Why I am supporting Trump for President of the United States

First of all, let me share the good news that Opindia put up another of my articles on their main website. As if that wasn’t awesome enough, what really made my day is that The Jaggi decided to share my article as well! Yay!


Now on to today’s business….

I had been planning to write this post for a while, but I think there can be no better day than today than to come out and openly say that I am supporting Trump for US President. Why? Because Trump just performed miserably in his debate with Hillary. So, today when I declare that I am supporting Trump, no one can accuse me of being an opportunist who is trying to jump on the winning bandwagon. Now I think Trump will recover from today’s disaster (as did Obama from his first debate disaster vs Romney in 2012). But that’s a different matter altogether. For today, no one can call me an opportunist for coming out in support of Trump today.

For months, on this blog, I have been skeptical about Trump whenever I have written anything about the US Presidential elections. So what helped me make a firm decision?

Well, it might seem ironic, but for me, it was a blog post by the far left moonbat Michael Moore that made all the difference. I read his blog post titled “5 reasons why Trump will win“. I read that post way back in July, but there are these lines that just got caught in my mind. Lines that are still swirling around in my head. Here are those lines from Michael Moore’s blog post:

millions are going to vote for Trump not because they agree with him, not because they like his bigotry or ego, but just because they can. Just because it will upset the apple cart and make mommy and daddy mad.


Obviously, I am not American. I can only “vote” in American elections in a metaphorical sense 🙂 But, yes, Moore is exactly right. I would “vote” for Trump not because I agree with him, not because I like his bigotry or his ego, but because it will upset the apple cart and make “mommy and daddy mad”. 

Who’s “mommy and daddy”? Well, those would be the self appointed liberal guardians of humanity, imposing their fascist political correctness on all of us to keep us quiet while our homeland, our culture and everything we have is snatched by vile hordes of you know who…

And I am sick of those people telling us what to think and what to say. Today we can’t celebrate Diwali or Holi or Durgapuja or Rakhi or Dahi handi  because of them. If a Tamil Hindu races well bred and sacred bulls on Jallikattu, he becomes a barbarian with no respect for life. When rivers of blood (literally) flow on Bakr-Eid, the same liberal guardians tiptoe away silently out of respect. We cannot have crackers on Diwali but we must listen to the blaring of ….. five times a day in every corner of the country.

Now I am talking only about grievances related to Indian Hindu practices, but the class of liberal elites is universal and knows no borders. A brilliant movie such as “American Sniper” featuring a heroic US soldier in the lead is damned to hell by the liberals for its so called jingoism. But then those same Hollywood liberals make movies like “Loose change” where the Jews or Bush or Mossad or something are accused of plotting 9/11…and they become the toast of American intelligentsia on both the coasts. Wear a Che Guevara T-shirt on an American campus and you are a “progressive”. Support Trump and you become a “fascist”!

Yes, I can totally relate to how American right wingers are fed up of the constant condescension of the political left. I can totally understand how an American right winger feels at being called a racist for not wanting Syrian refugees in his country. If peaceful people cannot live peacefully in their own countries, it’s their problem alone. And if they have a problem, they should ask their peaceful neighbors to open their doors.

American right wingers are called racist, sexist, homophobic, cannibals, whatever for breathing the wrong way. Everything is “rape culture”. But when a bunch of peacefuls comes over and actually starts a mass rape in the heart of a major European city, one is supposed to discover the joys of cultural differences. Enough is enough. Who made these people boss? Who gave them the power to draw the red lines and tell us what we are allowed to say and what we can’t?

So, yes, let’s hope these self appointed “mommies and daddies” get real mad this November. Right now, they are pissed off because Trump is the rebellious kid who just won’t listen to them. And they can go to hell.

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23 thoughts on “Why I am supporting Trump for President of the United States

  1. CW congratulations on your article at opindia!!

    The Liberal Elite believe they are superior to others and nobody dare challenge them.

    The Brexit voters rejected the Neo-Liberal consensus that has  been hegemonic in the last 30-35 years.

    Donald Trump could benefit from the same silent forces that gave the ‘Leave’ proponents a majority in Britain.

    And I am sick of those people telling us…….this para tells it all …..so called Indian liberals who ape western culture!!

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  2. Well if there is any reason to support Mr. Trump, CW you hit it on the nail. And Mr. Trump may improve in next two debates, but the important question is, can he re-make himself into a decent human being? Any leader, let alone leader of the world, go on a TV and describe a girl as fat, ugly and slob? Just because he is rich and sponsoring Miss America Pageant, does he have right to call a Hispanic beauty Miss Housekeeping? (So far facts checkers have not pointed out that these charges by Hilary are false).


    1. I know. Some of the things Trump says…my god! He is the greatest jerk on the planet. But I am gonna support this jerk simply to make the liberals mad. Perhaps an Orwellian liberal setup needs a jerk to kick ass.


  3. Trump may be rude and crude. But Hillary is a diff. kettle of fish. After taking all those Saudi millions, how can we be sure she isn’t doing their bidding? The last time a Clinton was in the white house USA bombed the Serbs mercilessly on made up charges (a prelude to Bush’s WMD excuse to ruin Iraq) and after the smoke cleared, Europe got its first Peaceful country. I’m pretty certain this time round too a Clinton presidency is going to push the Saudi agenda.


  4. Citizen journalists!! ……..wow……you have arrived!!

    Kaushal S Inamdar ‏@ksinamdar Sep 26
    Kaushal S Inamdar Retweeted Overtly Covert
    Slowly but surely citizen journalists like @Greyhound212 are outperforming their professional compatriots who are keener on fiction.Kaushal S Inamdar added,


  5. Hillary hates Modi, ” get Modi at all cost” was her clarion call.She only backed off when Obama told her to back off after nearly 7 years of searching for evidence of genocide in Gujurat. After spending millions through NGOs all they could find was a buffalo bone.
    That sort of humiliation has got to leave her feeling bitter so get ready for a deterioration in relations with USA if she is elected.


  6. I can’t stand the Dems!!!But I despise the Christian Republicans as well!!
    But I can proudly say I supported Trump from the beginning only because Crooked Hillary (I learnt that from Trump :-D) and the Dems in genral are too pro Pakistan in general.
    TBH I don’t care if the Peacefuls override all these western countries,the truth is that it is all their own doing.Funding Al Queda during the cold war.Giving way to the Taliban.Keeping Saddem then removing him.Over throwing the Iranian democracy for that Shah just because they said that oil in Iran belongs to Iran not the British.Giving candy to Pakis.Being in bed with the Saudis.Overthrowing the the Libiyan govt. that was keeping the lid on these mad men.Overthrowing the Syrian govt. to bring “democracy”.Arming “moderate” rebels.And this is just a few of the crimes the west has done
    The cherry on top of all their stupid actions is letting these “Peaceful” people in as immigrants and “refugees”.
    They deserve everything that will lead to their decline because they are nosy and enjoy meddeling with things that they just do not understand just for oil and resources.
    (I have grudging respect for Iranis because they put America in its place for once.I wish we could do that with the Chinese and the Americans (and by extension the Pakis).Pity that is bad policy)


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