Dear Kanhaiya, please take your B-grade movie script somewhere else!

Friends, let me start by telling you a story. It is in Bihar, during the dark days of Lalu’s unchallenged power. My mother was trying to make a turn into a narrow street where even one car could barely fit in. And along comes this RJD party worker wheeling a thela (cart) and blocks the road. There was no way my mother could make the turn as long as the RJD cart with a large cutout of Lalu Yadav was blocking the way.

Being rude or showing the slightest amount of anger/disrespect to an RJD worker was not an option. So my mom got out of the car and said to the guy in the most polite and subdued manner possible : “Bhaisaheb, could you please move the cart just a little so that we could pass?”

The worker looked up and yelled at my mother with tremendous aggression:

Ha! How dare you? Dare touch this cutout and see…the whole city will be in flames

The party thug then repositioned his cart to completely block the road. We beat a hasty retreat. My mother had to drive backwards nearly for half a kilometer to get out of the lane while the RJD goon enjoyed our plight and revelled in his power! The idea of India won a big victory that day over a middle aged woman and her school going child….

Well, that’s what street thugs do. Go around, picking fights with  random people over small things….harassing and whistling at young women…etc, etc.

Now what happens when the idea of India gets so bankrupt that a street thug has to be made into a national icon? You get Kanhaiya Kumar! 

What happened?

“My hand just happened to brush his neck as I was trying to balance myself on an aching leg. I do not know him personally though I have seen his pictures. This is being done for cheap publicity,” Manas told reporters in Mumbai.”


That’s some guy apparently called Manas Deka, who was travelling on the same flight as His Excellency the President of JNUSU Shri Kanhaiya Kumar. Instantly, the student union thug began a fight.

Almost anyone who has had the misfortune of running into smalltime party thugs will recognize this pattern of behavior. In Bengal, these unemployed losers are called “Parar mastaan” (bullies of the neighborhood). People stayed away from them. Should you brush into a “mastaan” ever so slightly, you can expect a beating. In fact, often times, these losers will actually walk up to you and deliberately bump into you and start a fight…purely for timepass…because they have absolutely nothing else to do. And all these “mastaans” used to work for the Communist party.

This was the life of Kanhaiya Kumar before he was declared a national hero. You know…student union thug…who harasses random women…exposes himself in vulgar fashion, etc. etc. No future, no marketable skills…at some level you could almost feel sorry for them… spending their days beating up this guy and that guy and making catcalls at passing women.

Again, Kanhaiya continued with his verbal diarrhea:

ROFL! Arre Kanhaiya, this is not the School of International Studies at JNU  where idle losers are getting paid by the government to pick fights on behalf of various political parties. This is a flight where paying customers are trying to get to their destinations, for work and family commitments. Spin a better story…

Oh wait…the losers at The Wire already spun a better story for you…

Kumar was sitting in a middle seat, his friend Nishant who was travelling with him told The Wire. The incident occurred before the plane took off. “The man in the window seat was talking on the phone, we heard him say things like ‘I will take care of it as soon as I get a chance’” he said. “Then he suddenly got up, while still on the phone, and put one hand around Kanhaiya’s throat and started pressing. When Kanhaiya tried to remove the hand, the man dropped his phone and grabbed Kanhaiya’s throat with both hands.


ROFL! The man on the phone told someone he would “take care of it as soon as he got a chance” and then proceeded to strangle Kanhaiya 🙂 Mr. Comrade, please take your B-grade movie script somewhere else 🙂 If indeed this Manas Deka guy said that on the phone, chances are that he has WORK assigned to him. He has a JOB, you know… I can imagine you have no idea what that is…

The theater of the absurd continued with this tweet, which was so silly that even Kanhaiya’s media cheerleaders didn’t post it in their reports:

I guess, now that Kanhaiya sees himself as the one and only Lord Krishna, he is given to such delusions that there is only one Manas Deka in the whole world.

The most hilarious thing about The Wire article reporting on Kanhaiya Kumar was this addendum :

This article has been revised as the earlier version stated that Kumar himself was filing an FIR against the accused.

Of course 🙂 The Wire should fire the “journalist” who actually believed that Kanhaiya would file an FIR. Come on, this slapping, kicking, ink throwing, shoe throwing, egg throwing B-grade movie has been done before by an earlier Yugpurush…and we all know that FIRs are never filed in such cases…  🙂

But if you read that Wire article carefully, you will notice that the real conspiracy began to unfold long before our future PM Kanhaiya boarded the flight. Kanhaiya was sitting in the MIDDLE seat!!! The dreaded MIDDLE seat…omg! You know, let me reveal some secret info given to me by my friend Trolleywallah… shortly before Kanhaiya Kumar was checking in, the person at the check in desk said this to someone on the phone: “I shall take care of it as soon as I get a chance”. And a few minutes later, Kanhaiya was given a MIDDLE seat… 

Do they think that torturing someone with the MIDDLE seat is the right way to fight dissent? 

You know who the person at the check in counter was? It was a woman by the name of Mansi…From a quick Google search, I realized that Mansi doesn’t just work for Jet Airways, but also for  Reliance, for Adani, for Tata and is also a  BJP worker from Uttar Pradesh…

Fortunately, Modi’s dictatorship fails again… the problem of bad seats has now been solved:


Well, maybe not for ALL of us, but at least for the Communist royalty.


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21 thoughts on “Dear Kanhaiya, please take your B-grade movie script somewhere else!

  1. people made a great ad mocking Kanhaiya who was at an airport in the ad.They would never have guessed that few days later,Kanhaiya would indeed create a ruckus at the airport(okay not airport but airplane.close enough).Kanhaiya must have seen the ad and he must also have realized that many people loved it so he really decided to get involved in an incident.A true people’s leader.


  2. ‘he was declared a national hero’……in the eye of select few who has been tom tomming about this useless nobody!…I think everybody should totally ignore this wretched anti-national!!

    KK is sheer waste of time!

    Even Teesta has joined to groom this guy!

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  3. Kanhaiyya is a nut case , seriously in need of psychiatric help. Such persons suffer from paranoia and constantly look over their back to see if someone is out to stab them . He has incurable inferiority complex, which the Barkhas and S.Varadarajans of the journalistic world are trying to cure by propping up his image !!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What else can we expect from a follower of khujiwal. The JNU thug has been following his mentor’s teaching. Wherever, get a chance, try to get some cheap publicity.It does not matter, how low he can go. After all, mentor has already crossed many limits. These thugs are really innovative in finding any lowest publicity stunts.

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  5. I keep wondering at what point Kanhaiya Kumar found out about the exact name of his “assailant”? When somebody tries to ‘strangle’ you, do you stop the guy in the middle of ‘strangling’, oh by the way what is your full name?

    The punishment by JNU is a cruel joke. Exposing himself in front of a lady, cost him 3000 Rupees, which he never paid and now mere 10000 Rupees ! Even if he pays that, he still will be left with five lakh ninety thousand Rupees from what Nitish Kumar gave him.

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  6. Really, if the booking clerk was not the part of conspiracy to strangle Kanhaiya, how come the man who finally tries to strangle Kanhaiya gets seat next to him and Kanhaiya in the middle so that he can not escape and the man strangling was live on communication with the progress of the murder a la Obama cabinet in live communication when Osama was being murdered. Did not I tell you, Bollywood has proliferated ingenuity among civilians?, starting with street thugs.

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  7. This Kanhaiya kumar is delusional.Why would people waste time trying to kill/strangle him? We should stop paying attention to this drama queen.


    1. Actually, I think we should give him more attention. He is an idiot and the more publicity he gets, the more people will realize this. Mameluks like Rana Ayyub are annoyed with him. He is making them look bad…


  8. It it was indeed true (as per Swami Kanhaiyananda) I would only give a tight slap to the accused….. in letting this scoundrel off his grip.

    We would have gotten rid of this rogue once and for all..


  9. Hitting a lunatic like kanhayah is unlawful, but if somebody breaks the law, batter him to pulp so that the a@@h&^ would not dare his publicity stunts in his remaining life.


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