Look at this:


Now look closely:


What the hell! Did you see it? Gandhiji goes from looking left to looking right! Has Modi hijacked the idea of India or what?

Incidentally, I am going from recommending a ban on NDTV to advocating that NDTV be made compulsory viewing for every Indian. It seems adverse media coverage is becoming a lucky charm… the public everywhere is up in arms against the liberal stranglehold on media discourse. So, if you want Modi to get 400+ in 2019, encourage everyone to watch Ravish Kumar and Burqa Dutt.

Hey, wasn’t NDTV supposed to be banned today? I guess they will have to spend the day telling everyone about Modi’s surgical strike on black money. Well played, Modi ji.

Jokes apart, this is probably the most important decision Narendra Modi will ever make (though I await more awesome surprises). Yes, if the implementation is bad, this could be the end of the PM’s political career. Screw this up and the BJP is finished in 2019. Modi understood that well. He was essentially coasting to victory in 2019 already. He didn’t need to shake things up. His image was already solid as a rock. But he did shake things up and he has risked everything. And for that, he has my respect. He has taken the biggest political risk in several decades purely for the purpose of annihilating black money.

Let me repeat. He was winning anyway. He didn’t need to take a risk. But he has taken this risk and it is up to the people to help him out by cooperating. What I see around myself as of now is a general spirit of cooperation which I find heartening and frankly a little surprising. I had expected people to react with panic and insecurity. Instead, people have reacted with confidence. This is a product of two things: first, massive faith in the leadership of the Prime Minister and secondly, a new information driven world. The correct details of the plan spread so rapidly that damaging rumors did not get any time to develop. This is as much a bet on public goodwill as it is a bet on Digital India. People did not panic because modern technology carried the news everywhere within hours.

Meanwhile, the arc of right wing revolution continues to spread across the world: India, Israel, Japan, UK and America. Next in line are France and Germany.

You know liberals love to talk about “privilege”. This privilege is supposed to consist of entrenched systems that favor one group over another. Today it is time to talk about “liberal privilege”. Opinion pollsters haven’t suddenly gone dumb. It is the voters who have suddenly gone underground.  Such is the monopolization of global discourse by elite liberals that no ordinary citizen dares speak up any more. They wont even admit their choice to the pollsters. The only place where they feel safe is at the voting booth.

What does an average American hear from his President today? President Obama looks at their lifetime’s work and spits on it, saying “You didn’t build that”.

Just because not everyone is a radical feminist nor a PETA member, the average American becomes a “deplorable”.

Well, if the average American is deplorable, who is desirable? Well, it’s the Pakistanis and Syrians of course who are super-desirable. They built America. While the average American is deplorable, it is the Muslims who only represent the best in humanity. Yes, ISIS is bad, but what about the bigoted white American who uses sexist pronouns like “his” and “hers” and marginalizes the 27 different known forms of gender expression?

At the University of Michigan, there is a “marginalization hotline” where students who get triggered by anything from wrong pronouns to someone wearing hair in a “black hairstyle” can go and cry at any time 24×7. At U C Berkeley, students formed a human chain around campus buildings which would not allow any white students to pass through. That is how the enlightened few register their protest against the evil called American culture. But god forbid someone develop “Islamophobia”, the condition in which victims come to believe that Islam is not a religion of peace!

The anger is real. And more importantly for the liberals, the people who are angry are real. And their votes count.


28 thoughts on “LOL!

  1. What a day!Two fantastic happening which will help the world!

    Brilliant master stroke of NaMo!!

    Wonder how many black marketeers builders, fake industrialists,politicians,corrupt babus etc. will commit suicide after burning sacks of 500 and 1000 cash.

    Lot of credit to wikileaks and julian assange who indeed played a great role in exposing crooked Hillary! we take a moment to thank & show appreciation for @Wikileaks & Julian Assange.

    Full marks to SM and the people of America who believed in the truth of SM rather than the flowery lies of MSM!

    “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”
    ― George Carlin

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  2. Congratulations CW. You predicted Trump’s victory way ahead. You said that Americans would vote Trump not bcos they liked him but wants to prove the liberals wrong. You were on spot and that happened today. Right now, I am in India. I loved seeing liberals and C5Ms sad looks on their face today.
    With this Modi’s surgical strike on black money, I am looking forward to see the sad look on liberals in 2019.

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  3. Time has come to ensure not everyone get voting rights. Only those vetted by certified liberals should be allowed to vote. By default, each peaceful should have a value of 2 votes to make this world a paradise.


    1. @CW..I salute u..You Predicated Trump Victory despite all Media propaganda.. I had a faith on you and Predicated Trump Victory in my Office ..and Today I won …I was only one person who stood with Trump in entire office around 50 People but Today I proved right Because of you Right Information and This Article…Good Job..Keep updating us ..


  4. You were right CW. Trump wins. Hua speech after winning was commendable. That was real Trump which MSM won’t show. Lekin aaj zhakk maarke dikhana pada.
    rNDTV is God forsaken. It was a real pain for NDTV to telecast two humongous blows to them.
    And the Surgical strike on black money. That was something unexpected and super risky. This plan may make PM’s approval ratings fall flat if not executed efficiently. But people’s enthusiasm is at another level. This decision made him tallest leader of our time.


  5. I must confess, I feel sad for the Americans. They have elected a Kejriwal, a person who had never set in an office long enough to manage one company, one organization and as a businessman had filed numerous bankruptcies. On the other hand, I equated Hillary with Narendra Modi. Even after numerous investigation by numerous committees, spending millions of dollars, nothing was found against her, yet her dis-tractors proclaimed her corrupt and declared her guilty of all charges just like Narendra Modi is. Of course, I will change my mind if Mr. Trump as president goes after her and proves her crimes, but again just like Kejriwal did not go after Sheila Dixit, Trump will not go after her. Although, I wish, he does go after her and proves her crimes.

    By the way, CW please don’t go after Peta members !! At least Peta employees tried to demonstrate cruelty free Eid in Bhopal and almost got its two-three employees killed by the peaceful mob. Not very many NGOs have dared to do that.


    1. Agree.i don’t know why Indian Righters equate Trump wIth Modi.If anything,Hillary fits more of that description.
      Maligned by the Media and the opposition,fake news and propaganda stuffed the social media and web,had years and even decades of experience in administration.

      Trump is an only have to listen to his speeches to’s not about Right-wing or Left-Wing,it’s being expecting some Decency and Character from your elected leaders.I really doubt he can keep his voterbase after 4 years unless he plans some voodod.hell,he may even tore of serving 4 years as the President.It’s not an easy job,and he may just resugn from boredom


  6. 1)Today is the best day ever.HC is politically dead.Many Bharathiya Americans voted Trump
    2)I think regular people are fine with the demonetisation,it is people like Pranay Roy,The Dark Dowager Empress,Chiddu etc. who will be internally pulling their hair out in misery and externally entertaining us with their nonsense spouting.
    Sure we will all be inconvinienced for a while,but in the long run it is marvellous.
    All that money that these people have been sitting on has become paper.ROFL!!:-)
    I agree that its a good thing that the ban was withheld,these people must be miserable already,there is no way we can make them any more miserable.


    1. Most of these “worthies” have said they will move to Canada. In case they haven’t noticed, the main difference between Indians and Canadians is that we Indians discarded our Pappu into the dustbin whereas the Canadians elected their Pappu as PM!

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  7. The surgical strike on Black Money is a monumental decision. Thanks to Mehul who triggered my mind yesterday with his response to my post. The implications are immense and NaMo has taken a formidable step toward curbing the menace of black money, counterfeiting etc while also causing significant damage to the back channel funded terrorist operations without firing a single bullet. Kudos to him!

    About the American elections, I am no fan of Trump. He is everything a Presidential candidate should not be and yet there is one thing he did right that got him elected – he called a spade a spade with reference to the threat of radical Islam. The spread of right wing revolution across the world is very apparent now and my bet is that Angela Merkel will be the next to fall. Germany has had it with her and her incompetent handling (or should I say mis-handling) of the refugee situation.

    Thanks as usual for a great post.


  8. Gr8 post Chaiwala. BTW, I really liked the title of the post.
    BTW, the crooks have started to feel the burn. Chindu even told that, we during UPA also thought of such a move but because of financial implications and also because of economical implications were not gr8, we did not follow.
    I am only curious to know, why GOI has decided for 2000 rs note. Earlier it was rumored that, they will have nano chip which will can be tracked. But RBI has dismissed this. But over and above anything this is a masterstroke. Modi has taken a risk and I hope people will respect it.
    I hope Trump will be better for India compared to Hillary. Kudos to you for your prediction.


    1. I think the 2000 note will be scrapped too. Currently it may have been issued to help out small but honest business men who deal with low wages employees mostly in cash. This is just my guess.
      Btw, did I not say that after the NDTV fiasco something big was coming up! This is a far greater hit on media than any one day ban!!


  9. People fed up with liberalism everywhere and many countries have moved more to the right(Canada is a notable exception).Austria elections next month and then France and Germany next year.Hopefully,Hollande and Merkel will fall.By the end of 2019,the heads of almost all the G20 member countries could either be right/center-right/conservative/nationalist.


  10. By the way, has anyone connected the dots, that the demonitization would NOT have been possible had Raghuram Rajan still been the RBI Governor? Issuing currency notes is the prerogative of the RBI Governor.

    Also, apparently NaMo managed to keep Shakuni out of the loop on this matter. The very fact that NDTV did not get a hint of it is evidence that Shakuni did not know a thing about it.

    Here in the USA protests have broken out against the results of the election. Various groups are alleged to be “living in fear” after the results, exactly the same type of propaganda as was spread after NaMo’s election. The only good thing I see in the USA is that the CNN (Clinton News Network) is partially counter-balanced by Fox News. It is not that I care for Fox News, but at least the left does not have a total monopoly on news broadcasting here, unlike in India. BTW this is the first time that I watched any US news channel in seven years!


    1. Absolutely had Raghuram Rajan still been the RBI Governor….he would have seen to it that demonitization was never done!

      ‘apparently NaMo managed to keep Shakuni out of the loop’… this possible?…since so much preparation is required for such a activity…..I read somewhere only ten people was aware of this scheme!

      CNN (Clinton News Network)…he he he!


      1. Sorry Mr. Srinivas, unfortunately I can’t take credit for “Clinton News Network” — I read that somewhere!

        I truly believe that Shakuni was out of the loop simply because NDTV did not get wind of it. Of course no way to prove such a thing!


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