In Moradabad,Congress and Pakistan alliance comes out in the open

As Rahul baba continues to amuse voters all across the state of Uttar Pradesh, I just thought I would check in and find out what’s going on.

On this somewhat lazy Sunday, here is a video from Samachar Plus channel of a Congress party procession in Moradabad, where full throated chants of “Pakistan zindabad” are mixed in with chants of “Congress party zindabad”. Awww…isn’t this nice?

Now think about Mani Shankar Aiyar asking Pakistan to remove Modi and bring back Congress and put two and two together.

Fortunately, as you will see, the Congress rally in the video has absolutely pathetic attendance. As Congress brings its alliance with Pakistan into the open, it seems very few are willing to follow the party and its moronic leader straight into the dustbin of history.

And they ask questions like this:


I’ll tell you straight Rajdeep. No, this is not possible today. Because Atal Behari Vajpayee was not an absolute moron like Rahul Gandhi. Can you imagine Pappu being sent on an important diplomatic mission to Pakistan? And also because Vajpayee’s rallies never had chants of Pakistan zindabad.

Have a great Sunday folks.


14 thoughts on “In Moradabad,Congress and Pakistan alliance comes out in the open

  1. the zindabad in pakistan zindabad is choppy, maybe its doctored ? listen carefully. I don’t think people all around would tolerate “Pakistan zindabad” slogans. congress has no future in UP, take for instance, despite Moradabad having close to 50% muslim population and all the 5 MLA’s are muslim, none of then is from congress, the so-called secular party.

    On another note, even if congress shouts, “Pakistan tere tukde honge, insha-allah insha-allah” / “Pakistan, you will be broken in to pieces”, I wouldn’t trust them because there strategy is clear, nurture the caste divisions in hindus and unite one or two of those divisions with muslims & Christians to win elections & that’s secularism, division of hindus & unison of one of those divisions with abhramics to win elections & claim triumph over forces that first want to unite hindus.

    On yet another note, the logical consequence of the much cherished goal “annihilation of jati” would be unity of hindus, the logical consequence of “developing mutual respect among jatis” would be unity of hindus, BOTH go against the congress’s secular strategy of winning elections and communist’s strategy of destroying Hinduism, so one should ask why and how will they do it, they will do it in a way that avoids unification of hindus, destroy old ones and create new divisions.

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  2. Absolutely agree with you rsplenum on ‘the logical consequence of the much cherished goal “annihilation of jati” would be unity of hindus, the logical consequence of “developing mutual respect among jatis” would be unity of hindus, ‘.

    Whether doctored or not, BJP should capitalize on this at every election meetings, debates hereafter.


    A prime example of human rights hacktivists being casteist.Such things are kosher,or rather Halal,in our liberal circles.
    This rogue is trying to shift the blame from Peace onto caste.Such articles subtlely defending Peace and Love try to lull the middle and lower class to sleep.It happens in both regional and national media.
    Are you sure that the above video is genuine CW ji?
    Even if it isn’t,it doesn’t matter.Mani “Stephens” Iyer asking the Pakis (Paki is a slur in Telgu :-D) to invade is proof enough.The cat was out of the bag with that.


  4. I would not be surprised at all. The party which looted India for decades and never cared for it’s people is capable to join hands with enemies for the lust of power. Congress is hungry, Congressmen are starving, they may steep to any depth to regain power.


  5. Knowing the mood of the nation presently, I cannot imagine people shouting Pakistan Zindabad slogan were friends of Congress party or Rahul Gandhi. They must be of the same class who looted Khats after Rahul Gandhi’s rally.

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