Dynastycrook Jyoti Punwani is breaking her bangles as Yakub Memon prepares for 72 virgins

The core of the Dynasty’s power is that they have crooks at each level. Dr. Praveen Patil, who runs 5Forty3.in, calls them “penny stocks”. The Dynasty invests in a whole lot of them at extremely low prices and you never know which one will suddenly give massive rewards. Teesta Setalvad really is one such penny stock that delivered massive dividends. Today we are celebrating one such penny stock who has been shamelessly and relentlessly performing her duty to the queen. This one is called Jyoti Punwani and this Mameluk has been shitting across the web lately complaining about Yakub Memon’s pending execution.

I waited slightly before putting up today’s post, because I wanted to hear the confirmed good news that the Supreme Court has rejected Yakub Memon’s curative petition and “Memon sahib” is scheduled to receive his 72 virgins on July 30. We get rid of him and he gets 72 virgins. Sounds like everybody wins 🙂

Except for this one character named Jyoti Punwani, who has been breaking her bangles  over Yakub Memon. Here are three of her recent shittings:

a) The many wrong messages that hanging Yakub Memon would send:


b) SC allots less than 5 minutes to Yakub Memon’s final appeal


c) Why it’s wrong to hang Yakub Memon


The last one was brought to my attention by a reader of this blog. This Mameluk writes:

The mocking words of his brother, Ibrahim ‘Tiger’ Memon, advising him not to give himself up to the Indian authorities might have echoed in his ears. “You are returning as a Gandhiwadi, but the Indian government will see you only as a terrorist,””

Oh dear…not again. Another addition to Arund****i Roy’s list of “Gandhians with guns”… ok ok these are  “Gandhians with bombs”. The Mameluk continues:

Tiger Memon’s words proved prophetic. Yakub gave up life in a gilded cage in Karachi under the ISI’s watch, to come back in July 1994 and clear his name in the case of the 1993 blasts, which had been masterminded by his brother and Dawood Ibrahim.”

A Gandhian who gave up luxuries of life in a “gilded cage” in Karachi. This is getting even better. She continues.

If Yakub is hanged, the message will be clear: if you have committed a crime and have been lucky enough to escape, good for you. If you are suspected of having committed a crime but want to return to India to try and clear your name, be prepared for the worst. Far better to spend your life in luxury, even if it is in a country that is hostile to yours. Not for you the choice of bringing up your children as Indians…. During his 21 years in jail, eight of them on death row, Yakub has obtained an MA in English from the Indira Gandhi National Open University. The authorities of the course denied him permission to attend the convocation, although it was held in Nagpur itself, where he has been lodged since 2007. The day the Supreme Court dismissed his review petition in April, Yakub got an MA from IGNOU in political science.

Hmmm…an MA in political science? So even Yakub Memon knew that he could have a flourishing career in politics as a hero of the secular community 🙂

I see, Madam Jyoti, so Yakub gave up a life of luxury to come and live in jail. While in jail, he gained in knowledge and kept expanding his mind. What a beautiful story: but Jyoti Punwani could have made it better. I suggest that in her next article she can write something like this:

Yakub gave up life in a gilded cage and went to live in prison where he would meditate under a peepal tree. He tortured himself with hardship and grew his knowledge till one day he finally attained enlightment. Henceforth, he became known as the Yakub Buddha — the enlightened one“.

And then Jyoti Punwani openly expresses her admiration for  Dawood Ibrahim, the great avenger who punished our nation for its “original sin”:

Finally, Yakub Memon’s hanging will inevitably draw our attention to the original sin in the chain of events that led to the March 12, 1993 blasts: the Mumbai riots that followed the demolition of the Babri Masjid.

Ah! Original sin? I am not an expert in the secular scriptures, but you should know that someone always has to die for the original sin! And so it is that Yakub Christ is being put to death. So be sure to mourn for him on Good Thursday (July 30) when he is put to death. Don’t worry, he is going to a better place… Christ was born of a virgin and Yakub Christ is gonna get 72 virgins…so cheer up!


11 thoughts on “Dynastycrook Jyoti Punwani is breaking her bangles as Yakub Memon prepares for 72 virgins

  1. The last paragraph is great. I say, what is up with these highly educated but lowly IQued bootlickers? They have totally lost their sense of recognising right from wrong, good from bad and so on. what amazes me is the theories they put forward to justify their illogical logic. Oh.. there are so many of them.

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    1. As Yakub Memon gets ready for 72 virgins and Dynastycrooks wait for their “Good Thursday” on July 30, expect many many more such articles. Crookpost’s Sandipan Sharma has yet to weigh in on this 🙂 Rest assured there will be a ton of material for me to write about 🙂

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  2. The facts are that having tested blood of innocents like Hyena, Memon came back ala
    Al-Qaeda for a double blast. He would have terrorized the world with his double success in India. The moles like Jyoti were in place to spin the crime to original sin if he succeeded and to spin to victimhood if he was caught and hanged. Now, the terrorists are argued to have no religion, how come when they are selected for hanging, they are claimed being hanged for being Muslims? The anti national, anti Hindus, anti democracy, anti constitutional like Jyoti should be prosecuted for questioning India’s judicial system and for contempt of court and Indian constitution. Unless such presstitutes are identified and quarantined by the democratic societies, the democracy will not be effective.

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  3. One clever tactic they use – the person is always “accused” and never “convicted”; so they can always leave a doubt in the mind of the reader.

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  4. If SIT says NM is not guilty after investigation, sickulars and a whole lot say he is guilty.
    If SC says YM and others are guilty after trial, sickulars and a whole lot say he is innocent.

    Oh yeah, religion has nothing to do with it.

    Law and Courts – what do they know? Trial by sickular media is the answer, because they know everything.

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    1. This is why presstitutes are so angry with social media. Because social media is doing to them what they used to do to others. Now every time a presstitute lies, social media comes down heavily.


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