What is the deal with Arun Jaitley?

Okay, I had been promising to write this post since…well…forever. And I never got along to writing it. I finally realized that today is as good a day as any. Well, so today’s post is really a question to all my RW friends out there and I am really looking forward to your comments today.

It is no secret that Arun Jaitley is not a very popular man among core right wing supporters. At least the online right wing space is filled with numerous angry outpourings against him, accusing him of undermining Modi, colluding with Lutyens mafia, etc. etc.

To be honest, I have always found these charges a little puzzling. As I said, I am not trying to tell you folks anything today, I want to know what you folks think. Let me first lay out how I feel about Arun Jaitley. We are not talking about his performance as Finance Minister here, we are only talking about the charges of him undermining the BJP.

I have to admit I haven’t seen any evidence. But then, what direct evidence could be there? Am I hoping for a written admission from Arun Jaitley saying that he is undermining the BJP, Modi and the Hindu right in general? Of course not. I am asking for any evidence, even circumstantial evidence.

Here’s what we know about Arun Jaitley. There can be no doubt that he “looks” and “feels” different from the average core Hindu right winger. He definitely has a lot of friends in Lutyens Delhi. But can we really accuse Jaitley of being anti-BJP purely because he has a lot of friends on the other side of the fence. For what its worth, I actually know a very large majority of people who can only be described as vigorously anti-Hindu. At what stage does “being on good terms with” translate into “actively colluding with?”

The other thing that we know about Arun Jaitley is that he enjoys the total confidence of Narendra Modi. And that’s not a friendship that was forged due to circumstances in 2014. In fact, back when Modi was fighting the election of his life in 2002, it was Arun Jaitley who was Modi’s main strategist for winning Gujarat. If Modi had lost Gujarat in 2002, India’s political history (and presumably, political future) would be a lot different.

I have to say it is hard to imagine that a politician of the caliber of Modi would not have any idea that Arun Jaitley was conspiring to take it all away from him right under his nose.

The other accusation I often hear against Jaitley is that he is a member of the “16o club”, someone who hopes to be a compromise PM if the BJP is far away from 272. Well, everyone in every party has their own private ambitions. This is not a crime in itself. In fact, the most thriving and successful party will be that one which allows breathing space for ambitions of its members. And should the hypothetical 160 situation arise, there are a lot of contenders who could become “compromise Prime Minister”. Rajnath Singh for instance, or Sushma Swaraj and even Nitin Gadkari. They could just as well be members of the “160-club”. But I have not seen so much anger against Rajnath or Sushma or Gadkari. If and when Rajnath faces RW anger, it is due to questions about his performance, while the online right wing is generally very favorable in its reviews of Sushma and Gadkari.

I have to ask : what exactly sets Arun Jaitley apart?

Is it that Arun Jaitley uses his tremendous leverage with Lutyens mafia only to safeguard his image but never the image of his party? Make no mistake, Jaitley has a lot of influence in Lutyens. Remember when Jaitley made his comment about “one small rape” causing so much damage to India’s image? Any other BJP politician referring to rape as “small” would have been buried by media outrage. But the media didn’t do anything to Jaitley. Rather, the media helped bury the comment and never talked about it again. So, is that what the online RW is complaining about? That he helps himself but not the party?

Let me know. I am really curious.

But I also want to sound one cautionary tone. I worry whether the online RW is being unfair to Jaitley based on certain prejudices about outward appearance. Yes, Jaitley looks like an “Angrez”. He sounds like an “Angrez”. And yes, the RW have been treated with so much disdain and condescension by Angrez types that I understand the prejudice we feel for them. Yes, people dressed like Arun Jaitley and people who speak like Arun Jaitley are often anti-Hindu and they treat us with scorn. I myself feel this way most of the time. I am suspicious of people like Sadanand Dhume and Swapan Dasgupta, because they sound too “Angrez” for my taste. But there is a pitfall here. Anti-intellectualism pursued as an end in itself allows the allegations of the Left to turn into a self fulfilling prophecy.

In conclusion, I am confused about Arun Jaitley. The confusion probably shows in the way this post is written. More than that, I am curious. And most importantly, I really want to hear your views. Help me out here, folks. 

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  1. Jaitley gives the impression to RW that he is a Lutyens cheerleader-Jai Italy! RW wants him to be-Jet-Li!.Truth-He neither says Jai Italy nor is he a Jet Li.He is ideologically pro-BJP and this is one side of him and the other side of him is the “connections” wala money hungry Jaitley.He is a Jekyll and Hyde type of guy.


      1. CW Delhi police never generate FIR against anybody. When somebody from general public file FIR against them, Delhi police cannot ignore them. Do we know Delhi or any other police ignore FIR against any other party members?


    1. This was the tweet that made my day yesterday. Immediately, I wanted to make it a blog topic, but I decided to be more cautious and actually wait for those Una youths to join the Sangh’s yatra in October. I am waiting for this to happen, believe me. Will cause a lot of anger and heartburn in Lutyens.


  2. My only complaint about Jaitley is he is not the best choice for Finance Ministry. He is incapable of managing the ministry on his own terms but does it on the terms of UPA trained babus. If he is continued in this ministry, sooner or later Modi will have to press in his terms for the ministry. Hope the latter happens well before 2018 budget.


    1. Mine too. I think as a lawyer, he simply does not understand how Finance Ministry should be run. He is too rigid, too “enforcement centric” and control centric, almost like a socialist.


      1. I beg to differ. Indian economy was in a huge mess when Jaitley took over. Now india is an island of stability in the whole world. A monumental achievement. And a FM has a large role in it. Just because his actions are not right-of-centre enough is not a good enough reason to hate him.


        1. Hi Sree,
          Welcome to commenting on this blog 🙂

          The economy has improved beyond a doubt. I am really more mystified by the RW anger at Jaitley. But the commenters here have made a lot of great comments. I have to do another blog post on this.


  3. By the way,Trump has caught up with Hillary and they are almost neck and neck nationally.And he is leading in many swing states too.This election is finally starting to become fun.


    1. A little too early. There has not been any debate yet for side by side comparison. Latest reduction for Hilary in the polls has lot to do with Hilary passing out due to pneumonia few days ago. Now she has started to bounce back. We or anybody in the world, should not root blindly for Mr. Trump just because he is as against Muslims as we are. If America gets mismanaged, entire world will be effected. Don’t forget Mr. Trump has not held any elected, even a small Municipal office. Privately, the news are coming out that he has not paid so many contractors and little guys who worked for him, rendered service just because those little guys did not have enough money to fight court battles with Mr. Trump.


  4. By the way CW,I know that you lived in the US for sometime.Can you explain why:1)Texas is a Republican state despite the fact that non-hispanic Whites(whom Republicans get most of their votes from) are in the minority(45%) and 2)why Maine is a solid Democrat state despite having the highest % of Whites(96%) in the country.These 2 things have really puzzled me.


    1. Very good questions. I think one of the things that happens in the US is that large numbers of people register as members of a party when registering to vote. Around 82% of Americans are either registered Democrats or registered Republicans. As such, legacy becomes very important and floating votes are few. So, in a place like Texas, registered Republicans outnumber Democrats so heavily that there is little hope for Democrats.

      Also, America is a large country. Every state has its own dynamics. A state like West Virginia is 90% white, but has a Democratic governor. This is because unions of coal miners have had massive historic influence in the state. You have to understand that lots of white working class voters once belonged to unions and these unions are very close to democrats. At one time, the industrial belt in the Midwest (Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, etc) were all solidly democrat. As the industries left and the unions collapsed, these states slowly began to turn red. Now, Wisconsin has one of the most anti-union governors in the country and his approval ratings are staggeringly high.

      That said, I can assure you that Texas is slipping out of the hands of the Republicans. Not in this election, but its slipping away for sure. So is Arizona. Arizona could slip out in this election itself. A lot of this is demographic change, not just due to Hispanics coming from the South but also college educated liberals moving in from other places, especially California. The cities of Texas: Austin, Dallas and Houston are in the list of Top 4 American cities that are gaining population! Who is coming in? Leftie college educated people who are bringing their liberalism with them, not realizing that the reason they had to move to Texas is because liberalism ruined California. Not long ago, California used to be a red state, but with the liberals leaving en masse, there is a chance that California could slip back to the red column. Northern California still has a lot of conservatives, mind you.


      1. Excellent analysis CW. Also don’t forget, in many states where they have majority of Republican legislators have succeeded in Jerry-mongering districts in such a way that districts remain Republicans. You should see the map of some of the districts, sharp corner here and a long loop there. Plus they are trying to get away with making it harder and harder for blacks and other uneducated minority to vote. Luckily courts are intervening left and right.


  5. Well, my knowledge about Arun Jaitley is that he has stood by BJP from the beginning (From Emergency) and is one of the most articulate person from the BJP team. I also agree with you, CW, that he is being pilloried by RWs because of wrong impressions. As for his performance as finance minister, I would rather prefer Swamy any day.


      1. Perhaps RW types who are fluent English speakers (like all of us here) are angry with AJ because he is ever ready to drink the champagne out of Burqa’s slipper? As you said very fleetingly in the blog, AJ seems far more interested in protecting his own image rather than that of the government. Plus he is a TRULY TERRIBLE Finance Minister: Chock-full of ideas with very little revenue potential but huge irritation potential. One example is withdrawing the Senior Citizen discount on train and plane fares, ostensibly to check black money. Another irritant is introducing one cess after the other, making the lives of small self-employed people truly miserable.


      2. P.S. to earlier post: In addition, AJ is obviously lending an “abhaya hastam” to the crooks papa PC and baby KC. As I wrote sometime back, AJ is wholly responsible for the perception I have that the Modi Sarkar is “minimally honest” — it does not allow any scams on its watch, but that is about all. It is not at all serious about weeding out the corrupt bureaucrats and/or prosecuting wrong-doers. And AJ is totally responsible for shielding these crooks, just to safeguard his own contacts.


  6. Arun Jaitley was useful. Now he is slowly becoming useless. He is living on and holding on to his positions in the ministry as well as in the party ONLY because of his past good deeds for the party. It really irritates seeing him hobnobbing with those anti national scribes. But those days look limited. Hope he fades away without causing any damage to the party.


  7. For me AJ is a very complex case. Sometimes I feel that, he is with BJP and sometimes I feel that, he is putting BJP in difficult situations intentionally or unintentionally. All his budgets are against middle class. The middle class is one of the biggest vote bank for BJP. I have also never seen AJ speaking against Sonia Gandhi. Failures like Malya, Black money are examples where Modi’s image has been affected.Even during Modi wave, he lost from his constituency. I think there is something else, which keeps Modi from removing his position. Remember, till AJ was defence minister, not a single scam from old UPA rule came out. The moment Pariker became Defence minister, many scams came out. NDTV is still in existence. There is not a single contribution from AJ. Because of him. Swami is told to keep silent, while Swamy was one of main factor to put UPA in shame and help BJP electorally. I am still ok if AJ keeps silent and still ok if he does not contribute, because he is a senior. But national security is more important than Modi’s confidence for him. Is it some secret of Modi which AJ knows and so he is kept in big position? or is it some external pressure? I am clueless. As a right winger I do not have any problem with him, but when he is caught with burqa, my blood boils for BJP to keep him.


  8. Modiji is one of the shrewdest politician who would not keep a traitor as a close colleague. I believe AJ is constantly engaging with NDTV or Barkha because he follows a old saying which means ‘Always keep your enemies in sight’. This also helps to read their probable anti-Hindu, anti-India moves in advance. BJP, along with hard core right wingers, also needs to have center right and slightly left-right to please the world.


    1. True.
      We should know the enemy.
      Further the idea that the whole party should have the same line is a legacy of our lefty and dynastic parties.


    2. Jaitley certainly has his uses and there has to be a reason Modi keeps him so close. We may chafe at the idea, but we need to have people who at least have contact lines open with the enemies.


  9. AJ the villain by RW’s!

    Where there is smoke there has to fire ….I consider all the RW’s to be highly intelligent and truthful and who cares for the upliftiment of the country. When they consider this guy to be a villain there has to be a reason!

    If one makes a search for anything negative on this guy AJ on the net…you get nil!

    The following could be the reasons why people have suspicion of him!

    Dr SS not getting BJP ticket is because of AJ.

    Jaitley is being suspected of carrying forward Congress agenda in BJP Govt. 

    He is close to the Gandhi family, Manmohan Singh and Chidambaram.

    Protecting Barkha Dutt in Radiagate

    Unwillingness to prosecute NDTV as I&B minister. (the mindless venom, hatred and fake news that the media spews)

    AJ is the main reason for not getting black money stashed abroad.

    When even unknown faces of the BJP won on the back of a Modi wave, Jaitley lost. His loss was expected to reduce his chances of a ministerial berth. But he got two of the big four ministries and another smaller ministry too.

    Even though Swamy worked tirelessly for Modi during 2014 election, he has not been given what he deserves.

    When AJ is compared with other performing ministers what has he done out of the box…..nothing! It is very clear he has a lacuna as he is not a economist…why cant he take the suggestions of a eminent economist Dr.SS….as what is good for the country.


    1. Mediacrooks apt conclusion:
      “Our simple concern has to be which one offers greater utility and service to India. 
      The competition is not in patriotism, the competition is in productive and measurable results and impact for the country.
      And in that AJ fails miserably as a self-serving, self-protecting, survive-under-any-cost politician.
      SS may have been erratic in the past but in the last few years he is the one who has delivered more for India, the BJP and Modi in political success and in bringing the corrupt to account. That benefits India and that is what should count.” 


    2. Agree, even to the extent that AJ is a Congressman in BJP. Also SS is certainly an accomplished politician in the sense that he takes on political Giants and demolishes them too. But how predictable is he as far as Rajneethi is concerned. I can say everyone fears SS because of his uncompromising nature. Though a matchless academician, Sometimes it is suicidal to be extremely stubborn in politics. This does not work in a highly emotional society where even a murderer like Yakub memon commands sympathy. Recall how Indira Gandhi bounced back after she was put in jail. How Rajiv Gandhi swept to power after Indira Gandhi assassination. MJ’s popularity skyrocketed in Tamil Nadu after she spent a jail term last year. Modiji knows this more than anybody else because he himself was unjustly vilified endlessly by Congies which ultimately made the whole country take note of him. First time in the history of independent India, a CM of a moderate sized State was as popular as a Gandhi or Nehru. In Indian politics, punishing a adversary is to destroy the image rather than put him behind bars. Hopefully Modiji also knows how far to use AJ as a shield against congie/commie sponsored media.


      1. Exactly. For whatever reason, we Indians are suckers for sympathy voting. Latest example is Shahabuddin who has committed so many crimes yet when he got out on bail, he got welcomed by 400 cars motorcade procession. Granted not all due to a sympathy for him but still he became more popular in jail. Such culprits should spend rest of their lives in jail. They can enjoy their popularity there.


      2. Fair enough. Swamy is a bit too relentless. That much of inflexibility is not an asset in politics. Politics is the art of the possible. Yes, you can ask how is it different from opportunism. Well, I guess politics is opportunism mixed with ideology.


  10. Dear Chaiwallah,

    Thanks for taking out this topic, apart from all crimes of AJ mentioned here in comments(I’ll call them crimes), such as meddling with commen man’s PF accounts only to take U turn later after bringing a lot of wrath & criticism to party , I’m surprised that no one really noticed his visit to Baramati @ sharad pawar’s house where he STAYED for two days just before 2014 MAH assembly elections.

    This is really baffling to a person like me and many others who are wholeheartedly dedicated to Hindu cause. Even Namo followed AJ & visited baramati!! Surprisingly MSM covered this news as if it was a non event, thanks to AJs connections in MSM.

    It was only after elections now we can guess that in those meetings AJ & Namo were held to break 25 year alliance with shiv sena, also to transfer 25-30 strong NCP candidates to BJP & to make them contest against strongholds of Sena. In exchange, BJP waived all corruption charges of irrigation scam against pawar family, maybe only making Chagan Bhujbal a scapegoat.

    THAT was a real deal!

    However in this process BJP lost a valuable ally Shiv Sena. You can forget any pre poll alliance with Sena now & i won’t ever agree that BJP did all this to get more seats & therefore get majority in Rajya Sabha through elected MLAs.

    It was anybody’s guess that, after grabbing 41/48 seats in 2014 LS elections, a BJP Sena alliance would have easily swept 240+ / 288 seats in Maharashtra. however they are together now reduced to 180+, giving away 40 seats each to NCP & Congress, also throwing away 2 precious RS seats.

    Now you can see d rise typical cast politics in maharashtra & bjp fighting it all alone with sena playing spoilsport in every initiative of BJP. This “शत प्रतिशत भाजपा” policy from BMC municipal polls to LS will surely cost BJP dearly in future.


    1. Hi Susheel,
      First of all, I owe you an apology for not writing that article on Maharashtra politics that I promised you. Things are not going well in Maharashtra. The Maratha reservation thing has gone out of hand completely. I have to write that article!


  11. I lost my respect for jaitley after he said he felt p chidambaram did the best he could for this country. Chidambaram was one of the worst things to happen to post independence India. after dogvijay and the dynasty.


    1. He did! OMG! Really? I didn’t know that. Agree fully that Chiddu is one of the biggest crooks in the country. I would put him ahead of Dogvijay. After the Dynasty, he is the second worst piece of scum in the country. The Pawars are probably no. 3.


    1. Ideologically not in consonance with BJP-RSS
    2. Corrupt
    3. Low on capabilities
    4. Very high importance in party and Govt not at all linked to capability
    1.a. Has said that for BJP, Hindutva is just an opportunistic electoral opportunity. (Links available on internet of his statements)
    1.b. If the most powerful minister hobnobs with ideological enemies, then there is a problem. When on a daily basis this set of enemies is out there to undermine Govt through lies and manipulation
    1.c Promotes more of his ilk who are also ideologically corrupt
    1.d Augusta Patrakar issue was one, where this gang would have been cornered and would have advanced BJP causes, but he doesn’t do.
    1.e He was pointsman for Advani in cash for votes scam. Did a deal with Amar Singh/Rajdeep Sardesai and Advani/BJP ended up with egg. Can’t prove. But KNOW.
    1.f Primary backer of idea that this Govt should discard the ideological agenda – Result-
    -Modi taking award from Saudi King (imagine ur response if Mumtaz Begum did)
    -Sharia Banking
    – Nothing done on anti Hindu RTE
    – Govt increasing grants to Madarsas and Christian run schools

    2.a Was known as top 5 dalaals under UPA. Can’t prove. But I KNOW. Check his IT filings in his last 2 RS elections.
    2.b Reason why nothing concrete on any of UPA corruption cases done (and won’t)
    2.c Is a chela of Chidambaram and continues with all his IAS officers who are questionable (1 case brought out by Swmay when he was told to shut up)
    2.d Pointsman of Badals to liaison with UPA to let them run massive corruption (and drugs) in Punjab.

    3.a Election in charge of Advani-BJP in 2009. We know the result.
    3.b Single handedly destroyed Delhi BJP by promoting his useless coterie like Vijay Goel and hurting Dr HarshVardhan
    3.c last minute intervention by Modi to put Dr Harsh Vardhan saved blushes to BJP in Kejrifart 1st election. If Dr was brought earlier, BJP would be running Delhi
    3.d Prevailed to remove Dr and put Nadda(another corrupt) as Health Minister. Did not allow him to run 2nd Kejrifart elections – BJP wiped out as a result and Bedi losing from Dr’s own constituency (not surprising)
    3.e Ran away from Delhi 2014 LS elections, when anybody’s won (shows his ground knowledge)
    3.f Ran to Amritsar and forced away Siddhu and lost (shows the same)
    3.e Another appointee is Sports Minister Mr Olympic selfie
    3.f Prevailed for BJP to go soft on Mamata for some silly RS support (with no end result in Bills passing) but BJP Bengal stabbed by center
    3.e Another corrupt joker promoted – Anurag Thakur-BCCI guy
    3.f 3rd rate lawyer (ask anyone in Supreme Court) – but decides on legal issues – result – Arunachal and Uttarakhand blushes

    4.a Amit fatso Shah in total awe of him
    4.b Abnormal influence in appointing Ministers and setting Govt agenda (the pseudo secular agenda being followed by Govt)
    4.c Not adopting killer instinct in attacking its enemies like Congress andbiys eco system (when all material available right from Augusta Patrakar to UPA corruption cases. Compare with the way Congress directed Tehelka and Lutyens to attack ministers and leaders in NDA 1 (successfully)
    4.d Delhi Police attacking AAP on his directives. This will eventually lead to sympathies for Kejrifart. Jaitley resurrected Kejrifart once. He may do again.
    4.e List of people he has sidelined –
    i Ram Jethmalani
    ii Yashwant Sinha
    iii Swamy
    iv Arun Shourie
    v Harsh Vardhan
    vi Sushil Modi – Bihar
    vi Rajnath/Sushma have no real say in Govt agenda. Gadkari is spared because of Nagpur
    Each one of them is capable and more useful for party and Govt (well they are not party pals of Modi). Collectively its a huge loss for party and Govt.
    Even the Rafale deal was delayed by this joker (because he doesn’t understand finance)

    BJP MPs (LS, outside his coterie) HATE him. If not for Modi-Shah, they will beat him up in full public view.
    Ground level Delhi BJP unit HATES him.

    This guy represents everything that is wrong with this party and Govt. The pseudo secular agenda adopted by this Govt will lead to more sever 2004 situation.

    This guy should not be in BJP. Leave alone be the most powerful minister. He is immense liability at existential level to BJP. BJP is the only party that hurts its core base and hobnobs with enemy (especially when in power). Compare this to actions of the Italian when she ran the Govt.

    It is because of him, that now I personally want Mr Mann ki Baat to lose in Varanasi. He can keep giving doles to Madarsas and sing hosanas of Teresa. That’s what UPA was for. A small minority now feels this way. If even 30% of core voters feel this way, then Modi is gone – 2004 redux.

    FYI – most likely no CM face in UP, just like Bihar.
    Guess why – Trimurti feels CM candidates from UP and/or Bihar who actually win will challenge their authority with 100+ MPs from these 2 states.
    (Heard from sources – dynastycrooks style!) from random party men floating in BJP headqrtrs. Can’t confirm the reality.

    The day u feel like hobnobbing with Burkha Dutt, u will stop this blog. Right? The same way, this guy should not be in BJP.

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    1. This post by AS is worth a second read. AS seems to know a good deal of Delhi goings-on. Why do i think so? Coz i too have personal knowledge of a couple of points raised here. And all i was about to comment was that all the Jaitly budgets were a huge disappointment. The first was little diff from Chidu’s budgets. In fact even the Lungiman boasted as much. Another smelly point is the rumours that Mallya visited AJ before skipping out of the country.


      1. Yes. Malaya did. It came in Times of India too.
        I am hard core RW. I don’t care that much about corruption. We have seen nautanki of VP Singh and Kejrfart. In fact I encourage BJP to be corrupt and use the loot to buy off its political opponents if it can. That’s what Italian did. YSR looted funds from Hindu temples and other infrastructure deals and xhannelised to run massive conversion programs. With the Italians blessings off course.
        Our opponents are ‘ideologically sincere’. BJP is not.
        Even the Augusta Patrakars have not been touched. Jaitley had to do nothing. Just leak the papers to that mad dog Arnab Goswami. He would eat all of them alive. On Tonight on Newshour.
        But seriously speaking this Govt has a problem. The same one as NDA1. Ideologically insincere.
        Modi is Modi only because of 2002. There are 2 more 3 term CMs. And 2 2 term CMs. If u do fraud with ur core the 2nd time. Big problem.

        PS – it will not take Dr Swamy more than a week to take down Jaitley. He is a PhD in Delhi machinations apart from in Mathematics and Economics. I hope the Swamy from Tamil Nadu, and the Swamy from cow belt, Yogi Adityanath unite and make a common cause to force a course correction. In UP, only the feud in Yadav family can save BJP.
        Akhilesh enjoys 70% rating as per last polls. And is seen as having done development.
        Development is a silly election agenda. Its better for TV talk shows and actual functioning.


  13. During Bajpyee Sarkar, I believed that there were four super brains in BJP. One Arun Jaitley, two Arun Shourie, three LalKrushna Advani and four Yashwant Shinha. Apparently I got struck out on three of the four.


    1. He he…these were the geniuses who came up with the idea of being “managers” instead of politicians. I even remember an India Today issue dedicated to the BJP’s backroom boys. If my memory is not playing tricks on me, Venkaiah Naidu even swore to never contest an election himself and spend his whole life as a backroom boy. They actually thought this was a good idea.


  14. I don’t know what to think of Jaitley ji.He is definitely different from most RWs,but just that is insufficient to hold him in contempt.Further if he really was a Fiberal wouldn’t he have just beem part of Congress which has been in power more often than not.
    His behavior is mor nuanced than that,after all he is a politician.Everyone has their own agenda,there is nothing wrong with a bit of greed and ambition.
    Further we shouldn’t act like commies by accusing him of not being RW enough as the RW allows more variance in opinion than the left.


    1. AJ has many RW folks riled because
      1. His budgets have disappointed the middle class.
      2. He’s associated with too many wrong sorts of people. SoGa being the main one. Since she did to this country in just a few decades what the East India Company did in 10, her sins will rub off on all her friends.
      3. His pallyness with Chidu. Chidu was SoGa’s hatchetman. Try and remember how of SoGa’s dirty work he did as her Home Minister.
      4. The perception that he’s corrupt. Nothing direct, just that he has too many shady a/o corrupt guys as friends. It doesn’t help that all the cases against the dynasty seem to be proceeding forward with the parking brake pulled all the way up.
      5. The perception that he robbed the country of much needed talent by manouvering the dumping of Harshvardhan, Jethmalani, Shourie, etc, forcing so many out of the party. The perception refuses to go that it was his backroom intrigues that did the trick.
      6. Likewise, the perception refuses to go that he imposed his useless underlings on the long-suffering Delhi BJP worker.
      So his angreziat is hardly the issue. His teflon coated corrupt image is.
      That he plays both sides of the fence without outright becoming a doormat to the dynasty shows his smartness.


    2. You don’t know fully about Jaitley. Why he is not in Congress is his problem. Why he is in BJP is our problem. I have mentioned my concerns on Jaitley in detail in my post on this thread.


      1. But it is a good question. Congress has ruled for most of history. Joining Congress has historically been a great investment. If Jaitley was a fiberal, it would make a lot of sense for him to have joined Congress years ago. We cannot wish away the question.


        1. He was appointed AG by VP Singh, on request of ChandraShekhar (the guy who became PM after VP).
          His family linkages are to Congress. U might as well ask why Digvijay Singh is not a spokesperson of Bin Laden.
          There are many people in BJP who are not aligned to it. Issue is what is their position there. He is of no direct use to Congress . He is useful to others because of his links to Congress.


        2. Further corollary. Why MMS who did economic reforms did not join BJP which is more economic right wing.
          I do know that when ChandraShekhar had resigned as PM, MMS came to him with an appointment request (some secretary post)
          The caretaker PM said he can’t as he has resigned. MMS had come with a backdated draft!!
          On Swamy’s nudge Chandrasekhar did that appointment.
          So much for honesty of MMS.


          1. I would not consider joining Congress and joining BJP to be symmetric and equivalent propositions. Congress has ruled 57 years. BJP has ruled for 8. Joining Congress is, even today, a much safer investment. When MMS was a big reformer in the 90s, no one was even sure BJP would ever come to power. And even if they did come to power, it would be a coalition and no one had ever run a stable coalition government back then. Not to mention that if MMS wanted to join BJP, there would be pressure to embrace a lot more ideological stuff he probably did not agree with. Congress is totally ideology neutral, it can happily absorb anyone and everyone who swears allegiance to the dynasty.

            I repeat that even today joining Congress is a safer investment. It is only if BJP wins 2019 that it will finally become a safer lifetime investment to join BJP.

            With Diggy and bin Laden its the same way. Working for Al-Qaeda is dangerous work. Working for Congress is safe and comfortable.


    1. He had objections to Swamy, Yashwant Sinha, Ram Jethmalani, Arun Shourie.
      Has sidelined Rajnath, Sushma, Gadkari.
      Didn’t let BJP declare CM candidate.


        1. I mentioned in my comment. That’s the part i heard from sources (dynastycrooks style!). I know his secretary. He was also involved in cash for vote fiasco. But obviously can’t confirm.
          We do know that he has inordinate influence on Modi and Shah. Public knowledge.
          All we know is that Nitishwa trusts him.


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