Point by point rebuttal to Aditya Menon defending the Congress on 1984 riots

Even by standards of Indian liberalism, it is rare to find an article containing as much junk as that which Aditya Menon has just written on Catchnews trying to laboriously create a defense of the Congress in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots.


This is going to be easy and fun, so I can’t wait to get started. Let us junk his arguments one by one. For the sake of argument, let us start from a “neutral” position and say that the Hindu right sees  Rajiv Gandhi as responsible for 1984 and the secular brigade sees  Narendra Modi as responsible for 2002 even though neither accusation has ever been proven in a court of law. For reasons that are as hilarious as they are obvious, Shri Aditya Menon bypasses Rajiv Gandhi and passes the blame to Tytler and Sajjan Kumar, but we will not quibble over that. He has bowled so many full tosses anyway in the rest of his article that we will forgive him this wide ball…

Let us face it, Modi would have been just one among many BJP leaders had it not been for the 2002 riots….Tytler and Sajjan Kumar were never hailed as Hindu Hriday Samrat.

That’s a FAIL because there is no basis for comparison. In the Congress, no one can be hailed as a “Samrat” of anything unless he is born in the royal line. Tytler and Sajjan Kumar weren’t born as part of the Dynasty and hence were debarred from being “Samrats” under any circumstances whatsoever. So, argument dismissed.

In comparison, whom did the Congress make PM when it came to power in 2004? Not Tytler, not Sajjan Kumar, but Manmohan Singh, a Sikh. Will BJP ever project a Muslim as PM?

Wrong on at least 2 levels. First, the shameful  foolishness of mixing up a small sample with a large one. The Congress has ruled 55 years since India became a Republic in 1950 and the BJP only about 8 years. How do you know that the BJP would never give the country a Muslim Prime Minister?

Secondly, didn’t the BJP give the nation a Muslim President already? There are two avenues through which an Adarshliberal could try to counter this fact and I am closing both of them:

a. You could say that Dr. Kalam’s stature was so great that it would tower over the considerations of “Hindu” or “Muslim”. If you are taking that route, then are you saying that the only qualification of Dr. Manmohan Singh for becoming Prime Minister was his religious identity? Congress is not gonna come out looking good on this. Exercise caution before you try this line of argument.

b. The second avenue you could take is  saying that the President is a powerless rubber stamp without actual authority. In which case, I must remind you that the example given for Congress promoting a Sikh to high office is that of Dr. Manmohan Singh. Are you saying that Dr. Singh wasn’t a powerless rubber stamp without actual authority? If Adarshliberals take this route, I might just die of laughter.

Okay, what next Aditya Menon?

” Yes, Rajiv Gandhi won the elections that followed soon after the assassination of Indira Gandhi, just as Modi won in 2002….And his remarks “when a big tree falls, the earth shakes” are often compared to Modi’s comment that “every action has a reaction”. But that wasn’t the only statement Rajiv Gandhi made. Here’s what he told the people of India in his address on 31 October,1984, the day Indira Gandhi was assassinated:

This is a moment of profound grief. The foremost need now is to maintain our balance. We can and must face this tragic ordeal with fortitude, courage and wisdom. We should remain calm and exercise the maximum restraint. We should not let our emotions get the better of us, because passion would cloud judgement. Nothing would hurt the soul of our beloved Indira Gandhi more than the occurrence of violence in any part of the country.

Did Modi say anything like that?

Ouch! Did you just say : “Did Modi say anything like that?” Mr. Aditya Menon, did you just type out that sentence in a major news publication? Well, excuse me young bowler, while I dispatch that loose ball way across the boundary for a six.

Here is Narendra Modi’s statement…he starts his words with the line “Yesterday in Godhra”, so you can see that it is one day after the train burning:

I pray to you that the need of the hour is to maintain peace and self discipline

Dismissed for a six, Mr. Menon. Why don’t you go fetch the ball now?

The reason that the BJP never apologised for the 2002 riots is that antipathy towards Muslims is integral to the Sangh Parivar. …On the other hand, there is nothing ideologically anti-Sikh about the Congress and the party did not run a campaign against Sikhs”

This is my favorite argument. So, the Congress is not ideologically anti-Sikh. It is only opportunistically anti-Sikh. Is this supposed to make the Sikhs or any other community for that matter feel better about the Congress? That the Congress is not “ideologically” against any community, but just picks and chooses its target depending on political convenience of the  moment. So, vote for Congress and just hope they don’t happen to single out your community for victimization in the next five years…  Well bowled Mr. Menon, you got me there…

Had Congress been inherently anti-Sikh, would Sikh majority Punjab have elected Congress to power twice – in 1992 and in 2002?

Had BJP been inherently anti-Muslim, would Muslim majority Jammu and Kashmir have elected BJP as part of a coalition government at this very moment? Why would Omar Abdullah, whose father and grandfather were both CMs of Muslim majority J&K and  who later became CM of J&K himself, join the inherently anti-Muslim Vajpayee government as a  minister?

Next, please. Now, Mr. Aditya Menon makes his final move:

Postscript: There is one commonality between the two riots that most people seem to have missed. BJP and RSS cadres were reportedly involved in both of them.

In support of his argument, he has a newspaper clipping accusing some cadres of BJP & RSS of involvement in the 1984 riots. Here is the clipping he has:


No problems, Mr. Menon, if we are going to quibble over low level cadre involvement, I have a gift for you from The Times of India dated Aug 9, 2003:


What? Madam Sonia Gandhi received a list of 25 Congress leaders complicit in 2002 riots as per the Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind? And that list had a former Congress minister, a sitting MLA and a former MP…



Why Manish Tewari is holistically the most vile person on the planet

Personally, I think people like Manish Tewari, Mani Shankar Aiyar, Kapil Sibal are the biggest assets of the Indian right and Narendra Modi. There was no doubt that Modi would have won 2014 even without them, but surely the fact that the public could no longer stand their smug, arrogant faces played a role in getting the BJP a handy 10-12 seats that enabled it to score 272+.

And it is nice to see that sitting in the Opposition, these scum have learned no lesson at all. They will not stop until they go from 44 to 4, even then. So, this Easter, certain terrorists (who have no religion) in the Middle East threatened to crucify an Indian Catholic priest they had kidnapped from Yemen. And then, Manish Tewari said this:


Keep it up Mr. Tewari. Thank you for pouring out your gutter level thoughts for the whole world to see. We don’t even need to talk about Father Alexis who Modi govt rescued from peaceful terrorists. We don’t even need to talk about the religion of the Malayali nurses that Modi government brought back home. What you have done here is shown us the dirty mind of the Congress party…when an Indian is in danger somewhere, you will rescue him/her based on your vote bank concerns. Does Madam Sonia Gandhi support this statement? Do India’s elite liberals support this statement?

Actually, was Manish Tewari’s tweet a signal to “intellectuals” to start another round of “intolerance debate” over this Christian priest? How far will the wretched intellectuals go to divide the country for their votebank politics. The answer is : pretty low. Lest people have forgotten, let me remind them of what the Congress did in 2006:

“It’s by now a settled fact that the UPA government, at the instance of the Rajindar Sachar committee, tried to seek a Muslim headcount in the armed forces.”


Why o why did you do that? Which soldiers did you not trust enough: the Hindu soldiers or the Muslim soldiers? The UPA government had many low points, but I think this was by far their lowest. Be very certain…if Madam Sonia Gandhi ever comes back to power, they will not just chop up the Army by religion, they will also break it down by Jat, Gujjar, Brahmin, Sikh, Dalit, Thakur, Rajput…anything and everything they can think of…    Next time Congress creates a  quota riot in Haryana or Rajasthan and the Army has to come in, they will check the caste of each officer and soldier in the regiment.

Minister for External Affairs Sushma Swaraj did the right thing by not dignifying Manish Tewari with a response. Instead, all she did was this:

Indeed, Manish Tewari’s statement did not deserve a reply from a Cabinet Minister. It is for the people of India to reply to this vile creature called Manish Tewari.  And this vile creature even began to complain:

Mr. Tewari, she had guts. And she also had class. That is why she left it up to the people to answer your question. The only pervert here is you. You will find out the day Congress goes down from 44 to 4. Keep doing what you are doing here. Excellent job.

Mameluk Kanhaiya is now fully trained!

The Congis and the Commies have always complemented each other…the many kings of the Dynasty have always looked to their Commie priests to provide intellectual anchor for their rule. But the Commie priests have always stayed indoors, tucked away in universities, various Akademis, etc. while the Congi kings have enjoyed their vast empire. Wonder why? Now you can see the process before your very eyes. Barely a few weeks ago, you had the young Commie Kanhaiya at JNU campus, full of raw energy, flaunting his tool and his red flag…

Then, they decided to get him ready for the big leagues…for which they had to mold his raw enthusiasm into something that could be more productive for the Dynasty. The media taught him in a couple of weeks what his Commie profs couldn’t teach him at JNU and now we have before us the new Kanhaiya…disciplined and dedicated…thinking the right thoughts…and ready to take his place as a freshly minted Mameluk of the Dynasty:

JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar on Monday compared the alleged onslaught on varsities with Gujarat riots alleging both of them were carried out “with support” from state machinery even as he stressed that there is a fundamental difference between “emergency” and “fascism”. Asserting that there is a difference between 2002 riots and 1984 Sikh massacre Kanhaiya alleged that Gujarat violence was carried out through state machinery while the other was caused due to mob frenzy.


Ah ha! The 1984 riots were just a case of “mob frenzy”. The evolution of Comrade Kanhaiya is complete! Wait a few more days and you will find out that the 1984 riots were actually a case of “road rage”. Wait and watch! I am pretty sure  it will happen. The liberals have taught their new Bhagat Singh well. In any case, what would Bhagat Singh have done today? Let us find out from a minister  of the National Capital Territory of Delhi sworn in under the Constitution of India:

“Seeing the country’s condition, I believe that even today the freedom struggle would have continued and if Bhagat Singh was there, he would have thrown 2-4 bombs at empty benches inside the Parliament to make the deaf hear,


There you have it, a modern day Bhagat Singh would have committed a terror attack on Parliament. Add to this the fact that the whole fracas began over Afzal guru. Ties up neatly, doesn’t it?

Let’s hear more from superstar Kanhaiya:

there is an attack being launched on universities, because like Hitler, Modi ji doesn’t have support from intellectuals in India. No intellectual is defending Modi regime,”

Compared Modi to Hitler…good good. Forgot that the Second World War started when Commies under Stalin joined hands with Nazis under Hitler and JOINTLY invaded Poland in Sept, 1939. Excellent. Let’s see more:

“Today it’s an era of Islamophobia. Leave aside the words of terrorism and terrorist. The moment these words will come to your mind, imprints of face of a Muslim person will be there in your mind. This is Islamophobia,”

Brilliant! He is ticking all the right boxes. Modi=Hitler. Check. Islamophobia is bad. Check. What’s next?

Connotations, meaning of a word change. Hence, it is important for us to understand history before we reach to conclusion on anything,”

Very nice and Orwellian. The connotation of the word “Communism” itself has changed over the years. It now just means opposing Modi in 5 star hotels. The Comrades rightfully took into account their own disastrous electoral history in modern India and realized that they would have to abandon the classical meaning of Communism in favor of becoming a mere appendage of global Islamism.

I believe that the RW on social media has a job on its hands here. Like Hardik Patel or Shaktiman the horse, Kanhaiya Kumar is also a “penny stock” in whom liberals invested their entire fortunes hoping to build up a leader to stop Modi. They didn’t really know who Kanhaiya was and what he would do and say. But in their desperation, they didn’t care. They embraced him as hero and savior. Now, Kanhaiya the loose cannon will screw up repeatedly. The job of the RW is to make sure the liberals own every single one of Kanhaiya’s loose statements.  The liberals took a common Commie student union thug and made him the voice of Indian liberalism. We have to make sure the liberals can’t run away from his words now.   It is time to show the liberals the “market risks” of gambling on penny stocks…what do you say? 

Is Europe screwed?

Short answer : yes!

I waited a couple of days before commenting on the terror attacks in Bruxelles. Because I was pretty sure that the facts would emerge and the world would know that this was an act of the Wahabi Hindu Taliban…right ?  😛

Ok. I wanted to find out more about the attackers and get an idea of how deep the rot of political correctness runs in Europe. And it doesn’t look good for Europe. The river of politically correct sh*t runs pretty deep and Europe is getting buried for sure.

Sample this:

One of the Brussels bombers was arrested in Turkey and deported back to Belgium in June with a warning that he was a militant, it has sensationally been revealed. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Ibrahim El Bakraoui, who blew himself up at Brussels Airport on Tuesday, was arrested in Gaziantep in southern Turkey close to the Syrian border last summer. Officials said he was deported to Holland before being passed back over to Belgium. The president said Belgian authorities had failed to confirm the suspect’s links to terrorism ‘despite our warnings that he was a foreign fighter’.”


So, let me get this straight. This man was arrested by Turkey close to the Syrian border and deported to Europe with the warning that he is a jehadi! But once in Europe, he said something like

My name is Ibrahim El Bakroui and I am not a terrorist!

And the liberals believed him. They let him go. Maybe it was against the “idea of Belgium”. He was sent to Holland and then to Belgium. They did nothing. Absolutely nothing. Let’s call this what it is. The leaders of Europe have blood of their own people on their hands today. 34 people were killed in Brussels by political correctness. When you don’t act against certified terrorists deported by Turkey from the Syrian border, you are wilfully failing your duty to your citizens. When you refuse to act in supreme national interest, you have blood on your hands.

We have a troubled past with Europe. India was colonized by Europeans. Our nation was robbed and stripped bare by European colonizers. The Indian Army was the largest army to serve in BOTH world wars: our men gave their blood for their wars. And after World War I, India received the Rowlatt Act of 1919 as a token of gratitude. When we protested, we got Jallianwala Bagh….

Even today, Europeans are leaders in setting an anti-Hindu agenda in the worldwide mainstream: from the ivory towers of academia to books that children read in school. Europeans usually take the lead in belittling everything Indian and flaying our governments for so called “human rights violations”. Today, I as an Indian, have decided to declare European governments as wilful violators of the rights of their own people. As an Indian, I have many more reasons to hate Europeans than any Saudi or Syrian or Iraqi, but I want Europe to survive. Because I am a Hindu. I appreciate civilization. I appreciate science and technology and economic prosperity. Despite the bitterness of the past, I see the enormous potential of collaborating with modern Europe today, I see the business opportunities,  I see the impetus their science and tech expertise they can provide to our economy. I choose to see the good that can happen in the future rather than the bitterness of the past. Because I am a Hindu. Because, I love life. I like to see its possibilities and its wonders.

Let me remind you that the same European governments that denied visa to democratically elected CM Narendra Modi rolled out the red carpet for Ibrahim Bakroui! At that point, Narendra Modi had a democratic mandate of 60 million Gujaratis, a mandate equivalent to that of the President of France! But you said no to him. You said yes to Ibrahim Bakroui!  What was the excuse for denying Narendra Modi? Gujarat riots…ha!  But ISIS wasn’t enough of an excuse for stopping Ibrahim Bakroui. As I have said multiple times before, liberalism is all about rewarding bad behavior. The more violent and psychotic your behavior, the more the liberals bend before you. You can insult the man elected by peaceful Hindus because you know that the worst that Hindus will do is tweet angrily… But you are scared to even talk against those who fly planes into buildings. No wonder, you have created a perverse incentive for bad behavior and now the violence is only heading upwards. You let them into your country. You put them on taxpayer funded welfare. You change your entire culture to accommodate them, you change meals in public schools, you stop newspapers from criticizing them, you tell women who are sexually harassed to stay at “arm’s length”. Because you are shit scared of them. Meanwhile, they are enjoying this. They just keep ratcheting up their demands. Now they want all of your to accept the Caliph Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi… And you keep surrendering, because you want to avoid conflict. And they keep winning…


What Dhoni’s whiplash should teach the Indian media

After India’s thrilling one run win over Bangladesh in the ongoing T20 World Cup, millions of us watched with great relish as M S Dhoni lashed out at a so called “reporter”:

Dhoni minced no words: he told the reporter upfront that his tone suggested that he was quite simply unhappy about India winning. A direct, upfront attack on the reporter’s patriotism and in the unkindest cut of all, he said that cricket games have no “script”. It was crystal clear what Dhoni left unsaid: the press has a script, but cricket games don’t!

This post is not simply about this one incident and how much I enjoyed it. It is about something deeper that has changed in the public perception of the media…why did Dhoni feel safe enough to go after the media like that and why did so many people enjoy it so much? Quite simply, I want to tell the mainstream media: your golden days in India are over. There has been a drastic collapse in the prestige of mainstream media among the public. What triggered it: whether it was the rise of the internet, the social media, or quite simply changing times, is for people to analyze. But this is the fact. The Indian mainstream media is facing a crisis of credibility among the ordinary public.

I am a believer in the theory that at any point of time, there is always a power struggle happening between institutions: the political class, the bureaucracy, the judiciary, the media, the “civil” society to occupy the moral high ground. Whenever one group perceives a loss of credibility of another, it tries to push in and occupy the high space. In the early years after independence, the political class (rightly or wrongly) in general occupied a moral high ground. Then, 50 years of misgovernance and corruption drastically reduced the prestige of the political class. In a generic sense, the words “neta” and “politician” became words of abuse, almost synonymous with corruption and crime. In modern India, you can say almost anything against “politicians” and get away with it. I remember an episode of Aap ki Adaalat, widely shared on Youtube, where a random woman in the crowd screams at Digvijay Singh: “All you politicians are just hungry for money and looting the public”. I despise Digvijay Singh, but that is not the point here. The point here is that this random woman received loud cheers from the crowd for making such a sweeping statement against an entire group of people. Why? Not every politician is corrupt. But the general image of “politicians” is so poor that you can say almost anything against them as a group and get away with it.

I am not sympathizing with politicians here. I am only stating facts. In fact, politicians have only themselves to blame for there terrible image. And with politicians losing the moral high ground completely, others stepped in to claim that space: judiciary, bureaucracy, media and “civil society”. All of these groups are equally corrupt, but they simply took advantage of the situation. This is what I mean by a power struggle. The judiciary, in particular, got away with taking several decisions that are quite frankly undemocratic. But they got away with it because people think so poorly of politicians that they ended up looking up to the judiciary for these undemocratic decisions.

From 1990-2007 or so, the media in India had its golden days. The collapse in prestige of politicians allowed media to claim a moral high ground. In the 90s, Shekhar Suman starred on the hugely popular Doordarshan serial “Reporter”, which would show an honest journalist taking on the “system”. There were similar widely popular shows like “Waqt ki Raftar” showing an honest newspaper fighting the “system”. Shows like those were possible back then because the public at that time had come to see the media as a “noble profession”. Shows like those would be impossible today because no one would find them believable. Today, the same entertainment channels show “news reporters” at best as brainless idiots senselessly asking “Aap ko kaisa lag raha hai” (How do you feel?) to random people. The media today is just as corrupt  as it was in the 90s, just that the public perception has changed. And when I see ABP News and Aaj Tak reporters desperately trying to pretend that someone still sees the media as a force for good, I can only laugh.

I wonder if the media knows this new reality. The Dhoni episode should ring alarm bells for the media. People are now taking great joy in watching the humiliation of a random journalist. It is very important to note that most people including me don’t know the identity of the journalist who received the lashing from Dhoni. We don’t know who he was, or who he worked for, or what was his agenda. And yet the public enjoyed the humiliation of a generic mediawallah, just as the public would enjoy the humiliation of a generic politician by an angry crowd. Does media understand what this means? This means that the public in general now associates media with lies and corruption, like politicians. The credibility of the media is now in the toilet. It is an alarming new reality to which the mainstream media has not fully woken up yet.

Perhaps they (the media) have some inkling of what’s going on. Here is Bikram Vohra in Firstpost noticing what happened:

There used to be time not so long ago when the media was the watchdog for the public and stood by its own tribe. Now, it is dog eat dog….Compare that to the MS Dhoni response to a pretty tame question from the press after the India-Bangladesh match in Bengaluru. It wasn’t so offensive and the Dhoni response seemed out of line. Whatever his reasons for losing it and snapping back about the reporter not being happy with the Indian win, the sad part is that none of his colleagues backed him.


And why couldn’t the media stand up for one of its own? Bikram Vohra knows:

Dhoni is on the cutting edge of popularity today and cannot be critiqued, which is fair enough and any comment will provoke a howl of protest, but it isn’t about Dhoni at all. Celebs can lose their tempers, huff off, be rude, even downright offensive, it is about the media maintaining its collective dignity.”

Yeps! The prestige of Dhoni is too high. The prestige of the media is too low! Sorry, the media cannot maintain its “collective dignity” because they know they don’t have any dignity. And, just like politicians, you mediapersons brought it on yourselves. The  brazen corruption of the last 20 years in the Indian media is coming back to bite you all now. The Indian public knows enough now about the deals that the media makes, we know about articles that appear on “news”  websites and mysteriously disappear, we know about tapes with lobbyists that are suppressed, we know about columnists whose wives are personal secretaries to the most corrupt businessmen. We can all see how brazenly headlines are tilted to conceal or reveal the caste/religion of a victim depending on the narrative you want to push. We know about which media house uses the word “allegedly” in a strategic fashion depending on the religion of the accused.  We see through this stuff now…you can’t fool us any more. If you wanted to keep your “collective dignity”, you should have thought before. As Dhoni indicated, the majority of Indians now think that the media simply plays to a “script”. You brought this on yourselves. Now there is no going back.

50,000 hits already this year! Can you believe it?

It’s not even 3 months into the new year yet and as of this moment, we already have 50,355 hits here! I focus on saying WE because this blog is an effort to create a community, however small, but trying nevertheless to strike one small blow against the narrative of the mainstream Mameluks. We are all in this together.

The GRAND TOTAL for this blog so far is now 1.33 lakh hits! It’s beginning to approach the size of a Modi rally, finally 😛

So, please all of you friends who come visiting, thank you so much! You all have become a part of my life and I hope that my blog has also become a small part of yours. Please keep reading and commenting.

This month, I took a leap of faith and submitted a couple of my posts to Opindia’s Myvoice. Here they are on the Opindia website



The first one got selected as one of the “Editor’s picks”. That was seriously awesome. I have been a big fan of Opindia ever since they launched and it was nice to be on their website.

In April, I am getting ready to launch a Facebook page for this blog. All the posts here will simultaneously appear on the FB page, so you can share them on your FB profiles with a single click. Please be mindful that everything on this blog or on the forthcoming webpage is done by me in a bit of spare time from work every day, so please consider if you find the FB page set up in a somewhat amateurish manner 🙂

One more thing…since we are lucky to have a growing number of commenters, these days I sometimes take a day or two to respond to every single comment. Please do not mind, because I am committed to respond to every single one of them. I feel genuinely grateful each time someone comments and so I feel it is my responsibility to thank them with an individual reply each time. I also like to say a welcome each time a new person comments for the first time on this blog.

One thing that’s not going so great is that, judging by the names of the commenters, we do not seem to have enough female readers on this blog. Or at least enough people commenting with clearly identifiable female pseudonyms. So, please if you are out there, please let me know if you have some suggestions, or maybe there is something about the tone or content of the blog that you find off putting.

But most of all, I hope everyone had a wonderful Holi! I myself had the best Gajar ka Halwa 🙂 What did you folks do? Let’s end with a bit of great news about the coming Achche Din …



Liberals complaining about BJP “stealing”Bhagat Singh are the biggest whiny losers on the planet

Yesterday was March 23, the day of martyrdom of three immortal heros: Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev. And with it came a particularly whiny article of Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay in the DailyO complaining about the BJP trying to steal Bhagat Singh, apparently because its own cupboard of heros is empty.


This article is intended as a response to Shri Mukhopadhyay, but more generally to all liberals planning to go down this whiny path.

So, what did Modi do that made Mr. Mukhopadhyay  so angry? Did he insult some venerable writer at the Sahitya Akademi. No, all he did was tweet this:

This caused Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay to fly into a rage and he ended up saying:

Modi’s tweet and the party’s programme would be justifiable if Bhagat Singh was an icon of the BJP or any other affiliate of the Sangh Parivar.

The narrow mindedness of that statement is so spectacular that only a liberal could have said it. The national struggle for freedom is our common heritage and our common national inheritance. To carve it up into small pieces and discriminate between who gets to pay homage to Bhagat Singh and who doesn’t is the most shameful thing you can do with this common inheritance.

Dear Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay, who made you the owner of Bhagat Singh? Who made you the guardian of the national movement? Why do you think you get to decide who I can pay homage to? Why do you think you get to decide how I should celebrate the national struggle for freedom? You are exactly the same as people who try to police Valentine’s Day because they feel they are guardians of “Indian culture”. Same fundamentalism. Different political affiliations.

Bhagat Singh gave his life for all of us. Not just for members of a certain party. Why did Bhagat Singh kill Saunders? Because he was trying to avenge the death of the great Lala Lajpat Rai of the Hindu Mahasabha. Unlike you, Bhagat Singh did not practise political untouchability. It is a pity that you had to be reminded of that. Guess who had this to say about Shaheed Bhagat Singh?

Bhaghat Singh did not become popular because of his act of terrorism but because he seemed to vindicate, for the moment, the honour of Lala Lajpat Rai, and through him of the nation.

That would be Chacha Nehru 🙂 And he said that Bhagat Singh became a legend because he had saved the nation’s honor by taking revenge for the death of Hindu Mahasabha’s Lala Lajpat Rai! Take that, sir! And as icing on the cake, the Dynasty’s clerks now get to do the homework of coming up with an excuse for why Nehru described Bhagat Singh as a “terrorist” in that line! Enjoy!

But this article is not simply about the narrow mindedness of Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay and people like him. Let us get to the part where I explain that they are just whiny losers. Let’s read further from his DailyO article:

Firstly, the cupboard of icons in the Parivar is bare and even those who are there – Atal Bihari Vajpayee for instance – are often not given much credence.

Secondly, the RSS had no involvement with the freedom struggle and was focused solely to expanding itself and setting up Hindu-Muslim conflict. For instance, during the Quit India movement, Syama Prasad Mukherjee, remained a minister in Bengal and collaborated with the British.

For the sake of argument, let me start by assuming that BOTH of your points is actually true! Let us suppose that the BJP ‘s “cupboard of icons” is bare and it is making merry by raiding the “secular socialist” cupboard. Isn’t that more of a reflection of how people like you on the general Commie side of the spectrum have failed miserably on the intellectual chessboard of history? Why is it that the Left is unable to hold on to Bhagat Singh while BJP and Sangh Parivar easily snatch him away? You also give other examples of BJP robbing the secular socialist cupboard, taking away Sardar Patel and now even laying claim to B R Ambedkar. Again, for the sake of argument, let’s assume that you are right. But have you thought why the Sangh is able to take your icons away so effortlessly and with so little resistance?

Is it because that the young Indian lefties of today draw inspiration from Afzal Guru rather than Bhagat Singh? Is it possible  that the Indian Left and increasingly the Indian National Congress have spun their politics so closely around anti-India elements that it has become impossible for them to hold on to the patriotic political space? History abhors a vacuum sir and if you will not take Bhagat Singh, someone else will. What did you think? Did you think that young lefties will go out and chant “azaadi” for Kashmir, advocate multiple new partitions of India  and Bhagat Singh will just lie in your cupboard, gathering dust as Yakub Memon and Afzal Guru are systematically glorified by the Left? 

So, please do not whine now. Precious national icons, be it B R Ambedkar or Bhagat Singh or Sardar Patel cannot lie in the cupboard gathering dust. If you will not respect them, someone else will. And if you complain now, you are simply a whiny loser! Are you worried about losing Sardar Patel now? Secular socialists should have thought of that BEFORE letting the Congress become the private property of a single Dynasty. Are you worried about losing Ambedkar now? Secular socialists should have thought about that when Indira Gandhi awarded herself the Bharat Ratna almost 20 years before Ambedkar received one!

History is actually a dynamic thing, shifting constantly and is always written by the winners. If the “legitimate” successors of a Marxist such as Bhagat Singh are today loyal durbaris of the Shehzada’s court, it is nobody else’s fault. Is it the fault of “Wahabi Hindus” like me that Marxism failed so miserably worldwide? Is it the fault of the Sangh Parivar that leftie secular politicians would rather be seen at JNU crying for Kanhaiya Kumar than at the bedside of Lance Naik Hanmanthappa?

And are you sure that the “Sanghis” did not contribute to the freedom struggle? Have you checked with your liberal colleagues such as Shoaib Daniyal who write for Troll.in? Here are some of his latest gems:

  1. Ananda Math’s contribution to the development of a proto-form of Hindu nationalism is immense
  2. Abanindranath Tagore, nephew of Rabindranath and father of modern Indian painting, created what was probably the first pictorial representation of Bharat Mata in 1905, which was widely reproduced and used in the Swadeshi movement
  3.  “The Anushilan Samiti, a group that believed that using violence against the colonisers was justified, took great inspiration from Ananda Math…. One of the founders of the Samiti was Aurobindo Ghosh, who was arrested by the British in 1908 for sedition, among other charges
  4. In 2013, for example, Narendra Modi, then the chief minister of Gujarat, conducted a public shastra puja on Bijaydashami, the day Durga defeated here enemy, thus creating a direct link to the Anushilan Samiti.


There, can you see it, Mr. Mukhopadhyay? Your liberal colleague just gift wrapped and delivered a mountain of freedom struggle icons to the Sangh Parivar : Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay, the 1905 movement against Partition of Bengal, Aurobindo, the Anushilan Samiti which counted martyrs like Khudiram Bose, Prafulla Chaki and Bagha Jatin among its members! Thank you so much! Modern liberalism has become so toxic that it is actually pushing out these icons and pushing them into the Sangh’s grateful arms. Didn’t I tell you that history is a dynamic thing?

The truth is that modern liberalism has become so deeply anti-national, so closely identified with Afzal Guru and Yakub Memon that you cannot even stand people like Khudiram Bose any more. We are not stealing from your cupboard sir, it is liberals who are tossing these icons out of their own cupboard because of their obsessive anti-nationalism. If we pick up those discarded icons and respect and honor them, please do not grudge us. It is our privilege, good fortune and great honor to take Khudiram Bose. You can have Afzal Guru and Yakub Memon. The day is approaching, Mr. Mukhopadhyay when some mad liberal will refer to Bhagat Singh as a “terrorist who was fighting to avenge the death of a Hindu fundamentalist like Lala Lajpat Rai”. And when that day comes, as it soon will, do not blame us for “taking” Bhagat Singh…. Thanks.

A Congi bedtime story : Is Piyush Goyal fulfilling Rajiv Gandhi’s dreams?

Long long ago, there lived a great man called Jawaharlal Nehru with a great vision. He had a dream. He wanted to develop our country into a prosperous, powerful nation.  So, he did tapasya and penance to please God, until Mother Mary appeared before him and offered to grant him a boon.

“What do you want, my child?” — Mother Mary asked.

“I want nothing for myself, Mother Mary…I want every village in the Central South Asian region to have electricity” — Nehru replied.

(Point to note: this was before 1947 and the “idea of India” did not exist at that time. It had to be called the Central South Asian region)

Mother Mary smiled and said : “Your selflessness has touched my heart. You shall become PM of the Central South Asian region. You shall bequeath the throne to your children and to their children after them. You shall be blessed with a grandson who will have great dreams about the nation you will create called India“.

Saying so, Mother Mary disappeared and Nehru dutifully got to the task of securing the throne for himself and his children. In due time, by grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, Nehru was blessed with two grandsons Rajiv and Sanjay. 

But then the great man was faced with the problem of finding out which of his two grandchildren would grow up to be the great man with great dreams about India. For this, the great Nehru consulted the learned astrologers and all the wise fortune tellers of his time:

the government on Wednesday dug out a letter written by Jawaharlal Nehru to his sister Krishna Hutheesing from the Ahmednagar Fort prison in 1944 asking her to get a “proper horoscope made by a competent person” for his grandson and former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.


The young Rajiv grew up quickly. He was taught by the best teachers, sent to the best schools. Everyone was awed by the growing prince. But alas! Empress Indira died suddenly and Rajiv was just a young man of  40 when the crown passed to him. Although his teachers had full faith in him, many in the population were skeptical. Could the young prince discharge such important duties properly?

To everyone’s delight, the young prince took to the job like a duck takes to water. Soon he was dreaming like an expert. On some days, he dreamed of a poverty free India, on other days he dreamed of an India that’s a superpower, on other days he dreamed of a country where everyone has electricity and everyone has drinking water. In his spare time, he would invent computers, television, email and jet planes.

The great man left behind a legacy of dreams for us to fufil. Now, even die hard India-haters at the Guardian are acknowledging that Piyush Goyal is fulfiling Rajiv Gandhi’s dreams. Hotasar is a small distant village of just 200 people in Rajasthan, which many thought was impossible to reach. But then, an engineer arrived with the “good news” of Rajiv G’s dream:

When a government official first came to Hotasar in western India, the villagers shooed him away. He had come to tell them an engineer was on his way and the village would get its first electric light bulb within months. “Bring light? To Hotasar? It’s impossible,” they told him. Others had promised the same, but plans to electrify the village had repeatedly failed.”


Let’s read on:

Vishal Singh, a government official responsible for overseeing the electrification programme in 126 villages in the wider Jaisalmer district, says: “There were no maps, landmarks or boundaries here. We went out into the field ourselves and marked out the areas that needed electrifying.

See the power of Rajiv Gandhi’s dream. But unholy materialistic thoughts immediately creep into the minds of the villagers when they hear electricity is coming:

On the day the electricity is scheduled to start, the Pardeshis talk about what they’ll purchase for their house. “We’ve got to buy a fridge and an air conditioner,” says Hussein.

What a shame! They are thinking of a fridge and an AC for themselves. Have they thought about the deprived students at JNU’s School of International Studies? They have nothing.

As the sun sets, the waiting finally comes to an end. The electrical engineer, Mojeem Khan, turns on the first light bulb. A small cheer erupts from the small crowd, and sweets are distributed.”

Yet another small crowd getting ready to leech off the resources of the planet with their electricity and their fridge and AC. Sigh..

A set of Christmas lights comes, changing from green to blue to white. The boys run to the sockets to charge their phones.”

Oh..thank god for the Christmas lights! At least they are not wasting the precious electricity.

The TV comes on and men gather around, flicking from channel to channel: a Punjabi comedy, a Bollywood film from the 90s, the news. “We’re going to sit here and watch TV all night,” one of the neighbours says.

They’ll watch TV all night? Thank goodness! By morning they should know all about the rising intolerance all around them.

Taiji, the oldest member of the household, who can’t see in the dark, happily touches the faces of the girls sat at her feet in the courtyard. “I can see you all now,” she says”

Finally, everyone who was in the dark can see the dangers of Modi’s rising intolerance. Taiji can see them all now: the dangers of Yoga, Diwali, Holi, Rakhi and of course the threats posed by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s festival gatherings. No wonder the proud electrical engineer says:

Khan, the electrical engineer, stands outside the courtyard of the house. “I love my job,” he says, watching the villagers celebrate.

Bhai, you should be proud! Rajiv Gandhi had a dream that every person should be able to see on TV the dangers of Modi’s intolerance…

With Kanhaiya Kumar becoming Bhagat Singh, is Chagan Bhujbal the next Ramprasad Bismil?

Yesterday, Shashi Tharoor, the world famous scientist who enlightened us about the dangers of drinking too much coconut water announced his latest discovery to the world:

Shashi Tharoor has finally discovered for us our new Bhagat Singh. The new Bhagat Singh has been valiantly flashing his weapon against the Brahmanical “Swachch Bharat Abhiyan”  created by Hindu males.

The greatest response of all came from the Unreal Times:


Somewhere out there in the sky,  Ajmal Kasab awaits his turn. Right now, the liberal camp is kind of divided over what to do with Ajmal Kasab. For some liberals, he is actually a Wahabi Hindu sent by Modi to attack Mumbai. For other liberals, he is an innocent victim of Hindu male extremism… But I am sure he will soon get his turn in the sun. After all, didn’t Bhagat Singh and Batukeshwar Dutt throw a bomb in Punjab Assembly? How different is that from Ajmal Kasab and his 9 secular brothers launching an assault on the financial headquarters of the prison house of nationalities called India… Ten young secular brothers, united in the name of the idea of India faced with the might of thousands of armed and angry Hindu males. A battle to remember…

But now that Indian liberals are on a spree looking to find parallels with freedom fighters with prominent figures in the Dynasty ecosystem, expect Chhagan Bhujbal to see a ray of hope. We all know that the AAP government in Maharashtra has acted swiftly to put corrupt Chhagan Bhujbal behind bars:

Meanwhile the BJP CM of Delhi continues to drag his feet on the famous 370 pages of evidence against Sheila Dikshit supplied by Shri Arvind Kejriwal….

But the Kanhaiya Kumar-Bhagat Singh comparison has come as a ray of hope for beleaguered Chagan Bhujbal. He can finally stand and say proudly before the court:

Yes, my lord! Yes, I have looted Maharashtra. Yes, my lord I have plundered Maharashtra. So, what my lord? Didn’t our great revolutionaries Ramprasad Bismil, Asfhaqullah, Rajendra Lahiri and Roshan Singh loot sarkari treasures at Kakori on August 9, 1925? My lord, I have done something similar. I am the modern day Ramprasad Bismil. I am proud to be accused of looting under the same provisions of the law that Ramprasad Bismil was accused under… Give me azaadi! Inquilab Zindabad!

As Hindu Male XI beats Pakistan, Indian media loses “golden chance” to humiliate India

Just 23 on the board with 3 wickets down…India chasing 119 in 18 overs on a very tricky Eden Gardens pitch…

And then the communal all-Hindu male heterosexual cricket team sends out Viraat Kohli to score 55 off just 37 balls to reaffirm Indian imperialism over its oppressed neighbors in front of a jingoistic partisan crowd. Over the next hour, Kohli, Dhoni and Yuvraj run across the Eden pitch multiple times, each time brutally trampling the idea of India under their boots. Finally, Vande Mataram plays ominously in the background as India complete their 11th straight World Cup win over Pakistan…

(Homework for liberals: find out the caste of each member of the Hindu Male XI and check whether the caste is proportionally represented in the team).


Indian media had been going over the edge for a while now…and it seems they have finally crossed the tipping point and are finally beginning to fall off the cliff. The path

anti-Modi —> anti-Hindu –> anti-India

has finally been covered. In a sign of how Indian media is finally beginning to look exactly like Pakistan, we had this from India Today:


I am posting the screenshot  in the hope that at some point India Today will feel some shame and decide to quietly change the headline. As of now, the headline is still there :


Perhaps India Today has done the honorable thing by letting the headline stay…perhaps they want to own up to their true loyalties…

It’s not just one headline or one story or one cricket game. We are beginning to see a frontal assault by our media on almost anything that might evoke any national pride. Here is the Firstpost after India lost the opening game to New Zealand:

Again a jibe trying to project people who were cheering for the Indian team as low IQ jingoists,  unlike the enlightened liberals who are able to get international fellowships to speak ill of India. While the low IQ natives are limited in their perspective by things like national pride, the global liberals are a cut above. They understand what’s really important,  such as researching gender studies in a taxpayer funded ivory tower and collecting Sahitya Akademi awards…

This has been going on and on. The image of “Bharat Mata” has been receiving a lot of hatred of late, being described as a “militant Goddess”  and what not.. Sample these articles in Troll:

How the Sangh Parivar transformed Bharat Mata into a militant Goddess”

How Bharat Mata became the code word for a theocratic Hindu state”


In these articles, even Bankim Chandra Chatterjee comes under fire for creating “proto-versions” of Hindu fascism (these days more often called “Wahabi Hinduism”). After all, did Bankim Chandra ever win a Sahitya Akademi award?

So, they look down on us for cheering for the Indian cricket team. If we worship an image of Bharat Mata, they see a “militant Goddess” and a sinister conspiracy to create a theocratic state. If we just watch a military parade on Republic Day, they have a problem with that too. Here is Malini Parthasarathy, former editor of The Hindu:

By now, liberals bullying anything Hindu from yoga to Sanskrit has become so routine that we hardly even notice any more. Constant whining by liberals is now part of the background noise of any Hindu festival, from Diwali to Holi to Karvachauth and Rakhi. The only time a liberals let us have a “quiet day for joy” is this:

That’s the Assistant Executive Editor of Mail Today. Thank you very much.

The new aim is to defame, belittle and jeer at any form of national expression. In short, the real “idea of India” is that India should not exist at all! Some people are already saying that upfront…