Why Amol Rajan is the most despicable mediaperson on the planet

This is one of those articles which should have been written a long time ago, but kept getting pushed to later by more gripping developments. On this blog, we spend a lot of time criticizing media people, but there is one who in my view is the most despicable human being in the media. That man is one Amol Rajan, editor of the British newspaper The Independent.

There are moments when media Mameluks go to great lengths to be anti-Hindu and loyal to their agenda. But the lowest point is achieved when one of these vile creatures manages to cover himself with such disgrace that even his puppet masters spit on him. Amol Rajan is one such vile creature. So, it was on Feb 10 that The Independent made the following announcement:

British newspaper The Independent will switch back to using Bombay rather than Mumbai when referring to India’s financial capital, its editor said on Wednesday. Amol Rajan said the move was a stand against what he said was the closed-minded view of Hindu nationalists.”


Let me make it clear that I have not chosen Amol Rajan to be the most despicable human being in the media because of this decision. By now we are used to the boorish hateful behavior of the anti-Hindu elite. A clownish decision by a British Newspaper to say Bombay is no big deal. That they used an Indian water carrier to come to this decision is also no big deal. We are used to the Sonia Faleiros and the Tunku Varadarajans spitting on Indian faces while writing for American and British royalty. What is one more water carrier? No big deal.

Indeed Amol Rajan’s decision to revel in British imperialism earned him the appreciation of Mameluks in India and his masters abroad. I believe Agent Ayyub was one of the first to hail the decision.

But what happened next showed Amol Rajan to be truly disgraceful. After Amol Rajan created a buzz for The Independent on Feb 10 by announcing that it would revert to the colonial name for Mumbai, this happened merely 2 days later:

The Independent and Independent on Sunday newspapers will cease printing next month – and shift to online only, it was revealed today…..after years of falling sales, an unsuccessful switch from broadsheet to tabloid and £4.6million annual losses oligarch owner Alexander Lebedev and son Evgeny have now closed them down.


So, it was all over for The Independent. It’s Editor Amol Rajan must have known on Feb 10 that there was no way for the newspaper to survive. He was out of options. Sales had disappeared….no one gave a damn about The Independent. As captain, Editor Amol Rajan thought and thought : Was there one last desperate gambit, one final hand that he could play to save his sinking ship? 

And Captain Amol Rajan came up with the answer. He would make his final play and publicly snub the nation he was born in. That was his last card. Much like his newspaper, Britain as a nation is also sinking. Perhaps if a brown slave boy were to make a public announcement snubbing Indians and glorifying Imperial British history, it would play to the ego of the British masses and create enough buzz to keep his newspaper afloat…

This was Amol Rajan’s final play. He had many choices. He could have saved the newspaper by getting hold of an earth shattering story that would make history in the annals of journalism. Or, in a more practical choice, he could have accepted the inevitable death of The Independent and walked away with honor. But he didn’t. He decided that insulting his race, his ancestors and the nation of his birth would be his final gamble. Perhaps the British public would have pity for the loyalty of their water carrier.

Of course, nothing of that sort happened. The British themselves are more mature as a nation today, more ready to come to terms with history. The British masses have grown up and ready to deal with India as a confident and sovereign nation. Dear Amol Rajan, if you thought that dissing your  country of birth would endear you to the British, you failed miserably. You got a little buzz going on Twitter…but that was all…the British laughed you out.

Dear Amol Rajan, you could have chosen to be a self respecting Indian. You could have chosen to be a self-respecting Brit, loyal to your adopted country. Instead you became the pathetic wannabe who won nothing…except everyone’s contempt.

NOW, Amol Rajan, you are finally truly discredited. Indians are laughing at you. The British are laughing at you. Everyone has contempt for the poor water carrier who so hated his own skin that he went out of his way to prove that he wasn’t Indian. And the British refused your water. Now you stand by the roadside covered in disgrace…you are officially the most despicable human being in the media.


Can you forget Godhra?


Feb 27, 2002. Can you forget what happened that day? I forget who it was, but some RSS leader had said: “we will give an answer in Gandhinagar to what happened in Godhra”,  referring to the Gujarat elections. Whoever that was, he clearly didn’t know how much bigger Godhra would get. The wave that started in Godhra swept through Gandhinagar and then swept across the Indian heartland, translating into an unprecedented 282 seat mandate for Narendra Modi to become Prime Minister.

In India’s political history, Godhra sticks out like a sore thumb for every secular. The visible symbol of the burning train went to every corner of Gujarat through the new electric media. Secular elite of our country had long been used to Hindus becoming voiceless victims of atrocities. They could not understand what changed after Godhra. Never before in India’s recent history had Hindu lives been valued so highly.

Confused and stunned, never forget the lies they tried to peddle. Various lies were hatched, with Commies trying to justify the massacre as a “reaction” to some apocryphal story about a karsevak refusing to pay a secular teashop owner at the railway station. Even if this story was true, what was the price the Commies put on 59 lives? Rs 2 for 59 Hindus or a little more than 3 paisa per Hindu! Anyway, that was probably the highest price quoted by a Commie for the life of a Hindu ever.

When the Queen came to power in 2004, never forget the Justice Banerjee Commission that was created to specifically peddle lies such as the fire started inside the train or the fire was an accident…etc etc… No, the “debate” over who the perpetrators still rages in the pages of the New York Times even after the killers have been sentenced by the court. But that does not matter, because the average Hindu knows the truth. More importantly, the average Hindu knows who deliberately tried to distort the truth and for what purposes.

Note to ABP News: Remember that the average Hindu knows who tried to distort the truth and why. In this might lie the clue to how your channel dropped from No. 2 to No. 4 in Hindi news TRP ratings.







Did political vultures let Rohith Vemula die?

Yesterday, I said I had no idea about the truth of Smriti Irani’s statement that political groups prevented anyone from trying to save poor Rohith Vemula’s life. Well, today, with much sadness, I have to admit that there can be little doubt that poor Rohith was allowed to die because political vultures wanted to feast on him. Here is the official police report from Telangana Police. It definitely matters that the ruling TRS in Telangana is in no way an ally of BJP and has no conceivable interest in trying to help the BJP.

This is the official police report filed by Telangana police in the High Court:


So by the time the police arrived, Rohith’s “dead” body had been removed from the spot. The room was open and the suicide note on the table blamed no one. And the police were not allowed to conduct investigation. This is the official report filed by Telangana police in the High Court.

The report continues:


The most important line in there being:

They closed the doors of the main hall and broke the glass pane and started commuting through it to prevent the police to rush in and take the body out for conducting investigation


Who knows if he was really dead? Rohith Vemula said that he liked nature, sky and the stars. Rohith Vemula said he wanted to be like Carl Sagan. But clearly, someone else had decided that Rohith was worth more dead than alive. A living breathing Rohith Vemula fulfilling his dreams as a science writer was worth absolutely nothing to these vultures. Vultures only feast upon the dead.

Let me mention some information here that several people may find disturbing, but I request you to read on. Perhaps the fact that I know this stuff makes me something of a pervert, but you can verify this stuff with references.

Contrary to popular perception, hanging to death isn’t really that easy. In fact, there is a big difference between “gallows” and “hanging”. The key to death by “gallows” or “phansi” is the drop of several feet which snaps the bones in the neckThe length of this drop has to be decided by the executioner quite carefully in advance taking into account the weight of the prisoner. If the drop is too short, the prisoner will simply choke and become unconscious. He might take hours to die from slow choking. If the drop is too long, the neck can literally snap and the head will be detached from the body. Before  a typical hanging, several mock executions are usually carried out with bags of sand to try and decide the strength of the rope, the length of the drop. It’s not an exact science and gruesome accidents have happened. 

Sometimes hanging can actually be a form of torture. Yes, you read that correctly: hanging can be used as torture instead of killing. The British even had a term for it, called “half hanging”. It was used as a form of punishment for treason in imperial Britian. The victim was “hanged” multiple times, made unconscious, then revived and then hanged again and again. Finally, their bodies were chopped into pieces while they were still alive. This horrific punishment became most notorious during the time of the Irish revolt of the 1700s.  This was so common in Britain that when America declared independence, the US Constitution in its Bill of Rights put forth an explicit prohibition on “cruel and unusual punishment”.  It is quite possible to revive someone who has been hanged and this was done routinely in Britain at one time. In fact, hanging is so inefficient and slow at killing people that the gallows with the long drop were specifically designed as a more humane method to make sure the victim died quickly. 

As I said, hanging to death isn’t easy. There is a decent chance that poor Rohith might have failed and could have been revived. Few days back we saw Lance Naik Hanmanthappa  pulled out alive from underneath the snow of Siachen after an “impossible” six days. So, don’t tell me it was “impossible” for Rohith to have been revived. But clearly some people needed a dead body. Who were these people? Rohith said he wanted to grow up and be like Carl Sagan, but some people clearly felt he was more useful dead than alive. Rohith wished in his last letter that he did not want to be reduced to just an identity…just a vote. But some people wanted to label even his dead body as a “Dalit”.


No, he wasn’t a Dalit. No, that shouldn’t matter. Rohith left the world pleading that he should not be reduced to his identity. So, who are the people that made sure there was no chance Rohith could be revived? Who wanted to label his dead body as a “Dalit” body? Who tried to gain?

I want justice for Rohith. A young bright boy with a scientific and artistic bent of mind could have been let to die in a University in the heart of an Indian metropolis so that some vultures could label his dead body with some caste and gain politically from it. We need Justice! We want justice!

Saffron tigress Smriti Irani sends the mice scurrying for cover

If anyone wants to tell Rahul baba a scary bedtime story, it is that here is the saffron tigress he will be facing in 2019 from Amethi.


By the time she was finishing her speech, the Congress had walked out of the Lok Sabha. It was the only face saving move they could think of. Rahul baba, there is still time to run away from Amethi. Any “masterstrokes” you might have planned for Amethi 2019 such as sending Rehan Vadra will get you laughed out by the electorate. Shehzade, have you considered how you are going to face this saffron tigress when she roars at you about the pitiable condition of your constituency in 2019?

Here are three possible exit strategies for the Shehzada:

  1. Look for a different constituency, preferably one with 99% secular population. Perhaps a border district of Bengal?

2. You have 3 years. Invest the lakhs of crores collected by Congress over the years into feverishly developing Amethi. Build 20 super speciality hospitals, 20 colleges and an international airport. I believe Congress can afford it. But I doubt it will spend the money. As someone once told me, the dharma of a river is to flow into the ocean not the other way…money into the Congress is a one way street.

3. Pray very hard that BJP wins the UP elections and that Smriti Irani becomes Chief Minister over there.


After Smriti Irani’s shattering speech, which combined theatrics and realpolitik, I have never seen Facebook and Twitter so clueless as yesterday. I have a great respect for the collective intelligence of social media. Because lakhs of people are on it, maybe crores, there is always someone somewhere who manages to come up with a witty response…some solid sarcasm that cuts deep. So, I expected there would be at least someone on the other side with a witty reply, or at least a half decent joke on Smriti Irani. Instead Smriti Irani’s speech seemed to have hit them out of their wits. The best they could come up with was say “Ha ha…it was a good acting performance”. Even a 12 year old schoolboy could have come up with that one.  Think harder, idiots.

Some idiots did. They sat up thinking and finally when day broke this is the best  they came up with:


Wow…whattay response! You got her there, Telegraph! You managed to call her “Aunty”. What a brilliant crafty and intelligent response! No woman can possibly recover from that genius insult….  Now that the Editor of the Telegraph is taking his cues from roadside loafers, maybe you guys can go stand in front of the HRD ministry and whistle each time she appears and pass  comments…  I support your free speech. I am loving your free speech in fact. You don’t know how well it is exposing you.  So please go and whistle at the HRD Minister on the street. It will be the perfect crowning achievement for your liberalism.

There were so many fantastic bits to Smriti Irani’s speech that it is hard to point out the “favorite” ones…like picking out which of Sachin Tendulkar’s drives is the finest. The first sensation was about the so called “harassing letters” in the case of Rohith Vemula: when Smriti Irani showed the data that the HRD ministry has written letters addressing ~61000 out of the 65000 complaints it has received since May 2014, it really hit hard.

Then came more stuff we did not know about, such as the venomous “teacher training manuals” of Teesta Setalvad commissioned by Kapil Sibal. And the coup de grace was reading out the Commie pamphlet calling Durga a prostitute. That’s the moment she sealed the deal. Some poor NDTV peeps came out trying to spin that as well:


Again, dear NDTV please go out and speak about this “alternative reading” of Durga as a prostitute. It will help greatly in our efforts to bring Congress down from 44 to 4!

But I think the top realpolitik moment for Smriti Irani’s speech was when she said that political vultures might have kept doctors away from Rohith Vemula removing the possibility that his life could be saved. I will not comment on the truth of this (and how am I supposed to know the truth anyway?), except that I will say: this is how it’s done….BJP spokespersons please learn from this. Don’t always become victims of conspiracy theories, no one is stopping you from creating your own. Everything is fair in love and war and politics.

PS: Another fun feature is that this speech came one day before the Rail Budget which will capture all the public attention today, robbing Opponents of any chance of a fightback. Struck hard and gave them no time to strike back. Well done.

We remain Rajdeep ji, ever at your feet

I think the most pathetic sight in entire Mamelukdom is peeps writing in India Today’s very own DailyO to sing praises of  Rajdeep Sardesai. Is he really *that* insecure? Maybe getting shellacked miserably in the ratings by Arnab Goswami has left Rajdeep so needy and desperate for validation…  I like that 🙂

Just read this in the DailyO 🙂

Rajdeep Sardesai has finally thrown his experienced hat in the ring of the ongoing “nationalism vs. anti-nationals” debate with this intrepid and no-nonsense article in the Hindustan Times. The India Today consulting editor, in a masterstroke, has claimed “I too am an anti-national” and has gone on to put up a fierce and eloquent defence of the argument. While we urge Mr Sardesai to pen such gallant belles-lettres for DailyO as well, we give you the four moot points that we think he’s tried to make.    ”


Baap re… experienced, intrepid, no-nonsense, masterstroke, fierce, eloquent, gallant belles-lettres… Any adjectives left?  I think even Diggy chacha would say that this kind of fawning is not the right way to raise a Shehzada 🙂 🙂

Don’t be surprised if the next DailyO article has something like this for Rajdeep:


Perhaps they could put a picture of Rajdeep “gallantly” and “fiercely” riding a horse, his arm raised to execute a “masterstroke” of  terror into the hearts of  all bhakts at Madison Square Garden…

Nevertheless, let’s find out about Rajdeep’s “no-nonsense” article and its four moot points

As per law. As Mr Sardesai writes, “Yes, I am anti-national because while I am discomfited by the slogan shouting at JNU in support of Parliament terror convict Afzal Guru, I do not see it as an act of sedition”…. Alternative views, no matter how tempestuous or volatile, must be entertained and patiently heard out in a functioning democracy.


You don’t have to convince us, Mr. Sardesai that you are anti-national. You somehow seem to think that your confession has left us in shock and awe. We always knew that you are anti-national and that you wear it as a badge of honor.

As for alternative views no matter “how tempestuous or volatile”, it would have been better if you had written this in 2007 when the BJP, then the country’s largest opposition party was about to be banned by the Election Commission for expressing its anti-Muslim views in a CD.

Nationalism isn’t anyone’s private property, and no one party or individual has the final word on it. This is a work in progress, an ongoing, and possibly never-ending debate, which must go on to expand its own ambit and underscore individual rights and liberties over and above narrow majoritarian impulses….

Neither is secularism. No one party or individual has the final word on it. Forget nationalism and secularism, first of all let us remember that the nation itself is not private property of one individual or party. See if you can digest that.

India’s inherent pluralism : Mr Sardesai, who calls himself a “proud Hindu” – a description most forcefully and frequently used by the rightwing Hindutva trolls – and says he wakes up to Gayatri mantra, nevertheless declares he likes his beef steak and pork sorpotel too, as well as the customary Diwali shrikhandI celebrate the rich diversity of my country through food:

I see that he forgot to mention how the celebration of the diversity of wildlife by eating deer and giraffe. Nevertheless, Mr. Sardesai I am ready to call myself a proud secular .. a description most forcefully and frequently used by liberal patrakars. You know I celebrate the diversity of my nation too…I sacrifice my sleep each morning to the sound of Azaan blaring from mosque loudspeakers.

Constitution, above it all : The robust text that is the Indian Constitution, drafted by that eminent lawyer-thinker-philosopher BR Ambedkar, is something Mr Sardesai holds in high esteem. As we infer, he places it above any holy book, despite being a proud Hindu.

Well, your inference is wrong. CWM2ZA4VAAEL4gZ.png

Insult the nation and he is ready to tolerate. Insult the Prophet and he wants the “offender”  to be put inside a jail cell. This is not enough. He also asks that the Muslim cleric who called for beheading that “offender” should be allowed to go inside the same cell.

So, Prophet above nation?

Here is the last line from the DailyO article:

In solidarity, Mr Sardesai. In solidarity and respect.  

A bit of disappointment. The correct way to end is ” We remain Rajdeep ji, ever at your feet“.

That was easy! Catching traitors simply with a national flag

You know how they say that garlic takes care of vampires? Such a simple thing as garlic… So, a couple of days back when the HRD Ministry ordered all Central Universities to fly a large national flag at 207 feet, you might have wondered…what is this going to do? How will a mere national flag pull out decades of treachery and indoctrination by anti-national Commies on campus? See, like vampires who have a compulsion to drink blood, our Mameluks have such an insatiable thirst for treachery that just mentioning a national flag drives them nuts and exposes them.

Here is Rita Bahuguna Joshi, Congi bigshot from Uttar Pradesh:


For friends who might not speak Hindi, the headline says: “Diktat to fly the tricolor at universities is shameful”. Yes, like garlic with vampires, just showing them the national flag exposes their inner traitor. If anyone wants to know Rita Bahuguna Joshi’s views on free speech, here she is proudly sitting with a banner on the floor of the UP Assembly demanding death penalty for Kamlesh Tiwari:


So easy no? Just wave a national flag and the traitors will automatically crawl out of their holes hissing with hatred.

Here is another caught in the trap: eminent “historian” Ram Chuha. Here is India’s “numero uno” historian (remember the days of CNN-IBN with Rajdeep?) describing the Indian national flag?


Ha! Freudian slip or deliberate? The Commie can only see red …lol 🙂 Well, at the very least he deleted this tweet and then posted this one.


The sinister thing is that the tweet is still up there and Ram Guha refuses to delete it. Friends, this is supposed to be an eminent historian whose hatred for Hindus goes so deep that he even refuses to even say the word “saffron”. Many years ago, I remember Sagarika Ghose had made the same “error” and everyone had a good laugh back then. But now you realize that it wasn’t an error at all. The liberal discourse really has moved. In the fashionable cocktail circuit of Lutyens Delhi, it is now bad language to even say the word “saffron”. You can see that Ram Guha refuses to delete/withdraw his tweet. It’s no longer an embarrassing error, Ram Guha is defiantly proclaiming to the world that he refuses to use a dirty word like “saffron”. This is how discourse shifts inch by inch. Ram Guha does not move among the average crowd that earns a living, Ram Guha moves among the elite that collects tribute from the colonized masses. What face would Ram Guha show on the party circuit if they came to know that he uses dirty, unfashionable words like “saffron”? He has to keep up his image, doesn’t he?

When academics like Ram Guha refuse to even say the word saffron, you can only imagine the kind of anti-national poison they are feeding to kids in social “science” courses across the country. This is not about one man: by taking a stand for “orange”, Guha has only disclosed the discourse in Lutyens.

And all it took to pull out the traitors was a national flag. They can’t help themselves, they can’t keep their compulsive anti-nationalism under control. Let the tiranga wave higher…these traitors will all be driven to insanity.

Shame on us Hindus

There is a reason Hindus didn’t rule their own country for 1000 years. There is a reason that political parties functioning in our democracy feel electorally safe enough to sacrifice the rights of the 85% to pander to the whims of the 15%. On this blog, we spend far too much time blaming others and not enough time blaming ourselves.

What on earth is this?  No seriously, what the f*ck is this?

Nothing specific about Jats here. Almost every group of Hindus has done pretty much the same. Other recent examples would be Patidars and Kapus. If we keep up this murderous infighting among Hindus, we deserve to be ruled by the foreign queen. No, seriously, we do. I am a big believer in taking responsibility. If we as a group of people cannot take responsibility for controlling our own stupidity, we shouldn’t be blaming others when they take advantage of us.

For example, we all know that it was Americans who propped up Osama bin Laden at one time in Afghanistan to fight Soviet enemies. You will find that people generally invoke this fact to try and absolve Afghans for the terrorist mess in their country and blame everything on America instead. I don’t. Well, if Afghans can’t take responsibility and handle their own country, don’t blame America and Soviet Russia for coming in and trying to take advantage of the situation. Diplomacy is amoral, not immoral. This means that the question of morals does not arise. The American government has an obligation only to its own citizens and not to anyone else. In fact, it is the duty of the American government to find situations that they can exploit for the gain of Americans. It is similarly the responsibility of Afghans to look out for themselves. No one owes them a damn thing. It was their responsibility to negotiate a deal with America and Russia for their own benefit. If they couldn’t do that, don’t blame others.

Just take the recent India-Japan agreement where Japan agreed to finance our bullet trains with a loan at 0.1% interest. Basically free money! So did we cheat and exploit the Japanese? No! We wanted bullet trains and the Japanese wanted to keep China out. They had their interest and we had ours. This is how all negotiation works. If both sides are intelligent and responsible, the deal will be mutually beneficial…like the Indo-Japanese agreement was.

In fact, here is my real complaint with those who make excuses for Islamic terrorism. The apologists deny Muslims of “agency”, i.e., they assume that Muslims can’t look out for their own interests and are merely puppets who get manipulated by America/CIA/RSS/Zionists whatever… When a herd of elephants tramples a village in Jharkhand, we don’t blame the elephants. We say: “poor elephants, what else can they do now that we destroyed their forests?” That is because animals can’t look out for their interest. They can only be helpless victims. When a jihadi attack happens, liberals say: “poor Muslims, what else can they do now that we destroyed their countries?” In fact, it is  the liberals who *actually* insult Muslims by treating them like animals who can’t think for themselves. I treat Muslims as grown ups. If they screw up their country, it’s nobody else’s fault for taking advantage of it.

The same goes for us Hindus. The Queen doesn’t owe us a damn thing. The Mameluks don’t owe us a damn thing. If we Hindus can’t control our caste infighting, we shouldn’t be blaming them for taking advantage of the situation. They are just looking out for their own interests. Why blame them?

How Arnab Goswami won it

Is Arnab Goswami a bhakt? Lol! If anyone has listened …and I am guessing 99% of people on social media have…to Arnab breathing fire at the BJP from the imaginary Lalitgate to some attention seeking Muslim woman who got into the news for a failed apartment search, the answer can only be …ROFL. But among  English language news, Arnab Goswami stood tall with his “dissent” against the liberal consensus that stood with Commie anti-nationals at JNU.

So, what did Arnab do so differently?? Few days back, I wrote about how the Opposition in India has a new sinister feel to it. The Opposition, the liberal media no longer feel like mere opponents, they appear more like foreign enemies. Under Sonia Gandhi, the Congress and its Mameluks became so implacably anti-Hindu that they are barely recognizable as Indians today. When you see the guys with the characteristic terrorist neckerchiefs covering their faces, marching on parliament raising slogans of “bandook ke dum par azaadi”, you cannot tell whether they are Indians or Lashkar recruits. All Arnab had to do was stay Indian. And that’s all he did. In the sinister liberal consensus of today, he appeared as some kind of right wing loony fringe..

You don’t have to be a BJP supporter to be an Indian. You can despise the RSS and still be Indian. But to be an Indian, you have to be …well…you have to be an Indian! And if you are Indian, there should be ways in which you are distinguishable from India’s enemies.

Here are some easy tests:

For instance, if you are releasing a book giving clean chit to Pakistan and blaming 26/11 on BJP/RSS, you might not be an Indian.

If you have been crying tears for the dead terrorists at Batla House but not for Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma, you might not be an Indian.

If you have managed to convince yourself that Modi sent the Gujarat police all the way to Mumbai to pick up one random Muslim girl and kill her, you might not be an Indian.

If you believe that the Indian Coast Guard/Navy killed “innocent” smugglers on the terror boat, you might not be an Indian.

Indian liberals have failed every single one of these tests.

As the Americans say, if it quacks like a duck, looks like a duck and walks like a duck, it must be a duck. If you sound like a Pakistani, think like a Pakistani and act like a Pakistani, don’t complain when people assume that you are a Pakistani.

Again, you don’t have to support the BJP. You just have to be an Indian. And that’s all Arnab Goswami did. And here is the result:

So dear Burqa and Rajdeep, you can march to Parliament or you can beat up people at Madison Square Garden, but if you want to regain your lost credibility, you will have to be Indians. Oh…and publishing articles with headlines like “I am anti-national”  won’t help.


Let me wake you guys up. A sarcastic article like that would work only if people at large actually were sure that you are Indian.  Let me tell you that the public is no longer sure.  You guys don’t know what you don’t know. You can dismiss the angry lawyers at Patiala House Court as hooligans paid by BJP, but even you know this is extremely unlikely. The more likely situation is that old media like you are facing a popular revolt. Ordinary people are sick and tired of being told about the greatness of Afzal Guru and 1000 reasons why we should be crying over Batla House terrorists and why Ishrat Jahan was an “innocent moon faced teenager”. If you really believe that people haven’t figured you guys out after 2 decades of anti-India reporting, you carry on…good luck.

So, dear Burqa, dear Rajdeep…I understand that you hate this government. That’s fine. I actually believe in economic freedom, so I don’t even object to paid media. Go ahead, create a thousand lies and fake controversies if you want. Please defame Modi as much as you like, but let’s keep it among ourselves, can we? Go ahead, find 10000 reasons why Rahul Gandhi is a great man. But, let’s keep it among us Indians, can we? I guess the question I am asking is: has Indian secularism/liberalism gone so bankrupt today that it can only survive on treason? 

Why is innocent JNU scholar Umar Khalid in hiding?

Today I will give you the most plausible theory on why poor Umar Khalid has gone into hiding. They say that the nation’s most innocent man is on the run from the law.  As Shri Sameer Yasir points out, RW propagandists are using his disappearance to argue that he might be guilty.

His disappearance from JNU led a certain section of the media to level allegations against him, claiming he was a Jaish-e-Mohammad sympathiser and that he had links with terrorist organisations. There were also reports in media, and posters outside JNU in the Munirka area describing Khalid as a “Kashmiri traitor”. A few clarifications are required


Thank god, someone finally has the sense to clarify on Umar Khalid’s behalf:

 First, Umar is not Kashmiri. His parents live in Delhi and he is actually from the Amravati district of Maharashtra. His family moved to Delhi 35 years ago, and they live in the Jamia Nagar area — they have no connection with Kashmir.

He’s not Kashmiri!! Take that, you bhakts! He is from Amravati district of Maharashtra. Damn…Nitish jee loses an excellent chance to claim him as yet another Bihar ka beta… But what’s this?

“उमर खालिद के दो नंबरों 987396XXXX और 995387XXXX की कॉल डीटेल से पता चला है कि उसने 3 फरवरी से 9 फरवरी के बीच 800 से ज्यादा फोन कॉल किए. जिनमें से 38 कॉल जम्मू-कश्मीर की गई हैं और 65 कॉल वहां से इन नंबरों पर रिसीव की गई हैं.”


What? 800 calls in one week? 38 calls made to J&K and 65 calls received from there? Didn’t they say he has “no connection with Kashmir“? That is an amazing number of calls to make/receive when you have “no connection” with an area. But come on yaar, of course there is a connection from Deoband to Delhi to Kashmir to Gaza… how can bhakts understand the true “dil ka rishta”? Of course I am talking about young Umar Khalid who must be having girlfriends…what were you thinking? Didn’t  I say “dil ka rishta”? How can rabid “anti-Valentine Day” bhakts understand this? Just look at this : the calls were all made in the week Feb 3–9, the week before Valentine’s Day. How is a starving PhD student supposed to buy expensive gifts for his girlfriend? No wonder the poor fellow was getting scolded. I feel even more sorry for him now.

The next piece of info will demystify his motives even further:

“यह भी पता चला है कि उमर खालिद एक महीने में 17 बार दिल्ली से बाहर दूसरे राज्यों में गया. कई राज्यों के अलग-अलग शहरों में उसकी लोकेशन मिली है”

What? They discovered that he went outside Delhi 17 times in one month? Ok…come on yaar…so this young man has a lot of girlfriends…a network of girlfriends spread all over the country. Just look at this baby faced young man:


Which girl will not fall for those dreamy eyes? Dreamy, deep eyes, a super smart kid getting a PhD from JNU and a likely bright future with BBC, NDTV and Ford Foundation…how can any girl not fall for this? And so, this 28 year old decided to enjoy his life a little and travel around seeing his various girlfriends…you can’t hold this innocent flirting against him. How would Modi understand this, considering how he treats his own wife? Do you know how little a PhD student earns? And so he stretched every penny to get around and go outside Delhi 17 times in one month to meet his numerous girlfriends.

And now? Media and social media have plastered his face and call details all over the place. The harmless flirting games of a young man have become news all over the country.  Can you imagine how angry all his girlfriends must be? You stupid bigots, he is not hiding from the law, he is hiding from all his girlfriends! 

All his girlfriends must be out there with their sandals in hand, ready to beat him up. Anyone with any sense would know that an angry girlfriend is much more dangerous than Delhi police or lawyers or anything else. Here we have angry girlfriends from 17 different locations looking for Umar Khalid with chappals in hand! What was he supposed to do? And what about that psycho girlfriend who called him 65 times in one week from J&K? 65 calls over Valentine Day gifts!! Would he really dare to face her now that she knows all about his other girlfriends in 17 locations? Would he really dare to face her now that she knows all about the 800 calls he received from various girls? Yes, I would be scared too if I was in his place….

So, what harm can Azaadi slogans do?

There has been such a deluge of anti-national sentiment since the Modi sarkar decided to open the JNU beehive that it is difficult to pinpoint just one Mameluk among them all. Who do I go after? Burqa bibi or Madison Uncle? Do I call out Agent Ayyub? Do I call out Saggy aunty or recommend her to a good mental facility? Why not talk about the Shehzada himself? Or Madam’s other son…the topi wallah. The poison coming out from Mameluk ecosystem today shows just how much of this anti-Hindu, anti-India venom was poured into India’s veins during the 10 years of Sonia Gandhi’s rule.

The Dynasty, which is effectively an extension of British rule, has always had contempt for Hindus, but at the very least, it has never been so actively anti-Hindu as it has become under Sonia Gandhi. Remember that Indira, at least for electoral reasons, had occasionally indulged Hindu sentiments. In 1989, Rajiv Gandhi launched his campaign from Ayodhya with the promise of “Ram Rajya”.  This seems almost unreal when you look at the Congress of today and where it stands under Sonia Gandhi. Here is the page in the original Constitution describing our fundamental rights:


Do you see Ram, Lakshman and Sita depicted right there? Can someone imagine the Congress standing for something like this today? I have despised the Dynasty since the day I learned to breathe, but there is something about the Congress of today : it’s become much more virulent and deeply disturbing. In fact, dealing with the Congress today feels different, it’s almost like we are dealing with a foreign enemy and not a domestic political party. It is hard to recognize Congi Mameluks even as fellow Indian citizens, they don’t sound Indian at all…it is hard to tell them apart from Pakistanis. Their circles where they chant “Bharat tere tukde honge inshallah” and march to Parliament with covered faces in the dark of night chanting “Bandook ke dam par azaadi” seem like we are watching Lashkar-e-Toiba in action.

In the midst of all this, it is hard to pinpoint one single Mameluk and call her/him out, but I will try anyway.  So, last evening Stratfor uncle put out this tweet:

Stratfor uncle clearly doesn’t want to remember the history of J&K. Are you kidding me? It is these chants of Azadi on loudspeakers mounted on mosques that got 5 lakh Kashmiri Pandits to leave the valley forever. Coupta ji (“p” silent), they were Indians too. But perhaps they weren’t the right kind of Indians for you to care about, no?

As I pointed out in my last post, one of the facts that has received very little play in the media (mainstream or social) is that these people were also raising slogans of Azaadi for Kerala and Bengal. In Bengal we have recently seen a trailer in Malda. What is next? Slogans of Azaadi on mosques in Bengal and Kerala?

India is not made of porcelain and we know that well. But you must understand that bodies of Kashmiri Pandits were made of flesh and not of concrete. They knew that their bodies could be pierced with swords and bullets. And so when Azaadi chants began in their neighborhood, they had to leave to save their lives. If these Azaadi chants come to Bengal, my family and I would have to do the same…run away. Wonder where I could run away to…

As I said before, it’s hard to pinpoint one or two: here is one more Mameluk chosen at random:

Dangerous lunatic right here  —->

Here’s her profile from her own webpage: “She was a British Council – Charles Wallace India Trust Fellow at the University of Kent and…. She has held writing residencies at the Hong Kong Baptist University, Jawaharlal Nehru University (New Delhi) and the University of Hyderabad.

No further comments needed…