD in serious numbers and go for BJP to take revenge on Nitish. Especially if BJP thrusts Nand Kishore Yadav as CM candidate. The Muslim vote will, of course, be thoroughly confused. BJP couldn’t have asked for a better equation.

But that stuff is for tomorrow. Today it is our turn to celebrate. Remember all those articles mocking BJP after Nov 8, 2015?


Two years man… two years… the seculars couldn’t last two years in Bihar.

Does anybody have a screenshot of shining faces of Prannoy Roy and Rajdeep Sardesai when they won Bihar? Here’s beaming Barkha :


They were giving us lessons.

But look who’s going to school now.

The lesson seculars need to learn is to stop celebrating so early. He who laughs last laughs best.

Slowly but surely, the secular ecosystem is feeling the squeeze

All too often, we get caught up in day to day politics, missing the forest for the trees. The problem with a “day to day view” is that ultimately very little ever gets done in a single day and it creates the impression that things are moving too slowly … if at all.

So, it is imperative, once in a while to take stock of the total progress, to look at where we started and where we are. And what better day than today, when a BJP man is being sworn in as President for the first time ever in India’s history.

First of all, the very fact that Ram Nath Kovind is the first ever BJP man to become President should give us pause. It should make us think about the extent of the Congress dominance in Indian politics. The RSS/BJP have been around for what seems like forever. But it’s only today … in mid-2017… that a BJP man is becoming President!

In fact, 2014 was the first ever Lok Sabha election in which the BJP polled more votes than the Congress party. For that matter, 2014 was the first election in which the Congress didn’t poll the highest vote % (leaving out Janata Party in 1977, which was a conglomeration of parties). Think about that for a second.

We like to get all impatient, but these grim statistics are a reminder of how hard fought this victory of 2014 was … and how rare and precious it is… and why safeguarding India from Congress in 2019 should be the first and foremost priority of Narendra Modi.

If on the other hand, we are a little patient, we will notice how gradual compounding over the last 3 years is turning into a snowball effect for the right wing already.

Take the media. The English language media used to be the No. 1 target when right wingers first began taking to the internet in large numbers to voice their anger around 2009-10. Most of us know that growling anger in our stomachs as Barkha and Rajdeep would grind their agenda axes on the television screen.

Let’s acknowledge this first. The BJP has tamed English language media. And how!

Times Now and Republic are the only two English language channels that matter today. And they compete over trying to make the Congress party look bad. On Sunday, Republic claimed to have the “news break of the decade” hitting the Congress on Bofors. On Monday, Times Now shot back by claiming to have the “confession of the decade” putting the Congress in a dock over Samjhauta blasts.

For those who remember living through the era of Radia tapes, cash for vote scams and NDTV celebrating its anniversaries in Rashtrapati Bhavan, this is sweet sweet release.

And what of NDTV? They are sinking in fines and reeling under CBI raids.

Sweet sweet release.

When the UPA was in power, Rajdeep saw his opportunity, got out of NDTV and formed CNN-IBN to make hay while Sonia shines. Now that BJP is in power, Arnab Goswami saw his opportunity, got out of Times Now and formed Republic. Tit for tat, liberals. Strictly business … nothing personal.

You know it’s been a while since anyone in the media got even the slightest sniff about the intentions of the Central government. If you listen carefully to the media charchas among frustrated liberals, their No. 1 complaint is “lack of access”.

Access isn’t their birthright. The government puts out all its decisions in the public domain at the time they are enacted. Liberal elites can just read it on Twitter like common folk. The day of durbaris carrying vicious rumors and planted stories back and forth is over. Compare to the time when journalists would broker deals between corporate houses and the top echelons of the ruling party…

The other thunderbolt has fallen on the heads of the NGO mafia. Under the Sonia led NAC regime, these NGO seeds were sown in every nook and corner of the country. Every form of anti-national activity, from mass conversions to effect demographic change to opposing even the UPA policies on nuclear power, was carried on relentlessly.

These NGOs have had their licenses canceled by the tens of thousands. The likes of Greenpeace have had the fear of god…or Modi sowed in their hearts.

India has the most number of NGOs per capita in the whole world. There can’t be that many people working selflessly for “non-profits”. In the UPA years, the NAC culture of “NGO raj” had swelled to such an extent that the NGOs saw themselves as “Above Government Organizations”. These snakes have to be taught a lesson.

Another prominent group of snakes who needed to be taught a lesson were the Hurriyat’s so called leaders. They have been mooching off the state for far too long. Yesterday, I heard that the long arm of the NIA picked up the first batch of them … 7 traitors in all. Geelani remains free but his son in law has been picked up.

Saras che. 

That said, the ecosystem is a 70 year old tree with very deep roots. We have made a start by trimming some of its branches. But the root is still quite intact. That’ll take ten years of uninterrupted rule at the very least.

It may look today that the BJP controls the Lok Sabha, the Presidency, most large states and has begun to rise over the Rajya Sabha … but the reality is that right wing rule in India is in its infancy. It’s still fragile and if not guarded properly… we might fritter it away.

In the year 2019 India will see elections that will matter the most since 1977. One wrong step and Hindus might be shoved back into 1000 years of darkness. This time we might not make it out of there.

Women in Blue : The case for a mixed Indian cricket team

So women’s cricket has arrived.

My parents called me up yesterday and told me not to miss the WWC 2017 final beginning at 3 pm. From seeing the top trend on Twitter to reading people’s views on social media, it all seems to confirm the conclusion.

Women’s cricket has arrived.

And now everyone is wondering why it even took so long. It’s the same game we know and love, just with players of the opposite gender. I guarantee you there is a Women’s IPL in the offing somewhere. And somebody will make a diamond with a blockbuster movie on some women’s cricket star… most likely Mithali Raj.  Dangal already blazed a trail. The Rio Olympics also enforced the image of the woman as India’s sport icon.

It all seems to be coming together.

Yes, we lost to England. In some ways, I think the sudden stardom of Women’s cricket put too much pressure on the team. Otherwise, we’d probably have won yesterday.

I think this is the right time for me to put out a view I have never actually seen printed anywhere.

Why not a single cricket team? Men & Women. 

It’s so ingrained in the way we have become used to seeing sports competitions that we never ever ask this question.

Why do men and women have to compete in separate segregated events? Who made this law and why are we all following it?

Sure, whenever I lob this idea to somebody for the first time, I hear the same, generic answer: Women are physically weaker than men so they need a separate event.

Okay, it’s probably true that the average woman is physically weaker than the average man. I believe this even though, to my great embarrassment in school, I got beat in arm wrestling competition by pretty much every girl in my class. But, that’s a different story for another day.

But so what? It is easily seen that the average African is physically stronger than the average Indian. Or the average Chinese. Are we going to have separate athletics and soccer events at the Olympics for different races now?

Even within India, the Punjabis/Haryanvis of the North are typically physically stronger than say the rather short heighted Bengalis. Should we start having separate events for that as well?

We can lead to several other similar absurdities if we start going down this kind of reasoning.

Someone told me on Twitter that if there was just one cricket team, not even a single woman would get a chance to play in the final XI. First of all, I don’t believe that’s true. Secondly, even if that happens, so what? Does it matter what is the race, gender, etc of the people who get selected as long as every prospective player is faced with the same exact merit standard?

If you ask me, the gender segregation in sport is something that’s really in the mind. We accept it because it’s the way things have always been.

Worse, gender segregation in sport leads to some silly situations which can only increase in the coming years. Some women do have “partial male biological characteristics” and it becomes a real issue whether letting them participate in “women only” competitions gives them an “unfair advantage”.

The most famous case is that of South African runner Caster Semenya who faced allegations of not being a woman!

And there’s our own Dutee Chand who is fighting a battle in various sport bodies and even quasi-judicial bodies to establish that she is actually a woman. They are arguing over what is the exact threshold level of testosterone that qualifies someone as a man instead of a woman!

This is ridiculous and only going to get worse as ever finer biological tests are devised!

The amount of energy spent in chasing these “sex verification tests” is truly comical and helps nobody.

Why not solve the problem at its source in a manner that is fair and equitable to all?

By the way, these Israeli women are being trained to become tank commanders.


They’ll do just fine on the cricket field.

Muslims try to desecrate Hindu temple idols in Haryana, beat up priest and family

A shocking incident has come to light from Bisru village in Haryana’s Mewat (Nuh) where Muslims tried to desecrate Hindu idols inside a temple complex and then brutally assaulted the priest, his wife and several others when they tried to object. This event came to my attention through the website

According to local media, Prahladi, the wife of the temple priest Vedram came to fill water around 8 AM in the morning from the tap located inside the temple premises.


At that point she noticed that two Muslim men, Aleem and Raka, were inside the temple touching the idols in a highly inappropriate manner. When Prahladi tried to object, she was first verbally assaulted. Later, when her husband Vedram came to the spot, he was beaten up and Prahladi was even dragged around by her hair. When some local Hindus came to the spot and tried to resist, the two Muslim men summoned a mob of around 18-20 men who arrived in Bolero cars and motorcycles. Prominent among them were Jamshed (son of Mahmooda), Major (son of Mahmooda), Kallu (son of Rahman) and Taleem (son of Jarjesh). In particular, Taleem used an iron rod to hit one of the Hindus (Rohtas, son of Ram Singh) on the head and strike him down unconscious.

This shocking incident raises two important issues.

First, it brings to light yet again the problem within Muslim society of carrying out violence against “non-believers”, especially those who are seen as worshipping idols. Another instance we can easily recall comes from this Opindia report about a Hindu sadhvi from Delhi putting her temple up for sale because she could no longer deal with the harassment and meat throwing by members of the Muslim community.

Within Islam, the practise of idol worship or “shirk” is seen as an unforgivable offense. The hateful attitudes and prejudices shaped by this are naturally a big problem in India, where vast numbers of Hindus prefer to have idols in their homes, their temples and pray to several deities. As seen in this instance above and several others, Hindus in India regularly come under attack from Muslim groups with hardline views against idol worship.

As with most social evils, the problem of violence by Muslims against idol worshippers needs to be tackled at two levels : at the legal level and at the social level.

At the legal level, we first need to frame strict laws protecting those who come under attack for worshipping idols. This should broadly take the form of something like a Prevention of Atrocities Act that would cover everything from idol desecration, to targeted violence against idol worshippers to social boycott and harassment of any person because he/she worships idols.  There should also be an autonomous commission constituted by the government where victims can report such crimes independently and receive justice.

At the social level, we need NGOs & media, perhaps with government support, to run awareness programs among the Muslim community to explain the evils of prejudice against non-believers and/or idol worshippers.

The second issue that this incident raises is that of media coverage and the way we collect data. As seen in a widely reported and widely appreciated recent analysis of cow related violence by IndiaSpend, the standard way to collect data on mob violence is through Google searches of English language media.

This methodology also appears to be endorsed by distinguished academics such as Prof. Ashutosh Varshney, who constructed his celebrated (Varshney – Wilkinson) dataset on Hindu-Muslim violence on the basis of reports from Times of India, Mumbai edition.


However, in the case of this incident from Mewat, it does not seem to have been covered by the English language media. I say this of course on the basis of my Google searches through English language media, just like IndiaSpend did.

As such, this shocking incident from Mewat and the failure of English language media to report it raises serious questions for the credibility of the “data” on mob violence that is being circulated about our country in both academic and media circles. For the sake of academic integrity, we do hope that those who support the “English language media methodology”, such as the data journalists at IndiaSpend and senior academics like Prof. Varshney will have a good explanation.

Cows fighting HIV : liberal nightmares coming true

Science is forever tireless in the service of humanity. In the process, as a byproduct, if science can cause massive acid reflux to liberals, well that’s just gravy.


Someone pointed me to this. In brief, the discovery is that cows can develop antibodies to HIV rapidly in a matter of weeks. This revolutionary advance gives humanity a solid lead in the search for an HIV vaccine.

But of course, I wouldn’t go by a BBC report. First reason.. BBC is pretty much fake news. Secondly, due to their extremely low IQ levels, it is particularly hard for journalists to report scientific discoveries accurately. So, I had to go cross check the article in Nature.


That’s right! Published in Nature! Probably the best scientific journal in the planet (with apologies to “Science” and PNAS… lol)

Take that… Indian liberals.

This story is more delicious than palak paneer. You can just imagine Indian liberals clicking on this and then squirming with discomfort. At the very least, it’s going to ruin their weekend.

Just read what the scientists had to say :


Ufff! “Blew our mind”, “Insane how good it looked” and the punchline:

“Who would have thought cow biology was making a significant contribution to HIV” 

No mercy on Indian liberals whatsoever.

Now imagine the kind of liberal ridicule Indian scientists would have faced if they had even tried to perform an experiment such as this.

The Chinese won a Nobel in medicine by discovering a malaria treatment inspired by ancient Chinese prescriptions.

The big lesson for liberals here is to open your mind. Science has an inconvenient way of busting everyone’s blind faith. Just because Hindus worship the cow and talk about its “divine abilities” doesn’t mean you should develop reflexive contempt for any scientific researches involving the cow.

That was your blind faith liberals. And science has busted it.

The liberal lefties were never cheerleaders of science. In fact, left wing feminists went to great lengths to defame science. It was famously said by leftists that “Calculus” is a “rape manual”. Don’t ask me how that is possible. Leftists said it… ask them.

Feminism is their astrology.

The same applies to left wing organizations that firebomb labs where medical research is carried out, especially on animals. And don’t get me started on the left wingers fighting nuclear technology.

In fact, it often surprises me why those who claim to be cheerleaders of science on the left themselves did not study science in school. They are into the politics of science, not science.

Yeah…so suck on this discovery you lefties at The Hindu and The Wire. You probably never dreamed it could come down to cows fighting HIV. And that’s because science is not just more amazing than you imagine, it’s also more amazing than you can imagine.

As for the researchers who made this wonderful discovery and for researchers in general all over science, here’s hoping that you can keep pushing the frontiers of knowledge and keep making the world a better place.

Why India and China are the only two countries that matter

I waited a whole month before opening my mouth on the issue of India-China ties. So, I am not going to shut up in a hurry 🙂

The other day, I said that India’s obvious strategy for success is to play for time. The core of my reasoning was this argument :

If the Chinese cannot humiliate India in the next 10 years and cut it down to size, they might not have another opportunity for 1000 years.

My point was that India will be the 5th largest economy by the end of either this year or the next year. In 5 years, it will be the 4th largest and in 10 years it will be the third largest economy.

So, all India needs to do is keep playing for time for another decade. The Chinese will likely get more and more hostile and provocative as they see the clock running out, so we will have to use all our wits to keep them in check.

Already, rhetoric like this sounds really touchy and insecure, coming from the world’s second largest economy.


It’s almost unreal that the mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party would feel the need to reassure its readers not to worry about India looking brighter than China on satellite images! ROFL!

Ok, but the key concern is this : How do we know that India will stay on the growth trajectory and rise continuously?

Well, of course the honest answer is that nobody can possibly read the future. But there are easy markers that we can use to predict whether India’s rise is for real or just a passing illusion?

To that I say : just look at our peers!

Remember BRICS?  Actually, it started off as “BRIC” and then South Africa was added for reasons of political correctness and diplomatic niceties.

Remember when the world was about to be led by the four fastest growing nations : Brazil, Russia, India and China?

Now look at Brazil and Russia : Here is a list of the world’s 10 largest economies in the year of 2011. Untitled.png

See? Brazil used to be miles ahead of us, with a GDP well above $2 trillion. And Russia used to be ahead of us as well. In contrast, India was a bashful new entrant into the top table, coming in at No. 10, with a GDP somewhere around $1.7 trillion.

Now see the fun 5 years later :


Huh? What happened to Brazil? It’s GDP is way down… below the $2 trillion mark, now hovering around $1.7-1.8 trillion. It has dropped 3 ranks as well, from 6th to 9th.

However India has made steady progress up the table, going from No. 10 to No. 7.

And Russia? Where is Russia? Found it!


I have to chuckle at Russia. From close to $2 trillion, Russia’s GDP has dropped steeply to a point where it seems they are headed below even $1 trillion. They have also been kicked out of the top 10.

The term BRIC was coined in the year 2001. This was the situation then:


As you can see, India and China are the only two countries that managed to rise continuously through the ranks in the last 15 years. Brazil and Russia were just bubbles … they ballooned when commodity prices rose and they got deflated as soon as commodity prices fell. There was no underlying strength in their growth, just a few years that looked good on paper.

This is how you tell a passing fad from a long term trend. The fads run their course and fade out, while the real trend stays.

So, BRIC was really a failure. The only two serious countries in there were India and China.

A real trend always outlives the fads.

And BRIC was only the most famous of all the various “economic miracle countries” that were identified over the course of the last 15 years.

There was something called MINT (Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey) that was identified as an upcoming miracle 🙂


LOL! Incidentally, “MINT” was coined by the same Jim O’Neill of Goldman Sachs who came up with “BRIC”.

Even something called MENA (Middle East & North Africa). Those economies have been in real bad shape since oil prices fell. That’s because there was nothing real underlying their economies…just a few years of good luck here and there.

If you are really in a mood to laugh, there is something called “Next Eleven” which, in all seriousness, identifies Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan as “next” economic miracles 🙂


I am NOT kidding. They really came up with this in all seriousness…

So, that’s really my point. We have seen numerous acronyms listing countries that are going to become economic powerhouses : BRICS, MITACS, MENA, Next Eleven, MINT, Pan Parag, etc.

To be fair, I just made the last one up … but who’s to say we can’t find some countries with those initials that might be “next” economic miracles?

These acronyms and alphabet soups come and go. Venkaiah Naidu can himself make up 10 of these per hour.

So, these don’t really matter. The only thing that matters is “IC”, i.e., India and China. I know that’s just two letters, but that’s the reality.