Thanks Harsh Mander ! So this is what dhimmitude truly looks like

Sometimes the starry eyed foolishness of our liberals simply takes my breath away. If you ever wanted to know what dhimmitude truly means, you must read this article by Harsh Mander in Scroll. I write this post not to mock Harsh Mander, much less his ageing mother who wanted to see the Rawalpindi of her birth. If there is anything we can do to give even a little comfort to her generation that felt the pangs of partition, we should. The pain of partition is something we all live in our hearts. All I want is that none of us should go through the same trauma that she suffered. And that is not asking for too much, is it?

I write this post to give you a glimpse of the future that liberals have visualized for the Hindus of this land.



Let Harsh Mander explain what he was doing:

My mother was forced to leave behind the city of her birth, Rawalpindi, when she was just 18 because of the tumultuous ruptures of Partition. She had never returned. When she was to turn 75, I thought the best gift I could give her was to take her, if it was at all possible, to the city and to the home in which she was born.”

She left at 18 and never returned? Oh no, wonder why?  Now let Harsh Mander unravel the cruel irony of the story. Imagine leaving home at 18 and being too scared to return to see the place even once in the next 57 is only at the age of 75 that she finally discovers that people in her hometown were waiting all these years to welcome her with their arms open. A bit like the final sequence from Aamir Khan’s PK. Oh…the irony of it all. All that pain and all that fear was for nothing.

Our flight landed at Lahore, and our friends drove us from the airport to their home in Islamabad. I noticed that my mother was initially a little tense. Maybe it was memories of the violence of her exile; maybe it was just the idea that this was now a foreign land, and for many in India the enemy land.

The enemy land? Where? Pakistan? Oh no, Harsh, please don’t say THAT. What has ever happened that would give any rational person the impression that Pakistan is “enemy land”? Don’t break our good liberal heart with such harsh words…

Now, wait till Harsh Mander describes the “homecoming”


This my friends, is our future as visualized by Harsh Mander. To request with folded hands to briefly see the colony where we were born and where we spent our childhood. That’s what they will call a “homecoming” when the Hindus have entered the final stage of dhimmitude in India. Aren’t we lucky? Aren’t they merciful? Aren’t you folks enthusiastic about your bright liberal future? Exciting, no?

Let’s read what happened once his mother reached the colony where she was born:

My mother recalled that the name of the residential colony in which she lived as a child was called Gawal Mandi. My friends knew it well; it was now an upmarket upper middle-class enclave. When we reached there, my mother tried to locate the house of her childhood. It seemed impossible. Everything was new: most of the old houses had been rebuilt and opulent new structures had come up in their place. She located the building that had housed their gurudwara. It had now been converted into a health centre.

WOW…it’s almost like visiting the FUTURE! Everything is newer and better and fresher and cooler. In this wonderland, there are only “opulent new houses”. In the future, people have moved well past primitive dharmic superstitions. Naturally, the gurudwara has become a health center.

You’ll never guess what happened when Harsh Mander’s mother finally managed to locate her old home

we knocked tentatively on the door of the house. … My mother said apologetically, “We are so sorry to trouble you, and intrude suddenly in this way….

The house owner’s response was spontaneous and immediate. “Mataji, why do you say that this was your home?” he said. “It continues to be your home even today. You are most welcome.” And he led us all in….

Half an hour later, we thanked the house-owners and said that we would be on our way. But they would not hear of it. …They overruled all our protestations, and lunch was prepared for around eight members of our party, including not just my family but also our Pakistani hosts.

Did I not tell you this is our future, folks? We get to knock “tentatively” and ask them “apologetically” if we can “intrude” for a few minutes in the house that we were forced to leave behind. And half an hour later, we should thank the “house owners” and get going. And should the “house owners” decide to serve us a meal, that’s just too gracious for words…

Seriously, how many of you are looking forward to this dazzling future?

With Harsh Mander and his party giving such rave reviews to this futuristic wonderland, others were drawn in as well..

The next year, my mother-in-law, a wheel-chair user, requested that we take her also to Pakistan to visit her childhood home, this time in Gujranwala…. Our experience this time was very similar to that of the previous year. The owner of their old ancestral haveli in Gujranwala village took my mother-in-law around the sprawling property on her wheel-chair, and after we had eaten with them asked her, “Would you not like to check out your farm-lands?”

In a wheelchair, being shown around by the “owner of their old ancestral haveli“? The future is shining so bright my friends that I need to cover my eyes…

Finally, Mr. Harsh Mander signs off with this:

I have travelled to many countries in the world in the 60 years of my life. I have never encountered a people as gracious as those in Pakistan. This declaration is my latest act of sedition.

I have encountered many liberals in the world during my lifetime. I have never encountered a depiction of dhimmitude as explicit and lifelike as you have drawn here. My lack of enthusiasm for such a future is my latest act of communalism.

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32 thoughts on “Thanks Harsh Mander ! So this is what dhimmitude truly looks like

  1. I hope Hindus never face this situation in our own country the way these liberals wants it to be…..dhimmitude in India …never!!

    ‘Pakistanis are the most gracious people in the world …’ in the world…….what a joke!… anyway who cares !!

    Long ago a BBC dumb blond reporter told something similar to this,and went to explain in length that Pakistan is like a home away from home……by that time I had realized that BBC is totally pro Pakistan and anti India and stopped watching BBC!!

    Look at the head lines of a paki site….”Pakistanis are the most gracious. An Indian admits.”

    Mr. Harsh Mander seems to have lot of friends in pak and seems to be comfortable there … advice ….he should shift to Pakistan!


      1. I’ve lived in Pakistan for the first 15 years of my life, and my general impression was that the majority of Pakistanis are pompous and self-righteous, hardly very gracious. Of course, it varies at an individual level, but this level of propaganda by Harsh Mander is frankly sickening. It’s telling that among lay jholawalas and Lutyen’s wine connoisseurs (not even the rabid Islamic apologists like Rana and Barkha), there is a need to defend Pakistan, while on the other hand, Pak “liberals” like Raza Rumi and Marvi Sirmed are unambiguously anti-Modi and anti-BJP. In fact, Raza even writes for Catch News, a scroll-esque site which censors comments, lest their propaganda be exposed. In my opinion, it’s unlikely that even C5M buys the excuse that Pakistan is unintentionally the biggest victim of terror, as it’s clear that the Pak fauj openly funds terror units. Deep down, she loves Pakistanis as they share the same hatred for India and Dharmic religions.


  2. The last paragraph is telling!!!! Must bow to the ‘hights of creative imagination’ of this Mander guy. Anyhow, I enjoyed you kicking his ass through your well scripted words and sentences.


  3. Wah!!!This reminds me about another story which is related to partition.I have a very close friend whose grand father recently passed away at the age of 92.This sweet old man was one of the people who was forced to leave the land of his fore father and come to what was left for us Hindus.A few years ago my friend wanted to see their village (she always calls that place her village even though it is in East Pakiland) and had asked him if he wanted to go.He categorically said NO.He told her very bluntly that he had escaped so much violence and had come here and that he was sure that the situation there must have only deteriorated since.She finally didn’t go.She feels really sad that she will never be able to see the place that she calls her village.Listening to such accounts I cannot even imagine the sort of horrors that he faced while coming here.Then there is another family friend who left Dhaka when it was burning.That old man hates peacefuls.And adding salt to these injuries that have not healed are our beloved “liberals”.Honestly!!!What is wrong with this deranged man?He is calling those rakshasas owners of the houses?People like Mander are suffering from a psychological problem no different from the disorder where victims of domestic violence blame themselves.This man needs counselling as well as medication if required.And CWji to be quite honest,in 1947 we were lucky in a way that we disposed of a significant section of these mad pure people,otherwise they would basically be the one ruling right now.Further atleast the Hindus and Sikhs had Bharath to come to.If thi happens to the rest of the country,there will be no visiting the gracious owners of OUR houses because we will not be there.


    1. In retrospect, it is rather scary to think what would have happened to India today if we had an extra 400 million peacefuls. At this point, all we want is that they respect their side of the bargain and stop sending terrorists and illegal immigrants.


  4. Forget about two different countries. Just think what would happen to Kashmiri Pandit 75 years old lady wishing to see her birth place house in her own Kashmir? What would happen to her? Does Harsh Mandar even know that even today Pakistani Hindus migrate to India out of fear? What happen to the generosity of Pakistani people? Whenever there is a racial riots in Ahmedavad, it is always the Sindhis who take lead in attacking the ‘peaceful’ because of what they suffered from the most gracious people of Pakistan.


  5. I came across your site, after a comment in the Swarajya Magazine linking your site a couple of weeks ago. I have to say, you have great writing here. I stayed up all night reading all the previous posts. The posts on supreme court’s tyranny, UP elections , Yakub were great. Now, I’m always an eager reader checking the site for new post each night.


  6. The weak peoples have stockholm syndrome. After raped, converted, looted, expelled and killed weak survivors develop this pervert stockholm syndrome. But this writer is additionally a paid Pakistani presstitute who has used his terrified parents for enemy propaganda.


  7. Some of the Punjabi refugees from Pakistan seem to be blinded by nostalgia and have no sense of honour and self respect and have forgotten howtheir women were dishonoured their men and children were massacred and they had to literally flee with just the clothes they were wearing by the ancesters of the very “most gracious people”.
    It seems that people like Harsh Mander are very cheaply taken in by few crumbs of hospitability shown to them by their former tormentors the way a begger is grateful for the alms that he gets.


    1. Well, I wouldnt blame his mother. She is old and she took whatever little the Pakis would offer, even if it is one hot meal and one last visit to her old house. It is for people like Harsh Mander to use their basic common sense and realize that this does not make Pakis “the most gracious people in the world”.


  8. This comment is coming a bit late but i was away, out of reach of the net). This Mander guy was received by Pakistani friends who took him to his ganrdma’s home eh? I would like to guess who those friends were. Google “Mander, Fai” and read some of the sites. A VERY interesting read.
    This guy was an NAC member, which did more damage to India than a battalion of enemy troops. He was also a prominent member of an the “working group” of organisation called the Justice Foundation. Justice What? It was a termite’s nest working silently and diligently on making Kashmir a Paki cokony. It was run by an ISI man based in USA called Ghulam Nabi Fai. This Fai, if you recall, was nabbed by the FBI for bribing US pols, but in the investigations it turned out his main agenda was buying up Indian journos and pols to sing the Pak song on Kashmir. A lot of Indian names tumbled out, Mander amongst them. But the pro-Pak narrative has become so commonplace that nobody seems to gave a damn, and these Pak agents carry on merrily.


    1. Anybody interested to guess just who the nice Paki friends of Mander were? Those who took him on a guided tour of Peshawar etc.


  9. Some news –

    Modi has declared 2000cr package for people from’PoK’!! Does anyone know if this is true? And what is the corresponding no for Kashmiri Pandits and people from Jammu and Ladakh.

    Madarsa funding has increased 4 times than UPA tenure.

    And well. Sharia Banking had started.


    1. I read this yesterday somewhere. I think its more of a rumor. What has happened is that Modi has now made people from PoK eligible to receive compensation from government in case of natural disaster.

      This is actually only a symbolic move, meant to make Pakistan angry. Pakistan will not actually allow us to give even one paisa across the LoC. By making people from PoK eligible to receive GoI aid, we are only asserting our claim over that territory. Purpose is only to unnerve Pakistan.


  10. Off topic!

    NDTV is proving beyond doubt that it is a desh drohi channel…..They do not want India to develop they are foreign funded traitors doing another kundankulam!

    India needs vizhinjam port to launch our submarines against Chinese and Pakistan threats.

    Vizhinjam port can make Singapore obslete.

    Vizhinjam sea port in south kerala is paramount for Indian national security interests.


  11. Wonderfully written CW. There are so many “sadda Lahore” type liberals in our country. I had often wondered why they felt so close to Pakistanis. Your article clears the air.


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