#NoIndiaAtSAARC is a decent beginning

It certainly makes me happy. It is like scoring a solid 30 runs in the first 5 overs of an ODI game without losing a wicket. You can’t find too much fault with it, but there is a LOT of hard work still to be done.

As far as I can see, the government has taken 4 concrete steps so far against Pakistan. The first is making a move on the Indus Waters Treaty. Far from walking out of the treaty, it is only now that we discovered that India has never so much as used whatever water we are entitled to under the existing treaty! My god…on one hand Nehru already gave them 80% of the Indus waters in the 1960 treaty and now we find out that we have been too cowardly to use even the 20% that even Pakistan does not object to!

LOL! You know, they call India a soft state and I have to say it is not without reason 😥

Countries wrestle to squeeze out the last bit of advantage from each other. I guess India must be the only country on the planet that does not even take what everyone else has already agreed to let us keep! At the very least, it seems that India will now be resuming work on the “Tulbul Navigation Lock” on the Jhelum river which Pakistan calls the “Wular Barrage”. Apparently, India stopped working on it in 1987 after Pakistan objected. Yeah…they objected and we just gave up. We couldn’t even say “Hey this is our 20% of the water and we are gonna keep it!” Finding out about the history of our country can truly be infuriating….

Another useful corollary of reviewing the Indus Treaty is that this is one of the few issues that pits the people of Kashmir directly against the people of Pakistan. Less water released to Pakistan equals more water for agriculture in Kashmir. I don’t think the Indus water will ultimately override the bond of the Ummah, but it never hurts to create some mistrust between two flanks of the enemy.

For me, the boldest single thing that Modi sarkar has done against Pakistan is raise Balochistan as an international issue, that too at the high table of the UN. From now onwards, India won’t answer any more questions on Kashmir. We have a long and stable democratic record and we have nothing to answer to anyone. It is the rogue state of Pakistan that should be in the dock over its treatment of Baloch people and indeed also the people of Sindh, the people of Gilgit-Baltistan and the people of PoK in general. Again, it is sort of unbelievable that it is only in 2016 that India is finally raising the Baloch issue. We are approximately 69 years late, because this issue should have been raised in 1947 itself. Now, the world is not really in a mood to warm up to new, hitherto rather unknown, conflict zone. America won’t hear any of it. Why would they want a new headache? But that’s ok. We just have to keep raising the issue till no one can ignore the new headache.

The third thing that we hear now is that India is going to boycott the SAARC meet in Pakistan. Now this in itself wouldn’t be much of a snub. Except that Afghanistan, Bhutan and Bangladesh have decided to boycott as well out of solidarity with India. This has gotta sting:


The key here is that Bangladesh, Bhutan and Afghanistan are going with us, showing Pakistan that it is not merely hated by India, but a pariah state. The Afghans have been furious with Pakistan for a while now and it’s coming out here. After all, we built the Afghans their Parliament and much of their capital. What has Pakistan ever given to Afghanistan other than suicide bombers? And Bangladesh too! Two major Muslim neighbors saying no to Pakistan should sting. Even Muslim nations have had enough of them..

Not to mention that China will not be thrilled to see India’s smaller neighbors ganging up on India’s side. The dragon has been coaxing them for a while now, as part of their “string of pearls” strategy. For me, I am wondering why Nepal hasn’t joined in the boycott. They are saying that the SAARC summit will be canceled altogether. India needs to try and get Nepal, Sri Lanka and the Maldives to announce boycotts as well BEFORE the Pakis formally announce that the summit is canceled.

The fourth  thing is withdrawing the “Most Favored Nation” status given by India to what is perhaps the world’s Most F*cked up nation. For that, the PM will chair a meet tomorrow and I think the status will certainly be withdrawn.

Altogether, it’s not a bad beginning. But unless we have a lot more batting to come, it’s hardly enough.

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32 thoughts on “#NoIndiaAtSAARC is a decent beginning

  1. Good post. More than cancelling the IWT, India must first make immediate arrangements to make use of our 20%. In these times of water scarcity and monsoon shortfalls I can not believe that we are under using what is duly ours. The MPN tag to pakistan is most undeserving. It should hve been withdrawn long back. Hope at least now they will.

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    1. The danger with IWT is with China. China might move to block the Brahmaputra. The problem with water treaties is also that we cannot abrogate them in a day. This kind of warfare has no element of surprise. Because we cannot build a tall dam in a day! It will take 4-5 years and our enemies will know exactly what we are doing.


  2. CW good post!

    All the actions mentioned by you is definitely the way to go,and about time too!

    ‘The fourth  thing is withdrawing the “Most Favored Nation” status given by India to what is perhaps the world’s Most F*cked up nation.’……..HA HA HA ..that is a good one!

    Congi’s have really messed up the country!

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  3. On one hand we have fights for water between states within India ….and on the other hand we make a lousy treaty with ‘the world’s Most F*cked up nation’ who is clear enemy of our country…..why??

    As suggested by you hope India takes immediate action to utilize the 20% water ……and totally modify the treaty so that India gets maximum water!!

    These paki A!@# H@#$% have been carrying out their unprovoked attack on our country for years …..I just cant understand why India never took a tough stand on Pakistan…..a lousy failed terrorist state!

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    1. And fortunately on this, we even have Mehbooba Mufti on our side. In fact, J&K assembly voted unanimously to take more water from the Indus. It can be a short term weapon to calm down Kashmir and hurt Pakistan. Two with one.


  4. Don’t forget the raid that our soldiers carried out across the LoC which was a success(3 terrorist camps) destroyed.A repeat of the Myanmar episode in which our Army crossed over into Myanmar and destroyed terrorist camps after our army was attacked in the NE.Of course,the Govt will never admit that it carried out the raid officially but the fact that Pak closed airspace over Gilgit-Baltistan(PoK) and Chitral,the fact that they cancelled leaves of Army soldiers and the biggest clue of them all,the fact that Modi was in the situation room(he wouldn’t have been in the war room for an ordinary encounter) shows that the operation did indeed happen.Pak will also never admit that the operation happened because that would be an indirect acknowledgement of the fact that there are terror camps on the side of Kashmir that they control.This to me is the biggest step of them all.


    1. Spot on Enigma. This to me is the biggest step and one that we will most probably never know about from either establishment – Pak won’t admit for the reasons you mentioned and India won’t mention because NaMo sarkar has already been media-stung for the chest beating over the Myanmar operation. In any case, you don’t want to advertise cover ops. The dichotomy is that because you can’t say it out loud, there will always be doubts and aspersions cast on the veracity of that strike.


      1. Even with Myanmar it was a different matter. Myanmar is not a nuclear power. But something surely has happened. There is a reason Pakistan closed the airspace and jets flew out over Islamabad.


    2. I dont think it was as successful as Quint suggested, but I think something definitely happened. Pakistan closing the airspace was really odd. The problem with these things is that it is literally impossible to know the truth. India will never admit it crossed the LoC and Pakistan government will never admit that it failed to stop India from crossing the LoC.


  5. Yes.A good start indeed.Finished the power play overs well.Now the consolidation phase is happening and the last 6 overs will be the slog overs in which you will see a lot of action.


  6. By the way,there is a certain individual on Twitter.He is amazing.He 1)predicted in 2011 that Modi would become PM,2)predicted in 2013 that Russia would get a warm water port(Russia annexed Crimea a year later),3)predicted that Russia would enter the Syria conflict which happened,4)predicted early this year that Balochistan would be raised by Modi,5)predicted beforehand that IWT and Kabul river(from Afghanistan side)would be used as weapons,6)predicted that SAARC summit won’t happen in Islamabad.He got all of them right.He is amazing.He says that Balochistan would be liberated in 2018 and has made many more predictions about the period around 2018. His handle is @avarakai .Do check him out.I found this gem of a handle a couple of months ago and I am amazed at how he is getting so many predictions right.


      1. Yeah.He is the guy.His handle is amazing.Have been following his handle for the last 2 months and he is getting so many things right.I also dug up many of his old tweets and found that many of his predictions were true.Do read his tweets about 2018.Quite fascinating.He says that Balochistan will be liberated in 2018 and that the Chinese will ditch Pakis one day.He has an excellent track record as far as predictions are concerned.


      2. GBP 620 million alms to Pakistan while they were butchering departing Hindus to India. I remember having read that this was one of the reasons Nathuram Godse admitted why he struck Gandhi. Godse was said to be disturbed badly when Gandhi held the then Govt., by neck with his routine fasting/blackmailing to give away the said Lbs. 620 million.


    1. It’s a pity that the conference was canceled before we managed to make Nepal and Sri Lanka and Maldives officially declare that they are pulling out as well. That would have been the real cherry.


  7. I am ecstatic that there is so much support for our boycott of the “Pure”.
    The pure are always crqving our attention in a direct manner,itbgives them purpose.This sort of boycott will drive them mental
    Many people I know are telling we should not stoop to Pakistans level by cutting their water short because India is the next big power and should maintain dignity.My question is what dignity?These morons who can barely take care of themselves are simply trying to pinch us.It is a known fact the peacefuls only fall in place after a sound thrashing.This is just the thrashing they need.
    Now about the Chinese..
    Sure they are a brutal,dictatorial and evil nation.But the truth is they are just growing insecure as they know deep down that their importance in the next 30-40 years is going to decline.They are just going to end up as a bunch of has beens.Why?
    Because of a drastically ageing population.They say “Vinasha kale Vipareetha Budhi” for a reason.With their brutal and short sighted one child policy they have managed to put their economy on a downward trajectory.A shrinking workforce and a broken family system is going to sink the country gradually.Many Chinese families are not having a second child even when being given a choice.It is estimated that there are 60Million men who can’t have spouses due to a skewed sex ratio.
    Further China has a smaller middle class than us,and we all know that a huge and expanding middle class is the backbone of a strong economy.
    The Chinese have also managed to pollute their environment to an impressive extent.When I visited Beijing the smog was extremely thick and it was difficult to breathe,I can only imagine the health conditions of those who have been exposed to it for a sustained period of time.
    In short China might be a brutal and seemingly cunning society with a lot of insecurity and utter disregard for humans.But that is exactly the reason we shouldn’t fear it too much because a country that does not care for its citizens or culture at all is bound to fail since it is the people who make the nation.


    1. China has 3 strategic problems

      1) As you said, an ageing population.

      2) They are feeding Pakistan, which is like a snake. One day they will regret it, just like America is regretting now.

      3) China is getting eaten alive on the inside by Christian missionaries. Believe me this is not insignificant. This will weaken China drastically over the next few decades.


  8. very heartwarming post cw.finally India is taking the right steps to counter our evil neighbour .but there are some bleeding hearts for pakis like sudeendra kulkarni and saba nakli who had the gall to say Kashmir problem has to be solved for terrorism to be stopped uugh .


  9. Impressive article. More we read the post partition history, more we are convinced that how Nehru’s personal ambitions were put before Country’s interest. Inkman Sudheendra Kulakarni and his fellow jokers are just following the path.

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  10. 30 for 0 in five overs is a good start no doubt. It is a great start when you consider that the previous start was -1000 in 69 overs. Getting to 0 itself took time.


  11. Amazing cw. It is very funny to see Pak defense minister on tv having his BP high and threatening to nuke India. When they have such pigs, we dont need to destroy them. Just because of our fear, they will get destroyed. Positive mind is the biggest weapon we have. As of now, i can see that, pak has very very negative mind. They have a fear. In this case, even though whole world helps them, nobody can save them, forget china. As you said, Modi has rightly pressed Baloch issues. In next few years, Pak will be busy defending Balochistan. Already EU has threatened to put sanctions on Pak. There is almost possibility that, without going in a war with Pak, India can easily dismantle Pak. Modi’s smartness is also seen that, he directly told pakistanis to take care about their leaders. This may incite paiskatnis to rebel against their leaders in coming years. With this, we should be more aggressive now.
    (1) I expected from Modi to take decision of SAARC and removing MFN to pakistan on the next day of uri attack. However, it is late but lets hope he takes decison as early as possible.
    (2) Lets hope that, India expels Pak from SAARC. SS has already adviced to expel pak and induct Thailand and Myanmar.
    (3) As you said, not a single PM has guts even to review Indus treaty. we lost so much water to Pak. Just because of stupidity of nehru we gave enough resources of water at the cost of our people and that to an enemy.

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    1. He he…fear is the biggest weapon we have 🙂 I have always believed that the so called “cold start doctrine” doesn’t actually exist. But it is a splendid psychological weapon to torture Pakistan mentally.


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