How can Panneerselvam allow this?

There are big elections happening in five states. Nevertheless, the headline today should be nothing other than Tamil Nadu. It’s not hard to see why. First of all, Tamil Nadu is one of the biggest states (at par with Bengal or Bihar, only smaller than UP or Maharashtra). Tamil Nadu is home to some of the greatest cultural treasures and traditions of India. And most importantly, the state has been subject to relentless attack by Idea of India forces (Christian missionaries, Communists, so called Dalit politics and the completely absurd “Dravidian identity politics”). These forces are, without doubt, celebrating today.

Well, this was embarrassing:


At least Jitan Ram Manjhi put up a fight! And his puppet master was very much alive and very popular in Bihar.  The lack of spine shown by Panneerselvam yesterday sets a new record. Till the very end, I could not believe it. I did not think somebody would give up the CM chair, that too of a large prosperous state, with such a whimper.

Panneerselvam had everything going for him. He was the sitting Chief Minister. He had been Chief Minister several times before. He had been de facto CM during (Late) Jayalalitha’s prolonged illness, presiding over Cabinet meetings. I am still coming to terms with the reality of his tame surrender to the will of Sasikala Natarajan.

It goes without saying that the Tamils have been seeing some bad luck for a while now. First came the Chennai floods of 2015. Then, their traditional sports were banned. The Chief Minister passed away. Then, a hurricane struck the state. Then, there was an uprising over the Jallikattu ban. Now, we hear there’s a massive oil spill. How much more can Tamil Nadu take?

Suffice to say that at least some of these events gave opportunities to Panneerselvam to prove himself as an efficient administrator. And from what I heard, he did conduct himself quite admirably during the hurricane. He seized the initiative during Jallikattu protests. There could have been plenty of disturbances following Amma’s death, but Panneerselvam made sure it was all peaceful and dignified.

And most importantly, Panneerselvam had the full backing of Narendra Modi. He could have used BJP’s tacit support to put down voices of dissent within his party. But, he didn’t even try. It seems the AIADMK culture of creating only followers and not leaders ultimately took its toll. This is a disaster for Tamil Nadu and for India.

Unless something dramatic happens, the unpopularity of Sasikala (I refuse to call her “Chinnamma”) is now going to make the AIADMK plummet. Tamil Nadu as a state has become used to a certain standard of governance and prosperity and that’s all going for a toss. Obviously I am not on the ground in Tamil Nadu,  but the vibes about Sasikala are terrible. The cadre and the people don’t want her. It also doesn’t help that there are plenty of rumors swirling around. I am certain they are false, but the rumors are out there and they surely don’t help.

The much beaten and 2G scam tainted DMK is almost certainly on a comeback trail now, with its crew of Communists and Christian missionaries in tow. Some of the southern states have been weakened to a critical point and I fear Tamil Nadu may not withstand another five years of rampage by “idea of India” forces.

No seriously, Panneerselvam, how could you do this?

15 thoughts on “How can Panneerselvam allow this?

  1. CW …all the positive points listed out regarding Panneerselvam are so true….right now he has all the qualification to continue as CM of TN….for the good of TN!

    Sasikala has no qualification what so ever except using slimy method to grab power and carry out back seat driving!

    Imagine a school drop out having a video renting shop worms her way into Jayalalithaas house controls every aspect of Jayalalithaas life(God alone knows as to what actually happened to Jayalalithaa) ……now CM of TN!!


  2. With Punjab most likely going to AAP and the situation in WB being what it is, the TN Chief Minister situation could not have come at a worse time. I have limited knowledge of TN politics but pretty much everything I have read about Sasikala is negative – not good in the short term (as TN is one of our leading states in terms of economy) or the long term (in relation to CW’s point about the DMK getting a foot in the door).


  3. When Narendra Modi warned Jaylalitha about the danger in keeping her company with Shashikala, Jaylalitha threw her out of her close quarter. Why did she bring her back? Was there some lesbian relationship between them that Jaylalitha could not live without her lover? Now that Shashikala is CM what will be her relationship with Mr. Modi? Will she be another Mamata?


  4. to assume OPS is a seat warmer and novice is at our own peril. He is aware the support he has amongst the people. He has proved to be an able administrator. Sasikala has a tight grip on MLAs and a direct confrontation is a losing proposition for him. This is the time for OPS to chill out and Sasikala dig her hole.


    1. I think this is what OPS is doing. He is shrewd – I believe. Rather than confront her and break the party, he is letting her do this and fight it out with the Centre/Courts. Then when she has to step out who is left there standing – him. It is a dangerous game, but he doesn’t have a good choice.


  5. Sasikala sacked OPS for not signing illegal deal worth crores, says AIADMK leader KS Geeta.

    An AIADMK leader and a self proclaimed ‘close friend’ of late Jayalalithaa, KS Geeta in a scathing attack against VK Sasikala has said that she pressurised OPS and senior bureaucrat Sheela Balakrishnan to resign.

    She has alleged that an illegal deal worth hundreds of crores, was turned down by Panneerselvam and Balakrishnan, which infuriated Sasikala, who in turn pressed them to resign.

    Geeta also added, that many party cadres have been asking her to ‘save the party and Tamil Nadu’ from the clutches of Sasikala and husband Natarajan.


  6. I think he read your write up and got his spine back to expose what is what. Kudos. Your write up on the value of TN and the way OPS took up and handled successfully various difficult situations was very timely and might have inspired him.! Well done.


  7. Panneerselvam and Modi seemed to form a good rapport in the aftermath of JJ demise and the recent Jallikattu agitations. Glad to see OPS take a stand and I hope he becomes CM again; beneficial for state and country.


  8. Yesterday Saw the emergence of Panneerselavam as a leader. OPS as we all call him showed yesterday that nothing is permanent in politics.
    Whole of tamil nadu stands firmly like a rock with panneerselvam sir and the time has come to show the true power of democracy to Sasikala and company.
    Panneerselvam has paid heed to the inner voice of his conscience and THERE IS NO ONE BETTER THAN OPS TO LEAD TAMIL NADU AT THIS MOMENT.


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