#Brexit: Why Trump could have a lot more support than people think

Trump is down in the polls. The pollsters give Hillary an easy victory. She’s ahead in every poll, in every swing state. Trump’s campaign is a mess. Somewhat ironically, it’s underfunded and poorly managed. Hillary has a well oiled solid campaign machine behind her. Going by conventional wisdom, she should be in for a sweep.

But I just wanted to put on my record my doubts. I feel there is a strong possibility that Trump is a lot more popular than he appears to be. I also want to mention that I am in no way a Trump supporter. I feel that Trump is the very definition of a fascist. I’ll be relieved if he loses.  But, I fear that it might not so happen.

I feel that the world over, there is now a silent revolution in progress by common people against the elite. Ordinary people are saying NO to constant bullying by a rootless global liberal class that has gone way over the bend of insanity. This global elite is characterized by rampant intellectual dishonesty, extreme cowardice and cartel like behavior bordering on racketeering.

What are the tools of bullying used by this elite? It is words like “racist”, “sexist”, “homophobic” and by far the most ironically named “Islamophobe”. A phobia is, by definition, an irrational fear. My mother, for instance, has a deep seated fear of lizards… LOL! Go tell the families of the hundreds of people slaughtered in Orlando, in Dhaka, in Baghdad that the fear of violent Islamists is an “irrational fear”. In India, the words “communal”  and “intolerant” fall into the same category. These words have simply become slurs that are used in the hope of silencing an opponent rather than tackling an argument.


For a long time, common people in the enlightened free world have let these elites trample over everything dear to us. In India, we are communal if we say Bharat Mata ki jai, we are intolerant unless we all sport skull caps and one eminent liberal even suggested that we must fast at least one day during Ramzan in solidarity with our Muslim fellow citizens! If we play Holi, we are wasting water. If we celebrate Durgapuja, we are Aryans oppressing people who belong to other races in the silly imagination called the Aryan Invasion Theory. If we celebrate Diwali, we are polluting the earth. If we celebrate Raksha Bandhan, we are patriarchal. Even Yoga is a tool of oppression. Enough! Any time we make the slightest expression of our culture, there’s a feminist or a secularist or an environmental nutjob ready to shut us down. It’s basically like they want to strike down our entire culture and history with a death blow to the head, slit open the body and perform an autopsy, showing us how cancerous every single organ is.


It’s not just India. Free people everywhere are getting the same treatment from the global elite.  The worst affected are college campuses, where a liberal mafia has laid siege to every single breath.

Want to eat Japanese food?  Don’t you dare overcook the sushi…or you will be committing the crime known as “cultural appropriation”.


And don’t you dare ask for evidence of your racism and sexism, because the liberals have invented a term   called “micro-aggressions”. It is used to describe racism and sexism for which there is no evidence. No wonder, the fear of the mythical “micro-aggression” rules the American campus.

Don’t want grown men standing next to little girls in urinals? You must be “transphobic”.

Kids in Britain are coming home from school with forms asking them to choose between 23 different forms of gender identity!


And most of all, don’t you dare say “Merry Christmas”, or you are insulting all the people who don’t celebrate Christmas.

Do you remember the Indian mother who got into trouble in Norway because she used to feed her child by her own hand? The government in Norway wanted to take the child away. Apparently, the government run by the elite knows how to feed your child but not you.

My favorite example is from Australia, where ABC Australia recently began a debate on whether parents should be banned from reading to their kids in bed. Why? Because research shows that caring parents can give kids an “unfair advantage” over other kids who may not have caring parents!


Yeah, they want to come into your home, ban you from reading to your kids and hand them a form asking to choose between 23 forms of gender identity. And then they wonder why people are fed up.

And the hypocrisy of the elite looks even more stark when contrasted with the kid glove treatment meted out to cultures that are truly savage. When a wild mob of savages goes on a rape spree in a German metropolis, the police and media go numb with fear. The leadership, drunk on global liberalism, blames German women for being too loose! In a small English town, there were as many as 1300 minor girls raped by a secular gang and the media would not admit to that… The liberals think they can keep a plug on people’s anger by using Orwellian media control techniques.

The worst that has happened is that by crying wolf over everything to suit their selfish needs, liberals have cheapened terms like “racist” and “sexist”. A growing number of people are fed up of hearing themselves criticized over “micro-aggressions” no matter what they do. The new reaction is this:

Screw it! If they are going to call me a racist xenophobe anyways for slightly cooking my sushi, I might as well go back to REAL racism. 

That was the sentiment underlying the Brexit. What is fascinating is that the pollsters got it completely wrong. Polls are generally quite reliable in homogeneous European countries (compared to India). And Brexit wasn’t an election with a complicated multi-party setup…it was a simple Yes/No question. The pollsters should really have got this one right.

But the pollsters didn’t. What it probably means is that there is now a substantial silent vote bank. These voters are scared to reveal their choices because they don’t want to be bullied by liberals. They don’t want to be mocked for being unfashionable and out of step with the latest fad in liberalism. But they vote. They vote with a vengeance. 

I fear the same might be happening with Trump. Trump is the candidate who appeals to voters that are fed up of political correctness. In an Orwellian political environment where people are walking on eggshells all the time, hoping not to trip up on the latest anti-racist guidelines set by the unelected Supreme Council of the Global Elite…Trump’s overt racism feels like a breath of fresh air. And his followers are basking in the sense of liberation. Trump’s words are providing a catharsis. When Trump treats the media like the scum it is, people cheer. Why? Because when Nidal Malik Hasan shot dead 13 American soldiers at a US military base in Fort Hood Texas in 2009, there was not one mediaperson with the moral courage to even call it a terrorist attack!

All across America, there might actually be a silent majority that is secretly celebrating the stuff he says, but is scared to take on the stigma of being a Trump supporter.  If the global elite doesn’t mend its ways, the world may be in for a nasty surprise this November…

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33 thoughts on “#Brexit: Why Trump could have a lot more support than people think

  1. It’s really frustrating for a common guy to go out there and behave like a normal human being.
    Hey you can’t tao on my shoulder…it harrass ment…
    Hey you can’t spread your legs while sitting….
    Hey you can’t teach your kids just about heterosexuality…..fuck that’s what science books teaches…
    You can’t ask a mosque to lower their speaker volume at 4 am for azaan…
    Hey there’s so much pollution… don’t play Diwali…or fuck there’s now water how can you play Holi (ab jaha paani hai waha log nahana bhi chhod de kya)
    PM don’t attend or host iftaar party….are wo to Diwali bhi siachin me manate hai..
    Hey don’t say anything about PBUH….coz our Mujahids will go Kalashnikov all over you although morphing”Om” to look like Nazi swastika is totally fine
    Today we live in a world of outrage… everything is outrageous….only cool thing is to be commie liberal…


    1. Exactly. These people barge in, declare that they will end “inequality” and then put in place an exhaustive thought and speech control system. Frustrating, insulting and belittling for the common man.


      1. Funny thing is that, nowadays I have seen many Muslims posting message that, daily millions of animals are slaughtered, but people only complain about Muslims killing animals on eid.,!!! So they even feel proud and advice others to keep calm.
        Gradually world is leaning to right. I am hopeful that, trump may become president. Based on markel’s record, Germany is sure to give a chance to right in next elections. Europe may go towards right because of islamiphobia. May be in 40 to 50 years right wing parties in most part of the world will gain.I see a pattern in many countries where majority is really tired with liberals. As you said this silent majority is willing to show liberals their place.


  2. CW you are spot on!!

    ‘I feel that the world over, there is now a silent revolution in progress by common people against the elite.’

    In addition the following also is true:
    The historic Brexit vote marks a victory of the working people over the capitalist elites who have used the European Union as a means of extending their exploitation of them to the limits.

    It is a victory of democracy against oligarchy.

    It is a victory for the ordinary British worker who is fed up with a democracy that works only for the elite while reducing the rest to cheap labour for the elite.

    It is a victory for those who can no longer stand to hear the litany of lies that come from the mouths of Obama, Hollande, Merkel, Cameron, and the others, whose interests are not ours and whose only objective is to exploit us to the maximum.

    It is a victory for the sovereignty of the people, internationalism at its best, because people who are economic slaves and political pawns cannot join together in a true international union unless they throw off the chains that bind them to the oars of the neo-liberal galley.

    It is a victory for the Leave NATO movement, for the stop the war movement, the rejection of an imperialist structure that operates to create imperialist wars and serves as the machine by which the United States and Germany control Europe.

    It is a defeat for the United States and its leaders plans to rule the world.

    It is the victory of those who struggle to build a world in which there will be no imperialist blocs, which live like parasites off the misery of Africa, Latin America and Asia.

    None of them care about those who have to work for a living, who they are forcing into poverty with the destruction of all their social, economic and political rights gained after the Second World War.

    The capitalists have no solution to the world economic crisis that they have generated, no solution for the people, that is. For themselves they have two solutions, the continued lowering of living standards to raise the rate of profit along with a renewed colonialism, and war.

    Racism has existed in Britain, as it does across Europe, and the United States, and the rest of the western world, for as long as the ruling classes have wanted it to exist, because racism is a product of an economic system that needs people to see the other as the enemy, which needs to keep us divided and to hate ourselves instead of the system that keeps us all poor.


    1. Personally, even I see the EU as a super state that is pro-elite and anti-common people. Worst of all, hardly anyone in Europe even knows these Bruxelles elites who run everything on the continent. Its govt for the elite, by the elite and of the elite.


  3. I hope what you say becomes true.Political correctness is a disease.We have it here as well but it is less here compared to the west.Austria came EXTREMELY close to electing a far right LEADER(just 1% difference) and a judge ruled that there should be fresh elections.I hope the far right party wins in Austria.Also Marine Le Pen in France,Golden Dawn in Greece,AfD in Germany,UKIP in Britain,Northern League in Italy,Geert Wilders’ party in Netherlands,Vlaams Belang in Belgium,etc.Right wing parties already in power in places such as Poland,Hungary,Slovakia(god bless their PM who said that Muslims don’t belong there),Czech Republic(leftist party but surprisingly anti muslim),etc.Leftists across the world stick together.Right and center-right parties across the world should stick together and create an organization which meets to discuss strategies,gives funds,etc.


  4. By the way,cab you guess which country is the most anti-Muslim country in Europe?Probably not.It’s Serbia.Serbs fought the Ottomans bravely during World War 2,taught Muslims a lesson they will never forget in Srebrenica and have rivalry with Albania which is the only Muslim majority country in Europe and there is also a region called Kosovo which though belongs rightfully to Serbia has become a region which wants to become independent due to Muslims filling up and changing the demography.No other country knows more about the dangers of Islam in Europe than Serbia.The Serbs also support our position in the Kashmir issue.India should develop closer ties with Serbia.


    1. Being a travel freak myself, I always wanted to visit strange countries. So, Kosovo was among the top in my list. I finally visited Kosovo and Macedonia earlier this year 🙂 Remember when I went off for a short 2-3 day vacation in Feb? That was Kosovo 🙂

      I have to say that Kosovo Muslims are definitely very different from Arab Muslims. I found Kosovo quite civilized. They seemed like an open society, at least to me.


  5. Something interesting I have noticed is that Orthodox Christian countries seem to be more immune to liberal BS.Russia is one,then is Serbia.Not to forget Ukraine,Greece(Golden Dawn has done quite well in the past),Bulgaria,Belarus,Moldova,etc.These countries interestingly also have low number of immigrants including Muslims.


  6. Where as other countries have to deal simply with overboard elite and still so pissed off, we Indians for generations are ladden with combination of congicrooks, media crooks and dynastycrooks. The fresh example Nidhi interviewing poorman’s authority figure, Chidambaram. He accuses BJP for appropriation simply because BJP honors any patriot Indian either that person may be rare Congressi, or more likely former Congressi, Hindu, Muslim (President Kalam, for example) or for that matter any caste, creed but just patriot Indian having knowledge of India’s true history, tradtion, values, culture.


  7. The first non-elite to blow a hole in the Fiberal bastion is Modi. Indians too have had more than enough of the appeasement-wallahs bull-s***.


  8. i fully agree with what you write .
    i sincerely hope that trump wins because he will be better than hillary for india and hindus,

    i hate political correctness when they are trying to hide the truth.

    i also hate PSUEDO LIBERALS which is what these left liberals are,


  9. The most surprising thing about these Pseudo Liberals is that, they whemently support the most conservative community in the world. I always wonder what these liberals would do if their loved ones or their friends became victims of these terrorists? I remember when I was young, in the city of Ahmedabad, a news paper was always very criticle of police force. Frequently calling them brutal, excessive force etc. One day the news paper published something that made many people very mad. So a mob of people set news paper’s building on fire. Next day, the paper was full of complaint about police not showing up in time! But after that incidence news paper did not criticize police force.

    I am waiting for the “tiny” minority of radical Muslims declare war on majority Muslims and Pseudo Secular brigade for repeatedly calling then non-Muslims or that they have no religion. If that would ever happens, all excuses would change.


    1. Absolutely. This is what makes them total hypocrites. They excoriate us for everything only because we are civilized enough to listen. When faced with REAL barbarians, they are absolute cowards.


  10. Although AJ is not the I&B minister any more but he is still the Finance Minister!

    Vainkaiya Naidu is now I&B minister hope he will pull the rein on lousy Indian Media!….Will he?


  11. I don’t think an I & B ministry is necessary at all. I &B, Culture ministries should be abolished. Central Government should get out of universities , arts, awards thus saving exchequer crores of rupees.


    1. If performance was only criteria for Smiriti, then AJ should be the first guy to get removed. It was a lottery for media yesterday, since Smiriti was “transferred”. They do not have any shame to use any word against her. They have used aunty national, so this was expected.


      1. I am finally willing to admit that AJ is a terrible choice. He simply doesn’t get it. High taxes do not lift an economy. You have to put more money in people’s pockets.


    2. Don’t worry, they cant believe such a big development happened and not one mediawallah got wind of it. They wish for the days when they could fix these appointments.


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