Ecosystem in panic

For the first time since 2014, it seems that the BJP has the Congress truly by the scruff of the neck. The last 10 days have been an absolute nightmare for the Dynasty…setback upon setback has sent the Congress reeling.

First came the #IshratFile and #MalegaonTwist news, which blew away whatever credibility the Congress had left in matters of national security. But hey, the Congress ecosystem worked overtime to keep the reporting in these two cases under wraps and while Times Now and NewsX cried themselves hoarse, the ecosystem mostly managed to keep the news out of the rest of mass media.

Then, came Agusta Westland. With an Italian Court naming the Queen, the news was too big to bury. On top of that it was the week that Parliament resumed its sittings. And then BJP picked Swamy to go to the Rajya Sabha. Now, Manohar Parrikar is personally studying the Agusta files. From the way Parrikar takes direct jibes at Sonia Gandhi’s Italian origin, the Congress can hardly hope for leniency. And ex-IAF chief S P Tyagi has a Monday date with the CBI and ED. Ha! The media Mameluks will find it impossible to bury this story. Add to it the fact that Bofors has instant name recall everywhere in the country and the Agusta Westland story seems amazingly similar.

Finally, as if things could get any worse, came the court order to demolish Adarsh society, the towering symbol of Congress corruption.

The ecosystem is feeling the pressure and for the first time, I can feel them buckling. The panic is telling:

Whoa! Why so defensive? Shekhar Coupta is as “deep state” as you can get. If Shekhar Coupta is this worried, you can imagine the depth of the panic.

Somebody change the topic …please!!!!

In fact, the ecosystem was so desperate they started throwing anything they could lay thei hands upon, including empty shells of long discarded and used up bombs.

Arvind Kejriwal went on a diversion spree, demanding info on the PM’s degrees, threatening to gherao 7RCR and now planning a referendum for statehood to Delhi. Anything…absolutely anything to divert attention from Agusta Westland!

Dirty tricks Chief Ahmedmian Patel, who hitherto only worked from the shadows, ran around from channel to channel protesting innocence.

They even manufactured a “Rajasthan Chopper Scam” overnight:

But if you want to truly gauge the panic level in the Congress ecosystem, here is the lead story on Nehru Dynasty TV that takes everyone by surprise:

NDTV doing an “exclusive” exposing Chidambaram? Are things so desperate at HQ that they are offering  Chidambaram’s wicket in exchange for a pardon for the Queen? I must say even I underestimated the potential of Agusta Westland to rattle the powers that be in Lutyens Delhi…


And THIS JUST IN: Rajdeep Sardesai has disabled his Twitter account. Make of it what you will…


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23 thoughts on “Ecosystem in panic

  1. LOL LOL LOL……ROFTL…..fantastic situation to see these guys scurrying around like rats!!!

    These guys used to act as if they were high and mighty(holier than thou attitude),just because they used to move around with so called”powerful” corrupt politicians!

    I really hope some of these presstitutes gets thrown into jail ,then all others will come down to earth!

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    1. Getting the journos to jail might be even harder than throwing the politicians in jail. Strictly speaking, there is not even a law against journos accepting bribes to write articles in private publications. “Bribes” as defined in law apply only to government officials and government institutions.


      1. CORRECT! It is not clear whether there is a section in the Indian Penal Code under which these presstitutes can be charged. But what is happening to them is worse than being put in jail: They have been made irrelevant!


  2. Yes,Congress is reeling.BJP just has to deliver the knockout punch in 2019.There is one more thing that BJP could do.They have already sent Smriti to Amethi to try and knock Rahul out in 2019.But they need to send someone to Rae Bareli as well in order to knock out Sonia.Subramanian Swamy would be a great choice.Subramanian Swamy vs Sonia Gandhi in Rae Bareli would be a great contest in 2019.

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    1. I have to say I haven’t seen the ecosystem reeling as much as this. For 2 years, they thought it’s gonna be okay and Modi storm will pass. Now suddenly their nightmares are coming true…


      1. But Karti is not a pawn. He is a Shehzada himself. The fact that they are ready to let the reputation of a Shehzada be destroyed shows how nervous they are…


  3. Compare this to all Dadri News all the time, all Rohith’s suicide news all the time, all Kanhaiya Kumar news all the time. Just imagine ‘Respected’ journalists sitting on the table and somebody brings up Agusta and Saba Naqvi asks, How is the weather outside? Has it stated to rain yet? Or what is the latest score on IPL match?

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  4. This is beyond ridiculous,these people are trying to make the public ignore one of the boggest scams in which the Empresd herself is implicated directly?!!!Do they seriously thinkthat if they close their eyes the world won’t see as well?
    RS disabling his twitter just adds to the charges of media corruption.He is like the pumpkin theif touching his shoulder when asked if he saw anyone stealing the pumpkin.
    I hope Burqa and Co. wind up behind bars.

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    1. Usha garu,

      “Pumpkin thief touching his shoulder” is a Telugu saying, so I wonder how many readers here understand that. (Or may be they do!)

      In any case, “my account was hacked” is the cyber-age equivalent of “the dog ate my homework” — NO ONE believes that!


  5. Rajdeep’s exit is hilarious. Apparently, his account was hacked and then he was able to somehow get back in and shut it down.

    Seems more likely that he was drowning his sorrows and the MSG RS surfaced on SM.

    On a serious note – the only thing I fear with this much coming out this quickly, that not one issue will get full resolution. Already Ishrat Jehan and PC have been forgotten – at least on the media. That is a serious case of treason and needs to be dealt with immediately. Media of course will jump from case to case; and the congi p*mps will be glad to bury it. It is up to BJP to step up and act like a real govt and prosecute; and stop being happy just gaining on the media boards and some TV stations.

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    1. I was thinking same thing yesterday. Ishrat file has been forgotten. But the AW scam is a bigger deal indeed. Maybe it would have been better if Ishrat File had come out earlier.


  6. All who think, AW Chopper deal was a scam, you are all ignoring one thing, there’s no damn proof. We only have a stupid verdict by Milan court who never cared to Investigate the money trail. And our Over enthusiastic media such The Nation went on to say that the deal was fraud and Augusta Westland isn’t an OEM. I think arnab should take a week and study about the defence procurement. The deals are onky signed with OEMs. AW is an OEM and Finmecanicca is its holding company. And there’s ACM SP Tyagi, who is made a scapegoat. All the specifications were frozen in his predecessors tenure, then how come SP Tyagi had influenced the deal. There isn’t one single canard that point towards waitress and her cronies. As much I wish it to be a scam, it isn’t. It’s just a case of financial misappropriation by the AW for which it could have been fined and deal could have been concluded after delivery of all the 12 Choppers. What AW did was didn’t honor the clause off Defence offset.
    Just sit back and try to think for a moment. Isn’t this a way by which Finmeccanica is getting revenge on us. The former had sizeable stake in EF-2000 Eurofighter, and the Rafale selection didn’t went down their throats. Now MoD will further delay the aircrafts acquisition due to this mess.
    In the end , nobody’s going to jail.
    IAF reputation is tarnished. We are robbed of critical VVIP transport for National Command Authority.
    And further delay in procurement of weapons from Finmeccanica’s holding companies.
    We all are being taken for a ride. So let’s stop smoking the pot everybody wants to smoke.
    Sometimes its good to say quiet. All though the MSM idiots are quiet for whole other reasons.

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    1. I am confused. There was definitely bribery that happened, as the Milan Court has convicted the bribe givers and thrown them into jail. If there is a bribe giver, there has to be a bribe taker. That much is pukka. Yes, whether we can ever establish beyond doubt the exact identity of the bribe taker, that is a big question mark. I give you that.


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