Lord of the peacefuls: The Yakub Memon trilogy

It does appear that Yakub Memon did some good after all. Yesterday, my blog got the highest number of hits it has ever received. So let me first replug here the 3 posts of the Yakub memon trilogy:

1) Dynastycrook Jyoti Punwani is breaking her bangles as Yakub Memon prepares for 72 virgins


Bonus material: Dynastycrook Jyoti has continued her wailing at Troll.in after that post was written. Here is her latest shitting, titled: “When compassion failed and baying for blood prevailed


Sorry Jyoti, the 72 virgins won. Yakub bhaijaan is probably partying like hell right now… so deal with it.

2) Dynastycrook Rudaali Brigade takes up the cause of Yakub Memon


3) 72 virgins vs 72 Rudaalis


Bonus material: How did I miss Desperatecrook Shruti Seth yesterday? Somebody please give this woman a job. The publicity from her last “open letter” to Narendra Modi has faded away already and her career is back in the ICU.


That was then. This is now 🙂


Tell you what, Shruti… why don’t you write up a mercy petition for your dying career and send it over to the President of India?


72 virgins vs 72 Rudaalis

You know what made the hanging of Yakub Memon more special, more delicious than the execution of Afzal Guru or Ajmal Kasab? The fact that Yakub was not executed secretly; rather the date was boldly announced in advance and Yakub was dragged to the gallows in full view of anti-national Rudaalis, kicking and screaming. The people of India went to sleep last night with the reassuring feeling that justice would be done the next morning and though certain seculars tried to create some mischief during the night, we all woke up to the good news in the morning.

The tussle between 72 virgins pulling Yakub towards Jannat and the 72 Rudaalis trying to keep him in this dirty land of Kafirs continued all night and it gives me great pleasure to say that the 72 virgins won. Looks like Yakub who killed 257 people was pissing and shitting his pants when it came to his own death…. ha ha 🙂

Yakub bhaijaan is gone now, but the Rudaalis are still crying. Let’s enjoy their delicious agony…

Here’s The Hindu, the guardian of anti-national values, compulsory reading for every phony intellectual who wanted some career advancement during the Dynasty years: they came out with an “Editorial view” on Yakub’s execution:


Carrying out the sentence will only have the appearance of a justice that is retributive and vengeful, not substantial or morally different from the very offence that gave rise to the proceedings.

ROFL! Your bhaijaan received the fullest protection of the law and numerous hearings in the highest court. That’s a lot more than the procedures in the “people’s courts” run by your beloved comrades where people are “tried” and executed within an hour. So please don’t cry now. And don’t even get me started about the innocents who are blown up with landmines by your beloved comrades. So…SHUT UP!

Here’s Rana Ayyub’s Rudaali:

Collective conscience? You bet!

One of the most shameful things that is happening right now is scumbags putting the death of Dr. Kalam and …. in the same sentence (but I wont, so I am leaving the space for his name blank)

Contradicting reports? The Supreme Court already called your bluff repeatedly. Tehelka’s Finger Queen might have “contradicting reports”, but that’s irrelevant.

Saggy aunty is foaming at the mouth:

Ha ha…the pain she is feeling. I truly rejoice at her misery. Nevertheless, I just want to briefly address here the “point” she thinks she is making. In law, it is a well accepted principle that the basis for “guilty” and “not guilty” are different. The law is very clear about the standard of “innocent until proven guilty”. This means that in order to release a person, there is no need to be absolutely sure about his/her innocence. On the other hand, in order to punish a person, guilt has to be proved “beyond all reasonable doubt”. The law fully accepts that even if a lot of guilty people escape freely, not even one innocent person should face punishment. So, if you think there are people who are guilty but have gotten away free, it’s nothing new; accepting this reality is built into the philosophy of law.

Here’s Dynastycrook Mihir Sharma:

He he… terror has no religion, remember?

You are wrong. Remember the murder of 257 innocents? That’s the bloodthirst.

False argument again!

Ha ha…this is your brain on the Dynasty drug.

The Congress obviously is scared to come out openly in support of Yakub. But they are mysteriously enraged today 🙂 Wonder why 🙂

Remember Americai Narayanan, the Congi who came as party spokesperson just once on The Newshour and then trended for days on Twitter for being so hilariously stupid? He just spilled the beans:

Here’s Malini Parthasarathy, Editor of The Hindu. She is the one who famously said that Modi is not qualified to be PM because he isn’t fluent in all Indian languages (lol)

Quoting  Portia from The Merchant of Venice? Let me quote Shakespeare right back to you:

Wouldst thou have a serpent sting thee twice?” (will you let a snake bite you again?)

Yes, that’s why Yakub is being executed.


Dynastycrook Saba Naqvi spits on our national heros

Monday July 27 was a bad day for India. First, there were peacefuls from Pakistan who carried out yet another peace mission in Punjab’s Gurdaspur. After a fierce gun battle, all 3 peacefuls received 72 virgins each, but in the process many policemen were martyred, including Superintendent of Police Baljit Singh. Later that night, the nation received terrible news that our inspiration Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam had passed away. As the nation was grieving for its heros, Dynastycrook Saba Naqvi put out the following tweet:

Just when you thought Dynastycrooks couldn’t lower the bar, the pigs managed to dig themselves deeper into a shithole. The passing away of missile man Dr. Kalam, the martyrdom of policemen in the line of duty…both being compared to the impending death of Yakub Memon! It doesn’t get worse than this. We understand that the hanging of  Yakub is causing Saba aunty a lot of pain and we hope for many more such Burre din for her. Ignoring the shock and outrage on Twitter, this Mameluk continued to twist the knife:

This is one of the rare moments when a liberal slipped off her mask so completely and openly justified terrorism. Her tweet brings to mind this old tweet from ABP News’ Abhisar Sharma:

Yes, Abhisar Sharma did hold somewhat to the Congress party line of talking about “genocide” in Gujarat, but these tweets were still a rare moment of honesty from journalists.

Previously the political editor of Dynasty mouthpiece Outlook magazine, Saba Naqvi is one of the prominent mediacrooks along with Robber Sardesai, Saggy aunty, Nikhil Wagle etc who lost their jobs after the Modi wave hit hard in May 2014.

Till now, this Mameluk was best known for this famous tweet on Varanasi before the Lok Sabha election:


Tell you what? We the people of India are grateful that the support for Kejriwal  in Varanasi stayed “silent” and this travelling circus of AAP was sent back to Delhi. Here is Dynastycrook Saba Naqvi’s assessment of Uttar Pradesh barely a month before the Lok Sabha elections of 2014:


BSP is way ahead in the working on the ground followed by SP.”

Ha ha…BSP was so far ahead that it ended up with exactly 0 seats 🙂 And here’s another gem from her analysis:

A long drive through the landscape reveals the “wave” is yet to hit shoreline.

He he…she should have turned around, because the Modi tsunami was behind her.

Not content with putting Dr. Kalam at the same level as Yakub Memon, Saba Naqvi continues her jihad to support Yakub. She then retweeted this tweet from …who else… Saggy aunty…


Still not enough. Then the Mameluk posted yet another tweet:

A week or so ago, I wrote about how some comparatively unknown Dynastycrook called Jyoti Punwani had taken the lead in the Rudaali brigade for Yakub Memon, but now it seems that the Saba Naqvis and Saggy aunties of the world are playing catch up desperately. As far as I understand the complex legalese, the SC bench today will take a final call on Yakub’s hanging. On one side are the 72 Rudaalis like Jyoti Punwani, Saggy aunty and Saba Naqvi desperately trying to hold on to Yakub. On the other side are 72 virgins calling out to Yakub from jannat. Let’s see which team wins…

Dynastycrook Pratibha Patil is a symbol of everything that was wrong with Sonia’s India

First of all, I want to pay deepest respects to our national hero, our Bharat Ratna Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam. With the passing of Dr. Kalam, we are reminded once again of his successor Pratibha Devisinh Patil, the Mameluk who was a symbol for everything that was wrong with Sonia Gandhi’s India.

If Dr. Kalam became a symbol of everything a young boy from a poor family with a dream and a willingness to work hard could achieve, Pratibha Patil became a symbol of the rich rewards you can reap by bootlicking the dynasty.

The shamelessness of Pratibha Patil is quite well known, but here are just a few reminders:

Pratibha Patil took up to 11 relatives on 18 trips in a year


President Pratibha Patil travelling to Seychelles and South Africa with two grandchildren is hardly an exception. RTI records show that Patil has been accompanied by at least three to as many as 11 family members in 14 domestic trips and four foreign trips in the space of a year.

Well, its a standard Congi practise to share the loot with the family. As I have written about before, the dynasty’s Mameluks are now sniffing the tail of Robber Vadra’s son Rehan! So, what else did you expect?

Okay, but you cannot become a favorite of the Dynasty simply by taking some relatives on foreign trips. How did Pratibha Patil manage to impress the dynasty? At one time, Pratibha Patil used to run the kitchen in the Dynasty household. The Dynasty recognized the enterprising spirit of this crook:


The cooperative bank in Jalgaon set up by the UPA-Left’s Presidential nominee Pratibha Patil, ostensibly to empower women, had its licence revoked in 2003 by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for alleged financial irregularities….Among the lengthy grounds listed by the RBI for cancellation of the license was the faulty loan policy of the bank and loan interest waivers given, among others, to Pratibha Patil’s relatives….According to complaints sent by the Bank’s union leaders, as many as a dozen of Patil’s relatives were granted loans (totalling Rs 2.2 crore including penalties, most declared Non Performing Account holders) by the cooperative bank.

Ha ha… The Dynasty is the country’s biggest non-performing asset that has run into lakhs of crores since Jawaharlal Nehru came to occupy Teen Murti Bhavan (his ghost has been occupying it ever since he died shortly after betraying the country to the Chinese).

There’s more:

Another list of relatives got a waiver of penal interest and charging interest (totalling Rs 41 lakh) and were allowed to close their accounts prior to the bank’s liquidation.”

But here is the funniest part:

When The Indian Express sought his comments, Dilipsingh Patil, Pratibha’s elder brother, who pointed out that it was not possible for his son to take loans from a bank run for and controlled by women, admitted that he too had taken loans from the bank.”

See? This kind of gender confusion is common among dynastycrooks 🙂 Pratibha Patil’s brother and nephew got loans from a bank for women. Recently, Teesta’s husband Javed Anand was found purchasing sanitary napkins with the money he had collected for charity.

Pratibha Patil was a glaring symbol of the atrophy caused by decades of corruption and nepotism of the Gandhi dynasty…a tumor that got so large that the public finally revolted in 2014. Not only did she lower the dignity of the office of the President (especially being successor to the illustrious Dr. Kalam), she also brought shame to our nation’s women. Our nation will never be able to erase the fact that she was indeed our first female President and the fact that our first female President was not a woman of substance, but a Dynastycrook who made a career out of corruption at every level.

It’s the same with the Dynasty really. We can’t really erase them from our history. But what we can do is build a nation based on meritocracy and economic progress so that we can erase these crooks from our collective memory.

Dynastycrooks at ICHR are in trouble :)

Great news! Following an expose by Mail Today, the government has ordered an enquiry against the Dynastycrooks at ICHR who have been looting the nation for decades:


The scam relates to prominent crooks who have been plundering govt money in the name of carrying out various book projects for the ICHR, predominantly translation projects. They just took the money and ran away; they did absolutely nothing! From the article:

the main beneficiaries were — the late RS Sharma, the first ICHR chairperson, S Gopal, Romila Thapar, Bipan Chandra, Irfan Habib, his father Mohammad Habib, and of course Satish Chandra! ”

Ah…what an august gathering of Dynastycrooks! Its almost like Queen Sonia is doing a roll call of her Mameluks to parade in front of her!

The Daily Mail has made a list of everything these crooks charged the government for and didn’t do (thanks Daily Mail):


No, that is not a list of  projects commissioned by Lalu Prasad Yadav as Bihar CM when the money was stolen and nothing was done. It is a roll call of all the eminent personalities who plunder the country in the name of “intellectualism”.

Few months ago, when Y Sudershan Rao, apparently someone with RSS sympathies, was appointed Chairperson of the ICHR, the leftist hens were clucking loudly in protest as Modi’s boot hit their nest. Leading the pack was one of the queen of intellectual scamsters Romila Thapar:


Given that the writing of history in India over the last half-century has produced some of the finest historians, recognised both nationally and internationally, one is surprised at the appointment of Professor Y. Sudershan Rao as chairperson of the Indian Council for Historical Research (ICHR). Professor Rao’s work is unfamiliar to most historians, with little visibility of research that he might have carried out. He has published popular articles on the historicity of the Indian epics but not in any peer-reviewed journal, and the latter is now a primary requisite for articles to be taken seriously at the academic level.

Ha ha … why does Romila Thapar feel that “academic credentials” are needed to lead the ICHR? Romila Thapar and her associates pocketed money and didn’t do anything. What kind of academic credential is needed to successfully achieve that? I could walk up to anyone on the street and ask them: do you have the ability to successfully take a few lakh rupees and do nothing for me in return? As far as I can see, anyone could do that. Heck, I could probably teach a monkey to pick up a bunch of currency notes from the floor and run away, no 🙂 ? Isn’t that what Romila Thapar did? So whatever you do, don’t question Y S Rao’s credentials, Madam Thapar…

ROFL! Dynastycrooks at Open Magazine can’t digest Bahubali

This had to happen! Dynastycrooks are now officially seeing kafirs everywhere. These kafirs are haunting their dreams, these kafirs attack their churches at night when Dynastycrooks are sleeping. Do you know how many times it happens that a Dynastycrook is going to work in the morning and he suddenly can’t find his car keys? Or how many times a Dynastycrook is trying to read a book and suddenly can’t find his spectacles in their usual place? Who do you think is hiding their car keys and their spectacles? The invisible kafir army of Modi bhakts is doing this… and now they are taking over the movies too!

So, no wonder that Dynastycrooks at Open Magazine have detected a Modi hand in the success of Bahubali:


For instance, look at this still from Bahubali carefully:


You see that? Why is the hero lifting a Shiv Linga on his shoulders? Why not lift the Kaaba instead on the shoulders? What is the message that is being sent here?

Let the Dynastycrook explain his case:

Baahubali in many ways represents Modi’s India and the vocal Right’s assertion of the ancient. The visualisation of Baahubali is definitely the only major attraction in the film. But it is the narrative that is hidden behind the obvious that arrests us. Baahubali is a fictional story with common motifs. Yes, it is fictional, yet the digitally created city is not born out of thin air; it is aesthetically representative of ancient kingdoms. The visual design is embedded in Hindu temple architecture…..The ‘smart city’ has met Varanasi’s Ganga aarti…..The modern Indian mind has used technology to deify the ancient. Some may call this reclaiming the past. Is this not similar to the Right’s agenda and its proclamations on our ‘hoary past’ that are doing the rounds on social media?

See? S S Rajamouli came up with a conspiracy to use technology to make a grand looking set for his movie. The visual design is “embedded in Hindu temple architecture”… yes we know, in those dark theaters, S S Rajamouli is subtly brainwashing his audience with “Hindu temple architecture”, probably subtly telling them to construct the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. First a Gujarati came from nowhere, smacked the Dynastycrooks in the face and took over Lutyens. Now even a Telugu is coming to take over Bollywood? Where will this sudden empowerment lead? How far will it go? Will every settled aristocracy from the Gandhis of Lutyens to the Khans of Bollywood have to compete with commoners for their bread? The plot thickens:

Is Baahubali symbolic of the 56-inch chhaati (chest) demanded by our Prime Minister to transform India? The physique is exaggerated to convey the courage and bravery that are needed to achieve one’s goal. Is this not what Modi was referring to in early 2014? His speeches are like that 56-inch chhaati; they are loud, out- there, chest thumping, intimidating and overpowering.

The insecurity of this Dynastycrook is telling. Ever since he was handed his ass in the 2014 elections, he is seeing Modi everywhere. OMG! If Bahubali depicts Modi, how is S S Rajamouli depicting the Dynastycrooks? Just think of the scene in Bahubali where thousands of slaves are working to raise a giant golden statue of the evil king Bhallaladeva. There are statues and memorials of the Dynasty all across the country! And while raising the statue, the slaves make their anger felt by chanting the name of the rightful king Baahubali! Just like the “Modi Modi” chants that struck terror into the hearts of Dynastycrooks!

Is Rajamouli trying to say that the Dynastycrooks have taken over the country that really belongs to the people? Do people know about this? Does this mean that the game is over? What will happen to the Lutyens elite if people take their country back?

As with the aggressive Right’s over-zealous attempts to describe ‘Bharat’ as being originally a perfect grand Hindu rashtra (state), the makers of Baahubali too have tried to create a fantastic visual fantasy of equal proportion. And interestingly, both narratives lack nuance and are unable to bury the ugly underbelly of that very same Indianness.

Nuance? Ugly underbelly of Indianness? Hey…its just a movie yaar…like PK you know 🙂 If you feel like it, watch it. Otherwise don’t. Why get into this bakwas of what nuance should have been there or not? In PK, Aamir Khan featured Sanjay Dutt, a convicted terrorist sitting in jail who was an accomplice of Dawood & Abu Salem. And then Aamir said he was giving a message against common religious superstition! You didn’t care about the “nuance” or the “ugly underbelly” of this message against everyday religious superstition given by accomplices of Dawood Ibrahim, the man who massacred 257 people in the name of Islam! Rajamouli just made a movie, he gave you no gyaan, so if you don’t like the movie, don’t watch. How about that?

Oh…but the situation is indeed grim. The author continues:

And one cannot but note that Baahubali coincides with the appearance of ‘modern’ re-tellings of Hindu epics and mythologies at the ‘smart’ hands of writers like Amish Tripathi and the emergence of ‘fanatical’ self-proclaimed Hindu activists such as Rajiv Malhotra.”

Oh no! Writers like Amish Tripathi are using their creativity to rediscover the Hindu epics? How dare they do that? Why not do a re-telling of the Islamic heritage instead? You know, long before Amish Tripathi was on the scene, someone actually tried doing that with Islamic heritage. In fact this is what  the author did in the book he wrote: (quoting from Wikipedia):

The title refers to a group of Quranic verses that allow intercessory prayers to be made to three Pagan Meccan goddesses: Allāt, Uzza, and Manāt  

Yeah…the book was Satanic verses and the man was Salman Rushdie. And you wonder why modern Indians stick to Hindu epics and don’t try their hand at re-telling Islamic stories 🙂

Oh…and I have to mention this line from the article:

Similarly, enough has been said about what can only be labelled a ‘friendly rape’ scene (I use this grotesque expression on purpose), which is without doubt the lowest point of the film.

Hmmm…what is he talking about? Did the hero do something with his fingers? Oh wait, Dynastycrook Anna Vetticad has also written at length about this here:


Let’s find out what happened:

She, a brave warrior, lies on the banks of a lake, falling asleep with her slim hand in the water. Unknown to her, he — an absolute stranger — paints a flower on her wrist….Enraged at the assault, she takes off in search of the offender. When they finally meet face to face, he grabs her, and then comes a sexual dance as he pushes and pulls her about, unties her hair against her will, strips her of her practical fighter’s clothing and skilfully transforms the rest of her outfit into more ‘feminine’ garb. He forcibly smears natural dye on her lips to redden them and lines her eyes with the essence of crushed berries. At this point, she glimpses her transformed self in a sheet of water, and quivers coyly before their dance continues. She finally falls asleep in his arms.

So, what’s wrong with that? Let Tarun Tejpal explain:


See, Tejpal believed that fingering the woman was automatically consensual because she was “an educated, emancipated woman”. So in the movie, this woman is shown as a brave warrior and hence “emancipated”. By the Tejpal definition, what happened to her is totally consensual, no? So relax.

Here is the last line of the Open magazine article:

There is no doubt that Baahubali is a victory symbol for the Hindu Right and specifically for Modi. They seem to have won this round, but let us wait forBaahubali: The Conclusion in 2016.

Ha ha…unlike your Rahul baba, Modi has achieved plenty of things on his own strength. He does not need to have the success of Rajamouli’s film attributed to him. But if you are happy to torture yourself with the belief that Bahubali is a success due to Modi, I am happy to see you suffer 🙂 Enjoy 🙂

Super Mameluk Julio Riberio is fast gaining favor with the queen

First of all, the good news: Dynastycrook Teesta Setalvad’s plea for anticipatory bail has been rejected by the CBI court:


Yes, yes, I know…I know… Kapil Sibal can always dial the Supreme Court for Teesta’s bail. But, I am an eternal optimist: I live in constant hope.

On the other hand, we now have an easy litmus test to decide who is a Dynastycrook. If anyone out there is supporting Teesta spending donation money on everything from shopping trips to Rome to her sanitary napkins, that person is a Dynastycrook. And so today we are celebrating Dynastycrook Julio Riberio. Congratulations, Mr. “Supercop”, you have won the title of “Super Mameluk”.

So lets see what Super Mameluk Julio Riberio has to say in praise of Dynastycrook Teesta:

Setalvad has offended those in power with her single-minded devotion to the cause of justice for Gujarat’s Muslims..”

Ha! Devotion to the cause of justice for Gujarat’s Muslims? First of all this Super Mameluk has insulted all the 254 Hindus who died in the Gujarat riots. They were citizens too and they deserved justice just as much. By this act of omission and choosing to speak only for the 800 Muslims who died in Gujarat, Super Mameluk Julio Riberio has already given proof of his blatant partisanship. Super Mameluk continues:

Setalvad has fought the case almost single-handedly. I, for one, would not have had the patience and perseverance to fight for so many years through the maze of our judicial system. She kept vigil over grovelling police investigators, partisan prosecutors and timid adjudicators to finally force the system to convict a few of the murderers, including a minister in the state’s cabinet and a notorious thug of the extreme right. This required guts and determination that only she could muster

Okay, now this is just blatantly lying. Single handedly? Teesta fought singlehandedly? She had the entire Dynastycrook network supporting her at every turn…dozens of “secular” parties, dozens of media channels, hundreds of “neutral” public intellectuals and the well funded international NGO network supported her at every turn.

In fact, if anyone fought singlehandedly, it was Narendra Modi. Modi against the entire secular-media-academia-NGO complex. Not just in India, but worldwide. Modi fought them all. And there’s no doubt he fought many people within his own party. He tolerated a 10 year witch hunt by a Delhi Sultanate desperate to crucify him. And he not only triumphed, he got the people on his side! Now, that’s guts and determination. Super Mameluk continues:

The allegation that Setalvad has diverted funds supplied by the Ford Foundation for personal use has been summarily discarded by all who know her and her husband, Javed Anand

He he…this sentence is particularly dishonest and shameful coming from a police officer. In his career in the police, Julio Riberio would have heard a 1000 times from the mothers of various criminals and “their boy is innocent and couldn’t hurt a fly”. If he chooses to go by such impressions, one can only say that his brain is addled by the Dynasty drug.

This sentence from the super Mameluk is the proverbial last nail:

Teesta was born with the proverbial silver spoon and could have lived a life of leisure, but instead chose to stand up and fight for causes

LOL! Dear Super Mameluk Riberio, did you use the same line while praising the Shehzada in Queen Sonia’s court 🙂 ?

Dynastycrook Javed Anand gets his secular education through sanitary napkins

Pigs know garbage. And Dynastycrooks know secularism. Who would know secularism better than Javed Anand and Teesta Setalvad, the scumbags who have been at the forefront of the Dynasty’s war on Hindus?

Recently, the Gujarat crime branch has brought to light the shopping spree of Teesta Setalvad with the moolah she collected in the name of riot victims. But there is something special that caught my attention:

The crime branch said under the heading of “secular education” and “legal aid expenses”, the investigation revealed that Setalvad claimed reimbursement towards purchase of sanitary napkins in the name of medical expense and “surprisingly” her husband too claimed reimbursement for it.

(http://www.rediff.com/news/report/wines-mills-and-boon-and-more-is-this-what-teesta-did-with-charity-funds/20150722.htm )

The only thing surprising here is that the Gujarat crime branch found it “surprising” that Javed Anand would buy himself sanitary napkins with money for riot victims. But what I find best of all is that Javed Anand decided to file the sanitary expenses under “secular education” 🙂 What a fantastic moment for the idea of India crowd 🙂 Lets see what else this robber couple purchased with all the money they stole:

It said the probe is supported by evidence like vouchers having dates and amounts incurred on consumption of wine, whiskey and rum, purchase of movie CDs of Singham, Jodha Akbar and Paa, payment for several pairs of spectacles, wining and dining at some of the best restaurants and fast food outlets of Mumbai.”

Remember Osama bin Laden used to have porn in his hideout in Pokistan. Remember that the 9/11 hijackers went to strip clubs the day before they flew the planes into buildings. Just like every secular terrorist, Javed Anand likes to read his Koran by day and live it large by night on wine, whiskey and rum. Btw, did Robber Sardesai join Javed  and Teesta for some Old Monk purchased on the secular dime?

Dear idea of India wallahs… Javed Anand has thrown dirty sanitary napkins on your secular face. Serves you right!

Dynastycrook Jyoti Punwani is breaking her bangles as Yakub Memon prepares for 72 virgins

The core of the Dynasty’s power is that they have crooks at each level. Dr. Praveen Patil, who runs 5Forty3.in, calls them “penny stocks”. The Dynasty invests in a whole lot of them at extremely low prices and you never know which one will suddenly give massive rewards. Teesta Setalvad really is one such penny stock that delivered massive dividends. Today we are celebrating one such penny stock who has been shamelessly and relentlessly performing her duty to the queen. This one is called Jyoti Punwani and this Mameluk has been shitting across the web lately complaining about Yakub Memon’s pending execution.

I waited slightly before putting up today’s post, because I wanted to hear the confirmed good news that the Supreme Court has rejected Yakub Memon’s curative petition and “Memon sahib” is scheduled to receive his 72 virgins on July 30. We get rid of him and he gets 72 virgins. Sounds like everybody wins 🙂

Except for this one character named Jyoti Punwani, who has been breaking her bangles  over Yakub Memon. Here are three of her recent shittings:

a) The many wrong messages that hanging Yakub Memon would send:


b) SC allots less than 5 minutes to Yakub Memon’s final appeal


c) Why it’s wrong to hang Yakub Memon


The last one was brought to my attention by a reader of this blog. This Mameluk writes:

The mocking words of his brother, Ibrahim ‘Tiger’ Memon, advising him not to give himself up to the Indian authorities might have echoed in his ears. “You are returning as a Gandhiwadi, but the Indian government will see you only as a terrorist,””

Oh dear…not again. Another addition to Arund****i Roy’s list of “Gandhians with guns”… ok ok these are  “Gandhians with bombs”. The Mameluk continues:

Tiger Memon’s words proved prophetic. Yakub gave up life in a gilded cage in Karachi under the ISI’s watch, to come back in July 1994 and clear his name in the case of the 1993 blasts, which had been masterminded by his brother and Dawood Ibrahim.”

A Gandhian who gave up luxuries of life in a “gilded cage” in Karachi. This is getting even better. She continues.

If Yakub is hanged, the message will be clear: if you have committed a crime and have been lucky enough to escape, good for you. If you are suspected of having committed a crime but want to return to India to try and clear your name, be prepared for the worst. Far better to spend your life in luxury, even if it is in a country that is hostile to yours. Not for you the choice of bringing up your children as Indians…. During his 21 years in jail, eight of them on death row, Yakub has obtained an MA in English from the Indira Gandhi National Open University. The authorities of the course denied him permission to attend the convocation, although it was held in Nagpur itself, where he has been lodged since 2007. The day the Supreme Court dismissed his review petition in April, Yakub got an MA from IGNOU in political science.

Hmmm…an MA in political science? So even Yakub Memon knew that he could have a flourishing career in politics as a hero of the secular community 🙂

I see, Madam Jyoti, so Yakub gave up a life of luxury to come and live in jail. While in jail, he gained in knowledge and kept expanding his mind. What a beautiful story: but Jyoti Punwani could have made it better. I suggest that in her next article she can write something like this:

Yakub gave up life in a gilded cage and went to live in prison where he would meditate under a peepal tree. He tortured himself with hardship and grew his knowledge till one day he finally attained enlightment. Henceforth, he became known as the Yakub Buddha — the enlightened one“.

And then Jyoti Punwani openly expresses her admiration for  Dawood Ibrahim, the great avenger who punished our nation for its “original sin”:

Finally, Yakub Memon’s hanging will inevitably draw our attention to the original sin in the chain of events that led to the March 12, 1993 blasts: the Mumbai riots that followed the demolition of the Babri Masjid.

Ah! Original sin? I am not an expert in the secular scriptures, but you should know that someone always has to die for the original sin! And so it is that Yakub Christ is being put to death. So be sure to mourn for him on Good Thursday (July 30) when he is put to death. Don’t worry, he is going to a better place… Christ was born of a virgin and Yakub Christ is gonna get 72 virgins…so cheer up!

Dynastycrook alert: Shoma Chaudhury’s dirty fingers are back!

It is indeed amazing how well the Dynasty takes care of its Mameluks. Even after Tejpal badly got his fingers burned, Times of India made a valiant attempt to revive him by inviting him to their ToI Lit fest, perhaps better described as the Toiletfest. Fortunately, ToI was caught by the Twitterati with their pants down and after facing much criticism, a clearly butthurt Bachi Karkaria announced on Twitter that Tejpal would no longer be shitting through his mouth in the Toiletfest

Extraneous noise ah! The voice of the people classified as “extraneous noise”. The voice of the rapist classified as intellectual opinion.

Moving on…the Dynasty realized that Mameluk Tejpal was beyond rescue. But there is no reason the Dynasty could not rescue Tejpal’s minions from his sunken ship.

Dynastycrook alert! I realized today that Shoma Chaudhury, the woman who pressurized Tejpal’s victim to stay silent, has been rehabilitated. And how? This Mameluk has been posted as Editor in Chief of the startup called “Catchnews”


Of late, websites like this have been springing up like mushrooms, with Troll.in probably being one of the first. Clearly, the Dynasty has woken up to the power of the internet. The Dynasty and its crooks in the mainstream media had been put on the backfoot by the rise of social media. The Dynasty is now doing something about it: they have realized that the so called “Bhakts” and “Internet Hindus” may be everywhere, but they are not organized nor well funded. As such, the Dynasty feels that the Bhakts can be beaten by a collection of well funded mega websites.  The Dynasty has decided to sow its filthy seeds all over the internet now and Mameluks like Shoma Chaudhury have been despatched for this task. Watch out… a new generation of well funded left wing websites are coming up to spatter Dynasty propaganda all over the web. This really is a call to action.

Finger expert Shoma Chaudhury has been getting a lot of love from babyface Dynastycrook Rahul Kanwal, who seems to be slobbering all over Catchnews:

And Dynastycrook Rahul Kanwal lets slip the real agenda of such sites: the aim to suppress the right wing discourse that has blossomed freely on the web, outside the Dynasty’s control

Trolls are suppressing the voice of Shoma Chaudhury? Wasn’t it Shoma Chaudhury who tried to suppress the voice of a rape victim? Then these people have the guts to complain about people suppressing their voice! Systematic vilification of the Right Wing on Social media is in progress. Having completely lost the argument, the Left has employed loudspeakers on the web to drown out our voice. It’s time to scream harder. It’s a dirty game and we will have to play it with our fingers …. on the keyboard I mean.