BJP snatching Sardar Patel is what Congress gets for becoming #Pidi before Dynasty

We know that Sardar Patel as Home Minister banned the RSS. We know that Sardar Patel was a Congressman, in fact he was the face of the Congress organization (Yes, the Congress used to have an “organization”).

And today on Sardar Patel’s birthday, nobody is celebrating the great man with more zeal than Modi, the BJP and the RSS. The Congress party’s average Pidi is scared : they want to imitate BJP because they think they need a piece of Sardar Patel’s legacy. At the same time, the average Congress Pidi is worried about displeasing the Dynasty. And as for the liberals, they can only get jealous and then make some snooty references to the troubled history of Patel vs the RSS so that they can sleep better at night.

On Sardar Patel’s birthday, the BJP is doing a daylight robbery of a man who could have been one of Congress’ biggest icons.

And you know what? It doesn’t matter at all. Because politics is not a carebears’ tea party.

The Congress Party made a conscious choice to transform itself into a family owned business. In doing so, it inevitably had to leave some of its assets lying around neglected. Modi saw some abandoned political territory and mounted an invasion to snatch it away from the Congress. More power to him.


Yeah, keep crying losers. You know what sits on even more historically flimsy grounds? Those stories that you PiDi historians have been spinning for 7 decades about how the Congress Party got us independence. 

The past is very much a product of the present. There has never existed an “objective” version of history nor there ever will. The past has always been a commodity that is traded in the present.

Open any history book in India and you will read about the Congress party’s “struggle” for independence. Do those books ever point out that the Congress Party was the biggest beneficiary of British rule? All top leaders of the Congress Party won “elections” after the Montague-Chelmsford reforms of 1935 and were appointed to high positions by His Majesty the British Emperor.

Worse, our history books teach us about the Congress’ “struggle” for independence as if it was a real thing … like, for instance, the American War of Independence or the French revolution. Or that the so called “Quit India movement” mattered.

If the Congress’ so called struggle mattered, how is it that India “won” its independence at exactly the same time as so many other colonized countries got their independence from European powers? Between 1945-1955, colonialism collapsed pretty much everywhere.

Imagine for a moment a math teacher who goes around telling everybody how his brilliant tutoring was behind a kid passing his exam. But then he says it’s only a coincidence that every single kid who sat in the exam also passed … not just the kid he tutored. Would you take such a teacher’s claims seriously?

Of course not. The Congress party giving us independence is another such myth, manufactured by PiDi historians under the patronage of the Dynasty. Worse, they actually claimed that within the Congress, it was singularly the Dynasty that brought us independence.

The Dynasty have been the worst looters of history (pun intended). To see them and their PiDi chamchas complain today about Modi seizing the legacy of Sardar Patel is only funny. And not the good kind of funny. The ironic, dark kind.

So liberal losers can shut their traps about Sardar Patel not being fond of the RSS. Oh and by the way, here is Atal Behari Vajpayee delivering his speech before the Babri Masjid demolition…

In the last few months, have you observed how your discredited UPA faces have to lean on the image of Atalji and the shoulders of his big ministers from NDA-1 to mount a counter narrative to Narendra Modi?

Atalji was a lifelong RSS man, part of the generation that inspired the Hindus of India to demolish Babri Masjid. If Indian secularism can lick its spit and suck up to Vajpayee, you should really stop complaining about Modi snatching Sardar Patel.



Madam Sonia ji should clear the Congress Party’s stand on Azaadi for Kashmir

The people and the voters of Gujarat (and Himachal) deserve to know. We have seen this bewildering statement from P D Chidambaram. I am assuming of course that that after Rahul ji’s tweet last night, Chiddu has already changed his name from P Chidambaram to “P D Chidambaram”.


Now, P D Chidambaram is no ordinary Congressman. He has been Finance Minister and he has been Home Minister. The people have a right to know if Azaadi/autonomy for Kashmir is the current view of the uppermost echelons of India’s main opposition party.

Is this ultimately the logical conclusion towards which Congress politics is heading? After realizing that it may not get power back into its grip, the Congress is becoming sympathetic to the idea of further partitions of India?

We have a right to know. We have seen the Shehzada rushing to share the stage with “Azaadi” shouters at JNU. Very late in the game, the JNU students tweaked their slogans from “Bharat se Azaadi” to “Bharat mein Azaadi” but that can’t change what we saw and heard on the videos.

Is the thin veneer crashing down? Is Congress now in favor of “Azaadi”?

At the same time, we see Ahmed Patel embroiled in a controversy over ISIS terrorists working in a hospital where he has considerable influence. Sitting in opposition in most states, what is the Congress endgame?

Last year, we all clearly remember the Congress party’s discomfiture during the surgical strikes. While Rahul Gandhi accused the Prime Minister of “khoon ki dalali”, Congress leaders at various levels (and numerous of their camp followers on social media) accused the Army of outright lying.

Then came Sandeep Dikshit’s statement accusing the Army Chief of being a thug. What is the Congress trying to say? Everytime Sonia ji stays silent and the Congress party issues form statements distancing themselves from such outrageous comments.

Well, if so many people in the Congress are accusing the Army of being thugs, accusing them of lying on surgical strikes, talking about Azaadi for Kashmir … how can it not reflect on the thinking within the party?

Instead of believing the excuse of “individual opinions”, it is much more plausible to believe that these statements are cases of less than careful individuals spilling the beans by mistake.

Who can forget that in the aftermath of 26/11 attacks, Digvijay Singh went and publicly released a book : 26/11 An RSS conspiracy?

Another “individual opinion”, I guess.

This is too big an issue to be left to the bumbling Vice President, who yet again appears to have bolted from taking the throne that has belonged to him since the day he was born (Rahul’s elevation is now again postponed from Oct to Dec). I know that the Dynastycrooks who, like Rahul’s dog Pidi, are jumping up and down for treats from the Congress party will never ask these questions. But the public is asking … and Congress President Sonia Gandhi needs to answer.

Why Catalan independence makes me laugh : and proud to be an Indian

So this made me laugh. Like really really hard.

Years ago, when I was in Barcelona (2nd most beautiful city I ever visited), I first became aware of this other language they were using, only slightly different from Spanish. They called it “Catalan”. They told me the region was called “Catalunya”. I listened, fairly amused as many people explained with pride that they were Catalans rather than Spainards.

I didn’t really think about that, until two days ago or so when the news of Catalan “independence” burst on to the scene. And it made me laugh, not because I feel strongly either way about Spain or Catalonia or rest of Spain or whatever …

But because of these simple stats regarding Spain :

Population : 4.6 crore

Area : 5 lakh sq km.

Now let’s take a look at Rajasthan, India’s largest state (by area)

Population : 6.9 crore.

Area : 3.42 lakh sq km

So Spain is a country only a little larger than the state of Rajasthan. It also has fewer people than Rajasthan does.

And here the Catalan region feels that they are too “oppressed” by the rule of “distant” Madrid? Catalans are finding it too hard to stay with the rest of the Spanish? They think their great Catalan identity is not getting enough respect?


Honestly, it makes me think about what an amazing nation we Indians are. Sometimes, it feels good to just stand back and applaud the scale and greatness of what we Indians have done here.

We have 125 crore people here. And there are more freaking regional identities than any human being can possibly count. The dialect changes every few kilometers. How many languages do we have? Like 18 big official ones. Who could possibly sit down and count the actual number.

Here’s the thing. We stay together. The Europeans can’t seem to keep 5 crore people together.

Coming back to the Rajasthan example, on a demographic level, Catalan independence is a bit like the Zila Parishad of Jodhpur voting to become a sovereign “Republic of Jodhpur” 🙂

Why? Because the government in Jaipur is too far from the people of Jodhpur, that’s why. Not to mention the government in Delhi which is light years away.

Obviously, this would never happen. Because we Indians know how to stick together. We can only laugh at the Brits having a referendum in Scotland, the Catalan and Basque people looking to have their own republics … and I heard somewhere that Lombardy in Italy wants to be its own separate country. Way to go for these European countries who can’t hold a nation together.

The comparison between India and Europe is important because, on the face of it, we are like Europe in so many ways. We are both part of the old world. Unlike the US or Australia or Canada, for example, we weren’t born as well defined nation states in the modern sense of the term.

And yet, we are not like Europe. We are united as one nation. Anyone trying to form a Republic of Jodhpur or a Republic of Bangalore or even a Republic of Uttar Pradesh (with 20 crore people of its own) would only face ridicule from the general population.

This is a great defeat for the academic type Commies who have always tried to argue that India is not one nation but many nations. They see all these castes and subcastes; they see all these linguistic and regional identities and they tear their hair out, wondering why India won’t collapse.

But Bharat holds together.

What keeps us together? What is this glue?

Commies won’t like the answer. It is that we have our common Hindu identity that runs like a single thread over all other differences.

But then they will  ask. Explain Europe then. How come their majority Christian religion cannot keep them united?

Exactly. This shows that they do not understand Hinduism and how it is different from so called Abrahamic religions. Ours isn’t a missionary faith. It didn’t begin with a few guys who pushed it on all others. Christianity has nothing to do with regional identity. Brazil has a lot of Christians. Korea has a lot of Christians. It does nothing to make them feel European.

But Hinduism is merely our expression of collective Indian identity. It was created naturally over the centuries, an amalgamation of all our cultural practices. Hinduism defines India. Hinduism IS India.

Hinduism = India.

Told you Commies wont like the answer.

Amit Shah has begun the battle for Karnataka

You know how deep the Modi fear has struck into the hearts of opponents when you see articles written in late 2017 about how “Modi’s image as a messiah is fading”. These articles, written by eager chamchas at The Wire, get thousands of shares from desperately hopeful liberals … Some four years since it began, liberals are currently celebrating what they believe to be “Modi wave fading”.


A wave comes in and goes out in a matter of a few months. Perhaps a year. Liberal chamchas have been buried by the Modi deluge for four years now.

Modi may have been the face of this deluge, but the man who has given this wave its staying power is Amit Shah. No matter what your political preferences, learn from this man how to pursue a goal in life. Did you know that Shah went to visit the BJP office in faraway Lakshadweep, to interact with the BJP workers there?

In the single minded pursuit of 2019 victory, no state is too small and no seat is too irrelevant.

While Gujarat election dates have been announced, the action in the BJP has already shifted to Karnataka.

Now 2018 will be a challenging year for the party. Because at the year end and right before the Lok Sabha polls, the BJP will face elections in three major states where it is the incumbent.

Luckily, the BJP can be sure of retaining Madhya Pradesh. Another hat tip here to Uma Bharti … I have been a critic of her arrogant ways since 2014, but nobody can take away from her the credit for the 2003 victory in Madhya Pradesh. The state of Madhya Pradesh has gone on to become the BJP’s second major permanent post, after Gujarat.

Similarly, the BJP will probably retain Chhattisgarh on the back of Raman Singh’s popularity, including his ability to employ means fair and foul. Add to this the goodwill that Modi enjoys and of course, a helping hand from Ajit Jogi.

The big pain point is Rajasthan, where a perception … at least a perception is building against Vasundhara Raje. Now, I have a theory about seasonal downswings and permanent uptrends in the fortunes of BJP in Rajasthan that says the incumbency pendulum wont swing in Rajasthan in 2018. I have been waiting to test it since 2013.  But  it’s only an untested theory … and suffice to say that the RW is really nervous going in to Rajasthan elections.

It is the fear of a possible defeat in Rajasthan that makes Karnataka so important. With BJP at saturation in northern and western states, Karnataka is the one place where the party would look to increase at least half a dozen Lok Sabha seats. That and the desire to see Congress vanish from its last big landmass.

Amit Shah is blowing the bugle for Karnataka. The Prime Minister arrives in Bengaluru on Sunday. And then the BJP will officially kick off its campaign with a yatra starting Nov 2.

Now, it’s a pity that the BJP has to rely on Yeddyurappa who is more than 75 years old. But you could say that he was cheated out of half his term as Karnataka CM due to some meaningless accusations.

Of late, Siddaramaiah is going on the tried and tested track of incumbent Congress CMs facing defeat. He has played every kind of divisive trick possible … from caste census to promising Lingayats the status of a separate religion. For obvious reasons, Congress party playing the worst kind of divisive politics never counts as intolerance. And the media has been working to give him the same kind of perception boost that they always create at the last moment around opposition Chief Ministers.

Remember Harish Rawat and his last minute resurgence in Uttarakhand? He ended up losing from both his seats. And who can forget the Achche Ladke fiasco in Uttar Pradesh? The media actually convinced itself that Akhilesh had rid himself of four years of incumbency by playing family drama with his dad at the last moment.

The same is happening with Siddaramaiah in Karnataka now. The media is convinced that he is seeing a last minute surge. In reality, Modi wave is coming again. And come May 2018, Siddu will surrender without a whimper.

As for Rahul Gandhi, let’s just say : even if Congress loses Karnataka, Pappu would still be considered a winner 🙂



Even if Hardik Patel calls him a thief, Rahul Gandhi has still earned Hardik’s respect

Once upon a time, Zail Singh declared that he was ready to pick up a broom and sweep the floor if Indira Gandhi so commanded him. He was made President of India.

How… O how the mighty have fallen.

This is how Rahul Gandhi treats Hardik Patel.


This is how Hardik Patel treats Rahul Gandhi.


They laid out an invitation for him at a press conference held in their party HQ. He called them common thieves.

Again, Hardik Patel is an absolute nobody. He will disappear from the news the day after the Gujarat elections. That Rahul Gandhi and the Congress would let themselves be treated thus by Hardik Patel says a lot about the condition of the Congress Party.

They say Hardik Patel might have actually met Rahul Gandhi. We see something of that sort in hotel CCTV footage. And from what I hear, Hardik denies this and actually might sue the hotel for releasing CCTV footage that damaged his reputation.

There you go : that a tiny leader like Hardik Patel feels that his reputation (what reputation?) would be damaged by meeting Rahul tells the story. That is how much stigma there is attached to the Congress today. No matter how much they try to polish it, the taint of lakh crore corruption scams won’t wash off easily.

Meanwhile, the media is generally busy fooling itself with stories of the three musketeers (Hardik, Alpesh, Jignesh) joining hands with forever resurgent Rahul to beat Modi in Gujarat.

Only a few sensible ones have seen the writing on the wall and have devoted themselves to the imminent need to console Rahul baba after defeat in Gujarat. See this.


Excellent work, Javed Ansari. You have blazed a trail for other flatterers to follow. Instead of bothering with the election, focus on consoling Rahul baba that he’s done well.

On counting day, don’t focus so much on the data coming from the election results. Focus instead on creating a “mahaul” in TV studios that Rahul baba has won

Coming any time now, from Javed Ansari or any other darbari : Even if Hardik Patel calls him a thief, Rahul Gandhi has still earned Hardik’s respect. 

“A Brahmin is always a rapist” : Has the left has lost control of its loons?

Like fire, you could say that fanaticism is a good servant but a bad master. It has a way of spinning out of control and coming back to burn the hand that lit the fuse.

A similar thing seems to be happening with the bitter harvest of left wing extremism that our campuses and intellectual circles have been cultivating for years, with a booster shot being administered after Narendra Modi became Prime Minister.

The Kanhaiyyas of the world may have realized that it is more profitable to ask for “Bharat mein Azaadi” instead of “Bharat se Azaadi“, but how will the left wing worthies stop Kanhaiyya’s Kanhaiyya?


These names have been compiled in a Facebook post by a radical leftist lawyer by the name of Raya Sarkar based in Davis, California. A cursory glance at the list shows a preponderance of names from India’s “Institutions of Higher Dissent” such as Jadavpur University, JNU, FTII and arts departments of Delhi University.

What is noteworthy is that the poster has not presented any evidence whatsoever in support of these accusations. While it is impossible not to feel for innocent people who may be facing public character assassination, it is also impossible not to relish how liberal circles are being singed by the fire of irresponsible, radical leftism that they lighted themselves.

The panic in liberal circles has set in swiftly. Far left propaganda blog Kafila has released a statement by several strident radical feminists who are “dismayed by the initiative on Facebook, in which men are being listed and named as sexual harassers with no context or explanation.” The more suave left wing website Scroll has had to step in to publicize the statement on Kafila.


In a delicious irony, radical leftists have appealed to other radical leftists to utilize institutions and procedures. From revolution and Azaadi to appealing for respect towards established institutions and procedures … that’s the plight of leftists caught on the wrong side of their own fanatic tide.

But who can stop the tide of fanaticism? Like I said, they can manage Kanhaiyya, but who will manage Kanhaiyya’s Kanhaiyyas? The loose cannons of the left are going rogue : here is just a sample of the hatred they are spewing below Raya Sarkar’s Facebook post.


A Brahmin is always a rapist? The radical left’s mask is slipping. Their hatred is showing. They have been done in by their own loons.

Gujarat ke ladke vs ‘Bahari’ Modi?


You would think the media would have learned its lesson after Uttar Pradesh. A slap of that magnitude … 325 seats out of 403 is usually not forgotten in a hurry.

But this is our Indian media and they do not even have the sophistication level of a first grader in hiding their true feelings. So Rahul Gandhi goes to Gujarat the first time and no one comes to his rallies. Angry and distraught, the Shehzada demands a crowd … and the loyal Congress cadres work hard to fetch him one on his next visit.

Instantly, media goes into a state of euphoria, convinced that Rahul is rising (finally) and BJP is set for a huge upset in Gujarat.

No lessons learned. Absolutely no lessons learned from the Acche Ladke fiasco in Uttar Pradesh.

The reality for the Congress could not be more embarrassing. I am almost embarrassed for the Congress  that has to go around begging 3 small caste leaders to have pity on their party and join.

Only one of the three actually joined. One declined flatly. Another seems to have at least met Rahul Gandhi but said officially that he had no time to meet Rahul Gandhi because of his engagements elsewhere.

That’s what Rahul Gandhi has become today. Begging for an audience with Hardik Patel. Begging to be intern of  Jignesh Mewani.

Less than 60 days before the election, Congress has no strategy, no leaders nothing. It is counting on last minute support from 3 untested guys with zero organization claiming to be caste leaders.

You know the politics of “Jat anger” didn’t even work in Western Uttar Pradesh. The politics of “Dalit anger” did not work even for an entrenched player like Mayawati. Here, they are seriously expecting it to work wonders in urbanized Gujarat.

Some hopes they live on … lol.

A horrible fate awaits the Congress in Gujarat. These caste leaders have no organization and absolutely nothing to offer in terms of leadership and building public confidence. They are going to mooch on the Congress and worse … when the drubbing inevitably happens … they are going to turn around and blame Rahul Gandhi for the defeat.

Take it from me in writing.

At least if the Congress had run its own horses, it would have scored respectably in Gujarat.

The BJP learned this expensive lesson in Bihar. They courted Jitan Ram Manjhi like he was some messiah, bringing with him large sections of the (Maha)Dalit vote. Instead, his HAM had an embarrassing collapse and if I remember correctly, Manjhi could not even win his own seat.

Pity the Congress which has not one but three Jitan Ram Manjhis in Gujarat.

And pity the media which has again set itself up for disappointment. If they had kept their head down and been reconciled to their fate, the defeat in Gujarat wouldn’t have hurt them so much.

Meanwhile, for the right wing on social media : don’t sweat Gujarat unnecessarily. Instead, remember that the wounds inflicted by Uttar Pradesh are still raw in the minds of left liberals. In some ways, the lefties are talking up Gujarat as a form of self-intoxication, to take their mind away from the gaping wounds left by 325/403. I would focus on rubbing salt into those wounds.




When right wingers dither, the left wins

So my last post created quite a furore. Which was surprising, because I did not really expect that much attention. But it is great to be taken so seriously. A number of right wing worthies weighed in, but as usual I agreed the most with Rahul Roushan.


I should be careful here not to misrepresent Rahul (especially now that my piece got so much attention). Rahul’s very next tweet says that he disagrees with the tone I took at several places in the article.

Indeed the trigger for my post was re-reading this old Opindia article from Rahul Roushan, where he explains how liberals have this amazing ability to make you long for their respect. Like the man in the Nerolac ad who has like half a dozen advanced degrees, but for some strange reason his self image depends on whether the mailman treats him with extra respect! He finally accomplishes this not by achieving something substantial, but merely by getting his house coated with shiny Nerolac paint.


This indeed was the essence of my article. From what I know, Bhak Sala = Rahul Raj (don’t confuse him with Rahul Roushan)  is an IITian. Among the folks at Newslaundry, it seems to me that Anand Ranganathan is easily the most accomplished of them all.

And it bothers me that highly accomplished individuals such as them would end up wasting their energies trying to win “respect” from much less capable counterparts on the left. Now, there is nothing wrong with being a mailman, but it is an objective fact that being a doctor is a bigger achievement than being a mailman.

This is why I made an appeal : if you are somebody or you know somebody who is trying to win the respect of left liberals, stop.

There are two good reasons for this. First, it is self defeating. Because while the left wingers will happily extract compromises from you, they will not give an inch. You will always be the “crazy right winger”. See if you can get one left liberal to denounce Arundhati Roy.

Try it with a left liberal : ask them to denounce Arundhati Roy and see what happens. The most you will get is vehement insistence that she is entitled to her views. But we already agreed on that. Try to extract from them a denunciation of the views of Arundhati Roy and see how far you get.

Meanwhile, they have probably got you to denounce and distance yourself from every right winger who has ever dared to break a traffic signal : starting from FB trolls to cow vigilantes.

This is not to get you to support right wing extremism in any form … whether FB trolls who make threats or cow vigilantes who actually carry out violence. This is to preach to you about the art of strategic silence.

Left liberals are experts at the art of strategic silence. As I said, push them on Arundhati Roy’s views and see what happens. They will insist that she is entitled to her views, but never once will they break the strategic silence on what they think on the substance of her views. They won’t give an inch.

Meanwhile, they will take a mile.

That’s the second reason. Because there is a war of narratives that is on.

Have you seen how The Wire describes Deepwali as “Jashn-e-Chirag”? They don’t lose a single trick … their counter narrative is ready at every moment.

And in this war of narratives, whichever right winger chooses to be “nuanced” will only be playing into the hands of the left. You might take pride in being an “independent thinker”, but understand that the other side sees you merely as a useful idiot. Here, let Family Guy explain how undecided voters are the biggest idiots on the planet.

Pick a side. Because there is a war on. Perhaps this map of India should remind you of the situation.


Still think that if you are “undecided” and willing to make lots of compromises with the other side, your children will be able to live in this country fifty years from now?

The other side is not here to make friends. If you try to make friends with them, they will just use you. Till they no longer have any use for you.

There is another character trait that makes right wingers fall for the left wing trap. By their very nature, right wingers hate to be perceived as whiners. At the moment there are 13 BJP Chief Ministers, a full majority BJP government at the Center and BJP is the largest party in the Rajya Sabha.

Right wingers who have always been uncomfortable with whining and playing victim are restless now. They want to be seen as mighty … and they are more than happy to agree with left wingers who want to now blame all problems on the BJP.

But the world changed a while ago. The world today doesn’t belong to the mighty. It belongs to the whiners. I remember an awesome term for them : crybullies.

The Islamic world is anything but peaceful. It has anything but democracy and/or free speech. Everywhere Muslims are a majority, they trample upon minorities with careless abandon. How then is Islamophobia a thing in public discourse whereas Hinduphobia is not?

Because Muslims have perfected the art of targeted whining. No matter how many Muslim mobs are burning people alive and throwing gays from high buildings, Muslims manage to keep whining about a ban on the burqa on French beaches.

Public opinion even in the US is turning increasingly anti-Israel. How? How can Americans turn their back on the only democracy in the Middle East? Israel is home to a 20% Muslim population that enjoys full citizenship rights. Did you know that even Nazi emblems are not banned in Israel? That is the strength of the Israeli commitment to freedom of expression.

But the world is turning its back on Israel : the only home of democracy, free speech and scientific advancement in the entire Middle East. Why? Because Arab Muslims … who happily trample on the rights of any slightly different sect within Islam … manage to keep the focus firmly on every little fault of Israel.

The same thing happens in India. It was like 3 months ago that the Congress was surpassed for the first time since 1952 as the largest party in the Rajya Sabha. Such is the strength of the Congress party. That is how firmly the Congress has been in saddle for decades.

And yet, the Congress party and its left wing cheerleaders have not let the tiniest blame stick to the Dynasty. The Congress was always the party of upper castes … the Congress enacted more beef bans than BJP ever has … the Congress collaborated more with the British and received more goodies from the British than RSS can ever dream of. Nehru took over the Prime Ministership after dividing India in a blaze of communal violence that cost 30 lakh lives.

And yet today who is blamed when communal violence happens? RSS-BJP! Who is blamed for casteist atrocities? RSS-BJP! Who is blamed for cow vigilantism? RSS-BJP! Who is accused of collaborating with the British? RSS-BJP! No, not the Congress leaders who all received cushy positions in the British Imperial government by swearing loyalty to the crown.

How did this come to be? Because the left perfected the art of being a crybully. That’s how.

Three and a half years in power is too early for the right wing to stop being the underdog. Most BJP appointees in key positions are just beginning their first term … and terms of Congress appointees in other key positions have not even expired yet. The Congress has staffed every little institution with its cronies for 70 years and still plays underdog.

Learn from them and learn how to be in power. Or you will lose it in about 18 months.

Why I feel pity for Anand Ranganathan and why you should give up trying to play “sensible Right Winger”

Somebody on Twitter recently asked me if I am obsessed with NewsLaundry and I must say that might well be. See, there’s a lot of pro-Rahul Gandhi flattery websites : Scroll, Wire, Catch, Huffpost … but Newslaundry pisses me off more than them. Because of a certain sanctimonious, holier-than-thou tone that NewsLaundry takes. So please make fun of me in the comments if you think I am going on a rant.

How does NL project this holier-than-thou image? Because of jokers like Anand Ranganathan. Now, long time readers of this blog will know that I have gone around in circles trying to make up my mind about Ranga Uncle. I started roughly by seeing him as another deracinated elitist crook … then I did come around to respecting his periodic outbursts against liberal hypocrisy … and now I have finally settled on what I think is going to stay : pity.

Okay, so why is Anand Ranganathan so important that I am writing an entire blog post about him? Because he works in a left wing cesspool and so by observing him, we can get an excellent idea of how the left wing ecosystem plans to treat the right.

Most importantly, the plight of Ranga uncle should serve as a warning to other wannabes who are trying to project a “right wing but sensible” image.

Yes, I am thinking about Bhak Sala. But I would also include characters like Chetan Bhagat. Although Chetan, to be fair, seems to have learned his lesson. Remember when Chetan tried to become a love puppy of liberals through an outburst against the English language skills of “Bhakts”? While liberals shared his article gleefully, they didn’t give him membership of their closed Lutyens club. Chetan was a smart man… he realized the futility of his efforts and came out of the cesspool while he still could.

Some like Bhak Sala haven’t been so clever.

This is not just for one or two people. If you are somebody or you know somebody who fancies him/herself to be “right wing but sensible” this is for you. You should see how the other side will treat you. Sample this exchange:


Yep, they will not waste one second before throwing you under the bus. That’s what happens when you try to get validation and/or respect from left wingers you know. They will give you nothing, for they see you as less than human.

It’s no use complaining in an injured voice that your feelings were hurt.


Of course, Ranga uncle, of course. Of course he would take the word of a secular troll over you. Did you really think you had earned an iota of respect from Newslaundry boss Abhinandan Sekhri simply because you think you were his colleague for 5 years?

Let me explain this to you Anand. You think you were his colleague. Are you sure he ever thought of you as his colleague? No, to your left wing boss you were always little more than a court jester.

You dared to assert a right wing view that embarrasses his pro-Rahul Gandhi worldview and a troll got irritated. Your left wing boss immediately flogged you in plain sight of all.

Perhaps a race analogy would make this clear. A few days ago I explained how the left has long ago stopped seeing Hindus and right wingers as human beings. That they would remain silent when cattle smugglers lynch an innocent woman is not surprising. That they would take to the streets in support of Gurmehar Kaur’s free speech and ignore when Gurmehar Kaur tries to suppress the speech of a couple of young boys is not surprising.

Because in the left wing worldview is one of apartheid. Their view is simple : Gurmehar Kaur, as a left winger, has rights. The other side simply did not it. It’s more than plain old hypocrisy. It is apartheid. A black man hitting a white man is a crime. A white man whipping is slave is just a man doing what he wants with his property. They are not silent because they are embarrassed. They are silent because they don’t think there is anything worth talking about. So what if cattle smugglers beat up an innocent woman? The cattle smugglers are secular people …. they have rights. The woman they beat up didn’t have any rights.

What’s left to talk about?

Same way for you Ranga uncle. You might think you were helping along on the farm. You might think you were a colleague or an equal. But to them, you were just an idiot right winger. A nobody. A joker at best. A piece of property at worst.

People like Anand Ranganathan should understand that their efforts to win “respect” of left wingers will bear no fruit. Understand their apartheid worldview. There’s nothing a black man can do to be considered equal to a white man.

So this effort by some people on the right to appear “sensible” and “balanced” is useless. It will get you nowhere. First of all, by making that visible effort, you are merely conceding the left wing worldview that right wingers are inherently silly and unbalanced.

Have you ever seen a left winger trying to distance themselves from Arundhati Roy? 

Have you ever seen a left winger admit that Roy is a troll and a loon?

No, they NEVER do that. They never concede even an inch. But through their high society airs, they create in ordinary right wingers the gnawing desire to become “respectable”, to earn their approval. As a result, ordinary right wingers get drawn into this losing game of making compromises.

Have you seen the other side making compromises? Have you seen the other side being apologetic while pushing the agenda of stone pelters in Kashmir? Have you seen the other side apologetic while comparing the Indian Army to General Dyer? Have you even seen left wingers apologetic about praising Naxals? But they have probably shamed you into telling your five year old child not to light a sparkler on Diwali for fear of having an adverse impact on the world.

They will make you long for their respect … they will make you dance around in circles trying to appease them, but they will not make the smallest concession to you. Understand this before you try to play their game.

You know the Nazis used to have special prisoner teams to look after the toilet halls at their concentration camps. These Jewish prisoners were known as the “Scheizekommando” (“Scheize” literally means “shit” in German). These Scheizekommando were covered from top to bottom in human excrement, but nevertheless they did have some powers. They could control which prisoners got to use the toilets.

So for five years Ranga uncle thought he was one of the authorities at the concentration camp. The reality, as Officer-in-Charge Abhinandan Sekhri  pointed out, is that Ranga uncle was only part of the “Scheizekommando”.

Any right wingers who are seduced by dreams of “respect” from the left wing ecosystem should understand that it’s the only position they will ever be qualified for.

Is Barkha Dutt about to switch political sides?

Wouldn’t that be ironic? Most of the right wingers who found voice in social media were triggered by the biased, dishonest reporting of Barkha Dutt. She was probably the spark that lit the fire of right wing revolution in social media.

But then, power brings with it many ironies.

It’s been over three years now. Barkha outside power corridors is like a fish outside water.

No wonder then that this happened :



The other side has its own Yashwant Sinhas. I would say Yashwant Sinha is a bit more honorable … at least he has leaned towards the Opposition instead of those in power. Means that Sinha isn’t exactly looking for any immediate gains.

But… well… Barkha, of course.

Which way would Barkha turn? Obviously towards those in power. Has it ever been any other way?

I am extremely certain that this is just a beginning. In the coming days, you’ll see Barkha (and many others like her) increasingly start ‘exposing’ their old cabal.

This movement also shows the *real* thinking among the old, out of favor darbaris of Lutyens’ Delhi. For the last 2-3 weeks, we have seen the darbaris falling over each other, praising each and every move of the Shehzada.

Did Rahul manage to go to the toilet instead of wetting his pants? He must be on a path to recovery.

Did Rahul manage to flush properly? He must be on a path to recovery.

Did Rahul baba manage to drink his milk without spilling any on his shirt? He must be on a path to recovery.

But then these are times of Diwali and even those who hate Diwali will do anything for tips.

But this nonsense about “Rahul revival” is only part of the desperate hopes of Lutyens darbaris. In the deep state, the thinking is very much that Modi is winning 2019 and it is time to start currying favor with the guys who are here to stay.

Which is actually strange, because I am supposed to be bhakt and I am still very unsure about 2019. The Mahagathbandhans are haunting me : I simply don’t see a clear path. Especially because BJP getting even 271 seats will mean that Narendra Modi will be Leader of the Opposition.  For Modi, it is 272+ or nothing.