Dynastycrook Rudaali Brigade takes up the cause of Yakub Memon

For Dynastycrooks, there is no superstar greater than a young secular terrorist slaughtering some Kafirs in the name of the religion of peace. So when the law finally caught up with Yakub Memon and his execution was ordered, Dynastycrooks started breaking their bangles in anguish. It is amazing how quickly Dynastycrooks managed to put together a campaign to generate sympathy for this dreaded terrorist. Today this blog will celebrate Dynastycrook Firstpost  who put together this article, titled

State’s eagerness to hang Yakub Memon doesn’t quite pass the smell test


The article is by Jaggi himself, which means that the last half decent writer on Firstpost has openly come out and embraced his inner Dynastycrook after several months of relentlessly promoting chota mota Dynastycrooks to shit all over his site. These people have become so predictable its hilarious. When I first heard the news of Yakub Memon, I instantly went to Firstpost and there it was…excuses for jihadi terrorism. Here’s Jaggi:

Centre, states and courts are keen to “uphold the law” when it comes to another category of killers: Ajmal Kasab, Afzal Guru, and, now, possibly, Yakub Memon. All Muslims, and their only common link to the hangman’s noose seems to be that they lack political support.

Wait! Muslims? What does it have to do with Muslims? I thought terror has no religion? If anything, I thought patriotic Indian Muslims would welcome this news right before Eid. Would it not make their Eid all the better to know that a dreaded terrorist is going to be executed? Oh wait… that’s not how the Ummah works and you know it!

Ok, so Jaggi makes the argument that :

What is apparent to all but the innocent eye is this: where a convicted killer or assassin or terrorist has strong political backing, neither the centre nor the courts seem to develop the spine to deliver justice impartially as intended.

Oh wait Jaggi, let me refresh your memory. Your respected Yakub Memon saheb does have strong political backing! Have you forgotten that Dawood Ibrahim had close ties with the son of 5 term Congress MP Sunil Dutt? In case you don’t know, Sunil Dutt’s son has been convicted and is currently sitting in jail for his crimes. But you probably joined the Rudaali brigade for him too.

As shameful as Jaggi’s article was, he left the really dirty work to his minions. Here is Dynastycrook Wajahat Qazi at firstpost:

http://www.firstpost.com/india/hanging-1993-blasts-convict-yakub-memon-will-send-a-wrong-signal-to-indian-muslims-2343434.html )

Let this Mameluk explain:

To paraphrase Sudhir Kakkarin conditions of riots, the distinction between the victim, perpetrator collapses and a reductive , synoptic worldview takes over and the ‘them’ versus ‘Us’ thinking takes over and finer distinctions are elided.”

Ah! See! We can’t even tell whether Yakub Memon was a perpetrator or a victim. Let this Mameluk continue:

The obvious answer to Muslim vigilantism and acts of counter violence is that Muslims do not appear to have faith in India’s justice system. The judiciary and its concomitant may be viewed by Muslims in India as slanted and beyond their scope and reach. Hence, vigilantism in extreme circumstances and taking recourse to non formal means and methods of seeking justice.

Nice! So Muslims have lost faith in our justice system and so its okay if they resort to vigilantism. First of all, Mr. Qazi, when did Muslims show faith in our justice system? If Muslims had faith, why did so many millions snatch a separate Pakistan in the first place? The truth is that Muslims rejected our justice system the day they refused to live under a uniform civil code and practise Sharia law instead. Where in the whole world have Muslims ever shown faith in a system run by majority of Kafirs? Now you turn around and use their inherent mistrust and hatred of Kafirs into an excuse for riots?

And then comes the best part:

If, however, the state is really interested in justice, then the state has its work cut for it. The state must do its bit to ameliorate the condition of Indian Muslims and reach out to them. The first prong of this should be empowerment of Muslims in India through education and economic advancement followed by making equal rights real for them.”

Empower them through education? How? You mean by teaching them Math & Science? A few weeks ago the same Maharashtra government you are accusing of prejudice told Madrassas that they would need to teach Math & Science if they wanted govt aid! But then your rudaali brigade was crying buckets again. Apparently, Muslims don’t trust Math & Science either (what a surprise…lol). What to do?


10 thoughts on “Dynastycrook Rudaali Brigade takes up the cause of Yakub Memon

  1. What Jaggi says is for cost of spreading the lies. If the terrorist priya dynasty would have been in power, it would have delayed to the satisfaction of all criminal crooks and would have executed finally at an opportune votebank times, which will be. understable to mediacrook like jaggi. So, man it is now costly when dynasty members are not in power? See how much important is that and difficult when hindoos are **** aware and those Rambos- Chaiwallahs and Suryputras with their billion strong army are on prowl daily hunting down crooks like hunting mad street dogs?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The crooks spend their whole day complaining about the dangers of “abuse” by RW on Twitter…but when Yakub Memon is convicted for killing 257, they want mercy…


  2. Pakistan do not require a n embassy in India. Congress and these dynasty crooks Rudalli Brigade can do their job. These traitors are the representative of Pakistan in India. Lakvi the mastermind behind 26/11 is free and these traitors Rudalli might be quite happy with the way Pakistan is lying and bluffing and non cooperating. The Congress spokies speak in the language of Pak. One spokie had the temerity to say in one debate that the boat explosion was a fake encounter, thus helping Pakistan’s case .The Pak’s agents in India are doing a good job! Congress and these Rudallis Dynastic crooks hate BJP/Modi Sarkar more than Pakistan. So Modi Sarkar has two evil to tackle, one outside and the another home grown.


  3. “Wait! Muslims? What does it have to do with Muslims? I thought terror has no religion?” exposes them all. Using one logic for majority community and clutching on another for minorities. My blood boils hearing these kind of arguments.

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    1. In India, movies have a religion, yoga has a religion, even internet trolling has a religion! But terrorism has no religion. Except when a terrorist is caught and is about to be executed. Then, the terrorist suddenly has a religion.


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