By talking about the PM’s skin color, is the Congress suggesting he is racially inferior to Rahul?

For Prime Minister Narendra Modi, getting abuse hurled at him from the Congress Party has been nothing new. BJP President Amit Shah made here a short list of all the abuses that he probably could remember just off the top of his head.


What is worse is that a lot of jibes against the Prime Minister have revolved around his humble origins as a tea seller and his OBC caste background. The most (in)famous of these is probably Mani Shankar Aiyar’s “chaiwala” remarks from early 2014. But other senior leaders of the Congress have done just as well, such as Ghulam Nabi Azad calling him a Gangu Teli, an obvious reference to Modi belonging to the Ghanchi (Teli) caste.

The NSUI has often gone a step further, with posters such as this, leaving absolutely no room for imagination.


And of course, Sonia ji and Priyanka ji have been referring to Modi as “neech” for a while now. For mysterious reasons, Mani Shankar Aiyar has recently earned himself a suspension from the Congress Party for repeating this slur that the Congress top bosses have been using for years.

After jibes on his caste and humble economic background, the youth Congress magazine recently took potshots at Modi possibly mispronouncing English words. There is no “humor” or satire in this graphic posted by them except saying that those who aren’t very comfortable in English should stick to selling tea. They shouldn’t dream of becoming Prime Minister of India and rubbing shoulders with other world leaders.


In Congress circles, this is supposed to be funny.

I guess a racist jibe had to be coming too. Clearly, the Congress Party did not want to leave this box unchecked.


Except that this hardly seems like a laughing matter. What does it mean when the leader you are fighting for is racially half white and you end up talking about the skin color of his principal opponent?

The Congress’ top leadership consisting of Sonia ji, Rahul ji and Priyanka ji are all either white or half white. Their main challenger Modi ji is not. And you say that apparently Modi ji is taking special mushrooms to whiten his skin color?

What other meaning does this have? Is the Congress Party suggesting that the PM is somehow inferior to Rahul ji because Modi does not have white parents?

So far, the Prime Minister has not responded to this latest jibe on his racial origin. I guess he is taking the high road. Remember Michelle Obama’s words on “when they go low, we go high” ?

But I am not as generous as the Prime Minister. We can’t let this pass. The Congress has mocked Narendra Modi for being born poor, for being born in a “lower” caste and now they have mocked him for being born with dark skin unlike their top leaders. I am going to have to throw a taunt at the Dynasty and its sycophants at the spot where it hurts them most.

Tell me, Congress folks, how do you feel when dark Narendra Modi is seen rubbing shoulders with white world leaders? Does it hurt? Does it hurt you deeply? Good.



Request to RW : Do not obsess over the margin in Gujarat

Right after Phase 1, I had said that the tone of the campaign had changed. That BJP was coasting towards its inevitable victory, while the Congress and its supporters were coming to grips with the reality of defeat.

Look around social media and you can see all over the Lutyens ecosystem : all lefties these days begin their articles with “no matter what the results” … the swagger of November is gone, their short lived exhileration has ended.

However, I just want to make a comment and more so a request to the right wing regarding the victory in Gujarat.

Stop obsessing about 100 or 120 or 150 or 160…

This is their only trap. Don’t fall into it. Despite a spectacular 2014 election win, the RW has been kept on toes, running circles around the Lutyens elite.

How? Because the elite, despite being on the losing side, has mastered the art of making BJP supporters feel low about themselves.

How are they managing this? If BJP loses anything … no matter how small a by election somewhere, they are able to blow it up in media coverage and make RW feel like life is coming to an end. If BJP wins, the elite are still able to make the RW sweat by talking about margins, vote shares, something or the other…

This time take a step back. Refuse to play their game.

BJP has been ruling continuously in Gujarat since 1995. That’s 22 years. And we are winning again. That’s all that matters.


That’s victory. That’s the magic number.

Of course we are expecting much more. Of course, the BJP announces Mission 150 to get its workers charged up to win every possible seat.

But if you get emotionally attached to a number, say 120, 130 or even 150, you are playing the game set by liberals to make BJP feel bad no matter what.

If BJP gets 150, do you believe for even a moment that seculars will roll over and accept our win?


If BJP gets 150, they will ask why we didn’t get 160. Or why BJP didn’t get 50% of the votes. Or this or that… or they will question EVMs. They will question First Past the Post system.  If everything fails, they will say “you won the election but lost the narrative”. Already I have seen two such articles since morning.

Don’t play by their rules.

Most importantly, victory in election is a blessing from the people. After 22 years, when the public reposes its faith in the BJP again, it is like prasad. We should respect it and celebrate it.

Remember, it is the workers on the ground who have fought these elections with their sweat and blood. Not us on social media.  We have to respect them and respect the people and humbly thank them for supporting the BJP again.

My personal number is 120 🙂 But this is only for fun. I don’t worry about hitting this number. I hope for it, but I will happily take any number above 92 as prasad from the people of Gujarat.

Modi exposed : Only Ind-Pak relations were discussed at meeting that did not happen

Remember last year in October? At that time, the government of Pakistan got really fed up of Indian claims of a surgical strike across the LoC. In order to expose India’s lies, the Pakistani government decided to take busloads of foreign journalists on a ride … to the exact spot where the surgical strikes did not happen … to prove that they never happened.

Few months ago, Pakistan’s foreign minister had to warn us that if India carries out another of the surgical strikes that definitely did not happen, they will not show any restraint.

This is exactly the kind of hilarious reaction that we have seen from the Congress Party and its fellow travelers ever since Prime Minister Modi said this at a campaign rally in Gujarat.


Here is the reaction from the Congress party.


Hmmm… I’ll take you at your word then, dear Congress. I guess Modi ji’s lies are finally exposed. Untitled.png

Awesome! Now Modi ji’s lies are doubly exposed. Ex Army Chief Deepak Kapoor has confirmed to The Indian Express that only India Pakistan relations were discussed at the meeting at Mani Shankar Aiyar’s house and nothing was said about domestic Indian politics.


Wait! Give me a second here.

If the meeting did not even happen, then how come “only” Indo-Pak relations were discussed at the meeting?

So, was Modi exposed then or is Modi exposed now? Is Modi exposed or not? Did the meeting happen or did it not happen?

Incidentally, this has been happening a lot with the Congress recently, again involving neighboring countries with which India doesn’t have particularly friendly relations.

First, there was the “fake news” as Congress called it about Rahul Gandhi meeting the Chinese envoy while Indian and Chinese soldiers were in an eyeball to eyeball standoff at Doklam.


This was shortly before the Congress Party confirmed the meeting and Rahul Gandhi explained that it was his job to stay informed.


So which one is it? Were they lying then or are they lying now?

Does the Congress Party even know the difference between truth and lies?

I guess we will never know.

What seems increasingly likely however is that the Congress Party will soon be taking busloads full of pet journalists to the exact spot in Mani Shankar Aiyar’s house where the meeting definitely did not happen … to prove that the meeting never happened.

Gujarat Round 1 : Drooping shoulders, EVM complaints make it clear who’s winning

Obviously, I couldn’t blog yesterday because I spent my time looking at the sentiments on social media as the voting progressed. I don’t have access to exit polls, except some claims from certain Twitter users who have proven to be rather accurate in the past. I would much rather trust the messages that are obvious in the behavior of the other camp. And if you go by that, there’s no ambiguity left any more. The BJP is winning. And it may be winning HUGE!

First of all, a small disappointment. The turnout yesterday was 68%, which is slightly lower than 71% recorded in 2012. This is not good news for BJP, because in a state full of BJP supporters, a higher turnout always means a surge for us. But turnout figures have a history of being revised upwards as the final numbers come in by the morning after and so I am hopeful it will creep up and touch 70% finally.

Like I said, it’s over.

Especially when you see Sanjay Kumar of CSDS crying his way around the TV studio circuit talking about how the election became about Modi vs Rahul and how Congress fell behind in that.

Stop creating an alibi for failure, dear CSDS. Your surveys seem fake and motivated and I feel committed to exposing them. It almost feels personal. These liars have had it too good for too long. I appeal for an aggressive social media campaign to expose this corrupt organization.

It was clear right in the morning when Congress began complaining about “rigged EVMs” before 9:30 or so. I think the first off the block was Pidi Razdan and her report about “70 EVMs” in Surat.

Then, there was Arjun Modhwadhia making everybody laugh by claiming that the EVMs were being controlled by means of Bluetooth.

What is fake news? Spread rubbish while the voting is taking place. It doesn’t matter how badly the nonsense is caught later on when the voting is over.

They already know the results. And yet they go on with this myth making because they must somehow convince their party workers that Rahul Gandhi is not to blame for the looming electoral disaster in Gujarat. As opposed to “Gujarat model”, the Congress has decided to enforce the “North Korea model” of aggressive myth making around the persona of the leader … you know like Kim Jong Un being able to pilot a plane within 30 seconds of reading the manual.

The narration is coming from the guy in the co-pilot seat who is himself flying the plane, but he must keep talking about how Kim is the one flying it!

That’s NDTV for you, co-pilot for Rahul Gandhi.

It is actually both surprising and not surprising how far the Pidis are willing to go to make Rahul Gandhi look good. They have no qualms about aggressively undermining the basis of Indian democracy. This staggering immorality shows you just what kind of people have been running this country for 60 years and what kind of elite has been in bed with them.

So far, they haven’t been able to produce one shred of evidence that EVMs are rigged, but they go on with it anyway. The Election Commission invited them to an open challenge, but nobody showed up. Why didn’t Arjun Modhwadhia hack them over the internet at that time?

Remember folks, these are the same people who claim to stand for science. Ha!

People, on the other hand, came out in large numbers to vote. Almost 70% of them. Hopefully more. While the sold out elite peddled conspiracy theories to save face for Rahul Gandhi, the ordinary people instinctively knew that they were lying.

The elite often accuse the masses of being incapable of critical thinking. But it is not so and Gujarat showed that yesterday. Every single voter who came out and cast his/her valuable vote has shown the middle finger to the pretenders who claim to be on the side of science and evidence. Every one of those voters is a winner.

Go home losers. Nobody buys your lies except other sold out elites like you. Go be the copilot to your Kim Jong Un and celebrate his coronation.

The BJP worker has done the party and the nation proud yesterday. While Congress relaxed at home and floated conspiracy theories as excuses for defeat, the BJP worker put his heart and soul into the electoral battle. Leading the charge was Narendra Modi himself.

There comes a time in the election when the tone of the campaign ads change. When the result has become known and the victor is merely acknowledging the win and urging the people to vote in large numbers to make the victory bigger. In 2014, those exhilerating Varanasi road show ads were that moment when BJP acknowledged the win. In Gujarat 2017, you can see the same changed tone in this video from Anand yesterday.

Waving. Acknowledging the affection. Thanking the people.

It’s going to be huge. All bets are off.

What will it take for Congress to be described as an elitist and casteist organization?

So, last evening, I found every Lutyens creature sympathizing whole heartedly with the plight of the Congress party. Why? Because Mani Shankar Aiyar has come out with yet another filthy remark against Modi. And this time it’s too close to Gujarat elections.

I am really searching through Twitter, but I am unable to spot a single instance of a Lutyens journalist or intellectual saying that Aiyar referring to Modi as a “neech” shows the horrendous, casteist mentality of the Congress Party. All I have seen is chest beating over “Why did he have to say it now?”

It’s like calling Modi a “neech” would have been okay as long as it did not happen just before Gujarat elections.

Along with that, there was all round sympathy for Rahul baba, who apparently is being let down by the motormouths in his party. There was not one who could point out that Rahul and Sonia Gandhi run their party like a pack of Pidis and that no Pidi would dare to say something that was not approved by Rahul and Sonia Gandhi.


The Dynasty has long been employing this word to describe Narendra Modi. Sonia Gandhi used it herself.

How much higher could Mani Shankar Aiyar have gone in the Congress Party hierarchy to get clearance for using the word “neech” against Modi?

And just the other day, the Congress Party boasted about the status of Rahul Gandhi as “not just a Hindu, but a janeu-dhari Hindu.”

How much more clear could Congress Party’s casteist mentality be before the so called intellectuals admit it’s more than just a “gaffe”?

Instead, intellectuals last night were busy making excuses, condemning Aiyar not for his casteist mentality, but for expressing it at the wrong time. And when Rahul Gandhi panicked and suspended Aiyar, they spent the rest of the night praising him for taking a stance in favor of civility.

Civility? Why yes of course … Who described the PM as “khoon ka dalal?” May I ask.

Oh…I remember. That doesn’t count. Because the one who said “khoon ka dalal” was Rahul Gandhi version No. 100 from last year and this is Rahul Gandhi version 101. Those remarks came before word went out to media Pidis that Rahul ji should now be described as a social media superstar.

What will it take for the Congress to be described as a deeply casteist and elitist organization? Their boss boasting about his janeu-dhari status isn’t enough? Sonia ji and Priyanka ji calling Modi a “neech” isn’t enough? The Youth Congress magazine asking Modi to stick to selling tea isn’t enough? Ghulam Nabi Azad referring to Modi as a “Gangu Teli” (Modi comes from the Teli caste) is not enough?

All these abuses hurled over the years are not enough?

Then what is enough?

Nothing will ever be enough. Because in the eyes of intellectual Pidis, the Congress is forever innocent by default. Anytime they say something indefensible, it’s just bad luck for some reason. Or stupidity. Because they can never be evil. Because they can never bite the hand that feeds.

So last night it was apparently all about Mani Shankar Aiyar not understanding Hindi well enough. Never mind that Aiyar is an ex-diplomat who worked for the Indian Foreign Service. Speaking to people in foreign languages, weighing every word carefully so as not to give the wrong impression … that is what Aiyar spent an entire career doing. Today Hindi is so foreign for him that the man has no idea that calling people “neech” is a casteist insult.

On the flip side, every word that comes out of the mouth of anyone in the BJP, no matter how lowly an office bearer, an ordinary cadre or any member of VHP or RSS, or pretty much anybody who wears saffron … is connected to Narendra Modi personally.

When a BJP member says something untoward, it’s always their lowly mentality getting exposed. When a Congressi says something indefensible, it’s always a gaffe.

The other day I was reading the following description of Sharad Yadav’s sexist remarks in Newslaundry.


That’s right. When Sharad Yadav makes disparaging comments on women with short hair, he doesn’t become a sexist jackass. He just becomes someone who is “closely connected to the ground.”

That is why modern liberalism has become so hollow and ineffective. Because every single ideal they claim to stand for has been sold out in service of Rahul and Sonia Gandhi.

Why the US moving its embassy to Jerusalem is a wonderful move

You must have seen the headlines and read the articles. How President Trump moving the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem will be the end of the peace process, how it will lead to alienation of Muslims and so on. Here’s a sample of the kind of commentary you might expect to see on this issue from “reputed” news organizations.


Nonsense! I am here to say that the overt assertion of US power in favor of Israel is the best thing to happen in a long time, both for the free world and for the Muslim world negotiating peace with the Jewish state.

First, let us get the simple legal fact out of the way. The US Congress voted back in 1995 to move the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. How come the Embassy was still in Tel Aviv then? Because the US chickened out. Every six months right since 1995, the US President has been signing a “Presidential waiver” to keep to move the Embassy decision on hold for another six months.

President Trump didn’t “decide” to move the Embassy any more than he “decided” to ban … say drunk driving. He didn’t make a new decision. He merely enforced the law that none of his predecessors dared to.

Okay, now let us get to the heart of why this is an excellent decision. Because, we can never solve the vexed problem in the Middle East as long as we let the bully set the rules of the game.

For a moment, let us ask why “experts” are so worried about moving the Embassy. Simply put, they argue that Muslims in the Middle East would see at as an affront and this would only raise the level of violence.

Explaining why the move is so controversial, CNN put out this graphic showing the number of diplomatic missions in Tel Aviv versus those in Jerusalem.


Okay, so an Embassy in Jerusalem, that too a United States Embassy, would be an extremely unconventional diplomatic move. We get that.

But let’s look at those numbers closely. Just 86 Embassies in Tel Aviv? Why so few? Take Israel’s neighbor, Turkey. There are no less than 125 Embassies in Ankara, the capital of Turkey.

Why so few in Tel Aviv?

Oh, I know! Because a whole bunch of large nations in the Muslim world completely reject the right of the State of Israel to even exist! Here’s from Wikipedia.


Such is their hostility to Israel that many of these countries will not only ban all Israeli passport holders, they won’t even let in anybody who has ever received an Israeli visa or stamp in her/his passport!

However, you never see the so called Middle East experts and peace lovers care about how staggeringly intolerant that is! Apparently, it’s not a problem for the peace process if all these countries in the Muslim world will ban from entry any person who has ever set foot in Israel.

But god forbid the US should move its Embassy a couple of kilometers from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. THAT would be “kiss of death” for the peace process.

In other words, because the Muslim world is highly intolerant and is very open about expressing its intolerance, they get a free pass! The free world must however walk on eggshells, trying its best not to step on their toes.

This is what I mean by letting the bully set the rules of the game.

It’s pure and simple appeasement. And that never works.

What President Trump has done here is thrown the gauntlet before the Muslim world. If the Muslim world feels that America is taking an extreme position by moving its Embassy, well, the Muslim world must accept that they have been taking an extreme position for decades now by refusing to even recognize Israel. They must answer for their own intolerance first.

Otherwise, the bully just keeps taking and taking and taking till you have nothing left.

I have heard so much noise in the international media about Europe’s treatment of Syrian refugees. I’ve heard criticism of how India has been treating the Rohingya people. Apparently, the free world is not being humanitarian enough.

However, most of Syria’s Arab neighbors refused to take any refugees whatsoever. And we never heard any criticism of that. Ironically, because the Muslim world is very open and very unapologetic in its refusal to perform humanitarian duties, their feet are never held to the fire. They just get a free pass.

This amounts to punishing good behavior. And rewarding bad behavior.

We all like the idea of human kindness and civility. But, ultimately, most relationships and above all, relationships between nations are transactional in nature.

You can’t ask for tolerance if you are supremely intolerant yourself. So far, the free world has been giving far too much ground to the Muslim world. Liberals are supposed to care about the rise of hate movements in democratic countries, but they don’t realize that this fundamentally unbalanced relationship is what drives the so called “Islamophobia.”

So far, the Muslim world treats non-believers like dirt. Non-Muslims have pretty much no rights in the Muslim world. And when everybody else sees that, naturally there are a whole lot of people in the free world who start asking why the humanitarian concern should be coming from one side only. While this may not represent the absolute best in human nature, this is a substantial part of human nature. When a white Swedish person hears about how non-believers are treated in the Muslim world, s/he may well wonder how Muslim immigrants are going to treat him in his country the day they have the numbers on their side. This is valid fear. Not phobia.

That’s why Trump’s decision is so good for the Muslim World. The Muslim world is being held accountable and being asked to take responsibility for its actions. And treating people like adults, holding them accountable for their choices, is the highest form of respect for any human being.

They should start by recognizing the right of Israel to exist. They should accept that it is unreasonable, hateful and intolerant to permanently ban any person who has even set foot in Israel. Then, we can have a discussion over whether the US is going too far by moving its Embassy a couple of inches here or there.

Dear CSDS, fool me once…

The other day, the self proclaimed Sachin Tendulkars at CSDS released an opinion poll on Gujarat elections that made liberals jump for joy. Leading the celebrations was India’s most spectacular loser.


Excitable journalist Sagarika Ghose could not help jumping at these words, who fell back on fond memories.


Which is funny, because I have here a picture of these same two people, back in the good old days when “Numero Unos” and “Numero Unees” used to rule this nation.


A neck and neck battle between Congress and BJP in Gujarat? Verdict delivered by Yogendra Yadav and Sagarika Ghose. I want to party like it is 2007 🙂

And sure enough, this was the headline they put out back then (what is News18 today was CNN-IBN in 2007):


Awesome. Can I take a look at the numbers put out by CSDS showing Gujarat “swinging away from BJP”? Here, they are:


Hmm… 92-100 seats for BJP and 77–85 seats for Congress. Now remind me what were the numbers that CSDS put out the other day as projections for 2017?


91-99 for BJP and 78-86 for Congress.

Nice try CSDS but republishing your 10 year old “exit poll” of Gujarat as fresh survey from November 2017 is not going to cut ice.

Jokes apart, I have been saying for a while that CSDS is failing miserably for a while now because they have been unable to keep pace with the times. I found the loser Yogendra Yadav on some television channel shortly after the CSDS survey was published, repeating the same tired old tropes about how other surveys always overestimate urban voters (who generally support BJP), about how BJP voters are more vocal, about how people are scared to speak against the incumbent government, especially against “fascist” BJP government … blah blah blah.

The problem is that CSDS is measuring elections of 2017 by the yardsticks of 1987. People of this new India are not scared of speaking their mind. Everyone speaks openly and without fear, be it Dalits or women or whatever. So when someone tells you that he/she is voting for BJP, take them at their word. Stop assuming that it is a secret Congress voter who is lying to you because of fear of persecution from BJP supporting “upper” castes.

Listen to people when you do surveys, instead of your prejudices from 3 decades ago.

Your “silent BSP voter” stopped existing about a generation ago.  You can trash that myth now and throw it into the dustbin.


The final and biggest fault with CSDS is that it refuses to learn from failure. Up until the beginning of this year, I had a bit of respect for them. When CSDS polls showed BJP slipping badly in UP and Eastern UP in particular, I wrote on this blog saying that it should be taken very seriously.

But the conduct of CSDS after Uttar Pradesh elections has been absolutely shameful. Other than a single tweet from Sanjay Kumar claiming to be Sachin Tendulkar of surveys and arrogantly dismissing all criticism, we didn’t see even a hint of repentance. No mea culpa, no analysis of how they could have missed such a massive electoral wave and zero transparency in this regard.

Forget Uttar Pradesh, CSDS put out absolutely inane projections for Uttarakhand, where the result had been clear as daylight from Day 1. Again, the nonsense about “Congress gaining” as the election approached.



Most surveys have a margin of error of 3% of the votes, so CSDS showing an upswing of 3% for Congress as election approached is hardly a forgivable form of “statistical noise.” It’s a disastrous failure.

Not to mention that the BJP polled 47% of the votes in Uttarakhand, as against a mere 39% projected by CSDS. This is too far outside the margin of error.

Statistics is a science, not a joke. The fundamentals of statistics are as sound as the science that makes planes take off and land. And the science that makes instant communication and open heart surgeries possible.

Science cannot fail like this. Data is a very powerful tool. The same statistics that CSDS uses to make projections of seat shares is that which Amazon and Flipkart use to suggest to you the stuff you might be interested in buying. Have you noticed how good they are at it?

Have you ever typed a couple of words into Google and been stunned by how Google can complete the sentence, almost reading your mind as it were? That’s the magic of data. That is the power of statistics. And it isn’t as unreliable as CSDS makes it look.

I’ll say it straight. At least to me, it seems that there is a high likelihood of CSDS “projections” being prima facie evidence that they are cheating.

A projected victory for Akali BJP in 2017 Punjab polls? Again by CSDS.


I remember even BJP supporters were in splits when they saw this poll. At that point, the anti-incumbency in Punjab was so fierce that Akalis were fighting to stay in second place.

As I said, you cannot possibly go so miserably wrong with data. Sorry CSDS, fool me once …

Who has gone mad? Shehzad Poonawalla or Narendra Modi?

Sometimes, politics is great purely for its entertainment value. Only Narendra Modi knows what he is doing here:


And I do hope Shehzad Poonawalla is not drunk here:



So, I pitched this question to one of the big name right wingers on Twitter : who has gone mad?

She replied to me telling me just to fetch the popcorn. Fair enough.

To increase the drama level, we have Tehseen Poonawalla tweeting this:


I think they are brothers, but I haven’t really paid much attention to either of the two trolls before, so I can’t be sure.

But didn’t Shehzad end the relationship first a while ago? Remember this?


So, what is going on? Who is fooling whom?

Yes, it is no surprise when Manish Tewari tells Shehzad on the phone that the Congress is a “proprietorship” and talking against Rahul Gandhi is “a one way ticket out of the party.” Although, I will admit it was fun to hear the tapes.

One possible explanation is that the Poonawallas staged this show to take attention away from the Somnath Temple controversy. But then, why would Narendra Modi himself fall for it?

I think the only sane tweet on this matter came from Narendranath:


As the Congress fades away, the parasites are looking for a new host. Like Narendranath put it, they are well versed in the art of seducing those in power. They move around in a cloud of media flies and they bring ruin to every party they touch.

I had written about this a while ago, before the Uttar Pradesh … and more particularly the Uttarakhand elections. At that time, it was the filth from other parties pouring into the BJP. You know exactly which two people I am talking about. Both are thieves, renowned for their corrupt ways. Both have jumped ship into the BJP.

Now, along with the political filth, the NGO-Lutyens type filth is also pouring in. In some ways, this is the ultimate irony that comes with power. For 70 years, the RSS/BJP is considered untouchable by the ecosystem, deliberately left out of everything. They campaign and campaign on the plank of being “outsiders” who shake up the system.

Finally, when they win elections and it becomes clear they are here to stay, the parasites of the ecosystem change their colors and jump ship to BJP. They bring with them the luxurious feeling of being in power.  Common workers and supporters get sidelined. And before you know it, the outsiders themselves have become the establishment.

In some ways, this is inevitable. You cannot prevent the inevitable, but there are definitely ways to postpone it.

The first is to infuse the BJP with a very visible form of democracy, in that party workers hold real elections and elect office bearers. I am talking about real elections, real disagreements in public view. Such a process will naturally squeeze out fair weather friends, who do not have any resonance with grassroot workers.

The second way is to always make sure that the next wave of leadership of the BJP always comes from the regional capitals, not Delhi. In this sense, the ascendancy of Modi from a “regional” leader to a “national” one has set an excellent precedent. The next round of leadership of BJP is also likely to come from Lucknow, Mumbai or Bhopal (you know exactly which people I am talking about). The parasites mostly gather in Delhi, so it is essential to rob them of the ability to influence BJP leaders across generations.

As I said, you can’t prevent that which is inevitable, but there are ways to postpone it. Ultimately, nothing is forever.


To right wingers : ‘Secular privilege’ and how to stop thinking about it

Being the political junkie that I am, I followed the results of the UP civic polls simultaneously on news portals and on Twitter. Before settling down to 14-2 in favor of BJP, the leads swung wildly in the course of counting.

After the first round or so, the BJP was leading all 16 and then suddenly its lead began to shrink. At one point, the BJP was leading just 9 and the BSP was leading 6. The mood on Twitter was constantly changing with each lead. The running joke was something like this : if BJP gets like 9-10, then it’s “massive blow for Modi.” If BJP goes above 13 or 14, then it’s “EVM rigging.”

Beneath this mockery of the opposition for its loser rhetoric, what right wingers were hiding was their very real pain and frustration. At the staunch refusal of India’s secular establishment to acknowledge BJP’s legitimate place at the helm of the nation. This anger, pain and frustration was coming out in the form of cynical humor.

Right wingers know by now that the BJP’s obvious success will be run down by “experts” no matter what. If BJP wins the mayor posts, they will look at the composition of municipal boards. If the BJP leads those, then they will check the nagar panchayats, the votes, the possible vote losses compared to any election since 1980 and so on… One way or another, the results will be dissected to uncover a “defeat” for the BJP.

Just as the right wingers on Twitter were expecting, soon after the results, one section of media has devoted itself to proving that BJP definitely did not “sweep” the election.


The other section is busy giving media space to crazy EVM conspiracy theories. Instead of ignoring the sore losers, their so called theories are being discussed at length.


We all understand how conspiracy theories work. The more they are discussed, or even debunked, the more compelling they become. And the media knows it all too well.

Right wingers on social media complain about “double standards” all the time. But what underlies this double standard? The problem, to put it in one sentence, is that the BJP lacks “secular privilege.” This underlies that which can only be described as apartheid against the Hindu right in intellectual and media circles.

Those with the “secular privilege” can do and say pretty much whatever they want. Take the most recent case of Congress’ official spokesperson boasting about Rahul Gandhi’s “janeu-dhari Hindu” credentials. This casteist overtones of this remark went pretty much unreported in the media. If say, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat had flaunted himself as a “janeu-dhanri Hindu,” we would never have heard the end of it in editorial after editorial explaining how the RSS has a “savarna Manuvadi outlook.”

Similarly, Rabri Devi can say openly that she has people ready to behead the Prime Minister of India and her son can threaten to skin Narendra Modi alive. It will never get as much play in the media as some small office bearer of Haryana BJP who made similar distasteful remarks against Deepika Padukone.

In case you have forgotten, the Prime Minister himself apologized in both Houses of Parliament for a junior minister referring to the opposition as “haramzada.” When former CM Rabri Devi talks of beheading Narendra Modi, well that’s just earthy humor, isn’t it?

Because the BJP does not have “secular privilege.”

And it never will have. If Sonia Gandhi wins the 2004 election by a margin of 6 seats and getting 27% of the vote, it’s a historic victory. When the BJP wins 31% vote and (more than) 6 times as many seats as the Congress in 2014, it is the fault of the First Past the Post Voting system.

But I’m here to tell you that it’s better that way.

Let me try to address right wingers directly for a moment.

At one level, right wingers have to understand that the hankering for respect from the intellectual establishment is self defeating. When you hanker after their acknowledgement, you play their game. And they know this. This gives them power over you.

They are compromised stool pigeons of the old Congress establishment. No matter how many elections BJP wins and no matter how convincingly it wins, they will never give you the respect and awe that you wish for. But by making you run around in circles complaining about how they look down on you, they have sowed in you the feelings of inadequacy.

If you really think about it, who are “they”? You right wingers already have the support of the people. The elite class only has the power that you give them. They are nobodies. They are a bunch of losers who have been handpicked by the Congress establishment precisely because they have the following three qualities:

(1) No backbone

(2) Incompetence

(3) Laziness.

Because who else would be reduced to earning their bread by singing praises of Rahul Gandhi? Think about it.

Once you internalize the fact that BJP will never have “secular privilege,” you can get past it. It was unnecessary anyways. The right wing now has the reins of the country. Invest in an alternative narrative, in an alternative ecosystem.

It will make them hanker after you and try to copy your ways. See Gujarat. Instead of the BJP trying to win secular approval, it’s the Congress trying to secure Hindu approval. We have to make it so that one day this nation will have 29 Gujarats.

Liberals have suddenly lost interest in economics : wonder why?

Anybody remember things from like a month ago, when every liberal worth his twitter handle was keeping all sorts of economic stats at the tips of his fingers?

What happened? Why the silence? Itna sannata kyun hai bhai?

Well, could it be because India’s GDP for the July — Sept quarter has risen quickly to 6.3%?

Yes, now is the time to question the methodology of GDP calculations. Now is the time to check if the guys at the Central Statistical Organization have any cousins who have married into Gujarati families, use Reliance Jio SIM cards or have eaten food cooked in Adani’s Fortune Oil.

It is almost as if overhauling the tax structure of the entire country causes people to go into 3 months of panic. And after that, things go right back to usual, this time only better because we have the best tax system we have ever had.

Those who are complaining about 4-5 tax slabs in GST have forgotten that each of the 29 states and the countless city and local jurisdictions within them would impose separate slabs on every single product. We will probably never be able to count just how many slabs India used to have. Probably in the hundreds. Maybe thousands. Who knows?

But then, Modi brought it down to just 5. And because it was Modi who did it, some people suddenly realized that 5 slabs are way too complicated for anyone to comprehend.

As long as you don’t disturb the old order, things are going “fine”.  Because we have all gotten used to the misery. But then, someone steps into the swamp to clean it up and suddenly all the problems that are left over get blamed on the guy who tried to do the cleaning.

If tomorrow Modi were to find a cure for 95% of the cases of cancer, rest assured that media will do stories showing the misery “caused” by Modi to the remaining 5% who can’t be cured.

The media coverage of GST has been quite simply, absolute nonsense. It is only today that media is finding out the problems of doing business in this country? Has media noticed that just the other day India was celebrating a ranking of #100 in the world in Ease of Doing Business? Due to suicidal socialist mentality, our system has always seen businessmen as quasi-criminals. While this stepped hard on small business, it created enormous crony capitalists who could get lakhs of crores of loans with the right set of lobbyists planted among media and politicians.

It is only now that Modi has started to get India into a formal rule based economy. You can’t get sweetheart loans out of this government. However, this government will cut down the thousands of tax slabs to just 5 slabs (and then even fewer), it will make it easier and cheaper to get an electricity connection and permissions to start a business. That’s REAL capitalism.

Whatever doubts remain among small businessmen will vanish soon as they realize the advantages of a rule based system. The problem is that 70 years of endless corruption have made us a society that is cynical, unwilling to easily believe to that we can grow prosperous by doing things the right way.

Remember the days when people would have to turn to black marketers and touts for a simple railway reservation? Those days are GONE. Because of the electronic reservation systems. Kids today will never know what it meant to show up at the ticket window of a railway station at 9 AM sharp for a long distance reservation. Immediately at 9:01, their booking system would go down mysteriously for 20 minutes. When the system would come back up after 20 minutes, the booking clerk would tell us that all the tickets had been “sold out.” Obviously, to the touts …

So when we went to get a railway ticket, we knew that we would have to go through a thicket of corruption. It made us cynical.

Kids today will never know this. It’s a thing of the past. The online reservation systems changed everything. Today, we know that the railway reservation system works. The cynicism is gone.

GST is, quite simply, the same prescription on a large scale for businesses. We will now have a formal rule based system that works for everyone. And once this realization grows on everybody, India is unstoppable.

The sentiment shows in the actual data. In the latest for Q2, manufacturing has soared to 7.0%. And it’s also in the PMI data that is at a 13 month high.


That V shaped recovery you see is the reason why liberals did not seem to be looking forward to the GDP numbers at all.

A month or so ago, I told you their party over economic data would last only a few months at the most. Staying on the safer side, I had set the date for that as Feb 28, 2018 when the results for the Oct–Dec quarter would come out.

Turns out  I was playing too safe. Even the liberals knew their time had run out. Go check the social media timelines of liberals on the morning of Nov 30 and a couple of days before that. No anticipation for such an important GDP number. Only depression and angst.

Basically they knew they were having a party while the growth numbers slowed for a few months around May June when everyone was waiting for GST. They knew they had been bluffing and their party was going to end quickly.

When the numbers came out, the Congress seemed outright miserable. By now, we are familiar with this. When India does well, the liberal secular class gets miserable. Congress ruled this nation for 6 decades, but I don’t remember being miserable when the nation achieved something important. I don’t remember BJP supporters celebrating the 26/11 attacks. Anyone who has been around Twitter knows that the average left winger was ecstatic when Indian soldiers were killed in Uri and Pathankot. And miserable when India took revenge with surgical strikes.

That’s the difference between us and them.


Yeah…those who weren’t willing to give Modi a week to judge the GST now want to “wait” 3-4 quarters. Ha!

And dear Chidambaram, please don’t tell us about the “potential” of India. We all know that. You ruled 60 years and India is *still* one of the poorest nations in the world and then you have some gall telling us that Modi sarkar has not yet managed to unleash India’s full potential.

Now you see why the Congress was so desperate to get the GST date pushed back a few months. They wanted the drop to come exactly 6 months before elections. Now, the drop has come and gone and there is only one way to go now: upwards.

India is unstoppable. For her enemies, the party has come to a full stop.