Not Narendra Modi, but Nehruvian economics is “heartless”

Being a credible opposition is an art. Like batting in a cricket game. Like every other kid, there was a time I wanted to be a batsman like Sachin Tendulkar, hitting fours and sixes all over the place. Sadly for me, it rarely worked. I missed the ball almost every single time and it would end up in the hands of the wicket keeper, without so much as touching my bat. One day I was fed up and went to one of the older guys in school who was known for being a really good player and asked him: “I don’t understand why I cannot hit fours and sixes. I am flashing the bat as hard as I can”.

His answer: “Because you are not looking at the ball before you swing your bat. Open your eyes, look carefully at the ball, guess for the line the ball will take, wait for the ball and only then should you move the bat”.

The other piece of advice he gave me was this: “Stop thinking that you can hit a four or a six off every single ball. Have you seen Sachin try to hit a four off every ball? No! Sachin picks and chooses which ball to attack and when to defend. You have to accept that for some balls, you have no choice but to pat them down meekly to the ground“.

Perhaps the same goes for the Opposition in India, if it wants to put up a credible performance. But ever since Modi sarkar took office the Opposition has behaved like my twelve year old self in a small maidan every afternoon after school… reaching out to hit a six off every ball. It didn’t work out very well for me and neither will it work out for the Opposition.


Behold Mrs. Mamata Banerjee, perhaps ready with her legendary bamboo, hit out wildly in all caps:


Well, at least she tried to play the ball. What do we make of the attention seeking Delhi CM who wants to oppose everything Modi does? Since he believes that there are still a handful of idiots out there who see him as an “anti-corruption crusader”, he spent the first day or so not saying anything directly but retweeting his allies and cronies. It was more than 24 hours later when he sent out two of his chamchas (were they Sanjay Singh and Dilip Pandey…I am not even sure who the two chamchas were) to give the “official reaction” of AAP to the demonetization effort. The chamchas went out and launched a blistering attack on B S Yeddyurappa for some reason. Anyway, for at least 2 days, Modi succeeded in getting the ever talkative Delhi CM to keep his mouth shut. Then, he found his voice and ended up playing an ugly shot as usual saying that there was a deal between PayTM and Narendra Modi. Seriously, Kejriwal…you wish. You and your corrupt media cronies wish that PayTM had the aukat to purchase the Prime Minister.

And then there is Mayawati ji, who cannot be criticized for saying anything, no matter how illogical.


We all understand what she is saying. What she is really saying is that BSP collects sacks full of black money and for Modi to ban all this cash is “selfish”. But she is Mayawati and so nobody is allowed to mock her. She can do as many scams as she wants, she can spend public money lavishly on building statues of herself. She can call for tactical voting on caste and religion lines. No liberal will open their mouth because Mayawati’s politics is based on keeping Hindus divided. And that justifies everything. You will find the liberal talking heads even rationalizing her corruption. Apparently, it is even elitist and perhaps even Brahmanical to have contempt for BSP’s blatant  corruption. She can do no wrong. She can send out her goons to ask for a minor girl to be “presented” to an angry mob and then she can justify it by explaining that she is actually a goddess. Idea of India.

And then there are the economists who have suddenly woken up to ask questions:


They are here to make intelligent and important points:

The dramatic nature of the announcement on Tuesday evening, giving rise to an appearance of determination and decisiveness in government … A technofix is no substitute for multi-pronged solutions to complex institutional and social problems.


Or this:


The justification advanced for this bizarre move was that it would strike at “black money”… The implicit understanding is that “black money” consists of hoards of cash which are held in trunks or pillowcases or buried under the earth…ow, the second part of this argument, even assuming that “black money” actually consists of cash-hoards, makes little sense…. this very conception of “black money” is absurd. Indeed the term “black money” itself is a misnomer, since it conjures up the image of a stock of money which is supposed to be held not openly, in the form of bank deposits, but clandestinely in the form of currency notes, and that too in pillowcases or in containers buried in the earth. ”


Ooh…nice! How nice of the fancy economists and thinkers to finally wake up and realize that “black money” itself is an absurdity, that all the black money is held in terms of assets, that we cannot have a simplistic solution to deep institutional problems. Ha!

To these alleged economists I ask: where were you respected sir during the last 30 months? Narendra Modi made a simple metaphor in one random campaign rally about “15 lakh in every account”. I had heard of no such “promise” before the election and during the campaign. No such promise appears anywhere in BJP’s manifesto. Where were you sir when this metaphor was quote-mined and taken literally and the Opposition ran wild with it across the length and breadth of the nation calling it a “broken promise”? Were you intellectuals not born then to remind the Opposition to talk sense …and explain to them that a metaphor is a metaphor is a metaphor and hence not to be taken literally? Did you lecture the opposition then not to reduce a complex problem of black money into overly simple terms? No, back then you were happy with letting the Opposition conjure an image that Modi had promised to find a big pot of banknotes and distribute them equally among all citizens… So shut up now. You are getting a reply in kind.

Nevertheless, there remains one question which is a good one and deserves to be heard:


Good point Didi! What about those who don’t have ID, those who don’t have bank accounts? Those who are not literate enough to fill out the simplest of forms? Good point, Didi! Good point! But to you and your ilk I ask: why is it that after 60 years of your beloved Nehruvian Communist economics in our country, there are still so many people who are illiterate, living hand to mouth on a wage of a single Rs 500 note per week? What has your favored economic system done for these people? Why are they still living like this? And if your economic system has been able to do nothing for these people, shut up and let us try things our way. Not Modi, but your Nehruvian economics is heartless for keeping these people destitute for 60 years… 

But ever since that decisive evening of May 26, 2014, the Opposition has been jumping out of the crease like a bunny, rarely ever looking at the ball and flashing their bat every time as hard as they can. Very well then. The Opposition should begin preparing now for an innings defeat in May 2019.




13 thoughts on “Not Narendra Modi, but Nehruvian economics is “heartless”

  1. Opposition bowling no balls and giving Modi free hits.Wonder whether Modi is making them bowl no balls like Mohammad Amir did.He did come back eventually but they might not.


  2. Dear Chaiwallah,

    I made this comment on an earlier blog, but it was off-topic, so with your kind permission I will make it again here.

    The issue of currency notes falls within the domain the RBI. The demonetisation scheme required the RBI to be ready with a sufficient number of new notes and old Rs. 100 notes to meet the demand. NONE of this would have been possible if the great, the one and only, the truly indispensable Raghuram Rajan had still been the RBI Governor. Let us give credit to Urjit Patel for his role in this anti-corruption crusade.

    Second, the very fact that NDTV did not have any inkling about this move suggests that Shakuni also did not have any prior intimation. Dr. Swamy has said that Shakuni (whom he referred to in that tweet as BSM or Big Shot Minister) did not also know about the surgical strike (or should I say, “first” surgical strike?) So if NaMo is finally learning NOT to trust Shakuni, that is a wonderful development, no?


  3. Good post!

    All the no balls,hit wickets etc while playing with their cooks,maid servants,milk man,carpenters etc sounds so pathetic…..nobody is buying!

    SM sent so many body line swingers and full tosses on to their faces that these stupid people were sent packing retired hurt!


    1. What else would one expect from a “liberal”? Over the last 50 years), I have seen the US Democratic Party go from a party that genuinely worked for the under-privileged (blacks in Southern states who faced discrimination, non-unionized farm workers, etc.) to a party of smug, self-satisfied, ILLIBERAL BIGOTS whose only response to any issue to attach a hatemonger label (racist, sexist, misogynist, Islamophobe, etc. etc.) to anyone who disagrees with them. As a result they have become totally irrelevant all over the world. They haven’t learnt a thing from getting Brexit wrong, and now they were wrong about the US Presidential election. Richard Dawkins, the smug and pompous British scientist, wrote on twitter that Trump won because many of his supporters wouldn’t admit to pollsters that they were Trump-supporters, “with good reason.”

      Unfortunately in India the irrelevant illiberals still control the MSM discourse. Like it or not, Fox News in the USA provides at least a partial antidote to the Clinton News Network. This is not to deny that there are an awful lot of obnoxious persons on Fox News — just to say that the loony leftists don’t have a monopoly on the airwaves. Where is the counter-balance in English news in India? I gather that Zee News is a lot more balanced, but I don’t speak Hindi well enough to watch it. Perhaps Arnab’s new venture will provide that balance for English-speaking viewers.


  4. Nehruvian economics cannot be even called economics. What kind of economics results in people not having toilets and electricity seventy years after independence ? What kind of economics results in a population that is behind African countries in education and health ? What kind of economics results in trains that are the slowest in the whole world ?

    Nehruvian economics was the economics of poverty, ignorance, disease and illiteracy.
    It kept India in darkness for decades.


    1. Mr. Kannan,

      You are 100% correct. In September I spent nine days in Johannesburg, South Africa, with a one-day visit to Capt Town thrown in. Now I had imagined that South Africa would be a lot like India, but I was totally wrong. The highway from the airport to the downtown was comparable if not better than what one would find in the developed world. Downtown Jo’burg was full of shopping malls, and smooth, wide roads with wide sidewalks. In short, but for the fact that everyone was black, downtown Jo’burg could pass for any American or European city. Can we think of ANY place in India that looks like an American city populated by brown people? People there were telling me that the infrastructure had deteriorated during the past decade, due to low commodity prices, and that the it was even better ten years ago!

      THIS is the curse and lasting legacy of Nehruvian poverty-promoting economic policies. On top of that, we had and still continue to have all sorts of purveyors of “poverty porn” as a way to maintain their own lifestyle. This is why India has a staggering 3 MILLION NGOs, or one for every 250 people. ALL of these NGOs want to perpetuate our poverty.

      I think Modi’s surgical strike #2 has widespread support of people because they finally perceive that Modi has struck a blow against the black money-wallahs. This article by A. Muglikar, put out as a series of tweets, I think captures the mood correctly:



      1. Prof. Vidyasagar,

        It is utterly shameful that not one of the Indian metro cities is comparable to even Johannesburg. Even countries with dictators like Nigeria did better I think.
        Even dictators had pride which the purveyors of Nehruvian economics are utterly lacking in.

        The government should take a hard stance at NGO’s that suck out productivity out of the economy than doing good. Most of the NGO’s seem to be doing more good to themselves than the people who they are supposed to help. I am sure a lot of them thrive on black money and support causes such as supplying people to rallies and riots.

        Overall the black money was acting like the clog in the path of money circulation. Most of it was generated by the mafia industries like real estate and getting channeled to anti-national activities. Modi has cleaned the drain and this will boost growth in the economy.


    1. According to the writer, Nehru was an “intellectual giant” whatever that means. How can someone who created the environment for generations of poverty be called an intellectual giant ? This is similar to the titles like “Dear Leader” in dictatorial countries like North Korea.

      There is no need for any leader to be an intellectual giant. The leader needs to be highly intelligent, capable and act with the interests of the people of the country as his foremost agenda. Modi is all this and more.

      If anything, the few “intellectual giants” that reside in places like JNU and write, speak and do anti-national stuff need to be brought to book and the chapter of “intellectual giants” needs to be closed.


  5. Gr8 CW. Because of this useless nehruvian policies, we have produced crooks like kejri, mamta, maulana mulayam, lallu and so on. The nehruvian policies have rotten ecosystem so much that, it’s difficult to remove in short time. BTW, I am afraid that United opposition may go to supreme court and force GOI either to extend ban or scrap it to help black money holders.


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