When right wingers dither, the left wins

So my last post created quite a furore. Which was surprising, because I did not really expect that much attention. But it is great to be taken so seriously. A number of right wing worthies weighed in, but as usual I agreed the most with Rahul Roushan.


I should be careful here not to misrepresent Rahul (especially now that my piece got so much attention). Rahul’s very next tweet says that he disagrees with the tone I took at several places in the article.

Indeed the trigger for my post was re-reading this old Opindia article from Rahul Roushan, where he explains how liberals have this amazing ability to make you long for their respect. Like the man in the Nerolac ad who has like half a dozen advanced degrees, but for some strange reason his self image depends on whether the mailman treats him with extra respect! He finally accomplishes this not by achieving something substantial, but merely by getting his house coated with shiny Nerolac paint.


This indeed was the essence of my article. From what I know, Bhak Sala = Rahul Raj (don’t confuse him with Rahul Roushan)  is an IITian. Among the folks at Newslaundry, it seems to me that Anand Ranganathan is easily the most accomplished of them all.

And it bothers me that highly accomplished individuals such as them would end up wasting their energies trying to win “respect” from much less capable counterparts on the left. Now, there is nothing wrong with being a mailman, but it is an objective fact that being a doctor is a bigger achievement than being a mailman.

This is why I made an appeal : if you are somebody or you know somebody who is trying to win the respect of left liberals, stop.

There are two good reasons for this. First, it is self defeating. Because while the left wingers will happily extract compromises from you, they will not give an inch. You will always be the “crazy right winger”. See if you can get one left liberal to denounce Arundhati Roy.

Try it with a left liberal : ask them to denounce Arundhati Roy and see what happens. The most you will get is vehement insistence that she is entitled to her views. But we already agreed on that. Try to extract from them a denunciation of the views of Arundhati Roy and see how far you get.

Meanwhile, they have probably got you to denounce and distance yourself from every right winger who has ever dared to break a traffic signal : starting from FB trolls to cow vigilantes.

This is not to get you to support right wing extremism in any form … whether FB trolls who make threats or cow vigilantes who actually carry out violence. This is to preach to you about the art of strategic silence.

Left liberals are experts at the art of strategic silence. As I said, push them on Arundhati Roy’s views and see what happens. They will insist that she is entitled to her views, but never once will they break the strategic silence on what they think on the substance of her views. They won’t give an inch.

Meanwhile, they will take a mile.

That’s the second reason. Because there is a war of narratives that is on.

Have you seen how The Wire describes Deepwali as “Jashn-e-Chirag”? They don’t lose a single trick … their counter narrative is ready at every moment.

And in this war of narratives, whichever right winger chooses to be “nuanced” will only be playing into the hands of the left. You might take pride in being an “independent thinker”, but understand that the other side sees you merely as a useful idiot. Here, let Family Guy explain how undecided voters are the biggest idiots on the planet.

Pick a side. Because there is a war on. Perhaps this map of India should remind you of the situation.


Still think that if you are “undecided” and willing to make lots of compromises with the other side, your children will be able to live in this country fifty years from now?

The other side is not here to make friends. If you try to make friends with them, they will just use you. Till they no longer have any use for you.

There is another character trait that makes right wingers fall for the left wing trap. By their very nature, right wingers hate to be perceived as whiners. At the moment there are 13 BJP Chief Ministers, a full majority BJP government at the Center and BJP is the largest party in the Rajya Sabha.

Right wingers who have always been uncomfortable with whining and playing victim are restless now. They want to be seen as mighty … and they are more than happy to agree with left wingers who want to now blame all problems on the BJP.

But the world changed a while ago. The world today doesn’t belong to the mighty. It belongs to the whiners. I remember an awesome term for them : crybullies.

The Islamic world is anything but peaceful. It has anything but democracy and/or free speech. Everywhere Muslims are a majority, they trample upon minorities with careless abandon. How then is Islamophobia a thing in public discourse whereas Hinduphobia is not?

Because Muslims have perfected the art of targeted whining. No matter how many Muslim mobs are burning people alive and throwing gays from high buildings, Muslims manage to keep whining about a ban on the burqa on French beaches.

Public opinion even in the US is turning increasingly anti-Israel. How? How can Americans turn their back on the only democracy in the Middle East? Israel is home to a 20% Muslim population that enjoys full citizenship rights. Did you know that even Nazi emblems are not banned in Israel? That is the strength of the Israeli commitment to freedom of expression.

But the world is turning its back on Israel : the only home of democracy, free speech and scientific advancement in the entire Middle East. Why? Because Arab Muslims … who happily trample on the rights of any slightly different sect within Islam … manage to keep the focus firmly on every little fault of Israel.

The same thing happens in India. It was like 3 months ago that the Congress was surpassed for the first time since 1952 as the largest party in the Rajya Sabha. Such is the strength of the Congress party. That is how firmly the Congress has been in saddle for decades.

And yet, the Congress party and its left wing cheerleaders have not let the tiniest blame stick to the Dynasty. The Congress was always the party of upper castes … the Congress enacted more beef bans than BJP ever has … the Congress collaborated more with the British and received more goodies from the British than RSS can ever dream of. Nehru took over the Prime Ministership after dividing India in a blaze of communal violence that cost 30 lakh lives.

And yet today who is blamed when communal violence happens? RSS-BJP! Who is blamed for casteist atrocities? RSS-BJP! Who is blamed for cow vigilantism? RSS-BJP! Who is accused of collaborating with the British? RSS-BJP! No, not the Congress leaders who all received cushy positions in the British Imperial government by swearing loyalty to the crown.

How did this come to be? Because the left perfected the art of being a crybully. That’s how.

Three and a half years in power is too early for the right wing to stop being the underdog. Most BJP appointees in key positions are just beginning their first term … and terms of Congress appointees in other key positions have not even expired yet. The Congress has staffed every little institution with its cronies for 70 years and still plays underdog.

Learn from them and learn how to be in power. Or you will lose it in about 18 months.


Why I feel pity for Anand Ranganathan and why you should give up trying to play “sensible Right Winger”

Somebody on Twitter recently asked me if I am obsessed with NewsLaundry and I must say that might well be. See, there’s a lot of pro-Rahul Gandhi flattery websites : Scroll, Wire, Catch, Huffpost … but Newslaundry pisses me off more than them. Because of a certain sanctimonious, holier-than-thou tone that NewsLaundry takes. So please make fun of me in the comments if you think I am going on a rant.

How does NL project this holier-than-thou image? Because of jokers like Anand Ranganathan. Now, long time readers of this blog will know that I have gone around in circles trying to make up my mind about Ranga Uncle. I started roughly by seeing him as another deracinated elitist crook … then I did come around to respecting his periodic outbursts against liberal hypocrisy … and now I have finally settled on what I think is going to stay : pity.

Okay, so why is Anand Ranganathan so important that I am writing an entire blog post about him? Because he works in a left wing cesspool and so by observing him, we can get an excellent idea of how the left wing ecosystem plans to treat the right.

Most importantly, the plight of Ranga uncle should serve as a warning to other wannabes who are trying to project a “right wing but sensible” image.

Yes, I am thinking about Bhak Sala. But I would also include characters like Chetan Bhagat. Although Chetan, to be fair, seems to have learned his lesson. Remember when Chetan tried to become a love puppy of liberals through an outburst against the English language skills of “Bhakts”? While liberals shared his article gleefully, they didn’t give him membership of their closed Lutyens club. Chetan was a smart man… he realized the futility of his efforts and came out of the cesspool while he still could.

Some like Bhak Sala haven’t been so clever.

This is not just for one or two people. If you are somebody or you know somebody who fancies him/herself to be “right wing but sensible” this is for you. You should see how the other side will treat you. Sample this exchange:


Yep, they will not waste one second before throwing you under the bus. That’s what happens when you try to get validation and/or respect from left wingers you know. They will give you nothing, for they see you as less than human.

It’s no use complaining in an injured voice that your feelings were hurt.


Of course, Ranga uncle, of course. Of course he would take the word of a secular troll over you. Did you really think you had earned an iota of respect from Newslaundry boss Abhinandan Sekhri simply because you think you were his colleague for 5 years?

Let me explain this to you Anand. You think you were his colleague. Are you sure he ever thought of you as his colleague? No, to your left wing boss you were always little more than a court jester.

You dared to assert a right wing view that embarrasses his pro-Rahul Gandhi worldview and a troll got irritated. Your left wing boss immediately flogged you in plain sight of all.

Perhaps a race analogy would make this clear. A few days ago I explained how the left has long ago stopped seeing Hindus and right wingers as human beings. That they would remain silent when cattle smugglers lynch an innocent woman is not surprising. That they would take to the streets in support of Gurmehar Kaur’s free speech and ignore when Gurmehar Kaur tries to suppress the speech of a couple of young boys is not surprising.

Because in the left wing worldview is one of apartheid. Their view is simple : Gurmehar Kaur, as a left winger, has rights. The other side simply did not it. It’s more than plain old hypocrisy. It is apartheid. A black man hitting a white man is a crime. A white man whipping is slave is just a man doing what he wants with his property. They are not silent because they are embarrassed. They are silent because they don’t think there is anything worth talking about. So what if cattle smugglers beat up an innocent woman? The cattle smugglers are secular people …. they have rights. The woman they beat up didn’t have any rights.

What’s left to talk about?

Same way for you Ranga uncle. You might think you were helping along on the farm. You might think you were a colleague or an equal. But to them, you were just an idiot right winger. A nobody. A joker at best. A piece of property at worst.

People like Anand Ranganathan should understand that their efforts to win “respect” of left wingers will bear no fruit. Understand their apartheid worldview. There’s nothing a black man can do to be considered equal to a white man.

So this effort by some people on the right to appear “sensible” and “balanced” is useless. It will get you nowhere. First of all, by making that visible effort, you are merely conceding the left wing worldview that right wingers are inherently silly and unbalanced.

Have you ever seen a left winger trying to distance themselves from Arundhati Roy? 

Have you ever seen a left winger admit that Roy is a troll and a loon?

No, they NEVER do that. They never concede even an inch. But through their high society airs, they create in ordinary right wingers the gnawing desire to become “respectable”, to earn their approval. As a result, ordinary right wingers get drawn into this losing game of making compromises.

Have you seen the other side making compromises? Have you seen the other side being apologetic while pushing the agenda of stone pelters in Kashmir? Have you seen the other side apologetic while comparing the Indian Army to General Dyer? Have you even seen left wingers apologetic about praising Naxals? But they have probably shamed you into telling your five year old child not to light a sparkler on Diwali for fear of having an adverse impact on the world.

They will make you long for their respect … they will make you dance around in circles trying to appease them, but they will not make the smallest concession to you. Understand this before you try to play their game.

You know the Nazis used to have special prisoner teams to look after the toilet halls at their concentration camps. These Jewish prisoners were known as the “Scheizekommando” (“Scheize” literally means “shit” in German). These Scheizekommando were covered from top to bottom in human excrement, but nevertheless they did have some powers. They could control which prisoners got to use the toilets.

So for five years Ranga uncle thought he was one of the authorities at the concentration camp. The reality, as Officer-in-Charge Abhinandan Sekhri  pointed out, is that Ranga uncle was only part of the “Scheizekommando”.

Any right wingers who are seduced by dreams of “respect” from the left wing ecosystem should understand that it’s the only position they will ever be qualified for.

Is Barkha Dutt about to switch political sides?

Wouldn’t that be ironic? Most of the right wingers who found voice in social media were triggered by the biased, dishonest reporting of Barkha Dutt. She was probably the spark that lit the fire of right wing revolution in social media.

But then, power brings with it many ironies.

It’s been over three years now. Barkha outside power corridors is like a fish outside water.

No wonder then that this happened :



The other side has its own Yashwant Sinhas. I would say Yashwant Sinha is a bit more honorable … at least he has leaned towards the Opposition instead of those in power. Means that Sinha isn’t exactly looking for any immediate gains.

But… well… Barkha, of course.

Which way would Barkha turn? Obviously towards those in power. Has it ever been any other way?

I am extremely certain that this is just a beginning. In the coming days, you’ll see Barkha (and many others like her) increasingly start ‘exposing’ their old cabal.

This movement also shows the *real* thinking among the old, out of favor darbaris of Lutyens’ Delhi. For the last 2-3 weeks, we have seen the darbaris falling over each other, praising each and every move of the Shehzada.

Did Rahul manage to go to the toilet instead of wetting his pants? He must be on a path to recovery.

Did Rahul manage to flush properly? He must be on a path to recovery.

Did Rahul baba manage to drink his milk without spilling any on his shirt? He must be on a path to recovery.

But then these are times of Diwali and even those who hate Diwali will do anything for tips.

But this nonsense about “Rahul revival” is only part of the desperate hopes of Lutyens darbaris. In the deep state, the thinking is very much that Modi is winning 2019 and it is time to start currying favor with the guys who are here to stay.

Which is actually strange, because I am supposed to be bhakt and I am still very unsure about 2019. The Mahagathbandhans are haunting me : I simply don’t see a clear path. Especially because BJP getting even 271 seats will mean that Narendra Modi will be Leader of the Opposition.  For Modi, it is 272+ or nothing.


This Diwali, why I am thankful for Arnab Goswami

First of all, a Happy Diwali to all of you folks.

And especially a Happy Diwali to all liberals who got intense bouts of acidity after seeing 2 lakh lamps lit by Yogi Adityanath in Ayodhya.

I think Aaj Tak’s Punya Prasun Bajpai was particularly triggered by the grand show in Ayodhya. I happened to have the misfortune of catching a bit of his special 10 pm program on Aaj Tak last night. I saw the poor fellow doing a roundup of every tragic incident everywhere in the country and sarcastically asking “If there was Ram Rajya, would XYZ incident happen?”

Way to try and make Hindus feel guilty about any kind of happiness. Yeah, we know that everything is not perfect … in fact … nothing is perfect in our massive country. And yet, just like Aaj Tak throws lavish parties spending crores celebrating this or that sidey media award every year, we the Hindus of India choose to celebrate every Deepawali. And tell you what Punya Prasun Bajpai, if there was Ram Rajya, ‘krantikari’ journalists like you would be out of business.

Isn’t Islam supposed to mean “peace” (it doesn’t, but that’s the lie they repeat a thousand times)? Go look at a world map and ask why we don’t have peace in any part of Dar-al-Islam. Did you know that 300 people were blown to bits in Somalia’s Mogadishu on Dhanteras day due to the Islamic outfit Al-Shabab? Go put a mike before Owaisi’s face and ask him why …

Give us a break on Diwali from your sarcastic jibes about ‘Ram Rajya’.

That brings me to Republic and why I am thankful for Arnab. I have always maintained that Arnab’s pro-BJP stance is most likely an act, but I couldn’t care less. Media today is about actors … and I am damn well delighted that at least one prominent actor is on our side. Naturally other actors like Ravish Kumar will be jealous of his success.

Never in my life did I think we would have English language news finally debating #AreHindusSoftTarget. Watch Republic’s Sunday Debate from last week and feel the joy as you finally get to hear what needed to be said for 70 years.

The silence has been broken… nay… it’s been shattered. Political correctness has been challenged at last.

I don’t even care if Republic digging up the crimes of the Dynasty brings additional votes to BJP. This is more than just votes, this is about giving breathing space to the buried of history of the Dynasty’s crimes over 70 years. Yesterday, they were talking about how Pakistan’s terror supporting Habib Bank had links to Bofors.

This stuff just needed to be said. It needed to become part of our recorded history. There are things that matter even beyond votes.

The story of the Dynasty’s evils needed to be told. It might not bring votes, it might feel old and boring and stale, but so what? Many school kids find history boring. It does not matter. The story needs to be told, it needs to become common knowledge that becomes part of our civilizational memory. Just like the crimes of Aurangazeb.

How many Hindus think about Aurangazeb every day? And how many do you think decide their voting choices based on their views of Aurangazeb? Probably less than 0.1%, maybe even less. But Hindus collectively remember the crimes of Aurangazeb and no amount of Audrey Truschkes can wipe it out with their motivated lies.

The Dynasty’s crimes need to be remembered that way. There’s 1984, but then there isn’t just 1984. There were a zillion other riots that the Dynasty inflicted upon our nation. There’s Bhopal Gas Leak tragedy. Who helped the bosses escape then? We all know. Remember the infamous Mumbai serial bomb blast? Sunil Dutt’s son received weapons from Abu Salem! Remember?

We don’t have the Mughals today. Same way, when we have Congress Mukt Bharat, let collective memory of Hindus always remember what the Congress did to us.

Latest columnist in The Indian Express once threatened to murder Modi and decapitate his followers

Imagine my surprise when I discovered in The Indian Express today their new columnist, Mr. Amaresh Misra.


Amaresh Misra? Seriously?

Those of us who remember social media from 2013 and 2014 are going to sit up at the mention of that name.

Amaresh Misra! Perhaps the most infamous of all pro-Congress trolls back in the day.

Yes, Misra was severely abusive. But that’s not the memorable part. This Amaresh Misra was known for making extremely violent threats. Please find here some golden nectar from the newest columnist for the Indian Express.


Obviously, it did not take Opindia much time to dig out these tweets.

Threatening to make blood flow like water? Threatening to kill Modi himself and his supporters. This must be the new style manual of The Indian Express. I bet Amaresh Misra has a job lined up for him at The Wire.

Sample these direct violent threats:


Of course! Threatening to shoot people dead is kind of what Amaresh Misra did on a near daily basis.

This is not free speech. This is not dissent. These are direct threats of violence. And obviously, he was arrested too for threatening to kill Modi himself.


Obviously a prize catch for The Indian Express. This is the face of the man who they present to their readers as a rational opinionator.

As I have been saying for a while, liberals want to impose on this country a form of apartheid. Things have advanced very far beyond garden variety hypocrisy. This now seems to be a very conscious choice that liberals are making.

For instance, after raising so much hell about online abuse, liberals are making a very conscious choice to approve of characters such as Amaresh Misra who threaten to decapitate BJP supporters.


This is apartheid, folks. What liberals are saying is that our lives simply don’t matter.

Till now the online right wing has actually taken the left wing mood very lightly.  We joke about the “hypocrisy” of the left. But it is not a laughing matter. The liberals are not just going selectively silent out of embarrassment or as a matter of convenience.

I believe that liberals have reached the point where they actively approve and want to encourage a form of apartheid in this country. A nation where Hindus will be certified second class citizens.

Take the case of Gurmehar Kaur. She claimed to have received threats (I tried, but I didn’t see any evidence of that beyond her word that these threats actually existed). The entire liberal ecosystem went nuts.

But the same Gurmehar Kaur actually tried to coerce a bunch of 18-19 year olds on Facebook for running a meme mocking her. This time liberals said nothing.

I don’t think liberals were silent because it would embarrass them. Liberals were silent because they had an apartheid like view of the situation : liberals have free speech rights, while right wingers simply don’t. What was there to talk about?

They don’t see “right wing”  as a political position. They don’t see right wingers as human beings. It’s like America in the days of slavery. Whites have rights. Black slaves don’t.

Take the case of the RSS leader who was murdered in Ludhiana today. Or the techie who was lynched by a mob in Bengaluru for trying to complain against illegal cow slaughter mafia. She was a woman, attacked by an entire mob of men. But feminists couldn’t care less.

Ludhiana and Bengaluru. Two large cities. They didn’t make headlines. The remote village of Dadri did … for more than a month.

It’s simple. Liberals have made it clear that certain lives matter and certain others don’t.  Liberal policy towards Hindus has changed from ordinary hypocrisy to outright apartheid.



Confirmed! India “slipping 45 places” in Global Hunger Index is FAKE NEWS

You must have seen this by now  from well known Modi baiters ever since the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) released the Global Hunger Index 2017.


I don’t care about the Modi baiters really, but the danger is that you might have seen this “news” being discussed on social media by common people who form the mostly well meaning neutral middle.

And that’s where the danger is.

Speak out…. speak around and talk to people and tell them that this is FAKE NEWS.

Technically it’s true though. India did stand at 55th position in 2014 and has slid to 100th position now.

So what’s the lie?

The key is that since 2014, the IFPRI has added 45 new countries to its consideration for the Global Hunger Index. These countries are all richer than India, as a result of which India’s ranking dropped like a stone from 55th to 100th!

Let me explain it like this. If Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi faced off against each other in an IQ test, BOTH of them would end up with ranks between 1 and 2.

But if say, 45  chaiwallahs who might have grown up at the railway station are allowed to join the contest along with Rahul and Priyanka, the ranking of the two Dynasts would immediately fall by 45 places.

Rahul and Priyanka wouldn’t get any dumber, they would just be competing with a bigger pool.

In fact, the IFPRI was so disturbed by the propaganda over the Global Hunger Index that it decided to release a special statement on “Interpreting India’s performance on the Global Hunger Index”.


Obviously, media outlets could have figured this out themselves by using some common sense, but chamcha outlets had something very different on their minds.


At best, the chamcha outlets pretended like it was a “he said/she said” situation when the BJP hit back against the propaganda. Any fool could have worked out the real reason by looking at the list, but then any fool would also know that they don’t get paid for publishing news … they only get paid for lying.


SIT probing Gauri Lankesh murder BUSTS source based reports published by Indian Express and others

The Special Investigation Team (SIT) probing the murder of Gauri Lankesh has finally released sketches of the suspects.


Now this is in itself a little surprising, considering that eminent liberals appeared to have solved the murder case within minutes of the news breaking on Twitter.

But here is the most telling statement from B K Singh, the head of the SIT.



No link found so far to the murder of Narendra Dabholkar? No confirmation on whether weapons used were same as that in Kalburgi murder?

Now let us read some screaming headlines in some allegedly “reputable” newspapers that have appeared over the last few days.

We’ll start with the Indian Express and its alleged journalism of ‘courage’.


Oh… that report was from “sources”. How clever.

The source based report made it all over the left wing ecosystem. The good folks at the Wire, renowned for their active imagination, wouldn’t let it pass, could they?


Anyway, why blame a marginal propaganda site like The Wire when Times of India itself picked up the “story”?


Only a few days ago, even more headlines appeared, loaded with unsubstantiated “news”. Here is Firstpost:


In the Gauri Lankesh case, the torrent of unsubstantiated “news” inevitably appears to lead back to The Indian Express. Firstpost has quoted this Indian Express report, which is indeed remarkable in that it even gives out the full names of the “Five key suspects” in the murder!


Can you believe that here is an allegedly reputable newspaper naming five people as “key suspects” out of thin air?

Even hours before the SIT released sketches of the suspects, The Indian Express published another report, which went thus:


This time The Indian Express did not even feel the need to put the onus on unnamed “sources”. They just reported it as an accepted fact that the investigation found the gun used to murder Gauri Lankesh to be the same as the one used to kill Kalburgi!

Obviously, things didn’t quite go the way The Indian Express wanted once the SIT actually spoke up. Here is the fourth paragraph of The Indian Express report on what happened at the SIT’s press conference.


Obviously, this part didn’t make it to the Indian Express’ headline. In the online version, it appears below three full paragraphs and then an embedded video. It is almost like the editors at The Indian Express didn’t want people to read it or something …

What do you think?


How the left keeps every last supporter happy : and the right fails miserably

You folks know that I read regularly outlets like Scroll … so you don’t have to. Guess what is the top post on Scroll today? This :


While I have often made mockery of the foolish electoral ways of the left (and the secular brigade in general), I have always been a fan of how well built and rock solid their ecosystem is.

In fact, while the last 30 years have all been about the progressive decay of the Congress and Left at the voting booth, the secular left ecosystem has only gotten stronger. This is a miracle in itself.

Can you believe what Scroll is doing here? Threats from right wing group? That’s supposed to be the threat? There is a meeting to celebrate 50 years of Naxal terrorism and they dare talk about “threats” from right wing groups?

What is next? This December, a bunch of rapists will have a conference to celebrate five years of Nirbhaya gangrape and Scroll will talk about how the conference received “threats” from other people?

Oh wait … the Naxalbari terrorism isn’t called “terrorism”. Just an “uprising.”

So let me ask this question. More than 100 million people supported Congress and Left in the election of 2014. Are they all supporters of Naxal terrorism? You probably have a Congress supporter … or likely several Congress/Left supporters in your friends and family and colleagues at work. Are they all supporters of Naxal terrorism?

Of course not. So, why then is the Congress/Left ecosystem patronizing the celebration of Naxal terrorism?

Because … the ecosystem knows how to keep every last one of its voters happy. 

Such is their strength. It does not matter if 1% or even 0.1% of their voters support Naxals, the ecosystem caters to every single supporter without exception. 

That is how unapologetic and ruthless they are. They are not shy of openly embracing even Naxal terror ideology to underline their ideological credentials.

Now compare to the blundering bozos of the so called right wing, who are always apologizing for their own existence.

I’m not a supporter of Nathuram Godse. I think only an insane (and possibly criminal) person would celebrate Nathuram Godse. I also think 99.9% of right wingers would disagree with Nathuram Godse.

But here’s the thing. If there was a conference in the same Mumbai where a bunch of people were going to shower praise on Nathuram Godse, you know what would have happened.

The RSS and BJP would be apologizing for such a conference even though they had no role in organizing it. The media would have picked it up and made it into huge news … and RSS/BJP leaders would feel guilty by default and rush to pre-emptively condemn it.

Would any right winger have the courage to talk about free speech rights of Nathuram Godse supporters? Would any right wing outlet have the courage to brazenly talk about the free speech rights of Nathuram Godse supporters?

Can you believe the tone of the Scroll article?


Standing firm? Standing firm in what? In their determination to publicly celebrate terrorism and mass murder?

Can you imagine a right wing outlet brazenly describing how Nathuram Godse supporters were heroically “standing firm” in their decision to go ahead with their celebration of Godse’s life?

Scroll didn’t even put a disclaimer or even the slightest condemnation in the article against Naxal terrorism. There was no need.

But see my blog post. Even I put a disclaimer saying that I am not a Nathuram Godse supporter. Because at some level, even I am suffering from the stigma that the left wing ecosystem has heaped upon the right.

That’s how the right has always been … too wary, too scared of being perceived as saying the wrong thing. The right is its own prisoner … they forget to even give themselves the benefit of doubt, they don’t even treat themselves as innocent until proven guilty.

This is the result of growing up under the thumb of an ecosystem that has so successfully marginalized the right wing. The RW has grown so used to justifying its own existence that they rush to apologize and condemn at the mere hint of blame against the right wing somewhere on the distant horizon.

See the bozos :


Why? Why pay tributes? Any murder anywhere is condemnable. That’s obvious. Repeat the obvious if it’s that important to you.

But why pay tributes? Do you think Gauri Lankesh has ever paid tribute to an RSS worker?

The seculars are busy celebrating fifty years of Naxal terrorism. The RSS leaders are busy paying tributes to Gauri Lankesh. This is how the left ecosystem wins.


Enjoy the present … because nothing is permanent in politics

Of course nothing is permanent anyway, but politics especially so.

So I would say step back and just take a look around. There simply isn’t much happening in the world of politics. And I’ll tell you this : BJP is ruling 13 states, has a full majority at the Center and is the largest in the Rajya Sabha.

A moment like this may not come again in a decade! In politics, the present is precious. Enjoy it 🙂

I’m not going to get angry or worked up about anything today. Why not enjoy the present for a moment? When was the last time the right wing did that?

In fact, I do not remember a time since 2014 when the RW has been breathing easy. It’s always about one election or another.

In previous blogs, I have pointed out that this paranoid attitude of the RW is actually a crucial tactic that has allowed the right to get ahead of its competitors. Because we all know that only the paranoid survive.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t chill once in a while.

We have before us possibly the easiest Assembly election of the whole term : in Gujarat. Soon after it is going to be a tense battle in Karnataka, a jittery wait for Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan and then the all out war for 2019.

And guess what? Even if Modi wins 2019 handily, I can bet you that the RW will be crying almost immediately as elections approach in Haryana, Maharashtra and Jharkhand.

Gujarat offers shelter. It is one place to rest and refresh and chill out for a little while before the battle for Karnataka begins. So enjoy it.

The Election Commission says that results from Gujarat will be on our table by Dec 18. The RW has two months to stay relatively chill … don’t miss it 🙂



Key to 2019 : Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh

It is really too early to start crunching numbers for 2019, but it is becoming clear what the main pegs on the chessboard are.

As much as we political nerds might wish, the public isn’t always thinking about elections. Right now, they are in a state of flux, evaluating the performance of their government, talking to their neighbors, trying to see if they are better or worse off than before. Of course, in the final six months, the election will “break” decisively in favor of one party.

So at the moment we can only get a sense of what are the big pieces on the board and which pieces to control.

In reality it is not two but three states that hold the key to the election : Gujarat, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. I didn’t include Gujarat in the headline because BJP is sure to dominate the state in 2019.

Here are the basic numbers :

UP (80 seats)

Maharashtra (50 seats)

Gujarat (27 seats)

If the numbers look wrong, that’s because I am counting the two Goa seats with Maharashtra and Diu seat (which is a union territory) as part of Gujarat.

Together, this adds up to almost 160 seats. For Modi, this is where the foundation for 2019 will come from.

Right now, the BJP is sitting on nearly 125 of these 160 seats. A repeat or even near repeat of this performance, say even 105 of these 160 seats will almost guarantee a Modi government in 2019.

Of course Modi and Shah are looking after Gujarat directly. Not much to worry there. Ultimately, the prestige of having a PM who is so closely identified with Gujarat will prevail over incumbency issues.

Let’s look at Uttar Pradesh now. After the historic 3/4 majority in March this year, it seemed that a Mahagathbandhan would be formed immediately. When Yogi Adityanath was pushed into the CM post (ahead of Keshav Maurya), I said that it was a desperate move. The upcoming Yadav + Muslim + Jatav mahagathbandhan left BJP with no choice but to clearly pit the 80% vs the 20%.

Six  months later, there is no sign of the mahagathbandhan. Mayawati tried to make a splash with a dramatic resignation, but she has achieved little more than receding further into oblivion. On the ground, Akhilesh Yadav has proved to be at least 10 times more listless as an opposition than I expected. He still seems to be licking his wounds, unable to recover from the scale of the defeat.

As a dynast, Akhilesh is likely inherently lazy. Whatever Mahagathbandhan they are working on, I see nowhere near the energy nor the urgency that two self made leaders: Laloo and Nitish showed in Bihar.

This does not mean that a grand alliance won’t be formed in UP, just that Yogi is facing a slightly easier battle than I expected.

The other state that is going absolutely great for BJP is Maharashtra. Fadnavis seems to have put himself very firmly in the saddle. One must remember that BJP was a perennial number 4 in Maharashtra … and the ride to No. 1 has been a long one. Especially considering the nature of Maharashtra : power in the state has always been held by satraps at the very local level … and the one who rules from Mumbai is the one who can secure the loyalty of maximum number of these feudal lords.

It is with this in mind that BJP has worked constantly to “dissolve” NCP within itself at the grassroots. This is mostly about talking to the local feudal lords and offering them a deal they can’t refuse.

I know that many BJP supporters will be disappointed with the inclusion of Narayan Rane. But that’s politics. He brings with himself multiple pockets of support in Konkan region. Every additional vote in Maharashtra matters now, especially because we simply can’t count on the Shiv Sena.

Ever since 2014, Fadnavis has been on a mission to win local elections and has done exceptionally well in this. He won 9/10 of the cities earlier this year and made BJP the number 1 party in Zila Parishads. There was some hope on the secular side that the BJP would struggle in rural Maharashtra, but the Gram Panchayat results have poured cold water all over that.

But pockets remain. Today as I write, the BJP has been beaten black and blue in Nanded, the den of Ashok Chavan. I think the results turned out something like Congress 58 and BJP 2. Yes, Nanded is like another Amethi, only worse because Nanded has a huge  Muslim population. But it shows that pockets remain where the Congress is just as strong as it was 50 years ago.

It is nearly impossible to predict an election 18 months in advance. But it is generally easy to identify the “dominant” player. We cannot say with certainty who will win an election on a given day, but we know who will win more “on average”. From independence till 2014, the Congress always had more MLAs in state assemblies than BJP. Yes, the Congress lost some elections, but we know they always dominated.

Like a game at the casino. We know that in the long run, the casino always wins. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good day when you win at the casino.

18 months before the Lok Sabha polls, it is too early to count seats. The strategy has to be focused on denying the Congress a chance to become “dominant”. Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh have always been the Congress’ 2 “reservoir states”, which gave them a respectable number of seats. The Congress is already finished in Andhra Pradesh. If Fadnavis can blank them out in Maharashtra, the Congress will never be dominant player in Indian politics again.