$31 BILLION : A #Doobmaro moment for Adarshliberals

A close friend of mine always tells me that we are the luckiest generation of Indians in 1000 years. We were born a little over 3 decades after independence, just enough to not have colonial baggage ourselves, but still in an age when grown ups around us still had a deep inferiority complex. When we were kids in the 80s and 90s, every second line about India would talk about how poor and weak we were as a nation. And right around the time we stepped into youth, India started growing in confidence and aspiration. That was the 2000s. Throughout our lives, we will see India make firm and determined strides worldwide. God willing, by the time we are on our death beds, India will be No.1  in the whole world. The life of my generation will witness the transformation of the nation from Third World from Superpower.

I was very young then, probably in the second grade and one of our school books was a “World Atlas”. Along with maps of continents, etc. the book had a small Appendix giving various facts about countries of the world. I remember the day I came back from school and excitedly asked my mother: “Why do people say that we are so poor and weak? I just saw a table and it says that India is No. 2 in population!”. My eyes shining, I told her… “We are 2nd most powerful in the whole world“. I remember my mom laugh derisively and telling me : “A high population means nothing. In terms of wealth and power, we are nowhere”. I was crestfallen. But I kept wishing there could be a “real” table where India would be at the top of the list. Call it a childlike fascination, if you want.

It was in 2008 that I looked at the list of the world’s largest economies for the very first time. I was in shock for a few days. At that time, India wasn’t even in the list of the 10 largest economies in the world. India was lagging behind even tiny  European countries like Spain. Another list, another disappointment 😦

But I kept hoping that things would change; that the lists would change.

Well, Modi just delivered it! The numbers are out, guys… and in the 1st half of 2015, India has topped the charts for FDI worldwide. Yes, it’s true. My eyes grew big and wide as I read this.



Yes, it’s India at No.1, followed by China at No. 2 and America at No. 3! Now is that a feast for the eyes or what 🙂

This data is for the 1st half of 2015. In 2014, Modi had already started making waves. Read this report from June 2015:

After 2008, for the first time, India again broke in to the top 10 recipients of foreign direct investment (FDI) during 2014, the UNCTAD said in its World Investment Report 2015 on Wednesday. India jumped to the ninth rank in 2014 with a 22 per cent rise in FDI inflows to $34 billion. India was at the 15th position in the previous two years.


It took barely a few months for Modi to drag India from the 15th position back to the top 10 list in 2014. And in 2015, India has zoomed straight to the top! Ha! What Mr. Economist PM Bootlicker Singh could not achieve in 10 years, Modi has achieved in 1 year. THIS is what we got with Congress reduced to 44 seats. Imagine what we will have in a Congress mukt Bharat!

When he was running for PM, they mocked his humble origins as a chaiwallah. They complained about the number of his foreign trips, the cost of the suit he wears, his accent while speaking English, whether his shawl is Louis Vuitton… They are discussing threadbare whether Modi was poor, slightly poor, very poor or very very poor or very very slightly poor while growing up. They are discussing whether Modi’s mother washed dishes or not, they are discussing whether Modi should have walked out of his child marriage. When Modi visits a city, they complain if some roads are closed because of the PM’s security. Some of the more enthusiastic Mameluks even physically attacked Modi supporters outside New York’s Madison Square Garden. When Modi is addressing 10 lakh people at Gandhi Maidan and bomb blasts happened, they did not even stop for a moment to condemn the terrorist attack. They made fun of history trivia in his speech that he may or may not have gotten wrong. When terrorist boats come from Pakistan, they spread stories that the terrorists were innocent smugglers. When he tries to save and educate the girl child, they throw muck at him for being the victim of a child marriage.

They make fun of #SelfiewithDaughter.  Anything to belittle Modi! When he goes to market Digital India, they call him a pimp:

And what does he do? He makes India No. 1! Have some shame. Repent.

When the history of this era is written, people will shudder to think that Media Mameluks were once pushing for this man to become India’s Prime Minister:

Arvind ji, ye AAPkeRaj mein Dilli mein chullu bhar paani to milta hoga na? Didn’t Modi give the slogan “India First”. Perhaps you will now understand what it means…


12000 views: the best month ever!

I never tire of repeating this. When I started this blog, I couldn’t believe that so many people would want to hear what I had to say. I just wanted to let you good folks know that September has been the best month ever, with 11,667 views so far. Given that we still have 2 days left in this month, we are sure to go well past the 12,000 mark this month alone.

The total number of views for this blog has now crossed 36000! Here is the breakdown for each month!


As you can see, the traffic has grown steadily:

June: ~6000 views

July: ~8000 views

August: ~10,000 views

Sept:  ~12000 views

And here is the total since the blog was created!


Truly touching! Let us not forget what makes it possible for an ordinary citizen to create a forum for his views with the click of a button and for like minded people to come forward and participate in it. The Internet has democratized the world of news and views like never before. The force of the internet is vast and irrepressible. No matter how many Prime Ministers you have in your family and how many yojanas and airports are named after your relatives, no Dynasty can stand up to the power of the internet.

There is a reason that Dynastycrooks are cribbing about Digital India. Because a Digital Bharat is an empowered Bharat. In an empowered Bharat, there will be no takers for things like these:

Bihar Elections Forward-Backward Caste war: Lalu Yadav


Then, where will our liberals be? Make no mistake, the liberals talk about modernity, but their real muscle is people like Lalu Yadav. In a digital Bharat, there is no bigger loser than the elite who make their fortune by controlling the flow of information to the masses.

Well, going by the Arithmetic Progression so far, can I hope for 14000 views in the month of October? And remember, that will take us past 50,000 views! It’s all in the hands of you folks…my readers 🙂 I can’t thank you enough. Please keep reading, please keep commenting. Let’s keep this wonderful journey going 🙂

Here are the 3 most popular posts for this month:

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Cheers 🙂


Modi brings Mehenge Din, Burnol prices skyrocket

Sometimes I feel that Indian right wingers have actually underestimated the amount of hatred that the Dynasty and its Mameluks have for Narendra Modi. Nothing brings out the anger and jealousy among these crooks like Modi visiting America. There is something about a Chaiwallah standing with his backbone straight, looking into the eyes of American CEOs, politicians and world leaders and getting their respect in return that drives these crooks crazy. After all, these Mameluks have spent their whole lives trying to find favor with the white man…many started early and went to Doon school to learn how not to be an Indian…some went to Stephens College. They studied Shakespeare and G.B.Shaw, they learned to mispronounce Indian names, they learned to refer to the Ganga as the “Ganges”, they joined PETA and Greenpeace…on foreign shores they learned to refer to themselves as “South Asian” instead of “Indian”. They learned to forget their native tongue or speak it with an accent….so much effort to catch the attention of the white man. And here is a Chaiwallah who speaks English with a “Hindi medium type” accent, one who mispronounces American names and still gets their respect 🙂 Can you blame them for being angry?

Let’s start with the New York Times reporter, Mameluk Shri Vindu Goel. As soon as Modi spoke about the hardships of his childhood, this crook tweeted this:

Then, after a few minutes, this idiot had to tweet out an apology:

Amazing! The TECHNOLOGY reporter of the New York Times does not know the distinction between a video and a live feed 🙂 Looks like Vindu Goel should have stuck to the NYT’s special reporting team that publishes “drain inspector reports” from India. This is not your cup of tea, Mr. Goel…go back to your old job of writing about toilets and slums in India, with bonus points each time you manage to mention the caste system and Sati. Looks like Vindu Goel managed to fool the editors of NYT into thinking that just because he is Indian, he can report on technology.

Well, at least he apologized. But what about  Mrs. Brinjal and the Indian MSM who promptly picked up the tweet:

Will they apologize? Of course not.

Meanwhile, other Mameluks went even further down, claiming that Modi’s reference to his mother was scripted:

Of course the burden of proof is always on us. You see, Mameluk Ashutosh Varshney is yet another intellectual fraud working in the “social sciences”. I really love the term “social SCIENCE”. Dear pseudoscientist, if your  so called field of study was not a fraud, it’s credibility would stand on its own. You wouldn’t have to attach to it the term “science” to leech off the credibility of real science to sell your snake oil. Why not just call it sociology or history or whatever? Why this desperation to attach the word “science” and call it a “social science”? Because you know that your intellectual output won’t stand on its own. You must borrow the term “science” with the hope that the common person will be fooled by the success of real sciences in the real world into thinking that your snake oil is also worth something. The insecurity shows even in the name of the handle “ProfVarshney”; always scared that the world will think he is illiterate 🙂

And here is senior journalist for the Hindu, Mameluk Vidya Subhramaniam:

We get it. Congi crooks have never understood why the nation picked a Chaiwallah over a Shehzada. What did the nation see in him? And now they are facing similar confusion over Modi’s mother. They don’t understand why Modi would treasure his mother. The Shehzada’s mother gave him the leadership of the Congress party as a birthright. What did Modi’s mother give him? Understandably the Shehzada starts every speech by talking about his great grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, uncle, sister…everybody. They left him a vast kingdom to rule. The Shehzada’s love for his mother is therefore genuine. Modi’s mother had nothing to give. So, surely Modi can’t love his mother. It must be all scripted.

And here is Suchitra Vijayan :

Here you can see Step 1) of the Adarshliberal algorithm in action:

Step 1) Call the Prime Minister a pimp.

Step 2) Wait to be abused back by Modi supporters

Step 3) Play the female victim card about how “bhakts” disrespect women.

Who is this latest Mameluk on the horizon? She is one of those UN panel type leeches who goes to feed off human misery in Yugoslavia and Rwanda and Kashmir. Anywhere there is a humanitarian crisis, Suchitra Vijayan will swoop down and advance her career by telling us about their misery. The more horrific the tragedy, the more merry she makes. In other words, meet the REAL Maut ke saudagars!

[Analysis] Does the BJP have a personality cult of Narendra Modi?

This is interesting. With Modi having become the BJP’s biggest star leading the party to it’s greatest ever performance, the BJP has been facing accusations of having a personality cult. For the moment, let us leave aside the irony of picking on the BJP…of all parties in India…for personality cult. Now the RSS/BJP being accused of being “Hitler admirers” or “Gandhi’s killers” or “staying out of freedom struggle”is really nothing new. But a personality cult? That’s new.

Today we will analyze this. So, what is a personality cult? I would say a personality cult is when you accept someone as your “dear leader” irrespective of how well he leads the party. The BJP contested the 1999 & 2004 elections under Atal Behari Vajpayee, the 2009 elections under Lal Krishna Advani and the 2014 elections under Narendra Modi. The BJP will contest the 2019 polls under Modi as well. The leader who wins continues to lead the party. The one who loses (like Advani) is replaced. Personality cult?

Let’s do a thought experiment. The scoreline for the 2014 elections was BJP 282, Cong 44. Suppose for a moment that the results were reversed (scary scary scary thought) and the actual result had come out to be BJP 44, Cong 282!! What would have happened to Modi then? Is there anyone who believes that Modi would have continued as the leader of the BJP? In fact, there is a decent chance that the massive loss of face could have endangered Modi’s position even as CM of Gujarat. So, is it a cult of personality or a cult of performance that is sweeping the BJP now? Modi enjoys his current position in the BJP purely as a result of achievement.

In fact, let us do another (scary) thought experiment. If Modi goes on to lose 2019, does anyone seriously believe that he would continue to lead the BJP? No! Modi would lose his control of the party the moment he fails to win the elections. In other words, Modi’s power is tied directly to his performance as leader of the BJP. How is that a personality cult?

Now let us turn around and compare to other parties! Rahul Gandhi led the Congress to its worst ever performance…44 seats! The Congress couldn’t even manage the Leader of the Opposition post! And yet, Rahul’s control of the Congress party has only grown. THAT is what a personality cult is…when you support your “dear leader” regardless of reality. And we know that even if the Congress gets reduced to 4 seats in 2019 (happy, happy thought 🙂 ), Rahul Gandhi will STILL be the leader of the Congress party. THAT’s a personality cult.

Why just the Congress and the Dynasty? Let us look around the country. Mamata Banerjee won this election. But she has lost so many others before. Not one of those defeats brought her control of TMC into question. The same works for Jayalalitha. She has lost heavily in the past, but Amma’s control of AIADMK was always absolute. Mulayam Singh, Mayawati, Ajit Singh, Laloo Yadav, Karunanidhi, Sharad Pawar, Om Prakash Chautala all led their parties to spectacularly massive defeats in the 2014 election, but not a single one of those parties questioned the supremacy of their leader! Be it victory or defeat, the leader reigns supreme. THAT is a personality cult.

Indeed, if you look at the prominent faces in the Modi cabinet: Rajnath Singh, Sushma Swaraj, Arun Jaitley, Nitin Gadkari, Uma Bharti…all of them have lobbied against Modi at some point or the other. An angry Vajpayee had blamed Modi personally for the BJP’s defeat in 2004. In return, Modi bestowed the Bharat Ratna on Atal ji. Face savers were also handed to Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi, both of whom had spared no attempt to belittle Modi and hurt his chances. Regional leaders like Vasundhara and Shivraj used to be Modi’s competitors at one time and over the last 16 months, there have certainly been excuses for Modi to cut them down to size, but Modi never utilized the opportunities.

Indeed, it is the ability of the BJP to stay away from personality cults that has made sure that the party has NEVER seen a major split. Sure enough, there have been leaders who have broken away… Kalyan Singh broke away and formed the RKP, Babulal Marandi formed his JVM, Uma Bharti formed her BJSP, Yeddyurappa broke away and formed the KJP, Keshubhai Patel broke away and formed the GPP. But either the cadre erosion in these cases was minimal, or these parties could barely make their presence felt…sooner or later they all came back to loyally rejoin the BJP within a few years (Babulal Marandi’s ego is an exception…he stubbornly continues to lead his irrelevant party hoping that some day finally his luck will change…lol). On the other hand, the Congress has suffered several major splits that went on to become quite successful…Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress, Sharad Pawar’s NCP, Jagan Reddy’s YSRCP…all of them have done pretty well for themselves. So have the split pieces of the “Janata Party”… the Samajwadi Party, Lalu’s RJD, Nitish’s Samata Party/JDU and Deve Gowda’s JDS have all enjoyed substantial amounts of power at the state or central level. By the way, when Capt. Amarinder Singh breaks out of the Congress in a few months as seems inevitable now, he has a decent future in politics leading his own party.

So, personality cult for Modi? I think not! Cult of performance? You bet!

In fact, Modi’s rise has only further democratized the BJP. Modi is the first Indian politician to start by becoming a CM, acquiring a reputation for honesty/efficiency and then showcasing his achievements to propel himself to the national level. So far, India’s national parties have had a strange equation between “local leaders” and “national leaders”. Nobody quite knew how one transitions from one level to the other. Modi has provided a clear and constructive template. Today every other BJP CM in the country… Shivraj, Vasundhara, Fadnavis… each one is probably looking at Modi and wondering how to do wonders for his/her state. Whoever does best is likely to become Prime Minister one day! Manohar Parrikar realized that Goa is too small a state to give him a chance to showcase his abilities. He moved to the Union Cabinet. Game on! Constructive competition! Isn’t this better than the Congress competition of who can bootlick Madam G the most to get crumbs from the power table?

Aside 1. Speaking of the RSS being smeared by the Left as “Hitler admirers”, an often omitted fact is that the Soviet Communists were Hitler’s first military allies. Hitler’s foreign minister Ribbentrop signed a treaty of non-aggression with Stalin’s foreign minister Molotov on Aug 23, 1939, barely a week before WW 2 started. Actually one of the least known facts is that World War 2 started with a JOINT invasion of Poland by Nazis and Commies. The Soviets attacked Poland from the East and Nazis from the West. After occupying the country, Nazis and Commies divided up the territory among themselves (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet_invasion_of_Poland)

Aside 2: It was only after Hitler broke the treaty and invaded the Soviet Union that the Commies turned against Hitler. In fact, at this time the Commies grew so fanatically pro-British that the Communist Party of India wrote to the Imperial government offering for their party cadres to be trained as suicide bombers to support British troops. 

Dynastycrooks and the Shehzada’s time machine

Of late, the naughty Shehzada was clearly bored of the things he had to play with : the pet dogs of 10 Janpath have grown old and predictable and the tin robot called Manmohan Singh that Sonia ji bought for her baby has become totally useless. Add to that the stress of having to go to dirty and dusty Bihar to see the legacy of 65 years of Dynasty rule. You can’t blame the Shehzada for wanting a cool new toy … and Mommy dearest for buying him the coolest of cool toys ever… a Time Machine!

Yay…this week the Shehzada rode his time machine straight to America to take part in a conference that ended in July itself.


With Rahul on vacation, Dynastycrooks have begun to figure out newer and better uses for a Time Machine. Sample this tweet from Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala:


The tweet was promptly picked up by……. who else 🙂


Of course, it matters little that the report cited showing a drop of 2 ranks in India’s ease of doing business also said the following:

Data in Doing Business 2015 are current as of June 1, 2014 ….. Doing Business 2015: Going Beyond Efficiency finds that entrepreneurs in 123 economies saw improvements in their local regulatory framework last year. Between June 2013 and June 2014, the report, which measures 189 economies worldwide


Oh come on…the data is current as of June 1, 2014. Modi ji had already completed as many as six and a half days of his tenure as India’s Prime Minister when this data was collected! If Dynastycrooks can ride a time machine as far back as 1994 and blame Modi for meat ban during Jains’ Paryushan festival in Maharashtra, surely travelling back to June 2013 is not that bad.

In fact, this is one of the shortest trips that the Congress party’s new time machine has made. Recently, Modi came under attack for passing the Maharashtra Motor Vehicles Act back in 1989 whereby taxi drivers in Mumbai were required to have a working knowledge of Marathi.


Why stop there? Queen Sonia recently said this:


Now you might wonder if saying this makes the Queen look foolish, because Modi was born after India had become a Republic. My friends, you underestimate the genius of the evil queen. Let me tell you a big secret. Let me tell you where Rahul baba has really gone. The Shehzada has boarded his time machine and gone back to the days of the British Empire to singlehandedly win independence for our country. All of you who are making jokes about the Shehzada’s sudden disappearance, you will look really foolish when the Shehzada returns next week after vanquishing the British. And returning with this glorious victory, the Shehzada will ride straight to 7 Race Course Road to establish a “Pajama ki sarkar“. So you folks who are mocking Rahul ji right now better be prepared to apologize.

The greatest rumor ever: could it be true?

Being a hardcore internet addict, the last thing I see every night is my computer screen before going to sleep. Well, I thought I would go to bed early last night…until a tweet caught my eye…someone was saying; yes someone was saying that Subramanian Swamy is about to become the VC of JNU! Could it be? Yay! Never a dull moment 🙂

So it is true! There might not be a formal offer (of course) yet, but there is certainly a possibility. Some say its just a rumor, others said that there is a precondition that the VC of JNU cannot be more than 65 years of age at the time of appointment. Well, if its a rumor, it’s the best one I have heard in a long time. I am gonna celebrate anyway. If nothing else, let’s enjoy the reactions of the Rudaali brigade to this “news”.

By the way, if the post is really offered, I beg Dr. Swamy to accept it. In the whole country, I don’t think there is anyone else who can clean up JNU.

For the moment, let’s enjoy the reactions from the usual suspects 🙂 First, here is 5 star Naxal Kavita Krishnan :

These jokers really think they matter.  Nah…I think she already knows that it doesn’t matter. But this kind of nautanki approach can get some TV attention.

Here is Shela Rashid, a newly minted Commie who has recently become Vice President of the Students Union at JNU

Yes, yes…I know…JNU allows space for all kinds of “dissent” and questioning unless you want to question the Leftism. As soon as someone with a contrary view shows up, all love for academic freedom and freedom of expression goes right out of the window.

Standard hypocrisy really…now a cornerstone of the new Islamic-Communist axis. When outnumbered, the Commie demands “freedom of expression” and “right to dissent”. When in a majority, the Commie ruthlessly crushes anyone who dares to ask a question. Similarly, when in a minority, the peaceful goes total crybaby about “freedom of religion” and “right to practise faith”. When in a majority, the peaceful stomps out all other religions. If you ask  peacefuls in democratic countries about how kafirs are treated in the Islamic world, you get plausible deniability: “That’s not my country…don’t ask me”. If you ask peacefuls in Islamic countries why they wont treat minorities well…oops…in Islamic countries you don’t have the right to ask the question. Nice! The kafir gets the worst of both worlds: in a democratic country, he must tiptoe around, walking on eggshells and kowtowing to all whims of the peaceful minority for fear of hurting their rights and in an Islamic country the kafir must tiptoe around for fear of getting beheaded. The peaceful wins everywhere.

Oh…and just in case peacefuls mismanage their country to the point of collapse, they can always emotionally blackmail some suckers in Europe (especially Germany) to give them a new home where they can play the victim card to intimidate the locals.

You know why there is an Islamic-Communist axis in the world today? Because both of these are completely failed ideologies that have been unable to offer anything to the modern world, be it science and tech or any of the civilizational values of a modern society. And so, no wonder sulking Islamists and sulking Commies have bonded together into an emotional support group where they together plot the destruction of the civilized world.

Wait! This was supposed to be a fun post 🙂 So, could it be true? Will Dr. Swamy really become the VC of JNU? Honestly, it sounds too good to be true. But it seems likely that someone at some level of the HRD ministry was considering this. At the very least it means that the HRD Ministry is serious about cleaning up JNU. And so when it is time to find a new VC for JNU in Jan 2016…expect some real fun 🙂 Can’t wait 🙂

Let me leave you with the comments from Audrey Truschke, the newest addition to India’s secular circle:

I was talking about her just yesterday:


Let me explain it to you this way, Audrey, in language that you might both recognize and understand 😉 Dr. Swamy does in no way hate Muslims. Yes, the policies he proposes may “adversely effect” Muslim groups, but we do lack evidence that he is motivated by religious hatred 🙂  Fair enough, right?

The Bullshit mining of another Western historian

By now, most people are familiar with the epic foolishness of “South Asia specialists” in American academia who wrote an open letter asking the Silicon Valley to boycott Narendra Modi and India. By now, these artsy parasites who sustain on what are essentially  “white man’s burden” theories have become so discredited in the eyes of most Indians that you could almost say that attacking them is a waste. Nevertheless, I couldn’t resist when I came across this tweet :

So, who is this young fool Audrey Truschke? She is a postdoc at Stanford (ooo…fancy!) and a tenure track assistant professor at the Newark campus of Rutgers university. Ouch…that must have hurt…from Stanford down to a petty branch campus of Rutgers…clearly Audrey needs to raise the level of her Hinduphobia if she wants to make it to the upper echelons of American academia. As you can see in this tweet, she is trying really hard. And she even has an article out The Wire praising the greatness of Aurangazeb. After the Modi government recently insulted Aurangazeb, the patron saint of Hinduphobia, there is now a huge market for praising Aurangazeb.


In this article, Audrey stretches further her strange claim that Aurangazeb had nothing against Hindus, but that the “adverse effects” (love the Orwellian understatement) of his rule on Hindus were mere coincidences arising out of various political and diplomatic compulsions.

What is shocking here is not that this historian is praising Aurangazeb, but that the existence of this article is a sad commentary on the position of Hindus in the modern world. Can you imagine something so horrifying being written in praise of Hitler? Even Hitler could have cited “compulsions”: in fact Hitler needed the Jews to go so that there would be lebensraum (living space) for the German people! What else could poor Hitler have done than send Jews to concentration camps? Can you imagine any historian making such a horrifying argument? No, because Jews were able to rise and claim their position in the world. I have had the good fortune of visiting  Israel myself … looking at modern Israel excelling in science, technology and business, it is hard to believe that barely a generation ago, the Jewish people had been in concentration camps. And I have been to the sites of the Nazi concentration camps at Auschwitz and Birkenau as well, walking inside the gas chambers, touching the now rusted rails and rotting train wagons that brought millions of Jews to their death, it is again hard to believe that a nation can suffer such hardship and then  rise to such greatness within 5 decades. And compare to us the Hindus of India, suffering humiliation and genocide for 1000 years. What a shame it is that some two penny American academic can so casually dismiss the suffering of the Hindu nation and Jaichands in India will even admiringly publish that crap for us to read! It’s not Audrey Truschke who should be ashamed. WE should be ashamed as a  people for failing to claim our position in the world…

We have known for a while that the humanities types at American universities have dug so deep into their asses looking for bullshit that even bullshit is in short supply. Yes, just like any natural resource like coal or oil, bullshit is also in danger of running out. And just like people found newer and better ways to tap the energy resources of the earth, humanities type academics found newer and better ways to extract more bullshit from their own asses. And don’t for a moment think that bullshit mining is not a competitive business. To give you an idea of just how competitive this is is, let me show you a sample of the ingenious techniques for bullshit mining already developed in 1986! :

One phenomenon feminist historians have focused on is the rape and torture metaphors in the writings of Sir Francis Bacon and others (e.g. Machiavelli) enthusiastic about the new scientific method. Traditional historians and philosophers have said that these metaphors are irrelevant to the real meanings and referents of scientific concepts held by those who used them and by the public for whom they wrote. But when it comes to regarding nature as a machine, they have quite a different analysis: here, we are told, the metaphor provides the interpretations of Newton’s mathematical laws: it directs inquirers to fruitful ways to apply his theory and suggests the appropriate methods of inquiry and the kind of metaphyiscs the new theory supports. But if we are to believe that mechanistic metaphors were a fundamental component of the explanations the new science provided, why should we believe that the gender metaphors were not? A consistent analysis would lead to the conclusion that understanding nature as a woman indifferent to or even welcoming rape was equally fundamental to the interpretations of these new conceptions of nature and inquiry. Presumably these metaphors, too, had fruitful pragmatic, methodological, and metaphysical consequences for science. In that case, why is it not as illuminating and honest to refer to Newton’s laws as “Newton’s rape manual” as it is to call them “Newton’s mechanics”?

Yes, that was 1986. The genius who managed to prove that Newton’s calculus is actually a manual for rape was Sandra Harding, who went on to become a tenured professor at UCLA. THAT is how much bullshit you needed to  mine to get a top academic job in the humanities back in 1986. The bullshit mine goes much deeper, you will find all sorts of theories in American humanities departments: theories like how physicists conspired not to study fluid mechanics as carefully as solid mechanics of Newton…apparently because the male organ can become solid, whereas flow of fluids is associated with women at a certain time each month. Yes, these are real theories from actual humanities type academics. Check it out 🙂 This is actual published, peer reviewed scholarly work in the humanities. Here is the reference:

“Hayles, N. K. (1992) Gender encoding in fluid mechanics: masculine channels and feminine flows. Differences: a journal of feminist cultural studies. 4 (2), 16 – 44.”

Most of Audrey’s colleagues are busy studying something equally random like Native American Lesbian poetry…research in history, etc in America, just like in India, has long ceased to be a field of inquiry and degenerated into a club where crazy libtards compete with each other for vomitting garbage. Can we really blame young struggling academic Audrey Truschke for supporting Aurangazeb in order to get ahead in her career?  If anything she needs to go more crazy, not less, if she wants to make a name for herself. Good luck, Audrey!

The voodoo economics of Dynastycrook Javed Akhtar

With Julio Riberio style writing being the new in thing among Dynastycrooks, here is the headline to Mameluk Javed Akhtar’s  interview published in The Wire:

The current situation in India terrifies me


Why Javed uncle, why are you scared? Is the future of the Dynasty looking so bleak? Hard to find any Congress ruled states on the map, no 🙂 ? Terrifying, right ? 🙂

Speaking about the Fatwa against A R Rahman, Javed uncle starts making his excuses:

I must say at the outset that most people, particularly the media, give way too much importance to a fatwa. …. I have no hope that the media will change anytime soon because fatwa, for them, is a sexy term. It’s juicy and interesting and it creates a counterpoint of Muslim communalism. If the Hindus have Bajrang Dal and VHP you also need some hate-mongering Muslim institutions to create a fine balance.

Did you get that? Such is the  might of VHP and Bajrang Dal that the media is inventing fatwas to try and create a sense of balance!!! Wow…hard to imagine a sentence so sweeping in its falsehood that almost makes the mind numb, making it difficult to craft a response! Javed uncle, have you ever seen a newspaper in the last 20 years? No matter which corner of the world we pick out (with the possible exception of Antarctica), we have some horrifying example of secular savagery on a daily basis. Are you seriously telling me that the media needs to create “sexy terms” to show some kind of balance between Hindu and secular fundamentalism? Really…ISIS is not enough to showcase the peace loving nature of the secular religion? The media has to invent stuff to show seculars in a bad light? Really? Come on…even you can’t seriously believe that.

Speaking of the Raza Academy and Javed Akhtar’s love for free speech, here is his response to constable Sujata Patil for writing a poem against the rioters who were desecrating Amar Jawan Jyoti, burning down Mumbai and molesting women…

You would think a poet/lyricist like Javed Akhtar would have some respect for the right of a woman to express her anger against molesters through the creative outlet of poetry, but then he wouldn’t be a true Mameluk, would he?

Ok, now lets come to the really juicy part of his article. In this, Javed saab has decided to try some economics…the outcome is nothing but hilarious:

” In known history, only two indigenous religions which came to India, Buddhism and Jainism, preached Ahimsa (non-violence). Just answer a simple question. Where do you sell an umbrella? Where there is rain. Why would two religions come and emphasise on non-violence in an already non-violent society? It doesn’t make sense. India was always a violent society.”

Hmmm….compared to the average Indian, an American spends more on almost anything: food, clothes, cars, homes, medicines, books, entertainment etc. It must therefore follow that Americans are the most starving, naked, homeless, sick, illiterate and bored people on the entire planet! ROFL!

Ok…Dynastycrook Javed Akhtar then answer this simple question. Where do you sell cars? Where people don’t have cars, right? 🙂  But consider this, in India, there are barely 20 motor vehicles owned per 1000 people, whereas in America, there are more than 800 motor vehicles owned per 1000 people! By Javed uncle’s logic, there should be more cars selling in India than in America, right? But why doesn’t that happen?

People in Somalia have even fewer cars than in India. Then why aren’t more cars selling in Somalia than in India?

Let’s come back to the umbrella example…indeed…where do you sell an umbrella? Yes, you need rain so that there is a demand. But can you sell your umbrellas in a place where you might simply get robbed of your merchandise? Can you sell your umbrellas in a place where everyone is starving and has no money even for food? What Javed uncle forgets is that in order to sell something, you don’t just need demand, you need a developed market governed by rule of law and people with buying power.

The fact is that Americans buy more cars than Indians because they are capable of affording them. Their society is now wealthy enough that almost each person can aspire to a car. They have rule of law and agreements with other countries that so that cars manufactured by Japanese, Korean and German companies can be supplied to America. Recently, China surpassed the US as the world’s largest automobile market. Why? Because  Chinese society is beginning to reach that level of wealth where everyone can hope to buy a car. It’s not enough to need something…you must be ready to afford it. Only then will it become available. Medical supplies that sick children in Africa need desperately are easily available in America!

In the case of non-violence, imagine if someone tried to take the message of non-violence to Syria and tried to preach it to ISIS. Imagine if Javed Akhtar tried to get ISIS interested in his music. Now you see? The reason Jainism and Buddhism, with their intense focus on non-violence, spread in India is not because India was an intolerant society and needed peace. On the contrary, the spread of these religions shows that the tolerance of Indian society had reached a point where such religions could be propagated. The reason medicine is readily available in America rather than Africa is not because Americans keep falling sick and Africans are inherently healthy…it is because Americans are wealthy enough to spend on medicine 🙂

What a shame, Javed Akhtar…what a shame! Instead of  appreciating the light of our tolerant civilization where the message of non-violence was embraced and welcomed, Mameluks are using that very fact to slander our culture. How many more excuses will you make for the barbarism of the secular religion, Mr. Akhtar? Shame on you!

Dynastycrooks mourn the “death of secularism”

Of late, DailyO has started publishing random outbursts of Dynastycrooks STILL unable to come to terms with the fact that Modi won. The other day they had a hurriedly written rant from Kamal Mitra Chenoy. Today they have published a rant called “Death of Secularism” by lawyer Rajeev Dhawan.


He starts off in great alarm:

Has the slide begun? That too so easily? Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not a man of ideas. He is a strange mixture of copy-cat economics and pulpit politics. Today the Parivar is pervasive.”

Oh dear…not again. Thank goodness Modi doesn’t know/care much about the so called “idea of India” 🙂 Whatever great ideas your Shehzada has found, ask him to keep them to himself.

Never in our independent history, has our conscience been so stubbornly strained.  The ghetto Juhapura (Gujarat) is called a “Mini Pakistan… with Wagah border”.

Really? Well maybe not YOUR conscience. Yours is not mine. It is nice to know that your conscience was not strained when Indira Gandhi canceled the right of habeas corpus in the Constitution. As for Juhapura in Gujarat being called “mini Pakistan”, so what? Since time immemorial, seculars have been referring to us as “kafirs”. Why not open the Book of Peace and see the kinds of things they say about kafirs and how we should be treated? So let’s not get into this stuff, okay?

The next paragraph is just plain incoherent:

The “ghar wapsi” campaign is not a request but intimidation. It is a sequel to the undeclared “desh chhodo”. We have seen the campaigns in Mumbai against Biharis.”

Huh? What is he even talking about …linking ghar wapsi to campaigns in Mumbai against Biharis? I think Mr. Dhawan has just arrived from Pakistan after a 50 year vacation. Settle down Mr. Dhawan, take some antacids and drink some water. You are getting too incoherent here.

Violent campaigns against the people from the Northeast. If India does not want the Northeasterners, are they prepared to allow the Northeast to secede?”

Again, drink some cold water, Mr. Dhawan. Linking anti-Northeast prejudice to the RSS? I must say this rant is one of the most incoherent ones I have ever seen on DailyO…

Meat shops are banned on the Kanwariyas’ route from Hardwar. The RSS inspired Parivar “think-tanks” are preparing India for enmity.”

Ummm…errr…you should go ask your beloved Ayatollahs of secularism about this. Uttarakhand is ruled by one of Queen Sonia’s Mameluks… As Kanwariyas walk into UP & Bihar, they are again met by secular governments in Lucknow and Patna. Ask them…

Now, India has become a country for banning books, films, art and ideas. The Censor Board has been taken over. Leela Samson was ousted.”

Wait…I need to dissect this line. Let us read it again:

Now, India has become a country for banning books, films, art and ideas. The Censor Board has been taken over. Leela Samson was ousted.”

You realize what you just did Mr. Dhawan? Do you realize why I am rolling on the floor laughing? Did you catch the irony? Do you see the irony in compaining that the Censor Board  has been taken over from your friends by people you accuse of suppressing free expression 🙂 ?

If you are reading this article, Mr. Dhawan, I suggest you take a 5 minute pause, a deep breath and try to figure out the irony yourself 🙂


Okay…time up, Mr. Dhawan. Let me ask you this: what is the purpose of  a Censor Board? To “censor” stuff, right? If you are okay with the existence of a Censor Board and Leela Samson sitting in it, you are automatically supporting censorship! Then you can’t turn around and complain about freedom of expression when someone else puts up his stooges on the Censor Board instead of your own friends. You can’t use the free speech argument because all you are demanding is that the job of suppressing free speech be handed over to your friends instead of their stooges….

In other words, Rajeev Dhawan has pulled off a John Dayal here. A few days ago, I wrote about how John Dayal started huffing and puffing about suppression of dissent by Modi and his supporters.


Johnny was so angry that he went all the way to the police station to demand that those criticizing him on Twitter be punished by the law. When the police told him there wasn’t much they could do, Johnny expressed his anger at Twitter :

The police say that while Facebook is more amenable to queries from the Indian government and cooperate in identifying cyber-criminals, Twitter, with its main servers in the United States, does not, unless a Tweet meets the criminality criteria of the US with its Freedom of Expression tradition.

He was so angry about his freedom of expression being allegedly suppressed by Fascist Modi that he went to the police station and came back to complain about how he can’t put his critics in jail due to the silly “Freedom of Expression tradition” in the United States 🙂

Finally, let me say something about “death of secularism”. Secularism is a great idea and one of the cornerstones of a modern democracy. So is Freedom of Expression. In India, freedom of expression died on the day Jawaharlal Nehru amended the Indian Constitution to punish the RSS Mouthpiece Organizer for criticizing him. The Organizer had dared to criticize him and Nehru’s administration tried to censor them. The RSS challenged the censorship in court and won and then Nehru decided to strangle freedom of expression by amending the Constitution to overrule the court order. It was the FIRST Amendment to the Indian Constitution ever…yes…when Nehru saw the Constitution, his FIRST decision was that Freedom of Speech should be removed from it. As for secularism, it died in India on the day a Uniform Civil Code was denied to the citizens. Like the ghost of Nehru still occupying Teen Moorti Bhavan, our nation has been carrying the corpse of secularism on its shoulders ever since. Every now and then the corpse of secularism is lashed with whips, such as when Rajiv Gandhi amended the Constitution to deny a living to the poor widow Shah Bano. Secularism in India dies many deaths when a police constable like Sujata Patil is asked to apologize because she wrote an angry poem against those who were molesting women and desecrating Amar Jawan Jyoti…simply because the criminals were from a secular religion. It was just a poem, Mr. Dhawan…just a poem. She did not even lift a hand against the molesters (she was under orders to let them do whatever they wanted), she just wrote a poem expressing her helpless anger when she came back…

When your idea of secularism  and free expression is strong enough to tolerate Sujata Patil’s poem, come back and give me lectures on tolerance. Till then, please have some shame.

[Analysis] How Dynastycrooks hurt themselves, hurt the Dynasty, hurt the BJP and hurt India

Let me show you this map:


It’s an electoral map of India from a certain General Election. Quick: can you take a look at it and tell me which party won? The one in pink or the one in green? Would you believe if I told you that Green won? Yes, this is a map of India from the 2004 General Election. This is 2004, where the Congress won 145 seats to the BJP’s 138. The gap was a mere 7 seats and the Congress secured some 26% of the total votes. It is clear that there was no national trend visible: the BJP swept a lot of areas with low concentration of Lok Sabha seats, the Congress did well in other areas and in the final count…the Congress was 7 seats ahead! That is all there was to the Congress’ historic victory over the BJP in 2004!

Hey…but the Congress won in 2004 fair and square. No one can question the people’s mandate, whether we like it or not.

Cut to 2014, when BJP won by a massive 282-44 margin, denying even the leader of opposition post to the Congress. There wasn’t a single state where the Congress reached double digits. The BJP secured 100% of the seats in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Goa, Uttarakhand and won over 85% of the seats in Uttar Pradesh (!!!!!), Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Maharashtra! This was the reach, the breadth and the depth of the electoral mandate of 2014 which brought the Dynasty to its knees.

In a sane world, the Dynastycrooks of Lutyens would have accepted their defeat and conceded that Modi won India fair and square. Instead, in their blinding hatred towards Modi, Dynastycrooks raised a stink over the BJP securing 31% of the votes and tried to whine and whine and delegitimize the Modi mandate. In their desperate anger, they decided that every election in India, no matter how small, should henceforth be seen as a test for Modi. Bypolls in Bihar? Test for Modi! Delhi Student Union polls? Test for Modi! Elections for the Cantt Board in Varanasi? Test for Modi!

By the way, it is when media started talking about poll results for Varanasi Cantt Board that I first heard that there is something called a Cantt Board and elections are held for it 🙂 🙂

Of course, the idea behind this is clear. No party can win 100% of elections. So whenever BJP trips up in any small poll anywhere, the Dynastycrook media can pounce on it and call it a result of “anger towards Modi”. But, this post is not about how ridiculously unfair the media is: we all know that. This is about how the effort to delegitimize Modi’s mandate has hurt the Dynastycrooks, has hurt the Dynasty, has hurt the BJP itself and is hurting the nation.

  1. So, first of all, how does this hurt the Dynasty? The Mameluks may not realize this, but in their desperate effort to find fault with the BJP’s victories they are only making life worse for the Dynasty. When BJP is mocked for winning “just 31%” of the vote and the Shehzada gets fulsome praise for showing up in Parliament once in a while, it only hurts the Dynasty. Because they are only lowering the expectations that the Congress has of itself. Here is how the Congress has fared in elections since 2014:

Maharashtra : Congress came 3rd behind BJP & Shiv Sena, just 1 seat ahead of NCP at 4th position

Haryana: Congress came 3rd behind BJP and INLD

Jharkhand: Congress came 4th behind BJP, JMM and JVM, again 1 seat ahead of AJSU at 5th position.

Jammu & Kashmir: Congress came 4th behind PDP, BJP and NC.

Delhi: Rank undefined as Cong won 0 seats!

Yet, in each of these elections, Congress has been consoled by their Mameluks in media by telling them that their performance was better than that in Lok Sabha polls and so they should just chill. When the Congress won 26 out of 113 civic bodies in Rajasthan, Times Now credited the Congress with “SWEEPING” the polls! Recently, when Congress became the first incumbent government in Karnataka to lose BBMP polls since the 1980s, Dynastycrooks told the Congress not to worry because despite losing, they had won a few more wards than in 2010! Ironically, Dynastycrooks have unwittingly conditioned the Congress to think like a loser….to whine and look for straws to clutch amidst the wreckage of defeat. And when you think like a loser, you keep losing. Think about it: the Bihar polls are fast approaching. It’s not clear who will win, but we do know that Congress’ best hope in Bihar is to come 5th behind BJP, RJD,JDU and LJP. In fact, the Congress would be lucky to manage the 5th position. With Upendra Kushwaha’s RLSP contesting 23 seats and Manjhi’s HAM(S) contesting 20 seats, Congress which will probably win 4-5 seats might actually slip to 7th position!

This is the writing on the wall. Dynastycrooks can console the Congress at their own peril. What’s next? Will Congress slip out of the Top 10 in Bihar?

2. Ok, now let us come to how this hurts the BJP. Stung by the constant cribbing over every little poll, the BJP has been unable to keep its cool. It has become equally obsessed with winning every single election. An example was when the entire Cabinet including the Prime Minister tweeted over the BJP winning some civic polls in Madhya Pradesh. Yes, the BJP understood that had it lost even a single seat in those polls, the media would have gone to town claiming that this is the end of Shivraj Singh Chauhan.

But then, isn’t the real problem with the BJP’s media management? Obviously winning polls is important; every poll is important, but is winning 100% of elections a sustainable goal? And remember, it’s not enough to win the election, you must win 100% of the seats. Remember how the BJP recently won civic body polls in Rajasthan by a 62-26 margin, but it became a “Congress SWEEP” in the media narrative? So, what is the BJP hoping for? It’s not enough to win the election, you must also win 100% of the seats. Oh wait! If you win 100% of the seats, Dynastycrooks will check the voteshares. So you must win not just 100% of the seats but also 50%+  of the vote! Is this a practical goal? Is this sustainable? The Dynastycrooks will just keep raising the demands on the BJP’s performance and the BJP will just keep obsessively chasing the higher and higher bar set by the crooks? Who is in charge, they or us? Would it not be easier and smarter to fix the media narrative?

In fact, if you look across the country, it is stunning just how much power the BJP has. Not only does it have its own majority at the Center, it is ruling most of the states. Congress is nowhere to be seen on the map except Assam and Karnataka…and Assam will fall into the BJP’s lap next year as the Dynasty watches helplessly. Never has the Congress been so weak and the BJP so powerful. And yet, ask any BJP supporter (including me…LOL 🙂 ) and he/she will say that winning Bihar is a do or die moment for the BJP. How did the Dynastycrooks manage to lay siege to the BJP in the current electoral situation? LOL! How did the herd of elephants allow itself to be hemmed in by a herd of goats?

3. Finally, how is this hurting India? It’s fairly obvious. As the ruling party, BJP’s current mentality is directly linked to the fortunes of our nation. Since the BJP feels it is under siege, so does policy making in Delhi. Since the BJP has put everything on hold until the Bihar polls, it means that the country itself is on hold till the Bihar polls. A similar situation can be expected for the six months before the UP elections…by which time it will be too late to push through the reforms needed to save our economy AND let the fruits grow in time for the 2019 elections.