Dynasty crooks at Firstpost

This blog will expose Dynasty crooks big and small. In nearly 6 decades of rule, the dynasty has planted crooks at every level. We start with some crook at Firstpost who clearly chose to remain anonymous. Apparently, this crook was so intellectually dishonest that he was ashamed to put his name to such blatant bias.



So, here is a report from Firstpost about a terrible heat wave that has claimed a lot of lives. And what picture does the crook choose for his/her article? A picture of people asleep in front of a large Modi picture!!! What on earth does PM Narendra Modi have to do with this story? Despite all the secularism in the world, is there a way to blame Modi for the heat wave?

The crook calls his picture of Modi a “representational image”. What does it “represent” here? The fact that the author of this article is a shameless crook?