Samajwadi Party feud : Can I say I don’t know?

So the Samajwadi Party had to make a splash at the end of the year. And tonight Modi might as well have something big up his sleeve. The whole country will be watching when he says “Mitron”. Clearly, the BJP and the SP have decided that we will have a politically heated new year. If this is not evidence of collusion between the two parties, I don’t know what is…

In this season, everyone has to be an “expert”, someone who is “in the know”. Leading the pack are alleged journos who have randomly guessed every possible political scenario at least once in the last six months. And now they are digging back into their Twitter timelines and claiming credit for that one possibly correct guess among a hundred.


It is quite another matter that the entire journalist fraternity was confidently reporting on a Cong+SP+RLD alliance less than a week ago. Some “sources” had gone so far as to give out even the exact number of seats each alliance partner was to get. Some “sources” went even further, claiming that the partners had finished discussing numbers of seats and were now deciding *which* seats to contest.

It was all wrapped up: Akhilesh was going to sweep the polls, with some reflected glory on the pampered Pappu.


And then Mulayam Singh Yadav burst onto the scene, ruling out any alliance with anyone. The frustration in Lutyens Delhi was exploding.


You know things are bad when the Lutyens cabal gets angry with the patriarch of caste politics in the Hindi heartland. I mean Mulayam split out a Hindu caste and made them vote for Muslim appeasement. What could be closer to the idea of India?

Saba Naqvi, the (un)official spokeperson for AAP, did even less to conceal her anger:


BJP game? Why BJP? Ha! Ha! So you know it too Saba! You know just as well as everyone else that this might be a fixed election between Amit Shah and Mulayam Singh Yadav. They might have made a deal for BJP to get UP this time and Akhilesh to take UP the next time, with Mayawati’s party finished forever.

But why “shameless”, Ms. Saba Naqvi? What is so shameless in striking political deals? When Laloo Yadav and Nitish Kumar made a deal, you didn’t say that was shameless. When Rahul Gandhi went on a yatra from Deoria to Dilli talking of “27 saal UP behaal” and still opened alliance talks with the ruling SP, you didn’t say that was shameless. When CPI(M) allied with Congress in Bengal, you didn’t think that was shameless. When the Commies propped up a government headed by Manmohan Singh, you didn’t think that was shameless. Now suddenly when BJP plays dirty, you begin to do research on the politics of shame? Sad to break it to you, but people like Mulayam Singh Yadav…the captains of your beloved idea of India were always shameless and always up for sale to the highest bidder. You were happy as long as the deals they made were benefitting Lutyens jackals like you. Now it seems some of your patrons may have struck a deal with your enemies and left the jackals out in the cold. The only shameless loser here is you.

Yes, so if BJP is playing dirty, I welcome it. It is about time. You play your dirty intolerance games. Don’t expect the other side to play dead.

But the honest truth is, I don’t know. That should not be very hard to admit, but it seems to be the case with most of Lutyens Delhi.  Is this a calculated move by Mulayam Singh Yadav to make Akhilesh a hero? Or is there a deal between Amit Shah and Mulayam Singh Yadav? Maybe it is both. If there is a deal, is Akhilesh involved or not? We don’t know, but we are watching. This is going to be fascinating.


In a Wi-Fi dead zone

Hi folks,

just logging in to give a shout out to all of you out there. I am currently visiting relatives deep in rural Bengal. My internet really sucks here 😦 This means two things: I can hardly connect to WordPress stably enough to blog and more importantly, I can’t check FB or Twitter or anything else to actually get the latest news so that I can blog about it. I’m really sorry to keep you folks waiting and I miss you all. I will be back somewhere around noon on December 30 and I promise that the first thing I will do is let all you folks know… Till then, please excuse me.



Dear Congress, if you are against Shivaji Maharaj, just say so!

First of all, I must apologize to regular readers. While you folks have been regular with visiting and commenting, I have been pathetically irregular with posting articles. I am visiting my family this time of the year and having a lot of fun. And perhaps, writing about politics requires a certain streak of negativity and anger which is hard to summon when you are really really happy to be in the small town where you grew up. I keep saying that we must appreciate politicians … all politicians … at one level. It is very demanding to be in politics mode 24 x 7 for 365 days of the year.

This is a moment to remember


India’s Prime Minister laying the foundation stone for a giant memorial to a Hindu ruler? The jealous cribbing begins in 3..2…1 :


Of all the “arguments”, I find this cribbing over cost the most infuriating of all. Most of all because it is dishonest. The people who make these arguments don’t actually give a damn about the cost. There are any number of ways in which the government could be accused of “wasting” money. Let me know how much money is wasted on building statues and monuments of the Dynasty. Let me know how much money is wasted by the government in maintaining Teen Murti Bhavan as a permanent tribute to Nehru’s ghost? Could it not be put to “better” use? Why not let the homeless of Delhi huddle in and sleep inside Teen Murti Bhavan during the winter? Or better still, imagine how much money could be raised by auctioning the prime land on which the Bhavan stands and used for welfare of the public. We could do the same with the samadhis of the Dynasty members. Why waste all that land and resources? Let’s give it to the poor.


Speaking of common sense, why not apply the same common sense to the Commie outlets whose hearts keep bleeding for the poor? How much money was required to launch Does Troll really serve a purpose other than being shared on the FB walls of snooty liberal elites? Instead of spending all that money to reassure certified Dynastycrooks of the greatness of Nehruvian economics, why not just spend it on the poor? A similar form of “common sense” could apply to outlets like The Wire and The Indian Express. How many people actually read this stuff? Go spend it on something useful. And all those leftie journos could better spend their lives building homes for the poor? What say?

Unless you can shut down Troll and spend that money on the poor, don’t give any lectures. You guys founded Troll to push an agenda. The Dynasty installed statues and samadhis for an agenda. Narendra Modi is building the Shivaji memorial with an agenda. Don’t crib now.

Instead of talking about money, come out and speak the truth. Tell us openly that you are unhappy about a Hindu ruler being celebrated and honored in India.

Let me give you an example.

Last year, the Karnataka Government founded the new “tradition” of Tipu Jayanthi, celebrated with public money of course. Girish Karnad came to this event and demanded that Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport be named after Tipu Sultan. That didn’t send any tongues wagging among the liberals, did it? It is only after the right wing began systematic outrage that Girish Karnad realized that the age of elites is over. He had to apologize.

You know what was the good thing about how the right wing got the Congress to cut down on Tipu Jayanthi? The right wing came out honestly and proclaimed its personal dislike of Tipu Sultan. Nobody hid behind fake economic arguments or sterile questions of “what else could have been done with the money?”

So, dear Congress and dear seculars, if you hate Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, come out and say it. Make your argument and own it.  You celebrate your heros, we celebrate ours. As I said, it’s all political. Do you dare? 

Peaceful forces on the verge of snatching Bengal

Punjab Sind Gujarat Maratha Dravida Utkala Banga

You don’t need to stand up for anything except for the truth. I have put in boldface the names of all the provinces that have been wholly or partly snatched from us in 1947. Gone forever with no possibility of recovery. If any possibility remains, it is that they will come back for more and more until nothing is left of Bharat.

As our illustrious leaders agreed in 1947, what is theirs is theirs. What is ours shall forever be negotiable. Until of course our entire existence is “negotiated” away and a black veil of “peace” descends over all of this ancient land.

Less than two months ago, a Hindu cycle repairman Indrajit Dutta in Bengal’s Mallarpur was lynched to death for refusing to contribute to Muharram observances. But Bengal isn’t Dadri and there was no chance here of blaming the crime on Gau Rakshaks. So for our media and our elites, there was no reason for concern. Life went on at the usual pace, “intolerance” was reported from many parts of the country… angry tweets from online Bhakts continued to be the biggest issue facing the nation.

I have wanted to write about the recent events in West Bengal for well over a week now. However, I have a principle of never writing about something unless I can back it up from two or more sources. As an added layer of protection, I prefer sources that are ideologically opposed to me (such as NDTV or The Hindu or The Indian Express), so that nobody can challenge me on the facts. I am not a journalist. That’s why I have standards.

I have waited and waited, but the events in Dhulagarh near Howrah in West Bengal have been blacked out so completely by mainstream media that they have left me with no option but to go with stuff circulating on social media. So, some of the photos and videos below may be true and some may be false, while others could be misrepresentations or exaggerations. Read at your own risk. As I said, I have standards. Because I am not a journalist.

Roughly, it seems that this is what happened : On Eid-ul-Milad day, a procession of peacefuls attacked Hindu homes and shops in Dhulagarh near Howrah.

Please understand that this is not a remote village in the rural hinterland. This is Howrah, home to Kolkata’s massive Howrah Railway Station. This is Howrah, home to the iconic “Howrah bridge”, a symbol of the city of Kolkata. This is an area where every square inch is densely covered by a mob of TV channels. This might as well have been happening in the backyard of India Gate in New Delhi.

And yet, the persecution of Hindus continues unabated in West Bengal, hidden in plain sight of a thousand media eyes. I guess this is what happens when you wear the full veil over the face, you can’t see anything even though it might literally be inches from your nose.

There are recordings circulating on social media that claim to be calls from angry citizens calling up media houses demanding that Dhulagarh be covered. I can’t confirm this, but the voice does appear to be that of Rajdeep Sardesai in this one.

In fact, Rajdeep was really angry at getting to hear from common people. Idiots all of them. Don’t they know that Rajdeep only does the truly hard hitting news stuff? The idiots should stop calling him… what if Madam calls him to take another hard hitting interview and his phone is busy? The “interview of the century” might go to another “reporter” and Rajdeep might forever miss out on being the person who broke the story of which color is Sonia Gandhi’s favorite..


The Bhakts want Bengal riots “covered” and they are calling Rajdeep? Don’t they know he only does “cover-ups”?

Here is another “idiot” who supposedly called NDTV:

Yes, this is no Barun Kashyap story to deserve a prime time billing. Nor are these “church attacks”. Why would anyone care?

In conclusion, I would like to point something out, which I think is most important here. Yes, the so called mainstream media blacked out the story. But, more importantly, you know who else blacked it out? Hindus themselves. In Bengali, we say that unless the baby cries for attention, even the mother will not give it milk. This story got blacked out because Hindus didn’t care and did not want to care. There are a billion Hindus in this country and if a good number of them really cared about the issues facing Hindus today, there would be a hundred million voices speaking about about this tragedy. There would be no need to feel bad about a blackout by Lutyens crooks.

But Hindus don’t care. We refuse to learn from history. We watch as history repeats itself but we say nothing. From Taimur to Taimur, we make a virtue out of surrender.

Thanks Rahul : at least you said something :)

In the Mahabharata, Prince Uttara was the son of Virat, the ruler of the Matsya kingdom. Upon the prodding of the Kauravas, the King Susarma of neighboring Trigartadesa attacked Matsya, leading King Virata to take his entire army to the south. Meanwhile, the main Hastinapura army, with warriors such as Bhishma and Drona attacked Matsya from the north. When the news of the invasion by Hastinapura reached the capital of Matsya, there was no army there, just the young prince Uttara surrounded by the ladies of the palace.

Too embarrassed to be seen as chicken,  prince Uttara roared that he would go out alone and defeat the Hastinapura army single-handedly. The ladies of the royal palace doted upon the young warrior in delight. However, as Uttara rode out to the battlefield and far away from the palace, the reality of his situation began to dawn on him. In panic, he got off his chariot and began to run away.

You probably understand why I am telling you this story. Except in the Mahabharata, Uttara was lucky enough to have Arjuna himself as his charioteer, disguised as the eunuch Brihannala. Young Rahul’s chariot driven by Burqa Dutt not so much 🙂

A few days ago, Rahul Gandhi got carried away and declared that he would bring an earthquake upon us. The “ladies” of Lutyens squealed in delight at their dimpled young savior. Any time now, Rahul would ride into battle and bring the big bad Modi down, thus winning back his birthright. And with Rahul getting his birthright, the jackals of Lutyens would be back to getting scraps from the high table. Some would be able to get back into the Prime Minister’s plane, some would get their cushy positions back at universities and various other boards and panels formed purely for the purpose of channelling money and rewards into the pockets of loyalists.

But as the shehzada rode closer and closer to the battlefront, his courage began to fade away. He wanted to run, but the earthquake line was too much. And as he jumped from his chariot and began to run away, his charioteers in the mainstream media started running after him, laughing at his cowardice. Even the ladies back at the palace were beginning to mock him. This was too much.

And so it was that Rahul Gandhi had to bring on the “earthquake”. Congratulations Rahul for at least trying to fight. I didn’t think you had it in you.

In the Mahabharata, the charioteer Brihannala stands up and does all the fighting while Uttara watches. But what are your options, Shehzade? In the Mahabharata, the soldiers of Hastinapura were struck with terror as the heard from a distance the twang of Arjun’s Gandiva bow. Where is your Gandiva, Rahul? And who is supposed to hold it and use it for you?

Instead of a shower of arrows from the Gandiva, y0u have thrown at the PM some rotting scraps of stale “information” already in public domain and already discarded by the Supreme Court. In fact, the courts were furious with Prashant Bhushan for showing up with such nonsense. So stinging was the rebuke  from the courts that an irritated Bhushan came back that night and started throwing muck at NITI Aayog Chairman Bibek Debroy’s academic record from 3 decades ago. There was no connection between Bibek Debroy  and what happened in the court that day. But Bhushan came back and was tweeting about how Bibek Debroy’s thesis advisor had criticized his work in the 1980s…  Imagine how frustrated Bhushan was that night. He had to take his anger out on somebody…anybody.

You have made a mistake Rahul. You have attacked your enemy at his strongest point. Never do that. At this point in time, Narendra Modi’s credibility is sky high. No one thinks he is corrupt. No one. Why would Modi take money? For what? For who? And what will he do with the money…lol! Instead the right way to attack is to go around the enemy’s strongest point, searching for weaknesses and attacking there. That’s how you chip away at an enemy. You could have attacked smaller ministers who are not well known to the public and tried to bring out scams there. A good example in this regard was the recent hitjob on Kiren Rijiju by the Economic Times. That was the right way. Look up the lesser known faces in the BJP, investigate their business interests, invent some “cousins” if needed and make claims of corruption in those. They might stick. And once you have 5-6 ministers caught in scandal, you have a chance …just a chance of making a bid for the credibility of the big man at the top.

Instead you went straight for the big man. You wanted to captain the Indian Test side without ever playing club cricket. In your defense, you were handed the job by virtue of birth. You didn’t earn it. And that’s what happens when you have unearned privilege. You make stupid decisions.

Instead of bringing down Modi’s credibility, you have now given him an excuse to go back to talking about Congress scams. Public memory is short … and to quote an article from Firstpost, “BJP crying scams is getting old”. And that was becoming a handicap for BJP. Guess what? Now that you have raked up the issue, Modi has an excuse. He can bring back the talk of your scams at the very same time as he is fighting the biggest ever battle against black money. You are welcome.

BJP needs to ease out the Shiv Sena

The results from the local polls all around Maharashtra are in. The BJP has rocketed to the No. 1 position. I should keep stressing that the BJP was not just the No.4 party, but also a very distant No.4 at the grassroots in Maharashtra. It is a staggering success of 3 men each of whom contributed in equal measure.

First, there was the Modi charisma of 2014 that stormed Maharashtra.

Secondly, there was Amit Shah who took the big decision to snap ties with Shiv Sena just before the 2014 Assembly polls. The BJP had never contested in 172 out of the 289 seats. At many places, it did not have candidates or polling agents. The decision to go alone could easily have backfired. But Amit Shah made the right decision at the right time.

Thirdly, there was Devendra Fadnavis who worked hard and built up his image at the grassroots. His Jal Yukt Shivir program was appreciated at every level. People came out and contributed voluntarily to the project out of their own pocket, showing a tremendous level of confidence in the government. And don’t forget Fadnavis did it against all the odds, with an unhappy Shiv Sena forever snapping at his heels. Not to mention Pankaja Munde, who is clearly playing the OBC card against the Brahmin Chief Minister. But all the intrigue and conspiracy has clearly not affected Fadnavis image nor his performance and people have rewarded him richly.

As I said yesterday, if there is one big loser here, it is Shiv Sena. They have not won any fans by playing the double role of ruling party and opposition. To the public, this looks like the ultimate hypocrisy: too greedy to give up power and too cowardly to take responsibility.

The Shiv Sena is now stuck in a time warp, saying stupid things like this:


So the Prime Minister is coming to Mumbai to lay the foundation for a grand memorial to Chhatrapati Shivaji. And Uddhav Thackeray has nothing better to do than throw a tantrum over “respect”. What respect is he talking about? Does he remember the kind of language that Saamna and other Shiv Sena leaders have been using about the Prime Minister? And at the end of the day, politics is all about power.

Dear Shiv Sena, stop throwing tantrums. You don’t have the cards. Shiv Sena is now a distant No. 4 party in Maharashtra. They are now dependent on the BJP for crumbs. Even Shiv Sena knows that. So a couple of days after this tantrum, Uddhav decides tamely to attend the PM’s ceremony.


LOL! What extra “respect” did Uddhav get by crying like a child? LOL!

As usual, Shiv Sena achieved nothing by throwing a tantrum, except looking even more ridiculous than before.

The BJP’s big challenge in Maharashtra is now to “manage” the decline of the Shiv Sena. The BJP in the state is still a “work in progress” and the Shiv Sena still has just enough votes that NDA needs them to win elections. The Congress and NCP are still too strong for BJP to face them alone.

BJP has to now begin a process of dissolving Shiv Sena at the grassroots. The many ideological similarities between the two saffron parties make this relatively easy. It shouldn’t be hard to convince ground level cadres of Shiv Sena to put on a BJP cap : they don’t even need to change the color of the flag 🙂 🙂

In fact, Modi is doing exactly that right now. He is inaugurating the biggest ever tribute to Chhatrapati Shivaji and establishing BJP as the true claimant of the Maratha glory. The Shiv Sena may be named after the great ruler, but petty men such as Uddhav Thackeray do not deserve to claim his legacy.

The immediate challenge before BJP is the BMC. The BJP has indicated that the alliance will continue, but 50% of seats for BJP have to be the starting point. In fact, BJP should make an opening offer of 33% seats to Shiv Sena or less. Because seat shares should reflect the strength on the ground. As we saw in Chandigarh yesterday, the urban voter is still in no mood to humor the Congress. The battle for Mumbai is really between BJP and Shiv Sena. This may even be the right time for BJP to take the solo plunge in Mumbai.

If the Shiv Sena leadership does not recognize the realities on the ground, it is best for the BJP to work around them. I feel that Amit Shah is planning something similar to 2014: keep pretending till the last moment that BJP wants an alliance…and then ditch at the eleventh hour. Once BJP takes BMC, it may trigger an exodus of cadres from the Sena into the BJP. As for Uddhav and Aditya, the two Shehzadas at the top of the party, they can do what they do best : throw tantrums.

How Devendra Fadnavis is cementing the BJP in Maharashtra

If there is one theme that I keep talking about, it is stressing on the difficulty of political parties muscling their way across state borders. It is only during rare political upheavals that parties can grow in geographical reach. All the way until 2009, the BJP continued to function entirely in what I call “Advani territory” : the lands where BJP spread during the Ram Rath yatra. For nearly two decades, the BJP didn’t spread further.

The next expansion of the BJP’s electoral catchment area came in 2014. Modi created new space for the party in Haryana and Assam. He renewed the party in Uttar Pradesh where it’s stream had long run dry. And finally, he spread BJP to every corner of Maharashtra. No more a junior partner to Shiv Sena.

But one huge blow is not enough, definitely not in a massive state like Maharashtra. Modi needed capable generals who would successfully build on the opening that had been created and let the party organization strike roots in every corner of the state. And this is what Devendra Fadnavis has done, which has made me into a fan.

Consider first, the importance of Maharashtra, especially in the Congress scheme of things. While the headlines often go to the rabble rousing politics of Shiv Sena and its hooliganism based cousin MNS, people tend to forget how important Maharashtra is to the Congress ecosystem. Before 2014, the Congress had its Chief Minister in Mumbai for all but the period from 1995-1999. While everyone talks of the spectacular 73/80 in Uttar Pradesh in 2014, the real body blow to the Congress came from Maharashtra, where the NDA swept 42/48 seats. There would likely be several seats among these where Congress has always won since 1952.

I have always seen Maharashtra and (undivided) Andhra Pradesh as the two reserve bunkers of the Congress. The 2004 victory of Sonia Gandhi would simply have been impossible without them. In 2004, the Congress did very poorly in the Hindi heartland, but it was Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh that got them their six seat edge over the BJP. As of now, the Congress has been finished in Andhra Pradesh and Devendra Fadnavis is squeezing the life out of them in Maharashtra. Take these two states away from Congress and they cannot repeat 2004.

Maharashtra has certain features that make it unique. It is one of the states that is deeply feudal in its politics despite being highly industrialized. This feudal power structure, mostly kept in place through cooperatives loyal to local politicians, results in very powerful local governments. In Maharashtra, the local elections really matter. Every little nagarpalika is hotly contested, because there is a lot of power at stake. For instance, Mumbai’s BMC is practically a state on its own. The only other state I know of where local elections matter so much is West Bengal.

So, the real task before Devendra Fadnavis was to bring BJP to the grassroots in Maharashtra. At the grassroots, the BJP had always been party No. 4, even behind Shiv Sena. The only time before 2014 when saffron forces formed the government in Maharashtra was when the Sena+BJP combine swept 33 out of 34 seats in Mumbai in 1995. Both saffron parties were effectively missing in most of the state. With Sena+BJP unable to repeat their performance in Mumbai (thanks in major part to MNS), they didn’t have a chance in 1999 nor in 2004 nor in 2009.

Outside Mumbai, the secular forces have deep roots everywhere in Maharashtra. Quick…name a city in Maharashtra other than Mumbai. Did you say Pune? It might come as a surprise to people that Pune is a stronghold of the NCP. Yes, an aspirational urban area can be an NCP stronghold. Did you say Nagpur? Surely Nagpur, the fountainhead of the RSS, is a stronghold of BJP? Wrong again! Nagpur is a stronghold of the Congress party. It is only in 2014 that secular bastions in Pune and Nagpur were demolished by the Modi wave.

What about Kolhapur? LOL! Congress/NCP has never lost it since 1952 and BJP lost there even in 2014!! Would you believe that Navi Mumbai…yes…right on the edges of the Maximum City is also an NCP stronghold? I hope that by now, readers who are not from Maharashtra, would have an idea of the strength of Congress-NCP in the state.

This is the mountain that Devendra Fadnavis was expected to climb. And he would have to do it with the Shiv Sena snapping at his heels. Fadnavis understood that the real target of BJP is the NCP. The NCP…or as Modi aptly described it… the “Naturally Corrupt Party” is totally dependent on the power of these cooperatives and local satraps. With the NCP out of power both in the state and the center, it makes sense for the local satraps to gravitate towards the ruling party. Fadnavis would have to dissolve the NCP at the grassroots. This is what he pulled off in remarkable fashion in the first phase of the municipal polls where as many as 167 councils were at stake. With a 72% voter turnout, these polls richly deserved the title of “mini-Assembly election”. Here are the results.


That’s simply staggering. From No. 4 to No. 1 in one giant leap. The picture is even more stark if you look at the Mayoral elections for the 167 councils that were held directly. The BJP was by far the No.1 with 55 Mayors whereas Congress was a poor 2nd with around 25 seats.

The next two phases were much smaller, involving just 14 councils and 19 councils respectively, compared to the mammoth 167 in the first phase.

Here’s the performance in the 2nd phase:

Mayors : BJP 5 Cong 3 NCP 2 Sena 1 Others 3 (Total = 14)

And wardwise, here is the performance:

NCP 94 BJP 89 Cong 44 Sena 25

What? How come BJP is behind NCP? Well, look at the position from 2011:


Yes, BJP was a poor 4th here with just 17 wards compared to 86 of the NCP and 72 of the Congress. Quite simply, the BJP was nowhere. Now it has the maximum number of mayors and just a shade behind NCP in number of wards. The BJP has arrived in rural Maharashtra…finally.

Here is the third phase, results for which came out yesterday. A total of 19 councils went to polls. Among them were 11 councils in Nanded, the bastion of Ashok Chavan. Nanded did not fall even in 2014. But here are the results now:

Cong 8 BJP 7 NCP 1 Sena 0 Others 3 (Total 19)

And wardwise:


Can you believe that the BJP had won just 25 wards in this region across 19 councils in 2011? Again, BJP was nowhere. Now it has 119 wards, just behind the 126 of the Congress.

Add up the 3 phases and you have the results for the whole of Maharashtra:

BJP 1097. Congress 917 NCP 786. Shiv Sena 596.

As for Mayors, the BJP has won 67 while the Congress has got a mere 35. This is the story of Devendra Fadnavis’ remarkable battle to make BJP the No. 1 party in the state.


Side note: As expected, Shiv Sena’s performance has been pathetic. I knew that people would punish the Sena for enjoying power and continuing to criticize the government. Such hypocrisy is detested by the common man. BJP’s big new challenge is to make the Shiv Sena eat humble pie in the BMC polls.

Rahul Gandhi cannot even go the Kejriwal way

This time, even hardcore slaves of the Dynasty are angry :


No seriously, even the stool pigeons of the dynasty cannot help their frustration. Each time they expect Rahul Gandhi to play a Virat Kohli like innings, Rahul Gandhi only goes in and gives catching practice to fielders in the slip cordon. There are only so many times that the flatterers can break into applause as the Shehzada walks back to the pavilion with a giant duck following him across the screen. There are only so many times that the flatterers can say, “Never mind, you’ll get a double century in the next game”.

What was Rahul Gandhi thinking? First he comes out and declares that he has proof of the PM’s personal corruption. See the excitement he unleashed in Lutyens’ Delhi.


Yes! The Shehzada will finally perform and destroy Narendra Modi forever. The young prince will rise like a Phoenix and slay the dragon who has brought a two and half year long eclipse on Lutyens’ Delhi.

Except there is no Phoenix. There is no cat. The Shehzada is a sitting duck. All he did was stand up and flap around and quack around and then sit down again.

Dear Lutyens, the joke is on you! The joke is on YOU for taking Rahul Gandhi seriously. You are the people who have raised him to be the joker that he is. YOU people should have known better than to assume the spoilt prince had a damn idea what he was talking about.


First, he said his comments would cause an earthquake. Then, he says that the Prime Minister is terrified of him. Don’t you see this is the young price recalling fairy tales from his favorite bedtime books? In these fairly tales, he is the blessed young hero born with the sun on his forehead and stars on the palms of his hands. When he breathes, there is fire. When he speaks, there is an earthquake. And this young hero is supposed to vanquish the monster and assume his birthright as the rightful emperor of this land.

You Lutyens caretakers of the prince should have recognized that the prince is just reciting episodes from his bedtime stories. You are the folks who pampered him with those stories. Instead of realizing this, you fools actually thought he was on to something real. Shame on you!

For myself, let me just say I only laughed when I heard that Rahul Gandhi has “proof” against the Prime Minister. For one, the chances of the PM being personally corrupt are ZERO. You all hear that? A big fat zero. Now, I like to keep it real. I know there are a lot of corrupt people in BJP and a lot of corrupt people abetted by BJP. But Narendra Modi simply is not one of them. The man was Gujarat CM for 12 years. If he wanted to be corrupt, he would have  been richer than Sharad Pawar and Deve Gowda by now. He is quite simply incorruptible. You can take those words to the bank.

Nevertheless, I expected Rahul Gandhi to say something at least, some wild accusation. At least something to get the Lutyens rumor mills churning. Come on Pappu, at least you could have done a Kejriwal. Or at least you could have pulled off a Mamata. But Pappu didn’t play Kejriwal or Mamata, he played the only thing he could have played: an absolute idiot.

For the first time, I might agree with some opposition commenters that India as a democracy deserves a better opposition than Pappu. Instead of an attack on the Prime Minister, what we got is this highly satisfying photo op.


How many Shehzadas can you count in this picture, sitting in front of a former tea seller? I can spot at least three. The Pappu led opposition is one of the low points of our democracy and this photo-op is one of the high points… Hey Mani Shankar Aiyar, if you want to come and sell some tea, I am sure that the PM will make some space for you…

“Idea of India” is to communalize the Army



It is about two and a half months since the Opposition was left reeling under Modi’s surgical strikes across the LoC. Why the Opposition was so angry about our military success, if not more angry than Pakistan, is a matter that will be judged by the wider public and generations to come. Nevertheless, the Opposition wiped off the egg from their faces and began a pathetic bleat of “don’t politicize the Army”.

Seems what they wanted to do to the Army was much worse. They didn’t want to politicize the Army, they just wanted to communalize it.

We know that the Dynasty has already spoken through the Poonawalla brothers. I am actually waiting for Arvind Kejriwal to wade into this with the Muslim angle. After the surgical strikes, he prudently kept his mouth shut for a week. But then, his unhealthy obsession with Modi got the better of him. He got his fingers badly burned, leading to situations like this.


But if Kejriwal’s history is any indication, he will lose the battle to keep his mouth shut. His itch gets the better of him every single time. Come on Kejriwal, you have a tremendous opportunity here to get the Nishan-e-Pakistan. Don’t let it go. Already, some of AAP surrogates have started saying it.


Wonder where AAP’s surrogates learned to speak like this? Perhaps from the piece of scum who sits at the head of their table.


Folks, this is the “idea of India” in one single bitter, poison fruit. Reduce each and every single thing to caste, religion, language and identity. Didn’t I tell you that the “idea of India” is to have no India at all, just a mishmash of identities? They in Lutyens’ Delhi like it this way, because they belong to the class of Macaulayputras who learned “Divide and Rule” at the feet of the British King-Emperor.

This is what they want. Hey, why isn’t the Army Chief a Bengali? This is an insult to Bengal. And to Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu as well. Why isn’t the Army Chief from there? What about Jat or Dalit or Gujjar or Yadav? And what about OBC, EBC, Mahadalit and any other identity that divisive secular politicians can dream up?

If you think I am stretching this, listen to Lutyens lawyer Sanjay Hegde.


Oh, so now Modi is favoring Uttarakhand. A few days earlier, another creepy crawly from Lutyens saw this threat.


Of course, the real pain was here:


What they really mean to say is this : “NSA, Army Chief, Navy Chief, Air Force Chief, RAW Chief, IB Chief…all Indians. Remarkable. Not even one Pakistani.

The day is not far when secular scum will begin campaigns promising to choose Army Chief of this caste or that caste. Or if you are superbly hypocritical like AAP, they will promise to make a Dalit the “Deputy Chief” of the Indian Army. Because we all know that no Dalit could be qualified to be the actual chief.


On a side note, notice this:


But Jains don’t count as a “real minority”, because they do not have the numerical strength for a secular politician to play vote bank politics, right?

For me, the most shameful and most sinister tweet of the day came from Prashant Bhushan. He is one of this country’s biggest lawyers. He really should have known better than this:


The worst thing in this tweet is the dog whistle insulting Lt. Gen. Mohammad Ali Hariz. Let’s say for a moment Modi is planning a war with Pakistan. Are you Prashant Bhushan suggesting that there are reasons why Lt. Gen. Hariz would be less qualified to lead India in such a war?

If you want to see Modi smack down the secular losers over their pathetic politics, watch this exchange with Digvijay Singh, which went viral on youtube a few years ago.

On the question of “how many BJP tickets were given to Muslims in Gujarat”, Modi explains : “I have a problem with this kind of thinking…. Gujarat has Sikhs, Gujarat has Parsees… did you ask? Are these the considerations on which we should be running the country?”

This is a doob maro moment for secularism in this country. Go to hell.

How media is slowly moving towards the BJP

This post is written with mixed feelings. On the one hand, the whole point of this blog is to oppose the crooks in the media and their anti-BJP narrative. But I am nothing if not an optimist. And more than that I would like to be honest. It would be dishonest not to acknowledge the clear cut gains made by the BJP in the English language media over the last two and half years.

First of all, why the English language media? Don’t we all know that viewership of the English language media represents an insignificant portion of the country?

Yes. But the English language is “aspirational”. The vernacular media looks up to the English language media, wants to be like the English media and follows their lead. The vernacular press once ran a very uncomplicated pro-Hindu theme that played a big role in the Ram Janmabhoomi movement. Who changed them? Because they were driven by the desire to be seen as “intellectual”. They abandoned their simple, culturally Hindu narrative and embraced the “nuance” of the English language intellectuals. The nuance is code for moral cowardice, where people deliberately get confused between the Indian Army and the terrorists. Therefore, change the narrative in the English language media and all vernacular media will follow the lead.

And let’s face it. English is the language of the internet. Of the social media. For better or for worse, it is English that drives the conversation.

The first and most significant victory for the BJP came with the clear pro-BJP turn of Arnab Goswami, the man at the helm of India’s No. 1 English news channel. Remember that it wasn’t always like this. In fact, Arnab was the one who had created the first storm for this government by digging up accusations against Sushma Swaraj. Something changed at Times Now through the year that followed. Less than 12 months later, Arnab Goswami became a full fledged BJP voice, making all his media colleagues angry and jealous.

But it seems likely that his boss Vineet Jain was more interested in “nuance”. Arnab Goswami quit. And now he is coming back with “Republic”, which is more or less a guaranteed blockbuster, complete with a Jan 26 launch. No prizes for guessing which side they will take.


The nation already knows.

But that is not all. I have thrilled to see this earlier in the week.


Hmmm… they went out and caught small fry from every party opposed to BJP 🙂 Must say this is a new feeling. Media batting for BJP 🙂 Finally, some perks of being the ruling party.

Now, I am a Bhakt, but even I can assure you there are smalltime BJP leaders out there who are into laundering money right now. They couldn’t be hard to find. But guess what Rahul Kanwal says:


I can only LOL at this. And perhaps this is why I said I wrote this post with mixed feelings. Go out there and ask any “Bhakt” if he/she really believes Rahul Kanwal here. The day is approaching when BJP and Modi become the establishment. And then they will enjoy the paid Bhakti that the Dynasty has enjoyed for decades. The “Bhakti” of people like me cannot compete with that. People like me will call out bullsh*t when we see it. Paid media won’t.

And the very next day, Rahul Kanwal and India Today came out with this :


Awesome 🙂

How life changes….finally some “ruling party privilege” for BJP. I am guessing Rajdeep won’t last very long at India Today unless he changes tune quickly.

Of course, there is a long road left for the BJP to travel. The intellectual classes are still stubbornly opposed to the BJP. And the 70 year old establishment is going nowhere. Nevertheless it is heartening to see that bricks are being laid here and there.

This is why 2019 is so important. All the gains that have been made by the right wing in the media space will vanish instantly if Modi loses in 2019. Remember 2004? Every single asset accumulated over 6 years was vaporized and everyone in the intellectual space went back to their natural home. Right now, these people are biding their time, still looking at a possible 2019 comeback for the Dynasty. If not for the Dynasty itself, for some kind of “secular force”. The investors in the secular establishment are keeping the faith. The Dynasty has proved to be a spectacular long term investment in the political history of India. They always bounce back after brief intervals and everyone gets their money back and makes profits in spades. That’s why the investors in Indian secularism are on wait and watch mode for 2019.

But if Modi wins 2019, the investors will lose faith in the Congress. They will panic. They will pull their money out, all at once. It’s been 2.5 years and already the corrupt and compromised media establishment is showing signs of impatience. They can barely wait 5 years. They will NOT wait for 10 years, come what may.

In fact, the challenge for BJP beyond winning 2019  is to prevent itself from becoming another Congress playing around with its media and intellectual cronies. And while BJP is rather likely to win 2019, let me tell you honestly that I feel it will lose the second, greater challenge. It’s in the very nature of power. I have always believed that Rahul Gandhi has said only one smart  thing in his entire life. Power is poison. Didn’t I tell you this post is written with mixed feelings?