Asst. Editor of India Today gives fake date for release of Q2 GDP numbers & blames Modi sarkar for delaying them

We have known for a while that for “liberal” Indian media, no lie is too big when it comes to smearing Narendra Modi. Some 15 years and still counting….

The very latest in this long list is an opinion piece that came out on Aaj Tak today, claiming to give out 3 different evidences of Modi sarkar being on the backfoot from “street to parliament”.


Here’s the first of the 3 pieces of “evidence” : Why has Modi sarkar suppressed the latest GDP figures?


What suppression? What are they even talking about? The Q2 GDP figures for FY 2017-18 will be released as per schedule on Nov 30. It’s only Nov 22.

I was puzzled, so I had to read the rest.


For friends who might not be able to read Hindi, that underlined sentence translates to : “It should be noted that the GDP numbers for Q2 should have been released by Nov 1.”

The accusation is that the Modi government is suppressing GDP numbers to avoid possible embarrassment just before Gujarat polls.

Outright lie! The quarterly GDP numbers are released, just as you might expect, every 3 months. For any given Financial year, here is the well established schedule of release of GDP numbers.

Q1 (Apr — June) : Release date : Aug 31

Q2 (July — Sept) : Release date : Nov 30

Q3 (Oct — Dec) : Release date : Feb 28 (or 29)

Q4 (Jan — Mar) : Release date : May 31.

Exactly on schedule, the Q1 number was released on Aug 31 this year at 5:30 pm. And, exactly on schedule, the Q2 number will come on Nov 30. This is precisely what happened in 2016 and always before that as far back as internet searches could take me. You can see that the date for release of Q2 GDP numbers was Nov 30 even in 2011.

This is an extremely well established schedule and I cannot think of any excuse for the author of the Aaj Tak opinion piece, Mr. Rahul Misra, not to know that.


Yes, this man is an Assistant Editor of India Today.

Minutes after his post on Aaj Tak went online, I tweeted out the facts with screenshots and asked for an apology.

I’m still waiting.



Scroll now says that it is “Hindu nationalism” to speak for Hindu riot victims in Bangladesh

Some days ago, an angry mob of 20,000 surrounded a Hindu village in Rangpur area of Bangladesh and burned down 30 homes.


The reason? A rumor about a Facebook post ‘insulting Islam’. Yes, what happens in West Bengal also happens in East Bengal.

It is hardly a surprise that Indian liberals would not find this worth talking about. Just 30 homes of poor Hindus burned down next door from our country. I don’t know about you, but when the ‘burkini’ was banned on beaches of distant France, my Facebook feed was exploding for weeks with righteous anger of liberal friends.

But Bangladeshi Hindus (or Pakistani Hindus) are one of those inconvenient people groups that modern liberal India prefers not to see at all. Their sufferings provide an obvious counterpoint to the whole “religion of peace” thing. It’s almost like if you took India and cut her into two pieces, one majority Hindu and the other majority Muslim, the Hindu majority part would remain secular while the Muslim majority part would declare itself an Islamic state.

That almost suggests that India remains secular due to its Hindu majority. What an inconvenient conclusion!!! As it is, Pakistani Hindus are down to like 2%. Why don’t they just disappear so that liberal and communist historians can claim that they never existed in the first place?

So, we all knew that liberals would remain silent over the attack on Hindus in Bangladesh.  But, well, Scroll managed to touch a new low.


Yes, liberals have now gone over and above just staying silent on atrocities on Hindus. They are now actively condemning anyone who dares to comment on atrocities on Hindus. 

Welcome to the terrifying new face of modern liberalism. 

From now on, whenever Hindus are victims, liberals will not just roll up and go conveniently silent till the news cycle moves on. Those days are over. From now on, they are going to speak up and shout you down if you dare speak on victimization of Hindus.

Let’s read Scroll’s reasoning:


Yeah, you read that right. Liberal internationalists who tear their hair out over America’s President and Israel’s actions in the Middle East cannot believe that India would care about riot victims just across the border.

Yeah, why would India “involve itself” in an affair that does not concern India? We should go pick a fight with Myanmar over Rohingya Muslims instead, right? Let the Bangladeshi Hindus remain at the mercy of murderous mobs.

Unprecedented indeed. Because India has much better things to do, such as supporting Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza strip. And what about that Trump and what he may or may not be doing to Muslims in his country? And why would India’s mainstream political parties turn their backs on Jagmeet Singh, the dashing Canadian politician who has done nothing but support “self-determination” for whether Punjab should be its own country. So intolerant of Modi’s new Hindu nationalist India.

That’s modern liberalism for you.

Let me tell you a story from 2006. So, there’s these guys and they are in a faraway country called Denmark. And what do these guys do one day? They decide to draw some cartoons in a local Danish newspaper.

Here is the official response of Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of the Republic of India, to cartoons published in a Danish newspaper (in a letter to the Shahi Imam of Delhi’s Jama Masjid)


That’s right. The Indian government got involved with cartoons published in a newspaper in a remote Northern European country. About pieces of paper with ink on them. But how dare they talk about actual human beings getting their homes burned down by angry mobs in Bangladesh next door? The latter would be “unprecedented”, because the victims in the latter case were Hindus.

So, if 20,000 people surround a Hindu village and burn it down, demanding punishment for the rioters is communal.  Justice is the new bigotry.

They always believed it. Now they are saying it.


Did you hear about India’s searing diplomatic victory at the United Nations?

We’re Indians. Don’t mess with us.

That’s the message with which the world walked away after a heartstopping diplomatic contest between India and Britain at the United Nations for the last open seat on the International Court of Justice.

Officially, the contest was between Britain’s Christopher Greenwood and India’s Dalveer Bhandari for election to the ICJ. Both were sitting judges of the court, with Greenwood serving since 2008 and Bhandari serving since 2012.

Five seats were open for election and four judges had already been elected, one each from Brazil, France, Lebanon and Somalia. The British press were already calling it a diplomatic humiliation for their country when the UK failed to muster support directly and was forced into a runoff election versus India.


After all, the ICJ has always had at least one British judge ever since the court was established in 1946.

To be elected, a candidate must secure the confidence of both the UN General Assembly (193 members) and the Security Council (15 members). Should the two chambers disagree with each other, multiple rounds of voting are held in each house to resolve the situation.

Britain’s Christopher Greenwood held the lead in the Security Council, with 9 votes to India’s 6. But the General Assembly disagreed. And as the General Assembly voted over and over again, Bhandari’s lead grew. At last count, India had 121 votes, nearing a two-third majority in the house of 193.

But the Security Council refused to budge. Although the vote is held by secret ballot, it is widely believed that the powerful P-5 were sticking with the British judge, insistent on showing their power. After all, if India snubs Britain today, it could be any other P-5 member tomorrow. Incidentally, that’s exactly what we hope India will achieve one day.


The British in desperation pressed for an arcane mechanism of a Joint Conference to resolve the deadlock. Such a Joint Conference would have just 3 members each from the GA and the SC. This method only exists on the rule books and has never been used before.

Also, as is wont with diplomatic intrigue, rumors were spread that India will get Bhandari to withdraw from the contest. Or that India had agreed to the Joint Conference mechanism. Both rumors were strongly denied by Syed Akbaruddin, India’s permanent representative to the UN.


The game was set for what The Times of India called possibly the “worst diplomatic showdown” between India and the UK in recent times.

And then it all happened. Here are the results of the voting in both chambers of the UN, shared by Syed Akbaruddin (Thank you sir, you are a hero!)


183 votes in the General Assembly. All 15 votes in the Security Council.

The British blinked. Greenwood withdrew from the contest. Bye, ol’ chap!  Smiles all around for the Indian camp.


External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj tweeted out the happy news.


Thank you Madam. May there be many many more such moments.

India bears nobody any ill will. But our rise is both relentless and inevitable and it must be duly acknowledged. That’s our message and we have delivered it powerfully on the world stage. And this message has been embraced willingly by the community of nations.


Without missing the irony of quoting William Shakespeare over here, let me just say that  All’s well that ends well. 

Congress will pay dearly for outsourcing its election to PAAS

So, it’s official. Congress has no plank on which to contest Gujarat elections, but the crutch of Hardik Patel and his Patidar Anmat Andolan Samiti (PAAS). Even the cheerleaders and chamchas of the Dynasty in the media have been asked to take a break from praising Rahul Gandhi to swoon over Hardik Patel, the Patidar “leader”. \


Yeah… a demi god he is all right. An allegedly young man wearing a cap proclaiming his caste : “I am Patidar.”

Mainstream media sends people nowadays to follow this man around like Pidis, praising his every word. I know that liberals don’t get irony, but next time some liberal pretentiously launches into a sermon about building a modern nation, remind them of Pidi reporters following around a young man with no agenda except his caste, eagerly jumping for crumbs.

If Hardik had been like 80 years old, there would at least some place for the media to hide their face. They could say he is an old dog that can’t learn new tricks. But he is (allegedly) like 22 or 23 years old, his only message being that young Patidars should spend their lives thinking about “Patidar pride”. And this is the guy liberals want to hold up as a “youth icon”.

NEVER forget this. Remember to rub it in their faces the next time these liberals talk about how “nationalism” is a dirty word. Yeah … those who make jokes about “nationalism” and pretend to see inherent narrow mindedness in “patriotism” are the same who see “demigods” in casteism.

The pathetic surrender of the Congress party before PAAS is almost painful to watch. Whatever little chance the Congress had of putting up a fight has vanished. By outsourcing their election campaign to a disorganized undisciplined and untested force, they have committed political suicide.

Does Rahul Gandhi seriously believe that the Gujarat voter will really opt for such chaos over the towering persona of Narendra Modi? Nitish Kumar has always wished for Modi’s destruction (more on this tomorrow) but he conceded freely the other day that basic political logic says that the BJP will win by a landslide in Gujarat bigger than the one in Uttar Pradesh.

Little surprise that Congress chief Bharat Singh Solanki has decided to run away from contesting elections. He knows what’s coming.

Worse. Everyone in the Congress knows it was Rahul Gandhi’s dumb idea to outsource the election to the HAJ trio (Hardik, Alpesh and Jignesh). And when the party sees a historic collapse on December 18, there are going to be more than a few Gujarat Congressmen who will open a front against Rahul Gandhi.

Gujarat Congressmen have long been restless and looking for a chance to jump ship. Rahul Gandhi’s disaster will give them that excuse to leave the party and join the BJP.

Mark my words.


Padmavati & Patriarchy : When the Mahatma said that it is impossible to rape a woman against her will

So, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film has run into hot water with all sorts of people. Although it is easily anticipated that the threats of violence will only lead to better collections for the film at the box office, such threats are obviously to be condemned in all forms. This article is not about that.

The imminent release of the movie Padmavati has led to a second lively debate about the question of honor, patriarchy and death. With the story of Rani Padmavati burning herself to death to escape dishonor at the hands of Khilji, this was bound to happen. Here are just a couple of representative examples.



Obviously, both sides of this debate have a point. On the one side, patriarchy does indeed condition woman towards seeing themselves as some form of property, with their worth reduced to their “honor”. On the other hand, we have first hand testimony from Yazidi women for example, of the kind of life that “kafir” women can expect to have as sex slaves under radical Islamist rule. First hand testimony wishing that ISIS would kill them and thus end the daily torture.

Without necessarily choosing a side, I thought it would make sense to get a perspective (and inform others) about what Mahatma Gandhi, the revered father of our nation, has said about such situations.

It turns out that the Mahatma was asked a direct question :

“How is one to protect the honor of women?”

To which, the Father of our Nation replied thus, writing in Harijan, the publication which occupies a special place in our history. He decided to break down this question under two different headings (exact quote from the Mahatma below):

The question may be discussed under two heads:

(1) how is a woman to protect her own honour? and

(2) how are her male relatives to protect it?

Here is the exact answer of the Mahatma with regards to question (1):

where there is a non­violent atmosphere, where there is the constant teaching of Ahimsa, woman will not regard herself as dependent, weak or helpless. She is not really helpless when she is really pure. Her purity makes her conscious of her strength. I have always held that it is physically impossible to violate a woman against her will. The outrage takes place only when she gives way to fear or does not realize her moral strength. If she cannot meet the assailant’s physical might, her purity will give her the strength to die before he succe­eds in violating her. Take the case of Sita. Physically she was a weakling before Ravana, but her purity was more than a match even for his giant might. He tried to win her with all kinds of allurements but could not carnally touch her without her consent. On the other hand, if a woman depends on her own physical strength or upon a weapon she possesses, she is sure to be discomfited whenever her strength is exhausted.

Now, it is not for me to comment on the Mahatma. All I can do is express my bewilderment and leave it to  the brilliant minds of this country to widely publicize and discuss whether it is really “physically impossible to violate a woman against her will.”

I will make a similar expression of bewilderment regarding the Mahatma’s view that rape can only happen when a woman “gives way to fear or does not realize her moral strength.”  And what about the his view that a woman’s “purity will give her the strength to die before he succeeds in violating her“?

Would these words of the Mahatma apply, for instance, to the case of Nirbhaya?

Now for the second question, regarding protection of a woman’s honor by her male relatives, the Mahatma explains thus:

The brother or father or friend will stand between his protegee and her assailant. He will then either dissuade the assailant from his wicked purpose or allow himself to be killed by him in preventing him. In so laying down his life he will not only have done his duty, but given a new accession of strength to his protegee who will now know how to protect her honour.

Now, how exactly is the Mahatma prescribing that women take their lives? Luckily, the Father of our nation anticipated this question and so he decided to explain further with illustrative example.


No comments. But I do hope that the brilliant minds of our country will have something to say.

In nightmare for liberals, Moody’s gives India its first sovereign ratings upgrade since 2004

Hug a liberal. Because they are having a bad day.


After that, don’t forget to show them this headline, but make sure you give them a shoulder to cry on.


And finally, make sure you head out to the stock market and enjoy the party. Also assure your liberal friend(s) that they you will not judge them if they also want to invest and make money in the India growth story being created by Narendra Damodardas Modi.

A few weeks ago, when India jumped 30 places in the World Bank’s ease of doing business to break into the top 100, I had made this simple chart to explain the development to left liberals who were having difficulty reading the writing on the wall.


Today, with India receiving its first sovereign ratings upgrade in fourteen years, I thought I should make another simple graphic to explain the situation.


Yes, as the BJP used to say back in the day, Lakshmi comes to us sitting on the lotus. If that causes heartburn in some quarters, so be it.

This sovereign rating upgrade is the latest (and by far the biggest) in a series of disasters for the left liberal brigade that had recently taken to spreading malicious propaganda against the state of the Indian economy. Most of the liberal luminaries who had been shedding tears were the same who had benefitted the most from the (near) Communist Indian economy until the 90s. But back then, the system was working well for them and only for them. During the UPA years, things worked even better for them. As one NDTV anchor would have said, “Baagon mein bahaar thi.”

With the demonetisation and GST causing hiccups in the Indian economy, these classes had begun dreaming again of Achche Din. These are the people who will be most disappointed to read what Moody’s has to say in explaining its reasoning behind the ratings upgrade.


Yes, it is almost like the transformation of India from a crony system to a formalized, rule based economy is good news for the country. And bad news for the cronies.

So, we have India, with its sovereign ratings upgrade from Moody’s for the first time in 14 years. We have India jumping 30 places in the World Bank’s ease of doing business index. And IMF boss Christine Lagarde delivering an epic smackdown to an NDTV reporter who was clearly fishing for an anti-Modi headline.


Moody’s, the World Bank and the IMF. So, who is left? And more importantly, who is right?

It’s only yesterday that liberals were giving out health warnings when the globally respected Pew Research Center published its findings that showed Narendra Modi more popular than ever. Today, left liberals might get some more of that annoying acid reflux.

In all likelihood, liberals will need words of encouragement from an authority figure who knows more about economics than Moody’s, IMF and World Bank combined. Wait until Pidi shows what he can do with a treat.

AAP government collects 787 crore in taxes to control pollution, spends 1 crore

Delhi’s historic pollution level has been in the news. And for the first time in years, Delhi is not in the news for frivolous reasons … not for some catfight between two loser AAPians or something. Delhi’s smog is choking the city and killing people, quite literally.

First, a note about Diwali. Perhaps somebody should explain how the pollution levels in the city managed to reach historic levels 3 weeks after Diwali? Is it because Diwali pollution from the rest of the country is finally reaching Delhi? Or perhaps it is because Diwali was never to blame … and banning it was just an example of the unelected overlords going on an ego driven power trip?

And not surprisingly, the AAP government has been busy playing the only game it can : blaming other people, especially the governments of Punjab and Haryana. I mean … just look at the situation of India’s capital.


Time to do stuff, not time for Delhi’s childish Chief Minister to sit around getting angry at other people. Or saying stuff like a beat reporter for a cheap media channel.


This is the problem when a person in a high constitutional post speaks like a mediawallah trying to virtue signal by using tough words of extreme outrage. Yes, Delhi has turned into a “gas chamber”, but when the Chief Minister of Delhi uses this term publicly, it turns into a worldwide storm of bad publicity that hurts our economy and our image.

Now, every foreign outlet is using this term “gas chamber” to refer to Delhi and quoting the Chief Minister. What do you think this is doing for our country? Kejriwal’s words (unfortunately) carry weight. Because he is holding a high constitutional position. Now this tag of “gas chamber”, unleashed by the elected CM of Delhi, will stay with the city for years, long after the smog passes. Foreign publications who are filled with racist hate towards India (and rocked by insecurity over our progress) will now keep using this term for decades. Nice work, dumbass.

Way to run down the country for the sake of retweets on Twitter…

And when it comes down to work, guess what we find out:


Yes, the AAP government has collected Rs 787 crore as environment cess only this year. Out of this, it has spent a comically low Rs 93 lakh.

Just read this quote:

According to The Times of India, the DTC fleet has shrunk from 5,121 buses in 2010 to 3,944 in 2017. The report added that the government has not procured a single bus since 2010.

Almost unbelievable numbers here. The DTC’s bus fleet has shrunk by 20% from what it was seven years ago. And we wonder why India’s capital is choking in smog. And until the air in Delhi literally became poison, our “independent” media could not point out in all these years that Delhi has fewer and fewer buses every year.

This is the same “independent” media that fact checks and double fact checks and second guesses every single indicator in Gujarat. But, buses are disappearing from right under the nose of the “national” media in Delhi and they never even noticed. They were busy trashing Tajinder Bagga instead for distributing a handful of fireworks to children on Diwali.

THIS is secular privilege. Because media speaking out on the amazing lethargy of Kejriwal’s AAP government would endanger India’s “secular fabric”, right?

Can you imagine how the media would have savaged a BJP government that collected 787 crore environment cess and spent only 1 crore? What’s the other 786 crore for? Left unused as a lucky charm for Kejriwal’s secular voters who have some attachment to the number 786?

Can you imagine how the media would have savaged a BJP government if Delhi was covered in smog like now and it was discovered that Modi had let the bus fleet shrink by a fifth on his watch?

And AAP’s defense has been the most lame and pathetic thing I have heard in years.


Even at the peak of all its scams, even the UPA and Manmohan Singh never sounded so pathetic.

This information should have been dug out months ago… but it came out only when the secular ayatollahs realized they could no longer breathe. That’s what it took them to at least point out the disaster that their darling Kejriwal has caused.

Election Commission bans BJP from using the word Pappu … and nobody cares about free speech

This reminds me of a joke that Reagan told about the Soviet Union that goes roughly like this.

An American and a Russian are arguing about their respective systems of government. The American proudly declares : “In my country, I can walk into the capital, into the office of the President, thump his desk and declare : Mr. President, I don’t like the way you are running this country.”

Russian : Well, so can I. 

American (surprised) : Really? You can do this in the Soviet Union?

Russian : Absolutely. I can go to Moscow any time, walk into the Kremlin, thump the desk of the Premier and declare : I don’t like the way President Reagan is running his country. 

That’s how the Election Commission has always been … as far as I can remember. You can walk into their office any time, thump the desk of the Chief Election Commissioner and declare :

“Mr. Chief Election Commissioner, I don’t like the way BJP President Amit Shah is running his party.”

So, if you want to abuse the Prime Minister of this country … if you want to refer to him as “Khoon ka dalal” … you can go right ahead. Because free speech.

But God forbid … God forbid … the BJP dares to call Rahul Gandhi as “Pappu”. Immediately the hammer of the Election Commission will come crashing down on their heads.


Why is it not OK? Why the hell is it not OK?

The job of the Election Commission is to conduct elections. Go do that. How dare you interfere with what can be said and what cannot be said on the campaign trail? Who made you king of this country?

The fact that they would start going after a term as innocuous as “Pappu” shows how much the Election Commission has become drunk with power. And given the deep ecosystem of the Congress Party, it is no surprise that the hammer generally falls on the head of the BJP, whether it is the ruling party or the opposition.

It’s not about whether “Pappu” is derogatory. It’s about free speech. The Election Commission began its power grab by prohibiting “inflammatory speech.” Modi himself was one of the worst sufferers, when the EC forbade the mention of Godhra carnage during the elections of 2002. Mentioning the Gujarat riots however was not forbidden.

As the EC’s hunger for power grows, things get worse. Now you can’t use this or that term because some power mad bureaucrat thinks finds it “derogatory”.

This is an incident that is seldom remembered but in 2007, before the Uttar Pradesh elections, the Election Commission actually seriously considered de-recognizing the BJP itself. Reason? The party had released a campaign CD that the Commission had found to be “communal.”

The BJP had to tender grovelling apologies, distance itself from the CD, condemn the material in it and make a detailed case before the Election Commission explaining why it should be allowed to keep its status as a political party.

Apparently, having over some 140 elected MPs in the Lok Sabha … directly chosen by the people of India … is not enough. You must also prove to some unelected bureaucrat at Nirvachan Sadan in Delhi that you are good enough to be allowed to sit in the House.

As I mentioned before, the BJP generally finds itself on the wrong side of these “thoughtcrime tests for office” because of its subaltern character. In fact, the thoughtcrime tests by the bureaucracy are designed specifically to make the non-elite types fail. Since the Congress carries out its divisive, casteist politics with a more cultivated veneer, it rarely finds itself getting the short end of the stick.

And as usual, no freedom of speech warrior will come out and dare to say that the BJP has the right to use the term Pappu. How can the Pidis possibly question their masters?

The case of Rafiya Naaz : How modern liberalism became subservient to Islamic patriarchy

Now, THIS is free speech.


That’s Tariq Ramadan, holding up his p***s with the words “I am the sixth pillar of Islam”.

For friends who may not know, Tariq Ramadan is a professor of Islamic something at Oxford. Educated at top institutions in Switzerland and now a celebrity academic at Oxford University, Tariq Ramadan goes around the world explaining just how much Europe is unwilling to accept Muslims. If he has noticed the inherent irony, he surely does not show it.

A simple youtube search will show you how big a celebrity this man is in Europe’s intellectual circles for his passionate struggle against “Islamophobia”.

Except … now there’s at least four different women who have come forward to accuse him of being a sexual predator, including at least two accusations of rape. Yes, the world of academia is having its Harvey Weinstein moment, except nobody is hearing about it much because a Muslim man is at the center of it all.

And that’s why Charlie Hebdo is getting death threats again : because they dared put this cartoon on their cover. Now THIS is free speech.

Now, Charlie Hebdo is not right wing, not even remotely so. In my view, they are best described as wretched Commie loons. But they do have one thing … they are not scared to apply to Islam the same principles that the left applies to all other faiths.

Now, one would think that such intellectual honesty should be a bare minimum standard, but such is the condition of the worldwide left that merely having the guts to hold Muslims accountable becomes a redeeming feature of Charlie Hebdo.

Because the rest of the left liberal universe has become completely subservient to Islam … and to Islamic patriarchy in particular.

If liberalism were a game of cards, Islamic patriarchy would be the top card. No one can beat this  card. Once this card is played, all values that liberals pretend to hold : secularism, gender equality, freedom of choice, etc … they all cease to matter.

Wanna see another example? Here is the Canadian Pappu, the liberal heartthrob Justin Trudeau saying:

We are a place that has figured out that diversity can be a source of strength … “



You know why he has his hand pointing upwards like that? For that, listen to his next words …

As I look at this beautiful room, with the sisters upstairs

Yes, that’s right. The mosque he is visiting to explain diversity and equality to all Canadians has a gender segregation policy.

Naturally, Canadian Pappu misses the irony without batting an eyelid. Like I said, Islamic patriarchy is the card that trumps all other cards.

So, is anyone surprised that Ranchi based yoga teacher Rafia Naaz is facing fatwas from her peaceful community and no liberal is around to speak for justice? To speak for Rafiya Naaz’s choices in life…

For the liberals, Rafia Naaz’s choice to learn or teach yoga is not free choice worth keeping. The only free choices worth protecting are the choices to attend beef festivals.

For the feminists, Rafia Naaz’s choices in life are not feminist choices. Because they all bow down to the card of Islamic patriarchy. If that means that women like Rafia Naaz have to cry helpless tears, so be it.


At least the Mullahs are smiling.

Perhaps it is time that the Hindu right reach out very seriously to Muslim sisters.  While generations of kafirs were enslaved and humiliated through destruction of temples, massacres, partition and jaziya tax, Muslim women were enslaved in the burqa, kept out of all forms of education and achievement in life.

Here is a photo of the function organized by the women’s wing of the PFI that our ex-Vice President attended.


No women in the program organized by the “women’s wing.” Of course. Because there are two kinds of people that Islamic patriarchy keeps under the boot: the kafirs and the Muslim women.

No wonder Hamid Ansari spent all his time in office cursing Modi sarkar. And no wonder Hamid Ansari said that the issue of triple talaq should have been dealt with “inside” the Muslim community. He meant that they should be dealt with by “women’s wings” such as the one in this photograph.

It’s time to form an alliance.

Hashimpura massacre : When police in Rajiv Gandhi’s India picked up 42 people and shot them dead

This is a story of Indian secularism. It’s a story you probably have not heard. Because it takes place in Rajiv Gandhi’s India, with a Congress Chief Minister in the saddle in Lucknow. Or as Ravish Kumar would have put it, back in the times when Baagon mein Bahaar thi.

The fateful day was May 22, 1987 and the place was Hashimpura, near Meerut in Uttar Pradesh. The town had been rocked by communal clashes over the last few days.

Then, on the night of May 22, some 19 police personnel from the Uttar Pradesh Provincial Armed Constabulary (UP-PAC) showed up in Hashimpur mohalla and ordered young Muslim men … 42 of them … into a truck. They were then taken to the Upper Ganga Canal and shot dead, one by one and their bodies tossed into the canal.

42 human beings, citizens of India. Shot dead by the police force of their own state.

42 human beings marked for death, murdered by the state … and forgotten by history. All in the service of the masters of Indian secularism.

Would you believe that the Uttar Pradesh government did not so much as order an inquiry into the incident until 1988?

So, what happened once the inquiry began? Well, nothing.

The first witness was called to testify before the court only in 2006! Nineteen years after the incident!

The verdict in the case came nine years later …  from a Delhi court on March 21, 2015 : ALL sixteen accused policemen were acquitted. Three other accused policemen had died before the charges were even framed in the year 2006.

In his verdict, Additional Sessions Judge Sanjay Jindal explained: “I give them the benefit of the doubt due to insufficient evidence, particularly on the identification of the accused.

They were acquitted because twenty years after the incident took place, the witnesses failed to properly identify the accused. Imagine that …

Because the 42 people who died in Hashimpura were not hardened criminals like Sohrabuddin nor Lashkar operatives like Ishrat Jahan. And more importantly, there was no BJP government to blame. How could India’s secular ecosystem blame the godly Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi or his Congress Chief Minister Vir Bahadur Singh in Lucknow?

The supreme irony of Indian secularism is that Muslim communities are much safer and better off under BJP rule.

Simple. Because liberals have an entire battery of lawyers, human rights activists and the like dedicated to identifying and publicizing atrocities … both real and imagined … on minority communities during BJP rule. When the Congress comes to power, this ecosystem conveniently goes on (paid?) vacation. This leaves Muslim minorities much more vulnerable than they were at any point under a BJP government.

Just imagine for a moment … if the Uttar Pradesh police today, under Yogi Adityanath as CM and Narendra Modi as PM had committed an atrocity so horrifying as to take 42 Muslim men, shoot them dead and throw their bodies into the river.

But the Dynasty remains blameless. The bloodsoaked hand is forever innocent. As Modi ji put it, “Maut aur kangress ko kabhi dosh nahin lagta“.

Why? Because the hand knows how to pick the fruit and feed it to those who claim to guard the garden of secularism. That’s why Baagon mein bahaar thi … jab Kangress ki sarkar thi.

They scrambled to save the life of Yakub Memon … they banged on the doors of the Supreme Court in the dead of the night.

But to this very day, the waters of the Upper Ganga Canal flow silently over this injustice to 42 human beings, while the Congress party proudly flies the flag of secularism.

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