Loaded nearly 100% : a Congress mukt Bharat?

It was in mid 2013 that Narendra Modi first gave a call for “Congress mukt Bharat”. At that time, it might have come across as merely rhetoric to rouse the cadres. Just an impossible dream. You know, like Mission 272! But electoral experience shows that Narendra Modi takes his slogans very seriously.

But what sounded like an impossible dream only four years ago seems like a reality that we are all living today. The states of Punjab and Goa voted yesterday. By all accounts, including those of “secular” commentators, the BJP is headed for a landslide in Goa and the AAP in Punjab. The common factor? No Congress! The Congress is gone and it’s just not coming back. The voters simply don’t want to give them another chance.

Let us pause for a moment to reflect on what Punjab means for the Congress. This is the first time in four years that there was an actual chance of a Congress leader being sworn in as Chief Minister. By all accounts, it’s gone … gobbled up by a tiny, fledgling party. Ahead of the Congress lies a rough road with Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh and Karnataka coming up. It might actually happen that the Congress would go into the 2019 election without a single Chief Minister, barring some tiny states in the North East, if even that.

It really is happening. “Congress mukt Bharat” has gone from an impossible dream to a natural conclusion. The party of Nehru and Indira and Rajiv and Sonia is really going away. Indira’s party is disappearing from India. They used to say “Indira is India”. Ha! They used to arrogantly shower themselves with Bharat Ratnas. Today, they are getting wiped out of Bharat.

Remember folks, this happened in our lifetimes. It is our generation that got this done. To those generations that will follow us, you are all very welcome 🙂 

Now I must register my amazement at the way the right wing, at least online, reacted to reports of an AAP win in Punjab yesterday. As Modi ji would have put it, “Mitron, main hairaan hoon” (I am stunned). Why isn’t the right wing celebrating? This is “Congress mukt Bharat” we are talking about. Has Kejriwal, with his limited influence across a mere 20 Lok Sabha seats gotten so under the skin of the online RW, that they fail to see the importance of Congress mukt Bharat?

I appeal for some rationality. The Congress still has a presence in almost 200 Lok Sabha seats. In another 100 seats or so, the Congress can rent out its 5-6% votes to a regional player opposed to the BJP. Does it really make sense to look past this threat and worry about Kejriwal? In fact, Kejriwal’s only real asset is that he gets under the BJP’s skin. Get a thicker skin and he won’t be a problem any more.

I just thought I would make a collage of these faces to remind the RW of what we have overcome as a nation.


I appeal to people to remember these faces. Please try to remember their smug faces on our screens during the decade from 2004-14! Now think about Congress mukt Bharat. Are you smiling yet? Excellent!

Incidentally, the Congress’ likely rout in Punjab has other immediate positive consequences for the BJP in Uttar Pradesh. Imagine what the blow in Punjab has done to the morale of Congress workers in Uttar Pradesh. Especially considering that the election will begin in the western part of UP, where BJP already had an edge. It’s the right time for BJP to hammer the grand alliance and go in for a sweep. Once the sweep is set in motion from the west, the news will travel across as the election progresses, liquidating the spirits of SP and Congress workers everywhere.

The hardest hit here could be Akhilesh Yadav. By my count, it’s a “quadruple whammy” at the very least.

For one, several of his family members are working actively to undermine him. And these family members have loyalists in the party at all levels, which can really hurt the SP with campaign coordination and booth level organization. This last mile of electioneering can make all the difference in close contests.

Second, the vast majority of people in Uttar Pradesh think that the Yadav family war was a sham (it was not). This limits his ability to get the “sympathy votes” that the Lutyens’ mafia has been trying so hard to get for him.

Third, he has given away as many as 100 seats to the Congress. Several SP ticket hopefuls with serious claims have been denied in the process. These people now have every reason to work against their party. The Congress organization was never in good shape  anyway to fight these 100 seats. Add to this the demoralization of already weak Congress cadres due to their Punjab hopes fading away.

Fourth,  the UP CM Akhilesh Yadav has given a lot of prominence to Rahul Gandhi in the campaign. The news filtering in from Punjab and Goa shows that the electorate is still in no mood to cut the Congress any slack. People still regard the Congress with revulsion. In fact, the Congress might be actively repelling votes. If this trend holds up in Uttar Pradesh, Akhilesh Yadav is most certainly toast. He has given too much camera space to the Congress, a mistake that Nitish and Lalu definitely did not make in Bihar.

One final remark : Punjab appears to be confirming the magic formula for finishing off the Congress. Keep the Congress out of power for two terms and they will never ever come back. In the absence of any ideology whatsoever, the way the Congress patronage system is set up means that its “investors” do not wait more than five years for a return. Make them wait ten years and the “venture capitalists” won’t stay invested. They will pull their money out. What does that say about the importance of 2019?

In 2018, India has a chance to celebrate its first ever Congress mukt Diwali. Say no to pollution 🙂


11 thoughts on “Loaded nearly 100% : a Congress mukt Bharat?

  1. Wasn’t in West Bengal Elections, where the alliance between TMC and Cong(I) did not yield any help to TMC. Cong(I) just could not transfer its voter share to TMC. But, TMC transferred its voter share to Cong(I)


  2. I am still disappointed with Punjab. Kejriwal’so AAP is Congress’s illegitimate evil clone, lover of Pakistan. Kicking out Congress directly but seduced by it falsely through its clone against its own true self interest is tragedy. King Shalya, brother of Princess Madri and ruler of Madra was duped by Duryadhan in supporting wrongs idea against Pandavas to which family his sister was married and had natural self interest, other things remaining the same. The other side supported by Gandhar, Sindh, duped Madra (Punjab), Gaud (Shisupal- E. Bengal) are all or were part of Pakistan. Maha bharat karma should be actively washed to return to great Bharat.

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  3. Again its off the topic but I want to know that why media (also right wingers) have not noticed that PAPPU WAS LAUGHING WHEN HE WENT PAY CONDOLENCE to Late E. AHMED’s RELATIVES.


  4. I may not mind AAP win in Punjab if BJP gets a landslide win in Goa & UP. Any way, BJP was definitely out of the reckoning in Punjab, and any win of AAP will be against SAD. More over, a congress defeat in both Punjab & UP will show Prashanth Kishore his rightful place amongst election strategists. An AAP govt in Punjab and repeat of governance failure like Delhi will also show to the world that their failure in Delhi governance is not due to Centre but due to their own unwillingness to work hard.

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  5. Dear Chaiwallah,

    Dr. Praveen Patil has this to say:

    So he thinks that voters anywhere are unwilling to cut any slack to the Congress. It appears that he is right. HOWEVER, having an AAP government in a key border state like Punjab is, in my view, INFINITELY MORE DANGEROUS than having a Congress government. We have seen that Waste Bengal has already become West Bangladesh, and Kerala too is totally Shariah-compliant. Now with Krajiwal openly consorting with Khalistanis (and through them, with the ISI), Punjab will become another national security risk. I don’t expect any governance from the AAP, and it might get thrown out in the next Assembly election IF the BJP ditches the SAD just as it ditched the Shiv Sena in Maharashtra and goes at it alone. But five years is a long, long, LONG time for a key state like Punjab to suffer, and indirectly ALL Indians will pay the price. Let us not have any illusions that law and order problems would remain confined to Punjab.

    I can see only one scenario that is favourable, as follows: The law and order situation in Punjab deteriorates rapidly, and the Central government invokes Article 356. The Congress, still smarting under its defeat, supports the resolution in the Rajya Sabha, enabling it to pass. Then fresh elections would be held. The Punjabis, hopefully having realised the consequences of voting for the AAP, throw them out in the next round. HOWEVER, in order for this best case scenario to unfold, Modi would have to come out of his “Statesman” mode and actually start governing, and the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs would need to see some competent ministers, as opposed to the buffoons we have seen thus far (First Venkaiah Naidu and now Ananth Kumar). Unfortunately I therefore do NOT see the favourable scenario unfolding.

    In short, bad days ahead for India in the short run. In the long run the Congress will wither away. The BJP can take some of the non-dangerous Congressis into its fold (like Rita Bahuguna Joshi in UP and S. M. Krishna in Karnataka), but avoid losers like Shashi Tharoor. This too requires some competence at the top in the BJP, which is conspicuous by its absence.

    In a separate comment, I will post my views on why the BJP “leadership” continues to suck up to the Lootyens gang and to dump on its own support base.

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  6. The filth of Congress has already been consuming BJP. Especially its Lutyens leadership.Under the leadership of, as Mediacrooks guy says Chacha Nehru.
    Captain Amarinder was no chela of the dynasty. Any day he was better than a ‘dangerous’ AAP.


  7. My thinking is, the “Congress Mukt Bharat” is good, but wish it happened over little longer period. Fast death of Congress will remove fake Gandhis from India and as soon as those fake Gandhis are gone, better stronger leaders will emerge against BJP in Congress party. With our Presstitute media’s help Congress party will get re-resurrected right before our eyes without much change in the ingrained mentality.

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  8. As much as I would love to see a Congress-mukt Bharat, I have to agree with Prof Vidyasagar here; a border state like Punjab is too dangerous in the hands of that maniac Kejriwal and has repercussions for all of India.

    With 83% turnout in Goa, the BJP may royally wipe the floor with everyone else. Here’s hoping for the best.

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  9. For healthy democracy and checks and balances a strong and honest opposition is a must.
    Total hegemony of BJP is also not good for its supporters as power often corrupts and total power corrupts absolutely,so opposition if healthy and honest keeps the party in power on toes and voices of supporters are not ignored and they are not taken for granted as is happening now


  10. Hope for congress mukt bharat…dream is coming to be true…n u rightly said that if congress is out of power for 10 years it never comes back…2019 will be one of the most crucial for india’s future ..may be more than 2014…
    N yaa bjp n its supporter shd stop giving importance to kejriwal…he is getting publicity n left liberals r making hero out of him…stop giving him importance n he will finish himself…
    See a street bowler challenging sachin gets importance if sachin accept it


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