What happens in Kairana stays in Kairana

Earlier in the summer of this year, a renowned writer of military themed fiction tweeted thus:


So true. Someone has to stop people from making exaggerated claims like Malda  once being a part of India. And someone really needs to stop crazy Hindu males from making claims about the existence of some fabricated place called “Kairana”, where Hindu families used to be allowed to stay.

Oh wait, those things will be tweeted by the Shekhar Guptas of a future generation, perhaps 50 years from now.

For now, this Shekhar Gupta is saying that nothing happened in Uttar Pradesh’s Kairana. Hopefully that villager type BJP MP called Hukum Singh has learned a valuable lesson about the importance of verifying facts, preferably by studying the standards set by The Indian Express.

So, imagine my surprise when I saw this story yesterday.


Now since I do not happen to be a published author on secret movements of Indian Army units, I felt it was necessary to verify what has really been said and what hasn’t. This journey took me to the website of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), where I found this report:



Let’s the NHRC explain in its own words what triggered their enquiry:

The Commission received a complaint from Miss Monika Arora, Advocate, Supreme Court of India and convener of an NGO stating that families of a particular religion are leaving Kairana area of Western UP due to fear of criminals. It had been alleged that a woman belonging to Kashyap caste was abducted, gangraped and killed, yet no action was taken by the police against the offenders.

I am getting ready to read about how “senior BJP voices” lent credence to all this kind of “complete fabrication”, aren’t you? Let’s keep reading the NHRC release:

It was found to be correct that the victim Smt. Guddi @ Surendri (Kashyap family), as mentioned in the complaint, was kidnapped on 4.4.2016 and was subsequently murdered by Kurban, Mohsin and others.”

Wait, what? How can that be? Doesn’t the NHRC know that senior media voices have already lent credence to the fabrication theory? Oh and for the sake of Indian secularism, I do hope that the real name of Mr. Kurban is Krishna and the real name of Mr. Mohsin is Mahesh.

What else is in the report?

The matter was reported to the police of PS Kairana on 5/4/2016 by Sh. Sangat, husband of the victim Smt. Guddi @ Surendri, but the police neither registered an FIR in this regard nor started to search for Smt. Guddi @ Surendri the same day i.e. on 5.4.2016.

Come on UP police. You have been acting as if this woman wasn’t killed by Gau Rakshaks. Perhaps the local infrastructure in Kairana is incapable of handling high profile visits from India’s Chief Minister, Shri Arvind Kejriwal. Or maybe it’s just that India’s intellectuals don’t have any awards left to return.

Here is point number 12. from the NHRC release:

At least 24 witnesses stated that the youths of the specific majority community (Muslims) in Kairana town pass lewd/taunting remarks against the females of the specific minority community in Kairana town. Due to this, females of the specific minority community (Hindus) in Kairana town avoid going outside frequently. However, they could not gather courage to report the matter to the police for the legal action.”

Ok, ok, this kind of compromise solution where Hindu women cannot get outside their homes and cannot talk to police is not ideal. But, have you considered that Hindu women being forced to stay indoors actually  keeps men of the peaceful community from having to murder them? Please read the AIMPLB report on triple talaq for more on this line of reasoning. You may also like to consult eminent feminist Ms. Flavia Agnes. She is a renowned expert at finding the “positives for women” in situations such as these.

Here is point 15 from the  NHRC release:

The police record reveals that both Sh. Shiv Charan and Sh. Rajender (two businessmen) were threatened to pay protection/extortion money by the notorious gangster Sh. Mukeem Kala. Similarly, four other prominent businessmen of Kairana Market shown in the list issued by the Hon’ble MP Kairana at Sl.No. 2,3,5, & 17 have made the same allegations.

So, the businessmen in the list issued by the “Hon’ble MP Kairana” admitted they were being threatened by gangster Sh. Mukeem Kala. But why was the NHRC wasting its time on a list that has already been rejected by honorable members of the media?

Here is point 16 from the NHRC release:

The notorious dreaded gang leader Sh. Mukim Kala had committed at least 47 cases of Robbery/Murder/ Dacoity/Extortion/Violation of Arms Act during the span of just 05 years from 2010 to 2015, in the States of UP, Haryana, Uttarakhand involving amount of crores of rupees and robbing of Govt. Arms/Ammunition.

Hmmm… seems all that Mr. Mukim Kala is missing is a guard of honor with 400 SUVs. He needs to expand his activities slightly further east to obtain that distinction.

Here is point 18:

In 2013, the post-rehabilitation scenario resulting in resettlement of about 25/30 thousand members of Muslims Community in Kairana Town from district Muzaffarnagar, UP, the demography of Kairana town has changed in favour of the Muslim Community becoming the more dominating and majority community. Most of the witnesses examined and victims feel that the rehabilitation in 2013 has permanently changed the social situation in Kairana town and has led to further deterioration of law and order situation.

And the all important point no. 19 :

Most of the witnesses stated that many families migrated due to threats pertaining to increase in crime and deterioration of Law and Order situation.

End of story. Yes, Hukum Singh was right. But more importantly, the truth became a lie.

That bitter taste in our mouth is the price we pay for having allowed the left wing to monopolize the media space. This has turned into a standard operating procedure for the secular brigade each time they are faced with an obvious wrongdoing of their own. They start a crazy rumor about the story being “fabricated” and fan it all across the public discourse with the help of eager media surrogates. The right wing ends up responding to the crazy conspiracy theory and then charges fly back and forth. In this din, the original story gets muddled and is forgotten.

This is what happened in JNU and this is what happened in Kairana too. In JNU they said the videos were fake and in Kairana they said the list was fake. The right wing ended up responding to the accusations and the story got muddled. The truth in both cases emerged months later, but by then the left had succeeded in its purpose. The story had been forgotten and no one cared any more.

What happened in Kairana stayed in Kairana.

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23 thoughts on “What happens in Kairana stays in Kairana

      1. Well, UP has to be won. Coming 2nd is not an option here. Whatever measures are needed to achieve that goal, must be made. If it leads to another Muzzafarnagar, so be it.

        Good news from Gujarat –> seems RSS has been able to pull dalits in their fold. This needs to be replicated across UP. And the state is ours. Sickular bleeding hearts and liberal charlatans can howl as much as they wish.

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  1. I had strong belief that BJP would stand up for the atrocities on Hindus and speaks out. But so far BJP has not. What are they afraid of is beyond me. All they have to do is stand up for the truth and justice. But they are not doing it. Looks like Hindus are condemned to suffer from the crimes of peaceful people. Talk BJP Talk. Make it an issue. Go for your core voters – Hindus. Forget pleasing the minorities. They are anyways not going to vote for BJP.

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    1. Before blaming BJP for inaction, do we dare to ask ourselves ‘are Hindus prepared to unite at whatever cost, even if it seems unjust in the eyes of world’? Imagine When a convicted terrorist Yakub memon was appealed for pardon by huge demonstrations by Muslims, where do you think they got petrol from? It was our own Fiberal Hindu traitors who signed petitions to President. Do we forget how few media crooks were crying for TV Screens and Cameras even more than his family members? So the major problem is within us. We, the proud right wingers have a duty to embarrass these Hindu hypocrites endlessly until they fall in line or disappear. We must not let go even a slight opportunity to shame them. The conclusion is we shall prioritize to set right our house. As far as the Modiji govt., BJP was elected with a thin majority with total share of 38% speaks much about how Hindu votes are divided between caste, region and what not! The BJP govt., is certainly more secular than Congies/Commies, but still vulnerable with sensitive skin when fiberals gang up. I like to think that sites like Twitter, Mediacrooks and Dynastycrooks are a blessing for us to tame the traitors to begin with.


      1. It is clear from BJP’s failure to repeal Hinduphobic laws or dismantle Hinduphobic government machinery, it is helping further entrench Hinduphobic forces. 

        Hindus are tired of historical discrimination perpetuated by the Nehruvian socialist-Hinduphobic government machinery since India’s independence, and impatient for change.

        For Hindu voters, nothing matters more than restoring Hindus’ rightful claim for fair treatment and respect by the Indian state. 


      2. In the 1970s, Israeli civilians made out on their own and built their settlements in the “West Bank” with hardly any help from the government. The official government support came almost a decade later. Can Hindus dare to do something similar in Kashmir? I doubt. We are busy fighting each other.


    2. In fairness, they certainly did pick up the Kairana issue and tried to make it a talking point. But seculars quickly launched a storm of lies questioning the story and the whole thing got lost in allegations and counter-allegations. This is what happened in JNU too. The BJP is raising issues, but seculars are able to raise question marks and confuse the story with conspiracy theories.


  2. I can’t understand BJP attitude towards Hindus!

    They are a majority elected party,what prevents them to make a hue and cry and take adequate action whenever Hindus are in trouble anywhere in India!

    There no action even when so many BJP/RSS workers are hacked to death! ….only lip service!

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  3. We need to do something about the “Center cannot interfere in state affairs” bull in our constitution. UP, WB, Kerala are never going to invite center to look into what is happening in their states. Until they invite, Center’s hands are tied. CBI cannot even investigate until the state governments give their OK. When VYAPAM scam was not investigated by CBI, the opposition curtailed Parliament work, until the CM of MP agreed for CBI probe. The opposition is not at all eager for center to look into what is happening in UP, WB, Kerala etc.


    1. The UPA came up with such an idea and called it Communal Violence Bill. It would have made the situation of Hindus even worse, because it only recognized violence against communities that are minorities in the whole state. The Communal Violence Bill was stopped by BJP (thankfully)

      Overall, for better or for worse, I think it is still better for Center to leave law and order to states. Right now BJP is in power but tomorrow it might not be. I wouldnt want a secular party at the center to have so much power.


  4. This is awful.It just reaffirms the fact that when peacefuls increase in number the Hindus must leave.We RWs should bring as much attention to this episode of ethnic cleansing.It shouldn’t become like the KP exodus which went unheard of.These people should have been sent to the land of the pure in ’47 itself,that way we could have avoided a lot of nonsense.
    This can’t be treated as a state issue.It is a national security issue if Indians are being forced to leave their towns and villages due to fanatics.

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  5. Eye opening article by Chaiwallah ji. I also wish our secular brigade who are ever eager to abuse Hindus for trivial reasons start licking their own spit. Amazed to see how our own Hindus in the mask of secularists disown their own brethren for selfish motives! Are they so short sighted to see the future of their own women and children in the hands of peacefuls?

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  6. I can imagine the response of the presstitutes: Who prepared this report? Must be a BJP appointee! So let us send our own team to get a “true” picture.
    By the way, how come almost all the lawyers in SC seem to have connection with some NGO or other?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The presstitutes dont need to do anything. The issue was discredited at the time it was raised. Now the matter is forgotten and no one will read the NHRC report. Their purpose is already serves.


    1. It’s the weirdest alliance there is. That is why I think Indian right should make a deal with the American right that is funding missionaries in India. Leave our land alone and lets join hands against the common enemy.


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