JNU faculty member attacked for paying tribute to Sukma martyrs

I have always wondered at the ability of left liberals to keep a straight face while talking about how much they love free speech. While talking about free speech on televised debates, do they need occasional breaks to go backstage and burst into laughter?

JNU really has seen a lot. There was the surreal spectacle of card carrying Communists explaining why theirs is a politics of promoting free speech. Played on all channels, mind you. Video tweeted approvingly by several politicians who could even be India’s democratically elected Prime Minister(s) in the near future.

Let’s see what happens when this is put to test.

Dr. Buddha Singh is a faculty member at JNU and an Associate Dean of students. He decided to exercise his free speech and organize a Tribute meeting for the martyrs of Sukma and Kupwara. Here is the poster for the event.


Not surprisingly, some didn’t take kindly to the saffron, white and green.

Today, Dr. Buddha Singh has tweeted out a picture of his car, which was vandalized by stone pelting.

Stone pelting? Wonder where they got that idea? Any guesses?

And yes, unlike some people who got invited to write against troll terror in the Hindustan Times, Dr. Buddha Singh has in fact complained to the police.

Will there be anguished editorials about the shrinking space for dissent in our universities? The last time they came out in full flow to defend the right to chant “Bharat ki barbaadi”. Will they come out and speak up for the right to pay tribute to our martyred soldiers?


Will offering “earth based incentives” actually work in Kashmir?

Say “Kashmir” out loud and you immediately get to hear words like “alienation”. As problems mount for the Indian state in Kashmir, slick “experts” have emerged from the woodwork to intellectualize the situation, essentially to make the stone-pelters’ case for them. Adding to the self-satisfaction of these vanity classes is the fact that this is happening while the Bharatiya Janata Party is in the saddle in New Delhi.

Meanwhile some intellectuals have started counting their chickens before they hatch. A few days ago, the formidable Pratap Bhanu Mehta declared, with barely, concealed glee, that “Kashmir has been lost on Modi’s watch”.

They say that Kashmir’s youth have finally lost all patience with the government in Delhi. Their hopes and dreams have all been belied. They no longer trust anything we say. They want “Azaadi” and they are going to take it now.

At the core of this “alienation” hypothesis is an assumption that has never actually been challenged. The assumption is that Kashmiris are angry because of the way life turned out for them inside the Indian state.

Why? How do you know Kashmiris are angry because of something we did?

What if I were to say that Kashmiris hate us simply for being who we are?

Let’s examine the foundations of the “alienation” hypothesis. What is the problem with the Indian state in Kashmir? Misgovernance? Corruption? I would be eager to know if there is any part of the country where misgovernance and corruption has not been endemic. No, that can’t be it.

Did India run some kind of extraction colony in Kashmir, snatching their natural resources? Absolutely not. On the contrary, Article 370 prevents other Indians from buying property in Kashmir. This protection is a purely one way street, since Kashmiris are allowed to freely acquire property in every part of the country.

In fact, the Indian state has always showered J&K with money. Further, the Indian state has always looked the other way as the lion’s share of this money was cornered by Kashmir by denying Jammu (and Ladakh) their due. Ironically, the latter two regions consist almost entirely of loyal citizens who would never dream of raising a hand against India.

Where is this “alienation” coming from? I hear that the polls of 1987 were rigged and Kashmiris are angry about this. Seriously? They are still angry about rigged elections from 1987? Prior to the days of the legendary T N Seshan, most elections in India were marked by large scale fraud. Booth capturing and ballot box stuffing were routine. I believe it is not until 2005 that Bihar finally got to vote in a free and fair election. But the “Bihari separatist movement” has mostly been a non-starter. Wonder why?

Is it because of AFSPA? If the extraordinary violence in the Kashmir valley were to stop tomorrow, does anyone seriously believe that AFSPA would continue?

Here’s an alternative hypothesis. Kashmiri Muslims hate us because they think they are fighting a battle with us that goes beyond this world and its worldly concerns. They are fighting to turn Kashmir from Dar-al-harb to Dar-al-Islam.

To “win” in Kashmir, we have to understand the motivations of the enemy. We have to understand what the enemy wants.

In this case, the enemy thinks they are being divinely guided from heaven.   We can’t pacify them with “earth based incentives” of money, development schemes, etc.

Once we come to appreciate this, we can take the right steps in Kashmir. We have to lay down the law and make it clear that Dar-al-Islam in Kashmir doesn’t stand a chance. That resistance is futile.

Does that mean that we are doomed to fight an endless bloody war in Kashmir? Absolutely NOT.

Islam, incidentally, is a faith that makes surprisingly pragmatic prescriptions to its followers so as to address specific circumstances. For instance, a practice in Shia Islam called Taqqiya allows believers to deny their faith when faced with persecution. Really savvy, isn’t it? In a similar vein, Islamic scholars generally agree that Muslims should obey the laws of the country in which they live.

All we have to do is press the right buttons in Kashmir. Once it becomes clear that Dar-al-Islam isn’t happening at any cost, the pragmatism of Islamic teaching itself becomes our friend.  They will obey the laws of the country in which they live.

Kashmir is not a conflict about “alienation” or “rigged elections”. It’s a conflict about religion. The solutions begin only with accepting this fact.

MCD polls : The rubbish heap of liberal hypocrisy

So the BJP went ahead and crushed the Aam Aadmi Party in the polls for the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. One can only imagine the kind of pain this must have caused among certain sections of celebrity patrakars and analysts.

Here, they were grooming AAP to take the national stage, joyfully speculating on its prospects in Goa, in Gujarat, in Uttarakhand and even Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh (besides, of course, the “sure shot” victory in Punjab… LOL). What does AAP actually do? It makes a fool of itself in Punjab, sinks without a trace in Goa, loses its deposit in Rajouri Garden and folds up below 50 wards in the MCD.

It is like the pain of an anguished parent who had been getting his child all the best coaching with the hopes of seeing him top the IIT entrance. Instead the child fails to even pass the 10th standard board exam.

The media does not seem to have immediately bought their child’s excuse that the questions on the board exam were deliberately biased against their kid. They haven’t openly backed the EVM excuse … yet. But they have gone into full throated whining against BJP winning the MCD polls allegedly on the issue of “nationalism” rather than “governance”.

Throughout the day as the results came out and the analyses rolled in, the intellectuals mourned the degeneration of our democracy. It was said that the BJP had run the MCD into the ground. But they were still rewarded by the public. All because of “nationalism”, which is a dirty word in their dictionary. An election  has just been won on an issue other than governance. This totally new and surprising development surely opens a dark new chapter in the story of independent India.

Before April 26, 2017, few could imagine that politicians could go to the voters and ask for votes based on anything other than “governance”. By doing so, apparently, the BJP has gone where no party has ever gone before. The Pandora’s Box has been opened. A sample of this vilaap may be found here in Mihir Sharma’s article posted on NDTV.


Someone has to call out this hypocrisy. The BJP had a winning strategy for MCD. They went with it.  Loser liberals can’t hate on them simply because BJP won.

They say that BJP ruled MCD reduced Delhi to a heap of trash and still won. I don’t live in Delhi (sorry for this unpardonable offense), but I can certainly tell that this whining has just added to the garbage pile of liberal hypocrisy. You folks care about agenda of “governance”? This was just a municipal poll. Nitish Kumar also had 10 years to run Bihar. Did you complain when Nitish Kumar went over to Rs 1000 crore convict Laloo Yadav to help win the election? Why didn’t he run on “governance”?

Back in 2015, did the moral giants of today insist on Nitish Kumar running on the agenda of “governance”? In India, it has always been morally okay to use “secularism” to win polls. The BJP comes up with “nationalism” as a strategic counter and suddenly liberals wake up to realize that Indian democracy has lost its innocence. Ha!

Incidentally, other than secularism, the other big plank on which Nitish Kumar ran was a dubious moral crusade around “prohibition”.  In enforcing this agenda, Nitish Kumar has broken every single one of the basic principles of a modern legal system, instituting legal punishment to whole families and even entire communities based on the “crime” of a single person consuming alcohol. As many as 44,000 people have been arrested in Bihar over this. Unlike the Maoists of Bastar, it is not clear whether these 44,000 people were entitled to human rights.

Some of Nitish’s over zealous ministers have gone so far as to promise the death penalty for alcohol. Not just any minister, but Mr. Abdul Jalil Mastan, who is actually the minister in charge of Prohibition in the Bihar government. It is also a coincidence that Mr. Abdul Jalil Mastan is a member of the minority community, a coincidence that Islam sees alcohol as an absolute haraam and a coincidence that Muslims were the core votebank of the Mahagathbandhan that won Nitish the election in Bihar.

Agenda of governance?

Enough about Bihar. Believe it or not, Manipur is an actual state in the Indian Union. The Congress party had been ruling it forever. I don’t remember any intellectuals getting on their moral high horse about the agenda of governance when Okram Ibobi Singh tried to win the election by igniting the Naga vs Meetei fire.


Please! Don’t mention the infamous words on “tyranny of distance”. Mainstream media regularly goes to the most dangerous parts of Kashmir to do hard hitting stories on the pain of headmasters and their sons.  They could have told the world what the Congress was doing in Manipur if they chose to. But why would they choose that?

Obviously, these are only recent examples. If I were really trying to compile a full list of elections where political parties didn’t contest on the plank of “governance”, Kanhaiyya Kumar would get his PhD before I finish my list.

Liberals have to come to terms with the fact that the BJP has beaten them silly in the MCD polls. The strawman that they dressed up as a superman to take on Modi has been sucker punched by the public. Why not just mourn in a dignified manner?

Sukma attack : Why is the left liberal complex being so soft on BJP?

Sometime back in June 2014, when Narendra Modi was completing merely 30 days in power, he pointed out that his government never got to enjoy a “honeymoon period”. Because relentless critics, stung by the Modi wave, began to hurl every kind of allegation within 100 hours . The barrage that begun on May 26, 2014 has showed no signs of abating even 3 years later.

Did someone throw a stone at a church in Navi Mumbai? What is Maharashtra CM doing, chilling inside Mantralaya? Why doesn’t he hit the streets and investigate, bringing the guilty to book?

Did a few thousand rupees get stolen from a missionary school in Delhi? India’s Home Minister needs to get out right now and address the issue. It is too serious a matter to be left to the beat constable.

Did a junior minister in the Modi government use an abusive word for the Opposition? The nation must come to a standstill unless the Prime Minister personally apologizes in both houses of Parliament.

And I have not even mentioned the whole other set of “issues” on which Modi has been cornered, from the price of his suit to his child marriage and whether his father had a proper license for selling tea on the railway platform in the 1950s.

Credit must go to the liberal establishment for standing up to Modi like a rock. Every single step of his government has been challenged to extraordinary lengths. Even the hidden fascist agenda behind an effort to end open defecation was exposed by the conscience keepers of our nation.

The left liberal complex doesn’t go soft on Modi. We know that. They stand up for freedom, even for the freedom of open defecation as long as it means opposing Modi.

But here is a mystery : how come the left liberal complex has been so soft on Narendra Modi regarding left wing terrorism in India?

There was a massacre of 25 CRPF jawans only this week. Just last month, there was another massacre of 12 CRPF jawans in the same BJP ruled Chhattisgarh.

If a stone thrown at a church could raise such a storm, you would think the liberals would have turned the world upside down with their outrage over such massive failures of the government in Chhattisgarh. We hear that the CRPF has been without a full time DG for 50 days now, our men in uniform keep losing their lives cheaply every other week and always in the same fashion. The BJP government in Delhi and Raipur are failing in their most basic duty towards the citizens of India.

But the liberals have produced a surprisingly timid reaction. True, there have been taunts from liberals against Modi over the Sukma massacre, but these are just fleeting reactions. It’s already half blown over by the news of the MCD results today.

Liberals haven’t given up so easily on other issues. In the heat of Bihar election, they didn’t give up on Dadri. They didn’t give up on Rohith Vemula after a couple of days. It was editorial after editorial after editorial in both “Indian” and foreign publications. They can’t stop talking about Modi’s “failure” to control Gau-Rakshaks.

Yet, the Govt of India headed by Narendra Modi has been outwitted day after day after day in tribal Chhattisgarh with one massacre after another.

Why don’t the liberals come out and organize an Award Wapsi to shame the government over its failures? At least spill out on the streets of Delhi and hold a protest march. If I remember correctly, last month Delhi’s streets were flush with liberals protesting certain unverified threats to one DU student who posted something on Facebook. The temperature certainly has soared in Delhi since then, but surely liberals can get at least 50% of that enthusiasm to spill out on the streets over Sukma. You can do it in the evening after the heat subsides a little. They will look even more fashionable by candlelight.

We have enough celebrity patrakars and celebrity historians in this country. Every day these people get invited to deliver some memorial lecture or another. Now would be a great time to humiliate the Modi government in one of these lectures over its failure to save CRPF lives in the last 3 years.  Every word that could have been said on Dadri and Rohith Vemula has already been said. For a change, why not try talking about Modi’s failure to tackle left wing terrorists?

Except it won’t happen and I’ll tell you why. The left wing outrage over left wing terrorism usually lasts a day. Maybe a week if the casualties are over 20. But it’s always some quick taunts  on twitter to embarrass Modi and then they are in a hurry to “move on”.

Why do they move on?  They are scared. Because they know that they are on thin ice themselves. If they really go after Modi and challenge him on left wing terrorism, it is a sure thing that “Modi bhakts” will come after them. They will start digging into the intellectual activities of those who are suddenly claim to be bothered about left wing terror. Worse, the government might actually start digging into their background. “Intellectuals” at multiple levels have been caught in actual Naxal conspiracies. Even if a liberal isn’t actually conspiring with Naxals, he is clever enough to know that some people in their professional circle certainly are. They might not be sure of the identities of these sinister beings… but some are surely lurking within the circle of people they regularly associate and deal with. And a vindictive government can get them into all sorts of trouble over this.

They won’t dare to raise a hue and cry over left wing terrorism, when they know there’s a good chance that their close colleagues might be among the actual terrorists. They would rather talk about Modi’s suit or his wife or his mother. When the ruling government actually is found to be asleep at the wheel and we genuinely need the critics, they go into hiding. They have to watch their backs  and their wallets.

Wanted : A surgical strike on left wing terrorists

Yesterday, when I wrote about Commie – Nazi collaboration in WW2, I was worried that I might bore my readers by talking about an issue that isn’t at the top of the news cycle. Well, I am quite aggrieved to note that within hours of my blog post, the left wing terrorists managed to get to the top of the news cycle.

It was on March 11 that I had observed that elections come and elections go, but the real news of the day is the fact that left wing terrorists had slaughtered 12 CRPF jawans in Sukma in Chhattisgarh.



Since most people were busy talking about Uttar Pradesh, it got very little attention, even on Opindia. And before I get too high on my horse, I must admit that I am guilty of giving this tragedy too little attention as well. I blogged once about it… just freaking once. In more than a month since March 11, I have come back again and again to UP elections, Punjab elections, Goa elections and even freaking MCD elections, but I thought my “duty” was done with just one post about Sukma.

So, I am not being condescending to anyone, I am just as much of a loser as any of you for not paying attention to the constant bloodletting of the sons of Bharat by left wing terrorists in the Naxal belt.

Just to remind people, there is a back story to the sudden spurt in bloodletting in Sukma. You see, the government of Chhattisgarh (jointly with govt of Odisha) has just inaugurated a bridge across the Sabari river connecting the people of the 2 states. This bridge may not seem like a big deal to a lot of us, but you have to consider that previously the poor tribals would have to travel as much as 120 kms to get to the other side, so they could carry on their trade and business.

With the opening of the bridge, this 120 km has been reduced to just 3 km. The people both on Chhattisgarh and Odisha side gathered in large numbers to celebrate this bridge.

However, even a baby step towards vikas is unbearable to the enemies of India. They are showing the Indian state that they are capable of extracting a punishing price for progress. Bharat ki barbaadi… they told us and they meant every word of it.

I remember what Uri felt like after the massacre of Indian Army jawans. It felt like a kick in the balls. Frankly,  as a Modi supporter, I felt like I had been personally muted and humiliated after Uri. I didn’t feel like I could properly clear my throat until the surgical strikes happened. That’s when I wrote my blog post “Bhakt’s honor“.

Do something Mr. Prime Minister. Both for the honor of the nation and all those who support you.


For it feels like Uri again.

As the casualty count from Sukma mounted, it felt like Uri again. It was back to enduring sick jokes of left liberals about Hindu nationalist Modi failing to protect India’s honor. Yes, I know it is spectacular hypocrisy on their part. It’s their ideological fellow travelers who carried out the massacre in Sukma. When their friends kill, they put the blame on us for failing to prevent the massacre.

But their hypocrisy doesn’t matter. For they are the enemies of India. I don’t really worry about Pakistan’s hypocrisy. I take it for granted. Similarly, I don’t really worry about the hypocrisy of liberals gloating on the failure of the Indian state to stop their friends from carrying out a massacre of our soldiers. Like Pakistan, they relish every wound in the side of Bharat. It’s just a fact of life.

What is important is that there must be revenge. It is time for new surgical strikes. Preferably an amputation.

We have to cross their Lines of Control and inflict losses on the enemy. Be it in Sukma or at JNU. Our security forces have all the ability in the world to carry out this operation. The enemy this time is not Pakistani terrorists, but those who were born as Indians and yet indulged in high treason.

The wages of treason is death. It is the job of the Prime Minister to pick the time and place and give the green signal to the Army or CRPF or whatever.

The map the left will never show you : Who collaborated with Hitler in World War – 2?

This morning I expected to be writing about Kejriwal and MCD and BJP Delhi. By afternoon, a little voice spoke to me in my head. I should be ashamed of spending so much time talking about a tiny municipal poll. No really, aren’t there bigger things to talk about than one attention seeking impostor finally getting his comeuppance in Delhi?

Let’s talk about something more of more than just fleeting interest. It’s a standard liberal smear used against the Hindu right. You’ll find it everywhere, from NDTV to the New York Times. The smear about the RSS being “inspired”  by Hitler and the Nazis. Through endless repetition, these handful of quotes from Golwalkar have become the weapons of last resort of the liberal left. It’s used to turn around an argument whenever the left is totally outwitted. An example can be found here with ABVP’s Saket Bahuguna facing AAP’s footmat Abhinandan Sekhri.

Once Saket Bahuguna begins to press Abhinandan Sekhri on Naxalism, Sekhri begins to get hot under the collar and extremely defensive. Finally, when he is totally cornered, an outwitted Sekhri pulls out the smear of last resort against RSS: “Have you read the part where Golwalkar praises the Nazis?”

But you know what really bothers me? That liberals have made so much hay out of some remarks praising Nazis, but the right wing has been unable to respond in kind despite having all the cards. No seriously… have you ever seen the right wing corner the left over its active collaboration with Hitler in WW2?

Let me tell you a story that has been hidden in plain sight. Last fall, I happened to have one day to visit Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. The weather was absolutely terrible, but I managed to wade through the tearing cold rain to pay a visit to the “Museum of Genocide Victims”. It is located inside the former KGB headquarters in Lithuania. The Museum is a witness to the genocide of Lithuanians under 50 years of Soviet occupation.

Soviet occupation? When did it happen? In 1945, after the World War? NO! It happened in 1940, when Hitler was very much alive and the Nazis were at their peak. And it happened with Hitler’s active connivance and blessing. 

What the left usually won’t tell you is that the Second World War didn’t just start with Nazi invasion of Poland on Sept 1, 1939.  There was another power that invaded Poland on Sept 17, 1939. Who were they? 

They were the Commies. One week before Hitler invaded Poland, Nazi Germany signed a treaty with the Commies to occupy Europe and share the spoils. This infamous treaty was the Molotov – Ribbentrop pact, named after the Stalin’s foreign minister Molotov and Hitler’s foreign minister Ribbentrop (Trivia : Ribbentrop was the first among the Nazi leaders to be tried and executed after the Nuremberg trial in 1945).


Yes, this is a map of how they planned to carve up Europe, decided by the Commies in the pleasant company of their Nazi friends. This is the map that the left will never show you.

Through 1939 and 1940, the Commies and the Nazis collaborated like brothers. The Nazis were grabbing Western Europe, while the Commies were gobbling up the Eastern European states such as Latvia, Lithuania and of course, parts of Poland. It was all according to the friendly treaty between Molotov and Ribbentrop.

Here, you can see the Soviet postal stamps commemorating the successful invasion of Poland on Sept 17, 1939 (from Wikipedia, obviously)


Ah! Look how proud the Commies are of their successful joint operation with Hitler. But the lefties won’t tell you about this. They would rather ask why Golwalkar said certain things about Nazis. They will never ask why the Commies actively joined the Nazis in battle! Amazing amazing hypocrisy!


The Nazis had invaded Poland from the West. Their Communist friends had invaded Poland from the East. The two friendly armies finally met up at the town of Brest (now in Belarus). It was realized that in the heat of war, both armies had been slightly overzealous and caused minor violations of the line agreed upon by Hitler and his Communist friend Stalin. As a confidence building measure and to show the world that all was well between the Nazis and their Communist brothers, the two armies decided to hold a joint parade in the town of Brest.

You’ll never see a liberal showing you this beautiful parade of Nazi tanks accompanied by Communist motorcyclists.


Look at those smiles as the generals of the glorious Red Army meet their Nazi friends, both sides fresh with the glory of crushing Poland.


And don’t miss this heartwarming picture of Nazi troops seeking shade under the watchful benevolent eye of the Communist dictator.


And yes, having captured Poland with their Nazi collaborators, the Commies showed they were no less when it came to massacre of Polish citizens. At least 22,000 Polish citizens were rounded up and massacred by Communists in April and May 1940 alone (see Katyn massacre)


These killings were carried out by the Communist special police NKVD, which organized regular meetings with the Nazi Gestapo to properly coordinate the oppression of Europe. You’ll absolutely love the emblem of the NKVD.


The political party whose election symbol appears at the heart of this emblem is the No. 1 free speech supporter in India. Always remember that, folks…

But alas! I’ve NEVER seen a right winger stand up and question a liberal about Communist-Nazi collaboration in WW2. All I have seen is Hindu right wingers helplessly trying to duck questions about Golwalkar and Nazis. I suspect most Hindu right wingers don’t even know the story of the Nazis and Commies collaborating. They the lefties pursue the Hindu right wing relentlessly for making some remarks. The Hindu right fails to hold the left accountable for actually joining forces with Hitler and collaborating with his massacres. Amazing, isn’t it?

That’s the power of narrative. And it’s not just about elections. It’s about controlling the discourse.

MCD polls are a test of real character for AAP cadres

The winner of the MCD polls is almost a foregone conclusion. There are really only 2 questions left to ask:

(A) Will the BJP cross 200 seats?

(B) Will AAP get even less seats than Congress?

I am reasonably confident about (A). Regarding (B), I would have said “Yes” a week ago. But now that the Congress has been badly rocked by last minute defections, I am not totally sure.

What it boils down to is that both Questions (A) and (B) are ultimately about how AAP’s cadres are able to perform on the ground.

The *real* test of cadre is when you are losing an election. AAP knows it’s losing. We all know it’s losing. This is when the cadre faces its real test. Can they hold the line? Can they limit the damage? Can they prevent collapse and panic in their ranks.

This is where BJP generally excels. Not in handling victory, but in handling defeat. This has to do both with the nature of the BJP cadre and the nature of the BJP voter. The BJP cadres, trained generally by RSS, are able to hold the line in a “losing election”. They put up a disciplined performance. The party loses, but it doesn’t get wiped out.

The best example of this was Rajasthan which is generally known for sweeping verdicts. In 2008, Vasundhara Raje knew the BJP was going to lose. And they did lose. But the disciplined cadre held the line, got their core voters out and fought a determined battle. They lost 78-95 to Congress. A gap of just 17 seats.  Compare it to the loose Congress cadre that just bolted in the face of defeat in 2013, leaving the Congress in the dust with just 21 seats to the BJP’s 163.

This is a general feature of BJP cadres. Was Advani’s leadership from 2004 to 2013 really any better than how Rahul Gandhi is doing today for Congress? But unlike BJP, the Congress today is suffering mass desertions from its ranks. No such exodus was witnessed from BJP ranks during the UPA years. Look at Delhi where the BJP was out of power and out of contention for 15 years. Can you name any BJP leader of any standing who joined Congress? Compare it to the Congress leaders making a beeline for BJP in Delhi. It was just 3 years ago when they were in power.

In Bihar, the BJP fought to the last vote. In fact, after suffering a disaster in the first phase, the cadre actually fought harder and actually improved the party’s performance in the next phases. Compare it to how the SP lost steam and collapsed once it was spooked by the first two phases. We lost Bihar, but I am really proud of the way BJP fought an impossible election. To the last man. To the last vote.

Ironically, the only time I have seen BJP collapse was in Feb 2015 in Delhi. That was a cadre revolt. The General had quit the battle, handing over the reins to an effigy called Kiran Bedi. What else was going to happen? The cadres and leaders bolted en masse. Otherwise, there was no way the BJP could have lost an RSS bastion like Krishna Nagar.

Today, a similar test lies for AAP cadres. Can they bail out their leader? Can they reach 75 seats? Can they keep the AAP’s nose ahead of the Congress? In other words, can they hold the line?

My impression of AAP cadres is very dim. They are without discipline and operate merely on media hawa.  With the hawa against them, I expect to see no wind in their sails at all.

This takes a kind of training and discipline that is simply not on the AAP’s horizon. To be fair, they are too new to have evolved such processes.

If AAP manages to cross 75 today (out of 272), I will develop a new kind of respect for AAP cadres. The real test of character is when you fight bravely in face of adversity. But I am fairly confident I won’t have to. If the AAP volunteer is anything like his leader … moody, irritable, irresponsible and obsessed with blaming others, they have no chance at all.

Good luck Kejriwal. You’re gonna need it to avoid a nervous breakdown when the results come out.

Madhya Pradesh tribals offer to fight stone pelters in Kashmir

Statutory warning : This story is going to irritate the hell out of the liberals.


The Bhil tribal youth of Madhya Pradesh are not happy. They have been looking at social media and they are infuriated by Kashmiri stone pelters brutally harassing our security forces. They realize that the hands of the Army are tied by a maze of service rules and the one-eyed eagle of human rights organizations.

They think they have a solution. They are ready to go to Kashmir and reply to the stone pelters in kind.

And so it happens that a group of 100 Bhil youth are practising their skills with their traditional “gophan” slingshot that can launch a stone with terrifying velocity and accuracy. The other day they met the District Collector of MP’s Jhabua and handed over a memorandum in the name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, asking to be sent to Kashmir.

Listen to what one youth had to say.


There is a reason this story will bug the hell out of the liberals and not just because of the patriotism (although that is often reason enough). The problem is not just the patriotism, but who it’s coming from.

The Bhil youth of Jhabua in Madhya Pradesh. As the HT article itself points out, this is one of the poorest districts of Madhya Pradesh and indeed of the country. The Bhil tribals make a living as “marginal farmers and laborers”. They are the ones most left behind by India’s new capitalism and economic growth.

The liberals have always seen these tribal youth as prime candidates for recruitment in the army of “Azaadi”. What a humiliating let down for India’s liberals : far be it from seeking “Bharat ki barbaadi” and “Bharat ke tukde“, the tribal youths are itching to fight for Bharat.

Alas! The hopes of “Azaadi” still rest on the shoulders of the upper caste Communists of JNU. It’s almost like 70 years of liberal scholarship (read propaganda) has had no effect at all on the Dalits and tribals. No takers for Bharat ke tukde

The other day, I argued that the liberal strategy of trying to break India by pretending to care about “marginalized sections”  was always going to blow up in their faces. Because the so called “lower” castes, who never collaborated with the Empire and were never socialized into colonial modes of thought, embrace a very simple, uncomplicated form of patriotism. I am happy to share today another exhibit of this spectacularly failed liberal strategy.

Will the Prime Minister of India accede to the request and raise a “gophan” battalion to take on the stone pelters of Kashmir? I have no idea. But what I do know is that the Bhil youth of Madhya Pradesh, armed with their traditional slingshots, have managed to hit India’s liberals exactly where it hurts them the most.  Splat!


Telangana CM is on to something and BJP should worry

This might actually be the first time I am explicitly devoting a blog post to the politics of Telangana. But I have been watching KCR’s politics with some fascination for a while. I know there are a lot of people who think that KCR has created an opening for BJP with his 12% reservation to Muslims. Maybe he has. But, in a larger scheme of things, I think KCR has hit on something big … and BJP should worry. It’s not as straightforward as some people seem to believe.

Hear me out. The politics of BJP has, thus far, benefited tremendously from Hindu resentment against the appeasement of Muslims. The Congress party and its northern clones such as RJD or SP have, generally speaking, walked into the trap. As the BJP kept increasing its influence, these parties walked a very straight and narrow path of brazen Muslim appeasement. You know… just taking things from Hindus and giving it to Muslims. The Congress, for its part, has come out openly in support of anti-nationals, jihadi terrorists, Naxals, even Pakistan…

No wonder they got clobbered in the elections.

But no! KCR’s 12% quota for Muslims is NOT in the same category. It’s just as brazen, but so what? KCR is carrying out a fascinating experiment of “double appeasement“.

What does that mean? Well, he is not just appeasing Muslims, he is appeasing Hindus too! His quota for Muslims was brazen, but then so were his massive gifts to Tirupati temple! He held Hindu yagyas with all the pomp and show of a grand Gupta Emperor.

Is it possible? Politicians of the Hindi belt have so far believed that you can only appease one at a time. Either Hindus or Muslims. KCR is breaking those rules and doing it in style.

And BJP should worry. If KCR’s new formula of “double appeasement” takes off … and I feel it is certainly succeeding in Telangana, BJP will have to go back to the drawing board for a new strategy. This strategy could very well spread among the states on India’s east coast that the BJP is eyeing greedily. And the Hindi belt politicians, including the Congress, might begin to learn.

Honestly, I am fascinated. I really didn’t think it was possible to appease both Hindus and Muslims at the same time. But that’s why politics is politics. And that’s why I have always seen politicians as geniuses… it really takes a lot to get millions of people to worship you… most politicians have a tremendous IQ ( be it even Laloo or Kejriwal ) and I am always in awe of them.  Surviving in politics is one of the hardest things a person can do and those who rise to the top like KCR or Modi or Nitish or Mulayam have to be special (dynasts obviously are excluded from this).

Further, I think KCR’s strategy has roots in what Mamata Banerjee has done in Bengal. On social media, we talk a lot about Mamata’s Muslim appeasement. It’s a real thing and the anger against this appeasement in the streets of Bengal is also very real. But let me tell you that it’s not as straightforward as people think. If you really look into the nitty gritties, Mamata Banerjee has done appeasement of several local Hindu sects at the micro level. You would be surprised at how Mamata has pulled out obscure Hindu festivals in Bengal and given them state patronage.

On the one hand, the “Hindi belt influence” is spreading like wildfire in Bengal. The recent observance of Ram Navami by the RSS/BJP was wildly successful. I was surprised at Bengali relatives wishing me a “Happy Shri Ramnavmi”. I nearly burst out laughing. Believe me, they wouldn’t have heard of Ramnavmi until 2-3 years ago. Now they don’t just celebrate it,  they also reverentially call it “Shri Ramnavmi” in full. The desire to appear like “real sanskritised Hindus” of Uttar Pradesh is very real. Naturally a good thing for BJP.

But there is a natural cap to the level of support that the BJP is getting. A large number of left leaning Bengali Hindus find a much greater level of comfort with Didi’s local, purely Bengali flavored Hinduism. Add it to the rock solid support of Muslims and she might have an electoral majority that could last a really long time.

Right now, there is a lot of exhileration among the RW over the BJP’s skyrocketing voteshares in Bengal. But remember, this is mostly happening because the BJP started from zero. Actually winning seats in Bengal could be a long way off. The BJP could get stuck at the 35% mark for a long long time. Remember that Congress also polls 40% of the votes in Gujarat. It’s just been sitting there, because the BJP is always 10% ahead of them. A respectable vote share does not guarantee power in the near future, not even a respectable seat tally.

The BJP  would be well advised to examine and re-evaluate the strategy on the East Coast. The regional satraps have created a new formula that could stop the BJP right in its tracks. Your move Amit Shah.


Uttar Pradesh : The nightmare of the classes is just beginning

India that is Bharat has always baffled its enemies. Winston Churchill used to say that India is a mere geographical region, as much a nation as the Equator. Post 1947, the British always looked forward eagerly to the collapse of India under the weight of its own diversity. The disintegration of India was supposed to serve as a historical justification for the British Raj.

Further, India’s intellectual classes, who had mostly collaborated with the Empire and been socialized into the colonial mode of thinking, mostly shared in this aspiration. Today this frustrated ambition is mostly communicated in desperate cries of “Bharat tere tukde honge“. If only wishes were horses, Communists would ride.

However, baffled by reality, our enemies have always sought to invent fantastic explanations for India’s continued unity. For obvious reasons, the British saw Nehru as an extension of themselves and speculated that his personality might be the only thing keeping India together. The venerable Times famously predicted that the 1967 general elections were going to be the last elections in India. My command over the English language isn’t as good as theirs, so I will just say LOL!

India’s intellectual classes, however, weren’t thrown off so easily. They thought harder. But these classes were both handicapped by their  extreme sense of awe towards the British and plagued by a general lack of ability. Thus these classes were reduced to stretching out tired old race theories they had been spoon-fed by their colonial masters.

They zeroed in on caste. They convinced themselves that the oneness of Bharat was an “upper caste construct”. Once this veneer was peeled off, the demons of divisive caste forces would tear India apart. In 70 years, these classes have merely progressed from calling Bharat an “upper caste construct” to calling it an “upper caste male heterosexual construct”. Such intellectual impotence is the curse that comes with state patronage for the undeserving.

The intellectual classes have spent 70 years digging under this tree of caste. The British told them that the secret to destroying India was buried under this tree. Every voice that speaks for division of Hindu society was thus amplified by the intellectuals. From language to food habits, everything was denounced as “upper caste imposition”.

I’ll give you a simple example. Pick up any article on beef eating written by a liberal and you will find a compulsory mention of Dalits and tribals who are apparently being forced to give up their beef eating habits.

Is this really true? NSSO data says that 80 million Indians eat beef, of whom 63 million are Muslims. There are 12.5 million Hindus who eat beef, of whom around 9 million are Dalits and tribals. As per census 2011 figures, India has around 25% of Dalits and tribals, which works out to 300 million people. Out of these 300 million Dalits and tribals, a mere 9 million or around 3% actually consume beef! 3%! That’s it!

Just 3%! For ease of comparison, saying that India’s Dalits and tribals eat beef is actually less true than saying India’s Muslims are voting for BJP!

Now, if a liberal wants to make a point about beef and personal freedom, there is solid merit in the argument and I am willing to take it seriously. But you will see that this argument about beef is always buttressed with this fake talking point about Dalits and tribals.

Why? Because the liberals think that by bringing in caste into the beef issue, they have a way to break India into pieces. Bharat ke tukde and all that…

Unfortunately for the intellectual classes, digging under the tree of caste has yielded a very different crop. Far from discovering a simmering magma of hatred towards Bharat, the liberals have dug up a much more vocal, muscular majority of nationalists. The joke really is on them.

I will tell you what happened and it’s hilarious. These so called “lower” castes were actually the farthest removed from colonial influences. They didn’t collaborate with the Empire and they were never socialized into public schools of England or their derivatives in India. They were actually much closer to their Bharatiya roots than the so called “upper castes”. They actually embrace a simple, uncomplicated form of nationalism. Unlike the intellectual classes, they never got to go to Oxbridge to discuss the perils of American imperialism in Guatemala. They haven’t been to any cocktail parties with Pakistani friends either in Lahore or in Delhi. Now, why would a “lower” caste youth whose family has always lived in say Bahraich in Uttar Pradesh feel some deep connection with intellectuals of Karachi?

What did the liberals think was going to happen? Once the “lower” castes found their voice in politics, they spoke in the only language they knew : the language of being an Indian. It’s a language that is not fashionable in Lutyens’ Delhi.

They tried everything : Rohith Vemula to Una. The end result was one big egg on their faces. The so called “lower” classes stood rock solid with the narrative of nationalism. For the classes, the nightmare is only just beginning.

Varanasi is perhaps the capital of Hindu civilization. If you are a clueless Western intellectual with little more than an agenda, you might look at the harsh exterior of burning corpses and think it’s the city of death. But it’s the city where life, death and renewal embrace each other in the uniquely sublime Hindu way of seeking harmony with the ultimate truth of our human existence. And when in 2014, Narendra Modi came to this city and displaced the Brahmin Murli Manohar Joshi, something changed. The so called “lower castes” were taking their place at the heart of Hindu civilization.

The intellectuals thought they were witnessing our death. But they were really looking a civilization being reborn. It’s okay. They won’t understand. They never did.