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I can’t believe it’s just been a month. I can’t believe so many people actually listened to what I would say. I can’t believe so many people would express their support. Since June 1, this blog has received 6179 hits (and counting) and I am thrilled.

I can’t thank you readers enough!  Please take care and be on the lookout for more Dynastycrooks!


Dynastycrooks now hating on #SelfiewithDaughter

First of all, I express sympathy for those who wanted to post #SelfiewithDaughter but couldn’t do so because they suffer from a pathological hatred of Narendra Modi. Perhaps you guys could take a #SelfiewithBurnol 😛 ?

Understandably, Dynastycrooks had to go after this trend, with cries of “tokenism”. Ha! These are the same people who obsess over organizing “Kiss of Love” and “Slutwalk”. These are the same people trending #Lovewins and covering their FB profiles with rainbows because gay marriage became legal in America, half way across the world! But when it comes to the gender ratio emergency in India, its all “tokenism”.

Maybe Dynastycrooks at Greenpeace  or St. Stephens or Tehelka can start a counter trend where each liberal posts a selfie with a woman he raped?

Most of us are familiar with Kavita Krishnan, the crazy commie who appears on Dynastycrook news debates to spew venom against BJP. Today she went too far:


The best reply to this came from Giriraj Singh:

This Dynastycrook Kavita Krishnan is a Maoist terrorist from CPI(ML) who (naturally) is more comfortable in capitalist news studios and luxuries of Lutyens Delhi. Long live Queen Sonia and her generosity. This Dynastycrook started political life with the CPI(ML) student wing AISA that runs the students union in the Commie stronghold of JNU. And as with all Commie strongholds, the AISA guys who run JNU Students Union were also busy giving “respect” to the female students


Cant these women take a little rape here and there to soothe the comrades after a hard day’s work in Lutyens TV studios for the sake of the revolution?

Modi has a fantastic opportunity. Next time on Mann ki Baat, he should declare that breathing is good. A lot of liberals will stop …. simply to show that they disagree with him. Problem solved.

[Analysis] Why are Indian political parties anti-Hindu?

There can be no doubt that the UPA government was perhaps the most actively anti-Hindu government that has ruled India since independence. I emphasize the word actively. In thought word and deed, the UPA was the closest thing India came to Islamic rule since independence. The culmination of the UPA’s anti-Hindu offensive was the proposed “Communal Violence Bill” that tried to make it a law that ONLY members of the majority community can be punished any time there is communal violence.

Read the draft of the UPA’s bill here:


The Bill tried to create special provisions to punish those creating hate against any group, where group is defined to be:

“group” means a religious or linguistic minority, in any State in the Union of India, or Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes

Notice how clever! A group qualifies as a “minority” only if its a minority in the entire state and not in the local area. So, for instance, take Kishanganj in Bihar where the Muslim population is 70%. If a riot breaks out in Kishanganj and Hindus are massacred, they will not be protected by this bill because Hindus are a majority in the state of Bihar taken as a whole! In fact, since almost every state in India is Hindu majority, no Hindu from Delhi to Tamilnad and from Gujarat to Assam can be protected by this Bill. Oh wait…there is Jammu & Kashmir: Hindus are a minority in that state! Can Hindus in J&K be protected by this Bill? Nopes! That’s why Clause 1 of the Bill says that J&K is excluded from the Communal Violence Bill. In other words, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, no Hindu Indian will be protected! Simply wow!

Recently, Allahabad police did a mock drill of fighting rioters where rioters were shown carrying saffron flags. Not even the slightest outrage. Remember the Dynastycrooks brought down the sky when terrorists were shown wearing skull caps in a mock drill by Gujarat police? As Shankhnaad points out:


The question is : how did we get here? If you think back to the days of Indira and Rajiv, even the Congress would make some soft Hindutva moves. It was the Congress that removed the lock on the gate of Babri Masjid. The Congress even tried to win Hindu votes by putting Ramayan on TV (backfired badly). But how did the Congress go from occasional soft Hindutva to constantly hard Islamism? Recently, the Congress went to the extent of boycotting Yoga.

Here is what is happening: The Congress is now slowly becoming hardline anti-Hindu and pro-Islamic. But why?

The secret is in vote shares. Despite staying in power for over 55 years, the Congress has been steadily declining since independence. It is the first past the post system that kept the Congress in power even as its vote share kept falling. 

In the latest 2014 election, Congress secured a mere 19% vote. What we have to understand that a political party is very much like a corporation: just like every company understands its customers and changes accordingly, every party studies its voters and responds to their demands. At the moment, India is about 15% Muslim. With voter turnout being much higher among Muslims than among Hindus, Muslims would make up about ~20% of the actual votes cast. Now a lot of Muslim votes in various states probably went to other parties like SP, BSP, TMC, AAP. A CSDS survey said that nearly 43% of Muslims voted for Congress:


So 43% of 20% is 8.6% or about 9%. So, the total vote share of Congress in 2014 was 19% and out of this 19%, as much as 9% came from Muslims! That’s almost half! In other words, even though Muslims make up less than one in six Indians, almost one in two Congress voters are Muslims.

What do you expect from Congress now? Almost half of their voters are Muslims. And as the decline of the Congress continues, the share of Muslims in the Congress vote will only go up. That is why the Congress is becoming a hardline Islamic party.

The same thing can be observed in other states. In 2012, the Samajwadi Party won Uttar Pradesh with 29% of the popular vote. The Muslim population in UP is about 20% and because of higher turnout among Muslims, around 25% of all the votes cast in UP would be from Muslims. If 10% of this went to the BSP and the Congress, the Samajwadi Party was probably left with around 15%. So, out of the SP’s 29%, as much as 15% came from Muslims! More than half! Is it clear why SP has become hardcore Islamic?

The same story holds in Bihar. The RJD+JDU+Cong combine got 45% vote in the Lok Sabha. With some voters leaving due to dislike of Nitish Lalu alliance, their Assembly vote share will probably be around 40%. Bihar is nearly 20% Muslim and again because of higher turnout, Muslims will account for about 25% of votes in Bihar. So 25/40, i.e., 63% of all the Janata combine’s voters in Bihar will be Muslims. One could do a similar analysis for Mumtaz Begum in Bengal.

So, just in case you have ever wondered why so many parties in India pander to the minority and not the majority, here is why!

Arrest the Dynastycrooks for public nuisance!

So today the news comes in that Vasundhara Raje’s convoy in Delhi was chased dangerously by media vehicles. One of the media vehicles actually hit a government car but fortunately no one was hurt.


According to the Chief Minister’s Office, the car in Raje’s convoy “was hit by a vehicle of TV channel obstructing the way”. However, there was no mention of anybody being hurt in the incident… In a statement here, the CMO added, “At a few places, accidents were about to occur as Raje’s convoy was on way to airport and the electronic media followed her.” There were jams caused at a couple of places due to the “uncontrolled” driving as some TV channel crews attempted to chase and encircle her car, it added. The TV crews were “driving their vehicles rashly,”

So the Dynastycrook media was driving rashly on the streets of Delhi, randomly endangering people, all in the name of “Breaking News”. Can you imagine a mediacrook daring to chase the car of a member of the Dynasty?

So yesterday the news broke that Lalit Modi had met Priyanka Gandhi and Robber Vadra in London:

By the way, who is Timmy Sarna? He’s the son-in-law of K P Singh, the Chairman of DLF which used to give  Robber Vadra his deals. Of course this was reported in the news: here’s the Indian Express: vadra

Notice anything? Lalit Modi’s tweet talks about meeting the “Gandhi family” while IE reports that he met the “Vadras”. Depending on the story, Princess Priyanka is referred to either as a “Gandhi” or as a “Vadra”. Predictably, with the dynasty’s name coming up, Dynastycrooks started wetting their pants. It was time to paddle away from this story. Robber Sardesai’s reaction was the most emotional of all: robber

Dynastycrook Burqa Dutt immediately began to get tired of this nautanki

Notice how the bechara Gandhis always get “dragged” into things:

Wait! There’s more! Lalit Modi also tweeted this:

What? Citizens of Lutyens Delhi like Kapil Sibal were involved? Who could have guessed? Needless to say, this tweet was not reported by a single Dynastycrook channel! Wait! There’s even more:

A business link to Rahul Mehra, the honest AAP guy? Nah that can’t be. This story is getting really boring for Dynastycrooks! No wonder they ended up in a high speed car chase of government vehicles. The only recourse is to arrest these Dynastycrooks immediately for rash driving and endangering the public.

PS: While this was going on, the Religion of Peace was busy scoring runs all day yesterday. Here is the front page of the Dainik Bhaskar from yesterday: bhaskar

Story #1: Hotel attacked in Tunisia, 38 killed

Story #2 : Factory attacked in France, 1 person got his head cut off

Story #3: Mosque attacked in Kuwait, 27 killed

Story #4: In Syria, 146 people are massacred

Story #5: In Malaysia, non-Muslim children in schools are prohibited from drinking water during Ramzan, ordered to drink their own urine instead.

Don’t worry; there’s nothing to fear. It’s just about peace.

Dynastycrooks are still hating on India to spite Modi

Today’s post is a short one. Here is the lead story from Singapore’s largest newspaper The Straits Times:

And while the world was appreciating Modi’s scheme of smart cities, our media was focusing on “scams”. Here is the latest “scam”

Can you believe Shivraj Singh Chouhan would promise a party worker a promotion in the party if he works hard during the election? That kind of thing NEVER happens in either the Congress or the media; so their anger was understandable. In the media, promotions come based on how many suitcases full of money you can bring from the dynasty. In the Congress, all promotions are prohibited: you can only inherit a post from your father or mother. Where does Shivraj get the courage to start promoting people based on performance? This is outrageous! Shivraj’s promise is an insult to our proud Indian family traditions.

It’s Dynasty day! 40 years since the Emergency

June 25, 1975 : It’s the sacred day on which Empress Indira Gandhi declared Emergency. Having awarded herself a Bharat Ratna in 1971, the greed of the evil Empress continued to grow. And so it was that on June 25, 1975 she finally decided to formally declare herself Empress of India. The Empress also ordered a mass sterilization program that would cover every family except her own.


That plan did not work. Directly seizing all power did not go down well with the nation. Ever since, the Dynasty has put in place Plan B. In the picture above you can see the Vulture Indira trampling the Press and the Opposition.  It didn’t work. So what’s Plan B?

Plan B for the Press was to create the Dynastycrook media we see today. Instead of forcing the press to carry out orders, the Dynasty figured out it could simply pay them. Generations of Dynastycrooks like Burqa Dutt, Saggy Aunty, Robber Sardesai, Shekhar Coupta and others were bred in the gutters of St. Stephens College and the like to create a media core of slaves.

Plan B for the Opposition was to simply buy up the Opposition as well. Think back to 1975: all the leaders who grew out of the JP movement such as Lalu, Nitish, Mulayam are now all slaves of the Dynasty themselves.

All except ONE. ONE little party got away. That was the Bharatiya Jana Sangh. And that’s the reason Indian politics today looks like this:




One by one, the Dynasty purchased the opposition. But they couldn’t get BJP. Which is why the BJP is the only target today of Dynastycrooks day in and day out. The BJP remains the one and only target of the entire media, the entire opposition, the Church, the NGO complex, the leftie intellectuals planted at various levels. All because the Dynasty couldn’t buy them up like Lalu Yadav.

Every year on June 25, I think of this one great man: Justice Hansraj Khanna. How many of us have been told about him?


In the dark days of the Emergency, when Empress Indira wanted to suspend habeas corpus which would allow the Dynasty to put people in jail without ever getting a trial. In doing so, the Empress needed to get it past the Supreme Court. At the time, the majority of judges of the Supreme Court surrendered meekly to the dictator. In allowing Indira Gandhi to assume absolute power over the entire nation, Justice Beg of the Supreme Court wrote:

We understand that the care and concern bestowed by the state authorities upon the welfare of detenues who are well housed, well fed and well treated, is almost maternal.

See? Empress Indira’s Emergency was actually “maternal”! It was in this atmosphere that Justice Hans Raj Khanna stood up for Indian democracy. Here is what Justice Khanna dared to write in his dissenting opinion:

The Constitution and the laws of India do not permit life and liberty to be at the mercy of the absolute power of the Executive . . . . What is at stake is the rule of law. The question is whether the law speaking through the authority of the court shall be absolutely silenced and rendered mute… detention without trial is an anathema to all those who love personal liberty…. A dissent is an appeal to the brooding spirit of the law, to the intelligence of a future day, when a later decision may possibly correct the error into which the dissenting Judge believes the court to have been betrayed

How many of us have this level of courage? A thousand pranams are not enough to salute the courage of this great man.

I had expected Dynastycrooks at Firstpost to celebrate 40 years of the Emergency with an article making excuses for it. They exceeded my expectations. They actually came up with an article praising it.


Quoting from the article:

He was in college and he said that things around him had suddenly turned more efficient; trains and buses ran on time, teachers would show up for classes, everyone suddenly seemed to have pulled their socks up, but there was still a sense of unease hanging in the air. Otherwise, things were pretty much normal for him; which is in stark contrast of the image I had in mind of curfews and deserted streets and sirens going off, which are probably more befitting of a country at war than of what the Emergency was,”

Yes, the “trains ran on time” bullshit never seems to stop when the Emergency is mentioned. Yes, the only time the Dynasty managed to make the trains run on time was when they suspended democracy and declared themselves absolute monarchs. And Dynastycrooks are still praising them for this achievement.

Dynastycrooks vomit venom over Yoga Day

So, I was indeed right and Trinamool MP Abhishek Banerjee’s threat to chop off hands and gouge out eyes of his political opponents has indeed been thrown out of the news cycle in just a few hours. It didn’t even stay in the news for a whole day. Chop off hands if you dare criticize? Indeed a fantastic way to pay tribute to Queen Indira as we come closer to June 25, the greatest day in history for Dynastycrooks; the day when Queen Indira declared Emergency.

For the Dynastycrooks, the cause of the moment is hating Yoga. Does Modi not know that a Rajpath in Delhi was originally called King’s way? Kings and Queens like Nehru and Indira and Rajiv used to dominate this road. How dare a chaiwallah pollute Rajpath with something of “Hindoo origin”?

See here slave children brought in to perform their native games on the birthday of the great dictator:

THIS is what the natives are good for…perform yoga and snake charming for the amusement of Emperor Nehru and his Imperial guests

Instead, Modi, one of the natives himself, sits among the natives and takes part in their yoga. Shame! This is what happens when you let a lowly Chaiwallah occupy the seat of Emperors like Nehru and Indira. Luckily Nehru’s ghost is occupying Teen Murti Bhavan in New Delhi even today.

No wonder every Dynastycrook, every Lutyensite is exploding with anger and hatred at Yoga Day. Dynastycrook Burqa Dutt, one of the proud graduates of St. Stephens could take it no longer. How dare Indians take pride in their cultural heritage rather than the rapes at St. Stephens? So, Burqa Dutt’s anger boiled over…if there is no news…there is always an opportunity to manufacture some. So, “Ankit” from IIT Roorkee magically appeared:

Of course Yoga was not compulsory at IIT Roorkee. This was immediately clarified.


But that’s standard Dynastycrook technique: lie big, retract small (hat tip to Ravinar of Mediacrooks.com for coming up with this terminology)

Instead of focusing on the fact that rape is now becoming compulsory in all leftie strongholds: St. Stephens, Greenpeace, Tehelka, etc, libtards are looking to check if Yoga is being imposed! TimesofIndia went all the way to look for a headcount of how many Muslims participated in Yoga day:

“Bengal, Jabalapur & Ujjain See Fewer Skull Caps Than Kerala, Bhopal & Nagpur  “


Yes, they are counting skullcaps now.

Let me make this clear. If Modi is not secular unless he wears a skull cap, Muslims in India are not secular unless they do yoga and perform a surya namaskar.

TMC may have threatened to chop off hands, but the cat got the Dynastycrooks’ tongue

So today TMC MP Abhishek Banerjee who also happens to be nephew of Mamata Banerjee announced that he would gouge out the eyes and chop off the hands of his opponents

Looks like the secular opposition is taking too strong a dose of Sharia law these days. Imagine the headlines if a BJP leader had said this. When Giriraj Singh said that those who oppose Modi should go to Pakistan, Dynastycrooks outraged for a week. In fact, the outrage still continues to this day! But our secular democracy is totally safe today now that Mumtaz Begum’s government in Bengal is threatening to chop off hands and gouge out eyes. Nicely done.

In fact, watch how the media is actually indulgent towards this TMC leader:

Dynastycrook Abhijit Majumdar of Mail Today finds a way to actually praise Mumtaz Begum in all this. If only this gunda had listen to sage advice from his aunt, this naughty little shehzada would not have said all these mean words. And of course, this secular Dynastycrook does not forget to mention that Mumtaz Begum is a mass leader (LOL). For Dynastycrooks, everyone is a “mass leader” except Modi and Vajpayee.  I have written about how petty India’s “mass leaders” are over here.

Ha! Mumtaz Begum never said anything violent! ROFL!

Mumtaz Begum explains, complete with the hand gesture how she plans to put a bamboo up the asses of her opposition. Perfect. In fact, Dynastycrook Sandip Roy at Firstpost explained that outraging over Mamata Banerjee’s bamboo remark is actually classist and sexist:


Dynastycrook Sandip Roy wrote that article on Dec 5, 2014. Exactly one day before that, on Dec 4, 2014, the same Dynastycrook wrote the following article on Firstpost:


explaining why Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti’s Haramzade  remark has brought shame to our entire nation. A first time MP from the BJP is crucified, but a sitting Chief Minister gets a free pass. It also helps that Mamata Banerjee is a Brahmin, while Niranjan Jyoti is a Dalit. Despite all their talk about equality, no one in India is as casteist as the Lutyens elite; no party in India is as casteist as the Communists.

Once again,  it will definitely help Abhishek Banerjee that he is not just secular, but also a Brahmin. If at all this story manages to stay in the news cycle, watch out for Dynastycrooks at Firstpost to come out with more articles in support of this little Shehzada. After all, this TMC MP was just advocating Sharia law and there can be no doubt that communal BJP supporters suffering from Islamophobia are trying to demonize him for that. Wait for the spin.

Updated: Even as I was writing this article, some Dynastycrook at Firstpost, again choosing to stay anonymous behind the title “FP Politics” has produced this masterpiece of presstitution:

“In a country, where the definition of machismo has something or the other to do with violence, his statement is hardly unexpected. Remember Sushma Swaraj demanding the heads of ten Pakistanis for every Indian killed?”

Thank you dear Presstitute. Killing Pakistani soldiers on the battlefield is the same as chopping off hands of domestic political critics? Absolutely Brilliant! This is what Queen Sonia paid you to do! Job well done!

Dynastycrook Valson Thampu and Dynastycrooks from St. Stephens College

St. Stephen’s College in Delhi has long been a factory for producing Dynastycrooks. Scum like Mani Shankar Aiyer and Burqa Dutt have crawled out of these hallowed gutters. The place runs on government funds but reserves 50% of all its seats for Christians. And in St. Stephens they learn to fight for the equality of all, except Christians of course who deserve special treatment. St. Stephens excels in creating a sense of entitlement among the undeserving; in other words its the pefect place for Lutyens Delhi to groom its next generation of Dynastycrooks!

Recently, St. Stephens and their principal  Dynastycrook Valson Thampu have found themselves facing charges of trying to shut up a victim of sexual harassment.


I don’t understand the problem. For long, women have complained of discrimination across the world. For long, Christian priests have been restricting their love to little boys. Now they are offering girls the same facility. It’s a step forward, no? Of course, Dynastycrook Valson Thampu was immediately given a platform by Dynastycrook Burqa Dutt to defend himself (LOL)


Why wont Indian women just get the message that they should willingly offer themselves for sexual assault in order to preserve the secularism of this country? I mean…Army jawans spend time in Siachen to protect the country’s secularism, can’t Indian women tolerate a few rapes and sexual assault here and there for the greater good? Sometimes, these women start complaining even about a little fingering! Such a sense of entitlement! Look at this idiot woman staffer who is complaining about rape at Greenpeace:


Doesn’t she know that speaking out against rape will cause a human rights crisis in India?


So there was a professor in St. Stephens who was trying to spread a little love to his female student. And when the student complained, Valson Thampu tried to hush her up. What’s wrong with that? Jesus already paid for all our sins. So don’t worry and commit as much sin as you want. As it is, Valson Thampu was trying to spread the religion of love among faculty he hired.


The religion of love, coupled with force, can work wonders! And just in case a faculty member at St. Stephens does not accept the religion of love, he will be suspended. Once he sees the truth and accepts the religion of love, he can come back to campus and spread the love around, especially among his female students. What’s wrong with that?

And if you are a student of Stephens, be sure not to speak up against God’s love and run any “unauthorized e-zines”. Poor Devansh Mehta found that out the hard way…


A blog comment from reader M M Srinivas

On my post from yesterday about Islam here, I got the following awesome comment, that I thought I would feature on my blog. It’s from a reader called ” M M Srinivas”

“As long as the Muslim population remains around 1% of any given country they will be regarded as a peace-loving minority and not as a threat to anyone. In fact, they may be featured in articles and films, stereotyped for their colorful uniqueness

At 2% and 3% they begin to proselytize from other ethnic minorities and disaffected groups with major recruiting from the jails and among street gangs:

From 5% on they exercise an inordinate influence in proportion to their percentage of the population.
They will push for the introduction of halal (clean by Islamic standards) food, thereby securing food preparation jobs for Muslims. They will increase pressure on supermarket chains to feature it on their shelves — along with threats for failure to comply.
At this point, they will work to get the ruling government to allow them to rule themselves under Sharia, the Islamic Law. The ultimate goal of Islam is not to convert the world but to establish Sharia law over the entire world.

When Muslims reach 10% of the population, they will increase lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions . Any non-Muslim action that offends Islam will result in uprisings and threats

After reaching 20% expect hair-trigger rioting, jihad militia formations, sporadic killings

At 40% you will find widespread massacres, chronic terror attacks and ongoing militia warfare:

From 60% you may expect unfettered persecution of non-believers and other religions, sporadic ethnic cleansing (genocide), use of Sharia Law as a weapon and Jizya, the tax placed on infidels:

After 80% expect State run ethnic cleansing and genocide:

100% will usher in the peace of ‘Dar-es-Salaam’ — the Islamic House of Peace — there’s supposed to be peace because everybody is a Muslim:”

Yep, you got that right!