We remain Rajdeep ji, ever at your feet

I think the most pathetic sight in entire Mamelukdom is peeps writing in India Today’s very own DailyO to sing praises of  Rajdeep Sardesai. Is he really *that* insecure? Maybe getting shellacked miserably in the ratings by Arnab Goswami has left Rajdeep so needy and desperate for validation…  I like that 🙂

Just read this in the DailyO 🙂

Rajdeep Sardesai has finally thrown his experienced hat in the ring of the ongoing “nationalism vs. anti-nationals” debate with this intrepid and no-nonsense article in the Hindustan Times. The India Today consulting editor, in a masterstroke, has claimed “I too am an anti-national” and has gone on to put up a fierce and eloquent defence of the argument. While we urge Mr Sardesai to pen such gallant belles-lettres for DailyO as well, we give you the four moot points that we think he’s tried to make.    ”


Baap re… experienced, intrepid, no-nonsense, masterstroke, fierce, eloquent, gallant belles-lettres… Any adjectives left?  I think even Diggy chacha would say that this kind of fawning is not the right way to raise a Shehzada 🙂 🙂

Don’t be surprised if the next DailyO article has something like this for Rajdeep:


Perhaps they could put a picture of Rajdeep “gallantly” and “fiercely” riding a horse, his arm raised to execute a “masterstroke” of  terror into the hearts of  all bhakts at Madison Square Garden…

Nevertheless, let’s find out about Rajdeep’s “no-nonsense” article and its four moot points

As per law. As Mr Sardesai writes, “Yes, I am anti-national because while I am discomfited by the slogan shouting at JNU in support of Parliament terror convict Afzal Guru, I do not see it as an act of sedition”…. Alternative views, no matter how tempestuous or volatile, must be entertained and patiently heard out in a functioning democracy.


You don’t have to convince us, Mr. Sardesai that you are anti-national. You somehow seem to think that your confession has left us in shock and awe. We always knew that you are anti-national and that you wear it as a badge of honor.

As for alternative views no matter “how tempestuous or volatile”, it would have been better if you had written this in 2007 when the BJP, then the country’s largest opposition party was about to be banned by the Election Commission for expressing its anti-Muslim views in a CD.

Nationalism isn’t anyone’s private property, and no one party or individual has the final word on it. This is a work in progress, an ongoing, and possibly never-ending debate, which must go on to expand its own ambit and underscore individual rights and liberties over and above narrow majoritarian impulses….

Neither is secularism. No one party or individual has the final word on it. Forget nationalism and secularism, first of all let us remember that the nation itself is not private property of one individual or party. See if you can digest that.

India’s inherent pluralism : Mr Sardesai, who calls himself a “proud Hindu” – a description most forcefully and frequently used by the rightwing Hindutva trolls – and says he wakes up to Gayatri mantra, nevertheless declares he likes his beef steak and pork sorpotel too, as well as the customary Diwali shrikhandI celebrate the rich diversity of my country through food:

I see that he forgot to mention how the celebration of the diversity of wildlife by eating deer and giraffe. Nevertheless, Mr. Sardesai I am ready to call myself a proud secular .. a description most forcefully and frequently used by liberal patrakars. You know I celebrate the diversity of my nation too…I sacrifice my sleep each morning to the sound of Azaan blaring from mosque loudspeakers.

Constitution, above it all : The robust text that is the Indian Constitution, drafted by that eminent lawyer-thinker-philosopher BR Ambedkar, is something Mr Sardesai holds in high esteem. As we infer, he places it above any holy book, despite being a proud Hindu.

Well, your inference is wrong. CWM2ZA4VAAEL4gZ.png

Insult the nation and he is ready to tolerate. Insult the Prophet and he wants the “offender”  to be put inside a jail cell. This is not enough. He also asks that the Muslim cleric who called for beheading that “offender” should be allowed to go inside the same cell.

So, Prophet above nation?

Here is the last line from the DailyO article:

In solidarity, Mr Sardesai. In solidarity and respect.  

A bit of disappointment. The correct way to end is ” We remain Rajdeep ji, ever at your feet“.

12 thoughts on “We remain Rajdeep ji, ever at your feet

  1. Ha Ha Ha that was nice….enjoyed your post!!

    Those adjectives were hilarious!

    Big joker this guy….all these guys are so desperate they write articles ,tweets,blogs literally begging everybody to believe them(the payment must be pretty large for these guys to keep on peddling lies)!

    It is fun to listen to the guys in SM having fun with views of these guys!

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  2. A weird thought Struck me. What if “Amma” became PM? I know she and her lot stick to TN but this whole humbly at your feet sort of stuff is daily business there. She could give madamji a run for her money in megalomania. Wonder what song the mameluks would sing then? Maybe I just have too big an imagination. 😉


    1. Amma has a pretty good chance of becoming PM if she wins all the MP seats of TN Lok Sabha in 2019 PROVIDED she gets exonerated by SC in the Disproportionate Income case.

      With her 40 seats ( assuming) she could be competing with Mayawati , Mamata , Crazywaal and Pappu ( or some wild card like devegowda) to be the next PM . whomsoever gets the maximum seats could become PM then though NaMo ( and Bjp) would yet be in race if there is war ( external or civil) or war like conditions , acute polarization of hindu votes , fractured opposition.

      Actual Merit , Performance , Delivery of commitments have long lost their relevance. In a pre dominantly mediocre india – anything can happen .. So your imagination is not that wild.


      1. I actually like the fact that every small regional leader thinks he/she has a chance in 2019. From Mulayam and Maya in the North to Nitish and Mamata in East and Amma down south…let them all hope. They are all doomed to fail. The only stable trend in Indian politics for last 15 years in Assemblies and now Lok Sabha is clear unequivocal mandate. Some party will get 272+ in 2019 again. That much is for sure. Only thing left to find out is whether that will be Congress or BJP.


  3. There are many Pseudo secular who publicly show bravado by proclaiming that they are anti-national and challenge ‘us’ to arrest them. I want them to come out and publicly declare that yes, they are for the “Bharat Ki Barbadi” and for “Bharat Ke Tukde Tukde” and that is why they are anti-national. If they do that we would love to arrest them. But as is, they want public to forget those slogans shouted by the students. They repeatedly refer to only much milder slogans as if the whole hoopla was for those milder slogans !

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    1. Yesterday Smriti Irani and Anurag Thakur put them on the mat for supporting anti-nationals. This issue was always in BJP’s pocket. All they needed to do was not mess up big time and they win hands down.


  4. I don’t know who the Daily O writer is. Sorry to say i didn’t bother to open the link, seeing you’ve done a pretty good job furnishing the juicy bits.

    But it’s obvious the writer is some close pal of RS rallying around with aid and comfort in his bure din.


  5. Enjoyed watching Smriti Irani’s speech!
    Smriti Irani made smithereens of INC and left forces supporting JNU Umar Khalid and UoH Rohit Vemula’s politicking for votebank.


    Best comment:

    Just heard POISONOUS SNAKE Barkha Dutt of NDTV asks a TMC politician a LOADED question  ” So now do you think it is between young students and the Govt ?”

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