Why Amol Rajan is the most despicable mediaperson on the planet

This is one of those articles which should have been written a long time ago, but kept getting pushed to later by more gripping developments. On this blog, we spend a lot of time criticizing media people, but there is one who in my view is the most despicable human being in the media. That man is one Amol Rajan, editor of the British newspaper The Independent.

There are moments when media Mameluks go to great lengths to be anti-Hindu and loyal to their agenda. But the lowest point is achieved when one of these vile creatures manages to cover himself with such disgrace that even his puppet masters spit on him. Amol Rajan is one such vile creature. So, it was on Feb 10 that The Independent made the following announcement:

British newspaper The Independent will switch back to using Bombay rather than Mumbai when referring to India’s financial capital, its editor said on Wednesday. Amol Rajan said the move was a stand against what he said was the closed-minded view of Hindu nationalists.”


Let me make it clear that I have not chosen Amol Rajan to be the most despicable human being in the media because of this decision. By now we are used to the boorish hateful behavior of the anti-Hindu elite. A clownish decision by a British Newspaper to say Bombay is no big deal. That they used an Indian water carrier to come to this decision is also no big deal. We are used to the Sonia Faleiros and the Tunku Varadarajans spitting on Indian faces while writing for American and British royalty. What is one more water carrier? No big deal.

Indeed Amol Rajan’s decision to revel in British imperialism earned him the appreciation of Mameluks in India and his masters abroad. I believe Agent Ayyub was one of the first to hail the decision.

But what happened next showed Amol Rajan to be truly disgraceful. After Amol Rajan created a buzz for The Independent on Feb 10 by announcing that it would revert to the colonial name for Mumbai, this happened merely 2 days later:

The Independent and Independent on Sunday newspapers will cease printing next month – and shift to online only, it was revealed today…..after years of falling sales, an unsuccessful switch from broadsheet to tabloid and £4.6million annual losses oligarch owner Alexander Lebedev and son Evgeny have now closed them down.


So, it was all over for The Independent. It’s Editor Amol Rajan must have known on Feb 10 that there was no way for the newspaper to survive. He was out of options. Sales had disappeared….no one gave a damn about The Independent. As captain, Editor Amol Rajan thought and thought : Was there one last desperate gambit, one final hand that he could play to save his sinking ship? 

And Captain Amol Rajan came up with the answer. He would make his final play and publicly snub the nation he was born in. That was his last card. Much like his newspaper, Britain as a nation is also sinking. Perhaps if a brown slave boy were to make a public announcement snubbing Indians and glorifying Imperial British history, it would play to the ego of the British masses and create enough buzz to keep his newspaper afloat…

This was Amol Rajan’s final play. He had many choices. He could have saved the newspaper by getting hold of an earth shattering story that would make history in the annals of journalism. Or, in a more practical choice, he could have accepted the inevitable death of The Independent and walked away with honor. But he didn’t. He decided that insulting his race, his ancestors and the nation of his birth would be his final gamble. Perhaps the British public would have pity for the loyalty of their water carrier.

Of course, nothing of that sort happened. The British themselves are more mature as a nation today, more ready to come to terms with history. The British masses have grown up and ready to deal with India as a confident and sovereign nation. Dear Amol Rajan, if you thought that dissing your  country of birth would endear you to the British, you failed miserably. You got a little buzz going on Twitter…but that was all…the British laughed you out.

Dear Amol Rajan, you could have chosen to be a self respecting Indian. You could have chosen to be a self-respecting Brit, loyal to your adopted country. Instead you became the pathetic wannabe who won nothing…except everyone’s contempt.

NOW, Amol Rajan, you are finally truly discredited. Indians are laughing at you. The British are laughing at you. Everyone has contempt for the poor water carrier who so hated his own skin that he went out of his way to prove that he wasn’t Indian. And the British refused your water. Now you stand by the roadside covered in disgrace…you are officially the most despicable human being in the media.

10 thoughts on “Why Amol Rajan is the most despicable mediaperson on the planet

      1. I think there were a lot of good measures.I do have some gripes,especially about the fact that the Govt gave majority of focus to rural areas and not much to urban/middle class but I can understand why.Urban economy has been good.But the rural economy has lagged and 2 successive years of poor monsoons haven’t helped either.I think that the Modi Govt is trying to achieve 2 things here:1)remove the “suit boot ki sarkar” image and more importantly:2)revive the rural economy and push the growth to the 8-10 % range(India’s true potential).More could have been done for corporates but I think the Govt wants to focus on just passing pro-Corporate reform laws such as GST,Bankruptcy Code,Labour Reforms,Real Estate Regulation Bill,etc this year.However,there were some good pro-corporate,pro-market moves such as proposed amendments to Companies Act that would make it easy for people to register companies in just 1 day(watch how our ease of doing business ranking skyrockets after we do this!),increased allocation for infrastructure(especially roads and ports),easing REITs,proposed digital literacy scheme,some financial sector reforms and the FDI food processing hike.I feel that the 2014 and 2015 budgets were fairly pro-capitalist.I don’t think this was a socialist budget.Just that it was less pro-capitalist than the other 2 budgets.I feel that Modi will return to creating more pro-capitalist measures once the rural economy picks up.


      2. I said much the same on Twitter but a little softer. We do need an agrarian focus after two straight poor monsoons and, overall, the focus on education and infrastructure strengthening is in continuation with all the other Central Govt initiatives (Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao, Swachchh Bharat etc). Even on the financial side, sops for start ups are welcome while Jaitley kept his promise of beginning to weed out corporate tax exemptions.

        What disappointed me was the 25k crore to PSBs, which is a continuation of our seemingly desperate efforts to keep them afloat. We really should shut down some of the worst performing ones. Didn’t like the hike in prices of some consumer goods and was absolutely shocked by the 60% tax on PF withdrawal. I feel that is one move that BJP will absolutely have to scale back (the middle urban class is their key vote bank so I have no idea what Jaitley/Sinha were thinking).

        Overall, mixed reactions. It is solid but hardly path-breaking which is as much as I expected. I have a gut feeling that Jayant Sinha will be presenting the next budget. Jaitley’s days are over 🙂


      3. Yes,Dallas US.You are right about the 60% PF tax thing.About the NPA issue,Market had supposedly expected 30000-35000 crore but Jayant Sinha said that the market should not get fixated with a particular number.Jaitley did say that he would divert more resources if the need arises.I think that the Govt and Rajan have something in mind.Let’s see how that goes.I would give this budget 6 or 7 out of 10 compared to 8 for the previous 2 budgets.It’s a budget that can bring a smile but not something that make you jump for joy or do a fist pump.But I was happy with the fact that they didn’t stray from the fiscal consolidation road map.I too think that Jaitley will be moved.Piyush Goyal is an excellent minister and one of my favourites but I think he should be kept as power and coal minister till coal imports stop and 100% rural electrification is achieved(he is going at lightning speed on both fronts).Maybe he should become the finance minister in BJP’s 2nd term(almost sure that they will get a 2nd term).I too think that Jayant Sinha should become the finance minister.He supposedly used to be a fund manager so he has a lot of knowledge about finance.I also feel that Rajan’s term should be extended.


      4. Politically its a very good budget. Modi sarkar has moved in time to address murmurs against BJP in the rural heartland. But wanted some bold right wing moves. The EPF thing is a confusion I am very sure….will be either clarified or rolled back.


  1. CW you caught this guy…good exposure!

    Good riddance to this guy and the paper!

    Someone who can make the below statement is a piece of s@#$!!

    “The 32-year-old editor said the move was the newspaper’s stand against a “nastier strain of Hindu nationalism”.”


  2. There are no shortage of Presstitutes in UK. Recently In the case of Rotherham sexual abuse of some 1600 British girls by a gang of four Pakistanis and three Britishers, almost all Presstitutes have described this gang of seven pimps as “Asians”. UK keep getting burned by Muslims, mainly Pakistani Muslims, but they adhere to their pompous politically correct posture.


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