What is happening in Kaziranga?

Despite my best efforts (best hopes, really) this blog is usually not geographically representative of issues in all parts of the country. Part of it is due to the fact that we are swayed greatly by the going headlines in the mainstream media (despite our wish to reduce its influence) and the rest of it is because I am really one guy, with no real sources of news collection. Outside of Twitter, FB and Google News…

But there is something important happening right now. In Kaziranga. In Assam. Recently, there was a demolition drive carried out by the Assam government in Kaziranga. What’s the big deal about that? Isn’t that happening all the time in some part of the country or the other? Sure it is, but you don’t see top level state Cabinet ministers tweeting about the success of a mere “demolition drive”.

Yes, something else is happening. This is not just a demolition drive. It is easy to guess what has really happened. The people being kicked out are not mere squatters, they are, of course, illegal Bangladeshis who had established their colonies in Kaziranga. Yes, there used to be actual colonies in Assam where illegal Bangladeshis live without fear of the law. Just another example of the ruin that the Congress brought upon this nation. Dangerous foreigners taking over our country without fear.

Here is Himanta Biswa Sarma spilling the beans:



From the article, here are the hair raising details:

“The illegal settlements had all the government facilities like PMGSY roads, schools, electricity and even a polling station. There is more to just encroachment…it is a part of a bigger game plan to destabilize the state’s demography. The plan is to spread the settlements further up towards upper Assam.”

Of course there was a polling station! Having the polling station was the whole point of building that illegal settlement for Bangladeshis!

And there are no prizes for guessing what happened next.

Police had to use force to disperse groups that had blocked highways and disrupted movement of vehicles, while several people were injured in incidents of stone-pelting by bandh supporters.


Stone pelting? Now where would a bunch of innocent peacefuls have gotten that idea? Anyways, who called this bandh?

The bandh was called by the All Assam Minority Students’ Union (AAMSU), which alleged the BJP-led government had specifically targeted members of the minority community while carrying out the eviction drive

Hmmm… Hey AAMSU, you got one of the letters in that abbreviation wrong. You all know it should really be ABMSU. You know exactly what that “B” stands for. In fact, I suspect that the whole purpose of your organization is to turn “A” into “B”, right?

Well, get ready AAMSU to call another bandh. With Assam now being ruled by the BJP, the problems of Assam shall no longer be subject to the “tyranny of distance” as one famous New York gangster used to say. You guys can get lots of sympathetic coverage in the “national” media. You guys have made a particularly smart choice by pelting stones. Now, numerous articles on the plight of the “sons of headmasters” of Assam can be written in Delhi simply by applying “Search+Replace” to older opinion pieces.

With respect to the Unit 1-2-3 classification of India’s enemies that I presented yesterday, these articles would be the work of Unit TWO.  The job of Unit TWO is to glorify internal enemies and slow down the arm of the state acting against them. So, dear AAMSU, do not despair. Unit TWO will come to your rescue soon.

By the way, have I said before that Himanta Biswa Sarma is an absolute gem? Perhaps not. He is better than any BJP/RSS guy. Dear BJP, hold on to this man at all cost. If Congress has ruled 57 years, it is because they used to have war horses like these. Learn, BJP! Learn! What Himanta did last week in Arunachal was simply amazing. With this man now being utilized to kick illegals in the behind, I can breathe easy. And yes, there are many more “demolition drives” lined up to happen in next few days:



The picture tells the whole story. Yes, Himanta is a gem.

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17 thoughts on “What is happening in Kaziranga?

  1. One thing RSS/BJP have to learn from peacefuls. Whenever there is a rally by peacefuls, spontaneous or otherwise, there is considerable strength voluntarily gathering. First RSS/VHP et al have to instill a sense of pride and passion for Hindu Ethos and culture so that people come voluntarily whenever a call is made.


  2. CW….Excellent post and good cheerful news indeed!!

    It is sheer coincidence today I watched a report by a local channel ‘suvarna news’….’cover story’…were these guys have visited such a settlement in Karnataka!

    These settlements on the outskirts of Bangalore has illegal Bangladeshis to the tune of forty thousand and above.

    As per this report they say they have informed this to the Karnataka congress govt. …but no action.!

    They show in this video these Bangladeshis being asked as to where they are from ,they happily say from Bangladesh….asked about papers….nothing!

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    1. Ha ha…after a long time, BJP has done something solid for its core voters. And it took an ex-Congi like Himanta to get that done. But I am happy it got done. Becoming a huge fan of Himanta.


  3. What BJP could not dare to do…Himantha did. I think if not for Himanthe this would not have happened. I hope BJP learns some ‘real nationalism’ from Himantha and when they come to power in Karnataka do the same to illegal Bangladeshis in Bengaluru.

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      1. Just wait. Madam will summon Jai Italy and that scum will make sure Hi manta is evicted from BJP. BTW as you rightly pointed, H don’t side with their co religionists but peacefuls always side with the Ummah just look at the Mumbai housing society case where a Hindu landlord is hell bent on selling his house to a peaceful. Dragged the whole society to court and jail


  4. Yes.HBS is indeed a gem.If there was a HBS in BJP for each state,BJP would have won every state.Anyways,HBS will give BJP and allies(NEDA)control over the entire NE region one day,except for perhaps Tripura.

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  5. By the way,I used to be a lurker on Twitter but I joined yesterday.And one of the 1st accounts that I followed was your account.Anyways,after seeing how much of a circus Twitter is,I have followed only a few really good handles and am not gonna tweet.Perhaps only read tweets and maybe make an occasional comment.Your handle is one of the few good ones.


    1. Ha ha…thanks for following! But, my Twitter handle does not produce any tweets really…I just RT a few interesting tweets here and there and reply to other folks I follow once in a while.


  6. This is wonderful news!!!!
    Now we have to drive these illegals from the rest of the country.
    Shame on congress for letting these Peacefuls in in the first place.
    There are many positive changes like this going on.
    Sometimes we RWs should just be happy with the tough and stern steps going on instead of fuming that the BJP is not being radical enough.
    The Congis have institutionalised all sorts of weak and cowardly behavior for 60+ years,to undo it and make the country great again will take some time,we should therefore be patient yet firm .

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  7. Great news. Will these Bangladeshi be sent across the border? I have a strong feelings that Himanta wanted to do this, but he could not do that in Congress party so he joined the party which would not stop him from doing this. I give credit to BJP too. If BJP was opposed to it, Himanta could not have done that (possibly, he might have left BJP).

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    1. That is the really tricky part. Sending them across the border will require agreement from Bdesh government. At the moment, Bangladesh is being a very good ally against Pakistan so we have to be careful. The easy way out is to really squeeze these illegal scum till they run right back across the border.


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