Does Karnataka exist? Not until it elects a BJP government…

A few weeks ago, I remember reading a very entertaining article on Opindia titled:

Dear Assam, if you want the Delhi media to notice you, elect a BJP government )

The point of the article was that if only Assam gets a BJP government, the so called “tyranny of distance” will vanish. Forget reporting on big riots, every single statement made by every district or block or even panchayat level this or that secretary of the BJP will get breathless coverage in the “national” media. Goa made it big in the “national” media by electing a BJP government 🙂  Take Kerala, where the sitting Congress government is drowning in a sea of corruption and sleaze. There are now actual allegations of sexual harassment against Chief Minister Oomen Chandy. Here is the official response from the official handle of the Congress party in Kerala to charges of sexual harassment:


Yes, that’s an official handle. Imagine if that was the official response of a BJP government…. Sigh.

It is in this context that today I want to raise the following question today: Does Karnataka exist? 

At first sight, it should. Karnataka is a state of 65 million people and houses the metropolis of Bengaluru. It is the IT capital, the software capital, the startup capital, not to mention that it is home to ISRO and HAL. You would think the “national” media would have heard of Karnataka…

But there’s no hope for even a state as important as Karnataka to get any attention…because it happens to have a secular government. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that Maharashtra is suffering a severe drought. Jumping on the publicity bandwagon, India’s top rated troll and film critic has offered to give 10 lakh liters of water from Haryana each day to the Railways to carry all the way to Latur in Maharashtra. Now, look at this:


Karnataka is suffering a devastating drought affecting 27 out of 30 districts. Did they tell you that?

(Aside: India’s Troll Minister could actually take some of the water he gets from Haryana each day and give it to Uttar Pradesh next door…but he only goes to UP for recreational purposes, such as catching  a movie in Ghaziabad or a secularism rock concert in Dadri.)

In the midst of Karnataka’s drought, here is the govt of Karnataka cooling the roads before the Chief Minister’s car arrives. A new vehicle has been added to the CM’s usual convoy apart from the various security and emergency cars: it’s job is to keep the road cool and settle the dust before the Emperor…ummm…err Chief Minister of Karnataka passes by:

Imagine if a BJP minister had done this. Oh wait…Eknath Khadse in Maharashtra did something similar and was crucified by the media (deservedly). But if Maharashtra, why not Karnataka? As I asked, does Karnataka exist?

But there’s more.

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah – who was cornered by his political rivals after a company in which his son, Dr Yathindra S, is a director, won a coveted bid to set up a lab in a government hospital – is in for more trouble. It has been found that Yathindra’s business partner was allotted prime land in Bengaluru, where the real estate prices have hit the sky, allegedly in violation of rules by the Congress ruled government in Karnataka.”


Again, does Karnataka exist? Seriously folks, does Karnataka exist?

Do you know what this is?


That’s the hand of Chief Minister Siddharamaiah, wearing a Hublot watch. The cost of that watch? Rs 70 lakh! 

Where did the watch come from?

Consider the ingredients that have gone into the making of the latest Kannada potboiler: a watch that may be worth an eye-popping Rs 70 lakh….And the mysterious gifter whose identity the CM claims he cannot recall


Nice. So how come the Chief Minister cannot recall who gave him a Rs 70 lakh watch? Is it because he is an ungrateful person?  Or is it that he receives so many of such gifts?

Now compare to the media frenzy surrounding a Prime Minister wearing a suit that was alleged to be worth Rs 10 lakh…

Folks, I have come to the conclusion that Karnataka does not actually exist. What other reasonable conclusion is there? What do you say?



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10 thoughts on “Does Karnataka exist? Not until it elects a BJP government…

  1. Siddaramaiah ,Mayawati(who claim to have come from from poor background) are the type as soon as they come to power they live the life style of kings! The most expensive items are preferred,they only travel by air,with tax payers money!( Chief Minister alone spent Rs 20 crore for air travel…RTI info)

    Don’t forget Rs 1 lakh  ‘water proof saree’ gifted to his wife!

    A man was arrested for making a remark on CM Siddaramaiah slapping a senior government official, municipal Commissioner Ramesh!

    Yes Karnataka is reeling under a devastating drought! It is time Karnataka had a BJP government!

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  2. Gotta disagree with you here albeit only slightly.I’m actually surprised by the fact that the media IS talking about the Karnataka CM’s misdeeds.Especially NewsX.And I am also surprised that they have covered the solar scam and the corruption in Kerala.Usually,the media doesn’t highlight anything that might benefit BJP but these 2 states seem to be an exception.I was actually very surprised when I saw coverage of the Congress’ misdeeds in these 2 states.HP CM’s corruption got a bit of airtime as well.Buty es,they blatantly tried to hide Harish Rawat’s antics in Uttarakhand and I also hardly notice coverage of any of the Congress NE governments.Maybe they realize that NE states are their last real strongholds.

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  3. Karnataka politics can be compared to UP as far as corruption, nepotism and Redtapism is concerned. And caste politics is in it’s peak. Even religious heads direct whom to vote. The state has not seen a selfless & service minded politician after Indira Gandhi took over as PM, as she always opted for her bootlickers as State CM. Karnataka also has an ex-PM who slept through his tenure and now indulges in king maker’s role. Though BJP has a dynamic leader in Yedeyurappa, he is tainted in a case of land conversions, not to mention that every CM before him have been practicing. In all probability Karnataka will have the only and last Congress Government in the country before extinction.

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    1. Yes, one thing I am convinced is that Siddharamaiah is the last Congress CM of Karnataka. The state has become inherently pro-BJP. In 2004, 2009 and 2014, BJP swept LS polls in the state. In 2004 and 2008 it was largest party and/or ruling party in Assembly. Even though they screwed up disastrously between 2008 and 2013 giving 3 CMs in 5 years, people quickly forgave BJP in 2014 after just 1 year under Cong rule. I get the sense that Karnataka is becoming inherently hostile to Congress. When BJP returns to power in 2018 in Bangalore, I think Congress may be looking at a Gujarat/MP like drought in Karnataka.


  4. The mishandling of governance, Corruption, inept handling of all crisis are hall mark of Congress Governments. These do not make news. But people and media expect BJP governments not to do all these things. Hence even minor aberrations are blown out of proportion. They should take these criticisms positively.BJP must strive to not allow even such silly mistakes in their Governments.

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    1. Indeed, the scrutiny of BJP governments is thorough. In itself that is not a bad thing. But certain mistakes are unavoidable and the problem is that BJP ends up spending all its time trying to douse these little fires.


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