Thank you Shiv Visvanathan for your honesty

They say honesty is the best policy. And honesty should be appreciated even in a Mameluk or a fool. After publishing 16052014 articles on why Modi is Hitler, Modi is a monster, Modi crushes puppies, Modi eats babies, Modi drinks blood… DailyO finally published an honest confession:



That would be Mameluk Shiv Visvanathan, who can’t seem to stop confessing:

Mine is a depressing story. Every time I read the newspaper I feel like an alien.

Well, at least we can all relate to that part. Whenever we open the newspaper and see the glaring presstitution, we feel depressed too…

I cannot believe the country is responding to the BJP and PM Narendra Modi. I cannot believe that Amit Shah can be presented front stage and celebrated across India as a poster boy.

Are you crying, Shiv Visvanathan? If so, please send me a package full of your tears…I am making a swimming pool out of liberal tears…

When the RSS runs epidemic over the country, I wonder if my era, my sense of the country is outdated.

Short answer: Yes

For a man like me, who witnessed the 2002 Gujarat riots, Modi is a non-negotiable entity.

For people like me, born more than three decades after independence into a Soviet, socialist India, the Dynasty is a non-negotiable entity. But then everyone has her/his own negotiating position…and if there is one thing the Dynasty is known for, it is “negotiations”.

It is as if one is caught in a huge B-grade play with a country singing happy birthday to Frankenstein….

Frankenstein? Since you gave a reference from “Angrezi” fiction, I don’t want you to think any less of me and so I will give a reference from Angrezi. You have been sleeping like Rip van Winkle through the scams and riots under Queen Agusta and now you have suddenly woken up asking what has changed and why? B-grade dialogues are more of your preserve:

CJklW8zUsAANZxv (1)


Indians are convinced something will happen in science, in mobility in the job world and they believe the BJP is fine-tuning our universe for that coming. The hope and expectation that India is bestowing on the BJP is overwhelming. The media too has joined what one sociologist called “the great celebration.

“The great celebration” in the media? Is that the latest Orwellian term the media is using for the process of  cooking up stories like “church attacks” ?

An overall pass is what the nation and party wants. Pass is strategic because it means this combine is here to stay….The very idea of elections and governance has created a superficiality of assessments around Modi. All of Modi’s governance is atomised into little reports, coloured in bright tones as a nation gives pass marks to a regime.”

Whoa? Don’t you grudge Modi his pass marks now… Do you know how low the pass mark is? Chacha Nehru scored just 1.67% combined annual growth rate for the economy and awarded himself a Bharat Ratna for it. And you dare grudge Modi his pass marks?

A superficiality of assessments around Modi? You bet. Since you are being so honest, let me be honest too. The assessments around Modi have indeed been superficial. But did Modi  or his much reviled “Bhakts” tell the media to obsess with stories like church attacks, 10 lakh suit, Sahitya Akademi, Modi’s shawl, Modi’s mother, Modi’s wife, Modi’s degree? They did so due to their own personal hatred for Modi. Why were the assessments “atomized” into little reports? Because mediawallahs in their obsessive hatred tried to throw any pebble they could find at him…to cut him down somehow…just a little…even if the “breaking news” is the discovery of an extra space between “Damodar” and “Das” on his certificate… I wish as well the media had done the hard work and assessed Modi critically on issues such as road and rail infrastructure, ease of doing business, foreign investment, agricultural and industrial growth, job creation, rural electrification and Ganga cleaning…

The funny part of course is that you know complain about  “the very idea of elections and governance” creating superficiality around Modi. What happened? Because Pappu can’t win any, is he against elections now or what ? How did the “idea of elections” go against the “idea of India”?  You know …one of Pappu’s illustrious ancestors (another Bharat Ratna) did actually put into practice the idea of India without elections for a while…

The very idea of number and colour destroys the ambiguity, complexity and the greyness of the regime…. ”

Now you are just mumbling unintelligible gibberish. That’s the staple of intellectuals, I know…

Also dissent in an everyday sense has disappeared. A few hysterical outbursts like JNU makes intellectuals feel it has brought the BJP to bay without realising that it is destroying the university system thoroughly.

Wow…I am loving your honesty. So, you admit that dissent HAS HAPPENED. Oh, but …what a pity, dissent has only happened in “an everyday sense”. No armed overthrow of the elected government even… how sad! By the way, you left out the “everyday expression” of dissent by Commies via  beheadings and mass executions of helpless villagers across India… Anyways, thanks for realizing that the hysterical JNU outburst did nothing but screw you liberals over…

It is a shame that the BJP is destroying the university system; if by university system you mean that a bunch of political thugs should get paid to  enjoy free lodging in the posh area of the national capital, while millions of talented kids nationwide can’t get a decent primary school..

The idea of the public domain, in fact the notion of the public intellectual is anathema to this regime. The openness of public debate has given way to the reports of think tanks which specialise in interest group articulations. By sidelining movements and valourising think tanks, the regime has reduced political debate to a few policy choices which demand a Pavlovian response.

Yes, if there is one thing that characterized the UPA years, it was “openness”. Be it the “editorial changes” in the Ishrat report or the dealings of Agusta Patrakars…

Minorities often feel that they are not genuinely Indian as they follow the beliefs of their ancestors. In fact in creating a new culture of politics around patriotism, citizenship, loyalty, sedition, the BJP has distorted the politics of culture.

Oh the politics of “culture” has been destroyed by BJP! “Culture?” What a nice sounding Orwellian term to invent for “caste”! Oh…to be back in the good old days when politics happened around “culture” of Yadav and Brahmin and Dalit and Thakur and Leuva Patel and Jat and Gujjar and Lingayat… What is this horrible new politics around patriotism, citizenship and loyalty?

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Get well soon, Vrinda Gopinath

Whoa! It’s been two weeks since this article appeared on DailyO and I haven’t written a response! Friends, if you really want to see what a toxic cocktail of jealousy, obsession, hatred and bitterness looks like, please go click this article by Vrinda Gopinath here:

Why did bhakts go mum when Modi’s mother came to visit him?


First of all, this is yet another example of what I have been talking about recently: the Modi bhakt vilification industry is now almost as big as the Modi vilification industry itself. It goes to show just how pathetic these mediawallahs are at their job that they feel so seriously threatened by tweets and FB posts…or else multi-million $$$ media houses would not be repeatedly losing the propaganda battle to a bunch of twitter accounts..

The second thing I want you to notice is the keywords appearing in the text of the link, which will give you another peek into where this jealousy and personal hatred comes from.


The keywords  are: Modi, Heeraben, 7RCR, Bhakt, Jasodaben.

Perfect! “7RCR” and “bhakt”…these two words reflect their jealousy. They are jealous of the tea seller who made it to 7RCR! How did the tea seller do it?  And they are jealous of the ordinary bhakt beating their multi-million $$$ media houses in the propaganda game every single time…how are the bhakts doing this? Mystery indeed 🙂 And the mention of “Heeraben” and “Jasodaben” show how personal their hatred for Modi is..

Now, let’s get to the article itself:

Whoa, it’s been two days since Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted pictures of him wheeling his mother, 95-year-old, Heeraben, around the 7, RCR garden, his official residence, and there’s been a deadpan reaction from his official bhakts?… They neither made it trend nor was there any gushing online, despite the PM, primping with sentiment, tweeting that he had spent quality time with his mother after a long time…. So what is the story behind the imagery that Modi fans seem so unimpressed?

I know, right? How can it be that Modi “bhakts” are less obsessed about Modi’s family than his official haters are? These pictures came like 2 days before the election results and all that Modi “Bhakts”  could care about was the BJP’s performance in the elections rather than Modi’s family? What mysterious phenomenon is this? The grand old party has long stopped caring about election performance. Instead the grand old party focuses on what is truly important: family! How can it be that Modi’s bhakts aren’t the same way?


Modi has three brothers, a sister, several nieces and nephews, and their families; even an estranged wife, Jashodaben: why are there no family get-togethers or family portraits after Modi became PM?

So true! Good question! Must be investigated by CBI!  In an era when most political leaders can do their family meetings in Parliament Hall itself because they have given party tickets to every niece and every nephew, why is it that Modi doesn’t even put out any family portraits? I mean, Congress  uses family portraits in every piece of political propaganda:


has the fact that he sent her packing off within two days of her arrival, made his fans squeamish?

You know what I am wondering? I am wondering how ABP News sleuths have not gotten to investigating the incident and done an episode of “Viral Jhooth” about it.. Does 95 year old Heeraben really need a wheelchair or is she pretending to need one? Has ABP News become squeamish ever since they got caught lying about the health of the Prime Minister’s mother?


Vrinda Gopinath continues:

It certainly must have burned a hole in the beating hearts of the Hindutva brigade to watch poor Heeraben sent back home, denying her the official privileges of the best healthcare and comfort afforded to the prime minister of the country.

Again with the jealousy, she can’t stop talking about the comfort and privileges of the Prime Minister. Damn, how did a tea seller manage to get into that cool 7RCR when all these Shehzadas can’t ?

Now, Modi fans have a fetish for photo-shopping pictures of the PM, right from his early campaign days…. They were hilarious and even got him the label, “#Feku”.

Well, everyone has their faults. You know Rajiv G’s fans have a fetish for giving him credit for discovering everything from electricity to computers…


This however was taken very seriously and Rajiv G earned a Bharat Ratna for it, instead of a nickname.

the attempts to soften his edges may have propelled him and his propaganda team to tweet the “Mummy” pictures. … So, if his early life was lacklustre and meagre, it’s never too late to have a re-imagined personal history.

See? Didn’t I tell you they just can’t get over this? They just can’t get over the fact that someone whose early life was “lackluster” and “meager” became Prime Minister…While those with a “meager” and “lackluster” early life rule from 7RCR, the righteous ruler by birthright, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, languishes in the corner… Oh the injustice of it all..


And then Vrinda Gopinath wonders out aloud:

is he on the verge of getting a personality transplant? Is he the aggressive, ambitious leader with a killer instinct that is seen during campaigns, or is he the benevolent, unifying and respectful head of the country and doting son, all rolled into one?

A personality transplant for Modi? From “aggressive”  and “ambitious” to “benevolent, unifying and respectful”? You would like that, wouldn’t you 🙂 ?  Especially the “benevolent” and “respectful” parts…you know…”benevolent” to newstraders, “respectful” to the Sahitya Akademi…

Don’t worry Vrinda Gopinath, I get it. At a time when Sonia ji is still straddled with the task of raising Rahul so he can finally grow up and get a job, it is rather mean for Narendra Modi ji to rub it in their faces by tweeting out pictures that show the son dutifully wheeling his proud mother around, showing her what he has achieved with his life… It must be hard on you folks. Take care…

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In Modi’s Hindu rashtra, Mumtaz Bano has to take oath in the name of Ishwar!

In yet another outrageous instance of Hindu fascism in Modi’s India, this happened:

While being administered the oath of office by Governor Keshari Nath Tripathi, Mamata raised eyebrows by pledging to both “Ishwar” and “Allah” while taking the vow. “I, Mamata Banerjee, do pledge by the name of Ishwar and Allah that I shall…”


Mumtaz Bano won a sweeping electoral victory with 211/294 seats. Even the good Commies who kept Bengal under their tender loving care for 35 years never got numbers like that. Mumtaz Bano’s victory is, in fact, only second to Bidhan Chandra Ray’s 216/294 achieved in the 60s! And to think that Mumtaz Bano achieved this feat despite stiff opposition from her fellow secularists in the Congress, her fellow Communists in the CPIM and of course the trishul of fascism coming from Delhi…

And even though the BJP managed just 3 seats and just over 10% of the popular vote, the long shadow of Hindu fascism could be seen at Mumtaz’s swearing in ceremony, where she was forced to say:

I swear in the name of Ishwar AND Allah

Why Ishwar? And that too why does she have to say Ishwar before she says Allah? Can’t we as a nation accept Mumtaz Bano swearing only in the name of Allah? In Modi’s India, does an elected Chief Minister who just won a 2/3rd majority compulsorily have to invoke the name of Ishwar presumably to prove her patriotism? Is this how bad things have become?

If this is the condition of West Bengal, a state that has always followed forward looking policies of secularism and socialism, imagine how bad things must be elsewhere…

Following Mumtaz’s lead, a number of her ministers also took their oaths both in the name of Ishwar and Allah. Only a handful of ministers such as Abdur Rezzak Mollah, Firhad Hakim, Javed Khan and Giasuddin Mollah withstood the pressure to conform to majoritarian instincts of the Bengali people and took their oaths in the name of Allah alone.

This is another instance of how the unthinking fascists who are currently running riot in Indian public discourse undermine the sanctity of our nation, our constitution, our elected public offices, the legacy of our composite culture and indeed the  Hindu religion which bhakts consider sacred.

It was not meant to be this way. This was NOT the idea of India. When a high ranking elected representative takes oath, it is a very sacred moment. Forcing them to invoke Ishwar  makes a mockery out of a solemn occasion. Moreover, bhakts should understand that an  insincere mention of Ishwar undermines the Hindu religion they consider to be sacred. I am not saying there is anything sacred about Hinduism, just saying that bhakts feel that it’s sacred…


That a great administrator like Mumtaz Bano had to invoke Ishwar is yet another example of the Hindu right blackening the face of India. Decades later, maybe centuries later, long after Modi is forgotten and Mumtaz Bano is remembered as a magnificent worldwide symbol of good governance, I am sure that jealous Bhakts of the future will hatch conspiracy theories like Mumtaz Bano started her life as a Hindu called Mamata Banerjee…  😉

Pathetic, historically challenged, illiterate Hindu bhakts …

Okay, jokes apart 🙂  Mamata deserves some credit here! Every secular politician in India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari is shaking her/his head right now and wondering why they didn’t think of this before! Nitish Kumar must be kicking himself. He believed in all those Prashant Kishore strategies but still ended up far behind Lalu who won with this “charming”, “witty” and “earthy” message of casteism that all Delhi based journalists find so endearing… And still PK couldn’t come up with something so elementary. And Nitish thinks PK can strategize all the way to the PM’s chair! Ha!  This is definitely the beginning of a trend…

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Letter from a Bhakt: I am ready to forgive you mediawallahs

Narendra Modi can legitimately claim to be the most vilified politician of the last five decades. From domestic Indian media to academia and their contacts in America and Europe and Canada and Australia, who else has faced a campaign of systematic slander as he has? He won the greatest democratic mandate in human history with 170 million votes. And yet the media routinely glorifies groups of thugs (pretending to be “students” for purposes of leeching off the public exchequer) who actually stand in front of giant Stalin and Mao posters and vehemently criticize Modi for being a “dictator” and “mass murderer”!  Oh…the irony…

But this post isn’t about Modi. It’s about how someone else is now beginning to give Modi some very serious competition for the title of “most vilified” in public discourse.

I am talking about the online rightwinger, the Modi bhakt…


Here’s yet another article from an mediawallah complaining about the existence of Modi bhakts:


Indeed, I am going to ask this question today. Why is it that news media is so deeply troubled by Modi bhakts and always tries to put them in the news for the “filthiest of reasons”? All news is manufactured these days…so this has nothing to do with actual actions of Modi bhakts…

If news was real, media would care more about this:

than fighting the “scourge of Modi bhakts”. Mind you that fighting Bhakts is no timepass for mediawallahs, it sometimes seems like their full time job. Earlier this year, when a military base in Pathankot was under terrorist attack, journos spent more time covering the embarrassment of “Modi bhakts” than the actual terrorist attack! Go to their timelines and see…

Isn’t this spectacular? Can you imagine this: terrorists have attacked a military base and all that our journos care about is the reaction of anonymous twitter accounts? Trolling happens all over the planet, but it is hard to imagine journos in some other country worry about trolls during a terror attack…

It’s a symptom of how deeply deeply rattled the MSM in India has become by the emergence of right wingers in social media. If the low IQ morons who work in “journalism” had any brains, they would be analyzing this fascinating phenomenon.

Let’s see. The mediawallahs have huge public platforms to themselves. They are on TV each night. They own the newspapers. Even on the internet, they have established well funded media platforms. On the contrary, the right wing defense consists of near amateur websites like Opindia, one magazine (Swarajya), a blog or two like Mediacrooks thats updated twice a month and Indiafacts which is updated maybe once a week. In contrast, leftie rag posts 6-10 articles every single day! What are they so scared of? Sample this moment:

That’s Punya Prasun Bajpai, top primetime news anchor of India’s #2 News channel (#1 channel when Bajpai said these words), complaining to Amit Shah that he can’t get his message across because of online Bhakts!

If there was ever a David vs Goliath battle this is one! The #1 primetime anchor of the #1 news channel vs someone on Twitter or FB! And Punya Prasun Bajpai can’t make himself heard…lol.

Now, for the most part, we on social media have gone with the assumption that the media vilifies Modi bhakts because it is insecure about the rise of new voices outside their control. We assume that the media is LYING when they complain about the scourge of bhakts.. It’s a sane, rational assumption and it may well be true. But today I am going to flip it and ask:

What if the mediawallahs are NOT LYING? What if the mediawallahs are genuinely feeling that their voices are being drowned out by online rightwingers?

Well, the conclusion then is inescapable. The media people REALLY SUCK at their job. And they KNOW that they suck at their job. Indeed, if Punya Prasun Bajpai feels he cannot make himself heard through primetime on Aaj Tak but someone putting out anonymous tweets can, imagine just how badly you SUCK at your job Mr. Punya Prasun Bajpai.

It’s like you are flying a jet plane through the sky scared that I might chase  you down on a bicycle… Shame on you.

You mediawallahs should have admitted that upfront. Perhaps the Bhakts would have taken pity on you then. Perhaps then we wouldn’t have been so severe when fools like you don’t know the colors in the National Flag or that sickle cell anemia has nothing to do with living standards… Recently, Shoaib Daniyal, resident scholar at Troll who writes long articles dissecting Bankim Chandra and Aurangazeb, was asking on Twitter if Konkani is one of India’s recognized languages…evidently he has never seen the back of a currency note…and is too dumb to even look up stuff on Wikipedia…

You know, you mediawallahs could have told us this stuff upfront. You could have said that you with your million dollar media houses are no match for a guy who takes out a little sliver of time each day to quickly tap something out on the keyboard. Apparently, it takes you a lifetime to achieve what bhakts can do in the space of a few minutes…

But instead of just admitting the truth, you people carried the charade too far. The BA journalism types insisted that they were intellectuals, thinking grand thoughts … And now all of you are unnerved because social media provided a pathway for people to toss out your rubbish ideas in a matter of minutes.

Here’s an idea. Back off. Apologize. Admit to your low IQ. Maybe Bhakts will forgive you…Deal?

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#IITs: Thoughts on Indian education

With Modi sarkar completing 2 years in office, I wondered to myself what would be befitting to write about on such an occasion. I was about to write about the Rishi Kapoor and Senior Bachchan controversies being played out in the media, but I felt this was too trivial a subject to talk about on such a day. After some thought, I felt that I should write about what I feel is the most important sector a nation can possibly have: education.

The biggest resource in India is people. I have always felt bad that India is not particularly rich in coal, oil or uranium, but the one thing we do have is people. And we must remember that ultimately people are what make all resources possible. Nothing is a resource until we know how to use it.

So, this is the biggest new announcement in the Indian education sector:

The Union Cabinet which met today gave its ex post facto approval to amend The Institutes of Technology Act, 1961 for incorporation of new IITs at Tirupati (Andhra Pradesh), Palakkad (Kerala), Dharwar (Karnataka), Bhilai (Chhattisgarh), Goa, Jammu (Jammu and Kashmir) and conversion of Indian School of Mines (ISM), Dhanbad to an IIT under the law.


Now I see the utility in having more IITs. We have a huge crop of millions of bright young minds springing up every year and providing them with a sound education is an enormous challenge. But can I go out on a limb and say that “creating more IITs by government order” is not a good solution?

First and foremost, the government simply wishing new IITs into existence by amending a law does not create new world class institutions by itself. Worse, it risks diluting the “IIT brand”, which is a truly powerful global brand. As such, I strongly feel that these new institutions should be created not as IITs at birth, but as “wannabe IITs”.

Let me explain. I mean that these new institutes should have a new name…like Indian Institute of Science and Technology (think of something)…with the possibility of being “upgraded to IITs” at a later stage. This upgradation would happen when the new institutes are able to reach a certain level in number and quality of faculty and most importantly research output. This could be assessed, for instance, every 3 years, with only a fixed number of  institutions to be allowed for upgradation every year. For instance, out of these six new institutions, you could have a provision that not more than 2 can be upgraded to IITs within 6-8 years. This coveted IIT status would bring with it massive prestige and huge increases in funding. This would spark off tremendous competition between the institutes. As a deeply right wing person, I tend to think that the way to improve most things lies in higher competition.

On the other hand and this would be even more controversial…it should be possible…at least in theory to downgrade existing IITs if they screw up on their research output. To make it more interesting, whenever an existing IIT is downgraded, it opens up an extra IIT slot for someone else to fill 🙂 Imagine the condition of a downgraded ex-IIT, which would immediately set off an exodus of its best faculty and a massive loss of face. This fear should definitely set the cat among the pigeons 🙂 🙂

Of course, measures like this are hard to take for any government. Because it is much easier to give out feel good headlines like “6 new IITs”.

Of course, the problems of Indian education run much deeper. The first and foremost problem is to fix the “leaky pipeline” from primary education to college. The vast vast majority of Indian kids never have a chance to be in a decent  primary schools, which is by far our biggest problem. This is a criminal waste of human resources, akin to Saudi Arabia deliberately setting fire to their own oil wells. The real reform cannot come from creating more IITs, but from better primary schools. On this front, government schools can only go so far. Teachers in most states are unmotivated, hired usually due to favoritism and fake degrees are an epidemic. We need BIG change.

We need the charter model of schooling, which is sweeping the US right now. Instead of opening up schools, the government attaches the money to each student. A charter school, which is a private institution, collects the money from the government  for each student it admits. The key is that the charter schools all compete with each other to admit students and parents are completely free to pick the school they want. This model would be even more successful in India, where parents, no matter how uneducated themselves, understand the value of education. I believe that this is one of our greatest cultural advantages. Indians value education. We have a deep seated 5000 year old reverence for knowledge. This is a trait that I have found to be missing in America…where people in the “lower strata” often don’t seem to care about school as much. This is probably also a result of the complete breakdown of the American family at lower levels of the economic ladder, hastened by welfare policies that make it easier for a 16 year old American girl to knock out a couple of kids and go on public assistance rather than make something of herself by getting an education. Marriage is generally not an option because that would actually reduce welfare payments. No wonder that households like this, with single parents who dropped out of school at 15-16 and with kids from several fathers, don’t really understand the importance of education. Please note that this is not a moral opinion on personal sexual conduct or lifestyle choices of people, just an assessment of the perverse incentives created by the current American system.

Such a charter system may not be too far to achieve even in India. Take the midday meal scheme. The government has already partnered with private organizations like Akshay Patra to provide these meals rather than have the school cook the meals. Now all we must do is adopt the same model for the actual academics of the school as for the midday meals. In fact, under RTE, the government already has a model where private schools are paid by the state for each student they take. Now RTE has MASSIVE problems with the issue of minority institutions … in fact it is Sonia Gandhi’s prescription to finish off Hindu educational institutions (which deserves its own post). I am not praising RTE, just noting that the government has already in place a system of paying schools per student. It just needs to be expanded.

Well, thats just my 2 cents on Indian education. Of course the issue is vast and probably deserves a blog dedicated just to it… let me know what you folks think…I just thought that on the 2nd anniversary of the Modi government, I would talk about a difficult and heavy subject rather than some transient cable news media driven issue.

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PS: The last time I threw out a one-line guess on a risky topic, I won and Amma returned to power in TN. So, I am encouraged to make another. After watching Modi’s Saharanpur rally, I am making another: Rajnath is BJP’s CM face for Uttar Pradesh. 



#Batla House: Excerpts from a history book of the future

Friends, I have some fantastic news. Last night, I became the first Indian and in fact, the first human to travel into the future using a time machine, thus fulfilling another of Rajiv Gandhi’s dreams. While touring the future, I was awed with the glorious India of tomorrow that I saw, an India where every single one of Rajiv Gandhi’s dreams has come true. It turns out that in the future, all school boards have been replaced by a single board called Rahul Gandhi Board of School Education (RGBSE) administered by JNU. I happened to pick up some of these history books of the future. Their covers were adorned with pictures of national heros such as Aurangazeb, Lord Macaulay, Mahmud Ghazni, Teesta Setalvad and Kanhaiya Kumar. In the future, school students under RGBSE have to take not one but two papers in Indian History, called:

Paper I: Evils of Hindu caste system

Paper II: National heros and India’s war of independence.

I was reading through the chapter on National heros when I happened to come across the chapter on Mohammad Sajid, the man who escaped minutes before the Batla House encounter and has now appeared in an ISIS video. I present to you in full this chapter, written by an eminent historian who has since received chairmanship of ICHR, a Sahitya Akademi Award, a Rajya Sabha seat and one all expenses paid trip to USA.


India was passing through a very difficult phase in May 2016. The dictator Modi was strengthening his grip on the country, celebrating two years of grabbing power from in Delhi. His empire appeared unshakable. You could travel from Kashmir in the North to Kanyakumari in the South without passing through a single Congress ruled state. There was all around despair. 

And then, one fine morning in May 2016 came the voice of Mohammad Sajid in exile in the Islamic State. For the tortured people of India who had begun to fear that he might be dead, it was a moment of rejuvenation. It was no less of a moment of jubilation for the suffering masses than the time people had heard Subhas Chandra Bose address the people of India from Tokyo in 1943 on Azad Hind radio. 

Mohammad Sajid’s story, his dramatic escape from Batla House encounter minutes before the police got there, had already passed into folklore. For Indians, it brought back memories of Subhas Bose’s dramatic escape from house imprisonment in Calcutta. But as the years passed, people had gradually come to believe that he was dead. But when Mohammad Sajid addressed the nation from Syria, it was a moment of renewal for the idea of India.

Mohammad Sajid was born in an influential Muslim family in Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh. His father wanted him to become a lawyer, but Sajid himself had other interests. After receiving a sound education from St. Stephen’s College and JNU, Sajid joined the nationwide movement for peace. 

This was happening at a particularly crucial moment, when national peace was seriously threatened by the demolition of Babri Masjid in December, 1992. Although the top leadership of the peace movement largely favored caste riots and corruption scams as a means of dealing with the communal fascism, Mohammad Sajid favored a more confrontational approach that quickly gained currency among many of the younger cadres. 

This set Mohammad Sajid and his young supporters on an inevitable collision course with the leadership of the peace movement. Matters came to a head in May 2004, when there was a formal split between the pro-corruption and pro-militancy factions of the movement.

The most dramatic turn came in September 2008, at Batla House (now a National Museum) in Jamia Nagar neighborhood of Delhi (now renamed Atif Amin Azad Nagar), where Mohammad Sajid and some of his fellow revolutionaries found themselves surrounded by the police. Atif Amin fought bravely but was outnumbered, ultimately dying from his injuries. Mohammad Sajid managed to escape. The encounter became a rallying point for the Indian masses. Top leaders even from the pro-corruption wing of the peace movement came to pay their respects and some broke down in tears. A bronze statue now marks the spot where Atif Amin laid down his life… It was inaugurated in the year 2035 by President Romila Thapar.

Mohammad Sajid traveled much the same way Subhas Bose did, crossing the difficult terrain of Pakistan and Afghanistan, then on to Russia, from where he made his way to the Islamic State disguised as an Italian diplomat. Once in Raqqa, Mohammad Sajid obtained an audience with the Caliph Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, who promised him help in his  struggle to bring peace to India. Mohammad Sajid settled down in Raqqa, from where he began to recruit a volunteer force of liberators through the internet.

Once formed, Mohammad Sajid’s  Idea of Indian National Army (IINA) began its forward march with the slogan “Ayodhya Chalo”, resolved to fight till the last tweet and the last FB post. As he marched, foreign patrons of Indian NGOs made huge donations to him, determined to support his cause. However, his luck had turned on him and time was running out. Victorious American-Zionist forces were pouring into the Islamic State and the Caliph Abu-Bakr Al Baghdadi committed suicide in his bunker on May 5, 2017. Two days later, Mohammad Sajid was on a flight from Raqqa to Karachi with all the treasure collected from donors when it crashed. The treasure was never found.

Meanwhile, the surrendered volunteers of the IINA were taken into custody by Modi’s Army and accused of sedition. And thus began the historic IINA trial at Delhi’s Red Fort in August 2017, where leading lawyers such as Ashish Shaitan and Sant Sri Topiwal personally appeared as defense counsel. The dramatic trial  was shown live on Nehru Dynasty Television…and a nationwide clamor for their release began to reach a fever pitch. Hundreds of Sahitya Akademi Awards were returned. However, as part of non-violent resistance against the Modi government, the Sahitya Akademi Awardees did not return the prize money. Ultimately the government buckled and the IINA volunteers were given amnesty. 

Despite winning that round, the episode left the Modi government fatally weakened. Just 2 years later, in 2019, the Modi Empire officially collapsed and the dream of `Bharat mein Azaadi’ was achieved. 

In modern India, Mohammad Sajid’s statues mostly appear at roundabouts in the public square: he is shown with one little finger raised in the air and a fountain shooting out of him.”

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By comparing Modi to Hitler, Liberals show there is no place even for a democratically elected Hindu leader in India’s political system

I am a great fan of Shoaib Daniyal and his revisionist approach to history, from finding the benevolent benefactor of India’s masses in Aurangazeb to uncovering the evil communal tyrant in Bankim Chandra Chatterjee…  So, when I woke up to find this article in Troll, thoughts came flooding into my mind…



Suddenly, I realized that Mr. Daniyal’s way of thinking can be extended to understand how, by comparing Modi to Hitler,  Indian liberals are showing that there is no place for a democratically elected leader in India’s politics.

Let’s take Mr. Daniyal’s article bit by bit:

In August 2015, New Delhi’s Aurangzeb Road was renamed APJ Abdul Kalam Road by the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party. On the surface, this was done because Aurangzeb wasn’t a very nice man – or so goes most of popular Indian history. Of special note are his policies that supposedly discriminated against non-Muslims and his support for puritanical religion: a special tax on non-Muslims, temple destruction banning music and so on. So terrible is Aurangzeb’s image in modern India that not only Hindutva ideologues but even liberals and some left-wingers came out in support of the renaming.

For decades,  liberals across India protested against the  actions of the RSS. On the surface, this was done because RSS aren’t very nice people – or so goes most of popular Indian liberal discourse. Of special note are their policies that supposedly discriminate against non-Hindus and support for puritanical religion: support for Uniform Civil Code, equal status for Kashmiris with rest of Indians, beef ban and so on. So terrible is the RSS image in liberal circles that not only Congis but even mediawallahs and lots of intellectuals came out against the RSS.

Now, after Aurangzeb, the BJP has set its sights on Akbar Road, another street in Lutyens’ Delhi…..the party’s national spokesperson, Shaina Chudasama – who, in a rush of enthusiasm, declared that Akbar was like Hitler.”

Now, after RSS, Indian liberals have set their sights on Prime Minister Modi, the elected leader of India. Liberal organization Awaaz, in a rush of enthusiasm, fused the Om Symbol with the Nazi Swastika and showed Modi wielding a sinister sword:


Let’s read Shoaib Daniyal’s article further:

Aurangzeb and his great-grandfather Jalaluddin Akbar are the Cain and Abel of popular Mughal history. Even while Aurangzeb is reviled, his great-grand father Akbar shines through as an embodiment of the Idea of India: a broad-minded, catholic ruler who united the large parts of the subcontinent under one flag and also happened to be Muslim….. That even Akbar is now being targeted shows just how far to the Right India has moved. From now, practically no Muslim can stake a firm claim to be a part of the country’s historical pantheon – not even if you were one of the country’s most powerful emperors in all of its history.

RSS/Hindutva on the one side and ordinary Hindus/democratic elections are the Cain and Abel of our political system. Even while RSS and Hindutva are reviled by liberals, acceptance of ordinary Hindus and their democratically elected leaders used to be an embodiment of the idea of India. Modi is a Prime Minister who received 170 million votes but also happens to be a Hindu. That even Modi is being cast as a Nazi shows just how far to the left Indian liberals have moved. From now on, no Hindu can stake a firm claim to be a legitimate Indian Prime Minister – not even if you have won the largest democratic mandate in the entire history of humanity.

Akbar made alliances with Hindu Rajputs, who were the backbone of his army – even at Haldighati, Akbar entrusted his forces to a Rajput, Man Singh (who has his own Delhi road).

The elected BJP governments have made alliances with Muslim National Conference and PDP in Kashmir. Even while picking an Indian President for the first time, the BJP picked a Muslim, Dr. AP J Abdul Kalam (who has his own Delhi road).

Jalaluddin, it seems, even left formal Islam, founding a religion called the Deen-e-Ilahi, angering the Muslim clergy – a grudge held till today by conservative Muslims.

Modi it seems even gave a slogan of “Pehle Shauchalaya, fir Devalaya” (Toilets first, temples later), angering many conservative Hindus, a grudge held by many even today…

However, in spite of these spades of liberalness, why is Akbar in the cross-hairs today?

However, in spite of winning the largest democratic mandate in human history, why is Modi being called a Nazi today?

The answer is simple: the powerful demand to strike out Akbar Road shows rather clearly that the move to rename Aurangzeb Road had very little to do with the character of Aurangzeb itself. …any Muslim ruler simply has no place in the popular historical imagination as an Indian anymore.

The answer is simple: the powerful demand by liberals to label Modi as Hitler has very little to do with the size of Modi’s mandate. Any Hindu ruler simply has no place in liberal imagination as an Indian anymore.

While Akbar and Aurangzeb are attacked for their faults – an easy enough thing to do given how different modern values are from medieval times – Pratap is let off. Temple destruction is a hot topic of debate but untouchability and caste is silently forgotten. Tsunamis of uninformed outrage crash onto the internet over the Mughal treatment of Hindus but there is pin-drop silence on the Rajput treatment of Dalits.

While RSS and Modi are attacked for their faults – an easy enough thing to do given that neither of them has imposed Emergency, the Dynasty is let off. Beef ban in Maharashtra by BJP is a hot topic of debate but beef ban imposed by Congress in entire North India is silently forgotten. Tsunamis of uninformed outrage crash onto the internet over BJP’s treatment of Kanhaiya Kumar, but there is pin-drop silence on the hacking to death of Bajrang Dal worker Prashant Poojary in Karnataka.

In the end, the personal qualities of the icons India choses is hardly the matter here – it is their religious community. India is simply hurtling towards becoming a mirror image of Pakistan. Pakistan’s Muslim nationalism disallows it from accepting non-Muslims into its popular historical pantheon. The country literary begins its history from the time Islam enters Sindh….

In the end, the personal qualities of the icons Indian liberals choose is hardly the matter here – it is their religious community. India is simply hurtling towards becoming a mirror image of Pakistan. Pakistan’s Islamism disallows it from accepting non-Muslims and democratically elected leaders into its political pantheon. Indian liberals begin India’s history from the time Jawaharlal Nehru became Prime Minister and conceived the idea of India…

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Leading Lutyensites speak out about two years of Modi government

Note: This is a satirical post containing imaginary quotes from leading Lutyensites on two years of Modi government. This post is in response to this recent article in : 

Modiversary: India’s favorite right wing luminaries look back at the last two years

In only 3 days, the Bhakt in me will be wildly celebrating the two year anniversary of Modi the great, Modi the powerful, Modi the illustrious, Modi the conqueror. On May 26, I will be taking out an ad like this worshipping Mahatma Modi ji …


For full disclosure, it must be mentioned that while I have received thousands of crores in payment from BJP for running this Bhakt blog, the payment for this ad will come from a special taxpayer funded endowment of Rs. 526 crores meant for the use of Bhakts like me.

However, in the interests of fairness, I decided to contact some of the leading secular intellectuals of our time. Of late, news anchors working for multi-million dollar companies have been feeling that their voice is being suppressed by a spate of tweets and FB posts by Modi bhakts, so I thought it was my moral responsibility to give them a chance to have their say.

Here are their responses verbatim:

Rajdeep Sardesai: “Asshole! I’d punch you in the mouth if you had the guts to show your face. Go ask your mother what I did to her last night.“.

Sorry, Rajdeep. Seems your account is hacked again.

Barkha Dutt: “Wow, I can’t believe that a sexist Bhakt would seriously contact a woman asking for her views. I have been suffering endless sexist attacks from you and your friends, such as accusations of having two Muslim husbands and my voice being on the Radia tapes. In any case, everything that you would like to know is already in my book. You can buy it on Amazon, Flipkart and be sure to leave a positive review. If you give me a bad review, I will contact Amazon to have the review removed“.

Don’t worry Barkha. If you threaten me with a lawsuit, I will delete my review and this blog post. I apologize to you in advance.

Saba Naqvi: “In the last two years, Hindu right wing has been blackening the face of India before the whole world with church attacks and Dadri and rape of a Christian nun  in West Bengal. Bhakts have given a communal color  to everything, starting from the rape of a Ramakrishna Mission nun in Bengal to the killing of Prashant Poojary in Karnataka. A Christian school is broken into in Delhi and Rupees 8000 stolen in cash and Bhakts have nothing better to do than give a communal color to the lynching of some dentist in Delhi. They have hanged Yakub Memon for being a Muslim terrorist. Despair and gloom everywhere. When I was landing in ISRO’s Reusable Launch Vehicle looking over India’s landscape, I noticed that the nationwide hope of Acche Din in 2014 has been replaced by a foreboding sense of bad times. ”

Thanks Saba for remembering all the important stuff happening in the country, such as the drought that is killing people…

Ravish Kumar: “I have been walking across the length and breadth of this nation, speaking to Brahmins, Bhumihars, Rajputs, Thakurs, Lalas, Yadavs, Kurmis, Lodhs, Dalits, Jatavs, Gujjars, everyone… I have been seeing the suffering of the Jats in Haryana, the Kapus in Andhra Pradesh, the Patidars in Gujarat and the Rajputs in Uttar Pradesh. What is your caste, by the way? The other day I was  in Agra. The local BJP MP is Ram Shankar Katheria, himself a Dalit himself. So, in order to find out the condition of Dalit Jatavs, I asked my Yadav driver to stop the car near a Dalit Jatav slum and went with my Bhumihar cameraman to interview the locals. We sat down at a tea stall run by a Dalit and began to speak to the youth. One of them told me that for Dalits, the last 2 years of the Modi government  have been like Munshi Premchand’s Thakur  ka kuan

(We had to truncate Ravish’s email here, because the rest of it contained a full word to word rendition of Premchand’s story Thakur ka kuaan)

Thanks Ravish Kumar ji. You are indeed India’s best reporter. The nation will never forget your contribution towards fighting the problems of caste division among the people.

Hartosh Singh Bal : “We have gone from the Cambridge educated Nehru to the Modi who may or may not have a degree from Gujarat University.  We have gone from Indira Gandhi who used to drink tea in Whitehall to a tea boy who served tea in a public train… what a shame! The people of India today are being kicked around worse than a rugby ball in an English public school in the Midlands….Please do not email me back since I do not participate in any debates where everyone does not agree with me.”

Yes, Hartosh, the story of India since 1947 is a steep downward curve, much like your own professional life; starting out as a failed mathematician and ending up as a successful journalist.

Prof. Amartya Sen: “I didn’t vote for Modi, but after seeing the results of the election, I reluctantly decided to allow him to rule. Two years into his term, I am seriously considering withdrawing my consent“.

Thank you Prof. Sen. We the people didn’t want to give you Rs 2700 crore, but we reluctantly allowed you to have your way. After seeing what you built, we already decided to withdraw our consent.

Tarun Tejpal : “Modi’s elevation to PM has seriously damaged communal harmony in this country. Before RSS/BJP raised their ugly heads, people of India would live in peace like brothers and sisters. Speaking of which, do you have a sister? Can you send me her pictures? Oops…look what I typed out by mistake… Damn…my fingers have betrayed me again…

No worries, Tarun. My sister is a “liberated, emancipated, modern woman” like your lawyer used to say and so she does not mind comments like these from people like you. There is no need to do any penance that lacerates you or anyone else…

Aakar Patel: “Nehru was fluent in English. Indira was fluent in French. Sonia is fluent in Italian. But, Modi is fluent in Gujarati and Hindi. A symptom of the degradation of the levels of thought in national political discourse. We have gone from European levels of refinement to Indian levels of chaos.

Sorry, Aakar! You failed the Turing test. I know you are not a real human.


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Will BJP lose Chhattisgarh?

So, the recent crash of Congress fortunes in Assam and 3 other states caused all round panic in Delhi TV studios, leading to huge headlines trashing the Dynasty in a way they didn’t even dare to do after May 2014. Clearly, something has snapped somewhere and Mameluks sense  that their lifetime investments in the Congress party may be under threat. From piling on Rahul Gandhi to feverishly talking about “Congress mukt Bharat”, the current round of headlines couldn’t be more pleasing for our eyes.

But we have to remember that headlines aren’t reality. Especially headlines created by low IQ Dynastycrooks who are currently in panic mode.  So, before we are seduced by them into a comforting illusion, we must evaluate our position carefully with respect to the goal of Congress mukt Bharat.

It is in this regard that Chhattisgarh becomes supremely important. With the possible rise of Congress fortunes in Punjab hit hard by the presence of AAP, the state that I most think about these days is Chhattisgarh. Can the BJP win Chhattisgarh again in 2018? The result of Chhattisgarh will be magnified especially by the fact that the state goes to polls barely 6 months before the LS 2019 elections, along with Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

If you want to know why I am totally sure about winning Rajasthan, see my old  article here.

And Congress wont recover any time soon in Madhya Pradesh. So, it’s all about Chhattisgarh.

On paper, Chhattisgarh is poised in a very risky situation. In the 2013 polls, the BJP’s vote share exceeded the Congress merely by 0.4%!!! Going by traditional wisdom, the state should be ripe for the Congress to pick up in 2018, with Raman Singh straddled with 3 term incumbency.

But this is where I think that stuff gets really interesting. The BJP can’t possibly win Chhattisgarh in 2018 in the “traditional way”. The state can only be saved by some smart realpolitik. In fact, the BJP saved Chhattisgarh in 2013 itself with some masterstrokes of realpolitik…what with a small party mysteriously appearing in the state a few months before the elections with lots of funds and lots of helicopters only to disappear the day after the results..a vote cutter that made the Congress lose as many as 8 seats in 2013 🙂

So, what are the BJP’s options for 2018 in Chhattisgarh? The key is of course the old fox Ajit Jogi. Jogi is really the only mass leader that Congress has in the state and there is no way Congress can win without him. Jogi wants the Congress to project him as Chief Minister, which is simply not going to happen since Madam herself is absolutely furious with Ajit Jogi. His son Amit Jogi has been kicked out of the party by Rahul Gandhi himself for “fixing” elections with the BJP. There can hardly be any doubt that Jogi fixes elections …the prime example being the Antagarh bypoll in 2014, when the Congress candidate simply withdrew his candidature, giving BJP a walkover. Tapes later surfaced of Amit Jogi fixing the whole thing with Raman Singh’s aides…which led to Amit Jogi being kicked out of the Congress. But, Ajit Jogi always plays dirty and the dirt never seems to affect him…

Otherwise Ajit Jogi’s career would have ended long ago, when Congress lost the polls to BJP in the 2003 Chhattisgarh poll by a 37-50 margin and BJP leader Baliram Kashyap (now departed) brought forth tapes of Jogi  offering cash to defect to the Congress…

There is an interesting side note here that speaks of how many opportunities the Vajpayee government missed. In that infamous phone conversation with Ajit Jogi , there is this key episode:



Yes, he took Queen Agusta’s name and offered to have Baliram Kashyap speak to her directly… 

Understandably, this part of the transcript with Queen Agusta’s name is hard to find online 🙂

Okay, well coming back to the present….the BJP’s challenge in 2018 is to use Jogi to keep the Congress out of power. Jogi has a great equation with Raman Singh and he wont be averse to another term for the BJP unless Congress projects him as CM. And there’s no way the Congress can win without Jogi.

The second trick for the BJP is to get the Congress out hit wicket while it is trying to hit a sixer. Chhattisgarh is like Gujarat in many ways. BJP keeps winning in both states, but there is an “internal resonance structure” in the victory… in other words, it comes to power by winning  different areas each time within the state. So there is anti-incumbency  and a ton of sitting MLAs lose,  but the BJP wins seats in other parts and makes up the deficit. In 2008, the BJP had swept Bastar’s seats and so in 2013, the Congress focused all its energy on winning back Bastar. It worked and the Congress swept Bastar in 2013…only to realize that it had forgotten Central Chhattisgarh where all its sitting MLAs lost. Although the Congress hit the ball across the boundary, they discovered to their horror that their bat had also clipped the bails off…out hit wicket 🙂 🙂 🙂

So, in 2018, the BJP’s target should be Bastar. Let the Congress chase Central Chhattisgarh this time 🙂 🙂 There are a lot of urban seats over there in which BJP wont lose too much. If they gain 7 seats in Bastar, they will win the state again!

In fact, this “resonance model” is how Modi used to win Gujarat too. In 2002, Modi lost seats  in Saurashtra, in Kutch, in South Gujarat etc. but won because he swept the central tribal region of Gujarat. Then, in 2007, he did very poorly in Central Gujarat but won because he swept Saurashtra 🙂 In 2012, he lost out in Saurashtra, but by then he had gone back to winning all the Congress strongholds in North Gujarat 🙂

The final card in 2018 for BJP in Chhattisgarh is Modi himself. Indeed, if you remember, elections to Chhattisgarh’s 18 tribal seats happened in the 1st phase of polls on Nov 11, 2013. I remember that evening like yesterday, furiously looking through local media or any inputs to find good news… There was none. It was pretty clear that BJP was losing.  It was do or die for BJP in the second phase for 72 seats on Nov 18. In just about 5 days, Modi and Raman Singh scripted a remarkable turnaround. Modi was given pride of place in BJP’s posters and the two men carpet bombed Central Chhattisgarh with rallies… It paid off handsomely with the Congress losing almost all its incumbent seats in the area. Modi makes a difference in Chhattisgarh and it is for BJP to make it count.

In fact, the BJP’s Central leadership has always been more popular in the sister states of Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh than the local leadership. While BJP has traditionally dominated both state assemblies, its Lok Sabha margins were always much bigger. While BJP led Chhattisgarh by just 0.4% in the Assembly poll, its lead was closer to 10% in the LS poll. This is not a 2014 phenomenon, the same happened in 2004 and 2009 Lok Sabha polls. Each time BJP swept the Lok Sabha seats  with a massive margin despite only barely eeking out an Assembly win.

Yes, Raman Singh will need a lot of luck and strategy to win in 2018. But he knows how to work the levers of power in Chhattisgarh…

Anyways…writing this post took me well down memory lane…back to the days of college …back to the time when I would see election results on Rediff…LOL. There has always been something about Chhattisgarh elections that makes me nostalgic…

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#WB: Disgraced Commies lost everything

As a Bengali, it gives me utmost pleasure and unparalleled joy to watch the filthy Commies buried in West Bengal. I can hardly put in words my jubilation at watching the CPIM reduced to a pathetic Number 3 in the state…. Perhaps the souls all those people massacred by the CPIM during its 35 years of brutal autocracy will feel a little peace now. May Jyoti Basu’s ghost burning in hellfire scream out louder in pain…

Winning and losing is part of the democratic process…it happens to everyone. But hardly ever is a political party disgraced the way the CPIM has been disgraced in Bengal. The CPIM compromised everything and lied about it  and the voters spat them out.  You haven’t just lost an election Commies, you have lost everything

Let us briefly recall the various levels of disgrace, lying and dishonesty that the Commies went through on the path to their historic defeat in West Bengal. First, the alliance with Congress. We have all known for a while that the political landscape of India has become one of BJP vs Rest. So, after 65 years of pretending to oppose the Dynasty, Comrade Yechury arrived in West Bengal bearing Queen Agusta’s chappals on his head.  Anything to regain the power of life and death over the helpless poor of Bengal…

The alliance with Congress is hardly the worst thing that the Commies did. Opportunistic and outrageous alliances are hardly a big deal in politics. Recently, Lalu Yadav and Nitish Kumar signed up for one and swept the polls in Bihar. But the Commies did something much much worse, which is why I am calling them the most disgraceful political party in India today.

You know Commies, Lalu and Nitish did ONE thing right. They had the HONESTY to stand in front of the people and openly admit their alliance. A zillion jokes and insults and taunts were thrown at Lalu and Nitish for their alliance. But at least they had the bare minimum honesty to admit their alliance …they were honest in owning up to their shamelessness.

But the Commies couldn’t even do that. They wouldn’t admit that they were fighting the election in alliance with the Congress party. Even on the day of the results, senior CPM leader Neelotpal Basu was on TV  boldly claiming that there was NO ALLIANCE between the Commies and the Congress in West Bengal.


No friends, the Commies and the Congress  didn’t have an alliance in West Bengal. They just had a seat sharing arrangement and a joint campaign.  It’s not an “alliance” until the Commie Politburo decides to call it an alliance. You know, the Americans say:

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is a duck

But in the world of Commies, it’s something like this:

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it cannot possibly be a duck because if it was a duck, the Commie politburo would have declared it to be a duck“.

Welcome to the real world, Commies. Fortunately the real world is not governed by your Commie Politburo. And so the voters saw that you were not only shameless enough to form the alliance but shameless enough to insist that the alliance didn’t exist.

Congratulations Commies…it takes a lot to make Lalu Yadav look good. You successfully achieved that today. At least Lalu never lied about having an alliance with Nitish…

When the RJD-JDU Mahagathbandhan happened, Nitish Kumar ate crow publicly. He even said that Lalu’s reign was NOT a Jungle Raj. He tolerated all the taunts and insults that came with it. Finally, people felt bad for Nitish Kumar. You Commies had the choice to do the same and go to every village of Bengal praising the Agusta Westland scam, the 2G scam and the Coal Scam. Maybe then people would have seen your helplessness and taken pity on you… But your lies destroyed that possibility.

To make things worse, you went for this shameless alliance in Bengal while at the same time fighting the Congress in Kerala. Did you really think that no one would notice? That’s why I keep saying: Commies didn’t lose, Commies were disgraced.

You know Commies, in this election, the BJP won Assam for the first time. The scoreline was 86 for the BJP versus a mere 26 for the Congress. But you know what? Tarun Gogoi lost but he was not disgraced. He also had the option to fall at the feet of Badruddin Ajmal and make a prepoll alliance with AIUDF in the state. That alliance might have saved his government. But Tarun Gogoi fought like a 3 term Chief Minister should. He went down fighting. Even if Tarun Gogoi had won 0 seats, he would not have been disgraced. Because he fought like a warrior should. Nothing is permanent in this world. We respect the fight that Tarun Gogoi gave. Disgrace is not when you lose seats. Disgrace is when you lose all character. 

In the Mahabharata, Yudhishthir arrives in heaven to find Duryodhana already there, sitting on a grand throne, bright as the sun. The rishi Narada tells Yudhishtira that heaven is always the abode of the brave who die on the field of battle. Had you Commies read this story, you would have learned something… But it was not to be, dear Commies…


Ha! National Party status gone?  Go to hell now… for that is the place for disgraceful lying losers like you… In many ways, this loss of national party status caps a decade of chicanery by the charlatans of the CPIM. Lest we forget, the UPA was carrying out its most historic scams at a time it enjoyed support from the Commies…

I must make clear that I strongly feel that the Commies and the Congis belong together. The Congress is ruling Meghalaya, Mizoram, etc and Karnataka. The Commies are ruling Tripura, North Korea, JNU and Kerala. One party wont admit that its national footprint has disappeared and the other wont admit that its global ideological footprint has disappeared… The two parties belong together in the dustbin of history. It’s time they admitted at least that much…

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