How Arnab Goswami won it

Is Arnab Goswami a bhakt? Lol! If anyone has listened …and I am guessing 99% of people on social media have…to Arnab breathing fire at the BJP from the imaginary Lalitgate to some attention seeking Muslim woman who got into the news for a failed apartment search, the answer can only be …ROFL. But among  English language news, Arnab Goswami stood tall with his “dissent” against the liberal consensus that stood with Commie anti-nationals at JNU.

So, what did Arnab do so differently?? Few days back, I wrote about how the Opposition in India has a new sinister feel to it. The Opposition, the liberal media no longer feel like mere opponents, they appear more like foreign enemies. Under Sonia Gandhi, the Congress and its Mameluks became so implacably anti-Hindu that they are barely recognizable as Indians today. When you see the guys with the characteristic terrorist neckerchiefs covering their faces, marching on parliament raising slogans of “bandook ke dum par azaadi”, you cannot tell whether they are Indians or Lashkar recruits. All Arnab had to do was stay Indian. And that’s all he did. In the sinister liberal consensus of today, he appeared as some kind of right wing loony fringe..

You don’t have to be a BJP supporter to be an Indian. You can despise the RSS and still be Indian. But to be an Indian, you have to be …well…you have to be an Indian! And if you are Indian, there should be ways in which you are distinguishable from India’s enemies.

Here are some easy tests:

For instance, if you are releasing a book giving clean chit to Pakistan and blaming 26/11 on BJP/RSS, you might not be an Indian.

If you have been crying tears for the dead terrorists at Batla House but not for Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma, you might not be an Indian.

If you have managed to convince yourself that Modi sent the Gujarat police all the way to Mumbai to pick up one random Muslim girl and kill her, you might not be an Indian.

If you believe that the Indian Coast Guard/Navy killed “innocent” smugglers on the terror boat, you might not be an Indian.

Indian liberals have failed every single one of these tests.

As the Americans say, if it quacks like a duck, looks like a duck and walks like a duck, it must be a duck. If you sound like a Pakistani, think like a Pakistani and act like a Pakistani, don’t complain when people assume that you are a Pakistani.

Again, you don’t have to support the BJP. You just have to be an Indian. And that’s all Arnab Goswami did. And here is the result:

So dear Burqa and Rajdeep, you can march to Parliament or you can beat up people at Madison Square Garden, but if you want to regain your lost credibility, you will have to be Indians. Oh…and publishing articles with headlines like “I am anti-national”  won’t help.


Let me wake you guys up. A sarcastic article like that would work only if people at large actually were sure that you are Indian.  Let me tell you that the public is no longer sure.  You guys don’t know what you don’t know. You can dismiss the angry lawyers at Patiala House Court as hooligans paid by BJP, but even you know this is extremely unlikely. The more likely situation is that old media like you are facing a popular revolt. Ordinary people are sick and tired of being told about the greatness of Afzal Guru and 1000 reasons why we should be crying over Batla House terrorists and why Ishrat Jahan was an “innocent moon faced teenager”. If you really believe that people haven’t figured you guys out after 2 decades of anti-India reporting, you carry on…good luck.

So, dear Burqa, dear Rajdeep…I understand that you hate this government. That’s fine. I actually believe in economic freedom, so I don’t even object to paid media. Go ahead, create a thousand lies and fake controversies if you want. Please defame Modi as much as you like, but let’s keep it among ourselves, can we? Go ahead, find 10000 reasons why Rahul Gandhi is a great man. But, let’s keep it among us Indians, can we? I guess the question I am asking is: has Indian secularism/liberalism gone so bankrupt today that it can only survive on treason? 


26 thoughts on “How Arnab Goswami won it

  1. Nice one.By the way, I just saw a tweet which says “Remember @greenpeaceindia warning to India’s central government post NGO funding crackdown?It’s happening” What was the warning?

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  2. During the decade of UPA rule in the Hindu majority country A sikh was nominated as PM , Kurien was the speaker of LS, Ansar was the speaker of RS , Antony was the DM, in Karnataka a Christian is the Education minister,in Kerla Christians are made CMS and the UPA cabinet had disproportinate number of Chrislamists and with anti Hindus like Diggy,Mani Sankaran the dynasty was making a rich harvest of conversion while plundering the wealth of the countetc.ry thro’ mega scams.And the chrislamic owned MSM a sub set of dynasty crooks is preaching to the Hindus secularism, freedom of speech women equality etc.


    1. Lol! The tolerance of Hindus is practically unmatched on the planet. And we get no credit for it. Today French newspaper Le Monde is lecturing us on tolerance…rofl…when France is itself under emergency 🙂


  3. Exactly….be a Indian first then whatever…CW you hit it maan ,that is all what Arnab did this time and in addition to which he told the truth!!

    Which proves beyond doubt that common people of India are fed up,sick and tired with sponsored media’s endless lies!

    It is over for these anti national media which is carrying out somebody else’s agenda,for which they seem to have got paid!

    For these people ‘money’ is the beginning and end. It is beyond logic the way they are carrying on and on,with their agenda. They have sold their collective souls!! For them it is ‘baad may jaanado barthmaata’ as long as I become rich!!

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  4. Right now Arnab’s lead over his rivals unassailable, with 82% for him and 18% for the rest put together. Burqa has to be content with a mere 3% (which has to make us wonder why our Finance Minister seems to be so fond of giving exclusive interviews to this channel). However, I am not all that sure that Arnab won’t revert back to “form” very soon.

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    1. That’s okay. Arnab is a mediawallah…he needs to be sensational. But at the very least he is staying Indian. That is all I am asking right now because even that seems like too much for most of our media.




    Noam Chomsky can go and f@#$ himself ,who the hell is he to lecture us. Let him worry about how school kids in USA are hand cuffed and taken to police station just for being a naughty kid!!

    All these lies by foreign funded presstitutes wont work.


    Clear indication that presstitutes are becoming desperate!!


  6. It amuses me when I read how BJP will be hurt by handling of NJU issue because majority of Indians are with JNU students !! Liberal even got help from the most libertard of all, Norm Chomsky. Mr. Chomsky questioned VC of JNU. He asked why police was allowed on premises? Instead of questioning VC, he should have given examples how American Universities handle pro-Osama and anti-America slogans by students. He even failed to accept that American universities have their own police force, with a gun on all police officers’ holster.


    1. That is because the anti-national crowd has become so high that they are drinking their own propaganda now. In fact, sportspeople like Dhoni, Vijender, Gautam Gambhir have started talking for the masses and thats a great sign.


  7. Modi said some interesting things at his rally in Odisha yesterday.He said “Some people remain occupied with their only mission of criticizing my government from morning to evening.They could not digest the fact that a tea vendor had become Prime Minister” He said that NGOs were upset with him for seeking accountability and the corrupt unable to continue with their fraudulent activities were trying to destabilize the NDA government.But he would not yield to them.He said “I want to make it clear that you have elected me to save the country from these vices.I won’t deviate from the target you have set for me.I am not going to stop or get tired.There is no question of bowing down.I know why they are rattled.But we will not let the country bow down and get destroyed” . Glad to see that he understands the threat and even happier to see that he is not backing down.


    1. Hope PM sticks to what he says and does not buckle under pressure!,too many forces are working against him!

      Why was the Supreme Court Bar Association allowed to get foreign funds ?  

      The Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) is an Indian bar association, comprising the practising lawyers of the Supreme Court of India.  Kapil Sibal was a former President.

      Seven months ago foreign funds to the Supreme Court Bar Association was cancelled by the Govt Of India, noting rampant corruption and foreign forces influence. 
      Ever since that the SCBA has an axe to grind with Modi.  


  8. Post JNU incident Arnab seems to have realised that the true Indians are clearly giving a thumbs down to the Sold & Paid Media morons unlike other issues where there are more supporters for the anti-Modi group. Since JNU issue has gone beyond contention and sensing people will not spare him, we see a somersault from Arnab’s usual approach.

    Even to give the benefit of doubt, he is far better than the other stooges under the garb of journalists specially those in the national channels who are denigrating the majority sentiments at every given opportunity.

    Rajdeep Sardesai has still not answered one question which is lurking for some time in the public domain. He is still to come out openly on how he acquired the 52 Crores bungalow in a posh Delhi locality and the source of his income towards this purchase. Will he dare say like how he proclaims to be an anti-national??


    1. That’s the point I have been making: the media and opposition today barely seem like Indians at all. In every democracy there are political slugfest, sensationalist media lies, but in India we seem to have taken it to a level where we cant even tell if the guys on the other side are Indians at all. Arnab is welcome to create sensational lies about scams…that happens in all democracies. But at least, he is behaving like an Indian.


  9. Interesting read!!


    The 21st century will be dominated by India

    India is predicted to be among the world’s highest-growth nations over the coming years.

    India has been identified as a potential superpower.

    However, several problems such as economic, political, and social problems need to be overcome to be considered a superpower.


    1. Ha Ha Ha….enjoyed this,after going through all the serious stuff,it was quite refreshing!!

      Thanks Shan Shen! With all that was going on I had stopped going through unreal times,otherwise it was a routine!

      Even though it is a satire,this is the scenario that is happening right now!


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