Bhakts at UK’s Financial Times calculate that India has knocked China from the top of the FDI league table

Revelations. More revelations. Yesterday, Times Now accessed the secret MHA 2007 note that shows that there was intelligence that SIMI was behind the Malegaon blast. And they turned away from those leads in order to create the ghost of saffron terror. Naturally, today’s blog post was supposed to be about that. But, the revelations are so stunning that I realized I need one day more to understand and come up with a reaction. Also, the last 2 days have been pure darkness thinking about the UPA’s house of horrors and I wanted a break from that. So, how about we take a day off to smile and reflect on some fantastic good news that has come in 🙂

This summer, the heat has been so intense that there are now many unusual places where you can make an omelette. Ask this woman in Telangana frying eggs on the street…

But there are other places to choose from if you want to make eggs. For instance, you could make a whole lotta omelette right now on the face of every single person who has made jokes about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s foreign trips ….or called him NRI PM…yada yada yada… 

That’s James Crabtree sharing the UK’s Financial Times’ calculation of FDI projects worldwide. See who is on top? At one point, China’s lead on us was considered insurmountable. Here is The Hindu reporting on where we used to be in this list:

After 2008, for the first time, India again broke in to the top 10 recipients of foreign direct investment (FDI) during 2014, the UNCTAD said in its World Investment Report 2015 on Wednesday. India jumped to the ninth rank in 2014 with a 22 per cent rise in FDI inflows to $34 billion. India was at the 15th position in the previous two years.


That’s right folks…before 2014…we used to struggle to make the top 10 list. In fact, from 2009 to 2013, we couldn’t even get into the top 10! In 2012 and 2013, we were languishing at a pathetic 15th place in the whole world.

And in just the 18 months since Modi came to power, the  Chinese got their a$$es handed to them… You just had to have a teeny tiny bit of belief in the inherent greatness and potential of our nation… Evidently, that was too much to expect from Madam’s Mameluks…

But there’s more places where you can make eggs. Did you say $63 billion of FDI? Rank #1 in the whole world? My my…this is gonna make for a mightily unhappy central banker. Already, Rockstar Rajan has been complaining:

With India being often described as ‘the bright spot in the global economy’, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Raghuram Rajan sees this as a case of “the one-eyed man” being king in the land of the blind.”


Ah! One eyed king in the land of the blind… No data, no facts given to support his argument…mere irritation and trying to belittle India’s economic growth. Remember that elderly neighborhood uncle who used to turn up his nose at a little kid’s school results and say something like: “90%, eh? Ya…getting marks is so easy these days…“. No meaningful criticism, no constructive feedback, merely general grumpiness and a compulsive desire to belittle someone doing well 🙂

Rockstar Rajan is not a happy man. He would much rather go back to sneering condescension towards the Modi government over beef. So sit back and watch. He’s already called us blind in one eye. As the positives mount for the Indian economy in the days to come, the elite Rockstar Rajan will end up calling India deaf, dumb, lame, brain-dead and what not…

Mr. Rajan, you are a brilliant man, several intellectual levels above where I can ever be. And your voice is important as a reality check whenever politicians habitually get carried away with towering claims. But can we at least expect that you do not try to actively undercut investor sentiment in India? We know that you see the Right Wing as semi-civilized, semi-literate savages, if even that. We cannot match your former elite boss either in creating fake terror files or in magnitude of scams. Time and again, you have chosen foreign news outlets, foreign shores and foreign investor meets to run down the Indian economy. Even so, as long as you were running down India’s growth claims using facts and data, you deserved the benefit of doubt. But with your senseless “one-eyed king” comment, you have just lashed out at the country without providing supporting facts. You have betrayed your unhappiness with the fact that India did well…your mask has slipped. At least put it back on…. 

Unless you hurry up and get that mask back on, your cribbing might get you into a situation like this:


Or worse…God forbid…you end up in a situation like this:


Now, wouldn’t it be a shame if some day you found #RockstarRajanAsks trending on Twitter… 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Bhakts at UK’s Financial Times calculate that India has knocked China from the top of the FDI league table

  1. This guy is a IMF stooge,he will do anything to undermine India and please the banking cartel!!


    Dr Swamy specifically has suggested that Raghuram Rajan to be sent back to USA.

    One of the first thing this guy did after becoming the RBI governor was to ask for account of the gold of Padmanam temple! The banking cartel has their eye on the gold held by our temples and private hands!Thus they come out with stupid schemes were for pure gold you get stupid paper!!(we still have 54,300 tonnes of PRIVATE gold in India today.)


    Banking cartel stooge and RBI governor raghuram rajan has been trying to vacuum out private Indian gold. 


    1. I am actually not afraid of IMF or World Bank. We can deal with them just fine. We are a strong nation. It is that I am irritated with Rajan berating the economy for no reason…


  2. 1)Raghuram Rajan is the Leela Samson of the RBI.Isn’t it obvious that he is a congress stooge just like everyone else.This ‘brilliant” economist ought to be fired for his incompetence and seemingly extra-terratorial loyalties.
    2)I was reading in Eenadu yesterday that A HC judge said that “All is fair in love and war” regarding the Uttarakhand speaker dismissing the a assembly even though a majority waanted to vote (ie. the rebels and opposition).So it is safe to say that a substantial chunk of our Judiciary is under Queen Sonia the Kickeds shoe.


    1. Ha ha….Leela Samson of the RBI 🙂 Good one Usha…

      Well, now a lot of things are being said about the Uttarakhand judge. Fortunately, SC has stayed his decision. Money bill having failed in the house, government had already lost majority. This is taught even in Class 6.


  3. An unrelated Question: Why do BengaliHindus not vote for a less secular party enmassé?Haven’t they learned?They have been bearing the brunt of peace for a very long time.


    1. Sigh 😦

      Wish I had an answer for that. A partial answer is that Bengalis have had an anti-Congress tradition. After independence, the Commies were the real opposition to Congress. With time, the state got sucked in deep into the darkness of Communism.


  4. Stumped to see all the hatred for raghuram Rajan. I’m a banker and would like to tell you that he’s been one of the few governors who actively is trying to do something for the economy while most of the previous ones were just rubber ducks. It seems you all have fallen prey to msm as well as the governor. He has clarified that his words have been taken out of context and has taken a dig at the mameluks for doing so. He said that he meant that even though we’re doing well, one of the reasons is that other economies have slowed down. And we shouldn’t just rejoice but continue in this path towards further growth.
    He also commended the govt and said all this is possible due to the modi sarkar.
    Remember, banks have always had stressed assets and they’ve only been declaring them partially. It’s only become stricter hidden NPAs.
    Chaiwalla, for once you’ve been misled by the mameluk reporting of things.

    You’ve mentioned before that one thing you admire of the bjp js they’re still hungry for more success and not revelling in self satisfaction. RR seems to have the same sentiments abt the growth of the economy.


    1. Hi friend,
      As I said in the post itself, we can all agree that Raghuram Rajan is a brilliant man. And that’s why I didn’t dare to say something against him for a very long time. I have been watching his pronouncements quite carefully. He has often struck a discordant note with the government, but each time he was armed with data, with facts. In fact, doing a reality check is his JOB. It would be a huge risk if the RBI governor started singing false praises of the government.

      It is only with this half blind king comment that I felt his criticism seemed neither well meaning nor constructive. In fact, I read his entire clarification yesterday on this statement. In fact, I have so much respect for him that I was waiting for him to clarify on these remarks before reacting. But having read his clarification, honestly…it seems like he is just trying to spin the situation now.

      Yes, he is now claiming that he wants India to do more. Indeed, we can beat the rest of the world by a much bigger margin. We have the potential. That is an admirable sentiment, BUT then is it not strange that he chose to say this to a foreign reporter? And if you observe the pattern, you will see that his criticisms of the Indian economy seem to mount whenever he is interacting with foreigners. He mocked India’s GDP numbers on foreign shores before also, but each time he had actual counterpoints and counter-facts to present. So, I had to give him benefit of doubt. This one eyed king comment is the first time he has expressed disapproval without giving facts. Surely Rajan realizes that in today’s PR driven world, sentiment is a huge thing. Being a buzzkill to foreign investors is hardly very smart. At the very least, he has been extremely irresponsible in talking like this to foreign media…dissing our economy. He is too smart to make such a stupid mistake, which is why I cannot help thinking there is some intent behind the way he dissed our country.

      In short, the reason I can’t give him the benefit of doubt on this half blind king remark is that I have too much respect for his intelligence…


      1. the governor is a public intellectual who does express his views on many aspects of public policy – both domestic and global. In a public lecture in Basel in June 2013, he said that international bankers had a reputation between a conman and a pimp. In another lecture in 2014 at the Brookings Institution, he took on the Western central banks for their monetary policies calling them out for stealthily depreciating their exchange rates. In fact, after the recent RBI monetary policy meeting, in an interview to Bloomberg television, he had said that central banks in advanced countries would take their Quantitative Easing (QE) policies to QE infinity. He also said that it was not right for them to scale back their plans to normalise their interest rates every time the stock market wobbled. Incidentally, some of these comments against Western institutions and markets expose the ridiculous perception in some quarters that he is out to curry favour with the West at the expense of India! Back home in India, he had commented on industrialists defaulting on loans and living lavishly. He had pushed banks to come clean with their bad loans. He is an ‘equal opportunity offender’ but with a purpose.


  5. Fellow RWs, the gold monetization is good for the economy. It’s good to keep gold in banks and earn interest on it. It’s not that bank is going to gobble up the gold. Also it will also reduce gold imports. RR is brilliant but sometimes his statement feels like he need to backtrack. It’s not good as it dents our economy’s image.


    1. I agree. I never believe conspiracy theories about “big banks” and all. Gold monetization is a great idea. We have all this wealth in India in solid gold sitting as a purely non performing asset. It needs to be in banks where the capital can live and breathe and reproduce 🙂


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