Trust BJP to make its loyal supporters look like fools

On Nov 4, I had written this in my post on “NDTV feels the pinch”

“जायिये, फ़ोन उठाईये और बड़े लोगों को फ़ोन  कीजिये । सुना है  बड़े लोगों को फ़ोन  पर बेल तक मिल जाती है, फिर ये तो छोटी-मोटी बात है । ”

(Go Ravish, pick up the phone and call the big people you know to help you out. I’ve heard that big people can even get bail over the phone. This is a relatively minor matter)

You know, when I talked about picking up the phone and calling the “big people”, I was thinking more on the lines of ….you know who. I expected NDTV to log in to the left liberal ecosystem and get an override code from the overlords in System Administration. Instead NDTV knew of a hack and called a different set of “big people”


And the people at the secular help desk in Modi ministry did not disappoint. Thank you very much, Mr. Information and Broadcasting Minister:


On hold, for what? First tell us how it so happens that even in the Modi administration, the corrupt minions of the Congress ecosystem still happen to have a hotline to the upper echelons of government. Wasn’t the Modi mandate all about ending such privileged access? It’s not just about the symbolism of kicking journalist hangers-on out of the Prime Minister’s plane. The gesture becomes meaningless unless followed through at all levels of government.

But the hotlines seem to be still in operation. The Prime Minister himself talks about the fictitious “church attacks”. The Home Minister gets involved in thefts of Rs 8000 in Delhi schools. The Chief Minister of Maharashtra personally supervises the investigation of who threw a stone at a church. Some Bollytard gets into some trouble with his brain dead movie and the Home Minister personally meets him to sort out his problems. One student goes missing (or does he?) from JNU and we hear of an SIT being constituted. Why not tell the retards firmly to back off? Every missing person case is important and a tragedy for the concerned family, but the Home Minister cannot be expected to look into it.

While those hotlines are operating 24 x 7, the calls from your own are getting dropped. This Oct 16, BJP leader Rudresh was hacked to death in Bengaluru. Then on Nov 4, another RSS worker called Magali Ravi was hacked to death in Mysuru. Even as I write this post, news has come in of a third BJP worker, one Sunil Dongre murdered in Karnataka’s Bidar. That’s 3 of YOUR workers in about 4 weeks. But their distress calls are getting dropped, it seems. Keep in mind that these are YOUR people. These are the people who worked to get YOU into power. But it seems that the only people you want to talk to are those who would never vote for you and would like to destroy you.

Just yesterday, I wrote about Indrajit Dutta, a poor cycle repair man in Birbhum in West Bengal. He was murdered because he didn’t contribute towards observing Moharram. As yet, the only BJP functionary to have visited his family appears to be Locket Chatterjee. And excuse me for pointing out that Locket has no stature in Bengal BJP.

I should point out here that by putting the NDTV ban on hold, you have actually conceded Ravish Kumar’s charge of imposing an undeclared Emergency. We were told that the ban was about National Security. What has changed? The footage shown by NDTV India and their comments on the date of Pathankot attack surely haven’t changed for they have already happened. Then, how come the punishment has been lifted or….ummm…put on hold. If NDTV has done something wrong, they have to be punished. This process is automatic and you have NO right to show leniency to them. National Security is not the private property of the government, it is not yours to compromise.  By backing off, you have proved their point. 

A just and fair system is that in which punishment for crimes is automatic according to established policy, with no regard for the personal views of the judge doing the sentencing. You have now proved that you are actually running a kangaroo court in which you will sentence people and/or let them off depending on how you feel about them. NOW, it’s an Emergency. I agree with Ravish.

Have you ever wondered why so much of the media and intellectual ecosystem is pro-Congress and pro-Left? The so called intellectuals are not idiots. Have you wondered why they choose to invest all their energy in Pappu rather than you? Because they know that Pappu, however dumb he may be, will always take care of his own. If one of their own stubs his toe, the entire Congress leadership raises hell about it. Look at the case of the JNU student who went missing. Compare it to the little that BJP did about their own supporters at NIT Srinagar. Will the BJP leadership do anything about their own? That’s why no intellectual invests in the BJP. If the BJP is still alive, it is because the foot soldiers on the ground have not yet figured out this reality. The day people like Sunil Dongre, Magali Ravi, Rudresh and Prashant Poojary eventually figure this out, BJP will not have 4, let alone 44 seats in the Lok Sabha. Take it from me in writing.


30 thoughts on “Trust BJP to make its loyal supporters look like fools

  1. the pain and frustration with the bjp is coming thru’s like banging your head against a stone wall.what on earth are the bjp leadership thinking about playing into the hands of the congleftist ecosystem? .in karnataka bjp rss guys are being slain but the bjp guys are busy fighting with each other .this is so frustrating. i wish modi would read your blogs and see some sense.

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    1. at the hindsight, modiji did not want the silly excuse of NDTV ban to rob of the super day of the ban of Rs.500/- and Rs.1000/-, i believe. that is the reason, the ban was not revoked, but put on hold. modiji will hit the opponents when and where it would hurt them the most. I was also dis-illusioned two months back, but then had a chance meeting with one of the RSS learned person, who explained how the govt has to tread a very delicate line. Did you not see the venom the MSM has spewed on modi, bjp, hindus in india and the same way in US on trump, normal americans etc.,


  2. CW….that was good!… said it maan without mincing words what most us wanted to say!!

    ‘National Security is not the private property of the government, it is not yours to compromise’…….Exactly!!

    When it has been proven without any doubt NDTV’s record of compromising on security…..GOI took a decision of giving a token ‘one day’…only one day off the air punishment!!….that also they retracted!….pathetic!


  3. I have always told to my friends that ki both congress and bjp are both corrupt and looter, congress the big one and bjp small one. Then why supported to bjp? because congress is anti hindu very proudly and unashamedly . bjp is less anti hindu. sometime it is little pro hindu but somewhat ashamedly.
    If what you said above continued then bjp may even lost support of neutral peoples. Before that happened let bjp do some good matters before it was too late.
    Let it invested at least some part of its loot in one big newspaper and one big tv. For doing this they should formed one committee like bbc which consisted to people members like dynastycrook, mediacrook, beingcynical, haindavakeralam etc. these peoples will educate and impress the ordinary indians like the present crooked liberal intellectual are doing with many tvs for congress and dynasty. this deed will be compensation for bjp’s present and past sins and stupidity.
    if this happened we can still had hope for future, in spite of bjp peoples making mistakes of appeasing to congress like bajpai, jaitley and like peoples. then many ordinary neutral thinking peoples will be educated and known the truth and india will go to the right way in spite bjp or with bjp.


  4. This NDTV thing was definitely a disaster as far as optics are concerned. However I still have my doubts if the govt has “surrendered”. After all, post Uri there was a huge backlash from RW about No Action and “Kadi Ninda” jokes about RNS. Now we know that was a calm before the storm. Surgical strikes were just appetizers and an aggressive border policy is being pursued. Have a feeling that something similar might be up,for Lutyens. Going by Namo’s track record, he is certainly not the forgiving types.


    1. This is possible.
      But it is no excuse for their silence on the malicious murders being carried out against members of our community.Imagine if it was a Peaceful or Soul Harvester(alias Lover),the BJP would have jumped in immediately and taken swift action.
      Bharat is unique because it is the Majority that has to protected from the Danav-like minorities.


  5. After the NDTV ban was lifted/put on hold/whatever, Prannoy Roy didn’t waste much time gloatng over his victory. There’s a tweet which folks might have read:

    Prannoy RoyVerified account
    Amazed at how united media forced govt to put the ban on hold. 🙏🏽 to all our media friends. We, a united media, have everything to fight for

    So Vankiah Naidu uncages the snake and the snake does something unexpected. It turns and bites Naidu’s ankle! Tut tut. There’s gratitude for you.


  6. Commented yesterday and nothing more to add. For our sake, hope Crystal is right in that there will be follow-up action.

    Off the subject, just saw that GoI has decommissioned 500 and 1000 denomination notes as of midnight. Interesting move. Is this one of the steps toward checking black money, money laundering, counterfeiting etc? Would love to hear insights from anyone who knows about this subject.


    1. DallasUS, this is really a historical step. Major blow to black money. Corrupts who have not declared black money are gone now.
      Major blow to congis and anti nationals. I don’t know what will happen with poor farmer like Robert vadhra.In addition to this, with new 2000 rs notes, there will be GPS enabled nano chip
      This will track black money for 2000 rd. However, I am not Sure what are implications on UP election? I believe it is advantage for BJP now. Modi’s popularity will further improve.I will put this as second major decision by modi after surgical strike for national interest.


    2. It is said that this is historical step not just for India but the entire world. No country has ever taken such a drastic step. On that scale, I would say this is ten time braver step than surgical strike.


    3. It will be a bit of an inconvinience,but it is completely worth it.I am feeling ecstatic just imagining all the Seculars see their Cash becoming paper.The raddi won’t even be useful for counterfeit operations since the machines for printing have changed.The entire secular and Babu establishment must be having collective strokes!!:-)


  7. i still hope they’ll come back and say nope, the ban on NDTV still stands and maybe increase the number of days of ban or something.
    in other news, i read that Kirti Azad’s wife joins AAP 😦 Poor Kirti Azad hounded out of BJP just for rightfully criticizing JaiItaly on corruption.


  8. This is an utter disgrace.Sure the BJP is being pressurised by Secular lobbies(in the end it is a political party after all),but what are we ,the Hindu community doing?We are bickering among ourselves instead of raising a stink about the injustices that are happening against members of our community!!
    In Dadri a man was lynched,the Media had a blast,but now a Hindu is dead because of his refusal to pay Peacefuls,and we here cricket sounds.We should try and draw as much attention to this as possible.We should go out on the streets if necessary,commies protest for non-issues and we don’t even have the guts to raise our voice when members of our community are slaughtered for asserting their rights.
    We ought to be so loud with our angst that everywhere around the world from the wahabbi den in Saudi to the mafia in the Vatican all the way to the greedy corridors of Washington know that Hindus are human beings and that they will not take malice towards their community lying down.
    Further we should also take firm (preferablly legal) action against users of terms like Wahabbi Hindus,Hindu Taliban etc..
    We don’t see people telling Nazi Jew,and for strong reasons it is so.
    The entire cause for all the issues that are plaguing Hindu society is negation of our history and distortion of reality.


      1. Exactly!!
        And where do our leaders come from and who makes them leaders?
        We should show our discontent.
        It should be expressed in a way that is too big to be ignore,we should also show we have legitamate concerns as a community.


  9. Its Trump. Its official now. Good for India. Finally Americans have shown middle finger to liberals. CW, I remember sometime back you predicted world is moving towards right. If not right then towards center. wow 2 good news in a day.


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