Commie beggars at Sonia Gandhi’s door

Well, I had planned to make today’s post about Sunil Sharan’s article praying to Priyanka Gandhi, but something so hilarious came up that I had to change my mind. Here’s the good news to end the year: Commies are finally shutting shop and looking for someone to take over their defunct party! )

Anyone remember 1996? When the United Front decided to form a khichdi government with Congress support, the Commies threw a big hissy fit and pulled out of the United Front to give only outside support. Back then, the poor Commies, led by Jyoti Basu (the monster who destroyed Bengal) still thought their party was viable in Indian politics. Jyoti babu is dead now and it’s a pity there isn’t a hell for him to go to. The even bigger pity is that Jyoti babu’s spirit cannot be summoned from the dead to come see his party being sold to the Congress.

Get a load of this:

There is a popular mood to oust the TMC government. Regarding alliance with Congress, we will take it into account when we will discuss the electoral tactics. The state committees were asked to take a decision keeping the situation of the respective state in mind.

Now, why are the state committees being asked to make a decision? Because elections in Bengal will happen at the same time as elections in Kerala. In Bengal, the Commies will need Congress crutches to mount any kind of challenge to Mamata Banerjee, while in Kerala the Commies are the main opposition to Congress. Yes and so the Commie leadership is considering selling the state units separately: while the Bengal unit will be sold to Congress, they will keep the Kerala unit. The directors are liquidating the assets of the company in stages. The defunct Commie machine lying in the junkyard of history will be broken up for parts and the rest sold as scrap.

What I am enjoying even more is that the Congress is playing a waiting game here, not responding to the Commie beggars’ calls for help. The Congress is a very experienced buyer of political parties; the Congress is the standard purchaser of every political startup in India (except ONE): from JDU to AAP. It knows that beggars can’t be choosers. It is waiting for top comrade Yechury to drag his nose through the mud and bring the price some more. In Kerala, it is the Congress’ turn to lose the election this time. Who knows, if Congress plays its cards well, it could make the Commie beggars agree to a defeat in Kerala as a price for a helping hand in Bengal?

Such is the spectacle of India’s secular forces today. Nitish running a government as junior partner of Lalu Yadav and both these Janata Dal factions dependent on Congress. “Anti-corruption AAP” in the warm embrace of Lalu Yadav. Trinamool Congress becoming AAP’s voice in the Rajya Sabha. While the Congis are scheduled to wrestle with Commies in Kerala, they might just go with the Commies in Bengal. If not, the Congis can just as well go with Mamata Banerjee. AGP of “Assamese pride” is at Congress’ feet while the Congress itself is at the feet of Badruddin Ajmal. They are wrestling and eating each other in the mud…all in the name of secularism.  This is the stinking cesspool that Indian “secularism” has become.

Man, it really stinks. Get rid of it. Wouldn’t that be a great thing to do for the New Year?






Watch the Barak 8 missile fired from INS Kolkata

Well, this is my 200th post and I wanted to make it about something happy. Why not watch the Israeli Barak 8 missile being fired from INS Kolkata?

Ok ok…I’m also feeling too lazy to make a real post today 🙂 I’ll give you that 🙂 Despite days like this, this blog has become so much a part of my life now that I feel kind of uneasy if I don’t put something up everyday. I have a deal with myself never to spend more than 40 minutes a day on this blog, so that I can keep a full focus on my career that I love (the Mameluks are paid to be crooks, we here speak the truth for free 🙂 🙂 ) But now these have become the best 40 minutes of each day 🙂

Even at this time of the year, Mameluk articles continue to be posted at an amazing rate across the liberal media. For a particularly spectacular example, see Sunil Sharan’s article praying (almost literally) to Priyanka Gandhi (hat tip to reader Shan Sen for drawing my attention to that one!) I just have to dissect that one and I’m doing that tomorrow 🙂

Finally, the shameless self promotion. It seems we will go past 17000 hits this month, which means that we are now going well above 500 hits each day. In fact, in the last two weeks, it’s been more like 600+ hits each day. My biggest delight is that the number of comments has gone up heavily, but it also means that it now takes me a little time to read and respond to every single comment. But please please do not be discouraged from commenting because of this 😉 And finally, I have to request you guys that if you feel I am doing a decent job here, please be sure to spread this blog through your FB and Twitter and other social media posts. This blog, as always is a labor of love and I hope we can all take pride in watching our little community here grow.

Dear Irfan Habib, we are the 98.3%

Commie scum Irfan Habib is at it again. Here is his latest interview to the Times of India:


Historian Irfan Habib on Sunday said the India as a nation is much stronger than the RSS

I quoted this part because it is perhaps the only thing in his entire interview that I agree with. India as a nation is much much stronger than RSS and may it always be! We go down on our knees and salute our Mother and may she always be strong. Indeed, be it the RSS, the BJP or the “Bhakts” and “Internet Hindus”, no organization that we can come up with can ever be stronger than our five thousand year old nation. May it always be that way. Long live Bharat!  In fact, my core disagreement with the Indian elite is that they should stop believing that they have a right to hold our civilization under their thumb with the “idea of India” manufactured by Nehru and his stooges.

And it all goes downhill from this point:

“The government is being run against the collective — or majority — consensus of people. They should never forget that the last general election did not give them any verdict in favour of their ideology. The verdict was on the issue of development. In that, too, gave BJP got merely 31% of votes

There we go again. First of all, no Central Govt in our entire history has ever secured a majority (50%+) of the votes. You didn’t have a problem with this until the BJP came to power. You don’t have a problem with the fact that Nitish Kumar became CM of Bihar last month by securing just 16% of the votes! You didn’t have a problem when Congress ruled this country from 2004 to 2014 by securing 26-28% of the vote but you are whining about BJP ruling with 31% vote!  Because they were your patrons. Now you are whining because the new sheriff in town stopped the gravy train.

But there is a bigger point here than Irfan Habib simply being a crybaby about the rules of the game now that he has lost. Who are YOU Irfan Habib to tell me that the 2014 election was not in favor of the BJP’s ideology? Who made you boss that you have the right to make that determination? If you want something that is genuinely against the people’s consensus, it is the power of Commies like YOU. Listen to this:

Conceding his support for the Left, Habib said, “One should never be judged by his political bias in the realm of history. Instead his argument or logic must be examined objectively.”

You ask about the BJP’s voteshare in 2014? What was the Commie vote share in 2014? In fact, tell me what is the best ever performance of the CPI(M) since the year 1950? Has the CPI(M) ever managed to touch 50 Lok Sabha seats? No, it hasn’t. Never ever have the people of this country given the CPI(M) 50 Lok Sabha seats. For comparison, people of India have given the BJP a minimum of 100 Lok Sabha seats continuously in the last 7 General Elections. If there is one ideology that has been consistently and completely rejected by the nation of India, it is YOUR Commie ideology. The people of this nation despise Commies. Why do you forget that Irfan Habib? If you have such a problem with the government running against the “majority consensus”, how dare you Commies enjoyed all this power over us and our institutions? By your own logic Irfan Habib, shouldn’t Commies be the first to quit all our institutions?

The Commie voteshare in 2014 was 1.7%!! Yeah…really…1.7%. Shouldn’t Commies like you be the first to quit? How dare you impose your ideology against the wishes of 98.3% of Indian people? 

Even on the issue of patriotism, RSS drew flak from Habib. “Where have they been from 1925 to 1947? We have never seen them fighting for nationalism. After 1947 it is quite easy and fashionable for any party to be patriotic.”

He might actually have a point. It is easy for Indians to be patriotic about their own country. It is much much harder to become “patriotic” about somebody else’s country, like the Commies whose loyalty was to the Soviet Union. People like Irfan Habib have done a great job of concealing the fact that World War II began with a JOINT invasion of Poland by Hitler from the west and by the Commies from the east:

As part of the deal with the Nazis (the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact), the Commies occupied not just half of Poland, but also Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The Commies kept Nazi troops well supplied with grain and oil.  All this changed when Hitler attacked Russia and the Commies did a U-turn to become fanatically pro-British. The Communist Party of India wrote to the British government volunteering to provide its own cadres as suicide bombers to support British and American troops. You Commies cheered Hitler when he was occupying Poland and you Commies cheered the Imperial British when the Soviets were with them. Not for one moment between 1925 and 1947 and not for one moment after 1947 was a single Commie ever loyal to India. What have Commies done since 1947? They went into the forests to create guerilla armies of terrorists that massacre people day in and day out. You want to know what easy life is Irfan Habib? “Easy and fashionable” is  Commie intellectuals like you who chill in the comforts of Lutyens Delhi, getting wined and dined by feudal lords of the ruling party, while  lower level Commie boys  carry out terror attacks in the jungles of Jharkhand.  You are not loyal to India where you were born, not to the Soviet Union which is your ideological anchor, not to the Congress whose salt you eat and not even to the young boys who  kill and die in the name of your ideology in jungles of Jharkhand. YOU are “easy and fashionable”. Fashionable to own and easily sold. 

Wait, this is about to get hilarious:

Commenting on the personal attack he faced in the BJP regime, he said, “I opposed Congress during Emergency. But I never faced any problem working in Congress regime afterwards.” Rewriting history texts for schools was never an agenda for Congress, he argued.”

Yes, you never faced a problem working in Congress regimes afterwards. I KNOW 🙂 🙂 Guess why that is 🙂 ? Have you considered the possibility that the reason you didn’t have any problems is because you did exactly what they told you to? Even better is the part about Congress not wanting to rewrite history texts. Yes, why would they? THEY wrote it in the first place, exactly the way they wanted them to be written. Why would they rewrite it? As a Commie, you should recognize this, no? Why would the ruling feudal lords want history to be rewritten? It suits them exactly the way it is, no? And of course they don’t give any problems to their court poets and historians…ROFL!

Set us free Irfan Habib. We are the 98.3% of Indians who are against Commies. Stop imposing your worldview on our history against the wishes of 98.3% of us. That’s how many Indians despise the Commies. We won’t let you forget that.

How idea of India liberals ratcheted up sexism against Smriti Irani

Smriti Irani is a marked woman. Ever since she took on the Shehzada from the Dynasty’s bastion of Amethi that has not seen any development in 6 decades, the idea of India liberals have slated her for total destruction. The BJP has been hounded by liberals since the day they came to power…but the worst vilification has always been reserved for Smriti Irani. Actually, I am wrong, the BJP has been hounded by liberals since the day they were born and Smriti Irani has been hounded since the day she contested against Rahul Gandhi.

Here is the latest and really, by idea of India standards, one of the more tame attacks on Smriti Irani:

Nilmoni Sen Deka had caused a stir when he said that many refer to Irani as second wife of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Former Agriculture minister of Assam made the remark at a public gathering in Lower Assam’s Nalbari district.”


Is there anyone in the entire liberal media who will date to thrust a mike in front of Sonia Gandhi and ask her to condemn this remark? They brought the nation and parliament to a standstill for a week because somebody said “haramzada”. Will Sonia Gandhi apologize to the entire nation because of these remarks? Will our liberals and feminists open their mouths? Will the Liberati on Twitter who complain about “misogynist” trolls everyday demand that Sonia Gandhi speak up and control her ministers? Shouldn’t we interpret Sonia Gandhi’s silence as approval of Nilmoni Deka’s remarks, just like liberals read into silences of the Prime Minister?

Honestly, the idea of India side has been ratcheting up the sexism against Smriti Irani for a long time. Since India’s liberal politics revolves around loyalty to dynasties…the fact that Vajpayee, Advani and Modi have not handed over their political jagir to some relative is a matter of great surprise in Lutyens. This results in them fantasizing about Modi’s secret family. Here is the venerable Javed Akhtar Sahab, dragging in Jasodaben and Smriti Irani:


This is the high brow liberal who keeps teaching narrow minded Bhakts about his own broad worldview. And his wife Shabana Azmi is a “feminist” who goes around doing photo-ops, including a recent photo-op with Jyoti Singh’s mother! Tell you what Shabana and Javed, your tweet on Smriti and Jasodaben shows the worst kind of regressive mentality affecting women in India. The fact that you are reduced to making such remarks because you cannot tolerate the success of a woman like Smriti Irani invalidates all your big lectures. But because you belong to the upper class circuit, you get a pass that Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti cannot get. As Rajdeep would say, you have money but you also have “class”. And as long as you have that class privilege, you can put Niranjan Jyoti on a cross for saying haramzada and continue to make obscene posts about Smriti Irani, Uma Bharti, even a completely non-political victim of a child marriage like Jasodaben.

Barely 4 months ago, Shri Gurudas Kamat, the Congress party’s Rajasthan in charge (and former head of Mumbai Congress) had this to say about Smriti Irani:

Kamat said the Human Resouces Development Minister was a “poncha lagane waali (one who mops floors)” in the past and questioned her credentials to be in charge of the important education portfolio.

( )

Fantastic! Well done! What kind of a “loose” woman does physical labor and earns an honest wage?  Insulting both women and those who do physical labor in the same sentence! After all the Dynasty doesn’t work, it just inherits privilege and support in Lutyens Delhi. Thank you for your beautiful explanation of the “idea of India”. We learned a lot! And then Blessed Mother Sonia dispatched her angels to support Gurudas Kamat’s comments:

The women and youth wings of Mumbai Congress today defended party general secretary Gurudas Kamat over his comment about Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani and decried the demonstration by BJP workers outside his house here yesterday“.


Mother Sonia’s angels have had more to say about Smriti Irani in the past:

There’s Sanjay Nirupam telling us that Smriti Irani should not have a political opinion because “she used to dance on TV”. Yeah…that’s Sanjay Nirupam, current chief of Mumbai Congress.Women who show themselves on TV have no right to a political opinion.  Are you listening Sonam Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha and Rituparana Chatterjee and Barkha Dutt and Sagarika Ghose and Ranjona Banerji and Mrs. Brinjal and other feminists who give lectures on sexism  to anonymous Twitter trolls every day? Here is Maulana Madani fantasizing about Smriti Irani being raped on live television:


Are you listening, dear whiny ass Lutyens liberals who complain about abuse from rightwing trolls against women? Are you seeing what a woman has to go through for supporting the BJP? Of course you are and you are encouraging this abuse by joyfully joining in:

How an actress who has faced the biggest of television cameras of all sizes and shapes could get so rattled by a pinhole CCTV eye, we will never know.


Yeah, that is the Outlook joking about a woman being spooked by a camera in the changing room inside a shop. Yes, this is Saba Naqvi’s Outlook. This is not from a troll on Twitter, this is printed written work appearing in a national level news magazine. Yes, an Editor went through this and agreed to publish a joke about a woman facing perverted voyeurs in a changing room, all because that woman has shown herself in front of cameras, thus somehow losing her “izzat”. Yes, she’s shown herself in front of cameras, what dignity is left in her now? THIS is the progressive feminism and liberalism of the Outlook. Believe me, with thinking like this, Ram Madhav would not be too far off the mark if he said “your ISIS” to the editor of the Outlook!

Modi’s latest attack on idea of India: greeting the wrong kind of Muslims

Let me start with the most roundabout introduction I have ever used for any of my blog posts. But I promise it will all come together in the end 🙂

From what I know about physics (possibly a child’s view), there are four fundamental forces in nature:

  1. Gravitational force
  2. Electromagnetic force
  3. The so called “strong forces” that hold neutrons and protons together in an atomic nucleus. These forces are actually super strong and that’s why tearing apart an atomic nucleus (fission) produces MASSIVE amounts of nuclear energy. Such as the atom bombs dropped over Japan (although most modern atomic bombs use fusion not fission which produces even more energy: the so called “Hydrogen bomb” or thermonuclear bombs)
  4. The so called “weak force” which has something to do with interaction of neutrinos (don’t ask me, I’m not a physicist!)


The greatest puzzle before physicists is to produce the so called “Grand Unified Theory” that would explain these four forces within the same framework, much like Faraday’s laws explain both electricity and magnetism (the worst thing is that General Relativity which explains gravitation basically contradicts Quantumn Mechanics). A Grand Unified Theory would probably be the greatest achievement of humanity ever.  Now, do you know who this guy is?


That is Professor Mohammad Abdus Salam ( Till date, just 2 of these 4 forces I mentioned above have been unified: the electromagnetic force and the weak force. And who were the people that did that? In 1979, Abdus Salam shared the Nobel Prize in Physics with Weinberg and Glashow for unifying 2 of the 4 fundamental forces of nature. As far as I know, no other human beings have managed to unify any other of these 4 fundamental forces. Dr. Abdus Salam was a devout Muslim and a Pakistani and here is his grave:


Now am I telling you this story? And of all things, why am I showing you his grave? Well, look closely and the tombstone and see that it has been vandalized: it used to say “the first Muslim Nobel Laureate”, but the word “MUSLIM” has been wiped out. On order from the Pakistani government!

Now why would someone deface the grave of a great scientific genius? Because he happened to be a Muslim of the Ahmadiya sect and the colossal losers who run Pakistan have decided by law that Ahmadiyas should not be allowed to describe themselves as Muslims.

And guess what? In his latest attack on the idea of India, Modi has decided to destroy our tolerant heritage by greeting the wrong kind of Muslims:

Criticising Prime Minister Narendra Modi for wishing success to ‘Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya Centenary’ celebrations, Jamiat Ulama Telangana and Andhra Pradesh said patronising a small group of community which does not have any relationship with Islam while ignoring the Muslims is unfair and not good for the country. ”


In the words of Hafiz Shabir Ahmed, a sitting MLC from Andhra Pradesh:

This has hurt the sentiments of Indian Muslims. If Modi thinks Ahmadiyyas are Muslims then he has to correct himself. Ahmadiyyas are not Muslims and it is the decision of Muslims world over

Ah…can you feel the spirit of tolerance? Burqa Dutt must be so proud. Boycotting a Shahrukh Khan movie shows intolerance. But boycotting an entire community, taking away their civil rights, even defacing the graves of scientific geniuses from that community, is tolerance. In fact, to be tolerant, you are not even allowed to greet members of that community during their festivals! Yes, this is called the “idea of India” and Modi/RSS should stop destroying it.

Oh and Mehdi Hasan, you were asking if Modi’s India is “flirting with fascism”. Guess what? Some people in India are already in bed with fascism.

Answers to Mehdi Hasan and why it is “your ISIS”

By now, everybody has seen the Al Jazeera program where Mehdi Hasan attacks Ram Madhav:


With the double barrelled weapon of Islamic fundamentalism and British colonial racism gunning for him, Ram Madhav clearly found himself hemmed in. Being spokesperson for the ruling party also took its toll on Ram Madhav in terms of having to maintain some level of political correctness. As a backup, Mehdi Hasan used to great effect his superior command of the English language and also gave himself the luxury of a backup crew of an “expert panel of 3 people” to which he had pre-appointed a 2/3rd majority for his point of view. Clearly, God’s warrior was taking no chances.

So, Mehdi let me answer your questions. Here are your questions (paraphrased):

Q: The US State Dept denied Modi a visa until recently as did the UK govt because they all believed he was directly or indirectly responsible for the deaths in Gujarat… 

A. Hey Mehdi, since when have you become a fan of what the US and UK govts say and do? Are you going to accept the official propaganda of the US and the UK govt on Muslim countries? Are you gonna support the US and the UK when they accuse Muslim countries of having weapons of mass destruction and invade Muslim countries? Day after day I see you on Youtube bashing what US and UK govts have said and done. Suddenly when it comes to a nation full of kafirs, you have become a footman for official American and British propaganda? Because in your worldview, there is a hierarchy, isn’t it:

Muslim  >>   Christian  >> Pagan

The sovereignty of Muslim nations comes first, above everyone else. US and UK have no right to judge them. But India should be under the thumb of US and UK because we are a nation of pagans, right? Guess what, we are sovereign and don’t give a damn what US and UK govt have to say about our democratically elected leaders.

Q. What about various communally charged comments made by various RSS and BJP leaders? 

A. I appreciate you for managing to cherry pick examples quite well. These sparks fly on all sides and it is not surprising that in a party of millions of members, there are reprehensible statements made from time to time. Even by the top leadership. It happens on all sides. Sonia Gandhi, the Supreme Leader from 2004-2014 had actually cried tears of sorrow for dead terrorists in the Batla House encounter. PM Manmohan Singh had himself proclaimed that “Muslims have the first right to the nation’s resources”. So, don’t play this worthless game of “gotcha”. Move on.

Q. PM Modi has described M S Golwalkar as “inspiring”. Golwalkar was inspired by Nazi race theories and said this and that about Muslims and Christians…. 

A. Okay, another “gotcha” game that is trivial to play. Mr. X has described Mr. Y as “inspiring” and once in his lifetime Mr. Y said something bad, so now go ahead and blame Mr. X for everything about Mr. Y. Let me show you how ridiculously stupid this game is: Okay Mehdi, tell me : as a Muslim, are you inspired by “…”????

I am scared to fill in the name there because I don’t want to be beheaded. If you are in fact inspired by “…”, let me know what are your views on sex with minor girls. Let me pick up the books that contain the teachings of “…” and ask you to explain why you support each and every barbaric view expressed in there. Believe me, you will have a very crappy night at the Oxford Union defending everything that “…” said and did. Feels unfair? It is. But you started this game, remember?

Q. What do you want do with the Taj Mahal? Paint it Orange?

A. Okay, so you asked this question condescendingly. I get it. But let me ask you something: why “orange”? What does the color orange have to do with RSS and Hindus and all? Oh…I know, you probably think that  orange is a symbol for Hindus. In that case, I have news for you, it’s not “orange” but “saffron”. You asked this question to mock us. Instead you have only exposed your own ignorance and arrogance.

Now why am I going on about what may seem like a minor point? Yes, the confusion between “orange” and “saffron” is understandable for an outsider and you would probably suggest it should be forgiven. But why? What if a white American sitting in front of you at the Oxford Union had said that Muslims from the Middle East wear towels on their heads? You would have gone right to your battlestation and started raising hell over “ignorance” and “Islamophobia”. Just like you don’t know that Hindus use saffron, not orange, an American might not know or care whether Muslims wear towels or turbans on their heads. It looks like a towel and they call it a towel. There’s nothing inherently offensive about the word “towel”. What’s the problem with calling Muslims as towelheads then?  Ah..we know…the whole world has  a responsibility to know and care about YOUR religion and culture, a courtesy you obviously don’t extend to others.

Q. “My ISIS ?”

A. This is the audio bit from the debate that the Left and Mehdi Hasan want to popularize most. They want to pick up on the moment that Ram Madhav said “your ISIS” while telling Mehdi to mind his own business instead of demanding answers from India.

Ram Madhav is a BJP spokesperson. He is hemmed in by certain political correctness and unable to elaborate on that point. I am not a BJP spokesperson. So, let me speak from the heart  Mehdi and tell you why it indeed is “your ISIS“. Mehdi, you run a one man traveling circus all over the place denouncing Islamophobia, speaking and advocating on behalf of the Muslim community. You appointed yourself as their representative so you gotta answer for them too.

Listen, ISIS is just ONE spectacularly brutal manifestation of how Muslims are behaving today. In fact, ISIS is not even that spectacular, ISIS is more like an obvious next step in the progressive build up of psychotic behavior by Muslims over the last several decades. You were all over Ram Madhav with random remarks from RSS leaders, let me ask you about the things that Muslim leaders from the 57 Muslim majority countries on earth are saying. Something like 55 of these 57 countries are brutal dictatorships and they have all subscribed to the “Islamic Declaration of Human Rights”, which considers Sharia to be Supreme Law. Almost all of these countries ban Israelis from even stepping inside their borders. What do you have to say about that? Now, you will obviously do the usual dance of Muslim apologists and say that you don’t support these vicious fundamentalists. But then you Muslims need to tell us what you are doing to kick out these fundamentalists from controlling ALL your countries.

You wanted Ram Madhav to give a solution to the Kashmir issue, YOU Mehdi Hasan need to tell me what YOU Muslims are doing to solve the issue of brutal dictatorships and barbaric Sharia law across the Muslim world. You were not satisfied by summary condemnations from Ram Madhav, you wanted ACTION, you wanted a PLAN. So tell us Mehdi, what is your plan for curing the Muslim world from its barbarism? You worry about war over Kashmir and India’s nuclear weapons, imagine how worried we must be about the intentions of the barbaric block of 57 Muslim countries who have declared Sharia as the Supreme law.  You pretend to be some kind of thinker. I never hear you talking about the real problems facing Muslims, I see you haranguing everyone about Islamophobia. I see Muslims on the streets against some cartoon in Denmark or some obscure Youtube video, I don’t see Muslims on the street against the million atrocities that happen under Islamic regimes every single day. And until the Muslim community and their self appointed representatives in the media like you are able to give us that, you deserve every bit of the so called “Islamophobia” you get. A phobia by definition is an irrational fear. You are worried about India holding “nuclear weapons in defiance of international law”, imagine how worried we are about 57 countries that treat Sharia as supreme law. In 57 countries where Muslims are the majority, Sharia is supreme. In the countries where Muslims are not a majority, they are always on the streets against some cartoon or movie and always on vacation when thousands of people are slaughtered by Islamic fundamentalists. Is it irrational to fear such people? So until I find you speaking more against Islamic theocracies and Sharia law than against “Islamophobia”, it will continue to be “your ISIS“.

In fact, your whole show Mehdi was on Al Jazeera. That’s the state television of Qatar. Is the government of Qatar democratically elected? Will Qatari government allow me to draw a cartoon of you-know-who and show it on Al Jazeera? You are sitting on the official channel of an Islamic monarchy/theocracy and lecturing India’s democratically elected government on tolerance.  You and your ISIS need to look within. Just to recap, isolated condemnations won’t do. For every one innocent  Muslim who gets badly treated at the airport due to “Islamophobia”, there are at least 1000 innocents who have been beheaded by angry Muslims. Your body of work on Islam should reflect the relative magnitude of the two issues. Until then, its your ISIS. You bet.

This Christmas, be sure to remember the rationalist approved miracles of Mother Teresa

Hey folks! It’s Christmas! It’s the day of the coming our Lord Jesus Christ. There’s no better day than to move away from your pagan superstitions and embrace the  rationalist approved secular miracles  from the Vatican! For God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son to die for our sins. For our Lord Jesus so loves our land that he keeps sending his angels: there was Blessed Mother Teresa who made cancer disappear, there is Blessed Mother $onia who made all our public money disappear.

This year, just a few days before Christmas, our prayers were finally answered and the Holy Father at the Vatican discovered this:

Pope Francis has recognized a second miracle attributed to Mother Teresa, clearing the path for her elevation to sainthood next year. ….The second miracle involved the inexplicable healing of a Brazilian suffering from multiple brain tumors. … A report carried in Italian Catholic journal Avverine stated that a panel of experts convened by the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints three days ago attributed the Brazilian man’s healing to Mother Teresa.


So, where had the first miracle happened? Well, Mother Teresa probably has a million miracles to her credit, but let us find out where the first recognized miracle was:

The first miracle to be recognized was the healing of a tribal woman from Bengal’s South Dinajpur district who was suffering from abdominal tumor. Pope John Paul II had recognized the miracle in 2002.

First in India, now  in Brazil. The Blessed Mother Teresa appears to be acting in a strategic manner to enhance India’s diplomatic depth by spreading her mercy to countries within the BRICS bloc.

Honestly, we secular Indians are surrounded by miracles. The other day, I found out that trees cut down for Christmas automatically grow back the second they are chopped off, thus causing zero harm to the environment. Just compare to the damage caused to the planet by pagan festivals like Diwali and Holi. If this is not a miracle, what is?  Even more than that, our vast army of environmentalists, feminists, rationalists who protect the idea of India have all become silent for a day to celebrate the coming of the baby Jesus. What bigger miracle can there be?

Ok, maybe I spoke too soon: here is Shri Deep Haldar, Asst. Executive Editor at Mail Today:

Well, what I meant was that there is no better day for environmentalists, feminists and rationalists to speak up and bash paganism than Christmas. They are imbued with the spirit of the Lord today. What else would Jesus do?



Here in this picture, you can see the Archbishop of Mumbai, like a loving shepherd, bringing some wayward sheep back into the fold. Oops…it’s the Archbishop of “Bombay”, not Mumbai: how dare the pagans  change the name of a  city that has been Christened “Bombay” by lovers of the Lord? There was once a heretic called Sanal Edamaruku who questioned the holy water at the Church in Bombay and God made him disappear from India. The rationalists didn’t even notice. Another miracle.


If it were up to me, I would break the Hindu male stranglehold and close all the hospitals in India and replace them with prayer centers to Mother Teresa.In fact, Mother Teresa always saw to it that her “homes for the dying” provided God’s merciful Christian death as the only form of healing and did not let the devil sneak in with medicines and all. Does closing all hospitals take away our choices? Not really. If a liberal feels like it, he/she can always travel abroad to get heretical medical treatment from the devil, no? In fact, our liberals like Sagarika Ghose often travel abroad to indulge sinful desires like eating endangered wild animals. But once they are back to our godly country, these sinful desires automatically disappear. So, don’t you worry about choices. All of us have a good Christian death to look forward to. Ok, what about the pagans then? What if they want medical treatment? Ha! Believe you me, if you dare to be a pagan, there is eternal suffering in a lake of fire in Hell already awaiting you after death…so small earthly stuff like cancer and tumors and all are the least of your problems!

Why is Barkha Dutt having a meltdown over Shahrukh’s Diljale?

Dilwale…Diljale whatever… As an inherently positive person, I try to understand the qualities even in people I despise. For instance, Rajdeep Sardesai is a despicable thug, but when his book came out…dragging his behind all over the scene, ambushing politicians, film stars, everyone….getting them to take a picture with his book. I appreciate Rajdeep’s hustle. It tells you how these Mameluks got to be the top Mameluks out there. As Subbu Swamy says, in Congress, “chamcha” is a very high post! I give Barkha Dutt credit for spotting as far back as 2003 or 2004, the ability of social media to challenge the Mameluk narrative. Barkha Dutt did an episode of “We the people” demanding government censorship of blogs back when social media wasn’t even the faintest blip on the Indian political radar. In fact, while I was watching that episode all those years ago, my first question was: so what exactly is a blog 😉 ?

And I will always respect Barkha Dutt for that. She was able to spot her enemy coming from a mile away. Who would have thought there was such power in social media? But Barkha saw the potential …she saw the “clear and present danger” posed by democratized public platforms without Dynasty appointed gatekeepers. And she started demanding censorship of social media at a time most people had barely heard of it. Rahul Gandhi is a dumbass but his Mameluks are not.. it’s actually quite competitive to become a Mameluk of Barkha’s level.

So, now that Barkha Dutt is having a meltdown over social media driven boycotts and bad online reviews of her book, it’s a great way to gauge and validate the influence of social media. If they are desperately gunning for us, it means they are hurting badly. A Shahrukh Khan movie  collapsing seems to have sent a tremendous, bone chilling message to the elite.

First of all, don’t let them tell you for one second that Dilwale is screwing up purely because the movie sucks. Shahrukh admitted it himself that his comments had hurt the collections. AND, more importantly, if Dilwale had gone on to become a chartbuster, these same Mameluks would have called it a massive snub to social media by the ordinary public. Imagine the flood of articles telling Bhakts how the common people are saying no to their “intolerance”.  So, now that Dilwale is collapsing, it is important for social media to step up and claim full  credit. The Bhakts brought down Shahrukh Khan’s movie and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

See how they whine:

So? Now we are required to go buy tickets to see people we don’t like or we’ll all be intolerant? ROFL! But here is where Sadanand Dhume’s epic response comes in:

Ouch! Yes, Barkha, what do you want? Just like speech in our country, you want “reasonable restrictions” on the right to boycott with a monopoly for liberals on the definition of reasonable? Here, the meltdown of Barkha begins:

See, now Rajdeep is scoring over Barkha. Rajdeep was in even more difficult times when he released his book: Modi had just been elected, Rajdeep had just lost his job. Rajdeep was reduced to hand to hand combat with Modi supporters for a living. But he didn’t go FULL RETARD, he kept begging important people to “release his book”, showing up at everyone’s bathroom and living room. Here, Barkha is just throwing her toys out of the pram: “You hate my book…go hate it…I know you all hate it…F**k you all”. Think I am exaggerating? See what happened next:

Yeah…you all think I am dumb…F**k you all! Hell, I am dumb. Here, I will break all my toys. Are you happy now?

Here’s more fun:

What? You guys hate my book? Look I will hate myself more than you can. I suck. Everyone is good and I am pathetic. You happy now? I hate you..I hate you…I hate you…


Exactly. Barkha Dutt wants to be the arbiter of what we can boycott and what we can’t. So, go buy tickets to see Dilwale or Barkha will call Madam Sonia to pass a Protection of Tolerance Act (POTA). Oh wait she can’t. The people took that privilege away, didn’t they? I understand what Barkha is going through. I used to act the same way when my parents would put the comics on the top shelf and refused to let me touch them…

Shahrukh Khan has his tail between his legs

Sometimes, I think that we on the Hindu right forget to take a moment to relax, reflect and celebrate our victory 🙂 We’re super active while on the job, but what’s the point if we forget to celebrate when the moment of success arrives? At that moment, we find ourselves fighting the next enemy. Now, such dedication to purpose is fundamentally a good thing, but hey…we need to chill out and celebrate once in a while!!!

It’s been like a month and a half since Aamir Khan told us he wanted to leave behind our crappy intolerant country. The “Internet Hindus” went after Snapdeal to get at Aamir. The Mameluks made fun of us, of how our idea was doomed to fail. Well, here we are almost a month later and I still don’t see Aamir’s preachy face on the Snapdeal website.

And now … down goes King Khan! In the immediate aftermath of receiving a notice from the Enforcement Directorate, Shahrukh jumped on to the bandwagon of “intolerance”. The Internet Hindus vowed revenge by boycotting his film “Dilwale”. Again, the self assured Mameluks of Lutyens laughed off our challenge. Well, here we are today:

That’s two of Bollywood’s biggest stars in 2 months! Well done, Bhakts! Ok..ok…it certainly helped that Dilwale sucked as a movie, but who doesn’t need some luck to succeed? Let’s read:

“I have been misunderstood many times. It upsets me that I haven’t been able to express my views in a better way. I apologise if my statements have hurt anyone,

What, what did you say Shahrukh Khan? Apologize? Let me just soak in the delight of Khan’s predicament. What…did you just apologize to the lowly bloody bhakts that are so looked down upon in Lutyens? Ah…the satisfaction of seeing him grovel. Next time don’t spit on the nation. And always remember who the REAL superstar is. How many people come to a show of your movie? Few hundred in a nice air conditioned hall? When the real superstar comes, the crowd is in lakhs…waiting in the blazing heat.

There are actually 4 important takeaways from this

A) `Bhakts’ need to truly understand the magnitude of their power. Taking down 2 superstars in 2 months is no mean feat. There is a reason the Mameluks hate us so damn much. Because, no matter how much they try to belittle us, we are effective! Chalo…let’s cheer, every single one of us!

B) Shahrukh Khan’s Dilwale disaster should serve as a warning to any lesser lights of Bollywood who may have plans to go “intellectual” in the coming months. Don’t cross the real SUPERSTAR. You wont win.

C) Thirdly, Shahrukh’s apology raises an interesting question. Why did the pressure on Snapdeal or on Shahrukh work?  Because Shahrukh makes his living off the free market, by selling to the public what it wants. So, he can’t afford to piss off the public. Great! But, why doesn’t such pressure work on the Presstitutes? They are also in the business of selling stuff to the public. How come they can afford to piss people off but even a huge star like SRK can’t? The only logical conclusion is that the news channels and newspapers that they sell to the public are just an eyewash: the REAL income of “journalists” comes from other sources. Remember how, in a moment of anger, a “journalist” who is now openly part of AAP admitted to his huge salary working for a magazine with near zero circulation?

D) Fourthly and finally, the next target is to boycott Aamir Khan’s movie Dangal. Here is a clarion call to all nationalists to make sure that the pretentious Aamir Khan learns a lesson when Dangal is released.

Is Indian liberalism a myth?

Well, it’s been a while since I did a post in my old format. And when reader Shan Sen (hat tip to you bro!) pointed me to this recent interview of Dynastycrook Sagarika Ghose with “historian” Sanjay Subrahmanyam, I had to blog about this:

So, let’s get started. Let’s find out what has been going in Saggy Aunty’s mind ever since she was no longer able to face the nation. Here is the first line of her article

Sanjay Subrahmanyam has been called India’s best historian.

Oh…the nostalgia! This line from Saggy aunty takes me right back to a bygone era. “India’s best historian”, did you say? Oh…I can just close my eyes and there it is: a roundtable at CNN-IBN with Rajdeep, Yogendra Yadav and Ram Guha. There, Rajdeep just called Yogendra India’s “numero uno psephologist”and called Ram Guha India’s “numero uno historian”. And Ram Guha and Yogendra Yadav just called Rajdeep India’s “numero uno” political analyst. Can you see it Saggy Aunty? Ah…those were good times, weren’t they Saggy Aunty for the various “numero unos” of the country? As Rajdeep would say, they had money but they also had “class”. Back then, chaiwallahs were staying within their limits and elite reporters didn’t have to beat them up to show them their place. Here’s more about Shri Sanjay Subrahmanyam:

he writes on the early modern period and has always steered clear of being bracketed with either leftist or rightwing...”

Come on, nothing new in that. Intellectuals are forever accepting grants from capitalist countries to tell the developing world that they should all be commies. Of course, he is not “bracketed” with either left or right. That’s why we call them middlemen…

Q: Why did you call your latest book, ‘Is “Indian Civilisation” a Myth?

A:  For me, the word ‘civilisation’ can be problematic. It allows some people to lord it over others, claiming they alone have ‘civilisation’.

Fair point. But, personally, I would prefer to read a book called “Is Indian liberalism a Myth”?  For me, the word “liberalism” is problematic. It allows some people to lord it over others, claiming they alone have “class”. Let Shri Subrahmanyam continue:

The only areas really allowed to have a civilisation, it seems, are Europe or the ‘West’, the Islamic world, India and China. There is a hierarchy between those allowed to have a civilisation and those who aren’t….Civilisation is often used as a weapon, as a stick to beat others with.”

It seems that the only areas allowed to have liberalism are Lutyens and JNU. There is a hierarchy between those who are allowed to have liberalism and those who aren’t. Liberalism is used as a weapon, as a stick to beat outsiders with.

Q: Is history being used in India today for political purposes?

A: In several countries a critical approach to history is integrated into education. Students are trained to think critically about history. That doesn’t happen much here. 

See, in several countries, a critical approach to the ruling class is also integrated into education. Intellectuals are trained to think critically about the ruling class. That doesn’t happen much here either.

The professional historian is simply not safe in this institutional setting. You can’t for example portray Tipu Sultan as a complex figure, or state easily that one needs to look at the eclectic figure that Aurangzeb was in his early years, with ties for example to a Gorakhnathi math. Or that many Hindus served in high positions in Aurangzeb’s administration.

The professional journalist is simply not safe in the institutional Lutyens media setting. You can’t for example portray Chacha Nehru as a complex figure, or state easily that one needs to look at the dangerous dictator that Indira Gandhi was in her early years, or Rajiv in his later years, with ties to arms dealers.  Or that the Congress removed the lock on the gates of the Babri Masjid.

Q: When you see what happened to Wendy Doniger’s book, are you worried about the fate of intellectuals today?

A:  There is no guarantee of any protection for anyone writing a serious work or making a serious argument. The publishers are very scared, and they have caved in.

Well, the publishers need to get smarter. They can’t afford to make the expensive mistake of publishing the book first and then having to pulp it. For instance, publishers canceled the release of Tamil author Joe D’Cruz’s book on finding out that he had pro-Modi views. This was brilliant. The publishers should learn to develop a sixth sense that allows them to stop before they publish, right at the threshold of publishing a dangerous thought that blasphemes the dynasty. Don’t go through the expensive process of publishing an anti-Dynasty thought and then getting the book pulped. In George Orwell’s 1984, there is even a word for this sixth sense in Newspeak: the word is “crimestop“, it is considered an essential skill for citizens of Oceania. All citizens of Lutyens have internalized the process  of “crimestop”, stopping before they publish something blaspheming the Sultana.

Q: How do you react to historian Ramachandra Guha’s recent statement that this is the most anti-intellectual government India has ever had?

A: The BJP has always had an intellectual deficit. Their best intellectuals are apparently Arun Shourie and Madhu Kishwar. That’s about as good as they get. …They’re scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to intellectuals…. 

Honestly, I can’t tell here whether Subrahmanyam is insulting the BJP or trying to sell them something. Read it once and it feels like he is attacking the BJP. But read it a second time and it seems someone is hinting that he might be available as a remedy for “intellectual deficit” and offering his services for hire. This part looks a little like the recent Tata Sky commercials where they try to shame you into buying their pack of HD channels, no 🙂 ?

They’ve built a small base among economists though, and maybe some scientists. The issue also is, has the BJP-RSS become ‘normalised’ and more pragmatic with the experience of power.

And wonder why it so happens that the base is among economists and scientists who are the engines of actually taking the nation forward? And as for  the BJP-RSS “normalizing” with the experience of power, there is nothing more satisfying to me than to see the starving jackals of Lutyens going around asking the BJP everyday if they would like to “normalize”.

So they have this curious juxtaposition of Bhagwat and Bhagwati, as Pranab Bardhan puts it

Indeed that is much more curious than the juxtaposition of Rahul, Lalu, Nitish, Mamata, Yechury, Kejriwal, Owaisi, Mulayam, Mayawati and Badruddin Ajmal. Those birds of the same feather would have flocked together anyway.

Q: Is this government failing to protect Indian pluralism?

A: In India the Muslim population is depressed; on many social indicators they are under the national average and yet they are supposed to be the problem. The real question is, what do the BJP and RSS want to do with India’s Muslims (or Christians), what do they imagine the long-term prospects of minorities are in India? I think there should be a debate on this, and that they should come clean. The RSS perhaps wants to wipe the slate clean and send all Muslims to Pakistan. But what is the BJP’s long-term policy towards Muslims, beyond simply the rage? What do they want Muslims to do? Wear a distinctive mark on their foreheads proclaiming they are second-class citizens? I don’t think the Sangh Parivar overall knows what it wants on Muslims, beyond simply knowing that they are angry about them.

In India, the BJP has been in power for only 7 out of 65 years and yet they are supposed to be the problem. The real question is, what do the Lutyens liberals want to do with the BJP (or with actually secular Muslims), what do they imagine the long term prospects of the Hindu right are in India? I think there should be a debate on this and they should come clean. The Lutyens perhaps wants to wipe the slate clean and send the entire Hindu right into the Indian Ocean. But what is Lutyens long-term policy towards the BJP, beyond simply the rage? What do they want BJP supporters to do? I don’t think the Mameluk Gharana overall knows what it wants on the Hindu right, beyond simply knowing that they are angry about them.

Q: Does the Indian public discourse today worry you?

A: You know Indians are known to be the most abusive users of the internet. Indian trolling is known widely to be highly vitriolic.

I think Sanjay Subrahmanyam has just broken Saggy aunty’s liberal heart with these lines. The correct response is : “HINDUS are known to be the most abusive users of the internet. HINDU trolling is known widely to be highly vitriolic.