#Lingayat : Congress begins ‘Bharat ke tukde’

Let me start with a thought experiment. Suppose you are somebody who wants Hinduism wiped out of India. What would you do?

There are 1 billion Hindus in India. Even if you are a monster like Hitler or Stalin, you learn from history that violence will not serve your goal.

The solution is simple. Your goal is to wipe out Hinduism, not individual Hindus. You erase their cultural memory, wipe out their history and reprogram their minds the way you want. It is all done cleanly and bloodlessly and does not leave a mark.

One such template comes from Australia. In the middle of the last century, white Australians, the descendants of European settlers, were faced with a similar problem. Their stated goal was to build a “White Australia.” The question was what to do with the Australian aboriginal people, who had been living on the continent long before the Europeans arrived. You can ban immigration from non-white countries, but what do you do with the colored people who were already there and had been living there long before your ancestors arrived?

The answer they came up with was the infamous “child removal policy.” The Australian government started taking aboriginal children, essentially by force, and placing them under care of the church. This gave rise to the so called “stolen generations,” children who would grow up with no memory of their cultural origins and would slowly be digested by the wider white society.

If you are noticing similarities with the objectives of colonized education in India, you are probably right. Ever wondered why the Lutyens types say stuff that nobody else can relate to? They were specially bred that way, in a special atmosphere that made sure they did not grow up to be like the rest of us.

The real booster shot was delivered by Sonia Gandhi, using the Right to Education (RTE) Act of 2009. The law was packaged superbly, as a socialist measure to give poor children access to high quality education. The real sting was in its tail : it’s real objective was to impose an additional burden on Hindu institutions. Because the Act did not apply to institutions run by the so called “minorities,” it’s real effect was to put Hindu administered institutions at a competitive disadvantage.

Schools run by Hindus could get some amount of reimbursement from the government for the economic burden being imposed on them. But the amounts of these reimbursements were to be set arbitrarily by the government and even then the reimbursement processed was designed deliberately to be a bureaucratic nightmare. In many cases, as in Karnataka, the state governments either did not release any funds or planned to stop reimbursements altogether.

These are not flaws in the process. This was part of the design.

The ultimate objective : to make it unsustainable for Hindu institutions to exist … and ultimately unsustainable to be a Hindu in India.

The trap was set. Their first catch came yesterday :


The Lingayats are now a “religion” and most importantly, a “minority.” They are now safe from the jaws of RTE.

This was their first catch, but surely this will not be their last. Across the length and breadth of India, more and more “religions” will be identified, until there is nobody left as a Hindu.

Sonia Gandhi’s dream is taking shape. It has been 9 years of waiting for the first catch. In civilizational terms, nine years is nothing. In a matter of a few decades, India will be wiped clean of Hinduism.

This balkanized view of India appears also in the words of Winston Churchill, a European imperialist known for his hatred for Hindus. Churchill once said that India is a mere geographical expression, no more a single country than the Equator.

The British always envisioned that India would fall apart the moment they left. Because India was supposed to be a bundle of contradictions, with no single consciousness. This view was inherited by our elite thinkers who were true colonial subjects. The “idea of India” was always the view that there is no India at all. And with the actions of the Karnataka government yesterday, their dream is one step closer to reality.





Why has BJP betrayed its own in Darbhanga?

Most readers of this blog will know that I am not fond of Nitish Kumar. I don’t trust the man at all. With many key NDA allies looking to ditch Modi, I bet a lot of people are wondering if Nitish is about to make a U-turn as well.

This time, I am fairly confident it won’t happen. Nitish simply can’t make another U-turn. It would be political suicide. Over their first 8 years of ruling Bihar together, Nitish and BJP brought real development to the state. In doing so, Nitish built up an image that towered above everyone else.

Then, he made his first mistake. Turning away from Modi at the exact moment the Modi wave was taking off. After the 2014 election, he could have humbly accepted his mistake, invited the BJP back in and sealed his position as Bihar CM. Instead he did the “unthinkable” and went and allied with Lalu, resulting in a win that gave every Indian liberal the¬† renewed hope of “Achche Din.” In those days of Nov 2015, the memories of 10 years of looting must have been fresh in the minds of liberals.

Side note : Lalu just got convicted in a fourth corruption case today. Remind the liberals to sing more praise tonight for their great social justice messiah.

Then, last year, Nitish turned his back on Lalu. While I am sure most people welcomed a Nitish+Modi combo above a Lalu+Nitish alliance, this third U-turn in 5 years cost Nitish a large amount of credibility. Possibly for the first time in Bihar.

Nitish is trapped now. If he tries to make another U-turn now, the JDU vote will totally collapse. He will become a running joke in Bihar.

We have seen arithmetic works and for what its worth, BJP has trapped Nitish now. He can’t leave now.

So, that’s sealed. BJP has trapped Nitish. This means that the NDA is sure of a minimum of 30 seats out of the 40 in Bihar. Likely more.

But the counter question is : has Nitish trapped BJP?

Not in terms of votes. But in terms of ideologies.

Isn’t it the second that really matters?

Let’s face our own hypocrisy here. A man … a BJP supporter was murdered in Darbhanga in the most foul manner. He was beheaded. All because he dared to name a little crossing after Narendra Modi whom we support so much.

Yet, it is none other than our own Sushil Modi who has been on a warpath telling everyone to backoff. Telling everyone that it was just a land dispute. What a horrifying betrayal of BJP workers. Can we really expect BJP workers to fight on the ground if the leaders are happy to stab them on the back to please Nitish Kumar?

I am grateful to Giriraj Singh for coming out and speaking for justice for this murdered BJP worker.

Let us face our hypocrisy here : if the Deputy CM of some other party had tried to cover up the brutal murder of a BJP worker, we would have gone nuts on social media.

The question is whether we value our own.

After the Sushil Modi fiasco, what is the RSS/BJP supposed to tell the party worker in Kerala who risks his life every single day? That if he gets murdered tomorrow by some bloodthirsty Commie, the party is open to the possibility of ignoring his murder if politically convenient?

Take Lalu Yadav. He claims to be the big messiah of Yadavs. Yet what has Lalu ever done for any Yadav except the ones in his own family? Did Mayawati’s money garlands make the Dalits of Uttar Pradesh any richer? Congress party has been fighting “for the poor” for 70 years … no one has benefited more from keeping people in poverty. And Muslims, whom secular parties appease most, have remained at the bottom of all economic ladders.

Is BJP headed the same way? If the party cannot stand up even for the loyal worker murdered in Darbhanga, then what is left?

Kejriwal’s apology is not funny because the joke is on us

The other day social media erupted with jokes as Arvind Kejriwal’s written apology to ex-Punjab Minister Bikram Majithia went public.


Now there is nothing wrong with a little bit of fun. The question is : was the joke really on us?

Let’s take a look at the course of events. Arvind Kejriwal, backed up by an entire media choir, went around spread the “information” that Punjab is crying for help under a drug menace. The youth of Punjab had been left hopeless and unemployed, coping with the despair in their daily lives by taking drugs.

And who was to blame for the supposed doom and gloom in Punjab? The Akali-BJP government of course, which was then in its second consecutive term in the state. They had been elected for a second term in 2012, breaking the long running cycle of incumbency in state.

Not only was the Akali-BJP government responsible, it was also directly culpable in the drug menace, with Bikram Majithia, a relative of Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal, supposedly being a “drug dealer.”

Now, we know we all responded to these allegations roughly according to our political inclinations. The Congress supporters probably swallowed them without asking any questions. The right wing was more circumspect, although it probably insisted that supporting Akalis was a small price to pay to strengthen the hands of Prime Minister Modi. The wider public was probably somewhere in between.

But the thing is : we all believed Kejriwal’s allegations at some level. After all, we know that the world of politics is dark and murky.

Mass media was only too happy to fuel the illusion. Movies were made to cultivate, sustain and deepen the impression that Punjab is suffering a drug menace and that the ruling Akalis are feeding it.

In course of time, the election in Punjab came along. Again, the media fed us fantastic stories of how Akalis had been wiped out of the contest, fanciful stories of humongous, delirious crowds at AAP rallies. The impression that was given out was that of an election being fought between Congress and AAP, with Akalis reduced to non-players, even vote cutters.

The key aims had all been achieved :

(1) Huge negative perception created in the public and even right wingers about the Akali-BJP government in Punjab.

(2) Complete demoralization of Akali-BJP workers on the ground, who thought they were fighting for second place, rather than trying to win.

(3) This attitude filtering into the electorate, who began to wonder if voting for Akali-BJP would be wasted votes.

On March 11, 2017 when the results came out, I remember a liberal TV anchor asking if BJP workers were also “celebrating” the results in Punjab. Why? Because AAP didn’t win.

There was probably a decent amount of truth in what the anchor said, especially if you go by the sentiment on social media. A number of right wingers expressed relief that Congress had won Punjab instead of AAP!

What a situation to be in for supporters of BJP! The duo of Modi-Shah has created in their supporters such a ruthless, such a relentless hunger for victory that they don’t give up even on Nagaland. At the same time as the BJP is winning a historic victory in Tripura, BJP supporters anxiously watch the scoreboard in Nagaland. Once it is clear that Nagaland is in the bag, they do not rest easy until it becomes known that BJP will also be part of the government in Meghalaya.

This is the new culture of BJP, where winning becomes the new baseline expectation. In such a backdrop, the fraud of Punjab was pulled off superbly, like a well-oiled scam, reducing BJP supporters to celebrating a Congress victory.

In hindsight (which is forever 20-20) we can now see just how well the ecosystem pulled off the Punjab scam on all of us. A myth of “drug menace” was manufactured in Punjab along with a vicious rumor about a prominent Akali minister being a drug dealer.

The punches were being thrown at the Akali-BJP government not from the discredited Congress Party, but from AAP which was set up to be a decoy. The BJP supporters were then baited into attacking this decoy, which was suddenly the main enemy.

The media screamed from the rooftops that the decoy was winning the battle.

Even to BJP supporters, suddenly the bad old Congress Party didn’t seem so bad at all. Because of the decoy. But this decoy was never in the fight and never intended to be.

Worse, there was fear that this decoy was conspiring with Khalistanis. Some of the urban Hindu vote in Punjab was terrified into polarizing in favor of Congress. But the decoy wasn’t even fighting. It was just placed in the electoral battlefield, playing with hidden fears of Akali-BJP supporters, causing their minds to play tricks on them.

Then, the election happened. Like a Nigerian email scamster, Kejriwal dismantled the decoy, wrapped it up and disappeared. Since that day, no one has heard a squeak, not from Kejriwal, not from a journalist nor an intellectual about the drug menace in Punjab.

This is exactly what happens after you send some money to help the “prince” in Nigeria who was in danger of getting murdered by the generals who had betrayed his father the king. You never hear from them again. There was no king, there were no generals, there was no prince in exile and there was no treasure chest. Just like there was no minister in Punjab running a drug cartel.

But, a true conman is someone who sees himself as an artist and takes pride in his work. This is why Kejriwal has resurfaced almost exactly a year after the results in Punjab with a letter. He is not apologizing to Majithia, he is rubbing it into our faces. He is reminding us of how we all fell for his trick. We can laugh about it, but the joke is ultimately on us.

Foolish Hindus do a pointless march in Araria

So there was some comedy in Araria in Bihar, with common Hindus providing some comic relief in a tense political atmosphere.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ūüôā

The hell are you guys marching for? Okay, so there was some video that went viral on social media showing peaceful RJD supporters raising “Pakistan Zindabad” slogans after their victory in Araria LS bypoll.

Why are you marching now? What other slogan did you expect them to raise?

Ever heard the expression : “You snooze, you lose.”

This tweet from Bihar Dy. CM Sushil Modi brought out expected reactions from BJP supporters.

Indeed its true. As data  shows, the BJP led in 4 out of 6 Assembly segments of Araria LS constituency, but they were drowned out completely by massive leads for RJD in the two Muslim dominated seats,


So why are Hindus marching now? You knew what would happen. You knew all along. You have been living in Araria and in Seemanchal area, possibly for decades. You knew perfectly well that the peaceful community would come out in massive numbers and vote for the “secular candidate.”

And now when they won and slogans of “Pakistan Zindabad” are raised, you come out on the streets? Ha! Way to bolt the door after the horse has fled the stable. What a way to wake up after the bird has flown the cage.

It is not like ‘majority’ was born yesterday. As @iMac_too says (one of my favorite twitter handles), their agenda is always 100% clear from “puncture wala Abdul” all the way to Vice President.

And knowing this, ‘majority’ still did not come out of their homes and vote. And of the handful who did, a large percentage voted for the RJD guy out of loyalty to caste. And out of sympathy for a convicted criminal leader who is sitting in jail. You know why Bihar is poor? Because of thieves like Lalu Yadav.

You know he robbed you. You also know what is the agenda of the ‘minority’ community. And knowing all this, a huge proportion of Hindus stayed at home and another huge proportion voted for the RJD guy. Now you are marching the day after, when they are already celebrating with Pakistan Zindabad slogans. Way to go ….

You know how Hamid Ansari feels about your silly march now? Something like this:


That’s the wrong finger, actually.

Next time there is an election, don’t forget to sit at home. Put on the music, invite some friends and watch some TV. Browse the internet. Never go out to vote. You have absolutely nothing to worry about. Puncture wala Abdul is going to go out and make sure this country stays nice and secular for you to live. Rest assured.

PS: Yesterday I had ended my post by saying “Mistake from the Opposition coming in 3 … 2… 1. They proved me right even before than I thought. What a suicidal idea for Opposition to bring No Confidence Motion. Handing Modi a huge win and public sympathy on a platter. For some reason, a government winning a confidence vote in India seems to get a huge PR boost. Still remember the boost Manmohan got in 2008 despite openly bribing MPs in cash. I can’t wait for the inevitable headlines of Modi winning confidence motion all over the place.

Gorakhpur & Phulpur : Pick up the pieces, recalibrate and relaunch

There can be no doubt that a loss in Gorakhpur is a hit right at the heart of the Sangh ecosystem. Add to it the loss in Phulpur (by a bigger margin). It’s time to go back to the drawing board.

First and foremost, we have to remember that this is what the BJP does best. Picking up the pieces, rising up and bouncing back. No one does this like the BJP. Unlike other parties, the BJP has no cushions, no luxury of lying back and enjoying loss after loss.

Honestly, we don’t know what exactly went wrong in Gorakhpur and Phulpur. We only know the outcome and we know that the BJP slipped badly. There could be several reasons for this, besides the obvious matter of SP+BSP alliance. One could point out that the voter turnout was extremely low (43% in Gorakhpur and 37% in Phulpur).

The turnout is so abysmally low that it rather rules out the possibility that the Opposition would like to hear most : anti-incumbency. Gorakhpur is a core seat for the BJP. They have been winning it continuously since 1991. If some kind of anti-BJP wave was sweeping the state … to the extent that BJP would lose Gorakhpur … it would be much louder. Voters would have shown up in droves to the polling booth to teach the government a lesson.

No, I am not trying to put a positive spin on it. But, I don’t believe this can be due to anti-incumbency. We have seen a lot of anti-incumbency waves in this country … but never ever has the turnout been 37% in such a situation.

In January, we saw an anti-incumbency wave in bypolls in Rajasthan. Both Ajmer and Alwar recorded over 60% voter turnout.

But here we have a 37% turnout in Phulpur where the BJP’s margin of defeat was bigger. In Gorakhpur, the turnout was higher at 43% and the margin of defeat was much smaller. In urban seats of Allahabad, the turnout didn’t even reach 20%. I refuse to believe this could be anti-incumbency.

This is more a case of caste based parties managing to get their core voter out while the BJP’s voters were enjoying their Sunday.

But we cannot stop there. The big question is : why didn’t the BJP voters come out?

Some would say urban BJP voters were disillusioned. Maybe they were. But disillusioned to the extent that voter turnout in urban areas falls below 20%? Seems excessive.

My personal belief is that something went wrong with the BJP machinery in both seats. For some reason, the BJP worker did not go door to door and get the voters to come out. If you ask me, something deeper happened  at the level of BJP workers rather than BJP voters.

Yogi spoke openly of over confidence yesterday. Possible reason. Of course, he wouldn’t talk openly of sabotage.

One clear mistake that can be pinpointed is fielding a Shukla in an area where Nishads have so many votes. That fault goes directly to Amit Shah’s door. Repeat of Bihar blunder by fielding upper caste candidates?

The Congress has lost its deposit in both Gorakhpur and Phulpur. Remember that Phulpur was a seat held by Nehru himself. To save deposit, you need to poll one-sixth of the valid votes. That is a tad over 16%. Forget 16%, the Congress couldn’t even get 2% in any of the seats. Yet, the Shehzada has still “won.” He was beaming all over the news channels yesterday.

The Congress is like the Crown. Any and all acquisitions by any of its subject parties ultimately accrue to the crown.

There’s no use complaining about this. It is a fact of life. The Congress controls all the levers of power : judiciary, media, popular culture, intelligentsia and academia.

There’s only one lever it does not control : electoral politics. And even in electoral politics, there is just one party it does not control : the BJP.¬† It isn’t fair. But life isn’t fair. Victory lies in harnessing this unfairness into an advantage : turning it into an opportunity.

Ultimately, it comes down to the question : if a dog is chasing a hare, who do you bet on to win the hare? The dog or the hare?

The answer is that you always bet on the hare. Because the dog is running for its dinner. The hare is running for its life.

And so it is with the BJP. Rahul Gandhi and his entire crew are just running for their next big payday.¬† They have waited out Modi for five years; if necessary they will wait him out for 10 years… if necessary they will wait out 2-3 more such Modis.

How does it matter to them? Rahul is only about 45 years old. Chances are that he has a minimum of 3 decades (possibly even 4 decades) left to plunder the country and enlarge the Dynasty’s nest egg. Akhilesh Yadav is not even 44. He has already served one term as Chief Minister of UP. He will probably get 2-3 more terms in his life (at a minimum).

Family party, family wealth, family’s slaves. Relax and enjoy. Sooner or later, power will come and fall at their feet.

But those like Modi/Yogi have worked their whole lives to make something of themselves. They are the hares. One election loss and their political careers will be over.

(Side fact : Yogi is actually younger than Rahul, nobody ever asked if Yogi had “come of age.” He has no such luxuries.)

It may seem like I am saying that Modi/Yogi are at a disadvantage, but they are not. They have the advantage of desperation.

A loss in UP has come as a wake up call with a year to go for the big elections. This is a moment to peer deeply into the BJP’s machine, its messaging and its structure. Luckily, the BJP government in UP is only a year old and has tremendous time to recover from this punch. Luckily, recovering and fighting back is what the BJP does best.

One last word : don’t mind the Opposition’s so called “momentum.” Only losers like Mayawati and Akhilesh and Rahul will celebrate two bypolls after being blanked out in Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha polls. Let them celebrate. Only when they are arrogant, they will make mistakes.

Remember the run up to Uttar Pradesh polls in 2017? In Dec-Jan, 2017 everyone thought that Akhilesh-Rahul had an advantage? That’s when they made their mistakes.

I guess I have been the contrarian about UP throughout. When the SP & BSP were terrified after 2017 verdict, I said its bad news for BJP. Today I see them jubiliant, walking with a swagger as if they have both won the Assembly polls. Fools they are. What I see is that they are on the verge of making some mistakes. Mayawati in particular. Doesn’t have a Lok Sabha seat but strutting around like she has become Prime Minister. Mistake coming in 3…2…1…

We have the advantage of desperation. So we take it on the chin and we run harder. Victory will be ours.


Faster, Higher, Stronger : India’s economy is soaring

India’s economy is NOT in the news. In fact, India’s economy is the most boring, most irrelevant and most worthless topic that any news channel or any journalist or any academic could possibly discuss right now.

Why? Because India’s economy is soaring, that’s why!

And if they start talking about this, Modi will get the credit. There is a reason news channels are discussing some remark by Naresh Agrawal. Because India’s Index of Industrial Production (IIP) number just came out yesterday. And news channels would rather tell the world anything than admit that the IIP number is a scorching 7.5%


Industrial Production is up! Inflation is down!

For Indian media, it is time to scale down, roll up and pretend like the economy simply does not exist.

What are the insta-economists on news channels supposed to tell the viewers? That vehicle sales are up as much as 23% in February?


Or that lakhs of borrowers are now going to formal lenders as India moves towards a formalized, more first world like economy?


That would be like admitting that Modi’s decision to inflict short term pain in order to bring about important structural changes was the right thing to do. That when Narendra Modi took over the reins of the country, he first gave it two years to recover from the decade of decay under Dr. Singh and Sonia Gandhi. In this period, India soared to become the world’s fastest growing economy.

Then, Modi intervened. He brought in structural changes that oriented India towards becoming more of a formalized economy. The greatest tax reform in history was enacted and implemented. This resulted in a brief, six month lull where the Indian economy spluttered as it absorbed the shock of change.

This period is now over and India’s economy has bounced back to reclaim the World No. 1 spot.

“Economists” who made a lot of hay in this intervening six month period have gone complete silent now. Basically, they are hiding under their desks, banking on public memory to run out quickly. They are hoping we all forget the brief period when everyone from Sagarika Ghose to Vinod Dua was an economist.

Ironically enough, this episode shows that the Indian left can teach the right a masterclass in political propaganda. When the tough reforms were coming, the left identified the opportunity quickly. They also realized that it would be a small window before the rewards for this short term pain would begin to show. So they jumped in all at once and dumped their entire payload in a very focused manner in a very short span of time. In doing so, they maximized their effectiveness and their impact. Beginning mid-November, the left began a tactical withdrawal on the economic front, making sure that they would not be caught on the wrong foot when the Q3 GDP figures came in end February.

By the time the Q3 GDP figures arrived to vindicate Narendra Modi, the news cycle had moved very far away from the economy. The strike on Modi’s economic record was thus carried out with surgical precision, it’s timing and length managed to perfection.

Amazingly, the right has also moved on from talking about the economy. Ironically, the right is in lock step with the left, always walking one step behind them.¬† As of now, the right is busy responding to the latest item on the left’s agenda, as usual. Guess who has forgotten to showcase their own achievements on the economy?

I am f**king sick of Commies setting the bloody narrative, are you?

Devendra Fadnavis doesn’t even have a clear majority in the Assembly. To keep his government, he must depend on Shiv Sena, a party run by two jealous, incompetent and lazy dynasts.

When given the task of conquering Maharashtra, he had to fight on many fronts : first he had to turn the decades old equation of Big Brother / Little Brother between Sena and BJP on its head. A task of catapulting BJP from No. 4 to No. 1 in Maharashtra in a single election cycle. Out of the 288 seats in Maharashtra, there were some 171 seats where the BJP had not even contested in the last 25 years (these had been allocated to ally Shiv Sena).

The second task was to try and win a majority for BJP on its own in the fractured politics of Maharashtra, something that no party had done since 1985. After the 1990 elections, no party in Maharashtra has won even 90 seats.  The outcome for BJP : 122 seats, but tantalizingly shortly of the magic figure of 145.

Not to mention that the mantle was suddenly thrust on him with barely 2-3 months to go for elections, due to the unexpected death of Gopinath Munde : BJP’s tallest leader in Maharashtra. A man carrying the yoke of being a Brahmin in a state whose politics has always been dominated by Marathas.

That’s Devendra Fadnavis : the first BJP leader to become Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

I have been saying for a while that the outcome of 2019 depends on two broad pivots: Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra, the two largest states. If BJP can control these two states, the chances of a second term for Modi increase exponentially. The credit belongs to Modi for installing two powerful Chief Ministers in these states, who have the potential of becoming the faces of their respective states.

Today’s event in Mumbai, CPI(M) bringing thousands of farmers to surround the Assembly, underlines again the challenge of being Devendra Fadnavis. Remember the humongous Maratha morchas that swept the state last year?

The ecosystem is making yet another major attempt to destroy Devendra Fadnavis. We have seen in January just how desperate they are to destroy him : that they could dig up a completely forgotten, insignificant episode of history and create a nationwide fuss over it. This is how far they are ready to go to destroy Fadnavis. The attempts to uproot him are not PC outrage based  initiatives that only resonate with astroturf liberals. This is not Award Wapsi that it will have ZERO resonance with 99.9% of regular Hindus. These are major challenges : Maratha reservation, Dalit pride and now farmers issues.

These things have resonance at the grassroots.

There is a reason the ecosystem has invested so much in successive waves of attacks on Fadnavis. You have to understand that Maharashtra is a golden state, the biggest cash cow in the union. Secondly, the Congress has always had its CM in Maharashtra except for 1995-99 and now. Although parties like SP and BSP are ultimately branches of Congress, they are still one degree of separation away from the Dynasty. The Congress has fallen by the wayside in UP a long time ago. Not so in Maharashtra.

It was not ruled indirectly, unlike UP that was ruled by the Dynasty through Akhilesh or Mayawati.¬† The revenue from Maharashtra was going directly to the Crown. As the British would say, Maharashtra was “Crown land,” owned directly by the Queen herself. The slaves will fight 10 times harder when defending Crown land.

One such slave is being sent to Rajya Sabha I hear … a reward for being the Editor of a highly circulated Marathi language Congress pamphlet¬† … umm… err … newspaper.

With the so called “farmers march” in Mumbai, we are seeing yet another sorry consequence of the lack of a right wing ecosystem. The failure starts right from accepting the tyrannical terminology “Farmers march.”


Does this look like a “farmers march” to you?

Yes the individuals there may be farmers. But to call it a “farmers march” instead of a “CPIM march” is totally dishonest. Calling it “farmers march” is like saying that Dr. Sambit Patra’s opinion is the “doctors’ prescription” because Sambit Patra just happens to be a doctor. It is extremely dishonest, but even the right wing is bowing down and calling it the “farmers march.”

Because the right wing is used to tyranny of terminology and surrendering to it. When AISA is on the streets, it is a “students protest.” When CPM’s Kisan Sabha is on the streets, it magically becomes a “farmers protest.” When AIDWA is on the streets, it magically becomes a “womens protest.”

Will any left winger ever refer to a gathering of Sangh cadres as a “patriots protest” or a “Hindus protest”? They easily use their superior control over the narrative to create some artificial barrier between “Hindu” and “Hindutva.” They are able to boast from every street corner that they are not against Hindus but against “Hindutva.” Will the right wing ever be able to broadcast the message that we are not against “farmers” but against Commies?

Instead, the right wing begins from a point of weakness, two steps away from surrender. We have already granted the CPI(M) full moral supremacy and accepted them as legitimate representatives of “farmers.” Once this crucial point is conceded, the narrative shifts to whether the BJP government can fulfil their demands.

They are your implacable political foes : why would they make reasonable demands from you? The single point agenda of Commies is that the BJP should be banned and its leaders thrown into prison for life. Will you be able to fulfil that demand?

But the right wing has already allowed them to declare that the CPI(M)’s agenda is the authentic farmers agenda. The BJP can’t fulfil the Communist Party’s demand that all Hindus be sent to gas chambers. So their demands will go unfulfilled and the BJP will have to explain to everybody why they failed to fulfil the demands of “farmers.”

This is not only shameful, it is only an insult to democracy. How many farmers vote for CPI(M)? I think more farmers have voted for BJP than have voted for CPI(M) in the last ten elections put together. But the right wing is such a loser that we let them set the agenda on “farmers.”

Ditto for students. How many young students today are Commies? Probably zero outside JNU.

Same goes for women or Dalits. More women and more Dalits vote for BJP than for any other party.

Through its rock solid ecosystem support, the Commies manage to push their agenda with just 2-3% of the vote. It is time for the right in India to start taking some drastic measures to change this stranglehold.

There are 12000 Communist cadres in Mumbai today. There could be more, but the highest estimate I have heard is 35,000. With that they have managed to bring the city to a halt.

There are 17 crore people who voted for BJP in the last election. If even 10% of that number comes out on streets, it will be the greatest political show on earth. Let 2 crore right wingers march to Kerala and demand that Pinarayi Vijayan and his entire Cabinet should resign.

Honestly, I am sick and tired of being arm twisted by Communists. I was a student for many many years. I am sick and tired of hearing that Commies speak for students. No woman in my family is a Commie. In fact, the only Commie women I have seen are on TV. I know several Dalits but not a single one is a Commie. Most are fervently anti-Commie. In fact, the only Commies I know are Brahmin men (that too so called “Kulin Brahmins” — highest among the highest caste). They are all heterosexual men, fluent in English and making fat pay packages at big corporations in India and the West. Most have flown first class at least once in their lives. Not one of them could be considered “underprivileged” in any sense.

I am sick of these rich, lazy Commies setting the narrative. Fucking pissed off (I am swearing on this blog for the first time in years).

If the right wing does not rise up and assert that we are citizens too, these 12000 people in Mumbai today will rule the country for the rest of our lives.  Fuck them.

SP MLA accused of kidnapping Dalit woman to “celebrate Holi” : Mulayam’s nephew visits him in prison

This year, our ever vigilant “Indian civil society” has played a leading role in raising awareness about how Holi has become a “festival of fear” for women.


This is always a good thing. Although I do not know how productive it is for civil society members to approach random men on social media and accuse them of throwing “semen filled balloons.”


This kind of outrage would perhaps be more productive if the same civil society could use its media empire to direct public outrage against so called secular leaders of this country who actually commit crimes against women.

Like Samajwadi Party leader Hariom Yadav, an MLA of his party from Sirsaganj and his son Vijay. According to a report in the Times of India:

In an FIR filed by the woman’s uncle, it has been alleged that Hariom, Vijay Pratap and 10 unidentified people took the woman with them in an SUV to celebrate Holi, but she never returned. When her father went to the MLA’s house to find his daughter’s whereabouts, he too didn’t return.

Pachokhara police booked Hariom and Vijay Pratap on Thursday under Sections 342 (wrongful confinement) and 364 (kidnapping or abducting in order to murder) of IPC and sections of the SC/ST Act.

Abducting a Dalit woman in order to “celebrate Holi”? In fact, this particular Samajwadi Leader has been in trouble before. In December 2013, Hariom Yadav was accused of kidnapping and raping a minor girl from Agra. The minor was rescued from his house on Dec 26, 2013, more than after a month after she went missing on Nov 13.

Perhaps this is the kind of secular leader that our civil society should be raising awareness against, instead of throwing out accusations at absolutely random people on Twitter. It is bad enough to have people like this serving as elected MLAs, but what happens when such elements receive tacit support directly from well known leaders?

According to a report in Amar Ujala:


Indeed, while in jail, MLA Hariom Yadav received a visit from none other than Akshay Yadav, who is a nephew of Mulayam Singh Yadav himself and a Samajwadi Party MP from Firozabad in Uttar Pradesh.

According to Amar Ujala, Akshay Yadav announced that the party was backing Hariom Yadav to hilt and that BJP government is engaged in vendetta politics. He also reminded us that the Samajwadi Party supposedly never practices such vendetta politics and possibly also wanted to remind us that “Boys will be Boys.”

After all, Shri Mulayam Singh Yadav said it himself. I suppose he will now say that boys should be allowed to “celebrate Holi” and if that means kidnapping a Dalit woman, so be it.


Third Front is golden news for BJP

So, it’s happened. Finally a deviation from the path that liberals had planned for Rahul Gandhi : a slow, but certain rise for the Shehzada as the only alternative to Modi. Who knew that something so big could be catalyzed by results of elections in the North East? For Rahul baba, these elections were too small and so he went to Italy for the weekend, confident that they would be forgotten before he returned.

This is poetic justice for Modi-Shah and their reward for taking nothing lightly. Every election is an exam, a celebration of democracy. Opportunities come to karamyogis who try to grab them, not lazy losers who run away.

Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao wants the Third Front to take shape again. And he has received a lot of interest from Mamata Banerjee, from the DMK, the TDP, the SP and BSP. Suddenly, there is a buzz around this movement and one can only hope it gathers more steam.

In the process, Rahul Gandhi has suffered a tremendous blow. His entire strength lay in being seen as the only alternative to BJP. For a while now, the regional players seemed to have reconciled to that. But talk of Third Front has brought them out of the woodwork with their real aspirations.

For a while now, I have been talking (and complaining) about what I call the Congress Party’s “5% politics.” The idea is that a rump Congress in most states is ready to become a footmat for a regional player. The only thing they seek in return is that these parties support Rahul Gandhi for PM. The Congress is happy to lose deposit in seats in Bengal and Odisha where it had sitting MLAs until yesterday : all they ask in return is that the regional satrap support Rahul Gandhi for PM.

This fits perfectly with the Congress Party’s view of itself. It has long stopped being a political party; it is now a lobbying organization of the Dynasty to put itself on the PM post. The party does not care about its supporters or its organization. It has a single point agenda of getting Rahul Gandhi to be PM.

While this is a terrible strategy for the long term, it has short term advantages because it gives the Congress massive flexibility to gather allies. The Congress was reducing itself to largely “psychological power,” it’s status as a national party, the family’s history of occupying the PM post, along with access to its extensive Lutyens ecosystem. It was on the basis of this psychological power that Congress was demanding the PM chair for Rahul Gandhi.

Huge credit here to the regional parties for seeing through the ruse here and to KCR for being the first to call it out openly. The aspirations of the so called “regional parties” here are totally legitimate. The Congress is reduced to little over 40 seats. By what yardstick do they see themselves as so much more than a regional party?

Congress cannot demand the PM post for Rahul on the basis of his last name. The India of old has passed into history long ago.

If Congress does not have the organization on the ground, it must bow down to regional parties that do have the organization.

So, what is in it for BJP and Modi? Why am I so excited?

Because Rahul Gandhi faces a huge challenge now for being the face of the Opposition. That’s why. The surest way for BJP to win the General Election is if Pappu and his lobbyists have to spend all their time fighting regional leaders and convincing them to get behind the Congress.

There is one and only one solid, unmistakable trend in Indian elections. A trend that has been going strong for nearly 15 years now. Voters want clear leadership and they want to deliver clear, even one-sided mandates. The BJP’s biggest advantage is that they are the only party that is seen as having a chance of getting 272 seats. “Coalition government” has almost become a dirty word.

With Third Front talk reviving, Pappu will be seen as one among many faces … alongside and on the same footing as Mamata or KCR or even Akhilesh. And why not? All of these leaders are much better politicians than Rahul has ever been.

Modi vs a jumble of faces fighting over who the “real” leader is. If this is the equation that is presented before the public in 2019, I have no doubt that the BJP will return with 272+ seats. But what about the arithmetic, you may ask. I’ll say it doesn’t matter. Who thought the Congress would get 22 seats from UP in 2009? Who thought the BJP would get 73 seats from UP in 2014? Indian voters have become used to breaking the rules of arithmetic when they want to see a certain person in power. If Modi is seen as a clear leader facing a disorganized opposition, the seats for BJP will start pouring in from places you would never expect : sudden spurts in Bengal, in Odisha and more.

By the way, the Congress camp knows it too.


That’s right, losers!

Female foeticide is the greatest shame of Hindu society

Indian Hindus have lived in 800 years of slavery under the Muslim boot. This was followed by 200 years under the British boot. I am tempted to add 70 years under the boot of the Dynasty.

For Hindus, the last 1000 years have mostly been a struggle for survival in our homeland. Despite being the most victimized community in history, it is a huge credit to Hindu society that we have achieved the social indicators we have versus other communities in India.

Hindus make more money; Hindus are better educated; Hindu society is more open, more tolerant, more accepting, modern in outlook and democratic in thought. A stark contrast to the community that ruled for 800 years and is still the most beloved community of intellectuals and elites. As the Sachar Committee found out:


Yes, 800 years of historical advantage can amount to a BIG ZERO when a community becomes inherently anti-modernity.

It is no small achievement for Hindus that despite 1000 years of persecution, we are still ahead. After independence, Hindus at least got a say in running their country. Almost immediately, a process was begun to address caste injustices in Hindu society. One can argue about whether the emancipation of so called “lower” castes has happened fast enough, but there is no doubt that “lower” castes have made massive strides. This process picked up even more speed as economic reforms swept through Indian society after 1990s. The best proof of this is in Hindu voting patterns : caste based parties are gasping for survival right now.

BUT, there is a huge BUT.

Here is our greatest shame. As per 2011 census:

Gender ratio among Hindus : 913 girls for every 1000 boys

Gender ratio among Muslims : 943 girls for every 1000 boys

This is a crisis. This is a disaster. This is a shame for every Hindu. 

I will admit a secret here today. Every time I have criticized Islamic society for being regressive, I have had a secret fear in my mind. That someone will jump up and shame me by comparing the gender ratio numbers for Hindus and Muslims.

Here is a simple calculation. Assuming that there are slightly under 1 billion Hindus, there are around 500 million Hindu males and only around 456 million Hindu females. This is a gap of 44 million Hindu women who should have been alive today and our Hindu society is to blame that they aren’t.

Whether through female foeticide, or female infanticide, or from giving female children less nutrition and care than male children (resulting in weakness, disease and death of young girls), it is our Hindu society that has managed to kill 44 million women.

There is no way to make excuses or to put a positive spin on this. This problem must stop and needs to stop right now!

In fact, the picture is even worse than the Hindu gender ratio of 913 suggests. You see, the census counts Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, etc. separately.


In my definition of “Hindu” which I suspect is also the definition used by most readers of this blog, we include Sikhs and Jains, don’t we? When I say “Hindu” I am talking about all the Indic faiths : as Savarkar would say, those for which the janam bhoomi and punya bhoomi are the same.

In the Jain community, the gender ratio is just 870. Among Sikhs, it is an even more horrifying 786.

We are all proud of Hindu society for its openness and willingness to constantly modernize and embrace change. I will give you one simple example : only 20 years ago, it was a common social expectation for a widow to wear only white.

Today? I think today a Hindu widow deciding to wear white would be viewed as making a very strange choice. You probably didn’t even notice this change in Hindu society. It just happened naturally, without anyone paying any attention. Gender equality moved forward without anyone even noticing, let alone resisting. This is what Hindu society is : forever willing to embrace modernity.

In comparison, Muslim women are being made to embrace the burqa and hijab in greater numbers than ever. And some of these unfortunate women suffer from Stockholm syndrome to the point that they are busy telling the world that burqa and hijab are some kind of “women’s liberation.” LOL! And dumbass liberals around the world are running with it. Just pick up any prominent Western media outlet and read about how Muslim women are being so “brave” in putting on a hijab… ROFL!

But the gender ratio issue remains among Hindus, a huge blot on our society. NOW is the time for change. On Women’s Day, the Prime Minister has chosen to speak at Jhunjhunu in Rajasthan, a district which has rescued itself from being the *worst* in Rajasthan to the *best* in the state in terms of gender ratio. I know there are many political issues floating around, but the gender ratio crisis is by far the greatest shame on Hindu society today.

We Hindus need to get this done. We still have 3 years to go for the 2021 census.  In 2021, the Hindu gender ratio in the 0-5 years category should be as close to a perfect 100 as possible.