So, what harm can Azaadi slogans do?

There has been such a deluge of anti-national sentiment since the Modi sarkar decided to open the JNU beehive that it is difficult to pinpoint just one Mameluk among them all. Who do I go after? Burqa bibi or Madison Uncle? Do I call out Agent Ayyub? Do I call out Saggy aunty or recommend her to a good mental facility? Why not talk about the Shehzada himself? Or Madam’s other son…the topi wallah. The poison coming out from Mameluk ecosystem today shows just how much of this anti-Hindu, anti-India venom was poured into India’s veins during the 10 years of Sonia Gandhi’s rule.

The Dynasty, which is effectively an extension of British rule, has always had contempt for Hindus, but at the very least, it has never been so actively anti-Hindu as it has become under Sonia Gandhi. Remember that Indira, at least for electoral reasons, had occasionally indulged Hindu sentiments. In 1989, Rajiv Gandhi launched his campaign from Ayodhya with the promise of “Ram Rajya”.  This seems almost unreal when you look at the Congress of today and where it stands under Sonia Gandhi. Here is the page in the original Constitution describing our fundamental rights:


Do you see Ram, Lakshman and Sita depicted right there? Can someone imagine the Congress standing for something like this today? I have despised the Dynasty since the day I learned to breathe, but there is something about the Congress of today : it’s become much more virulent and deeply disturbing. In fact, dealing with the Congress today feels different, it’s almost like we are dealing with a foreign enemy and not a domestic political party. It is hard to recognize Congi Mameluks even as fellow Indian citizens, they don’t sound Indian at all…it is hard to tell them apart from Pakistanis. Their circles where they chant “Bharat tere tukde honge inshallah” and march to Parliament with covered faces in the dark of night chanting “Bandook ke dam par azaadi” seem like we are watching Lashkar-e-Toiba in action.

In the midst of all this, it is hard to pinpoint one single Mameluk and call her/him out, but I will try anyway.  So, last evening Stratfor uncle put out this tweet:

Stratfor uncle clearly doesn’t want to remember the history of J&K. Are you kidding me? It is these chants of Azadi on loudspeakers mounted on mosques that got 5 lakh Kashmiri Pandits to leave the valley forever. Coupta ji (“p” silent), they were Indians too. But perhaps they weren’t the right kind of Indians for you to care about, no?

As I pointed out in my last post, one of the facts that has received very little play in the media (mainstream or social) is that these people were also raising slogans of Azaadi for Kerala and Bengal. In Bengal we have recently seen a trailer in Malda. What is next? Slogans of Azaadi on mosques in Bengal and Kerala?

India is not made of porcelain and we know that well. But you must understand that bodies of Kashmiri Pandits were made of flesh and not of concrete. They knew that their bodies could be pierced with swords and bullets. And so when Azaadi chants began in their neighborhood, they had to leave to save their lives. If these Azaadi chants come to Bengal, my family and I would have to do the same…run away. Wonder where I could run away to…

As I said before, it’s hard to pinpoint one or two: here is one more Mameluk chosen at random:

Dangerous lunatic right here  —->

Here’s her profile from her own webpage: “She was a British Council – Charles Wallace India Trust Fellow at the University of Kent and…. She has held writing residencies at the Hong Kong Baptist University, Jawaharlal Nehru University (New Delhi) and the University of Hyderabad.

No further comments needed…


40 thoughts on “So, what harm can Azaadi slogans do?

  1. Of course, SG won’t take the same argument to, say Islam. Is it made of porcelain, that a few slogans or cartoons or comments going to destroy it? Yet, they stand by all laws that forbid such actions – FoE be damned then.

    The less said about this “Tamil” the better. Who is she to talk for all Tamils? No, they are not all seen as anti-nationals. Only the rabid DK parties in yester-years and their parent “periyar” who celebrated independence day as a black day. There are many Tamils who have given their best for India and continue to do so.

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  2. CW, all along this JNU Row, a very important issue is either being overlooked, or conveniently forgotten, the decaying, degenerated, irrelevant Leftism (Communism, Socialism etc) which is trying to remain relevant through distorting and corrupting the minds of innocent young boys and girls, who unknowingly and without complete knowledge of Left’s inherent contradictions, perceive it as a progressive, modern and revolutionary ideology. These young minds in awe of their teachers, slowly and surely fall prey to their indoctrination. And bubbling with the energy of youth, devoid of worldly experience, these kids resort to ugly outburst, unmindful of the result of such venomous and senseless outrage. The time has come to slowly expose the truth of hollow leftism and its despotic, tyrannical variants in practice in certain parts of the world and its negation and rejection in great parts elsewhere. We must try sincerely to shield our young generation from falling into the trap of this brute ideology. A long term plan is needed for actualization of our wishes. For this I suggest that let there be a discussion on relevance of Left in your posts, and let people exchange their views. Howsoever small this effort may be, yet it may mark the beginning of a serious discussion.

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    1. Excellent article by KANCHAN GUPTA …Thanks Shan Shen.

      The below said two points really says it!!

      Those defending the indefensible deeds of students owing allegiance to various shades of Red, and united by a common impulse to taunt the Indian state, would want people to hear and believe only their story. 

      For that, it first needs to be reclaimed from those holding it to ransom. If the government fails in this task, let taxpayers insist they will no longer foot the bill for bogus dissent and spurious revolution.

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  3. It’s really pathetic that we have many internal enemies.congress is a curse to india. I do not know how, but because of rotten ecosystem congress always makes a comeback. First of all bjp will have to make sure that it does not repeat in 2019. I agree with your ealier posts that, this time it is difficult for congress. But still congress has huge control of ecosystem. This is seen in judiciary, education, media. Wherever you go, you will find their puppies. Also it is difficult to believe that openly they are supporting anti India elements. But if you see other side of coin, then they are fighting for their survival. In fact congress is making us more united, more patriotic, and more inclined to bjp indirectly.
    . Madison uncles, burqa bibis, yechuris , Kejrus are getting hyperactive day by day. This shows that their favors have stopped and they are really feeling heat. They can sale the country so this is expected. They along with their master congress were never with India. This is a matter of their survival. People themselves are realizing now as well.

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    1. This is so true. The only possible word to describe the liberals turning out in favor of ” Bharat ki barbaadi” is pathetic. Hatred for Modi has led them down the hill…into the abyss.


  4. As per Shekhar Gupta’s doctrine, eve teasers need not be taken seriously as they are not physically abusing the targets, but only verbally. How different is this from what Hafeez Sayeed is doing from Pakistan? For these thugs these are normal and harmless events.

    But chanting Vande Mataram inside the Court campus is a serious crime??

    God seems to have kept these people’s brains somewhere hidden in some part of the body, so to ensure it does not work..

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  5. Is this true?…….anybody,

    JNU Anti-India event conspirator Umar Khalid’s father SQR Ilyasi is former Chief of banned SIMI.

    FYI. Omar Khaled is son of Secretary of All India Muslim Personal Law Board.


  6. See how openly the whole anti national activities of tritors including their active vocal agents media have diverted discussion and blames to stupid scuffles. Are we yet prepared for next six months where any setback is disability to elemental the dens of anti nationals. If the platform and voice of anti nationals will be bigger than innocent unorganized citizens, premature inconclusive attempts will invite more frustration.


    1. This time anti-nationals are not going to get away. Social media is against them, so have more neutral people on FB from at least what I have observed. MSM’s credibility is at all time low and is facing revolt from public.


  7. Not to be outdone by KK, Saggy Aunty does an irony as well.

    “We must report fairly and accurately and refuse to become outriders of ANY political authority. That’s the duty of journalists.”


  8. I saw this quote once and it’s so true: “If Left has a future in India then India has no future left” .Thankfully,it doesn’t seem to have a future except in certain pockets.


  9. This lady Meena Kandasami has written a blog (or an article) in very leftist, very anti-Modi magazine called Outlook. She says in her article she is an anti-national. Come and put me in jail. Anybody who remained quiet when Indira Gandhi government killed Mr. Bhatt and the UPA government killed Mr. Guru, but all of a sudden on third anniversary of Guru’s hanging, they became anti-national, he/she is not only anti-national, but also big hypocrite. Every country has universities, every country has students, almost every country has punished terrorists. JNU situation is not unique. Yet you would not find a parallel dissent showed by the students at anywhere in the world as shown by the students at JNU. No where in the world you will find political as well as journalistic support for such anti-nationals as we find in India.

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  10. Since the liberals/presstitues/bindi brigade/riff raffs/street thug etc are selling our motherland for money I thought a few quotation on patriotism is appropriate!!(unfortunately the rot is too deep rooted!)

    “Loyalty to country ALWAYS. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it.” » Mark Twain

    “Patriotism is voluntary. It is a feeling of loyalty and allegiance that is the result of knowledge and belief. A patriot shows their patriotism through their actions, by their choice” » Jesse Ventura

    “A man’s country is not a certain area of land, of mountains, rivers, and woods, but it is a principle; and patriotism is loyalty to that principle.” » George William Curtis

    “Patriots always talk of dying for their country but never of killing for their country.” » Bertrand Russell

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  11. CW,I just thought about something.The next National Herald case hearing will be held tomorrow.Do you think this whole JNU fiasco is being propped up in order to divert attention from the case?Before the Dec 19 hearing,this CBI raid thing was propped up and now this.Do you think they are trying to divert attention?


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