Rahul Gandhi made a fool of himself, again

What more achche din could people ask for? The Gandhi family has gone from making a fool of the nation to making a fool of itself.

Rahul beta, go home. Tumse na ho payega…it’s beyond your ability.

First the Shehzada came charging at the RSS, blaming them for the assassination of the Mahatma. And then one smalltime RSS man from Bhiwandi filed suit against him. At first the Shehzada huffed and puffed. He told a crowd of his media chamchas that he would stand for his principles.

I don’t know what is more funny, a pampered, lazy and rich Shehzada running away from a fight or his media chamchas who believed he would actually put up a fight. See the faith they had in him:


That’s Firstpost on July 21, 2016, hoping that Rahul baba would have the fire in him to win politically. Ha! Dear Mameluks, we understand your Shehzada much better than you do. You had a point there about winning politically, but that would have been possible only if you had brought up your Shehzada to fight. Instead you people brought him up to claim Prime Ministership as a matter of birthright.

Perhaps, the RSS could have won legally and lost politically. But the RSS bet on the possibility that your lazy, pampered prince wouldn’t have the stomach even for the smallest battle. They won the bet.

And now the crown prince has scampered out of the battlefield, leaving his loyal Mameluks to pick up the pieces.


Can you imagine what it takes to make a loyalist like Sandipan Sharma exasperated with the crown prince? No use Sandipan, no use. Ha! Ha! You are only reaping the bitter harvest of what was sowed by generations of courtiers in Lutyens Delhi. For generations, flattery has brought vast fortunes to Indian intelligentsia. As a result, they kept raising the intensity of the flattery until the whole scheme imploded…and now the Lutyens darbaris have raised themselves a Shehzada who doesn’t know how to fight and doesn’t think it’s necessary.

This Shehzada believes that it is the job of the indulgent aunties and uncles in Lutyens to bring him back to power by cooking up “church attacks”, “attacks on Dalits” and “intolerance”. He doesn’t believe in lifting a finger. He doesn’t know how to… You were supposed to do all the heavy lifting while he plays Pokemon Go…

Note to the Right Wing: See how easy this was? This is how you deal with malicious propaganda. Instead of complaining and crying victim, someone from the RSS went and filed a case against them. And it worked so easily. Now if only the rest of the right wing were as proactive in combating the lies…

Note to Mameluks:  Shortly after Rahul made his escape, I saw a truly hilarious trend on Twitter…called #RahulcheckmatesRSS. You Mameluks were so scared to tell the Shehzada the bad news that you decided to console the pampered prince with a twitter trend after a devastating retreat in court. This is your problem actually…it is this constant pampering which has made Rahul such a lazy loser. And when Rahul Gandhi ends up going from 44 to 4 in 2019, perhaps all of you console the Shehzada with a twitter trend like #Rahulsweepselections… Now go and book the Shehzada on a trip to Bangkok, he must be exhausted from 2-3 weeks of politics.

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18 thoughts on “Rahul Gandhi made a fool of himself, again

  1. A certified fool. The fool’s folks forced him into family Mafia business and a small time “chaddi-sanghi” made him squirm just with an ordinary PIL. Shake on you Mamelukes. You had one job, and you failed that too. Lanaat hai..
    Apart from that, Sharia Nafiz ho chuka hai MSM Ke offices me. That’s why Mamelukes are crying over Haji Ali verdict.


  2. I like the advice to right wings better. It is their duty to fight in a matured and legal way. Do not shout abuses at lefties and liberals. Be logical. Say, in a debate involving some hindu religious practice, Just quote for them what they said earlier about corresponding practice in other religions. For Eg:
    When Barkha talks about Raksha Bandhani, Karva Chaut etc, tell her about what she told about Hijab.


    1. Yes, I am surprised by how decisively and maturely RW acted. Filed a case and didnt let him go till he admitted defeat. Now RW should similarly pursue Tehseen Poonawalla and Vishal Dadlani.


  3. This pathetic guy without a single gene of politics anywhere on him ,has always made a fool of himself because fools who give him advice!

    As suggested by you, better he quit politics and enjoy life with his unlimited money available!!


  4. True! The clown prince do not have guts to stand by his statements and his chamchas are scared to fight for him. The other day, Arnob Goswamy shredded the defenders of RG in to pieces while they had facial expression of house fly eaters. I wish we have a way of sending Chaiwalla’s blogs to Congie/commie sidekicks and make them eat more flies.


    1. I feel sorry for his chamchas. They are too scared to even tell the clown prince that he has lost. Their job is to keep assuring him that he has somehow won. Well, its better for us overall…


  5. You are writing such excellent articals and your viewrship is very small comparing to mameluk presstitute paid media. YOU PLEASE WRITE 1 ARTICAL ABOUT BELOW when you have the time:
    Why all these years , BJP did not owned/ purchased TV, newspapers, websites like Khangress to reach the maxmum peoples? What Bajpai was doing when he was PM? He was praising Sonia Jee on American soil and downgrading Subramanian Swami’s security in India.


    1. Thank you very much for your sentiments Bishunath. I try my best to attract a bigger audience. But I am deeply limited by my constraints. I am really just a guy who takes some time off from work each day to blog about things that I feel really strongly about. I wish there were bigger platforms where Right Wingers could coordinate.

      It is BJP’s job to create such platforms. No, we don’t need even one paisa. Just a platform where people like us can widely share their views and be heard. Platforms that are professionally coordinated. At the very least platforms that are promoted by top BJP leaders…but they will give interviews to NDTV. Look how Kejriwal promotes his ecosystem. Who would have heard of “Janata ka reporter” if AAP leaderships didn’t regularly promote them? But will Narendra Modi give Opindia an interview? No! Ha! BJP knows that its core supporters are ideologically driven and takes them for granted.


  6. Even more interesting was after “U” Turn, our Shehzada went on to declare that he will continue to say what he says about RSS. The case is not settled yet. I hope on September one, the complainant does not back down and ask Shehzada to prove that some RSS people killed Gandhiji. As they say, when he is going down, just kick him on the butt so he goes down faster.


  7. The rss person should file a petition against rg tweet that. I stand by every word i said. This proves that he had lied in the court.

    Real idiot.


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