Thanks Harsh Mander ! So this is what dhimmitude truly looks like

Sometimes the starry eyed foolishness of our liberals simply takes my breath away. If you ever wanted to know what dhimmitude truly means, you must read this article by Harsh Mander in Scroll. I write this post not to mock Harsh Mander, much less his ageing mother who wanted to see the Rawalpindi of her birth. If there is anything we can do to give even a little comfort to her generation that felt the pangs of partition, we should. The pain of partition is something we all live in our hearts. All I want is that none of us should go through the same trauma that she suffered. And that is not asking for too much, is it?

I write this post to give you a glimpse of the future that liberals have visualized for the Hindus of this land.



Let Harsh Mander explain what he was doing:

My mother was forced to leave behind the city of her birth, Rawalpindi, when she was just 18 because of the tumultuous ruptures of Partition. She had never returned. When she was to turn 75, I thought the best gift I could give her was to take her, if it was at all possible, to the city and to the home in which she was born.”

She left at 18 and never returned? Oh no, wonder why?  Now let Harsh Mander unravel the cruel irony of the story. Imagine leaving home at 18 and being too scared to return to see the place even once in the next 57 is only at the age of 75 that she finally discovers that people in her hometown were waiting all these years to welcome her with their arms open. A bit like the final sequence from Aamir Khan’s PK. Oh…the irony of it all. All that pain and all that fear was for nothing.

Our flight landed at Lahore, and our friends drove us from the airport to their home in Islamabad. I noticed that my mother was initially a little tense. Maybe it was memories of the violence of her exile; maybe it was just the idea that this was now a foreign land, and for many in India the enemy land.

The enemy land? Where? Pakistan? Oh no, Harsh, please don’t say THAT. What has ever happened that would give any rational person the impression that Pakistan is “enemy land”? Don’t break our good liberal heart with such harsh words…

Now, wait till Harsh Mander describes the “homecoming”


This my friends, is our future as visualized by Harsh Mander. To request with folded hands to briefly see the colony where we were born and where we spent our childhood. That’s what they will call a “homecoming” when the Hindus have entered the final stage of dhimmitude in India. Aren’t we lucky? Aren’t they merciful? Aren’t you folks enthusiastic about your bright liberal future? Exciting, no?

Let’s read what happened once his mother reached the colony where she was born:

My mother recalled that the name of the residential colony in which she lived as a child was called Gawal Mandi. My friends knew it well; it was now an upmarket upper middle-class enclave. When we reached there, my mother tried to locate the house of her childhood. It seemed impossible. Everything was new: most of the old houses had been rebuilt and opulent new structures had come up in their place. She located the building that had housed their gurudwara. It had now been converted into a health centre.

WOW…it’s almost like visiting the FUTURE! Everything is newer and better and fresher and cooler. In this wonderland, there are only “opulent new houses”. In the future, people have moved well past primitive dharmic superstitions. Naturally, the gurudwara has become a health center.

You’ll never guess what happened when Harsh Mander’s mother finally managed to locate her old home

we knocked tentatively on the door of the house. … My mother said apologetically, “We are so sorry to trouble you, and intrude suddenly in this way….

The house owner’s response was spontaneous and immediate. “Mataji, why do you say that this was your home?” he said. “It continues to be your home even today. You are most welcome.” And he led us all in….

Half an hour later, we thanked the house-owners and said that we would be on our way. But they would not hear of it. …They overruled all our protestations, and lunch was prepared for around eight members of our party, including not just my family but also our Pakistani hosts.

Did I not tell you this is our future, folks? We get to knock “tentatively” and ask them “apologetically” if we can “intrude” for a few minutes in the house that we were forced to leave behind. And half an hour later, we should thank the “house owners” and get going. And should the “house owners” decide to serve us a meal, that’s just too gracious for words…

Seriously, how many of you are looking forward to this dazzling future?

With Harsh Mander and his party giving such rave reviews to this futuristic wonderland, others were drawn in as well..

The next year, my mother-in-law, a wheel-chair user, requested that we take her also to Pakistan to visit her childhood home, this time in Gujranwala…. Our experience this time was very similar to that of the previous year. The owner of their old ancestral haveli in Gujranwala village took my mother-in-law around the sprawling property on her wheel-chair, and after we had eaten with them asked her, “Would you not like to check out your farm-lands?”

In a wheelchair, being shown around by the “owner of their old ancestral haveli“? The future is shining so bright my friends that I need to cover my eyes…

Finally, Mr. Harsh Mander signs off with this:

I have travelled to many countries in the world in the 60 years of my life. I have never encountered a people as gracious as those in Pakistan. This declaration is my latest act of sedition.

I have encountered many liberals in the world during my lifetime. I have never encountered a depiction of dhimmitude as explicit and lifelike as you have drawn here. My lack of enthusiasm for such a future is my latest act of communalism.

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How Punjab is tearing AAP apart

I have been saying this from Day 1. Personality based parties are inherently limited by the following algorithm:

Let’s say individual A opens a party. Because A is the sole owner of the party and his party exists only to glorify A, we will use “A” both to refer to the party and the person who runs it.

Now, A wants to be PM. The following series of steps will explain his problem.

I) Can A win the LS elections right away? No, that seems impossible.

II) A picks a state to contest him. Maybe A gets lucky and his party becomes a major force there. Perhaps A becomes a Chief Minister.

III) A realizes that India has more than one state.

IV) A goes to another state and tries to spread the party there.

V) But a new state would need a new CM. That would make the new CM equal in rank to A.

VI) A can’t tolerate someone of the same rank.

VII) Even worse: what if A loses the elections in his state. Then, the other leader could be the only CM in his party!

VIII) A has to dissolve the party in the new state.

It’s almost like a mathematical contradiction. There is no way to win a new state without installing a new Chief Minister. And there is no way Kejriwal can tolerate another Chief Minister in AAP.

This doesn’t just apply to Kejriwal. It applies equally to Mayawati or Mulayam Singh or Mamata Banerjee or Lalu Yadav or Nitish Kumar.

In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the AAP won 4 seats from Punjab. As of now, 2 of those 4 MPs have already been kicked out of the party. Kejriwal is mortally scared that someone might overtake him.

If Kejriwal couldn’t handle a meek loser like Dharamvir Gandhi, how could he have handled a boisterous Navjot Singh Sidhu? I feel for Sidhu, I really do. Yes, BJP didn’t treat Sidhu well. But, Sidhu ji, how is life treating you outside BJP? Ha ha…poor Sidhu…he left BJP because he thought his voice wasn’t being heard… lol. And he tried to go to AAP. Little did he realize that in other parties, even breathing too loudly without the explicit permission of the party supremo is crushed with an iron hand.

So, after kicking out 2 MPs from Punjab and spurning Sidhu, what does Kejriwal do? No, the Gestapo within AAP keeps eating its own tail, scouring the party for people who could be challenges to Kejriwal. The one facing the axe is Sucha Singh Chotepur, the hapless AAP state president (convenor) in Punjab.

Amazingly, his own party did some kind of sting on him showing him taking money for party tickets. The sting video was never made public. He was tried internally. Kejriwal declared him dishonest and kicked him out. ROFL!

And so it will go on as the elections approach. Each time an AAP leader shows some promise or draws a crowd or makes a name for himself, the orders will come from the top: get rid of this guy.

Punjab will tear AAP apart. Even if Kejriwal wins it. 

Kejriwal cannot tolerate Sucha Singh Chotepur. How will he tolerate a sitting CM from AAP in Punjab? Maybe he could make an arrangement where every AAP MLA becomes Chief Minister of Punjab exactly for one month…that’s the only way he can keep his personal insecurity under control 🙂 🙂 Or perhaps he could get the Punjab Assembly to actually pass legislation giving all the powers of the Chief Minister to Arvind Kejriwal himself…how would Punjabis like that…I wonder?

Okay…you could say that Kejriwal will move to Punjab himself and become Chief Minister. But what happens to Delhi then? Whichever sycophant he chooses to become Delhi CM will become a threat within weeks. Most of this happens within Kejriwal’s twisted mind, so it doesn’t even matter if the new Delhi CM actually asserts himself…Kejriwal will see a ghost of revolt no matter what.

This leaves behind one last option.  Kejriwal could move to Punjab and place his wife on the throne in Delhi. In that case, I just hope Kejriwal doesn’t end up becoming jealous and filing for divorce… that would be a tragedy…

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Is the BJP-PDP alliance successful after all?

I was not a big fan of the BJP-PDP alliance. I wonder if any BJP supporters are. But I also thought that the people of Jammu deserved to have their own party in power. Of course, our base (nationalist Hindus) remains fundamentally irreconcilable to their base (separatist peacefuls). So, we always knew that the only relevant question would be: which side gives up more in the compromise?

The situation was always going to be distasteful. We always knew the PDP was going to do its best to humiliate the nationalists. And we expected the BJP to use its power to squeeze the separatists. Both sides were sure to feel the sting. But who was humiliated more? Or if you want to put it more pessimistically (and realistically), the question was always which side was going to let down its supporters more?

Let me first explain what I mean by “successful”. Let’s not mince any words here. There was never any chance of PDP and BJP actually cooperating. This so called “alliance” was always going to be a power tussle. So, all I am asking is whether BJP was successful in arm twisting the PDP. Who has the advantage?

Personally, I am beginning to come around to the belief that the alliance has been successful from our point of view. I understand that you folks might have a different view.

Let’s see. After Mufti Sayeed passed away, it was clearly advantage PDP. They had the sympathy wave in Kashmir. The BJP’s indifferent performance in Jammu meant that it was not in a position to face elections. Mehbooba knew she had the advantage and she played clever. She even met Sonia Gandhi so as to give BJP the shivers.

Fortunately, the BJP held its nerve. The state was put under President’s rule. Mehbooba kept blowing hot and cold. She kept coming up with various conditions and preconditions, but as far as I can see the BJP paid no heed. The governor finally asked the PDP ministers (as also BJP ministers) to vacate their bungalows now that the state was under President’s rule with no immediate end in sight.

Amazingly, this simple act did the trick. As  much as Kashmiri leaders are committed to building an Islamic state in Kashmir, they are much more committed to the comforts of sarkari bungalows 🙂 Mehbooba climbed down, met the Prime Minister and was tamely sworn in as CM of the state. Advantage BJP!

Mehbooba understood that. She had gone right back into the alliance with no real preconditions. From what I can see, Modi didn’t offer her any facesaver. No wonder Mehbooba was desperate for an opportunity to humiliate Hindus and console her Kashmiri voters. And so she went for a brutal crackdown at NIT Srinagar. While the PDP acted with an iron hand, the BJP was left sheepishly explaining to its base why they couldn’t be more decisive. Advantage PDP! 

But the killing of Burhan Wani  seems to have been the decisive tipping point in the tussle between the two parties. Central forces have laid down the law aggressively in Kashmir. Mehbooba Mufti could do little more than make a few subdued noises. When she finally spoke up, she loudly slapped her own side:


Ha ha ha ha…ROFL! I wonder what it must feel like to be a PDP supporter in Kashmir right now. Total surrender by PDP to the enemy, to the Hindu BJP government in Delhi. Allow me to take some perverse pleasure in watching the elected leader of Kashmir spit on the faces of their so called “martyrs”…lol. Advantage BJP…no most certainly…it’s advantage BJP. Is PDP in a position to face elections in the Kashmir valley ? Lol… meanwhile Jammu just opened up a brand new IIT. Am I smug? I feel smug…  🙂

Hey Kashmiris, these are your leaders. They love you but they love being in power a lot more. And till Delhi can offer them high sounding titles and prestigious sarkari bungalows, they will always ultimately sell you out. You can go on protesting as long as you want. From what I hear, today is the 51st day of curfew in Kashmir. You guys wanna set a world record for longest curfew? Perhaps win an Olympic medal for that? We can gladly extend that curfew for you…151 days…1051 days…even 151000 days. Whatever you guys would like…it’s totally up to you 🙂

You Kashmiris simply don’t get it. We have well over a million men in uniform. We are not economically dependent on your resources, in fact you folks are critically dependent on us. Pakistan can’t help you and we have decided to open a new front with them in Balochistan. America doesn’t care because they need India for an anti-China axis. Your greedy elected leaders don’t care because they want to enjoy power. There’s no one coming to help you. You guys can just quietly sign up to be Indians or you can have an infinite curfew… Don’t be  fools. Take the deal. It’s really a good one and it’s the best one you will ever get.

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Rahul Gandhi made a fool of himself, again

What more achche din could people ask for? The Gandhi family has gone from making a fool of the nation to making a fool of itself.

Rahul beta, go home. Tumse na ho payega…it’s beyond your ability.

First the Shehzada came charging at the RSS, blaming them for the assassination of the Mahatma. And then one smalltime RSS man from Bhiwandi filed suit against him. At first the Shehzada huffed and puffed. He told a crowd of his media chamchas that he would stand for his principles.

I don’t know what is more funny, a pampered, lazy and rich Shehzada running away from a fight or his media chamchas who believed he would actually put up a fight. See the faith they had in him:


That’s Firstpost on July 21, 2016, hoping that Rahul baba would have the fire in him to win politically. Ha! Dear Mameluks, we understand your Shehzada much better than you do. You had a point there about winning politically, but that would have been possible only if you had brought up your Shehzada to fight. Instead you people brought him up to claim Prime Ministership as a matter of birthright.

Perhaps, the RSS could have won legally and lost politically. But the RSS bet on the possibility that your lazy, pampered prince wouldn’t have the stomach even for the smallest battle. They won the bet.

And now the crown prince has scampered out of the battlefield, leaving his loyal Mameluks to pick up the pieces.


Can you imagine what it takes to make a loyalist like Sandipan Sharma exasperated with the crown prince? No use Sandipan, no use. Ha! Ha! You are only reaping the bitter harvest of what was sowed by generations of courtiers in Lutyens Delhi. For generations, flattery has brought vast fortunes to Indian intelligentsia. As a result, they kept raising the intensity of the flattery until the whole scheme imploded…and now the Lutyens darbaris have raised themselves a Shehzada who doesn’t know how to fight and doesn’t think it’s necessary.

This Shehzada believes that it is the job of the indulgent aunties and uncles in Lutyens to bring him back to power by cooking up “church attacks”, “attacks on Dalits” and “intolerance”. He doesn’t believe in lifting a finger. He doesn’t know how to… You were supposed to do all the heavy lifting while he plays Pokemon Go…

Note to the Right Wing: See how easy this was? This is how you deal with malicious propaganda. Instead of complaining and crying victim, someone from the RSS went and filed a case against them. And it worked so easily. Now if only the rest of the right wing were as proactive in combating the lies…

Note to Mameluks:  Shortly after Rahul made his escape, I saw a truly hilarious trend on Twitter…called #RahulcheckmatesRSS. You Mameluks were so scared to tell the Shehzada the bad news that you decided to console the pampered prince with a twitter trend after a devastating retreat in court. This is your problem actually…it is this constant pampering which has made Rahul such a lazy loser. And when Rahul Gandhi ends up going from 44 to 4 in 2019, perhaps all of you console the Shehzada with a twitter trend like #Rahulsweepselections… Now go and book the Shehzada on a trip to Bangkok, he must be exhausted from 2-3 weeks of politics.

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Dahi Handi : Standing tall against tyranny

I must have been like 10 years old when I first heard my father tell me the news : the Calcutta High Court has banned all firecrackers louder than 64 decibels. I didn’t believe it. I didn’t even fully understand what the Calcutta High Court was and what it could do. There was still a month or so to go before Diwali.

A week later (that’s what I remember) I overheard one of my friends in the neighborhood tell another: “This time Diwali is banned”. I shuddered, but I reassured myself: nobody can take Diwali away. They must be confused.

It was the morning before Diwali and I went as usual with my father for my most favorite trip of the whole year: to the market to buy fireworks and crackers. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was nothing! Instead of the usual long line of stalls selling Diwali stuff, there was just one sad little shop. They had laid out a small collection of fireworks on a few folding chairs. That was it. People stood around with their anxious little kids, all asking the same question: what happened?

The answer was always the same: most trucks carrying fireworks were stopped by the police on suspicion of carrying crackers above 64 decibels. That was it. My father decided to take me out of our little colony into the main market. Everywhere the story was the same. No Diwali for our little town.

I cried that day. Dear High Court, I hated you that day with all the intensity of a 10 year old who had looked forward all year to his favorite day. Milord, how did you forget to arrest me that day for contempt of court? See what happens when the courts  don’t deal with an iron hand with 10 year old Hindu kids? They grow up to become Hindus…polluting the earth, voting for communal parties, taking up precious space and wealth that could have been better utilized by those who have the first right to the nation’s resources:


The war on Diwali was the beginning. With time, every single Hindu ritual and festival came progressively under attack by the judiciary and the elite. Every single aspect of Hindu existence put under siege, mocked and dissected and deformed, thus cementing our second class citizen status in our home country. As this magnificent article in Swarajya points out:

“What is the necessity of such a festival like Jallikattu? There was no festival for four years,” Justice Dipak Misra asked this year while hearing the Jallikattu ban review petition…. 

What would this lead to in say 50 or 100 years down the line? Kshetragnya (a twitter pseudonym) puts it eloquently, ”Not now, but 50 years hence, when liberal judges will have grown bolder, they can deny protection of religious freedom to “Hindus” on the ground that this is not even a “religion” but a “set of social practices” and regressive ones at that.

SC’s mocking tone ridiculing Hindu rituals in its judgments is becoming increasingly comical if not outright outrageous.

Consider its sardonic comment while rejecting the review petition on Dahi Handi yesterday: “Has it [the festival] brought any medal in the Olympics?….I would have been happy if it had brought any medal,” Justice Anil R. Dave said in court..


In today’s India, Kanwariyas are “terrorists” and the court asks what is the need for Dahi Handi if it doesn’t bring Olympic medals…

Such is the status of Hindus in this country. Denied the most basic rights to express themselves. You think there isn’t a liberal right now who is planning a PIL against Kanwariyas? You bet there is. Get ready for a court judgement banning Kanwariyas. And their lordships will ask: “what is the need for Kanwariyas?”

No need for Kanwariyas. No need for Diwali. No need for Dahi Handi and no need for Jallikattu. Sometimes the problem is traffic jams, sometimes its a fear of injuries, sometimes its a fear of pollution, sometimes its women’s rights…Hindus can hardly breathe without causing some kind of offense to the liberal conscience:


What is the “need” for Hindus to stand in the path of progress? What is the “need” for Hindus to stand in the way of liberal values? In fact, what is the need for Hindus to exist at all? Apparently, the only thing that we desperately need in this country is a beef lunch every day for every citizen. As respected Prof. Kancha Ilaiah explains scientifically:

“Vegetarianism will destroy the brain capacity. You cannot compete with vegetarian nationalism with China, Korea, Japan and America who are full scale `beefarians’, `porkians’, fisharians and even `frogarians’.”


Most Hindus don’t even eat beef, making their brains inferior to the rest of the world. Thus Hindus are useless to humanity. Who needs them?

The only heartening thing about yesterday is that some Hindus actually stood up to the tyranny.

But wait, what is the need for this protest? Ban it, please…

But most Hindus, as usual, kept their head down and obeyed, silently tolerating a further squeeze on their right to Hindu existence. Meanwhile liberals having completed yet another victory, moved on to other fashionable causes, such as protesting against the “Burkini ban” on beaches in France…

And some liberals remained behind in NDTV studios to explain science to the ignorant right wingers (watch from 18:25)

Yes, there are risks even in swimming, but Dahi Handi is a bigger problem because when an object falls, its weight increases per pound per square foot due to gravity

The weight increases per pound per square feet due to gravity? Oh I understand…first you take the weight without gravity and then add gravity and then perhaps the weight will increase per pound per square inch. Awesome 🙂  This man deserves to become a posterboy for scientific temper in our country…

But then, what do I know, I am a Hindu male, that too an upper caste and heterosexual one. Perhaps my brain is too “phallocentric” to understand this puzzle.

Physics se azaadi?


How to celebrate Janmashthami like a liberal

Friends, the internet today is full of posters celebrating Janmashthami. As such, for easy reference of our beloved liberals, I have compiled here a handy guide of all the things wrong about yet another Hindu festival.

First of all, tell me, is this photograph Supreme Court approved or not?


Secondly, why is it that we celebrate Janmashthami but never the birth of any female?  Is this not yet another symptom of the deep rooted patriarchy in our traditions? By participating in Janmashthami, are we not sending a clear message to daughters that their birth is not worth celebrating?

Now, take a look at the kind of behavior this festival encourages:


As Ravish Kumar would ask, what is the caste of the boys on whose shoulders the young Krishna is standing? Look at the young Krishna, decked with jewels, clearly richer than the Dalit and Adivasi children beneath him. And he stands on their shoulders as he reaches for the rich treats in the pot above him. This festival is a metaphor for India as it has always been, with Manuvadis enjoying a rich feast as the deprived keep looking on…

The others helped young Kanhaiyya reach for the pot of butter, but he is always shown enjoying the treats all by himself. Sense of entitlement, my friends:


Not to mention that images like this, showing a little child feeding on copious amounts of butter and ghee do not encourage a healthy lifestyle among kids and the larger population. One can imagine the thrill of major multi-national corporations at the religious images telling children its okay to eat unhealthy.

Is it really surprising that this entitled and selfish young boy grows up to become a warmonger?



And he led the Pandavas to fight against their own estranged cousins. A metaphor perhaps for pushing us into war with our cousins in Pakistan? And don’t miss the fact that Krishna was a ruler from Gujarat. Coincidence?

Be a liberal. File a PIL in the Supreme Court against Janmashthami. NOW!

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#DeepState: Election Commission steps in to shield the Commies

Congratulations, Comrade Yechury.

No, really. You know the reason I started this blog was to regain a sense of power, no matter how small, against the dominant anti-Hindu narrative. Even though I know that my blog will never have a fraction of the readership of a prominent Mameluk mouthpiece, I  generally write in a mocking tone, as if addressing our enemies. For a few moments, for a few sentences, I can pretend as if I and the Mameluks are standing on a level playing field to air our views. I can pretend as if the billions of $$$ that separate their propaganda budget from mine do not matter. For a few moments, I feel powerful, a spark of citizen empowerment that terrifies the entitled and entrenched elite. And well, if it does not really terrify them, at least it irritates them. I’ll take what I can get. 

And then there are posts where I genuinely feel downcast, as if there is a boot crushing my face. This is one of them. This is a post that recognizes the depressing reality our times and reminds us of the ultimate futility of our endeavors against the deep state.

No, really, Congratulations Comrade Yechury.



It was WE the people who rejected you. WE the people didn’t want the Commies. WE the people didn’t want you to enjoy the perks of being a “National Party”. The status of “National Party” is not a birthright, but a privilege that must be earned. You must earn it by bowing your head and going on your knees before the Indian voter. Or  at least that’s what we thought.

WE the people didn’t want you to be a National Party. WE didn’t want you to be enjoying the privileges of swanky taxpayer funded offices in Delhi. WE decided to fling the Commies into the gutters of history (where, incidentally, they would have met all their idols from Marx to Stalin to Castro).

To the Commies, we the people said NO.

But the Deep State said YES:

The Election Commision of India has come to the rescue of political parties like the Bahujan Samaj Party, the Nationalist Congress Party and the Communist Party of India (Marxist), which were set to lose their national party status after their dismal performance in the last Lok Sabha poll and subsequent assembly elections….The Election Commission notified a change in its rules on Monday allowing a review of a political party’s national party status after two successive elections and not after every poll as is the present case.

The Deep State changed its rules so that the Commies of Lutyens Delhi could stay. No need to win any votes; you can just do an end run around the democratic process.

You know the scary part? This isn’t even the first time this has happened:



Behold, my friends. This is the terrifying face of the Deep State. The CPI(M) had also gotten into trouble with its National Party status in the year 2000. Then, just like now, the Election Commission had stepped in to quickly change the rules so that the Commies could stay.

This time, the fellow beneficiaries of the EC’s largesse are BSP and NCP. Back in 2000, it was parties like RPI. The common factor? The Commies.

Watching the Deep State defend its own almost makes me emotional about my support for BJP. Where would the BJP be if it were not for the support of the people of this country? The BJP doesn’t have godfathers sitting in the Deep State ready to shower it with rewards it did not earn. It makes me emotional to think of the BJP’s struggle to snatch power from the jaws of the Deep State.

Just remember, the same Election Commission that now revises its rules to suit the CPI(M) had even tried to ban the BJP. Not too long ago. That was 2007, when the EC decided that it did not like the opinions expressed in one campaign CD of the BJP. At that time, the BJP had as many as 139 MPs in the Lok Sabha. The same EC that haughtily wanted to snatch even party status from BJP is now bending over to give the coveted “National Party status”to CPIM and its <10 Lok Sabha MPs. That fateful day in 2007, not one free speech activist, not one intellectual stood by the right of India’s biggest opposition party to freely express itself in its own words. The EC eventually chickened out and didn’t ban the BJP.

Why? Who stopped the hand of the EC from finishing the BJP that day? It was fear of the people! The media mostly underplayed the fateful trial of the BJP before the Election Commission in 2007. But if the EC had really decided to dismiss 139 elected MPs, some 800 elected MLAs, several Chief Ministers and literally thousands of local representatives in one day with one stroke of pen, there was sure to be a massive reaction. Quite simply, there were just too many supporters of the BJP. The Deep State realized that banning the BJP was not a realistic proposition. The Deep State chickened out. They surrendered to our power.

And now as I watch the EC fold itself up like a docile doormat at the foot of the Communist Party, my heart swells with pain, cynicism and worst of all, with a sense of resignation. Congratulations, Comrade Yechury. My childhood was deeply connected with Bengal.  I know how to obey the red boot over my face. And today I feel that boot again.

Lal Salaam, Comrade Yechury, Lal Salaam…

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Uttar Pradesh : BJP needs a CM face

Considering that ABP News survey from yesterday was done by CSDS, by far the most respected survey agency, we have to take these predictions seriously.


Mayawati at No. 3? Hmmmm… and we had grown used to thinking that she is the main challenger. Let’s see the story in vote shares:


The surprise is that SP has suddenly jumped from being No.3 to No. 1! So, what gives the SP this 3% advantage. The real problem is here:


With no CM candidate declared for the BJP campaign, there is no face to present to the voter. Elections in India have become more and more presidential. Narendra Modi himself is the biggest beneficiary of this transformation. And only heaven knows when Modi-Shah will understand that the same applies to state elections.

Give us a face Amit Shah and watch that 3% gap with SP disappear.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of interesting takeaways from the ABP news poll.

(1) First, the situation in UP is extremely fluid at the moment: Just compare the conclusions published yesterday by ABP to their previous opinion poll done in March (note however that the March poll was done by Nielsen, not by CSDS)

March 2016 (ABP News)

BSP : 185  (31% vote)

BJP : 120 (24% vote)

SP: 80 (23% vote)

Aiugust 2016 (ABP News)

BSP: 108 (26% vote)

BJP : 130 (27% vote)

SP: 146 (30% vote)

The divergence between the two polls is MASSIVE. From being close to a majority at 185, Mayawati is now a poor third, barely managing to reach double digits. SP has seen a massive jump from 23% to 30% and BJP has also added a significant 3%, going from 24% to 27%. How did Mayawati manage to drop from 31% to 26% so suddenly?

All it can mean is that the situation on the ground is extremely fluid. The voter is approaching this election with an open mind. Whoever manages to create a perception of victory will cross the majority mark. I am 100% sure it won’t be a hung assembly… the voter just hasn’t decided yet.

(2) Mayawati’s Dalit+Muslim combo is not happening:  The worst nightmare for BJP is a Dalit+Muslim vote bank. It doesn’t just mean defeat in Uttar Pradesh. The philosophical implications of Dalit+Muslim axis are massive: it is the ultimate dream of all Break India forces. It strikes at the very heart of Hindu society and undermines us in a very fundamental manner. Thankfully, it does not seem to be happening at all:

So, Muslims are going to Mullah Mulayam by an overwhelming margin. On top of that, there is now incredible confusion about who the secular frontrunner is : SP or BSP. That’s when Muslims don’t know who to vote tactically for. Advantage BJP.

(3) Dayashankar’s comments have not given Mayawati an edge: This survey was done between July 23 and August 7, right after Dayashankar Singh made his comments on July 21. This poll was done at the peak of the media campaign against BJP over Dalits. And it shows Mayawati lagging behind at No. 3! Wow!

What we are seeing is possibly a reflection of Mayawati’s organizational weakness. It is time to swoop in and finish BSP.

See, the way parties like BSP work is this: they expect to win and lose alternate elections. So, when they are in power, they engage in loot and plunder which is supposed to last them during their 5 years in the Opposition. The weakness in this strategy is that if they lose two successive elections, there is not enough loot left to last them another 5 years in the Opposition. As a result, the party goes into a collapse. The BSP will spend between 2012-2017 what it plundered between 2007-2012. If they lose 2017, there is no backup plan. Their “investors” will pull out the money because they can’t wait 10 years for a return on investment. In 2014, the BSP did not win a single seat. This is the weakest the BSP has been in more than a decade. Defeat them in UP this time and BSP will disintegrate before 2019, completely surrendering all its votes to BJP.

There is a reason most of the media has been cheering Mayawati in the run up to these polls. If she loses 2017, it may be all over for her party. And Mayawati, with her anti-Manuvaad rhetoric, fires up the imagination of the anti-Hindu liberals in a manner that SP does not.

(4) BJP needs to consolidate non-Yadav OBC votes: The real problem for the BJP lurks here.

Yes, 38% is way ahead of everyone else. But it is far from the 50%+ consolidation that SP is getting among its Yadav and Muslim voters. Now admittedly, “other OBCs”  are a heterogeneous collection of numerous castes and subcastes, unlike Yadavs, for instance. But for BJP to win, that number among the other OBCs needs to reach 50%. Push it to 50% and Uttar Pradesh is ours.

And how can that consolidation happen? By announcing Keshav Maurya as CM candidate. Do it now. NOW!



#Amnesty : Why Sadanand Dhume is wrong

Let me explain why Sadanand Dhume is a symptom of a deeper problem within the right wing. We all know that the chattering classes are packed with left liberals. This is a source of constant consternation for the Right wing. It is our chief grievance online, it is also the reason I began writing this blog. But this lack of right wing voices within the elite has a side effect: the handful of elites who voice right wing ideas within the chattering classes begin to think that they are God’s gift to the right wing.  

And that is what people like Sadanand Dhume and Swapan Dasgupta often end up doing. Something similar happens with Arun Jaitley, who has access to the elite circles of Delhi. These people believe they are in some ways “too good to be right wingers”. The contempt they have for the average right winger is just as much as the contempt someone like Sagarika or Barkha Dutt has.

And there is no better way to experience Dhume’s contempt than to read his latest article in the Wall Street Journal titled “India’s Human Rights own goal” :

What is the essence of this article? Dhume talks down to Modi and BJP and ABVP much like Sagarika Ghose or Rana Ayyub would have.

It takes talent to turn an obscure discussion in Bangalore on human rights into an international embarrassment for the Indian government. But you can trust the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad, a student group affiliated with the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, to pull off such a feat…”

First, the nitpicking. The ABVP is NOT affiliated to the BJP. The ABVP is another organization within the Sangh Parivar, like the BJP. Of course, Dhume would have known this detail if he did not have so much contempt for right wingers on the ground. Now, the talking down really starts:

For Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the showdown with Amnesty is only the latest in a string of confrontations with international non-governmental organizations including Greenpeace and the Ford Foundation.”

Whoa! You know, Dhume, you almost make it sound as if the “international non-governmental organizations” have a legitimacy equivalent to Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi. Tell those “international NGOs” that they can come back when they win a democratic mandate with 170 million votes.

And what the hell is an “international NGO anyway”? Tell us, Dhume. Does it operate under the laws made by the world government of the global elite, eh? Hanging out in Washington, you may not realize this but India is fully sovereign. Any “international NGO” operating in India is subject to our domestic laws. Just like MNCs operating in India have to follow our laws. You are guilty of the same crime of placing the so called “non-profit NGOs” on a pedestal as compared to “profit hungry MNCs”. And you call yourself a free market guy…lol.

The next sentence is pure gold:

The pattern underscores tension between Mr. Modi’s pragmatic foreign policy and his party’s sometimes dyspeptic base.

“Dyspeptic”? What’s that? I had to google for that word. The top result on google explaining the meaning of the word was absolutely priceless, so I had to post a screenshot:


Ha ha…what happens when you are writing an essay to show off your contempt for ground level right wingers? You end up having to search for “old fashioned words that are not often used any more”…

On the world stage, Mr. Modi has used India’s democracy to forge closer ties with the United States, Japan and other like-minded countries. But instead of seeing democratic values—including the right to publicly chant slogans offensive to many Indians—as one of the country’s great strengths, many BJP supporters see it as a weakness…”

Again, Dhume is guilty of talking down to the right wing and making two assumptions about us:

(1) First, he assumes that the RW does not understand what “free speech” means. He thinks he is the great ambassador of democracy showing us the light …teaching us that free speech must protect slogans offensive to Indians. Ha! We already know that, Dhume.

Let me explain. You know how so many countries have these things called nuclear warheads? And I’ll bet all the nuclear powers realize that nukes would be the end of the world. But no country ever gets rid of their own warheads. Because no one thinks that it is smart to do unilateral disarmament.

So, do not expect the RW to do unilateral disarmament in India. You could have used your platform in the Wall Street Journal to point out how the RW is the worst victim of India’s censorship laws. Right wing leaders of the BJP and RSS are banned from speaking, from entering certain areas, even states on a regular basis. They are regularly slammed with cases of “communal disharmony” and sent to jail. These cases are in no way different from the kind of case that Amnesty now faces, but then Amnesty is an “international NGO” possibly operating on a mandate from the World Government, no? Heck, Dhume you could have pointed out that in 2007 the BJP, then the largest opposition party in India, was about to be banned because the Election Commission felt that the views in one of the BJP’s campaign CDs were not up to “approved standards” of speech. But you didn’t do that…you opted for the same selective schizophrenia that characterizes liberal outrage over made up church attacks… Or the kind of selective outrage that cries for Kanhaiya Kumar getting lightly beaten up, but ignores BJP workers being hacked to pieces or pumped with bullets from an AK47 rifle…

(2) Secondly, Dhume is guilty of assuming that the Right Wing is not adequately informed about the free speech laws of the majority of these “like minded countries”. Which countries are you talking about Dhume? Don’t these democracies have anti-free speech laws themselves? Take France. Doesn’t France have a one year prison sentence for anybody who denies Nazi war crimes in the holocaust? Take Germany. Isn’t it illegal in Germany to publish Nazi propaganda, even use the Nazi Swastika? Isn’t Hitler’s book Mein Kampf banned in Germany? Nazi propaganda is banned in Austria, in Hungary and a whole bunch of European countries. And there are all sorts of hate speech laws in Canada, in Australia, in Sweden and Denmark and Britain and pretty much everywhere.

Why? Perhaps because people in European countries find Nazi propaganda “offensive”. You know…a bit like how Indian people might find slogans of azaadi offensive..

Two wrongs against free speech don’t make a right. But then, spare us the lecture about “like minded countries”. The vast majority of these democratic “like minded countries” censor political speech themselves.  Why would they have a problem with us doing the same thing?

Here is the third huge mistake Dhume makes:

the case against Amnesty in India is built on a fundamental mischaracterization of geopolitics. Many of the organization’s critics see human rights groups as part of a deep-rooted Western conspiracy to dismember India. This may have been halfway plausible during the Cold War when India all-but-formally tilted toward the Soviet Union. Today the idea is downright risible. Over the past two decades, the rise of China, the threat from radical Islam, and India’s fast-growing economy have largely aligned Western and Indian interests.

We are finally at the core of Dhume’s erroneous thinking. Dhume’s problem is that he cannot imagine India dealing with the West on equal terms. Why does Dhume feel that our ban on “Azaadi” propaganda embarasses us in front of Western nations even though Western nations mostly ban Nazi propaganda themselves? Because he sees India as the raw recruit begging to be let into the “like minded club”. So, we have to explain to them, they don’t have to explain to us. In doing so, Dhume embraces the same dynamic that has dogged India’s foreign policy failures: letting them sit in judgment over us.

Here’s an idea. How about we don’t explain to them and they don’t explain to us? How about we treat each other as sovereign countries supporting each other’s common interests? Strange, no?

Just because our interests align with the West doesn’t mean we accept Western suzerainty. How about a partnership based on mutual respect and cooperation and goodwill? Here Dhume’s perspective is also clouded by spending too much time in the West. You see, the so called West is really an extension of the United States. All  European powers, the Canadians and Australians have basically agreed to become subjects of Washington. Dhume is rightly confused about India, which wants a partnership with the US without becoming a satellite state.  We want to keep our sovereignty. And not just Dhume, most of the Washington elite does not understand this concept. 

Perhaps civilization plays a role here. Perhaps it is easier for a Canadian or a Brit to accept US dominion over their country. But we Indians are a separate civilization, we cannot sign on the dotted line giving up our sovereignty to the US. We can only offer them friendship and cooperation and respect. But not our sovereignty.  And I believe that the United States is mature enough to accept this offer of friendship. If they are not, they will soon realize that it’s the best way. And the only way forward.

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Lessons to learn from the Mood of the Nation poll

The latest Mood of The Nation poll from India Today is out. It’s not really a surprise to hear that Modi is likely to win the election again if polls were held today. But, I felt that the poll reflects some interesting facts about BJP and Indian politics that deserve a detailed analysis.

(1) Chief Ministers are the BJP’s strongest line of defense: Here’s Raman Singh, holding on to Fortress Chhattisgarh :


He is ranked as the 3rd most popular CM in the country. Who is #2? Well that would be Shivraj Mama, a true gem. His approval rating stands at 81%! Chief Ministers are the core of the BJP. Because if 2019 were to throw up an unexpected result, it is in the state capitals where the BJP will find the oxygen to survive and fight another battle. After 2004, the BJP’s so called “Central leadership” was totally spineless for almost 8 years until Modi came along and breathed confidence into the ranks. And one of the reasons the Congress is finding it so hard to stand up again is that it has almost no regional heavyweights left. The few that the Congress does have, like Amrinder Singh, are being punished for being smarter than Rahul Gandhi. The Congress obviously has a policy that no one is allowed to be smarter than the Shehzada. Considering the fact that almost anyone would be smarter than Pappu, you can see why the party is digging its own grave…

But that’s not an excuse for BJP to leave aside the task of leader building. It has just plugged a hole in Gujarat state unit. There are 4 other, easily identifiable regional satraps that BJP should nurture by giving them a free hand: Vashundhara Raje, Devendra Fadnavis, Sarbananda Sonowal and B S Yeddyurappa.

One final note on this: what about Goa? With Manohar Parrikar moving to Delhi, the BJP has lost a regional satrap. Laxmikant Parsekar is not a Manohar Parrikar. It is time for BJP to send a clear message to Parrikar, tell him that he cannot be “weekend CM” of Goa. Both the people of the state and the state BJP deserve a leader of their own. No state is negligible, however small.

(2) BJP has to recalibrate its strategy against Nitish Kumar: So Raman Singh and Shivraj came in at #3 and #2, but who’s #1? Who is the most popular CM?


This is NOT good news. Nitish Kumar’s ability to hang on to the seat of power by hook or by crook is nothing short of amazing. His JDU had a vote share of 16% in Bihar. Has the JDU contested without the Mahagathbandhan on all 243 seats, maybe their voteshare would be about 20%. Isn’t it amazing that a man with a vote share of 16-20% has a brand value that stands at 87%? The elections exposed a lot of weaknesses in his party: he had no chance without Lalu’s help and the RJD won more seats than the JDU did. But Nitish Kumar’s face makes up for what the JDU lacks in cadre.

The BJP in Bihar has the cadre. The RJD in Bihar has the cadre. And Nitish Kumar has been enjoying the CM chair since 2005, standing turn by turn on shoulders of BJP and RJD. That is impressive, no matter how you look at it.

The seeds of this bizarre political arrangement lie in a disastrous decision of Atal Behari Vajpayee in 2000 to make Nitish Kumar the CM face in Bihar for NDA. Never give an alliance partner too much leeway. The BJP was out of power in Maharashtra for 15 years because it allowed Shiv Sena to take the lead. Flipping this ridiculous alliance will be an abiding legacy of Amit Shah.

The onus is now on Amit Shah to build in Bihar. Sushil Modi is the only choice here, really. There is no use dilly-dallying now. Give Sushil Modi command of Bihar BJP and perhaps declare Nandkishor Yadav as a face for Deputy CM. And it doesn’t hurt to play a little Chanakya and open some lines of communication with Lalu Yadav. Didn’t Nitish do the unthinkable and win power? So can BJP.

Why is Lalu Yadav sticking with Nitish? Because the only thing Lalu cares about now is settling his children. Go out and convince Lalu that there is no chance Nitish will share anything with his kids. That unless Lalu asserts his authority, Nitish is bound to backstab him like he backstabbed us. Get him to demand a clear and more conspicuous role for RJD in the ruling government. They have more votes. They have more seats. They deserve better.

(3) Modi’s seat in Delhi looks unshakeable : Untitled

So here are the projected vote shares for NDA in the mood of the nation polls since 2014:

April 2015: 38%

Aug 2015: 37%

Feb 2016: 37%

Aug 2016: 40%

Now, these vote shares in themselves might not have meant much, except that there is a remarkable stability to these numbers. Four successive polls, all showing the NDA hovering around the 40% mark. It is the consistency. With half the term over, we should have begun to see the signs of anti-incumbency, if there was any. But Modi’s numbers have held solidly near the 40% mark.

The 2019 election is definitely Modi’s game to lose. There is not a challenger in sight. In fact, it seems to be looking worse and worse for Rahul Gandhi… Regional challengers like Nitish Kumar or Kejriwal have no chance of reaching 20, let alone 272. And if there is one stable trend for last 15 years in Indian politics, it is that people like decisive five year governments and clear leaders. Modi has all the cards in his hands now. Don’t blow it.