Why India and China are the only two countries that matter

I waited a whole month before opening my mouth on the issue of India-China ties. So, I am not going to shut up in a hurry 🙂

The other day, I said that India’s obvious strategy for success is to play for time. The core of my reasoning was this argument :

If the Chinese cannot humiliate India in the next 10 years and cut it down to size, they might not have another opportunity for 1000 years.

My point was that India will be the 5th largest economy by the end of either this year or the next year. In 5 years, it will be the 4th largest and in 10 years it will be the third largest economy.

So, all India needs to do is keep playing for time for another decade. The Chinese will likely get more and more hostile and provocative as they see the clock running out, so we will have to use all our wits to keep them in check.

Already, rhetoric like this sounds really touchy and insecure, coming from the world’s second largest economy.


It’s almost unreal that the mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party would feel the need to reassure its readers not to worry about India looking brighter than China on satellite images! ROFL!

Ok, but the key concern is this : How do we know that India will stay on the growth trajectory and rise continuously?

Well, of course the honest answer is that nobody can possibly read the future. But there are easy markers that we can use to predict whether India’s rise is for real or just a passing illusion?

To that I say : just look at our peers!

Remember BRICS?  Actually, it started off as “BRIC” and then South Africa was added for reasons of political correctness and diplomatic niceties.

Remember when the world was about to be led by the four fastest growing nations : Brazil, Russia, India and China?

Now look at Brazil and Russia : Here is a list of the world’s 10 largest economies in the year of 2011. Untitled.png

See? Brazil used to be miles ahead of us, with a GDP well above $2 trillion. And Russia used to be ahead of us as well. In contrast, India was a bashful new entrant into the top table, coming in at No. 10, with a GDP somewhere around $1.7 trillion.

Now see the fun 5 years later :


Huh? What happened to Brazil? It’s GDP is way down… below the $2 trillion mark, now hovering around $1.7-1.8 trillion. It has dropped 3 ranks as well, from 6th to 9th.

However India has made steady progress up the table, going from No. 10 to No. 7.

And Russia? Where is Russia? Found it!


I have to chuckle at Russia. From close to $2 trillion, Russia’s GDP has dropped steeply to a point where it seems they are headed below even $1 trillion. They have also been kicked out of the top 10.

The term BRIC was coined in the year 2001. This was the situation then:


As you can see, India and China are the only two countries that managed to rise continuously through the ranks in the last 15 years. Brazil and Russia were just bubbles … they ballooned when commodity prices rose and they got deflated as soon as commodity prices fell. There was no underlying strength in their growth, just a few years that looked good on paper.

This is how you tell a passing fad from a long term trend. The fads run their course and fade out, while the real trend stays.

So, BRIC was really a failure. The only two serious countries in there were India and China.

A real trend always outlives the fads.

And BRIC was only the most famous of all the various “economic miracle countries” that were identified over the course of the last 15 years.

There was something called MINT (Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey) that was identified as an upcoming miracle 🙂


LOL! Incidentally, “MINT” was coined by the same Jim O’Neill of Goldman Sachs who came up with “BRIC”.

Even something called MENA (Middle East & North Africa). Those economies have been in real bad shape since oil prices fell. That’s because there was nothing real underlying their economies…just a few years of good luck here and there.

If you are really in a mood to laugh, there is something called “Next Eleven” which, in all seriousness, identifies Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan as “next” economic miracles 🙂


I am NOT kidding. They really came up with this in all seriousness…

So, that’s really my point. We have seen numerous acronyms listing countries that are going to become economic powerhouses : BRICS, MITACS, MENA, Next Eleven, MINT, Pan Parag, etc.

To be fair, I just made the last one up … but who’s to say we can’t find some countries with those initials that might be “next” economic miracles?

These acronyms and alphabet soups come and go. Venkaiah Naidu can himself make up 10 of these per hour.

So, these don’t really matter. The only thing that matters is “IC”, i.e., India and China. I know that’s just two letters, but that’s the reality.

India vs China : Why India has to play for time

For over a month now, Indian and Chinese forces have been locked in an eyeball to eyeball faceoff on the Doklam plateau in Bhutan. While there has been a lot of fierce rhetoric (almost wholly from the Chinese side, but a couple of remarks on the Indian side as well), credit goes to both countries that not a single shot has been fired so far.

There can be no doubt that we are dealing with a stronger enemy here, one which is fundamentally more capable of exercising all forms of brute force. That makes it imperative for us to use our wits, for which we must understand all the moving levers in this situation.

(1) The dragon has miscalculated India’s reaction :  It is fairly clear that China did not expect India to get involved. The precise geographical location of the disputed area being in Bhutan and not on Indian soil, the Chinese probably expected us to do nothing more than note the developments with increasing alarm. What China really wants is for India to get out of the way so it can deal directly with Bhutan : and the tiny kingdom would no doubt be easy meat for the dragon.

(2) The fight for Bhutan’s soil is just as much a fight for our own : For India, this is no expeditionary campaign. Not only would the capture of Doklam plateau give the Chinese a huge strategic advantage against India, there is literally zero chance of the Chinese stopping there. With another bit of buffer state gone, the Chinese will come knocking on India’s borders within days.

The Chinese expansionist strategy is a real thing. It’s a good thing that India has decided to draw the line a few inches from our neck.

(3) The Chinese are testing our resolve : Much more than any military strategy, the Chinese are testing our nerves. This is clear from the way the Chinese have been changing their threat everyday. First they said it’s Doklam plateau. Then, the Chinese media talked about how India is bullying Bhutan and tried to reopen Sikkim as an issue. Then, they danced themselves all the way to Kashmir, then Arunachal and recently Ladakh. Now, some Chinese media are talking of a war “all over the border”, which is as fake a threat as can possibly be.

All these places are literally thousands of kilometers apart.

If the Chinese really had war on their mind, they would stick to one single spot and keep hammering it through. Instead, they are talking all over the place, seeking to intimidate us. This looks more like “sledging” that the Australian cricket team used to do in the old days.

(4) All out war with India is an impossibility : For starters, no two nuclear powers have ever declared war on each other. While we may have apocalyptic visions of hordes of Chinese troops bearing down upon our Northern border, the logistics required for this would be beyond China’s ability. It would require lakhs of soldiers and thousands of tonnes of equipment to be moved across the vastness of Tibet, over and across the Himalayas. This is terrain so bad that it takes special training merely to get acclimatised to the altitude. It’s too much for the poorly trained Chinese infantry.

Don’t believe me? Ask the Chinese government, they just recently decided to cut down their infantry by more than 50% because even they know that vast numbers of poorly trained troops are a liability rather than a value addition.


A much safer way for China to hurt India is to put Pakistan to the dirty and dangerous work. In a very ironic way, Pakistan is sort of a safety valve for India with regards to possible war with China. Instead of getting into direct confrontation with India, the temptation of using Pakistan to bleed India is probably too much for the Chinese to resist.

 (5) China’s window of opportunity to humiliate India is closing : There is no doubt that China is a far superior military and economic power. We know that well.


Well, but does it really matter that much? What if we did a quick comparison between China and the United States? The US economy is 60% larger than the Chinese economy. In matters of science, technology, space exploration etc, the American lead is massive. Just for context, the Americans put a man on the moon in 1969! That’s nearly 50 years ago! When it comes to military, the Chinese operate one aircraft carrier. Just one… and they are just going about learning the ropes of that. In contrast, America operates as many as 10 aircraft carriers … all of them “super carriers” of over 70,000 tonnes displacement!

The point is that while China is not nearly as powerful as the United States, but it has achieved a certain military and economic threshold that makes it immune to American aggression. That point arrived somewhere between 2005 and 2010, right around the Beijing Olympics.

The same applies to China and India. Here is the *real* world power table and it shows why China has to hurry if it wants to put India down. It’s the list of the world’s biggest economies (2016) from the IMF.


Time is running out for China as India quickly moves up the ranks. As per the IMF, India will cross France this year (2017) itself and end up just a few billion behind the UK.

Untitled.pngThis is why time is running out for the Chinese. In 5 years, India will beat out Germany to get into the top 4 economies and in 10 years it will overtake Japan to become the 3rd largest economy in the world. Nobody dares to take on the world’s 3rd largest economy.

If the Chinese cannot humiliate India in the next 10 years and cut it down to size, they might not have another opportunity for 1000 years. This is the real reason why India needs to play for time. Let the sledging from the Chinese side continue.

(6) China is committing economic suicide : This is my last point and it may well be the most controversial. We’ve all heard about China’s $5 trillion One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative.


Ha! A $5 trillion project spread across 60 countries? The Chinese would be lucky if the bill stays within 5 times that number as it tries to build the Chinese Empire … oops… “big family of harmonious coexistance”.

The greed to build a worldwide empire is always the cause for the fall of nations. The reason America is in such a financial hole today is because it’s spread out too thin, trying to mind everyone else’s concerns. And they were trying to build just 2 countries : Afghanistan and Iraq. The bill came to over a trillion dollars.

The big OBOR bash in Beijing earlier this year was China’s version of Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” moment. When China gets into the business of heading a “family” of 60 nations, dozens among them being weak and failing states, the bills will cascade to amounts unheard of in human history. Xi Jinping has signed the warrant for the downfall of China already.

As I said before, India needs to hold tight and play for time. The moment of deliverance is not far away now.

Welcome back, Smriti Irani!

Now, first of all I must tell you that I have decided to take ALL the credit. Here is my tweet from last night.


So, if you are thrilled with the elevation of Smriti Irani, you know exactly who to thank for it 🙂

In all fairness though, the final decision was made by Opindia’s Rahul Roushan out of the two names I had forwarded to them for consideration.


Smriti Irani will go places. There’s no doubt about that. Perhaps she was a little overexposed in her earlier role as HRD minister. She had become the target of envy for having achieved so much so soon … even before she turned 40 years old. Not to mention that she, much like the Prime Minister himself, was always going to be the target of scorn for her humble origins.

Sweepress, maid …. all potshots taken at her humble beginnings as a sanitary worker at MacDonald’s. Not to mention other sexually loaded innuendos, including some truly outrageous ones involving even the Prime Minister’s name. These came from some of the suave faces of secular hypocrisy, such as Tehseen Poonawalla.


One prominent magazine even wondered aloud whether it was a big deal if someone put a camera in her changing room, considering that she has faced a lot of TV cameras in her life. These are the same high society magazines that teach us liberal values on “women’s empowerment”.


In short, every kind of insult, soaked in class hatred, sexism and the pits of regressive thinking was hurled at her. That she was the challenger to Rahul Gandhi in Amethi meant there was extreme pressure on the Dynasty’s liberal pets to defame her by all means possible.

Under constant pressure since the day she was sworn in on May 26, 2014, Smriti Irani had shown signs of cracking. She had gone far too much on the defensive … and the media smelled blood. When she threw a tantrum on being called “Dear … ” by the education minister of Bihar, it was clear that the media had got their woman.

A tactical withdrawal must have done her good. Moved into the low key textile ministry, one can only hope she has had time to reflect and rethink. For she is far too big a talent for the BJP to lose. And now she has been given a chance to go all guns blazing as Information and Broadcasting Minister.

Yes, I know that the I&B Minister cannot tell the media what to say and what not to say. That’s because don’t live under leftist rule such as the Soviet Union, Communist China, North Korea, Castro’s Cuba or Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge. I am thankful that Indira Gandhi lost the 1977 election. So, I don’t want the government to dictate to the media.

What I do want is for the media to suffer deep heartburn. This is the reaction I am looking for.


Along with Nikhil Wagle’s tweet, I have chosen to include the reaction of a typical civilized feminist liberal to Smriti Irani taking over the reins as I&B Minister. Hey liberal conscience keepers of the internet … any marches and protests against such language about a woman?

Of course not.

A while ago, just before the 2014 election, an arrogant Priyanka Gandhi had said mockingly about her : “Smriti, who?” At that time, Narendra Modi thundered that Smriti was his sister. Well, Smriti Irani is back and she is not going to stop until the people of Amethi are asking, “Priyanka, who?”

In Bihar, the inevitable begins to happen

We are probably all familiar with some version of the old Hindi saying : “Kutte ki dum kabhi seedhi nahin hoti” (No matter how much you try, you cannot straighten a dog’s tail).

In Bihar, we have not one, but two old dogs with their tails entangled with each other, both sticking to their habits of a lifetime.

Now, I would normally have apologized for using a dog analogy with regard to two of Bihar’s tallest leaders. But in this era of “free speech”, dog analogies are suddenly in great demand. Secular parties are going out of the way to showcase how much they don’t mind if someone depicts them as dogs. So, I am sure they won’t mind me speaking thus.

One dog cannot stop stealing. It is the only thing that dog knows. It is everything that dog has ever done in his life. No matter what the situation or what the stakes, that dog will steal.

The other dog has a different problem. This dog is a habitual betrayer of friends. It has no sense of loyalty and always bites the hand that feeds him. Oops… I notice the irony of the dog analogy. I’ll stop doing it now.

The inevitable is unfolding in Bihar … finally.

Not surprisingly, the RJD has found itself neck deep in corruption. And Nitish Kumar was just looking for an opportunity to betray his new friends.

I was actually wondering what took Nitish Kumar so long. It’s been almost four years since Nitish Kumar betrayed one set of friends. He must have been itching to betray his other set of friends.

So now Nitish Kumar wants Lalu’s son Tejaswi out of the Deputy CM post and out of the ministry. Why? Because corruption.

Yeah… as if Nitish Kumar did not know about Lalu Yadav’s corruption when he went to them in 2014 and fell at their feet.

And now… we have this drama with Nitish demanding that Tejaswi should step down. Why is Nitish Kumar acting so surprised?

And more importantly, what is this drama of asking for Tejaswi’s resignation? When Nitish needed to get rid of BJP, he simply sacked Sushil Modi, his Deputy CM and Cabinet colleague for 8 years. He didn’t wait for Sushil Modi to resign.

Has Nitish forgotten that he has the option of simply sacking Tejaswi from his ministry? He was never shy to use that option before when he was acting out of jealousy towards Narendra Modi in 2013. Why is he so shy to exercise that option in a clear cut corruption case against this Deputy CM?

Because of course … convenience. Back in 2013, Nitish Kumar had a solid assurance of backing from 10 Janpath for the survival of his government. He has no such assurance now from the BJP. So now, Bihar’s Mr. Clean goes on this song and dance routine of demanding that Tejaswi Yadav should resign.

The BJP has reason to smile here, but it is still a mixed bag for them. On the one hand, the continuous strikes on the RJD have successfully opened up all the fissures in the Mahagathbandhan. But I am worried that the BJP might overplay its hand by losing patience.

The worst mistake that the BJP can make here is to support the JDU to form a government. At the peak of the Prime Minister’s popularity, this would be a terrible let down… an injustice to all BJP karyakartas who have worked to make the party No. 1 in Bihar and an injustice to Modi himself. The BJP’s workers in Bihar haven’t toiled tirelessly to again offer Nitish Kumar the chair on a platter. Not to mention that Nitish Kumar will betray BJP again, as soon as the weather changes.

Not more than a year ago, I think it was Nitish Kumar who gave a clarion call for “RSS mukt Bharat”. Today, he has conveniently forgotten that all the BJP’s top leaders come from RSS. Someone remind him please.

The BJP needs to fight this temptation to join Nitish Kumar’s government. The one thing they must realize is that Nitish is NOT going to throw his government away and go for fresh elections. The RJD is even worse prepared for elections. No matter how many insults Nitish Kumar throws their way, they can’t walk out.

So, this Mahagathbandhan government is here to stay in Bihar till 2020 unless the BJP interferes and makes an offer to Nitish Kumar.

And THAT is the best option for BJP. To wait until 2019. Let RJD and JDU keep fighting. The worst that Lalu can do is pull his ministers out of the government, which will only deepen the squabbling in the ruling coalition. Let this tug of war go on for 3 more years, after which the people will automatically put them out of their misery by electing a BJP government with a full majority.

In the meanwhile, the BJP can even try to use the example of the Bihar coalition debacle to tell voters elsewhere in the country not to believe in the various secular mahagathbandhans that are springing up. Especially in Uttar Pradesh. The BJP has waited very long and worked very hard to come to power in Bihar. The state of Bihar has special significance, because Bihar is the core of Mandal politics, the politics that tore Hindus apart on the basis of caste. A BJP Chief Minister in Bihar will bring Mandal politics to an official conclusion. It’s within reach in just 3 years if they are patient.

Will “intolerance” rise ? Tax tribunal orders NDTV to pay 903 crore?

One of the best features of news reporting in the Modi era is that the “Omerta code” of old has been smashed to pieces. Journalists reporting on journalists … happens all the time these days when one TV channel takes on another.

I wonder if a “Radia tape” like incident could be buried today.

Nevertheless, there seem to still be some dark areas that news channels won’t touch, even channels that are openly pro-Modi. And this appears to be it :


Now, truth be told, I don’t know much about the credibility of the site “pgurus”. But they covered the NDTV tax story in the past when no one else would touch it and they were right on the money. So, it’s more likely than not that they are right this time around as well :

NDTV’s tax evasion frauds and money laundering amounting to Rs.903 crores were laid bare by the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT). The Order pronounced by ITAT on July 14 has completely destroyed NDTV’s dubious attempts…

Finally! Burre din for NDTV! Yes, I know they will probably go crying to their buddies at the New York Times. They will place some calls with their friends at the Guardian in England.

Go try it. Do your worst. They will have to pay anyways.

In the short term, we foresee of course, a sharp spike in “intolerance”. One Hindi anchor might blacken his screen or paint it black and blue. But, paisa to dena padega.

You know NDTV has sunk deep into irrelevance when people are still tagging Barkha Dutt in their angry Twitter posts against NDTV. A few days back, Barkha stepped in to take on one such person and let him/her know that she no longer works for NDTV … and hasn’t been working for NDTV in a long time.

Now, I know Barkha thought she was getting the better of this person, showing him/her to be ignorant and/or stupid, but the only person she was really humiliating was herself.

How humiliating is it that common people didn’t even notice that Barkha Dutt left NDTV?

Because nobody watches them. I myself found out only a week or so back that Barkha left NDTV months ago.

Compare to the earthquake that happened when a certain news anchor quit Times Now. Everyone was talking about it.

So you may ask : if no one watches NDTV, why so much anger against them? For this, you must first understand that it has been in doubt for sometime now whether NDTV is actually in the news business or just a front organization for something else.

The second thing that you must understand is that NDTV is the symbol of the old establishment. It portrayed the worst of every trait in the establishment : elitist and pro-Islamic with contempt and dislike towards ordinary Hindus. It’s most prominent anchors would surface in dubious fixing tapes … wives and girlfriends of top Congress leaders would often go on to become the most recognized faces on the channel. For their anniversary celebrations, Rashtrapati Bhavan itself would open its doors, showcasing the power of NDTV.

Most of us who hate the Congress establishment “cut our teeth” by watching the bias of NDTV unfold on our screens. When social media came around and we took to the internet to express ourselves, it was probably NDTV that was our first target.

I almost sound nostalgic 🙂 Yes, we are old enemies 🙂

NDTV is a symbol of everything we despise.

And symbols matter. If NDTV goes down, it will deal a huge psychological blow to the loyalists of the Congress establishment.

And NDTV is slowly coming apart, one thread at a time. But they won’t go down without the greatest whine of all time.

So, in the meantime, even if someone honks at a Muslim on the road, get ready for an “intolerance news story” based on the incident.


Has Indian media gone completely mad?

This actually appeared in an Indian publication as commentary on the Amarnath massacre.


Terrorists being described as challengers to a “set view of India” who dare to pick up guns? First they said it was okay to call for “Bharat ke tukde“.

Roughly a year later, things have come to such a pass that even if they pick up guns and start killing security forces, we can’t call them “terrorists”. Even that would be intolerant!

Has Indian media gone completely mad? Sab pagal ho gaye hain kya? 

Nowadays, it is hard to tell whether we are looking at Indian publications or at Pakistani state propaganda. This used to be the Facebook background of the commentary website Newslaundry.


If I had blacked out the name of the publication in this photo, would you be able to tell if this was from an Indian news website or from the mouthpiece of Lashkar?

We are being bombarded today with liberal news commentary that is extreme,  anti-national,  openly secessionist and full of bizarre justifications of violence against the Indian state in general and Hindus in particular. Here is The Quint talking about the recent anti-Hindu riots in Bengal.


The riots happened because Muslims were angry about “aggressive feelings” inside the minds of Hindus who *may* have faced persecution in Bangladesh. The feelings sitting inside the brains of Hindus were aggressive, not the Muslims rioted!

Liberal reporting always had an agenda. But nowadays there is an added nastiness it has taken on that I don’t recognize from before. It seems new. Here is another media take on the riots in Bengal!


The sheer audacity of claiming moral equivalence between the Muslim rioters in Bengal and those who came out on the streets of Delhi to protest the gangrape of Nirbhaya!

In a rational world, a statement like this should end a journalist’s career. Quite on the contrary, the journalist in question, one Ajit Sahi seems to have got a leg up in his line of work. The man who made this outrageous remark is now a fact-finder for Firstpost, who is filing their official ground report from Basirhat!


Somewhere out there it seems that a bridge has been crossed by liberals : from hypocrisy to open hatred against Hindus and India.

How else do you explain this?


This sea change in liberal discourse — from hypocrisy to outright anti-India hatred — did not go unnoticed among India’s enemies. There is evidence that India’s enemies now regard India’s liberal media as an ally in their cause. A while ago, Jamaat ud Dawa (Lashkar)  chief Hafiz Saeed heaped praise on prominent TV journalist Barkha Dutt.


It is nobody’s case that Barkha Dutt is personally accountable for the views of Hafiz Saeed.

But, receiving praise from top Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists should have given the liberal media a moment of pause … to reflect on what it is they are doing to their country and its standing in the world. 

It didn’t. 

Where did this extreme nastiness in the liberal discourse come from? From losing the 2014 election to Narendra Modi, of course.

That they would throw such a tantrum speaks of the extreme immaturity and lack of foresight on part of the liberal media. And three years into the Modi government’s term, the tantrum is only intensifying.

Right now liberals feel they have no stake in the country because Modi keeps defeating them in election after election. So they are happy to throw the country to the wolves. What a foolish lack of foresight!

They can revel in declarations of #NotMyPM and #NotInMyName but it’s always going to be their country.

And just because this time their spoilt Shehzada could not get the chair he wanted is no reason for liberals to throw their toys out of the pram.

If anything, liberals must realize the revolving door of democracy never stops turning. Five years ago, the BJP was nowhere in contention. Who knows what will happen five years from now? Their side might be running the country, be in charge of its borders, its army and its future. What will they do then? Run this country with Hafiz Saeed as National Security Adviser and Siddharth Varadarajan as Army Chief?

Dear liberals, why not stay sane and wait for your turn to rule? Nothing lasts forever.

If nothing else, remember that what you see today as your enemy Indian state under Modi might well be Pappu’s grand empire tomorrow. At least for the sake of that, *calm down*. Please!!!

Amarnath Yatra survivors speak of how local Kashmiris LAUGHED at the massacre

This should come as an eye opener to the ambassadors of Kashmiriyat, both inside the BJP government and in opposition to it. A report in the Dainik Bhaskar (Surat edition) collected from the survivors describes how local Kashmiris *laughed* at the fate of dead and injured pilgrims right after the Amarnath Yatra massacre.


For friends who might not be able to read Hindi, the headline translates to :

We were crying in pain from the terrorists’ bullets and far from helping us, people were laughing loudly at us

Some Kashmiriyat!

The details of the event published in the report make for spine chilling reading :


I will translate the relevant part :

Everyone was screaming and the driver was driving the bus as fast as possible. Except for the driver, no one else was sitting on the seats. All pilgrims were trying to hide in small places below and around the seats. The gallery of the bus was full of blood, shards of glass and bits of torn cloth. Some people were lying lifeless or unconscious on these. 

The driver finally stopped the bus after about two and a half kilometers. There were small shops around. We felt a little secure seeing the shopkeepers. But nobody dared to come out of the bus. Some people screamed out at the shopkeepers — “Please help us, some people here have been hit by bullets and we are unable to stop the bleeding… please come and help us. At least call the police. ” But the shopkeepers were totally ignoring our pleas. We saw that some of them, instead of helping us were laughing and smiling.  When they refused to help us, we began to lose hope. Suddenly then some vehicles stopped near us and some went in the direction of the terrorists. They were our soldiers.

What is left to say?


Amarnath Yatra : Seven massacred in J&K for being Hindus

I have been following current events long enough to recognize a panic reaction when I see one.


Despite all the mocking of “Bhakts” and “whataboutism”, liberals are feeling the pressure big time. The #NotInMyName drama risks becoming another albatross around liberal necks much like the now infamous #AwardWapsi fiasco. The latter almost became a slur on the left, the poison tip of every taunt, the punchline to every right wing joke on liberals. And you can see the desperate measures that liberals are taking to salvage the situation.

It’s really a lost cause though. Ironically, the only momentary victory they had in their lost cause was when Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself validated their outrage.

Yes liberals, I am glad you are out there to express your “solidarity”, no matter how much you wish it was otherwise. It shows that you are painfully aware of the PR disaster you have walked into.

But mere solidarity is not enough. When you were trying to get your fake lynchistan narrative off the ground, we saw a litany of quips, taunts, jokes and insults on Hindu ways.

We’ll be watching if you have the guts to call out Islamic ways and taunt them.

We’ll be watching without much hope.

In fact, I am yet to see a single media article anywhere stand up for the free speech rights of the boy from Baduria that bloodthirsty mobs are searching for. They speak of his arrest and interrogation as a matter of course.

Compare this with the case of another Facebook post, that of one Gurmehar Kaur. Remember?

A college girl from Delhi makes a Facebook post. Some troll(s) threatens violence but no one actually ever shows up with any actual violence (and obviously, thank god for that!). Liberals are so incensed that they actually break out on a hot day to hold massive parades all over Delhi.

But I suppose all citizens are not equal after all. Here is another Indian, a boy even younger than Gurmehar Kaur, young enough to be a minor. He puts up a Facebook post and bloodthirsty mobs burn down a town over it, demanding that he be handed to them and stoned to death. The boy himself is arrested and subjected to a police interrogation.

Can anybody tell me what time the liberals are throwing a parade in support of the boy from Baduria?

What I do know however is that liberals are happily demonizing a child rather than the rioting mob.

There is a pertinent question here that I must answer.

You might as well ask : But Chaiwallah, why are you more angry at liberals than at the Government of J&K or the Central Government? When violence happened in Bengal, your headline was this:


So shame on you Chaiwallah!

Fair enough. Great actually!

Finally, we are coming to the conclusion that the Indian state and its governments of all hues have simply failed to protect the rights of Hindus in this country.

Today Hindus in India are scared even to go on a pilgrimage for fear of violent Muslims murdering them for it. The killers are driven by an ideology that is very openly hateful towards non-believers. As Hindus we often have idol worship as part of our way of life and Islam is very vocal in its hatred towards idols. Our way of life is becoming increasingly difficult under the onslaught of Islam.

I don’t very much care if you support BJP or Narendra Modi as long as you acknowledge the basic fact that Hindus are the true victims of historical injustice in this country. We got our land snatched away, our temples destroyed and now we can’t even go on a pilgrimage for fear of being murdered.

And all possible good things for Hindus of India begin with this fundamental acknowledgement.

A society has to be set up in India where Hindu practises are safe, where Hindus can live their lives the way they choose to. That would be *real* secularism, when Hindus do not have to live in constant fear of losing their lives, properties and the lands they have inhabited for thousands of years.

We Hindus can count at least 2 genocides in the last one hundred years. History owes it to us to set up a secular state, where Hindus are free to practise their religion without fear of persecution.

Instead, the Indian legal system is set up precisely the wrong way : treating the historic oppressors as the oppressed and treating the historically oppressed as the oppressors!

Instead of a minority institutions, ministry for minorities, minorities this, minorities that… we need a ministry for protection of Hindus! We need special safeguards in the law to make sure that Hindus are no longer oppressed in this country the way they have been for one thousand years!

And that’s always been the crux of my argument. Ideally I would like the state to treat everyone equally. But I am nothing if not pragmatic and understand that the law must make provisions to compensate for historical injustices. Injustices such as caste, untouchability, oppression of women and *exactly* in the same way : injustices committed against kafirs in India for 1000 years.

And by the way, I know #NotInMyName aspires to be an Indian version of #BlackLivesMatter, but here is why it will never be. Now I know that #BlackLivesMatter is beset with poor leadership and lots of crazy liberal crap, but at the end of the day, #BlackLivesMatter has a core historical injustice to complain about. There can be no doubt that African Americans were treated horribly for at least the first two hundred years of the United States. On the other hand, #NotInMyName ironically and diabolically chooses to blame the victim community rather than the tormentors. As such, #NotInMyName is more like an Indian version of #WhiteLivesMatter, should the latter exist. In which case, it can only be called something between hateful and racist.

Did Rahul Gandhi meet the Chinese Ambassador or not?

The puzzling situation began like this:


And this:


Soon after a Congi chamcha had jumped to praise the clown prince


What kind of an idiot is this? Flattering your stupid clown prince is so important that you don’t care about the sensitive relationship with China? And then things took a very interesting twist:

Seriously, WTF? WTF is going on here?

At first I was actually willing to write this off as a case of fake news circulating in the naturally incompetent media.

My mistake?

Well, the Chinese embassy says on its official website that the Ambassador met Rahul Gandhi. And once a furore begins, it gets deleted.

What is going on? Seriously?

I don’t want to take the word of the Chinese over the word of the Congress party. This is too suspicious. Why did the Chinese delete the info from their website and not issue a clarification or a denial or a retraction?

Is the Congress party showing a divided face of India in front of Chinese might or are the Chinese sowing confusion and disunity in India?

But yes, when top leaders of the Congress go to Pakistan and say things like “Inko hataiyyen, humein laiyyen” (Remove him (Modi) and bring us), there is reason to doubt.

When India carries out a surgical strike on terrorists in PoK and the Congress vice President calls it “khoon ki dalali“, there is reason to doubt.

In matters of Supreme National interest, we are all supposed to be in lock step. Perhaps this is ultimately the difference between a BJP supporter and a Congress supporter. This Republic has been ruled for the most part by the actions of the Congress. The BJP got one term and then there were two more terms of dynasty rule. But, I can say proudly that throughout my life there was never a moment when I wished defeat or loss of face for the nation just to show up the Congress government.

Throughout the Congress years, whenever there was a proud moment for India, my heart swelled. When there were Chinese incursions, my heart skipped a beat. When India’s economy hit a roadbump, my heart sank. When saying Vande Mataram or Bharat Mata ki jai, it did not bother me one bit which party was ruling the country.

But just three years into Modi rule and we can see Congress and its ecosystem act as if they have an allergy to everything from the flag to the anthem to the army to the ancient name of India that is Bharat.

I don’t know if we can trust the Congress today and its supporters to feel the same way, to connect with the fortunes of our nation at a personal level. With this expression of doubt, I will wait for a clarification from Rahul Gandhi on what actually happened.

Sunday thoughts : #NotInMyName and #SaveBengal

This is the first post of its kind I have written : it’s not about any one specific topic, but an assortment of thoughts on various things written in a conversational manner. Let me know how you like it. I am ashamed to admit it, but I am totally ripping off here the format of Scroll.in and their column on “Everything you need to know for the week .. and a little more” 🙂

The #NotInMyName protests began almost out of desperation, with liberals themselves expecting little. They had their motley crowd at Jantar Mantar consisting of out of favor journalists and dalals and “uncleji students” who think it is cool to mooch off the taxpayer doing “PhD” until age 40. Or worse… MPhil… ROFL.

And don’t tell me how long a “PhD” takes. Incidentally, I finished a PhD too. I was 24 then.

By the way, I noticed that this news item got little to no attention.


Now THIS is what I have been saying for a long time. Without a scam, how do you explain the fact that cadres of a tiny Communist party are getting admitted year after year after year to JNU? For decades? The odds of this happening by random chance are practically zero.


That‘s what I wrote months ago. I am in an oddly self congratulatory mode today.

Back to #NotInMyName. Liberals began it out of desperation, not expecting many results. When they could not find the data, they began to cook it up. One fairly funny example was the IndiaSpend “report” that was quoted all over the place to show that cow related violence “rose” after Modi came to power. Another was a “report” by Rupa Subramanya which is a spectacular example of foolishly using large sample statistical methods in small samples with large variation.

Incidentally, the website of the United States National Weather Service also shows a significant uptick in the number of people killed in the US by lightning strikes since Modi came to power.


I suggest that the “Modi angle” to this should also be investigated properly by IndiaSpend and Huffington Post. Perhaps this will teach them a lesson or two about spurious correlation and the hazards of making sweeping conclusions from tiny tiny sample sizes.

But then, Narendra Modi himself gifted the liberals a surprise propaganda victory by validating their outrage with his remarks at Sabarmati Ashram in Gujarat. Can you really blame liberals for getting a victory buzz out of this?

Unluckily for liberals, the buzzkill came from Bengal. The problem is that the typical jihadi is rather upfront about his intentions. As images of widespread rioting in Basirhat went viral, liberals bit their nails in anguish. It certainly helps that the two most widely watched English channels are cheering for the BJP now.

Within a day or two, you could see the liberals squirming on their Facebook and Twitter accounts, trying to wiggle out of the taunts from the Hindu right.

In an earlier day, these riots would have gone unnoticed. How many people know that very similar riots happened in 2013 at Deganga in Bengal, which is barely 25 kilometers from Basirhat?

But back in 2013, the liberals had not expected BJP to be this giant it is today. They didn’t think BJP would be in Bengal breathing down their necks. So they thought it was safe to ignore Deganga riots. NOW they know the dangers… they know how social media is exposing them all over the place. So they rush to clear their names with at least one condemnation of Basirhat riots. No matter how little they mean it, I see the pressure on liberals to acknowledge the wrongs in Bengal as a huge positive step forward in national discourse.

And now #SaveBengal is trending, with protests planned at the hallowed liberal ground of Jantar Mantar in Delhi. Let’s see how many media celebrities show up.