Three months on, nearly 25000 views and needing some help

So, its been 3 months since I started blogging: June, July, August!  As of this moment, the blog has had 24,074 views. Going at slightly over 300 views a day, this means I have about 3 days to go before we touch the 25,000 mark.

When I started this blog in June, I would have been glad to get 100 views that month. Instead, I got more than 6000! Here are the stats so far:

June : 6,624 views

July : 7,948 views

August: 9502 views (and we have 1 day left ūüėČ )

Honestly, I can’t thank my readers enough ūüôā Special thanks are due to the regular commenters, who give me a special boost every single day. For those who are regular readers but don’t usually comment, please comment if you can! This blog is a labor of love. It means nothing without your participation!

All you good people who take time out of your busy lives to listen to what I have to say…its truly¬†a humbling realization!

As touched as I am by the support and encouragement, we have to remember that Dynastycrooks have a network that is a zillion times larger than what we have. But we are not powerless. This nation has more patriots than Dynastycrooks. Let the patriots speak up.

Finally, I need some help. This blog is just my hobby and I am passionately in love with my actual career. So I need your help searching the web to find Dynastycrook lies. There are so many of them spread over so many websites. It is difficult to keep up. Remember that they are paid to do this, we are not. So if you find Dynastycrook lies anywhere on the web, please link to it in the comments sections of my posts!

A huge heartfelt thanks once again….



Edited to Add: Good news! This post got so many views that the total for August has now gone past the 10,000 mark! We are up to 10,025 views for August so far. The total since this blog began is 24,597!!! Yay ūüôā ūüôā Thanks a ton, folks ūüôā¬†


Sepoys in academia stand guard at American gates

Ravinar, who runs, says that the “media is the first line of defense for the corrupt“. While that is true, the real¬†core of their defense force consists of academics. And so it is, that before Modi’s visit to Silicon Valley, some sepoys in American academia have put forward a blog recycling the garbage allegations of yesteryear garnished with some new nonsense.

Before anything else, scroll down the blog and read the full list of sepoys along with their academic affiliations. All these sepoys are “intellectuals” from crap like “gender studies”, “communications”, “English” etc. There is just ONE computer science guy in the entire list of nearly 100 sepoys! Given the zillion tech and science geeks from India who work in American academia, the fact that they could find just ONE person stupid enough to sign on their list ¬†is enough to discredit these sepoys altogether. With people in productive fields of study staying out, the intellectual parasites¬†who are 100% dependent on kissing ass have written a letter complaining about Modi.

Now lets take a look at what these sepoys have produced:

As faculty who engage South Asia in our research and teaching, we write to express our concerns about the uncritical fanfare being generated over Prime Minister Narendra Modi‚Äôs visit to Silicon Valley to promote ‚ÄúDigital India‚ÄĚ on September 27, 2015.

First of all, please close both your research and teaching, it is of zero use to anyone in South Asia or anyone anywhere in the world. Your so called “research” is a¬†drag on both the American and the Indian economy and your so called “teaching” is wasting the time ¬†and poisoning the minds of young students. The very existence of your job is a drain on government resources. Please stop. Go get a job at McDonalds and earn your living by hard work…for a change.

And uncritical fanfare? Really? I think Narendra Modi may be the single most criticized man in the entire 21st century. The Gandhi dynasty, a million NGOs, a zillion sepoys in academia and a Mameluk media in India have spent the last 13 years bashing him daily.

However, as educators who pay particular attention to history, we remind Mr. Modi‚Äôs audiences of the powerful reasons for him being denied the right to enter the U.S. from 2005-2014, for there is still an active case in Indian courts that questions his role in the Gujarat violence of 2002 when 1,000 died.”

Ha ha…! You keep filing your failed cases again and again and again. Let me remind you of the real history of Nehru under whom 3 million people perished in the riots of partition. If you were real educators who paid “particular attention to history”, you would know of all the riots that happened under the Dynasty.

Modi’s first year in office as the Prime Minister of India includes well publicized episodes of censorship and harassment of those critical of his policies, bans and restrictions on NGOs leading to a constriction of the space of civic engagement

Oh my god! Are these people bleating about Greenpeace? Yeah…your NGOs dont file their financial statements¬†and then they claim victimhood when the government bans them? Of course…you guys live your whole lives skating by for free and then naturally you wonder why NGOs cant do the same.

For those who think I am being too harsh on these intellectuals, sample  Dynastycrook Romila Thapar complaining in India Today:

according to what was published in the newspapers, Professor Rao’s second comment was regarding his objection to the introduction of Marxist tools of research by the ICHR during the chairmanship of Professors R.S. Sharma and Irfan Habib. Professor Rao should be more familiar with the ICHR since he was appointed to the Council by the first BJP government of 1999-2004. He should know that for the most part of its existence, the ICHR has been under the chairmanship of non-Marxists such as Lokesh Chandra, S. Setter, MGS Narayanan and so on


What Dynastycrook Romila Thapar and most other “intellectuals” don’t realize is that they have already discredited themselves with that statement in boldface. Romila Thapar thinks she is defending her colleagues and their profession by pointing out that “Not all are Marxists” or something like “Many are not Marxists” or even something like “Most of them are not Marxists”!

Here is what these egghead losers don’t realize: MARXISM HAS FAILED. IT IS COMPLETELY DISCREDITED. Its known to be worthless.

As such, the very fact that your intellectual community would treat Marxism as a legitimate position discredits your community. Can you imagine a physicist saying “Most of us don’t believe in a flat earth”? That would be laughable! Can you imagine a mathematician saying : “Most of us don’t think that pi=3”? No! No legitimate organization of¬†mathematicians would admit anyone who thinks that pi=3. Similarly, if you treat Marxism as a legitimate intellectual position, your entire intellectual community deserves to be laughed at. Marxism is just as discredited and proven to be false as the belief in a flat earth. It’s the reality. Accept it, dear Dynastycrook Romila Thapar.

Let’s continue with the letter from the sepoys:

Under Mr. Modi’s tenure as Prime Minister, academic freedom is also at risk: foreign scholars have been denied entry to India to attend international conferences, there has been interference with the governance of top Indian universities and academic institutions such as the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, the Indian Institutes of Technology and Nalanda University; as well as underqualified or incompetent key appointments made to the Indian Council of Historical Research, the Film and Television Institute of India, and the National Book Trust.

Ha ha… Nalanda “University”? Looks like Dynastycrook Amartya Sen is really butthurt that he could not grab the entire Rs 2700 crore to create his 7 schools of bullshit:

Film and Television Institute of India? That retirement center for Uncleji students who take decades to complete a 3 year course? Let me put it this way: unless FTII actually graduates students, it cannot be considered a university. Just like Babri Masjid wasn’t actually a mosque because no prayers were held…

Now let us come to the question of “academic freedom”. Wait, first let us talk about “freedom” in India as a whole. It is a pity that I have to actually dig out the history that these sepoys (who allegedly do research in history) should have. Actually, for a tiny period after independence, India used to have free speech. Until…the RSS mouthpiece Organizer dared to criticize Nehru. Then this happened:

In¬†Brij Bhushan v State of Bihar (8), the chief commissioner ¬†of Delhi passed an order under Section 7 (1) (c) of the East Punjab Public ¬†Safety Act, 1949 against an English weekly from Delhi called the Organizer. If in the Romesh Thapar case ¬†the order was against the far left, in this case the order was against the far ¬†right, as the Organizer was the ¬†mouthpiece of the RSS. The commissioner had issued the order against the Organizer for printing inflammatory ¬†materials with respect to the Partition. As per the order, the editor of the Organizer had to submit for scrutiny, ¬†before publication, all communal matter and news and views about Pakistan ¬†including photographs and cartoons other than those derived from official ¬†sources or supplied by the news agencies, viz, Press Trust of India, United Press ¬†of India and United Press of America. The question arose as to whether this ¬†order of pre-censorship could be held to be constitutionally valid. This ¬†decision was delivered on the same day as the Romesh Thapar case, and the ¬†majority in this case referred to their decision in Thapar‚Äôs case and concurred ¬†with the findings in the Thapar case. The key factor in both the decisions was ¬†the fact that the phrase ‚Äėpublic order‚Äô was not included in Article 19 (2) and ¬†that the courts interpreted restrictions on freedom of speech and expression as ¬†being legitimate only if they pertained to ‚Äúundermining the security of the state ¬†or overthrowing the state‚ÄĚ. Mere criticism of the government could not be ¬†considered as speech which could be restricted for the purposes of Article 19 (2).


And what did Chacha Nehru do? He wouldn’t take this lying down. So Nehru ji stepped in to protect the honor of the Dynasty, by introducing the First Amendment to the Indian Constitution:

‚ÄúPart of the Indian press, said (Nehru), is dirty, indulges in ‚Äėvulgarity, indecency and falsehood.‚Äô To teach it manners, Nehru proposed an amendment to India‚Äôs constitution that would impose severe restrictions on freedom of speech and expression. He asked for power to curb the press and to punish persons and newspapers for ‚Äėcontempt of court, defamation and incitement to an offense‚Äô Nehru told Parliament: ‚ÄėIt has become a matter of the deepest distress to me to see the way in which the less responsible news sheets are being conducted . . . not injuring me or this House much, but poisoning the minds of the younger generation….¬†Prime Minister Nehru got his law to curb India’s press. Voting 228 to 20, Parliament amended the 1949 constitution, which guaranteed freedom of speech and expression to all citizens. Under the amendment, the government may introduce laws fining newspapers for ‚Äėdefamation or incitement to an offense.‚Äô The courts will set the penalties.


Ah…criticism of the Dynasty is “dirty”¬†and “¬†indulges in ‚Äėvulgarity, indecency and falsehood.”!!!¬†Can you see the similarity with the accusations that Saggy Aunty makes against “internet Hindus” in social media?

Oh…and speaking of academic freedom, let’s read about Subramanian Swamy:

Swamy then moved to the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), teaching economics to students there, turning up at hostels to speak on politics and international issues and making a name for himself for his non-left views. He published what he called the ‚ÄėSwadeshi Plan‚Äô, arguing India didn‚Äôt need foreign aid and suggesting a market-friendly alternative to the Five-Year Plans.

With his approach, he said 10 percent growth rates were feasible, as were agricultural exports and a bigger defence budget. It was heresy. In March 1970, during the Parliament debate on the budget, then prime minister Indira Gandhi mentioned Swamy by name and dismissed him as a ‚ÄúSanta Claus with unrealistic ideas‚ÄĚ.

Retribution was swift. At 5.15 pm on a December evening in 1972, Swamy was given a letter saying he had been sacked from IIT with effect from 5 pm. His wife, who taught mathematics, was also sacked. Swamy took IIT to court, eventually winning his case in 1991. He rejoined as a professor for one day and then resigned. He still has a case pending against IIT for a claim of salary arrears for the 1972-91 period, which he wants with 18 percent interest.”


Hey, notice the last part¬†of the quote? ¬†Let’s read it again:

”¬†Swamy took IIT to court, eventually winning his case in 1991. He rejoined as a professor for one day and then resigned. He still has a case pending against IIT for a claim of salary arrears for the 1972-91 period, which he wants with 18 percent interest.”

Now let us find out one of the ways in which the Modi government is accused of interfering with the IITs:

The HRD Ministry denied a media report that said Shevgaonkar resigned after he was allegedly put under pressure from the HRD Ministry to accede to two demands–to provide the IIT ground for a cricket academy Tendulkar allegedly wants to open and to pay nearly Rs 70 lakh to Swamy, a former IIT-D faculty member, as his “salary dues” between 1972 and 1981.


Let me get this straight. The brutal dictator Indira Gandhi fired Subramanian Swamy from IIT for having a dissenting opinion on the economy. The courts agreed that he had been unfairly fired. IIT has so far been refusing to pay his salary dues despite losing in court. And Modi government is destroying academic freedom by allegedly pressurizing IIT to¬†speed up the process of giving compensation¬†to Swamy who has waited around 43 years so far for justice…

Just 43 years? That’s way too little, no?

And they took our Aurangazeb

Arun Shourie once said that the litmus test of pseudo-secularism is whether you are ready to defend Aurangazeb. And so when news came out last night that the Modi government has decided to rename Aurangazeb road in New Delhi, the liberals of Lutyens ¬†went into silent mourning. Aware of Aurangazeb’s tremendous unpopularity, most of them thought it best to keep quiet. I have been to Aurangazeb road myself and I remember squirming with shame and anger when I saw the name of the hated tyrant, the mass murderer of Hindus, the demolisher of thousands of temples, being celebrated in the heart of our nation’s capital.

But Dynastycrook Shekhar Coupta (“p”silent) is one of a kind. He is an intellectual. A few days back he was telling us that our national emblem has 3 lions on it. I wrote about it here:

Shekhar Coupta must have gone to the same school where Nehru learned that the earth is flat. Anyways, here is his reaction to the renaming of Aurangazeb road:

Ah…notice the¬†use of words: Aurangazeb is NOT a “demon”, he is just “demonised”!

Let me put it this way, Shekhar Coupta; if 5¬†generations of Hindu hating Commie historians have still been unable to whitewash Aurangazeb’s image, imagine what a demon he was!!!¬†Your social “scientists”¬† managed to turn Swami Vivekananda into a pro-rape symbol, remember? Shortly after the Nirbhaya rape case, here is sociology professor Sanjay Srivastava explaining what¬†lies at “the heart of male violence towards women”:

Swami Vivekananda‚Äôs masculine photographic-pose is revealing of how Indian nationalism encouraged a deeply masculine notion of modernity.”


Your lying Dynastycrook intellectuals can do anything. If they have failed to wash the blood from the hands of Aurangazeb, imagine what kind of demon that guy was!

Seriously, zaalim Modi sarkar is out of control. First “they” took away our Yakub:


and now they are taking our Aurangazeb too!

Anyway, let me leave you with a picture of a progressive women’s rights rally by the Indian Left in Kolkata 2 days ago:

“Bengal model” of growth clearly making the entire nation¬†proud!

How Mameluk media wanted Gujarat to burn

They couldn’t take Gujarat. So they wanted to burn Gujarat. As soon as some idiot called Hardik Patel managed to create a ruckus in the state, media vultures descended… desperately hoping that the state would go up in flames. All credit to Gujarat for not letting it happen. And thank you Hardik Patel for overshooting so quickly.

Let’s start with Mameluk Robber Sardesai. Now, chances are that the guy he assaulted in the US was a Patel himself. Chances are that the people Robber Sardesai insulted in the US by saying “aapke paas paisa hai magar class nahin hai”(you have money but no class) were mostly Patels.¬†But here Robber Sardesai was full of delight


Mameluk Saba Naqvi was in splits:

Not completely wrong though. Just see how deep and unshakeable the roots of the Dynasty are. Ensures total loyalty of Mameluks even though reduced to 44 seats. Gujarat model is nothing in comparison.

And here is Saggy aunty as usual, desperate to stir the pot:

Yes, 1 job each for Robber, Saggy and Nikhil Wagle, the ones who lost their jobs at IBN. Mameluk Nikhil Wagle has been hurting really bad for a while now and is close to going insane with hatred.

And give Wagle his job back, will you?

Vulture Rana Ayyub was salivating

Let Gujarat be blessed with the power of the secular god. So they can behave like his peaceful followers, right?

Dynastycrook Rana Ayyub does not respect India’s sovereignty

Now I have been waiting to write about Rana Ayyub for a while. Of course I have been aware of the insane rubbish that she produces constantly. But I knew I could wait till Rana Ayyub produces a gem of stupidity that is beyond ridiculous even by Dynastycrook standards. Well, it has happened (and another hat tip to reader Shan Sen for alerting me to this)

Here is Rana Ayyub on August 22, 2015:


Now we all know that the Lutyens class is desperate to make excuses for the worldwide violence by the peaceful community. But the mass murders, the televised beheadings, the public floggings all by the religion of peace are in our face all the time, making them really really hard to deny. Close to 2 lakh dead in Syria alone. Yazidis so thirsty that they drink their own blood to survive on top of Mount Sinjar as peaceful ISIS waits below to slaughter them. So Mameluks have to exploit the cases of Aseemanand and Col Purohit to the max. After all, even Shehzada Rahul Gandhi said that “Hindu terror” is the greatest problem India faces! Watch this epic smackdown of Robber Sardesai’s Hindu terror rhetoric by David Cohen:


But this time Rana Ayyub has crossed all limits. The Samjhauta Express blasts took place in Panipat, Haryana, INDIA. The Ajmer Sharif bombings happened in Rajasthan, INDIA. The Malegaon bombing happened in Maharashtra, INDIA. NOT IN PAKISTAN. Why is Rana Ayyub suggesting that Pakistan should have any interest in guys who did this? Is Pakistan the protector of Indian Muslims? Is Rana Ayyub not happy with the slice of India given away to peacefuls during partition? Did she want Haryana, Rajasthan and Maharashtra to go to Pakistan?

Freudian slip, eh? The true loyalty showed ūüôā

By the way, the reasons for Mameluk Rana Ayyub’s loyalty to the dynasty go above and beyond the reasons of a usual Dynastycrook like Robber Sardesai or Shekhar Coupta (silent “p”). After all,¬†Rana Ayyub has a special reason to worship Queen Sonia and her European origin. See if you can spot it:


Dynastycrook Shekhar Coupta and the Republic of Idiots

Shekhar Coupta (pronounced with a silent “p”) is an intellectual. In other words, he knows about stuff. But Shekhar Coupta is a special kind of intellectual, one who knows everything about everything. Or as Sushant Sareen recently put it:


Yes, Shekhar Coupta is an alleged journalist. Now, we all know that the entire mainstream media has been hoping somehow to get BJP defeated in the Bihar polls. That’s fine. We take it for granted now. In fact, beating the media is now part of the fun of seeing the BJP win…and sometimes…watching the media cry can be the main reason for celebrating a BJP win ūüôā

But yesterday, Mameluk Shekhar Coupta entered the Saggy Aunty league of specially retarded Dynastycrooks by tweeting this:

3 lions on the Ashok stambh? This is what happens when you fall asleep in school and then have to make a living as a “journalist”.

We understand. Shekhar Coupta lives in the Mameluk media’s Republic of Idiots. The emblem of this Republic has a vulture in the center with 1 ¬†donkey¬†to the left and 1 donkey to the right. The vulture in the center is “S”, while the donkeys on the sides are “R” and “P”. This is the emblem of the Mameluk media’s Republic of idiots to which Shekhar Coupta swears an oath of loyalty each day. But Shekhar, you should read about this emblem of your republic more carefully. You will find out that the original has a hidden animal who faces backwards and is not immediately visible to the public. That animal is a jackal…its name is “V”.


Dynastycrook Kavita Krishnan spouts anti-Hindu hate, attacks Rakshabandhan

We are all familiar with the screeching hag called Kavita Krishnan who hangs out in Lutyens studios praising the “direct action” by Maoist terrorists across the country. Technically, she belongs to the¬†All India Progressive Women’s Association (AIPWA) which is a front organization for the CPI(ML). For those who don’t know, CPI(ML) was formed by Kanu Sanyal, one of the most dreaded Naxal terrorists of Bengal.

But of course, Kavita Krishnan does no actual dangerous work. Her job is to hang out in air conditioned TV studios¬†and make outrageous comments so that capitalist TV channels can raise their TRPs. And the¬†St. Stephens types lap it all up. Of course, this Mameluk’s real job is to provide intellectual covering fire to the Dynasty, so all it really boils down to is abusing Modi, Hindus and India as much as possible.

So, there was little surprise when this Mameluk decided to launch an attack on the Hindu festival of Rakshabandhan, based on an honor killing in UP’s Shahjahanpur.

Of course a spokesperson for ¬†Communie mass murderers will hate on a festival like Rakshabandhan. They are angry because the festival apparently tells sisters to be dependent on brothers for “Raksha”. Clearly it would be better for those sisters to go to the mass murdering Communist “Bhakshaks”, no? Here is something Kavita Krishnan should read:

“As a recruit, I protested against the habits of some leaders in the presence of Kishanji. Nobody liked it. The leaders instructed the squad members not to speak to me. I was isolated and warned of dire consequences if I protested,” she said. What didn’t she like about the leaders? “They rape,” she shot back, eyes flashing with rage. “After about a year of joining Naxals, I was put on night-long sentry duty at a forest camp in Jharkhand. Suddenly, out of the dark, Bikash (now, head of the state military commission) came up and asked me for water. As I turned to fetch it, he grabbed me and tried to do ‘kharap kaaj’ (indecent acts).” When she objected, Bikash threatened to strangle her. After forcing her into submission, Bikash raped her, she said. She was 17 then.
“He warned me against telling anyone about this. But, I told Akash (Kishanji’s confidant and a state committee member). He said he would look into it but did nothing. In fact, Akash’s wife, Anu, lives with Kishanji,” Uma said.


Maybe we should have a special festival where the daughters of India go to the mass murdering Commies and offer to get raped? Why not call the festival Rakshasbandhan?

Oh…and one more thing. Remember the case from Shahjahanpur that Dynastycrook Kavita Krishnan chose in her tweet? Here is what happened in that honor killing case from Shahjahanpur:

Two siblings in village Bahmani under Paraura police station in Shahjahanpur district on Monday evening beheaded their 17-year-old sister Phool Jehan in the street in presence of dozens of people and took away her head, leaving her body on the spot. They were angry with her because she had an affair with Mohammad Achchan, who was her cousin. Shockingly, although the police have failed to nab Gul Hassan and Nanhe Mian, the two brothers, they have arrested Achchan without any legal reason.


Ha ha! Here we see an example of massive communication failure between the Maoists and the Ummah. Two peace loving brothers ¬†in Uttar Pradesh decided to do an honor killing of their peaceful sister and Kavitha Krishnan used it to attack a communal festival! That was silly of you Kavita. Do your research better next time. Now the secular Maoists will have to go back and explain why the beheading of this innocent woman was actually quite peaceful. Pity …

Joke of the year: Hey Dynastycrooks, you have a new ally …ROFL!

Hey Dynastycrooks, seems like you have a new ally ūüôā North Korea (DPRK) has officially turned secular ūüôā

Here are their latest press releases… enjoy:

Hey NDTV, see that? North Korea is clearly beating you in the race to become Madam G’s official mouthpiece. Better try harder ūüôā

Dynastycrooks in denial: #BJPsweepsRajasthan is both a shame and a joy for BJP

After going hammer and tongs at Shivraj Singh Chouhan over Vyapam, the Dynastycrooks were in for a rude shock when MP civic poll results came out last Sunday, with BJP winning 8/10 and Cong just 1. What is worse, BJP actually snatched 8 of these bodies from the Congress. Finally, for the first time ever, BJP is now in charge of ALL 16 Municipal Corporations in Madhya Pradesh. Such total dominance in the face of a determined campaign by Mameluk media made the Lutyens class very very angry indeed.

Obviously the joke is on the Mameluks, because they thought that their “revived” Pappu was making a difference. The inflated sense of self importance of Dilli media is astounding. Can’t believe these guys actually thought they had pinned down Shivraj Singh Chouhan!

Adding to the Dynastycrooks’ woes, Rajasthan went for polls of numerous civic bodies and the result was:

BJP 62  Cong 26

Additionally, BJP snatched Ajmer from the Congress (lets not forget that Ajmer has a large number of “peacefuls”)

You would think that the Mameluk media would have just a little bit of shame after the recent hounding of Raje and Chouhan. You would be wrong. Instead the Dynastycrooks created a gem:


So what if results didn’t go in the media’s favor? They have the loudspeaker and they will say any bullshit they want. A sweep? Losing by 62-26 is a SWEEP?

What was the excuse? Apparently, BJP had lost some civic body in Jhalawar, Vasundhara Raje’s own constituency. That’s all that was needed for media to claim victory. Things are so difficult in the Pappu camp that a “victory” has to be manufactured where there isn’t one. What’s next? Go check the votes in each booth and if you can find one where Congress got more votes…that’s enough! You can go ahead and claim that Congress “SWEPT” the election.

At first, BJP supporters were left stunned by this unbelievable upside down reality of the Dynastycrook media they saw before them. Then, sometime later that afternoon, #BJPsweepsRajasthan started trending on top of Twitter. First of all, it is a matter of great shame that India’s largest national party has to take to twitter to try and convince people that 62-26 is a victory…. and in fact… not a sweeping defeat as media was saying. It represents an unforgivable failure of the BJP’s communication strategy to get its message across. When Congress wins just 26 out of 113 seats and successfully projects it as a SWEEP, there is a rot deep somewhere in the BJP’s communications strategy.

There is hardly anything as irritating as Dynastycrooks shifting goalposts of electoral victory when it comes to the BJP. We saw it in 2012 when Modi won Gujarat, with Mameluks arguing that it was actually a defeat because the BJP won 2 seats less than last time!!! Never mind that BJP is sweeping Gujarat for THE FIFTH TIME IN A ROW!

In his victory speech, Modi mocked the “political pundits”:

To paraphrase: “I saw the political pundits on TV doing vyabhichar (best translated here as “Presstitution”) trying to deny our victory. Ok…do this…take the seats that Congress has won in Himachal Pradesh (results of which were declared same day) and add it to their tally in Gujarat. BJP’s seats will still be more“.

The same whining started after BJP won the Lok Sabha elections. This is not a victory, they declared. Apparently, BJP got “just 31%” of the popular vote and so somehow it means that the other 69% voted against Modi! First of all, this is blatantly wrong. The NDA’s vote share was 38.5%, with 31% of it going to the BJP. The BJP did not even put up a candidate in Mumbai South because the seat was given to Shiv Sena’s Arvind Sawant. If you think the 69% who didn’t vote for BJP voted against BJP, it means that 100% of votes in Mumbai South went against BJP!!! But with Madam breathing down their necks, Mameluks had no time for logic.

Just in case you are curious, the empire of theft that Manmohan Singh ran for 10 years was won with just 26.7% vote in 2004 and 28.55% vote in 2009.

Finally, despite the massive communications failure, there is also a silver lining for the BJP in this. As Presstitutes spend their time trying to invent Congress “sweeps” inside BJP victories, BJP is actually benefitting from the bar constantly being raised! On the flip side, Congress is actually making a mistake by setting itself up for such incredibly low expectations. When you pat yourself on the back for achieving almost nothing, you destroy your ability to achieve big. On the other hand, the BJP gets no time to rest on its laurels, since 62-26 is not enough, BJP keeps aiming higher. In 2019, BJP will be targetting 300 Lok Sabha seats and Congress will be hoping to “sweep” 100 seats. Remember that UPA 1 was formed with just 150 seats. The BJP which gets to make no excuses will always need 272+.

Here is an interesting tweet:

Indeed! Modi’s BJP is as hungry for a win as ever. On the other side, Congress is congratulating itself on 26/113. Who will prevail in the long run? You tell me…

Dynastycrook Robber Sardesai is still vomitting garbage

Robber Sardesai has made a name for himself as a legendary hater of Narendra Modi. Even in his 2002 victory speech, Modi had mocked Robber Sardesai. In the 12 years since then, Robber Sardesai fell to the level of a street thug, while Modi rose to become India’s most powerful Prime Minister in 3 decades.

Naturally, Robber and Saggy aunty have been really really angry since May 16, 2014. To make things worse, Robber Sardesai assaulted a Modi supporter in New York and his thuggish act was captured on camera!

And recently, when Modi visited the UAE to receive a grand reception from the Muslim kingdom, lakhs of crores of investment and land in Abu Dhabi to build a temple, the entire pseudo-secular establishment went into a childish sulk, captured perfectly here by this cartoon of Manoj Kureel:


The cartoon is titled “Burning sensation” ūüôā Whattay cartoon Kureel bhai! Keep it up!

Meanwhile, the whining of the stool pigeons commenced. Blah blah blah…he hasnt visited mosque here in India….blah blah blah….the Dynastycrooks kept bleating….he doesn’t wear skull cap…Doggy kept barking and he hasn’t done Iftar…the Assholetosh kept crying…

Look at this headline from Reuters:

You can only pity the foreign media outlets. When they want news of India, they just go out and tap their Dynastycrook friends in Dilli who feed them pure nonsense. It confirms their own  Hinduphobic prejudice and we have the perfect cycle of self replicating bullshit.

So here’s Robber Sardesai vomitting shit like he does best:

The Rudaalis of Juhapura know absolutely nothing about Juhapura. Here are pictures of Modi’s visit to the Sarkhej Roza mosque from 2010.

There’s even video:

2010? Those were the years! That’s when Robber and his buddies were too drunk on the Dynasty’s power to notice. Again, Robber Sardesai, social media is your nemesis. You need new tricks…