How Narendra Modi picked a winner

Initially, I planned that the title of this post should scream out an honest confession “How Narendra Modi picked a winner and how I was wrong”. But then, I realized it would be too pompous. Okay…I was wrong. No big deal. I am often wrong. It’s not breaking news 🙂


In 2014, BJP Chief Ministers were installed for the first time ever in Haryana and Maharashtra. At this point, let me quickly make one remark: I have a soft corner for Devendra Fadnavis. I think he is headed for something huge. Shivraj Singh Chouhan is about 10 years younger than Modi. Too close. Fadnavis is 20 years younger. Modi is ~20 years younger than Advani.  Fadnavis runs a high visibility state like Maharashtra …if he can showcase agricultural and industrial success there, I think he will be PM one day.

But, let me confess to my own bias. I had the opposite opinion of Modi’s other pick, in Haryana. I always thought M L Khattar was a dead end. The media always saw this humble RSS pracharak the same way. Always fumbling in English, tripping over cow, beef… A sitting duck really for the Lutyens media. Add to that the fact that Khattar is not even a good orator in Hindi and you have the perfect punching bag for the secular media.

Add to that the rural distress prevailing due to 2 successive drought years. Add to that the fumble over urea in rural Haryana in early 2015…when supplies ran woefully short owing to a massive policy goof up by the BJP governments at the State and Center. In some places, farmers were rioting…literally…for urea. Add to that the constant vilification of Khattar by TV media in heavily urbanized Haryana. I thought BJP was a goner in Haryana…one state they could definitely write off in Lok Sabha 2019. In any case, BJP has a history of fumbling badly the first time they are in power in any state: be it Gujarat or Karnataka or Rajasthan or Madhya Pradesh…the first BJP government in any state has a history of collapsing under its own weight.

So, what comes as a total surprise to me is Khattar’s massive sweep in Haryana Zila Parishad polls.

Keep in mind that the parties did not contest on their symbols (except BSP) and so the data could be slightly off. But it is indeed clear that the BJP has won at least 19, perhaps 20 out of the 21 Zila Parishads.

Now, local elections are poorly correlated with state (or national) polls and generally tend to be won by the ruling party. But a 20/21 sweep in a state where media would perceive almost everything going wrong for the BJP tells a story. This is Haryana, the backyard of the Noida-Gurgaon media where Khattar is a daily punching bag. This is Haryana, home of Delhi’s media whore Chief Minister. If media cannot drive elections here, where can it?

Clearly, Modi picked a winner. The humble RSS man who came from nowhere has proven his worth. It is yet another testament to the Sangh’s leader factory. It is yet another testament to the power of the BJP cadre. Raman Singh was nobody. Neither was Shivraj Singh Chouhan. But, once elevated, they established themselves as leaders. Modi can only sow the seeds, it is for the cadre to nurture the crop. The ability to create strong regional leaders is the BJP’s greatest asset and it’s core competence. With no ruling family that owns the party (thank god!), the ability to churn out  leader after leader is a question of survival for the BJP.

The good news for the BJP from Haryana doesn’t end here. Notice that Congress is still at 3rd position. The main opposition continues to be the Chautalas. In other words, Haryana has become “Congress mukt”. Remember, the purpose in every state is not just to defeat the Congress, the purpose is to make people stop seeing the Congress as an option at all: to make states “Congress mukt”.

Of course, there is a deft caste calculation at play here as well. Despite being relatively prosperous, Haryana suffers from two plagues. First, it is a state with one of the worst histories of caste conflict. Having a Jat BJP CM in a state where the two other competitors (Chautala and Hooda) are also Jats would create a deadlock. Instead, having Khattar, who is a Punjabi, gives a chance for BJP to get all the non-Jat vote under its banner. Oh and by the way, it seems like Dalits voted for BJP big time in Haryana. This is also the same Haryana where the media tried its best to play up “Faridabad Dalit killings”.  Dalits in nedia dense Haryana didn’t give a damn about the Shehzada’s Rohith Vemula drama. It is time for BJP to become more confident about its new Dalit voters. Those desperately hoping for Dalits to break with BJP should realize they are simply on the wrong side of history. Dalits have long become politically empowered and they are simply refusing to fall for the smear campaign that the BJP is some kind of upper caste “Brahmin-Bania party”. LOL! Modi himself is an OBC who went to Varanasi and uprooted a Brahmin like Murli Manohar Joshi. The  smear campaign simply has no legs to stand on.

The second plague of Haryana is killing of girls in the womb and also the unspeakably horrifying crime of actually murdering female infants. This is perhaps where the BJP has done its best work. Khattar has taken his “Beti bachao” program to the grassroots. When Jat leaders met the PM to talk about reservations, he promised to support them if they would cooperate in spreading word against female infanticide. The previous Republic Day was turned into a show of women power in the Armed forces. Even this Republic Day, Khattar made it a point that parents of girl children should be honored in every village. In every village of Haryana, the flag was hoisted by the most educated girl in the community.  I do not know how much the BJP contributed to women empowerment via “pink chaddi” campaign of feminists, but I do know that the BJP got this done:

Haryana’s child sex ratio (0-6 age group) crossed the 900 mark for the first time in 10 years in December 2015


I don’t know how many tweets have been planned by leading saviors of women such as Kavitha Krishnan to mock the “tokenism” of #SelfiewithDaughter, but here is what Khattar has planned:

“We have set a target to achieve sex ratio above 950 within the next six months for the entire state,” Khattar said



Cause pain, be more vindictive: Why Raveena Tandon should have got a Padma award

Again, this post is written by the Evil me 😉

This year, shortly after the Padma Awards were announced, a very curious hashtag called #PadmaAward4Bhakts started trending on Twitter, like this:

Congis (and the crowd of supporters of their Delhi-Punjab satellite party…you know who) were trending this hashtag as if they were insulting and mocking Bhajpaiyyas. LOL.

I wasn’t insulted. Or irritated. I was delighted to see this hashtag trending. Let the world know. Let the whole world know that Padma awards went to “Bhakts”. In fact, it is a pity that people like Anupam Kher so richly deserved the award long ago. I wish the BJP could have found more undeserving people to honor with Padma Awards.

At least the way I see it, Padma Awards are an exercise of power. And seeking out and honoring hardcore BJP loyalists is a way to rub the Congi noses into the ground. Elections have consequences. 282-44! Remember?

We won. You lost.

When Padma Awards are announced, I want every single Congi intellectual to remember May 16, 2014 and cry. I want to taste the salt in their tears. It is the sweet salt of victory.

In fact, I agree with the Congress spokesperson here:

It is an absolute pity that Raveena Tandon didn’t get a Padma Award. Sadly, years of Dynastic rule has created such a long list of deserving people who have been deliberately ignored that Modi sarkar hasn’t had time yet to get to the truly undeserving ones.

I hope Raveena Tandon gets the award next year. Every Congi should know that her only qualification is being a BJP loyalist in popular culture. Let them remember these days and cry:


Fun question: Who is the more undeserving person in this photograph?

That’s why I say:


When Atal Behari Vajpayee came to power, he didn’t kick out Congis from the Raj Bhavans. But when the Congress returned to power, Sonia Gandhi was ruthless in removing BJP Governors.

Lesson learned. This time Modi did the same.

In the year 2002, the BJP thought it was setting a new standard, a new trend when it decided not to send some partisan hack to Rashtrapati Bhavan. Instead, our popular hero Dr. Kalam became President. I remember the year 2007, when people thought that Sonia Gandhi’s government would be too ashamed to bring back the tradition of sending some lowly stooge to Rashtrapati Bhavan. Names of eminent Indians began to be discussed all around for the next President. But Sonia Gandhi decided to show off her authority ruthlessly. To show her power, she deliberately opted for perhaps the least possible qualified President ever…just to make a point to the world that Rashtrapati Bhavan is firmly below her chappals.

With Dr. Kalam, the BJP had raised the stature of the office of President in the eyes of the people. With Pratibha Patil, Sonia Gandhi made it a point to crush every bit of that new prestige under her heels.

I hope a lesson has been learned. The next President of India should be a hardcore but lowly BJP worker. I hope Modi shows the world who is in charge now.

Okay….at this point, a liberal may well ask: do I not care about merit then? Whatever the Congress may have done before, is it not better to set in place a system where only the truly eminent are celebrated with National Awards?

My answer is : yes, I would love that, my liberal friend. But we should mark the grand transition from the era of loyalty based awards to a new era of merit based awards with a grand gesture, don’t you think? We cannot go back now and check and cross check who got which Padma Award in which year because of loyalty and who was genuinely deserving. So, let us make a grand gesture and rectify the two biggest examples of favoritism and injustice in National Awards. Okay…how about the liberals come together with us to formally withdraw the self awarded Bharat Ratnas of Indira Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru, along with a formal censure of both ex-PMs for abusing the system?  What say, liberals? 

Has Mameluk Ajai Shukla eaten any bananas?

This is one of those posts that should have come almost a week earlier, but got pushed down the line by recent events.

In Bengali, we have an old joke that goes like this:

Thakur ghore ke re — Aami to kola khai ni

Here is what it means. A mother has just put all kinds of goodies in the puja room for the evening puja and is ready to go to sleep. Just then, she hears a sound from the puja room and asks aloud:

Thakur ghore ke re?” (What is that sound in the puja room?)

Her little son, who has gone into the puja room and started eating the goodies replies:

Aami to kola khai ni” (I haven’t eaten any bananas)

The mother wasn’t even asking her son specifically and she said absolutely nothing about anyone eating bananas. But, it is the guilty conscience of the poor child gave him away: it is now obvious that he must have been eating bananas 🙂

So, well, around the time of the Pathankot attack, Abhijit Majumder, editor of Mail Today put out this tweet:

Abhijit Majumder clearly hadn’t taken any names. He was just asking: what’s that sound in the Puja room?

Then, Mameluk Ajai Shukla responded angrily to Abhijit Majumder’s tweet:

Hain? Mameluk Shukla ji? Smearing YOU? Did anyone accuse YOU specifically of anything? Nobody took your name… And Abhijeet said “journalists”, not “journalist”, meaning he was talking about a possible entire group of people.

First of all, why would you even respond to this tweet? And in your tweet you talk of smearing “the journalist”. No plural. Why would you think this is about ONE person? And why would you feel the need to respond to tweets accusing unnamed journalists working for powerful arms lobbies?

Only now that we have your response, it seems we should ask: Mameluk Shukla ji, have you eaten any bananas? 🙂

This did not go unnoticed by Abhijeet Majumder:

Readers who have been reading my blog for a while might remember my earlier post about Ajai Shukla’s lies on OROP:

In that post, I had also said this:

PS: In the title of this post, I am not referring to Ajai Shukla as a “Dynastycrook”, again out of respect for his service in the Indian Army.

Well, I have decided that Mameluk Ajai Shukla no longer deserves that courtesy. He insulted the men in uniform by lying about OROP. That was one. But now he has become a repeat offender by spreading nonsense about General V K Singh:

Okay, so it was about a video apparently showing V K Singh touching Amit Shah’s feet. Let us leave aside for a moment the issue of whether it is appropriate to touch the party president’s feet. Let’s just say that only a person with an amazing sense of humor (or somebody who has eaten an amazing number of bananas) would look at India’s political sphere: Congress, BJP, SP, BSP, RJD, JDU, AAP, BJD, DMK, AIADMK, TMC, SAD, SS, PDP, NC, NCP, TRS, TDP and then try to accuse the BJP of having a feudal culture….ROFL!

Here is a screen grab of the person who touched Amit Shah’s feet. I can’t find the original video, because even those who began the hitjob have admitted their mistake and deleted it:


To be fair, this man does look a little like V K Singh. But then, V K Singh himself clarified that it was not him:

And yes, from his side profile, this man Vijay Tomar could be mistaken for V K Singh:


But now that it had been clarified by the General, the matter should have ended there. Instead, here is Colonel Ajai Shukla:

Now there is no excuse. Mameluk Shukla ji, I am glad I no longer have to have the slightest respect for you. And I am happy that the Army never promoted you to a rank high enough to shine the shoes of General V K Singh. But, I am promoting you to Mameluk.

Shashtrarth: How to decide on women at Shani Temple

Yesterday was actually one of my best days on this blog so far. I put my views out there and I got serious feedback from those who disagreed with me. Honestly, yesterday when I wrote my post

I felt a little trapped by the likes of Kavitha Krishnan. Trapped between 2 issues:

(1) My own insistence on gender equality in all walks of life

(2) Maintaining the autonomy of Hindus with regard to their diverse traditions.

Okay…okay…I would be dishonest if I didn’t mention the third thing that trapped me 🙂

(3) The need to sound smart and act like I know the answer to every single issue 🙂 Cmon, so I got a little puffed up by the daily comments appreciating my posts 🙂

So, what I want to say today is this: if you disagree with me, please please be sure to comment. And of course, please be sure to also keep the praise filled comments  coming in 🙂 Your encouragement is simply invaluable.

Okay, so like light at the end of the tunnel, we had this great comment from Rajinder Sharma yesterday explaining how the rich Hindu intellectual tradition of “Shastrarth” can be used to answer questions on specific customs of specific temples. Hindu customs are rich, diverse and varied and whenever there is disagreement, we can resolve it the Hindu way. This is the way of Adi Shankara himself. It is very important to realize that a “Shastrartha” is not a religious court like, say a Saudi Sharia court, but a debate where a consensus has to be reached at the end. The reason that we Hindus are not bound to any specific book is precisely because of this tradition of debate. And any time is the best time to revive this spectacular tradition and set an example for the whole world.

Here is Rajinder Sharma’s comment:

CW, I have been an ardent admirer of your posts and have made it a habit of reading each one, though of course I do not comment very often. But today, I wish to express rebuttal of your hypothesis.
Through the last few days the brouhaha on the Shani temple has attracted national attention, and terms like gender discrimination, constitutional provisions, right to equality, patriarchal male psyche, Supreme Court strictures and such similar phrases are being used incessantly to misinform the people that Hinduism discriminates against half of its followers, and that the agitating women are rightfully fighting against malpractices inherent in Hindu culture and for their due right. The situation is further exacerbated by high decibel media cacophony, desirous of creating perpetual fissures in Hindu society in the name of injustice to half of its followers. The other night I was watching a TV debate on NewsX, wherein one participant went to the extent of saying that Shastras were also written by patriarchal male who wanted to exert their hegemony on their female counterpart.
To start with this rebuttal, I wish to draw your as well as other readers’ attention to a fundamental question, “What is Dharma” or in European or Abrahamic terms “What is religion”. The Chrislamic religions have their specific books containing governing principles of their religion, and any deviation from those is sacrilege. However, the fundamental principles of Hindu Dharma are not restricted to a single book. There are a number of books, the Vedas, the Shastras, the Puranas etc, which contain multiple guiding principles of Hindu Dharma. The combined wisdom of all these scriptures is what we call Hinduism. If someone challenges the very essence of these scriptures as fabrications and creations of some patriarchal males, what is left of Dharma. After all there must be some specific governing principles of the Dharma, otherwise, what is Dharma? If any one denies the wisdom, the virtue, the teachings of these, how can he claim to be a Hindu? He could be a Hindu by birth, but not by practice, for, he does not trust the very foundations of Hinduism. He can best be called an Athiest. And how can such a person, devoid of any faith in Hinduism, assert his or her right to Pooja of Deity, which he does not believe in. Because, the Deity – Shani here – is a deity because these holy books, scriptures and age old Hindu tradition assert the existence of the Deity there. If you do not believe in these traditions, scriptures, how can you believe in Deity, for Deity is what faith of countless Hindus, due to revelations of Scripture and Traditions, have made it to be so. A place of Hindu worship and reverence is not a picnic spot, nor can it be made a ground for asserting constitutional rights. It is holy, sacrosanct, and any one who does not believe in the sanctity and inviolability of Deity, cannot and should not be allowed inside the temples.
I would further wish to state that this temple is the property of that Village, and not a property of the state. It does not get any financial help from the state, so how can state or anyone else lay claim to it. The decision regarding allowing entry to the temple should be exclusively left to the people of the village. No one has a right to force entry into the temple.
Lastly I would also like to add that Hindu Dharma has a rich heritage and history of Shastrarth, spiritual and religious debate, whereby the differing opinions regarding meaning of scriptures and traditions are debated and then on the basis of such debate, a consensus is reached, which is accepted by all the opposing factions. So, in this case also, a Shastrarth should be held, wherein people learned in Scriptures and Hindu traditions should sit together and arrive at a decision. Such interpretations can be made only by such learned people, not by courts, who do not possess the adequate knowledge of these scriptures. The matter is beyond the scope of judicial wisdom – Judges are common men with no special knowledge of Scriptures, and hence cannot be entrusted to adjudicate upon such immensely sensitive matter. Further, in the interest of Hinduism, ardent Hindus should avoid debating on TV channels, because TV channels are bent on discrediting and denigrating Hinduism for their nefarious, vicious agenda against Hindu culture and ethos. So, let us not let any vested interests to despise, demean or disparage Hinduism. All TV channels ascribing to anti Hindu agenda, should be mercilessly and relentlessly boycotted.

Thanks Rajinder. Hope you comment more often.





Why liberal moral indignation over Shani Mandir makes me laugh

This Republic Day, we witnessed a curious spectacle of the entire “national” media focusing on a group of women taking a bus to visit a certain Shani temple in Maharashtra. Apparently (this may or may not be true), the Shani Mandir debars women from entering or praying in some specific part of the temple.

Storming a temple? Oh my god! ROFL! Chill, Kavitha, chill…not everything needs to be described with Naxal terminology 🙂 This is just a Hindu temple, not the Kremlin that it needs to be “stormed”, it’s not even JNU. And indeed discrimination on gender has no place in our Republic of India, this is not the Republic of JNU or TERI or Greenpeace or Tehelka.

So, do I think women should be allowed to enter this temple or any temple for that matter? Of course! Are Hindu customs that are biased against women or certain castes need to be reformed immediately? Absolutely!

So, what is it that I object to today? What I object to is not the reform itself, but the fact that Hindus get no credit for that reform! Hindus are constantly reforming, we are not slaves of one book or one Prophet. We are not bound by the commands of Sonia Gandhi nor of Karl Marx. We hold reformers like Swami Vivekananda in highest esteem. And reform is happening among Hindus every single day: I think it was barely 10 years ago when women were not allowed at cremations. Nowadays, women performing last rites has become so common that it passes without comment. We are constantly, constantly changing. In fact, the rest of Indian society should be looking up to Hindus for always readily embracing change, opinion makers should be telling other communities to follow our example. Instead this is what we get:

Instead of being admired and praised for our readiness to constantly reform, we are told that WE are threatened by gender/caste bias but Islam and Christianity are not! Ha! Hey Shekhar Coupta (silent “p”), let’s see the Christians get themselves a female Pope before you bark on us. Just FYI, there has in fact been a female Pope but she got there by hiding her gender and dressing as a man…when her gender was discovered, she was stoned to death in public.

Hey Kavitha Krishnan…go storm the Vatican. Let’s see.

I am not even going to talk about women’s rights in Islam, partly because it would take too long and because I am scared of saying something that would put me on the fast track to being beheaded. As Mumbai Congress Chief Sanjay Nirupam would put it, either one should shut up in fear or be ready to face mob retaliation. It’s the foundational principle of our secular Republic.

This is akin to having a class where one student is constantly trying to be better, reading more books, studying harder every night, doing everything he can. But people keep picking on this student for every fault, while the other students get a pass for everything. This is not to say that the good kid should try to be more like the lazy kids who do nothing, this is to say that the good kid is being victimized. Instead of giving Hindus credit for reforming constantly, we hear endless whining about “regressive” Hindus. Just watch Agent Ayyub do it:

Okay…Agent Ayyub, so you find Hindu customs “nauseating”. But look at this:

LOLOL! When Haji Ali issues a diktat kicking women out, it’s WE who are the bigots for not being able to see how generous and broad-minded they are 🙂

Or maybe we are just not seeing the “reform” in Islam. They don’t even ask us to pay Jazia tax (overtly) these days. Thank you so much….

Ironically, it is people like Agent Ayyub who are the biggest enemies of Indian peacefuls. How did peacefuls get to be the poorest people in India today? They were the ruling class of 800 years, no? Because when times changed, it was the Hindus who were able to embrace modern education and get ahead, leaving behind the peacefuls in the dust. People like Agent Ayyub got peacefuls all the “exclusive” privileges they wanted: a country separate from India where there would be no kafirs, special rights to guard their government funded “minority institutions” against influx of Dalits, rights to hang on to their own stone age laws on property, inheritance and rights of women. The Indian government will even pay for them to go on pilgrimages abroad. Ha! They got everything. The only thing people like Agent Ayyub could not give peacefuls is the desire to change and improve their lives. Now they want Dalits to lose part of their quota so that peacefuls can have it. Ha! What quota will you use Agent Ayyub to secure for peacefuls the desire to reform? Indian peacefuls have secured the right to have their own fortress separate from the rest of us. The joke is on you now…you have turned your fortress into a jail where you have imprisoned yourself. Peacefuls kept feeding their paranoia until they could no longer even trust the sun and the wind and the open sky…literally. Just see how black tents have descended over the faces of peaceful women everywhere, not just in India but across the world. The only significance of peacefuls left in the world right now is that they still have the ability to terrorize us by blowing up our planes, our buildings and our cities. If you think that the civilized world will never find a cure for this, the joke really is on you…

And that’s why I am laughing at Indian liberals who think that a group of women “storming” the Shani Temple has struck some kind of blow against Hindus in general. ROFL! You still don’t understand Hindus and how we take reform in our stride.

Hating our soldiers is not yet fashionable, but our liberals are getting there

First of all, a VERY HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY to everyone! On this day, our first thoughts go out to our valiant soldiers who have protected our Republic in the harshest possible conditions. I read a report on Aaj Tak that the military killed yet another terrorist in Srinagar today…while you and I have the day off to watch TV, they are out there in the winter of Kashmir keeping us safe from our enemies.

And on this day when we are all proud, here comes the (former) Editor of the Hindu Malini Parthasarathy with her sour tweet:

This post is not really about Malini or her specific tweet. What I want to say is that these tweets are really a window into the future of Indian liberalism. Long ago, writing this post called “Dynastycrooks went from hating Modi to hating Hindus to hating India”:

I had said this:

Despite the best efforts of the chattering classes, the pirate boats of Greenpeace have never quite achieved the same level of public respect as the Indian Army. Openly hating the Indian military is not quite fashionable in India yet, something for which Indian liberals are extremely jealous of their American counterparts. In America, liberals are able to hate their military with a passion, even curse a dead war hero like Chris Kyle even as Clint Eastwood’s movie American Sniper on the life of Chris Kyle went on to become the highest grossing war movie of all time! Pity the Indian liberals who can’t do the same with the Indian Army. Don’t cry libtards, you will get there; for now try to be happy with kicking dead bodies of CRPF jawans killed by the secular liberal terrorists in the jungles of Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Odisha.

What you are seeing in Malini’s tweet is not what is going on among Indian liberati at the moment, but what they aspire to. You see, visuals of the military that keeps us safe from Islamic terrorists evokes a deeply hateful reaction from liberals. But, because India is still surrounded by menacing nuclear armed neighbors, liberals are unable to openly give vent to their feelings and curse the military. Indian people in general are very aware of the serious military threats to our country and so overtly bashing the Army is bound to backfire in the general discourse. This is not the case with Americans, who are very assured of their unchallenged status as military superpower. Hence, liberal rats in America, who know that the US military will always be there to keep them secure from Islamists, feel totally secure spitting on the face of the same US military. The aim of a liberal is to always always bite the hand that feeds them.

But that does not mean that Indian liberals cannot aspire to be like their American counterparts. For the moment, Indian liberals usually satisfy themselves with bashing the “smaller” militaries like the CRPF for taking on their Naxal heros. When the Anti-terrorism squad or the local police picks up ISIS guys, the liberals rush to begin a rudaali for the arrested terrorists. Just see here:

See, its police and CRPF who are the target at the moment. Liberals don’t usually dare to take on the Army…yet. But as Malini’s tweet shows, they ARE trying. They ARE testing the waters. Don’t forget how the military was denigrated over the Pakistani terror boat incident from 2014 or the Myanmar operation from 2015. They are trying…these two incidents were trial balloons…and liberals are trying to gauge the possible repercussions of launching a full scale anti-military discourse. Both the Paki terror boat and the Myanmar incident have convinced liberals that there is a niche for anti-military discourse in India if done smartly and carefully. The liberal team wants to make the niche bigger…now they are trying to see if subtle putdowns against the military on Republic Day will work. Nice try…

You have to understand. Arrogant liberals hate those who protect India by fighting in Siachen glacier. They only respect those who protect the “idea of India” by tweeting from their cozy homes in Delhi.

Well, Malini ji, what do you want? We take the military displays out of Republic Day? And do what? Pay our respects at “Amar Naxal Jyoti” to be erected at the headquarters of The Hindu? Bestow Ashok Chakra on the guy who did this?


Maybe we can hold a massive display of Naxal weapons on Republic Day? Or should we have tableaux dedicated to all the valiant reporters who protected the “idea of India” last year by tweeting? Should we have a tableau dedicated to all eminent intellectuals who went on foreign trips last year funded by Gulam Nabi Fai’s ISI network? Or maybe we should have a special display for Hasan Suroor showcasing his sexual prowess and might before kids…

Empress Mallika Sarabhai is put in her place by an OBC Chaiwala

Today I will make a point that I perhaps don’t explain often enough: if you will notice, the real purpose of this blog is to fight against “Dynastycrooks” rather than the Dynasty itself. The poisonous entitled elite of “dynastycrooks”, the fungus that has been nurtured by the Dynasty, is actually much worse than the Dynasty itself. And Mallika Sarabhai’s recent outburst seems like the perfect time to explain this difference. This poisonous elite is actually much more entitled and arrogant than the Dynasty itself. Now, the Shehzada may consider it his birthright to be Prime Minister (or Super PM as he might prefer), the Shehzada might refuse to drink water from a Dalit home:

but the average Congressi does, at the very least, come humbly with folded hands before the people before elections. The elite is much more entitled: they don’t even come with folded hands every 5 years, they expect to sit around and receive our tributes their whole lives. This elite is more entitled than the Shehzada and more slimy than Kejriwal. And this is the elite that has been dispossessed by the rise of Narendra Modi. If you want to see the entire spectrum of emotions: class hatred, helpless anger, jealousy, greed, insecurity, need for validation and just plain begging, look no further than Mallika Sarabhai who posted this on her Facebook:


In her moment of personal tragedy, Empress Mallika couldn’t help scratching her anti-Modi itch. This is the perfect window into how the elite both hates Modi and craves to be acknowledged by him. Mallika ji, if you hate Modi, why are you obsessing about him in your moment of grief? He doesn’t spend his days obsessing about you, why are obsessing about him? I know…because despite the fact that he is a lowly OBC Chaiwala, he has that shining office at 7RCR, the glistening post of Prime Minister. Elites like you have been used to the power elite treating you like aristocrats and now that it’s all gone, it is driving you crazy. You want to look down on the man, but at the same time you are desperately craving for YOUR existence to be acknowledged by HIM. Because despite all your anger and jealousy, he is Prime Minister…and you are …well…you are just somebody who has managed to be in the news for 5-10 seconds by taking his name on your Facebook.

You, Mallika Sarabhai, your achievements in your whole life do not even qualify you to tie the shoelaces of Narendra Modi.

No, this is not just about the BJP. Didn’t I say that this post was more about the Dynastycrooks rather than the Dynasty. If you want to learn more about this entitled arrogant Mallika, look no further than when she was running in 2009 as an LS candidate from Gandhinagar against Advani himself:

The fact that I am standing, Mr. Advani, means the world is watching


Again, the arrogance. Dear Mallika, no the world was NOT watching. You are not even a footnote in the 2009 General Election. And you are also not qualified to tie the shoelaces of Advani. Just listen to this:

Every election, the Congress offered her a ticket. “Funnily enough, this is the first election that they have not approached me,” she laughs. The IIM-Ahmedabad alumna believes she is more effective as an outside voice. “Over the last five to seven years, party politics has become dramatically dirtier. Today there is very little difference between the parties. They think winnability — meaning who can threaten people and get votes — is the factor by which to give tickets.”

You know, I highly highly highly doubt this. I highly doubt that the Congress party has been on its knees for the last 30 years begging Queen Mallika to accept their party ticket. The Congress is a very successful political party. It’s tickets have dozens of aspirants begging for a once in a lifetime chance to run. I highly doubt they are begging Mallika Sarabhai to do them a favor by graciously accepting their ticket. And see the arrogance go even further: apparently  the only reason Congress didn’t approach her in 2009 is because politics has become “dirtier”. Ya…the only possible reason the Congress party could have stopped giving a damn about Mallika Sarabhai is because Queen Mallika sits too high above the rest of humanity on a sacred cloud and “dirty” politicians are scared to approach her…

Didn’t I tell you that the Dynastycrooks are far more arrogant than the Dynasty itself? Get this:

But despite the contribution of the Sarabhai family to Ahmedabad (from setting up the Indian Space Research Organisation to textile museums and promoting art and theatre), she found herself friendless after she took on the Modi government. “To my surprise, I found I did not have one friend left in this city. Those who pontificate on liberalism didn’t support me. The great stalwarts of intellectual blah did not have the courage to pick up the phone and say, ‘good for you, Mallika’,” she says scornfully.

Ah…see the entitlement mentality dripping from every single line! How dare Amdavadis refuse to fall at her feet despite everything that her family has done for them? Now, we all respect Vikram Sarabhai and everything he did not only for Amdavad but for our nation. But that does not mean in the slightest that I feel any special loyalty or any special respect for his daughter…lol. Respect for individuals, not their entire family line! Naturally, this is a concept that is hard to understand for an elite used to a ruling dynasty 😉

And listen to the language…Mallika ji is Queen of Amdavad, she is Queen of liberals and everyone who wasn’t bothered to pick up a phone and shower praise on her must be a coward. You see, Mallika ji is the center of this universe. The “great stalwarts” who did not fall at her feet must all be cowards, deserving only of “scorn”.

Why then did she want to contest from Gandhinagar? She quotes a verse in reply: Now you ask me to return, City, once you have banished me. With what memories and what aspirations will I return?” 

ROFL! Amdavad did not ask you to return. Amdavad said nothing. The people of Amdavad said nothing. The people of Amdavad didn’t care. Queen Mallika interprets this as follows: all these people of Amdavad who are simply going about their lives without giving a damn about me must all be scared to speak in my favor. In their hearts, they are all begging me to return to the city that I own 🙂

It goes without saying that in the elections, Mallika was simply washed out, losing her deposit, while Advani won by a landslide. Apparently, the subjects of Queen Mallika were too scared to vote for her 🙂

This is not all. Sometime in early 2014, Queen Mallika decided to do the nation another favor by joining the Aam Aadmi Party. Here is what happened: just see the headline:

Mallika Sarabhai blasts AAP, a week after joining it


Amazing! One week in the party and already she is scolding them for failing to meet her expectations. And who is she scolding?

In her outburst, Sarabhai had condemned Kumar Vishwas, and referred to a Youtube video. She said that Vishwas’s views in the video were ‘disturbing’.

Now I will not go into what Kumar Vishwas said and whether it should have been condemned. This is about the remarkable sense of entitlement of Queen Mallika that she felt qualified to condemn AAP’s top leadership within a week of joining it!!! So, Kejriwal and Kumar Vishwas had just won (okay nearly won) an election in Delhi. But Queen Mallika steps in, ready to “guide” AAP!! ROFL! Who is she? What is her ability to do politics? It doesn’t matter. She is qualified to coach Kejriwal and Kumar Vishwas because she is the great Queen Mallika 🙂

And here is what happens in AAP next:

Mallika Sarabhai does not want to enter the fray this time as she feels apparently ignored in the Arvind Kejriwal-led party. “No one from AAP has ever contacted me,” Mallika told PTI…. An AAP worker, when contacted, said Mallika was kept out of Kejriwal’s recent “fact finding” tour of Gujarat. “Kejriwal just had a brief meeting with Mallika Sarabhai at a book-release event which lasted for maximum two minutes,” he said on condition of anonymity.


LOLOLOLOL!!! “Ignored”? What has she ever done for AAP that she feels “ignored”? She is in a party for 2 minutes and already feels ignored because the party’s top leader did not come with his tail wagging to sit at her feet and take advice from her? Yes, why didn’t Kejriwal drop everything to listen to Mallika Sarabhai? How dare he “ignore” Queen Mallika?

Are you telling me that the world of BJP, Congress and AAP does not revolve around Queen Mallika Sarabhai?

Didn’t I tell you that this elite, consisting of people like Mallika Sarabhai, is more entitled than Congress and more slimy than Kejriwal? By the way, get this:


A day BEFORE Mallika Sarabhai bashed Modi on Facebook, the Prime Minister had already written a letter to Mrinalini Sarabhai’s son condoling her death. A personal letter, not just a tweet. You see Mallika, HE was gracious. HE was more gracious than a petty person like you could ever imagine. And THAT is why HE is Prime Minister. THAT is why he won 17 crore votes and you are still not worth tying his shoelaces. Keep hating…

Nehru’s stenographer stands vindicated: no he didn’t make spelling mistakes!

Before I start, let me mention to you this top secret letter that was leaked to me from a television studio in Noida.



The Election Commissioner of India,

Nirvachan Sadan, New Delhi.

Dear Sir,

I understand from reliable sources that Shri Narendra Modi, a war criminal for many atrocities against the elite, has been allowed into Lutyens Delhi by the democratic mandate of the Indian people. This is clear treachery and a betrayal of faith by the Indian voters. As Indian voters are personal slaves of the Nehru-Gandhi family, it should not have been done. Please take note of it and do what you consider proper and fit.

Yours sincerely,

Elite intellectuals of India.


However, as we all know, the “war criminals” have been on a rampage in Lutyens Delhi since May 2014, canceling even free foreign trips for elites in the Prime Minister’s official aeroplane. These war criminals are tearing everything down and throwing it open to the public: be it Netaji papers or access to Aligarh Muslim University. On the flip side, meritorious students at FTII are being presented with threats: either complete your course within 2 decades or you will lose free board and lodging at taxpayer expense. Research scholars who fail NET exams are faced with the prospect of no longer receiving government scholarships. It is absolute mayhem all around. The situation is so bad that the Congress party is being denied not only its birthright to rule the country, but even the post of the leader of the Opposition.

So, yesterday when 100 files on Netaji were declassified and put into the National Archives, we found this sworn testimony from Pandit Nehru’s stenographer:


(See Page 112 here :

Now, if you have ever been on the internet, you would have known that there has always been a rumor floating around about a letter that goes like this:



Let me tell you that I was always 100% convinced that this letter floating around on the internet had to be a fake. Just look at the spelling and grammar mistakes. After all, considering how much money Nehru got from his parents, there can  be no doubt that Nehru would be able to hire a literate stenographer.  Nehru’s stenographer has been vindicated by the release of Netaji files yesterday. No, his stenographer didn’t spell “Attlee” as “Attle” and I suspect his stenographer didn’t say either that the whole world sleeps when its midnight in India.

After the sworn testimony from Nehru’s stenographer went up on the National Archives, Eminent family historian Ramchandra Guha posted the following conclusion:

Friends, this is the difference between a trained historian and amateurs. Let me explain. An amateur might point out that the way we learn about most historical figures is from first hand accounts by people around them. For instance, we learn about the reign of Harshvardhan not by reading Harshvardhan’s personal diary, but  from the account given by Chinese traveler Hieun Tsang. We learn about Chandragupta Maurya by reading the account by Greek ambassador Megasthenes’ book “Indika”, about Chandragupta Vikramaditya by reading Fa-Hien, about Prithviraj Chauhan by reading Chand Bardai’s “Prithviraj Raso”, about Akbar by reading “Akbarnama”…and so on. As such, sworn testimony from Nehru’s own stenographer might seem like solid evidence to an amateur.

But here is where the deep knowledge of someone like  Ram Guha makes all the difference. Imagine if I were to tell you that I have testimony by a courtier about a letter written by Akbar. You might fall for it, but a professional like Ram Guha won’t. Because a professional like Ram Guha would know the key fact that Akbar was illiterate! He couldn’t have written the letter no matter whose testimony you show me...  Just look at the letter in the National Archives…it’s well composed, without grammatical mistakes: there is simply no way Nehru could have dictated that! And Ram Guha’s professional eye immediately caught this.

Well, so on the one hand Nehru’s stenographer has been vindicated and we know that he didn’t make the spelling mistakes attributed to him. On the other hand, there can be no doubt that his stenographer lied on oath when he submitted this testimony about Nehru’s letter.

Diyar Bhakts, next time you want us to believe something was written by Nehru himself, show us something like Nehru saying that the earth is flat. Then maybe we will consider…

Opposition unites to keep Dalits out of Aligarh Muslim University

A couple of days ago, I wrote about the issue of reservations in the country:

discussing how reservations are an effort to keep Hindus fighting while the ruling class consumes our country, its resources, its coal, its spectrum, its thorium…everything. Just like the old story of the  monkeys who promised to divide a pie “fairly” among the cats. Each time the monkeys would say to one side: “your piece of the pie is too big” and bite off a piece until the whole pie was gone.


In this game that the ruling class is playing, they keep gobbling up more and more, while they make us keep fighting over how exactly to share the shrinking pie. If you want to see a particularly distressing example of this, look no further than what happened yesterday:


The Government of India has recently pointed out in the Supreme Court that Aligarh Muslim University which is created by an Act of Parliament cannot be a “minority institution”. It’s a fairly simple argument: a secular state cannot legally set up a religious institution. Aligarh Muslim University is run and funded by the government and therefore cannot be a “minority institution”, which means it must throw its doors open to Dalits and other “lower” caste students as per rules on reservations.

Here in this letter you can see the complete list of parties that are standing at the door, determined to keep the “untouchables” out:

(1) JDU

(2) TMC

(3) Congress

(4) NCP

(5) CPI

(6) RJD

(7) AAP

(8) CPI(M)

I know that the Opposition is united against Modi in general, but even then, such complete fortification by the opposition is somewhat rare. For the ruling class, this is not just about opposing Modi, this is a much bigger emotional issue about the ruling class fighting to  preserve what they have already taken from us.

See, it’s like this. There is this impure land called Bharat, filled with pagans, an unfinished chapter of Abrahamic conquest. Which means that they have slated Bharat and its Hindus for destruction. From this filthy land, they first cut out a big piece and declared it ‘Pakistan’ (land of the pure). From 15% impurity in 1947, this part of Bharat has been purified to contain only “trace amount” of impurities at around 2% or less today.  In the part of Bharat that remains, some areas such as Kashmir have been successfully purified, but there still remains a LOT of Bharat that is impure. In this impure area, there are several outposts of purity where the ruling class can abide in peace.

Aligarh Muslim University is one such outpost, comparable to the “Civil Lines” of British colonizers. So what if the place is run and paid for by tax money collected from citizens of India? We exist for the benefit of the ruling class and not the other way around. By the divine right of the Dynasty, they are entitled to enjoy the fruits of our labor. It is simply unthinkable that the ruling class would let us share in the harvest. We are the peasants who work the fields, harvest the crop and leave it at their door. We pay “lagaan”.

Sharing is ONLY for the part of the harvest that is left AFTER the ruling class has taken its share. It is just enough to sustain us so that we can keep growing crop year after year. The ruling class takes its cut and then offers to make rules for us to share the rest, which is a gambit to keep us fighting 🙂 In this whole scheme, there is no scope, no question of us, even the least unfortunate among us like Dalits, to share in the lagaan that is to be collected by the ruling class.


I have always maintained that the idea of India crowd is the most casteist group of people in the entire country. See the panic in the ranks of the ruling class the moment ABVP demanded that Aligarh Muslim University and Jamila Milia Islamia be thrown open to Dalits.

Why wouldn’t there be panic? Commies wont even let a Dalit near their politburo. Not just Dalits, the same goes with women. There is only ONE woman in the Commie politburo and she happens to be the wife of the boss Prakash Karat!!! We have seen pretty much the same thing with the new Commies, i.e., AAP. Not one woman in their ministry, the Chief Minister taking pride in his ministers who beat their wives and Rs 10,000 reward for Nirbhaya’s secular rapist. Poor Shazia Ilmi…

Take St. Stephens College: the place collects 95% of its funding from the Indian taxpayer and reserves 50% of its seats for Christians. Sorry Dalits. Sorry tribals. St. Stephens enjoys an additional layer of protection because it is not set up by an Act of Parliament like Aligarh Muslim University, it is a private religious institution that merely collects tributes from the Indian taxpayer with no obligations whatsoever. Why should we the people keep paying tributes? We don’t know. Why is the palace of the Queen, whose only constitutional position is that she is just an MP from RaeBareilly, even  bigger than the house of the Prime Minister himself?

We don’t know. It’s just tradition. Lutyens was built for the ruling class. We don’t have the right to ask questions. So, a place like St. Stephens gets to collect tributes from the taxpayer and gets to say a big FUCK YOU to all of us, including Dalits and tribals. They are not supposed to share. Sharing is for the bread, not the cake. They eat cake. We eat bread.



Mumbai Congress chief warns of retaliation for remarks against the Prophet: Madam G silent

The Congress has finally opened its mouth over the events in Malda.  A few weeks after a crowd of several lakhs of peacefuls went on rampage in Malda, burning down houses, shops and police stations because of an insult to the Prophet of peace by some guy called Kamlesh Tiwari, the Mumbai Congress Chief has put out this chilling reaction:


So, dear citizens of our Republic, be informed. In case any one of you dares to insult the Prophet, India’s second largest national party has asked you to get ready for “retaliation”.

An immediate question for Madam G:  Why are you silent? Does this mean you support such retaliation? Even if you don’t support such retaliation, by telling citizens to be “ready for retaliation”, does it  mean that the Congress party which controls the police in several major states such as Assam, Karnataka and Kerala will refuse to protect any citizen who incurs the wrath of the peaceful community? 


Well, to be fair to Madam ji, there is a lot of “important work” to be done in the Congress party  before the next hearing of the National Herald case on February 20:

I’m sorry. A closer reading of Shri Sanjay Nirupam’s tweet shows that he is only talking about retaliation for denigrating his God. Okay, Dr. Swamy, now that you have denigrated Sanjay Nirupam’s God, get ready to face retaliation….