Brace for impact : Media has received one line supari against Yogi Adityanath

When Yogi Adityanath was named CM of Uttar Pradesh, amid the excitement … there was one voice on Twitter I remember. I think it was @iMac_too. He point out that RW on social media must brace itself… because the hitjobs against Yogi Adityanath will dwarf anything that Modi faced in 12 years as CM of Gujarat.

And you can see exactly that unfolding.

And media has found the perfect cocktail of lies and truths to go after Yogi Adityanath : deaths of infants.

Every year for decades, hundreds and hundreds of children have died of Japanese Encephalitis in the Poorvanchal region of Uttar Pradesh.

But today media returns with headlines such as this.


India is a big country and UP is its largest state (in population terms). And if you track every patient in every hospital in UP and blame all the deaths personally on the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, you will always be in business.

It’s the perfect mixture of truth and lies. Truth is because the deaths are actually happening. Lies because these deaths would happen every year on the same scale in this same exact area.

And if you point that out, it will take about 5 minutes for experienced media propagandists to paint you as an “enemy of children”.

You have to praise the media for a well executed supaari.

After all this is Uttar Pradesh with 80 Lok Sabha seats. Gujarat had just 26 seats and look what the establishment did for that.

An entire bogey of “Hindu Terror” was created just for 26 Lok Sabha seats. The Govt of India actually changed its court submissions to protect actual terrorists …. they were that desperate to destroy Modi. Think of all the lives that were ruined forever as the establishment relentlessly pursued its agenda to defame Hindus at any cost.

Imagine the kind of effort they will put against Yogi, who holds direct sway over 80 seats.

Against this one line supari from the establishment, the right wing has only one line of defense : social media. How far can it ride on that?

Brace for impact. Here comes 2019.


Doklam : India has won, Bharat ki vijay!

After more than 2 months of the Chinese dragon threatening to tear us into little pieces, it has gone back with its tail between its legs.

What? The dragon will keep “patrolling the area”?

Isn’t that exactly what they were doing before they got the big idea to construct a road at Doklam?

So, dear dragon tell us where is the road you were going to build? After threatening war everywhere from Ladakh to Arunachal to Mars, where is your road?

We hear that China has been reduced to making “necessary adjustments”


A more convoluted sentence could not have been crafted even by Shashi Tharoor. Where is the China of a few days ago that would make direct threats of capturing and killing our soldiers?

Bluff called. Bully goes back into its den.

India has really set an example for the whole world here. Even as the Chinese huffed and puffed, India said precious little. We held our nerve and our breath.

Smaller Asian neighbors (all of whom have disputes with China) now have a model to look up to. If you refuse to be drawn into China’s mindgames, they will look more and more ridiculous. Ultimately, they might be reduced to making racist videos about you.

That’s about as far as the Chinese can go.

Back home, it is a pity that nonsense about a rapist Babaji or whatever could successfully distract from such a tremendous diplomatic achievement in Doklam.

It is not everyday that India stares down a superpower and wins. Cheap, sleazy Indian media could not get its head out of its behind for one day to see the greatness of what has been achieved here.

I am of course aware that a certain class within India was fervently hoping for India to lose in Doklam so that it could hurt Modi’s image. These people know who they are in their hearts.

But I want to say that a day of national achievement is also a day to be broadminded. We’re having a party and they are invited too. These pathetic creepy crawlies who would rather cheer China than India will be burning in their hearts anyway.

Modi was right : Maut aur Kangress ko kabhi dosh nahin lagta

Back in March 2016, Modi had said this :


Watching the PR disaster of the Khattar government in Haryana, we can only underline again and again what PM Modi said:

Congress is indeed above criticism. They are forever immune to the blame for their misdeeds.

Consider what exactly has happened in the Ram Rahim case.

Two states : Punjab and Haryana. Both burned by Dera Sacha Sauda’s fanatical followers after their so called Guru was convicted in a rape case.

But only Haryana was covered. Why?

Because police acted in Haryana. They actually shot down the protesters and restored peace in an hour. Two hours max.

In Punjab, Capt. Amrinder just let the rioters do what they want.

You want to burn six petrol pumps and three telephone exchanges? You can be a guest of secular Punjab government and do whatever you want.

In this photo below, you can see the secular smoke coming from burning Punjab. Please feel free to ignore it.

Untitled.pngAs you can see, this secular smoke and fire in Punjab is clearly different from the communal smoke and fire in Haryana.


The second one is an outrage, not the first. Because when someone lights a fire in a BJP ruled state, the fire is more fiery than a fire burning in a Congress ruled state.

Like when a Communist murders a Dalit in Kerala, the dead man is both less dead and less of a Dalit.

This is in stark contrast to, say a Central University, where any OBC man who commits suicide, automatically turns into a Dalit.

Politicians, like all people, respond to incentives. And consider the incentive that has just been created.

The incentive that has been created is that the “Basirhat model” works. Just let the rioters do what they want and keep media in your pocket.

Why is Khattar getting flak? Because he took an inflexible stand and shot down the rioting mob. He would have been better off letting them burn down a couple of buildings, pampering the media and learning better English. Remember how the Congress just let the rioting happen at Azad Maidan in 2012.

So what if the rioters in Azad Maidan  injured 45 policemen and molested women by dozens, including policewomen? See the secular fire burning in Mumbai.


Did Madam ji’s government get any bad press for it? Isn’t that all that matters?

Why did Khattar have to act? Why didn’t he just let the rioters do their rioting till they got bored and left?

See what Samajwadi IT cell has to say about the greatness of the clever Punjab CM :


We are lucky that they didn’t give the credit to Akhilesh Yadav, aren’t we?

Is “Panchkula model” of shooting stone pelters dead the solution to Kashmir?

Yesterday, as soon as the news of Ram Rahim being convicted began to spread, followers of Dera Sacha Sauda took to the streets of Haryana resorting to rampant lawlessness, destruction of property and arson (as also in Punjab, which went relatively unreported for mysterious reasons).

Further, as news of the developing crisis in Haryana’s Panchkula town began to spread, a number of highly secular and eminent liberals began baying for blood. Number 1 among them is of course Former J & K CM Shri Omar Abdullah who had this to say.


There were several others who appeared to mirror these views : among them Nidhi Razdan, Congress leader Pawan Khera, controversial journalist Barkha Dutt, etc.




It should be noted that the above are merely representative examples. A larger collection of this bloodsoaked whataboutery of the secular brigade may be found here. Here is another glimpse of the bloodthirst from a CNN News 18 journalist :


But the administration in Haryana did not pamper the goons with pellet guns and chilly grenades or whatever. Instead, it seems CNN News 18 journalist Mufti Islah got the 30 dead bodies and 100s of injured that he was salivating for.


Congratulations Mufti yaar! Party to banti hai, right?

Here is the approach that Haryana Government took towards stone pelters (Warning : Graphic … may be very disturbing)

If you look closely, you might notice that it is not a pepper bomb. It is a shot that strikes the stone pelter dead.

You might also notice that peace has been established in Panchkula town today.

The secular brigade was peddling a fake victimhood narrative about the Indian state giving preferential treatment to Sikh and Hindu mobs. However, facts establish beyond all doubt that the Indian state acted harshly in defense of law and order. Much more harshly than anything we have seen in Jammu and Kashmir.

Liberals got much more than they asked for : it wasn’t pellet guns, but real guns that were turned on the Ram Rahim’s goons.

Now that liberals have got their 30 dead bodies, may I ask a question?

In every tragedy, there is an opportunity to learn and plan better for the future. Hasn’t the “Panchkula model” shown that taking firm and lethal action against unruly mobs can swiftly bring an end to violence?

Shouldn’t we be trying this in Kashmir?

After all, the violence in Panchkula lasted barely 2-3 hours. Because stone pelters were shot dead wherever they stand.

So the next time there is stone pelting in Kashmir, perhaps the Army should just take aim and fire straight at the goons with real guns. Who knows, maybe that way peace can return to Kashmir in a couple of hours?

And I am sure everyone wants that.

After decades of violence, the “Panchkula model” might have come as a ray of hope for Kashmir. It’s worth a try at least, is it not?

Mamata imposes restrictions on Durga Puja : refuses to change despite last year’s HC order

She did it last year. And now she has done it again. Mamata Banerjee has gone ahead and decreed that there will be no idol immersion after 6 pm on Dashami day to make way for the observance of Muharram.


Now, Mamata Banerjee going out of her way to appease Muslims is hardly a surprise. But what stands out about this decision is the brazenness with which Mamata Banerjee is defying all semblance of institutions, including the judiciary.

The TMC government had passed a similar order back in 2016 over Durga idol immersions. This order was not only dismissed by Kolkata High Court, the language used by the court was quite extraordinary in that it specifically castigated the West Bengal government for “appeasing Muslims”.

Let us read here the words of the judge, which shows just how furious the court was with Mamata’s order last year.



Clear endeavor on part of the state government to appease the minority at the cost of the majority! Governments should not take decisions that pit one community against another! Irresponsibly brazen state government has infringed on fundamental rights of people worshipping Maa Durga!

These are not my words; these are the words of the Kolkata High Court!

The injustice that Mamata Banerjee is doing to the Hindus of Bengal is so obvious and so extreme that it seems even left wing anti-Hindu media could not find the words to defend her.

But not having the heart to condemn Mamata Banerjee for her actions, some in the media chose to blame “bad luck”! Yes, you read that right.



Oh Mamata Didi, you poor dear. You and your bad luck! Now they are going to create a grudge against you for doing what would have been “normal in other times in West Bengal” and postponing the immersions for a day to allow Muharram processions.

Apparently, the Firstpost journalist who wrote this was not informed (obviously) about what was “normal” at other times in West Bengal. Clearly, the journalist who “reported” on this story  did not care to read the words of the court from last year (again, obviously)



I guess it was just the “bad luck” of the secular journalist that what she wrote was blatantly false.

I guess in “normal times”, secular media would have required that journalists reporting on a story actually be informed about it … or take 2 minutes to at least google the thing before shooting their mouths off on it.

And so did the “poor Mamata” trope continue to spread, with much hand wringing about Mamata’s bad luck giving big bad BJP another issue to capitalize on!



They don’t give a damn about the actual injustice. Their only care in the world is that BJP might benefit from it.

So what is Mamata thinking? It is doubtful that her decision will hold up in court this year, considering just how furious the court was in 2016.

One possible explanation is that with this public announcement, Mamata hopes to give a signal to her core constituency that Hindus will be systematically humiliated and subjugated under her reign. Due to recent events, the Islamic patriarchy has been feeling weak and needed an ego boost. Prominent Trinamool Ministers have refused to accept the authority of the Supreme Court in the triple talaq judgement and on the ground, the petitioner Ishrat Jahan, who lives in Bengal, is being harassed by the insecure and sore losers.

In the coming days, whether Hindus in Bengal are able to stand up for their rights and for the rights of Muslim women remains to be seen.

Dear liberals, BJP is treating Triple Talaq verdict as their victory because you are treating it as your defeat

Suffice to say that the landmark judgement of the Supreme Court on Aug 22, 2017 did not please everyone. Even as 85 million Muslim women celebrated a huge step towards their freedom, the leading lights of India’s secular brigade went into a bout of whining and complaining.

One of their biggest complaints was that the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi were appropriating “credit” for the Supreme Court judgement. See example here:


Well, to be fair, the Central Government argued in the Supreme Court against Triple Talaq and so there should be no problem with them claiming their fair share of the credit.

But let’s not get into all those details here. Let’s ask the big, broad question:

Hey liberals, why all the glum faces?

What is holding you back? Is this not a great moment for gender justice? Why not just celebrate?

Instead, the secular brigade seemed to be snapping in frustration.


Some had to scratch their itch to make tasteless digs about the personal life of the Prime Minister, which involves child marriage.


Hey liberals, have you considered the possibility that the reason BJP is running away with the credit for this judgement is that you seem to be treating it as your personal defeat?

Why the confusion, backbiting and whining in liberal circles? In what is perhaps a first, we had the leftists at the propaganda blog Scroll were left wringing  their hands about “politically correct issues”.


Reading those words, it seems like the leftists are almost complaining that “political correctness” has kept them from saying what they really felt about yesterday’s judgement!

Leftists just found out that political correctness can be real frustrating. We’ve finally reached peak irony. What a day to be alive …

Why is the left behaving like a deer in headlights? Newslaundry had nothing better to do than obsessively scratching its Arnab itch.


Why is the left so “triggered”? Why is yesterday’s judgement bringing out their most obsessive-compulsive behaviors and activating their nervous defense mechanisms?

Dear leftists, please take a deep breath and try to calm down. It’s gonna be okay. This is not that childhood nightmare where you walk into class and realize that you forgot about an exam that day. This is supposed to be a good thing. You are going to be just fine.

We’re having a party and you are welcome to join. Come on in.

Instead liberals just went into their shell. Some are indulging in Hindu bashing. Some are making jokes on the Prime Minister’s child marriage. Some are scratching their Arnab itch. What to say…

The same sense of gloom seemed to prevail in Opposition ranks. While BJP President Amit Shah read out a celebratory statement, the Congress sent out a low level functionary to “welcome” the judgement in the most terse terms possible. Barely a week ago, when the Prime Minister had mentioned the plight of triple talaq victims in his Independence Day address, the Congress seemed to wince in pain. Like this:


We also had to wait a long time for Rahul Gandhiji, otherwise known for his emphasis on “women empowerment”, to put out his solitary tweet on this issue.


This from the Congress Vice President. Of course, we do not even expect the inaccessible Congress President to actually speak on any issue. Other leaders of secular parties were mostly missing in action, of course.

Perhaps the real reason BJP is running away with the credit on the Triple Talaq issue is that Indian secularism has been so pathetic over the last seven decades. Narendra Modi does not have to do much, if anything at all, to be seen as champion of justice here.

He just doesn’t have to show rampant disregard for the courts and constitution for the sake of votebank politics.  You know, like not following in the footsteps of Bharat Ratna Prime Ministers who passed laws to take justice away from an elderly Muslim woman.

Our Indian secularism has such low standards that Narendra Modi should be a champion today simply because he isn’t going to pass a law bending the Supreme Court verdict to the will of the Mullahs.

Who is responsible for turning Indian secularism into such a joke over 70 years? You tell me, dear leftists…

And so it is today that for 85 million Muslim women of India, Narendra Modi has emerged as the brother they never had.

7.5 crore Muslim women freed from Triple Talaq : The nation deserves congratulations!

Wow…that was certainly a roller coaster ride in the first few minutes after the judgement came out.

A moment comes that comes but rarely in history, when we pass from the old to the new. For more than 7.5 crore Muslim women in India, a golden new chapter has begun.

There is a lot of credit to go around. First of all, there are the brave Muslim women who stood up to Islamic patriarchy in a society where Mullahs rule with an iron hand. One can only try to imagine the kind of courage it takes to rebel against entrenched discrimination in an Islamic environment where women are forbidden from being seen, let alone being heard.

Then of course there is the Supreme Court which has upheld the Constitutional guarantee of equality for all.

And finally there is the Central Government which successfully argued in the Supreme Court to get triple talaq abolished. In this Independence Day address, the Prime Minister had specifically spoken of the struggles of Muslim women who live under the sword of triple talaq.


Today Narendra Modi has become the liberator of 7.5 crore Muslim women in this country. To women suffering under the yoke of Islamic patriarchy, Narendra Modi has become the brother they never had.

I am not much of a believer in the whole idea of “mardangi” (being a man), because I do not think gender should play any role in deciding people’s roles in society. But if I did believe in the concept of “mardangi“, I would understand it as something like this :  A real man is not one who subjugates women. The Mullah who locks away a woman in a black tent is not a real man. A real man is one who fights for the honor and equality of women.

I will say frankly that I am a Hindutvavadi. And we hope that the Prime Minister is one too. But, this does not mean we are against individual Muslims. We do not want injustices on Muslim men, women or children. We just want equality and justice for all.

Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas.

When the Americans fought the Nazis, their war was not against Germans. Their war was against the fascist ideology of Nazism. When America fought Communism, they weren’t fighting Russians. They were just fighting against the fascist ideology of Communism. Similarly, the struggle of the Hindutva movement in India is against Islamism, not individual Muslims.

In fact, who does Islamism oppress most of all? The Muslims! When Islamism prevents a Muslim child from studying science or math in school, who loses? When Islamism puts a woman in a black tent, who loses?

I’m against Islamism, not Muslims.

This is hardly the end of the battle for Muslim women. From what I am reading (and my understanding might be wrong here), it is the practice of “instant triple talaq” that has been abolished. If a Muslim man so chooses, he can still divorce one of his wives by making three separate pronouncements of talaq spread out over a period of time.

So, yeah… even today a Muslim man may divorce one or more of his wives without using the judicial system altogether. But, it is the message that matters.

For the first time, the nation has sent a message to the Mullahs that the law shall reign supreme in this country. The dogma of Islamic patriarchy cannot get its way due to its chokehold on votebank politics.

On Aug 15, 1947, India did not receive full independence from Britain. Rather, we only got “Dominion status” and the British monarch continued to be the King Emperor of India. But once the door was opened, things moves swiftly with little resistance and less than 3 years later, India became a fully sovereign republic.

A similar door has just been opened for Muslim women. From this point onwards, the battle against the imposition of Sharia law will probably get a lot easier.

India’s determination has reduced China to the level of a Twitter troll

When talking about the dragon, there is always the obvious danger of speaking too soon. But it has to be remarked that while India has held its line with quiet determination, China’s response has become more and more comical. What is that old saying about barking dragons seldom … ? Anyways…

When the standoff in Doklam began, the Chinese establishment threatened us with war everywhere from Kashmir to Uttarakhand to Sikkim to Arunachal. The Global Times began a daily ritual where this or that Chinese “expert” would rant about China’s overwhelming military superiority.

Indians who grew up in the 90s are probably familiar with this kind of internet rant. They were a primitive form of trolling that Pakistanis used to post on Rediff’s message boards. Those were the days…

One of the more comical lows was reached when another Chinese “expert” warned of a “small scale military operation within two weeks” in which they would seize Indian soldiers in Doklam. The “expert” even went on to say that the Chinese government would inform the Indian Foreign Ministry before the operation.

One wonders how the “expert” forgot to give us the exact date and hour of the attack.

It is difficult to take such troll posts seriously for too long.

For a while now, the Chinese have been remarkably insecure about India, overreacting to the smallest things. For instance, nobody in India would have even noticed that a recent NASA image made India look brighter than China. That is unless the People’s Daily (official mouthpiece of the Communist Party) went out of its way to assure the Chinese people that their country has more electricity than India does!


What makes these tantrums look comical is that most Indians already concede readily the massive economic and military edge that China enjoys over India. Instead of speaking like the hefty superpower that most Indians perceive China to be, why is China reduced to speaking like Zaid Hamid?

I swear to God that some of those Global Times “editorials” were one step away from threatening “Ghazwa-e-Hind” and promising to establish “Radio China Delhi”.


If I remember correctly, that guy was considered too embarrassing even for Pakistan television after a while. It is anyone’s guess why China wants to speak in a manner that would leave even Pakistanis squirming.

After threatening to blow India to bits, the Chinese finally attacked … with stones!


The supposedly professional army of a wannabe superpower reduced to the modus operandi of common terrorists and common criminals? Was this planned or plain indiscipline in the ranks of the Chinese Army? I am almost embarrassed for the Chinese here.

So the Chinese tried it all : from childish threats to troll posts on the internet to pelting stones. You know they are out of ideas when they made this painfully stupid video.


No real response is needed to this one, because the Chinese themselves have done a fantastic job of turning themselves into a worldwide laughing stock.

This just in : Aware of the PR disaster with the first video, the Chinese are back with a second video which they feel will finally turn the tide for the ‘heroic’ PLA.

All this while, India has stood calm and sober. Unwilling to be drawn into silly verbal clashes about whose daddy is stronger. The Chinese have been reduced from threatening war to small scale military operation within two weeks… to making racist videos. India’s determination has reduced China to the level of a Twitter troll.

Before giving sermons to BJP, the Catholic Church should examine its own pacts with Fascist Mussolini

The Church has done it again. As per a report in the Gaon connection, a magazine run by a church in Goa has ended up comparing the democratically elected NDA governments to the Nazi regime in Germany. In doing so, it has accused the present government of carrying out a “constitutional holocaust”, a nonsensical term that is sure to find pride of place in liberal vocabulary.

Before indulging in such hyperbole and instead of accusing others of being “like Nazis”, the Catholic Church and its flock would do well to examine (and admit) their own historical connections with Hitler and Mussolini.

Did you know there was a time when the Catholic Church saw Mussolini as a man sent by God?

Indeed, when Italy was born as a country in the second half of the 19th century, a lot of the unification happened at the expense of the “Papal states“, which were lands held by the Pope. When stripped of its moneybag, the Catholic Church revolted against the Italian government, excommunicating the King and even forbade Catholics from voting in Parliamentary elections … a fatwa if you will.

Who did the Catholic Church see as the messenger of God that would bring all this democracy and secularism to an end?

Fascist Benito Mussolini, the savior.

In the early 20th century, as the Fascists began to consolidate their power in Italy, they found an eager ally in the Pope. Let David Kertzer, professor of Italian studies at Brown University, explain in this interview to NPR (you can also read about it in his book The Pope and Mussolini)


And yes, Mussolini’s fascist rallies in 1933 would begin with a morning mass performed by a Catholic priest.

Interestingly, as the World War drew closer, the Church did have some doubts about supporting Mussolini, but the break never actually happened. The reason they had these doubts is not what you might suspect. The real reason makes for absolutely chilling reading.


That’s right.

But of course, with more practical considerations in mind, the break with Mussolini’s Fascist Regime and the Catholic Church never happened.

Did I mention that Mussolini gave the Catholic Church a cool 750 million lira in cash and another 1 billion lira in government bonds? When offered that kind of money, fascism can’t really be a roadblock, can it? (Here‘s from TIME Magazine on June 17th, 1929)


If you happen to be in a mind to dismiss these as old failings of a long dead Pope, I should remind you that the Catholic Church subscribes to the dogma of “Papal infallibility”. Simply put, this means that the Catholic Church officially believes that no Pope can ever be wrong. 

Yeah…that’s a real thing. Check it out here. Indian liberals would have made fun of it if the Pope wore saffron.

So Mussolini and the “infallible” Pope of the Catholic Church were allies. History.

Today, Manohar Parrikar is too much of a fascist for them.

You cannot change history, but fortunately for our eminent historians and intellectuals, you can always lie about it.

Meet Dr. Naqeel Ansari, the hero who saved many lives in Barcelona

This is a news report, or rather a compilation of news reports, from the near future. I decided to beat the mainstream media to the punch in writing it.

In  the first minutes after the tragedy in Barcelona, where a self driving van (which had no religion) plowed into a crowd of innocent people, it was Dr. Naqeel Ansari, an immigrant from India, who held the fort for humanity.  As cries of pain and anguish filled the scene, Dr. Ansari was seen offering the victims water, tea, wet tissues and blankets at his own personal expense.

Incidentally, Dr. Naqeel Ansari, who was in the driver’s seat of the van when it plowed into the crowd, explains that the self driving van had offered him a lift.

Heeding the example of Dr. Ansari, who also happens to be Vice President of the local Muslim Refugees Association, several other Muslim inhabitants of the area were also seen pitching in to help. One of them is shown in this picture below :


Unfortunately, soon after the story of Dr. Naqeel Ansari began to go viral, winning hearts across the world, the right wing troll brigade on social media began frantic attempts to malign him.

Some Twitter users dug up old reports showing someone of the name Naqeel Ansari accused of providing forged documents to illegal immigrants wanting to impersonate those with genuine visas. Another report mentioned one Naqeel Ahmed Ansari being accused of rape. Still others found an anonymous Twitter handle that goes by the name of one Dr. Naqeel Ansari based in Barcelona, from which several pro-ISIS tweets had been posted.

It could not be independently verified whether any of these allegations actually refer to Dr. Naqeel Ansari. However, speaking to reporters of the Slime of India, Dr. Ansari explained that these were “past controversies”. Later, speaking to the Puffington Post, Dr. Ansari declared :

“I am an Indian … umm err… Spainard!”

Renowned journalist Barkha Bhat hailed Dr. Ansari on Twitter as a “patriot, hero and human being”.

Needless to say these allegations are false and reveal the Hindutva brigade’s bigotry. The keyboard warriors of Hindutva are unable to accept that when their heroes failed, it was a Muslim who stood up as a human being and a doctor. And even if the allegations are true, they are actually still false because who says that a sinner cannot be a hero?

Meanwhile, the Coup Express newspaper sent reporters to Dr. Ansari’s native village in UP’s Poorvanchal to find out more about him.

Incidentally, the Ansaris have an illustrious heritage. Their family has been an integral part of the freedom struggle, going to jail several times both before and after Indian independence. Their grandfather was a noted freedom fighter, who played a prominent role in the Khilafat movement for the independence of the Ottoman Caliphate of the Turks.

Today the living room of Akhtar Ansari, who works as a mafia don in his spare time, is full of photographs of the Ansari family with other freedom fighters.  He speaks fondly of the time Naqeel Ansari was Vice President of the students union at Aligarh Muslim University.

After completing his studies, Dr. Ansari dedicated himself to social work in Indian Occupied Kashmir. However, in the early 90s, when the valley was invaded by Brahmin Twitter trolls with state support, Dr. Ansari had to flee. Thereafter, he spent several years as a refugee in West Asia before finally finding his way to Spain.

As Vice President of the Muslim Refugees Association in Barcelona, Dr. Ansari has been a leading voice for the welfare of all Spanish citizens, most recently speaking up for the growing sense of insecurity among Muslim refugees in the country.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ansari has been invited by the Indian left wing website The Dyer to inaugurate its Arabic edition on this upcoming Republic Day, 2018.