414 crore notice in National Herald Case : Why we needed Republic TV

There is a reason the entire ecosystem hates Republic TV so much. Not only is Arnab the market leader, Arnab is the one who says all the things that the others are absolutely terrified to say. In fact, he is the market leader precisely for this reason.


Caught! Income Tax Department caught as much as Rs 414 crore undisclosed income in the National Herald case. The penalty for undisclosed income being somewhere between 100 to 300%, I guess this means the Gandhis must pay something between 414 and 1242 crores as a penalty.

Feast your own eyes with it, from the IT department order accessed by Republic.


Can you read that:  “The scheme has included a fraudulent transaction involving purchase of a non-existent loan of Rs 90.21 crore by AICC to AJL


Again, can you read that: tax exemption certificate canceled, amounting to catching Rs 414 crore of undisclosed income on which tax must be paid!

This notice from IT department arrived on Dec 27.

Now, can you guess why there was violence in Bhima Koregaon around Jan 1?

Here is the Congress response, which will make you burst out laughing:



They are not disputing the documents. Instead they say Swamy is in “unauthorized and unlawful possession” of these documents 🙂

Okay, dear Congress, we will discuss later how many years of jail Swamy should serve for having these documents. Tell us first whether these documents are genuine and what you plan to do about 414 crore of undisclosed income.

Back to my point about Republic TV. This 414 crore of undisclosed income should have been the news headline number 1 across the country. Instead, no channel dared open their mouths about it, except Republic TV.

I always laugh when they call Republic TV a “North Korean channel.” First of all, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is a Commie and an icon of the Indian left. Secondly, how can they accuse Arnab of having a bias when they themselves are so beholden to the Dynasty that they cannot even open their mouths about these 414 crores. The so called news outlets that mentioned the development in the National Herald case formatted it as “Swamy says …” trying to make it appear as though this notice is Swamy’s opinion.

But this is not an opinion. This is a notice from the Income Tax department. Newspapers and newschannels who discussed Narendra Modi’s suit in grave detail didn’t have the courage to discuss these 414 crores of undisclosed income.

This is why Republic TV has left the ecosystem in such a state of shock. Because Arnab has gone ahead and done what they never thought was actually possible : criticizing Sonia Gandhi on national television.

This is why we needed Republic TV so badly. We needed to shatter the incredible conspiracy of silence around the Dynasty.

Can you imagine the kind of country we live in where Congress is in power in 4-5 states but no news channel dares to open their mouth against Madam and Pappu? Well, we live in a country where the Chief Justice of India orders the 1984 riot files opened and within 48 hours, there is an all out revolt in the Supreme Court.

I don’t care if Arnab or Swamy support the BJP on any other issue. As long as Arnab is the one solitary voice on television with the guts to expose the Gandhis, I salute him.

I didn’t start this blog because I support Modi; I started this blog because I was fed up of the Dynasty and its crooks. But yeah, I request the right wing to cut Modi some slack. I think we cannot even imagine the kind of resistance he is up against. Again, remember that the Chief Justice of India found his chair shaking within 48 hours of ordering 1984 riot files opened.

How powerful is the ecosystem? We cannot even imagine.

I can tell you this. After May 16, 2014, when Modi left Ahmedabad, I was actually quite nervous until his plane actually landed safely in Delhi. In fact, I was very jittery until the moment he took oath and officially became Prime Minister of India.



Blood of murdered ABVP activist was his final dissent

An ABVP activist has hacked to death in Kerala yesterday. This is his overturned motorcycle lying on the side of the road where he has attacked.


A life, interrupted.

I have seen several social media posts mentioning his name, the fact that he was a 24 year old ITI student. I have seen people uploading pictures of him in better times, pictures of him smiling, pictures of him wishing his mother a happy birthday.

These people think they can shake the conscience of this nation by taking the dead man’s name, by seeking to humanize him.

Cute. You folks must have been born yesterday. I wasn’t.

In the circles of New Delhi, “dissent” is big business. There’s always a thinkfest or a “Yuva Hunkar Rally” to go to, from where they will put you on every TV screen in the country screaming about how your voice is being suppressed.

But the real dissent in this country happens from those who are silent or those who are forced to remain silent. And of course from those who are permanently silenced.


The ABVP activist who was murdered yesterday is just one more victim added to the hundreds of lakhs of victims of Communism. How will you find the photos of them all? We don’t even know the exact number of victims, we speak in “round figures” such as the hundreds of lakhs.

It’s 300 lakh victims at the very least. Some say it is 1000 lakh victims.

Do you realize what we are rounding off here? Dead bodies of people, bodies of people who were once living, breathing human beings just like you and me before the brutal Communist rule snuffed them out forever.

So what should I say about the murdered ABVP activist? 300 lakh + 1? Or 1000 lakh +1 ?

The true dissenters were not the ones on stage at “Yuva Hunkar Rally.” It was a Wednesday morning. The true dissenters were those who had to work that day, to earn their wages, to produce the wealth that goes towards the upkeep of the sprawling JNU campus and its celebrity dissenters.

The true dissenter is the young man in Kerala who joins ABVP with the fire of idealism in his belly. Perhaps he knows at some level that he is signing his own death warrant. That one day it will probably be his turn to face the blade of the Communists and Islamists who rule Kerala. It might come any moment, while he is with his parents at home or driving his motorcycle on the road. The cold hard blade will come, slicing through his body, spilling his organs out.

See that hammer and sickle? The Communists are not afraid to use them.

He could even be a schoolteacher, standing in the classroom, teaching little kids. For those who were born yesterday, you might not have heard the story of K P Jayakrishnan Master.

The RSS worker in Kerala doesn’t get to make a living out of complaining about abusive tweets he gets on social media. He doesn’t  get to speak, or be heard. Then some day the blade comes and he is no more. Some outraged right wing Twitter handles put out a few angry tweets and get a couple hundred retweets. His blood on the ground is his final dissent. Meanwhile, the tinkling of wineglasses at Lutyens’ dissent parties continues unabated. Is it red wine, by the way?

So why does he join RSS in the first place? Is it because he wants death? No! I will tell you why.

This is the Kremlin flag, up for display at Checkpoint Charlie, the infamous border crossing on the now dismantled Berlin wall. The Communist soldiers posted at the border were under orders to shoot at sight any dissenters trying to escape. Hundreds died trying.


No, the boy in Kerala rebels against the Communists because he wants freedom. He will risk dying to avoid living a life worse than death.

No matter how many years it takes, the red flag over Kerala will come down someday. Make no mistake about it. The tattered flag will be on public display just like this so that we never forget.

Om Shanti.


Right wing needs a reality check on Yogi Adityanath

I will admit it. When BJP named Yogi as UP Chief Minister, I was so excited that my hands were shaking. Like a week after sweeping the seculars out with a 325/404 landslide, the BJP rubbed salt on their raw wounds by placing saffron clad Yogi as CM. I wondered if my heart was strong enough to take so much happiness in such a short time. Rivers of liberal tears. I wish I could have frozen that moment and lived in it forever.

But I write this post to express and put on record my growing unhappiness with the conduct of Yogi Adityanath and more importantly the conduct of BJP supporters around him. Actually, it’s not like Yogi Adityanath has done something I disapprove of, it is much much more about how BJP supporters have been behaving around him and talking about him. 

Yogi has been CM of Uttar Pradesh for less than a year. He hasn’t actually done anything yet to deserve the level of adulation he is getting from BJP supporters. Somebody needs to put this on a wall so that right wingers can read this everyday.

Obviously, it’s not Yogi’s fault. Who can transform a state, that too one as large as Uttar Pradesh, in 10 months? But the fact remains that Yogi is unproven. That’s just a hard truth.

I know many BJP supporters see their future leader in him. And I can understand that. But please remember that he is unproven as yet and any premature adulation will only make him less likely to do the things he actually needs to do to become BJP’s next big leader.

So, if you are a true well wisher of Yogi Adityanath, for goodness sake, STOP!!!!

STOP talking about him as a future Prime Minister or the next Modi. He’s proved NOTHING yet. Give him time.

Remember that Modi became Modi because his path was full of thorns. Please go back down memory lane and see what Modi did, how hard he worked to emerge as No. 1.

You know, Narendra Modi made Gujarat into the first state in India with 24 hour domestic power supply. At a time when the rest of the country would pray that electricity comes at least once a day, Gujaratis had power round the clock.

You know, Narendra Modi built trauma centers in every little village in Gujarat. Ambulances in Gujarat come within 10-15 minutes. For nearly a decade, Gujarat saw nearly double digit growth in agricultural production despite being essentially a desert state.

Not to mention that Modi turned Gujarat into a heaven for investors and industries. For 10 continuous years from 2002 to 2012, there was no curfew for a single day in a single corner of Gujarat.

That was Modi’s Gujarat.

I remember when Modi spoke boldly at a rally in Uttar Pradesh, targetting Mulayam Singh Yadav in these words:

Netaji, aap Gujarat nahin bana sakte. Uske liye 56 inch ka seena chahiye.”

He could say it with confidence because he knew what he had achieved for the people of Gujarat.

Modi’s Gujarat was not built in a day.  It was this process of building Gujarat that molded Narendra Modi into the leader he is today.

There are at least four clear reasons for why the right wing needs to scale down its adulation of Yogi Adityanath

(1) Your premature adulation hurts Yogi Adityanath himself. You are making the man complacent instead of hard working.

(2) You are insulting the decade long hard work of Narendra Modi in Gujarat that he did to emerge as India’s leader No. 1

(3) You are in some way embracing the worst of the same Congress culture you despise. Rahul Gandhi is a god for them simply because of his family name. Don’t let Yogi become a god for you simply because he wears saffron. If you start giving people things they don’t deserve, you are no better than a Congressi.

(4) People are ultimately very smart. They can see through artificial euphoria around a personality. Akhilesh had plenty of it going into the 2017 election. But people see work. Unnecessary euphoria without work actually pisses off the electorate.

Again, this is not to say that Yogi isn’t doing anything. He has made a great start with going after criminals in Uttar Pradesh, with improving the roads, filling potholes, asking for property records to be linked to Aadhar to hit benami property and more.

But that’s all it is. A great start. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Let’s leave it at that.

Again, there are at least two valid criticisms that you can make against me here.

First, you can say this: But Chaiwallah, you started this blog talking about how excited you were when Yogi was made CM. How dare you mock others for being excited about him?

My answer : point taken and accepted with humility. In my defense, I will say that I have tried my best to tone down my own exhileration and tried to be objective in evaluating the man.  Maybe I succeeded, maybe I didn’t. You decide and feel free to make fun of me if you want. But please, please don’t let this detract from the real issue of how the right wing is going overboard (and hurting its own interest) through its premature adulation towards Yogi.

The second question might come to those who are long term readers of this blog. Time and again, I have been very public about my soft spot for Devendra Fadnavis. Am I saying this simply because I would rather have Fadnavis be seen as the future PM than Yogi?

My answer: Come on! I hope I have earned your confidence better than that!


A six day visit by Netanyahu shows India’s high power status

I must say I was surprised to hear that PM Netanyahu has come on a six day visit to India. A six day visit … almost a week from a top world leader feels unheard of, at least to me. The big global summits are generally no more than 3 days. Bilateral meetings maybe 4 days if the countries are on excellent terms.

But six days is unprecedented. For a whole week, the people of Israel (and of course India) will be watching their PM Netanyahu managing ties with India.

Now, I myself (and BJP supporters in general) are never short of goodwill for Israel. But, this time I must say I am overwhelmingly flattered. Diplomatic niceties are a routine thing, but a six day visit from an Israeli Prime Minister certainly isn’t an everyday thing.

It has shown India as having a very special, a very high position in the world. And thank you Prime Minister Netanyahu for being the first “Western” power to acknowledge that.

It was about time. By the end of 2018, India will officially be the 5th largest economy in the world in nominal GDP terms. Here is what the rankings will look like 365 days from now:

(1) USA

(2) China

(3) Japan

(4) Germany

(5) India

We Indians have always dreamed of becoming a world power. We have been talking about it relentlessly since 2000 or so. We have talked about it so much, read about it so much that it may feel almost routine, almost boring.

It almost felt patronizing when other countries would talk of India’s rise, almost like they were taking advantage of our insecurity by telling us what we want to hear.

I remember a line (around 2010) from some stiff old British newspaper (probably the Guardian) saying with a sneer : India will welcome anybody who will stop for a plate of curry and call India a world power.

At some level, we internalized that mentality as well. We heard the leaders come one by one with their plastic diplomatic smiles and tell us how we were going to be a big power “soon.” We knew they didn’t really mean it.

But things have changed.

I just want to say that this time it’s different. It really is.

This is not a projection, 25-50 years into the future. This is NOW. This is today. This is this year.

This year, India will be the 5th largest economy in the world. We really have arrived. This time it is not about patronizing India or about diplomatic niceties. This time we really have the numbers on our side.

There are only 4 countries left in this world that are more powerful than we are. Just four, no more!

Our moment has arrived. In five years, we will be ahead of Germany. In another five years, we will go past Japan.

Then, the fate of the world will be in the hands of the three great powers : USA, China and India.

There is a reason the Chinese are getting so desperate to humiliate India. Because the window is closing and closing very very quickly. In five years, India will be past the point where the Chinese can mess with us ever again for 1000 years. Who is going to dare mess with the 3rd or 4th largest economy on the planet?

Israel has become the first “Western” country to acknowledge our high power status so openly. But more will follow. It will become a deluge for sure. At not in some distant future. I am saying by 2019.

Of course there is a snag. Right at the moment of victory, demography can betray us. We can grow our GDP as much as we want, but ultimately demography is destiny. That is what I wrote about in my previous post.

I don’t have the answers. I say it like I see it. The possible future glories. The threats on the horizon. But I like to be an optimist.

Open your eyes to demographic change

I don’t think I need to repeat how much I love this blog, how much I love my regular readers and those who comment. This blog was my first “public” platform to air my views on a near daily basis. I am lucky I found something of an audience, it is here that I would say I “trained” as a writer. After a while, I began writing for Opindia regularly. Who knows what other exciting possibilities lie in the future?

But sometimes I am ashamed of what I do here on this blog. There are days when I will write posts on bypolls and municipal polls and what not. I will go on for weeks about a state election. Well, state elections happen every 5 years and so do Lok Sabha elections. It seems like yesterday that BJP swept Rajasthan with 163/200 seats and here we are … at the doorstep of another election in Rajasthan.

What I rarely talk about on this blog is what we should ALWAYS be talking about. This graphic from Scroll.in made my hair stand on end.


You know what’s worse? Scroll published this graphic as part of an article that is supposed to reassure Hindus of Assam not to feel any demographic panic.

That’s how much confidence they have in the stupidity of us Hindus. They actually expect the average Hindu to look at this graphic and nod happily and say there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

The scariest part is that they are probably right. The average Hindu will in fact look at this graphic and forget about it instantly. Because there is always going to be a job, an interview, a promotion that is more important to us in the moment. And why not? Unlike them, we are not part of some death cult. We love life. We Hindus want to work hard and better ourselves and bring prosperity to our lives.

Okay so that’s the average Hindu. What about a Hindu like me, say, who considers himself “politically aware”? Do I have some kind of superior reaction?


Well, there is no bigger joke than me.

At least the “average” Hindu knows his/her priorities and wastes no time thinking about politics.

What does an “internet Hindu” like me do? Worry about the next bypoll and whether BJP can win that? About whether Modi can come back in 2019? About whether we can crack a social media joke at the expense of some Lutyens journalist?

So what if Modi comes back in 2019? Are we going to have anything better to do then than to worry about 2024?

LOL! How small our dreams and wishes are … and how insignificant in the larger scheme of things.

‘The larger scheme of things’ is that Muslim population has gone from 12% to 34% in Assam since 1901. Even if you look at it post independence, the numbers have soared from 25% to 34%! Up nearly 10% in 70 years!!! Whoever thought partition was supposed to guarantee a homeland to both Indian Hindus and Muslims; the joke is on them.

They took their share out of India, then they took Kashmir, they have already taken half of Assam. They’ve got Western Uttar Pradesh. They’ve got the border region between Bengal and Bihar.

Piece by piece, it’s all going away. And we are fighting over whether Dalits defeated a Maratha army headed by Brahmin Peshwas 200 years ago.

You know what is more significant than what happened 200 years ago?

That which will happen in the NEXT 200 years.

Take a moment out of our busy life, put your hand on your heart and tell me whether you actually believe that Hindus will have a land to live in after 200 years.

That’s the real question that should be before us. But we all run away from it. This came out in Firstpost yesterday.


Okay tell me Firstpost, how are the facts not backing their claims? Is Muslim population going down? Here is the passage from Firstpost that is supposed to reassure the Hindus:

““India’s Muslim community will expand faster than its Hindu population, rising from 14.4 percent in 2010 to 18.4 percent in 2050,” the Pew report said. “But, even with this increase, Hindus will make up more than three-in-four Indians (76.7 percent) in 2050. “

Hear that? The above is supposed to make us feel good. How does this contradict the claim of Muslim population eventually taking over India?

All I see is that statistical models predict that Muslims wont be able to take over India in our lifetime. But when it comes to the lifetimes of the next generation, all bets are off. Is that supposed to be a reason for us to feel assured?

What about global warming and sea level rise? I hear that the temperature will go up by only 1 C by the year 2050. Hey liberals, 1 C does not sound so bad, does it? Let’s just focus on creating wealth and we’ll all get air conditioners by the year 2050, what say?

You hear that folks? There’s no threat to humanity from global warming because the temperature will only go up 1 C in the next 40 years or so. Forget all those solar plants and let’s go buy some big gas guzzling SUVs.

So what if the sea level rises a bit and the low lying areas go under water? There will still be enough land for us all to live. Just like Indian Hindus can surely learn to squeeze in just a little and forget about Assam, just like we forgot about Sind, West Punjab, East Bengal and Kashmir.

It’s all supposed to be okay because the end of Indian Hindus won’t come in our lifetimes. Let’s celebrate this.

On Army day, a story of the Indian Army stood up to Nehru’s Chief Minister for the honor of a woman

Our valiant Indian Army has always shown exemplary courage in protecting the nation from external enemies. At the Siachen glacier, temperatures can dip to -50 C.  In the Thar desert of Rajasthan, the temperature can soar to 50 C. Imagine what would happen to us, to our family and our friends, to our homes and the things we love, if the Indian Army took a day off.

But our Indian Army also has a glorious tradition of standing up for all that is fair and just and good within the country. An earthquake, landslide or flood? The Army is there. A giant international sporting competition is about to start in a few days and the infrastructure is still not ready because economist Prime Minister and his greedy colleagues ate all the money? Don’t worry, the Indian Army will build the suspension bridge in a matter of hours to save India the blushes before foreign visitors.

I was saving this story to tell it on Army Day. It is about the legendary General Thimayya, one of Nehru’s most powerful Chief Ministers and the honor of a woman. I first came across this story somewhere on Facebook. Intrigued, I looked everywhere for a reference, until I found the definitive version from Maj. Gen. Dhruv C Katoch published in the magazine “Salute to the Indian soldier.”

The year was 1959 and the place was Amritsar, where 5 Jat was posted at the time. Some of the officers and their wives had gone to the railway station to see off an officer and his wife who was going away on duty. At the railway station, there were some goons who passed lewd remarks and actually tried to molest the women. Not surprisingly, the officers of the unit began chasing the goons, who ran away and tried to hide in a nearby cinema hall.

The Commanding Officer of the unit was one Colonel Jyoti Mohan Sen, who on learning about the incident, immediately sent reinforcements to surround the cinema hall from all sides. The goons were captured and detained inside the Army Camp.

Here is where the story gets interesting. What kind of goon would be so power drunk that he would think there would no consequences for trying to molest a woman in the presence of officers of the Indian Army?

That would be the son of Pratap Singh Kairon, then the Chief Minister of Punjab. Veteran Congressman, one of Nehru’s closest confidants.

A night in detention for the son of the Honorable Chief Minister? Imagine the anger of Honorable Chief Minister Pratap Singh Kairon, who on the next day, had to go personally to rescue his son. The story even goes that he was made to walk! No VVIP vehicle!

Naturally, the matter echoed in Parliament, but not in the way you would like it. Those were different times. Back then, democracy was not in danger and expressing dissent was real easy.

And so it happened that an explanation was sought … not from Chief Minister Pratap Singh Kairon, even less from his boss Bharat Ratna Prime Minister Nehru. Explanation was sought from Army Chief General Thimayya for the conduct of his officers.

General Thimayya’s  response :  “If we cannot defend the honour of our women, how can you expect us to defend the honour of our country?”

This Army Day, please don’t forget to pay your tribute to the Indian soldier.

KV prayer issue puts focus on difference between Dharmic and Abrahamic faiths

They keep waging a relentless battle. No Diwali, no Dahi Handi, no Jallikattu, no chanting of mantras at Amarnath.

I can’t believe they are only just now getting started on so called “Hindu prayer” in Kendriya Vidyalayas.

We already know the agenda of de-Hinduising India and Breaking India. Instead of repeating the well known, I thought I would offer a slightly different perspective. One that offers a little bit of hope.

We can’t reach out to the agenda pushers. They are implacable foes. However, we can reach out to the vast Hindu middle. Just as it has been for centuries, the consciousness of the vast Hindu middle is infused with secularism. Most do not realize that Break India forces intend to turn this inherent secularism into a poison that will de-Hinduise India altogether. We should take every opportunity to frame the debate in such a way that it pushes the vast Hindu middle out of its stupor.

And I believe the issue of “Hindu prayers” in Kendriya Vidyalayas is one such golden opportunity.

The way “secularism” stifles Hindus is by seeing “Hinduism” as a religion in the mold of Abrahamic faiths from the West. But it’s not. It’s just a way of life. The issue of prayer in KVs is one opportunity to explain exactly what this means.

For example, India Today’s DailyO was at pains to explain exactly how the current prayer in KVs qualifies as a “Hindu religious prayer.”

While the prayer in itself does not overtly invoke any Hindu deity, its tone and form is similar to Hindu prayers. The song is a supplication to an unnamed deity to fill the students’ hearts with knowledge and purify their souls, but uses the imagery of “gyan ki ganga” – “let knowledge flow like the River Ganges”, which is scared to Hindus.

Ha! Can you feel the discomfiture of the liberal author who wrote this? The “tone and form” sounds similar to Hindu prayers, but they can’t pinpoint how exactly the prayer is non-secular!

Feeling uncomfortable, dear liberal author?

That’s because you have been tripped up by the Dharmic nature of Hinduism while trying to capture it with your Abrahamic lens.

It would have been a simpler matter to identify an Islamic prayer to Allah or a Christian prayer in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, no?

But how do you pin down the non-secular nature of a prayer that simply asks for knowledge to flow like the Ganga river ? Here are the opening words of this “Hindu prayer” :

असतो मा सद्गमय । तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय |

From the unreal to the real and from the darkness to light. Show me what’s not secular in that.

You can’t. And yet I am loving how this makes the liberals uncomfortable. They are not telling you to follow some fixed prophet of “the one true god,” but simply to go from darkness to light.

You can say you don’t believe in Jesus or Allah, but can you say you are against going from darkness to light?

Look around you and you will find that Hindutva (and I choose the word deliberately) is everywhere. The reference to the Ganga is bothering you? Well, name that Indian river which Hindus do not consider to be sacred.

You can’t!

And don’t forget that the name “Ganga” refers both to the river and the goddess. Which one is being invoked here?

In every sight and in every sound of India, there is Hindutva. How far will you run?

Have you seen the ad campaign : Atithi Devo Bhava?

The guest is god!! Oh no! Is this “devo” they are talking about supposed to be a Hindu deity?  Remember that Muslims do not bow down to any false “devas”.  So better shut that campaign down.

Satyameva Jayate?

Oh dear! Two words in Sanskrit from the Upanishads! Hindutva spotted again! Better go around scrubbing this phrase from every corner of the country. But all it does is say that “Truth always triumphs.” But the “tone and form” sounds so Hindu and the line comes from the Upanishads. What does the liberal do now?

Forget slogans. How about something we can all agree upon? Like a tree plantation drive?

Which tree do you want to plant? Pipal trees?

Well, Hindus worship the Pipal tree as well. Will planting Pipal trees amount to violation of India’s constitutional secularism?

In fact, in 2015, Akhilesh Yadav’s secular government found itself facing exactly this ridiculous question. After planting thousands of pipal trees during a tree plantation drive, the PWD actually had to go uproot all the saplings because somebody noticed that the pipal tree is sacred to Hindus.

But what is not sacred to Hindus? The earth itself is worshipped as a mother. Are you going to ban Earth Day next?

Knowledge is sacred to Hindus. Music is sacred to Hindus. Rivers, animals, trees … all sacred to Hindus. The sun? The moon? Again Hindu deities. Even sexual desire is the god Kamdeva.

What are you going to do? Ban knowledge, ban music, ban sexual desire and ban even the sun and the moon out of a desire to enforce your secularism?

The earth is a mother goddess and the sea is the god Varuna. The fire is Agni.

The Hindu worships them all. Where will you escape so that you can be sure of your secularism? How will you ever be sure that some Hindutva hasn’t slipped into your life?

The way of the Hindu is Dharma. Every bit of Indian soil is infused with Hindutva. It is the soul of India. How will you “secularize” it?


CPI’s D Raja : “I represent Parliament and the people of India”

Yesterday, our nation saw something quite unprecedented, with four senior judges of the Supreme Court raising a banner of open revolt against the Chief Justice of India. Included among them was Honorable Justice Ranjan Gogoi, who as per seniority norms, is likely to be our next Chief Justice. Justice Gogoi, in fact, comes from a family of high achievers, his father Keshab Chandra Gogoi having risen to the post of Assam Chief Minister during Congress rule.

I am also sure that the nation will remember with gratitude the services of Justice Kurian Joseph. In April 2015, he had awakened the national conscience towards the importance of top Constitutional functionaries getting to enjoy their holidays without the pressure of meetings with the Prime Minister of India.

As such, I am relieved to note that yesterday’s press conference happened on a working day, during working hours. I do hope that all four Honorable Judges have enjoyed their Friday evening and have adequate leisure activities planned for the weekend.

It is now for us, the common people of India, to spend our weekend reflecting on how our democracy is in danger. This is not our weekend to enjoy. We must sit and think and speak out because our country needs us. For this, I bet most of us would be willing to stay up all through Sunday night before we go to work on Monday morning.

As the nation was sitting up and getting ready to pull three successive all nighters to debate what was happening, it turns out that we the people had a representative meeting the Honorable Justice Chelameswar on our behalf.

Who is this alleged representative? D Raja of the Communist Party of India.


This is indeed his actual quote, which I had to read two or three times over and over again to make sure.


I don’t know about you, but to me D Raja of CPI claiming to represent Parliament and the Indian people feels like a slap on the face of democracy.

For easy reference of those who continue to needle the BJP over winning “just 31%” of the vote in 2014 elections, let me mention that the CPI secured a grand total of 0.79% of the vote in Lok Sabha polls. How does it feel to be “represented” by the CPI?

They worried about the “problems” in the first past the post system. What now? Should we replace the “first past the post system” with a “last past the post system” where the party that wins the least number of votes is declared the winner? 

Is that how we should redesign our electoral system so that the CPI can justfully claim to “represent” us?

Here is the question before 99.21% of the Indian people. You know, the ones who did not vote to “represented” by D Raja.

Can we tolerate the tyranny of the unelected and in fact, the unelectable? Can we tolerate D Raja as our representative? What qualifies him?

Speaking to Republic TV (see here at 2:00) Mr. D Raja explained that he keeps meeting Justice Chelameswar while traveling, in flights, etc. Now, I have no doubt that is true, especially considering the fact that Mr. D Raja spent Rs 65 lakh of public money on his air travel last financial year. This makes him the second highest spender among all our MPs, the first rank going to Mr. Ritabrata Banerjee of the CPI(M).

In case you don’t know, an honorable MP is also entitled to collect 1/4th of the price of the air ticket as DA that goes into his/her honorable pocket.

Now, free speech doesn’t come free and fighting for free speech certainly isn’t free. We will give the Communists that.

But still I will take a stand and say that this does not qualify Mr. D Raja to be the representative of Parliament and even less a representative of the Indian people. What about the 99.21% of us who didn’t vote for the CPI?

Maybe Shekhar Gupta. I bet we could all agree on his name as our official representative. But D Raja? Come on!


Judges press conference : you cannot topple popular leaders by serving the most unpopular faces :)

Have you heard the saying: You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar?

Simply put, if you want to win friends, you need to be nice to people. Offer them things they like.

Here’s a note for the ecosystem : serving a bowl of vinegar is not going to get the flies to leave the honey.

That’s why Rahul Gandhi was actually doing something right during his charm offensive in Gujarat.  They were losing anyway. Rahul Gandhi’s priority was not to come across as a spoilt rich dynast leading a party of arrogant jerks.

Amazingly, the ecosystem totally lost sight of this approach after the Gujarat elections. Instead of pushing the “humble new Rahul” (copied from Canadian Pappu Justin Trudeau), they ended up serving the public with Jignesh Mevani types.

Arrogant, unlikeable jerks as the face of opposition to the BJP government.

Or, in terms of our metaphor, a bowl of vinegar.

Outside of JNU, I doubt there is even a single person in this country who likes Jignesh Mevani more than Narendra Modi. And Jignesh came accompanied by the likes of Umar Khalid, Shehla Rashid, Kanhaiyya Kumar and Prashant Bhushan.

A true vinegar party.

What a fantastic way for the puppetmasters in Congress to compound general disgust towards their party. What were they even thinking?

Today we are seeing a repeat performance of the debacle, with the media pushing these four guys as some kind of anti-government faces:


I will only comment on the media coverage since we citizens (probably) do not enjoy the right to comment on judges.

You know who likes the judiciary? NOBODY!

The other day I had said that JNU Commies and NGO jholawallahs are the most unpopular people in the country. I was wrong. Because I never expected that I would soon have an occasion to discuss the “popularity” of the judiciary.

Guess who is more unpopular than even JNU Commies? The judiciary.

If there is one class of people that acts even more entitled and arrogant than politicians, it is judiciary. We common people know that we do not even have a right to speak against them. We common people know that they are not accountable to us in any way shape or form. We common people have seen for decades these people lording over us and we have accepted their rule with total helplessness.

We have seen them do whatever they want, whenever they want. And we have only bowed our heads in silence, knowing that we can’t even protest.

If the media thinks that decades of bowing our heads before the judiciary have not created resentment among the masses towards the privileges of the judiciary, they are sorely mistaken.

If there is one class in India whose privileges come close to those of the imperial British, it is the judiciary.

Is there even one common man in India who is not absolutely terrified of the courts? Nothing makes the common man feel as weak and hopeless as stepping into the legal tangle. Corruption is an extreme in judiciary and the accountability is zero. The moment a common man steps into court premises, he knows that he must pay a bribe for every small thing. And there is nobody you can complain to about it. Affidavits, attestations, those lawyers in their black suits … enough to give anybody a shiver down the spine.

Does media think there is no resentment against the judiciary?

And today media is trying to use the most unpopular people in the country to build a case against Narendra Modi, the most popular man in the country. 

Here’s a hard fact for the media and the ecosystem. Beyond a handful of Commies and of course Muslims, hardly any Hindu in India despises Narendra Modi. He/she may not even vote for BJP, but the reasons for that are different. He/she may live in an area where BJP is too weak to be an option, or he/she might prefer a regional leader or he/she might be voting out of loyalty to some caste leader. Or maybe the person is simply against the BJP’s local leadership. Or feels that the incumbent BJP MP/MLA has done nothing.

But beyond that, Modi’s popularity is sky high. With the exception of Muslims and Commies, nobody hates the man.

On the contrary, *everyone* has something bad to say about the corruption and sense of entitlement in the judiciary.

I am actually yet to meet anyone in my whole life who thinks that our judiciary does a great job of giving justice to all, thinks that the judiciary has the right intent or thinks that they deserve all the privileges they get. Have you ever met someone like that?

And now, the privileged ones are fighting among themselves, the apparent issue being that the privileges are not being shared properly among the nobles. This is going to be so awesome 🙂

Go ahead, media. Serve up your vinegar. See how it goes.

Published in Deccan Chronicle : “Being attracted to a 12 year old doesn’t make you a pedophile”

Let that sink in.

No, seriously, this actually appeared in the Deccan Chronicle. One would imagine that the Deccan Chronicle has an editor, a management team, a writing team or at least someone … somewhere around the office to scream out in horror and tell them that it’s a bad idea to say that being attracted to a 12 year old girl doesn’t make you a pedophile.

And yet, this actually appeared in print.


Oh thank god that the attraction between the middle aged man and the 12 year old girl was “mutual.” For a moment, I was worried that the 12 year old girl might not have been a consenting adult.

Who in their right mind would actually say something like this? A craven liberal, desperate to defend a Commie at any cost, that’s who.

The man they are talking about is Comrade A K Gopalan, a legendary leader of the Indian Communists. He served as multiple term member of Parliament from Kannur in Kerala. Heck, the CPI(M) office in Delhi is named “A K Gopalan Bhavan.”


The matter of A K Gopalan came up when a Congress MLA from Kerala by the name of V T Balaram made a Facebook post accusing A K Gopalan of pedophilia. As is their wont, the Communists countered his speech by throwing stones.

As you can read in this old report from The Hindu here, it was on September 10, 1952 that A K Gopalan, then 48 years old, decided to marry Susheela Gopalan, who was then 22 years old. As the Hindu report mentions, the “love story” had lasted for a decade.

Subtract 10 from 22 and you get 12.

And that is how we ended up with some liberal at Deccan Chronicle stuck with the unenviable task of explaining how a 38 year old man getting attracted to a 12 year old girl is not pedophilia.

Anything to defend a Communist… even pedophilia can be explained away.

This brings to my mind another recent event where a liberal mother boasted publicly about showing Hardik Patel’s sex tape to her 12 year old daughter.


And the Outlook allowed her to publish it. Again, the Outlook presumably has an editorial team and a management team and nobody at any stage objected to this.

Let that sink in.

Yeah, an adult showing sex tapes to 12 year old girls is okay, as long as its a sex tape of great leader Hardik Patel. An adult male getting attracted to a 12 year old girl is also okay, as long as the 38 year old man happens to be a Communist icon.

Have you ever wondered how impostors like Baba Ram Rahim and his organization manage to brainwash people into accepting rampant sexual abuse? Have you ever wondered what kind of fool would fall for this stuff?

Have you ever wondered if “educated” people could fall for frauds of this sort?

You are seeing the same level of brainwashing here. And the brainwashed ones here are not those with little education and opportunities in some remote village. The brainwashed ones here, those supporting their “great leaders” getting attracted to minors and showing sex tapes of their “great leaders” to their 12 year old children are your educated liberals who probably went to good colleges and write for some of the biggest newspapers and magazines in the country.

Let that sink in.