Epicenter Tamil Nadu

Okay, so clearly my stinging rebuke from Monday’s post directed at TN Chief Minister Panneerselvam has started a political earthquake in Tamil Nadu 🙂

Jokes apart, I insist there was definitely a role played by social media in what happened. Ever since Panneerselvam’s meek surrender over the weekend became known, there was a flood of jokes, insults and rebuke on Twitter, FB, Whatsapp and everywhere else on social media. Social media may not be everything, but it does provide a decent dipstick indicator of the mood of the masses. Social media in India is coming of age… and it may just have given Panneerselvam the courage to raise the banner of revolt.

This was very good optics right here:


The other day, I expressed my disbelief that Panneerselvam was letting it all go away despite having all the cards in his hand. He was Amma’s handpicked successor, not once but multiple times. He clearly had the backing of Narendra Modi. He had done a decent job in managing the recent hurricane (arguably a better job  than the way Amma handled the Chennai floods) and representing Tamil Nadu’s cultural interests during the Jallikattu ban.

And most importantly, he is the sitting Chief Minister …. they say possession is 9/10ths of the law. He has the chair, he just needs the guts to use it.

Never mind his resignation letter tendered to the Governor. The BJP man Vidyasagar Rao is in charge of Raj Bhavan. He’ll  take care of it. So that letter is as good as forgotten.

I also mentioned in passing the other day that there are several rumors circulating in Tamil Nadu over Jayalalitha’s death. These rumors do Sasikala no favors. Now, I am personally convinced that these rumors are totally false, but this is politics. Panneerselvam has every right to take advantage of the situation.


In fact, I couldn’t believe that Sasikala would do something as silly as arranging a press conference specifically to deny rumors about Jayalalitha’s death.


This press conference was a monumental blunder on Sasikala’s part. Let’s see: Jayalalitha died two months ago and NOW they arrange a press conference clarifying everything. The only thing this “clarification” achieved was increase the level of suspicion in the minds of the people. People will repeat the old adage: “Never believe a rumor until it is officially denied“.

As I mentioned before, I think the rumor is totally false. But this is politics.


Yes, Sasikala still has the vast majority of MLAs and MPs on her side, but that will likely change. This is why it is important that Panneerselvam is still sitting in the CM chair. He is backed by the Governor in Raj Bhawan and Narendra Modi in Delhi. Holding the power makes all the difference when attracting supporters. The governor will give Panneerselvam all the time he needs to get MLAs on his side. Sasikala understands this equation just as well and how BJP can help OPS. Notice how carefully she plays:


Yeah 🙂 She accuses DMK of supporting Panneerselvam’s revolt. LOL. She knows just as welll it’s not the DMK. It’s the BJP. But she refused to take the BJP on. After all, the BJP holds the Raj Bhavan. She cannot afford to alienate them.

Side question: Someone please enlighten me who gave  Sasikala the right to occupy Jayalalitha’s Poes Garden residence. Did Jayalalitha leave it to Sasikala in some will? Have I missed something or did Sasikala move in just because no one had the courage to ask why? I suspect it is the latter.

With Panneerselvam finally raising his head, you can sense the irritation in the Congress camp.


They have been taken by surprise (as has everyone else) by Panneerselvam upsetting the game. Here is Manu Singhvi, hopefully tweeting with his pants on…


You bet, Manu Singhvi… you bet your naked behind that BJP is helping out Panneerselvam. The BJP, on its part, is making no secret either of its support or its delight.



Local BJP leaders did not hold back either. Here is H Raja, National Secretary of the BJP.


And you can see how upset this makes them. Lutyens is NOT happy.


This is the big moment for BJP in Tamil Nadu. Back Panneerselvam to the hilt now and forge a relationship that will benefit for years to come. I think Panneerselvam will win his fight with Sasikala. But he will need BJP support to keep his party in line. However, should things not work out and Sasikala wins the CM post, the BJP now has an authentic and powerful Tamil face to induct in the state. The time starts now for BJP to lay claim to Amma’s legacy.

12 thoughts on “Epicenter Tamil Nadu

  1. Very good post indeed!….you have totally caught the essence of all that is happening at TN!

    Hope the turmoil ends well with OPS back to where he belongs!

    Somebody had tweeted…..the moral of the story …you cant underestimate Chaiwallahs!!

    ‘Okay, so clearly my stinging rebuke from Monday’s post directed at TN Chief Minister Panneerselvam has started a political earthquake in Tamil Nadu’ …..lol lol lol!


      1. Hi AS!

        I am presuming that you are asking me weather I am ModiSlave?

        HA HA HA…..I am definitely not! I am slave to nobody!!

        My support is for anybody who does good for the country and sets right all the ‘wrongs’ done on ‘Hindus only’ for these many years….period!

        I am very much aware of all the short comings of NaMo and much more than what you keep on referring…the day I realize nothing is going to happen further then that is it over!

        Even though I go through several blogs like this I don’t comment in any except Chaiwallah’s blog..Chaiwallah’s style I like and I was there from the inception of this blog.


  2. The Answer to your Side Question is in your blog post itself;

    “Someone please enlighten me who gave Sasikala the right to occupy Jayalalitha’s Poes Garden residence. Did Jayalalitha leave it to Sasikala in some will? Have I missed something or did Sasikala move in just because no one had the courage to ask why?”

    “……they say possession is 9/10ths of the law. He has the chair, he just needs the guts to use it………….

    Replace ‘he’ with ‘she’ and ‘chair’ with ‘house’ to get the answer to your question.

    That aside, I have a couple of points. I am no admirer of Sasikala, and hate the Mannargudi Mafia. But I feel OPS should have dug his heel in when he was asked to resign by the party. With he already resigned, and it being accepted by the Governor, and with Sasikala having the letter of support of AIADMK MLAs, the Governor has limited option. I tend to agree with Subramanyam Swamy – morality, ethics, cadre feelings etc have no place in Governors decision. He has not done the right thing by not coming to Chennai. This is a clear dereliction of duty. I agree fully that OPS should be the CM, and he will bring the much needed stability in TN, and a good relationship with Centre, but he just doesn’t have a case now. He should call a meeting of MLAs and show his strength, which he has not done, while Sasikala has done, twice over. We are falling to mobocracy, and going against the law of the land, which can have long term consequences.


    1. She was only living in the residence owned by Ms. Jayalalitha when she was alive as part of her advisors/friend etc. She neither had possession and definitely not continuous possession as she was sent out in 2011 end. Even otherwise, Ms. Jayalalitha had the possession till the end. It is only that there is no legal heir who is coming out claiming the property and taking action to secure their interests at this point in time. High court has not taken suomoto cognisance of this.


      1. We have a legal heir in Deepa Jayakumar….the closet relative….She can convert Poes Garden as a memorial for Jayalalitha and Sasikala will be on the road…


    2. People’s mandate is supereme as we have seen in Jallikattu case. the Governer i believe is waiting for Supreme Court verdict on Sasikala in DA case. Recall, Sasikala was convicted by lower trial court and the conviction was not set aside or a stay granted. Why would Governer appoint who has been convicted leading to automatic disqualification..


  3. Unless DMK is able to engineer a one-third split in AIADMK legislature party, nothing is going to happen, and Sasikala will take over the party & Govt. We have to see later whether a legality based on party constitution can be challenged.


  4. Let us remember that OPS is no spring chicken. He has mastered the art of getting to power. Of all the people in Tamil Nadu, Jaya chose OPS. This means something.

    Whatever the truth behind the resignation, OPS now has a decent sympathy and support wave as seen from social media. More importantly he has the support of the center (and the governor).

    It should not be very difficult to get the majority of MLA’s on his side. Even the MLA’s will realize that they better go along with the guy who has the public support, else it will be curtains for them in the next election.


  5. What is even more puzzling to me is, as per Jaylalitha’s wish OPS was selected as CM and he definitely was a care taker CM (when there was some hope for Jaylalitha’s recovery). Yet he claims he was prevented from visiting her in the hospital even once . Who had that much power to stop a CM from visiting a patient in a hospital? Also he appointed ministers in his cabinet, yet some of those ministers insulted him? What is going on in TN? Even Cecily did not have such situation when Italian mafia were active there.


  6. It is now very clear that OPS is the conscious keeper of Jayalalitha. BJP forms an alliance (i wish he joins BJP….but it is too early) and we go to Polls. BJP should support OPS all the way. People support is there….it is just a matter of a month…Can OPS dissolve the assembly and call for new elections – as a last resort. (Need to check if this is legally valid …last thing we want is SC throwing a spanner in BJP plans)


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