Congress party collapsing in Karnataka

As right wingers, one of our obsessions is worrying about stuff. Not just in general… about every class monitor election… it is all part of our big grand worry about the 2019 General Election ūüôā Because we can’t get the ghost of 2004 out of our heads. Worrying about 2019 makes right wingers who we are. It’s what we do ūüôā

Ultimately, no one can predict elections … be it state elections or general elections… years in advance.¬†A week can be a long time in politics. Let me remind you that merely one month ago, everyone thought that demonetization was going to be the No. 1 issue in the election. No one can predict the ebb and flow on a daily basis.

So what really matters is¬†controlling squares on the chessboard. The party that has the best leaders in key positions in maximum number of states will win the most elections. You can’t really say anything about specific elections… just like you can’t predict with certainty¬†the outcome of a ¬†specific coin toss. What we can say however, is that if¬†the coin is sufficiently biased towards say “Heads”, then “Heads” will come up a lot more times than “Tails”.

India is like that chessboard. The Congress used to play the game well. It faced many challengers over decades, but it always¬†controlled enough squares on the chessboard to fight back. The Congress lost in 1999, but it was still sufficiently strong in enough places to edge out the BJP in the waveless election of 2004. It had solid batteries in place in most states…¬†not all of them would fire in any given election…but always enough of them fired to keep the party in power nationally. The 2004 win, for instance, was built on the backs of the Congress strength in Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.

It is with 2014 that the bottom fell out of the Congress party. The Congress has become marginal in Delhi and in Andhra Pradesh. Urban support for Congress in Maharashtra has crumbled to the point that the upcoming BMC elections are between BJP and Shiv Sena, while Congress would be really lucky to get even 15-16% of the votes.

Meanwhile, the new states of India show the direction of the nation’s polity. Take Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Telangana. The Congress has never won an election in 3 out of the 4 new states created in this century!

And now the Congress is crumbling in one more large state with 28 seats : Karnataka.


There he goes. Perhaps the last Congress leader who could actually be credited with something. S M Krishna was the man who saw the potential of Bengaluru. Yes he was really old. Yes, he had no conceivable political future at this stage. But his need to quit the part so publicly shows what is happening to the Congress. No mass leader wants his name to be associated with the Congress party.

At his age, S M Krishna is no threat to anybody. No wonder Yeddyurappa has personally welcomed him to join BJP. It’s a pure win-win. The BJP gets to shame the Congress by taking its last “vikas purush” in Karnataka. And no BJP leader has to give up any political space for the 84 year old S M Krishna.

This when the Congress was facing disaster in Karnataka anyway. The BJP of course continues to lead a charmed life in Karnataka. There are few states in which BJP has made as many mistakes as they made in Karnataka. Start with the misadventure of making Deve Gowda’s son Kumaraswamy the Chief Minister back in 2007. Then go to how the BJP removed Yeddyurappa due to Lutyens outrage. Then go to how the BJP allowed Yeddy to quit and form a separate party!! Even in the recent Kaveri dispute with Tamil Nadu, boycotting Siddharamaiah’s all party meeting was an absolute disaster. As if that wasn’t enough, there came the silly comments from Shaina NC!¬†When the whole of Karnataka was going crazy over Kaveri water, Shaina NC comes out and speaks in favor of Tamil Nadu. The Kannada local channels went nuts, leaving BJP fumbling for answers. Yes, Shaina NC is Aamir Khan’s best friend and for some reason also Fadnavis’ best friend. This is what happens when pure nonsense “leaders” shoot their mouths off ¬†on issues they are absolutely clueless about. But somehow ¬†the BJP survived this as well.¬†Modi swooped in and grabbed the opportunity to take a stand on the Kaveri water tribunal. He saved the day.

(Side note: Please read the above paragraph purely in terms of realpolitik. BJP has no immediate stake in Tamil Nadu but a lot of political capital invested in Karnataka. In my mind, there was no doubt which state Modi should have backed. I will say the same about the SYL canal issue between Punjab and Haryana. BJP should back Haryana).

But all’s well that ends well. The BJP continues to live its charmed life in Karnataka. And the Congress is taking itself out of contention for another 28 Lok Sabha seats. Excellent. One more step towards Congress mukt Bharat.


Nation ignores as priceless cultural treasure is lost

Let me ask you a series of questions. See how many you can answer:

(1) What are the names of your parents?

(2) What are the names of your grandparents?

(3) What are the names of your great grandparents?

(4) What are the names of your great great grandparents?

(5) What are the names of your great great great grandparents?

Obviously you can do (1) and (2) quite easily. Myself, I would fizzle out at the 3rd question. And hats off to you if you can name even 2 of the 32 people appearing in Question 5.

But these people existed. They are part of who we are even though we have never heard their names. And what of our ancestors from generations ago, from hundreds of years ago? This nation belonged to them just as this nation belongs to us now. We hold it in trust so that we can pass it along to the next generation. It’s a pact between generations. For we all must pass. But Eternal Bharat lives on.

But how do we remember this pact when we cannot even name our ancestors from 5 generations ago? How do we recognize who we are and what is our place in this world?¬†We recognize them by means of cultural symbols. It’s in the symbols of Bharat, it’s the languages we speak, it’s the stories we tell. With his eyes wide open, a young child listens to his grandmother narrate ¬†the fascinating tale of¬†Krishna¬†driving Arjuna’s chariot. Then, he goes out and sees the same image¬†carved into a rock wall from thousands of years ago. He understands that¬†thousands of years ago, his people used to tell these same stories. He understands that this land and its people are forever his.

Symbols like this :


It’s the Dholkal Ganesha, sitting on a 13000 feet high hilltop in Dantewada in Chhattisgarh. Right there, suddenly in the heart of the forest, there is the mark of the ancestors from 1000 years ago. It’s one of the faces of eternal Bharat. They can come with a hundred lies about Aryan invasion, they can send a hundred JNU professors with¬†fake narratives of tribal separatism, but they cannot deny this. This silent stone figure is mocking them and their lies. O sons and daughters of Macaulay, come hither and deny this…

They couldn’t deny it. So in frustration they had to do this:


The Commies did it just like the savages they truly are. This empty spot where the idol stood for 1000 years shows what Commies always do.


Destroy and move on. Leave the land barren and leave the civilization orphaned. In a nutshell, this empty hilltop is the future that liberals want for our nation. This is their “idea of India”. As I always say, the “idea of India” is that there is no India at all. ¬†

No, this was no fashionable “church attack”. So no one cared. Last I checked, they were busy saving some posters of some movie or something. Yeah, please keep vigil for those valuable paper posters of PK.¬†Those are priceless artwork. Meanwhile, pay no heed to this 1000 year old Ganesha statue that was just destroyed by the army of “Azaadi”. It’s not like this one was irreplaceable.

What is more disturbing than the liberal silence is the Hindu silence. Let’s get this straight. We have to grow up and stop referring to the liberals as hypocrites. The liberals are not hypocrites. They are just enemies. Why would they care about this Ganesha statue? It symbolizes an eternal Bharat that they want to wipe off the planet. Things are going their way. If there was a war between India and Pakistan, would you care about the losses on the Pakistani side? Of course not. Because that’s your enemy. The question is why we Hindus are not speaking up about the loss of our civilization. If we go silent, liberals will cleanse this Bharat of every symbol of our¬†nation. The pact between generations will forever come to an end.¬†No one in this land shall speak of Krishna and Arjuna ever again. It will become a land of empty hilltops and a lost people.

Donald Trump : Why crying wolf doesn’t work for liberals

Okay…I’ll admit it. Although I haven’t blogged about it, possibly since November, I haven’t been able to take my eyes off Trump.

I have made this point before and I’ll make it again. I wasn’t a fan of Trump to begin with. I think there is a lot of basis to the accusation that he is racist and sexist and bigoted, but I am supporting him purely out of spite. During the Vietnam War, radical black Americans refused to go fight for their country.¬†They asked why they should fight for a country that treats them like animals. Their famous slogan was:

“No Vietnamese called me nigger”

Obviously, I despise the Commies of Vietnam, but I understand the sentiment expressed there. For a black American, the Commies of Vietnam are a world away, but the white Americans who insult him everyday are not. Why should he make common cause with his racist white neighbors against an enemy in distant Vietnam that he barely knows?

I’ll say the same about Trump. He may be a racist, but he didn’t hurt me as a ¬†Hindu. America is half a world away from the little town in India where I was born. On the other hand, the globalist left is in India, it is in my little town trying to destroy my religion and my country and my history. Why should I join hands with the globalist left in opposing their enemy in a distant country? If Trump hurts the global left, if Trump cuts off their funding,¬†it will weaken the anti-Hindu war of the global left in my country. On the other hand, if people like me support the global left in their battle against Trump, will the left spare my country and my religion? No they won’t. Trump on the other hand, isn’t fighting a war on Hindus. So dear leftists, I hope he sends you all to hell.

Yes, I know I sound zealous. Because I am angry. Why shouldn’t I be, given the relentless assault by the left on the Hindus of India?

Here’s what happened to liberals. Once upon a time, they began a moral crusade against racism and misogyny. Which genuinely made the world better. The world is a lot better today because people of all races have the same rights (in democratic countries). The world is a lot better today because women can vote, can own property and so on and so forth.

But once these causes were achieved, the liberals were left with a vast army with nothing to do. A lot of people were¬†making a lot of money in lucrative NGO jobs of the worldwide protest industry. You couldn’t just tell these people to go home. Protesting was the only profession they ever had. What were they going to eat?

The problem for the liberals was that there wasn’t enough racism around to sustain their industry. So they had to invent it. They had to show people how racism¬†is hiding in the shadows, invisible to all of us. They came up with things like “cultural appropriation”. Basically if a white person likes things from a non-white culture, it’s somehow racist. For example if a white chef is making a Vietnamese soup, he’s a racist. I’m not kidding. See here.

The same went for feminism. When there wasn’t enough misogyny to go around, they had to go around looking for it. Who would believe America is this lawless?


The desired alarm was created by appropriately changing the definition of “rape” to anything feminists wanted it to be. Most of the “rape victims” identified didn’t even know they had been raped. It is the feminists who interpreted the experiences of the women and let them know for the first time that they had been “raped”!¬†But such fake figures are needed to keep the liberal industry running.

The left kept getting away with this nonsense. They realized that words like “bigot” and “racist” and “misogynist” were powerful words. By throwing these labels around, they could get whatever they wanted. So they began to use these words all the time. They kept Crying Wolf.

Until these words lost their power.

That’s when the real wolf came along. He was called Donald Trump. They tried calling him bigot and racist, but people simply laughed those labels off. Don’t they call everyone a bigot and racist and misogynist nowadays?

And yes, this made me glad. It filled me with dark joy:


So Donald Trump decided to ban people from 7 dangerous Muslim countries from entering the United States. Now I will be the first to admit that this adversely impacts millions of completely innocent people.

But you know what? For the first time in decades…literally… I see someone actually shaming the¬†Muslims. I have always wondered why “diversity” only means inclusion of Muslims. When Trump goes to a Diwali meet of Hindu Americans, it somehow means he is siding with¬†“upper caste oppression”. But when a Pakistani Muslim is celebrated at Hillary’s convention,¬†why isn’t it automatically an insult to Pakistan’s Hindu minority? What about them?

I am an upper caste Hindu. I didn’t discriminate against anyone in my lifetime because of her/his caste. But the global left wing machine is constantly grinding me to the ground because of caste injustices. Why do they shame me? What did I do? The one thing closest to my heart is casteless Hindu society that stands together as one single rock. But the globalist left shames me everyday for injustices that I did not commit and injustices that I condemn every single day. Why do they do that? Because the single point agenda of the left is to destroy the Hindu culture of Bharat. Would they ever dare to ask similar questions to their darling community over their treatment of non-believers and women? Never…

But finally, the boot is on the other foot. Trump is shaming the Muslim community worldwide because of Islamist terrorism. It’s about time.

How Sharad Pawar became the secret member of the BJP’s Margdarshak Mandal

There are 3 political parties in India today that are most vulnerable:

(1) NCP in Maharashtra

(2) BSP in Uttar Pradesh

(3) JDS in Karnataka

The vulnerability of these 3 parties stems from the fact that they are out of power both at¬†Central and at State level. They have only a handful or 0 MPs in the Lok Sabha. They are also struggling to maintain their relevance in respective states as an opposition / anti-BJP force. And since all three are what Modi would have called “naturally corrupt parties”, their inability to grant favors at any level mean that these parties are gasping for breath. Ultimately, it’s about the money supply.

Note: I would have entered DMK in this list, except for the fact that the orphaned AIADMK is in serious trouble. Other parties who could be considered for this list are the CPIM in Bengal, the JMM in Jharkhand and the INLD in Haryana.

As such, one of the most sensible strategies for the BJP today would be to try and eat up the voters of these failing parties. The BJP has been drying out the BSP at the grassroots in Uttar Pradesh, a process that will only quicken after the polls this year, no matter what the result. The politics of Uttar Pradesh is now between SP and BJP, leaving no room for a BSP.

Nowhere has the BJP’s Machiavellian strategy unfolded as nicely as in Maharashta.


Once a political party falls below a certain threshold, it becomes kind of pointless to oppose them. The NCP is struggling for breath in Maharashtra anyway. If the BJP were to aggressively take on the NCP now, it would only give the NCP some oxygen. It serves the BJP much better to talk the NCP as if they are an ally of some sort and undercut their ability to be an opposition.

Which is precisely what Modi is doing.

How do you function as an opposition when everyone can see the ruling party is always telling you how awesome you are?

From Day 1, Sharad Pawar has been trying to get a movement going against Modi by tapping into some kind of Maratha sentiment against the Brahmin Chief Minister. The BJP, in return, has been treating the NCP with kid gloves. In showering praise on Sharad Pawar, the BJP is destroying Pawar with politeness.

Believe me guys, Sharad Pawar is cursing his Padma Vibhushan award like hell.

Effectively, by honoring Pawar, the BJP is reducing him to a figurehead and laying a red carpet for the NCP’s Maratha voters to move towards BJP. In the recently held local polls, it was the NCP meltdown that catapulted BJP to No. 1 position straight from a poor No. 4. This process has to continue. Places like Pune, for instance, which are NCP strongholds are going to polls next month.¬†Everyone knows that Sharad Pawar is too old now. Modi is telling the Maratha voter that his natural home is with the BJP now. By showering Pawar with niceties, the BJP is forcing him into retirement.¬†

Pawar did not ask for this, it is BJP who has shown up at his door with a bouquet, a large garland and a nice watch. It’s the NCP’s farewell party.

Dear Pawar Sahib, welcome to the “Margdarshak Mandal” ūüôā

Bribe Ratna Indira Gandhi — The headline that wasn’t

First of all, a very HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY folks! First of all, I owe you an explanation for not blogging yesterday. As regular readers would know, I don’t generally miss blogging on weekdays.

So what happened? I made a sudden decision to go watch Kaabil with my family ūüôā

Btw, great great movie. A revenge thriller in the league of Kahaani (not Kahaani 2, which was terrible, btw). Definitely recommended. I suspect Kaabil is a lot better than the old bootlegged alcohol being sold in new bottles in adjoining movie theaters…

So, this morning I am just looking around for my usual “media briefing” when I stumble upon this. Now this should have been a headline, but it won’t ever become one for obvious reasons.


Now, most of this is really an open secret. We¬†have all been reasonably sure that in the past (wait…only in the past?) our beloved¬†ruling parties have been in the pay of the KGB. And I am pretty sure they made a decent living as double agents, taking money from CIA as well.

Nevertheless, the discovery of this in CIA documents, which is further backed up by KGB documents AND by books from former IB joint directors, should have been the biggest headline. Read and weep how those after whom they named airports and cities and highways committed crimes that can only be classified as high treason.


Two dozen MPs and four Ministers? Just think how many of these MPs and their progeny could be active in politics still today. Luckily for us, the Congress party has been reduced to little over two dozen Lok Sabha MPs. Even so, this does not take away from the treason that was committed. An eternal shame on our nation.


It took several decades for India to reduce the Congress to little over 40 seats. But it will take generations to even estimate the damage that these 40% compromised MPs did to our country. But I just want you to close your eyes for a moment and imagine that dirty pile of rupees sitting inside the Soviet Embassy, ready to be paid to¬†greedy Congress cronies. Imagine the dynasty’s servants gathering at the Soviet Embassy, stretching out their hands and grabbing those bribes to sell out the future of our country.

Angry yet?


Suitcases full of money for India’s Prime Minister from the Communist government of the Soviet Union. And India’s Defense Minister funded by the KGB. If that won’t give you a nice warm and fuzzy feeling on Republic Day 2017, I don’t know what will.

And the CIA also mentions that there were four Union Ministers on Soviet payroll. This is the same number reported by former IB joint director M K Dhar. It all ties up folks. And remember these are Indira’s ¬†ministers in 1970s, when they were running on the platform of “Garibi hatao“.

Perhaps a much better slogan for Indira Gandhi’s campaign would have been “Paisa khao“?

And you’ll never guess who else was being paid by the Soviets. What a surprise:


Yes, these are the same Commies who¬†give us lectures on free speech. In reality, what came out of the Commies’ mouths was a recording of propaganda from¬†the Soviet dictatorship. Now let me ask you, how was this money sent to the Commies? Who were the intermediaries? Surely the intermediaries took a cut for channelling this money into the pockets of Commies. Now you see why the media supports the Communist party? Now you see why the media is silent on the massacre in Kannur? Because the entire intellectual ecosystem had been paid off by the Soviet Union for generations. The intellectuals we see today have grown up on this bribe money from abroad.

Here is the ultimate slap.


A model state! Yes folks, that is the most clearly spelled out version of the whole “idea of India” you have been hearing about. The idea of India is a state that becomes a model of infiltration by foreign governments. Happy Republic Day!

Political murders in Kerala and the hypocrisy of

In the upside down world of Indian politics, it is not unusual for Communists to blame BJP for having an undemocratic agenda. It generally matters little that Narendra Modi got 170 million votes while Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc. killed close to 170 million people. In an age of social media, it happens once in a while that the Communists end up spilling too much blood. The sympathetic¬†media mop up crew can’t do its job fast enough and some unflattering information about the CPI(M)’s bloodthirst begins to filter out. That’s when the spectacular hypocrisy¬†has to come out.


This is nothing short of amazing. When Communists massacre dissenters, Scroll moves quickly to insulate the top leadership of the CPI(M). The violence is not happening because of the CPI(M) leadership, but presumably due to naughty Communist boys who won’t listen to their wise elders.

And what is the CPI(M) leadership doing? Well they just have only one “ambitious plan”


How saintly of Hon. Chief Minister. Shri Pinarayi Vijayan!! All he ever did was come up with an ambitious plan to end the violence. But his party’s naughty boys won’t listen to him. What has he ever done to deserve this?

Meanwhile, Scroll is quick to point out who are the really sinister ones here, playing all sorts of cards..


Clearly, the BJP is complaining like a spoiled child. Such is their sense of entitlement that they think they have a right not to be murdered. Now the entitled BJP is putting pressure on the Kerala government by¬†making the attacks “a huge national issue” and “projecting itself as the victim”. The entitled BJP is acting like the whole nation needs to care about the murder of BJP workers in Kerala.¬†Even if the nation gets involved, this should be no more than a “small national issue” instead of a huge one. The nation has bigger things to worry about, such as “church attacks”. And just because BJP workers are getting massacred does not mean they are victims; the BJP should stop projecting them as such.

Look who is using “pressure tactics”


A nationwide debate? That too over a few insignificant lives? We can’t have such pressure tactics in a democracy.

And look who the real “prey” is :


The poor poor dears in the ruling CPI(M). First their own boys won’t listen to their “ambitious agenda” of universal peace. And now they becoming prey for vicious¬†Sanghis who are on the prowl, looking to get murdered. Right?

How much time do we have before a BJP worker gets murdered and a media outlet says something like “Commie boys will be boys”?

The two groups that can save BJP now

So it happened. The Congress has¬†realized that its only future lies in being a small party that adds value to regional players. As the Congress declines, this will happen again and again and again. Most elections in India are won by a margin of around 5% of votes. Incidentally, the Congress happens to have 5% votes in nearly every state. Since the Congress can never rise again, this 5% can be rented out to whichever regional player is best placed to stop the BJP. Ironically, this places the Congress in a very comfortable position where everyone wants their 5%. This is what I wrote about recently in my post “Everybody loves a loser“.

The BJP, on the other hand, is a victim of its own success. It’s no use for BJP supporters to complain about a gang up against us. That’s what happens to winners. When the Congress was in pole position, the BJP tied up with regional leaders to undercut the Congress. That was a long time ago. Well, we are the pole now and they are going to join hands to stop us. The inevitable will always happen. That’s what makes it “inevitable”.

As I also explained in another post, the election in Uttar Pradesh is not lost for us, not by a long shot. Because there is somebody who everyone seems to be forgetting these days. That’s Mayawati and she sits on a substantial chunk of 19% votes in Uttar Pradesh. We all know she’s not going to win. The BJP’s chances now hinge on how much her own voters realize that she isn’t going to win. In fact, her own voters probably realize just as much that she won’t win. The question ¬†is now whether they would like to give her one last chance purely for emotional reasons.

So that’s the first group : non-Jatav Dalits. Will they vote for BSP one last time?

I spoke before about “inevitables”. The way I see it, the non-Jatav Dalits (and eventually the Jatavs as well) are inevitably going to be BJP voters. Either today or¬†tomorrow (in 2019). As Mayawati sinks, they will have to abandon ship. And the BJP is waiting with open arms.

I have said before that destruction of BSP is priority No. 1 for BJP in the polls of UP 2017. The Dalits of UP are inevitably going to vote with BJP one day, the question is how fast we can make¬†it happen by getting BSP to sink for good. Mayawati’s downward trajectory is going to make her¬†eventually one of BJP’s smaller allies. Like Paswan in Bihar and RPI in Maharashtra. And with Mayawati becoming a satellite of BJP, it will be curtains for the “Dalit politics”. It’s a wider historical arc of Hindu politics¬†that cuts through the heart of the hypocritical “idea of India”. This is the arc we must traverse and the faster the better.

You might think I’m crazy. Maybe I am. But let me tell you Mayawati will be a small NDA ally one day.

Which is the second group that can save BJP in Uttar Pradesh? It’s the non-Yadav OBCs. These people are traditional BJP voters since the days of Kalyan Singh. From Uma Bharti to Keshav Maurya, the BJP has promoted many faces among them. If BJP can polarize these groups to the same extent as Yadavs have polarized for SP, the BJP is sure to win this election.

Now ordinarily I would say it’s too late to declare a CM candidate. But due to the strange circumstances of this election, where the SP could not resolve its leadership and alliance issues until 2 days before nominations close (for the 1st phase), it’s still not too late! The SP has just resolved its leadership puzzle. So can we. It’s still not too late to declare Keshav Maurya the CM candidate and win this election.

Republic : How 29 tweets sent a shiver in Lutyens Delhi

Winter is never kind to Delhi. The cold is biting and a brutal fog descends on the city each morning. But this winter, there is a special ice wind blowing towards Lutyens Town.


Arnab Goswami’s media venture “Republic” is an unborn baby. It exists in all of 29 tweets,¬†mostly with¬†amateurish posters showing Arnab as somewhat of a cross between a night club DJ and a college student union leader. But judging by the number of enemies Republic has made with 29 tweets, you would think they are a bigger problem than climate change. It’s almost as if the oceans are about to rise and swallow our world tomorrow. Well, somebody’s world, for sure…

They sure are spooked.


They are going through the available information about Republic with a fine toothed comb, somehow trying to discredit it. Already? ¬†Relax Indian Express. Have some “courage”.


Yes, the word panic sounds about right. The fear is also showing on the individual Twitter timelines.


That’s M K Venu, founding editor of The Wire and Former Executive Editor of The Hindu. Take a chill pill, Venu. Why so scared?

Not to mention that the “NRI Patels” jibe was picked up by others too. There’s nothing like a shade of class hatred seasoned with a touch of regionalism to take on an enemy who is giving you nightmares.


You’re a big boy Hartosh. Don’t cry.


Rajdeep had the good sense to delete this tweet, but screenshots will of course live forever on Twitter. The “Republic of Fear and Hate”? Sounds to me like you are the one gripped by all the fear and all the hate.

That an unborn baby could be seen as arch villain in Lutyens Delhi says something truly pathetic about the immaturity and insecurity of the elite media. It also brings back some images from Hindu scriptures. Just saying.

Of course, it is all about the elite media being revealed for the crybaby it really is. For years, the cozy little ruling class controlled the flow of information. The process of high-fiving and backslapping continued unabated; the government favors, the selective leaks, the palace intrigue and the Padma awards flowed freely.

Then social media came along. A bunch of ordinary people armed with blogs, tweets and facebook posts began to take on multi-million dollar corporations. The sulking and whining that followed from elite media will always be a legend. On any given day, it is not uncommon to find an anchor of¬†a primetime TV news show complain that s/he can’t get his voice heard because of Twitter trolls ūüôā When such a pity party is set up, the other anchors on primetime news shows all gather around her/him to make a show of solidarity and console the victim of the day.¬†Too¬†many people disagreeing with self proclaimed journos on Twitter. There ought to be a law!

And¬†now they are whining about Republic. Because they sense another threat to their monopoly. For years, elite journos have accused the so called “Bhakts” of having a persecution complex. Come on media, take one on the chin! Arnab is throwing you a challenge. Why frantically dig up dirt on who is investing in what? Do you really want people to start digging up who your investors are? Do you really want people to start asking about the financial history of your companies? Seriously, just stop calling the kettle black.

As a certified Bhakt, I am glad to see the media whine and moan and trying to “expose the bias” of Arnab Goswami. Awesome. Now you know how it feels to be at the receiving end of some bias. Bear in mind that Republic hasn’t aired for even one second yet. The Lutyens media is screaming purely out of panic fear.

Of course Arnab claims to be “neutral”. Just like NDTV. They made “neutral” into an Orwellian term. Now it’s coming back to bite them. Let the whining begin.

Modi with Jallikattu : PM takes a stand


You know that people have done something right when the anti-national media outlets come up with something like this :


I am not angry. I am just laughing. It means liberal HQ has taken the matter seriously and is worried. It’s not just about jallikattu. In this age of instant communication, the whole country has noted the modus operandi and the successful execution of the protests. This could be Maharashtra tomorrow demanding that the ban on Dahi Handi be lifted. Marina Beach could be anywhere in India tomorrow. If the template spreads as I am sure it will, decades of work by anti-Hindu forces might be laid to waste.

They had to play the caste card. They just had to.

Let’s analyze what went down here.

As the fury of the Jallikattu protests took Tamil Nadu by storm, two clear schools of thought emerged at liberal HQ. We’ll call them the far sighted faction and the short sighted faction.

The far sighted faction consists of those who understood the potential of what was going on and how it was sure to spread. These are the types, who cynically started playing the caste card. It’s a tried and tested tactic¬†for hitting Hindus and has a solid record 0f success.

The short sighted faction are more idealist and therefore more foolish in their choice of goals. These are the people who still see the disintegration of India as a viable possibility. (Incidentally, I have the ill fortune of knowing of these losers personally). These people approached the Jallikattu issue differently, using it to dream up an “Indian vs Tamil fight. Of course “Indian vs Tamil” is a contradiction in terms, but¬†that’s not how the hopeful idiots saw the situation. They will, of course, remain losers forever.

This gladdened my heart :


This is people power my friends. Please understand that ultimately politicians want votes. They go with the pulse of the people. To get the politicians interested, people have to dangle votes before them. And if Hindus can gather together and protest for their traditions, nobody can turn them down. Firstpost can go suck a lemon on this one:


You know what’s a dangerous precedent? A dangerous precedent is when a ¬†foreign funded NGO strikes a deal with Break India forces. A dangerous precedent is when democracy is subverted and the judiciary begins to rule the people against their will.

The peaceful and disciplined protesters at Marina Beach didn’t set a dangerous precedent, they were just there to¬†take their democracy back.

It is also funny to see the outrage driven media outrage against outrage ūüôā Didn’t ¬†media driven outrage on “church attacks” create an “undeclared emergency” in India? Then, we didn’t hear about the downsides of outrage. Now suddenly, when the people begin to outrage, it’s a problem. People’s outrage is dangerous and media outrage is sacred. Right? You need a BA in journalism in this country to earn the right to outrage, isn’t it?


Thank you Prime Minister.

This might be the first time Narendra Modi took a clear stand for something Hindu since May 16, 2014. It’s a valuable lesson. Elections are important, but the real power¬†always rests with the people. We will not get things unless we demand them. If we Hindus are silent about our rights, we will be taken for granted. Even by Modi. This is really not about specific persons. It’s just the way the world is. No one will just give us the things we want. We have to stand up and demand them. And when there is sufficient will power, things move quickly in our direction. A group of young Tamils did something amazing at Marina Beach. Let us give them the big hand they deserve! Well done, folks… we learned a big lesson here. We will remember this.

BJP should wait out the Mahagathbandhan in Bihar

Politics moves on, doesn’t it? Till yesterday, Nitish Kumar was ready to fall at the feet of Lalu Yadav. Things have changed for sure. Now it’s Lalu Yadav smarting at¬†Modi and Nitish sitting side by side like kings, while Lalu Yadav is made to sit on the floor near their feet.


There is no doubting that Nitish Kumar is regretting this. His government is burdened by the weight of Lalu’s two sons and of course the convicted corrupt Lalu Yadav himself. The RJD feels (quite legitimately if I may add) that this is their government. After all, the RJD is the largest party in the Bihar Assembly. They contested the same number of seats as JDU, but they won more. I despise RJD, but the verdict of the people is above everything else.

Worse for Nitish Kumar, the Lutyens media has vanished from his side. His PM dreams are going going gone… In Nov of 2015, they toasted him as the future of Bharat, today they don’t throw him a second glance. This would be the second time Nitish Kumar has¬†courted his own ruin by listening to secular media. The first time in 2013 he made a disastrous decision to snap the alliance and go it alone. He was reduced to 2 seats in Bihar. If he had not listened to the Lutyens mafia, he would have been a bright shining star in NDA today, with more than 20 MPs in the Lok Sabha and perhaps 2-3 Cabinet Ministers. LOL!

After the 2014 election, Nitish Kumar could have¬†begged forgiveness and returned to NDA. A BJP+JDU alliance would have crosses 200 out of 243 seats again and Nitish would have kept his 112 MLAs in the Assembly. But he listened to Lutyens mafia again because they¬†promised to make him Prime Minister. Here he is, a puppet CM with 60 seats in a 243 member assembly. The Lutyens mafia has moved on : now they are toasting Akhilesh Yadav ūüôā The Lutyens mafia moved swiftly from Kejriwal to Nitish to Mayawati to Akhilesh in a space of 2 years. Who thinks they will even remember Nitish Kumar’s name by May 2019?

Aside: Mayawati was dropped by the Lutyens mafia like a hot potato. LOL! Six months ago, they were rooting for her from the rooftops. Then the memo from HQ came and they began to write only about the dreaminess of Akhilesh Yadav ūüôā

A cornered Nitish Kumar had to send out a message that he is still driving the political bus in Bihar. The only way he could pushback was by cozying up to BJP. Now the Congress is so angry at BJP being invited to the CM’s “Dahi Chooda” party on Makar Sankranti that they have decided to boycott it. Good riddance…

So why am I writing this post? It’s my humble effort to remind people that Nitish is no less of a snake himself and BJP should not fall into his¬†trap.¬†I’m sorry, but this¬†game of piggyback by Nitish has to end somewhere. He can’t stay Chief Minister all the time without party, without voters and without organization. He made his bed with RJD, he should lie in it.

Emotions apart, any path for Nitish Kumar into NDA seems incredibly difficult. There is a simple problem here. The original BJP JDU partnership was formatted in the following manner:

Assembly : JDU contests 141 seats. BJP contests 102.

Lok Sabha : JDU contests 25 seats, BJP contests 15.

As of now, BJP already has 21 sitting Lok Sabha MPs from Bihar. Can the BJP really go back to the formula of contesting just 15 seats? And what of the organization that has been built in these seats? BJP can’t just hand them over to JDU. In the Assembly elections, the BJP contested 160 seats. It should look to contest over 200 seats the next time. There’s no way JDU can be offered a lion’s share of seats again. Even if the alliance is struck on a 50:50 basis, the BJP will have to contest 122 seats which is way too less.

Quite simply, the logistics for a new BJP+JDU partnership are too difficult. The BJP has grown a lot since Samata Party (JDU’s ancestor) allied with Vajpayee 20 years ago. Now the BJP rules as far as Haryana, Maharashtra and Assam! The BJP is in pole position in Karnataka and becoming the principal opposition in places like Bengal and Kerala.¬†The BJP is still growing!¬†With 282 seats and 10 sitting Chief Ministers, BJP is still spreading into new territories. Anything less than a BJP Chief Minister in Bihar is now too little for the party to accept. In a larger scheme of things (and this applies to other states as well), the BJP can simply wait out the caste leaders ¬†and regional leaders to age away and disappear. The young Hindu vote is with us.

For the BJP, it makes much more sense to let the MGB in Bihar fall apart under its own weight. Let the friction grow. Let the Nitish Kumar government fall, which will lead to all 3 parties contesting separately: BJP, JDU and RJD. In a three-cornered contest, the BJP will sail to an extremely easy victory.

Nitish rode the BJP for free and now he is riding RJD for free.  BJP should not help him get off the tiger. Let the RJD tiger eat him up. If BJP helps him, he will just ride us for free again. Watch out. Snake right ahead.