72 virgins vs 72 Rudaalis

You know what made the hanging of Yakub Memon more special, more delicious than the execution of Afzal Guru or Ajmal Kasab? The fact that Yakub was not executed secretly; rather the date was boldly announced in advance and Yakub was dragged to the gallows in full view of anti-national Rudaalis, kicking and screaming. The people of India went to sleep last night with the reassuring feeling that justice would be done the next morning and though certain seculars tried to create some mischief during the night, we all woke up to the good news in the morning.

The tussle between 72 virgins pulling Yakub towards Jannat and the 72 Rudaalis trying to keep him in this dirty land of Kafirs continued all night and it gives me great pleasure to say that the 72 virgins won. Looks like Yakub who killed 257 people was pissing and shitting his pants when it came to his own death…. ha ha 🙂

Yakub bhaijaan is gone now, but the Rudaalis are still crying. Let’s enjoy their delicious agony…

Here’s The Hindu, the guardian of anti-national values, compulsory reading for every phony intellectual who wanted some career advancement during the Dynasty years: they came out with an “Editorial view” on Yakub’s execution:


Carrying out the sentence will only have the appearance of a justice that is retributive and vengeful, not substantial or morally different from the very offence that gave rise to the proceedings.

ROFL! Your bhaijaan received the fullest protection of the law and numerous hearings in the highest court. That’s a lot more than the procedures in the “people’s courts” run by your beloved comrades where people are “tried” and executed within an hour. So please don’t cry now. And don’t even get me started about the innocents who are blown up with landmines by your beloved comrades. So…SHUT UP!

Here’s Rana Ayyub’s Rudaali:

Collective conscience? You bet!

One of the most shameful things that is happening right now is scumbags putting the death of Dr. Kalam and …. in the same sentence (but I wont, so I am leaving the space for his name blank)

Contradicting reports? The Supreme Court already called your bluff repeatedly. Tehelka’s Finger Queen might have “contradicting reports”, but that’s irrelevant.

Saggy aunty is foaming at the mouth:

Ha ha…the pain she is feeling. I truly rejoice at her misery. Nevertheless, I just want to briefly address here the “point” she thinks she is making. In law, it is a well accepted principle that the basis for “guilty” and “not guilty” are different. The law is very clear about the standard of “innocent until proven guilty”. This means that in order to release a person, there is no need to be absolutely sure about his/her innocence. On the other hand, in order to punish a person, guilt has to be proved “beyond all reasonable doubt”. The law fully accepts that even if a lot of guilty people escape freely, not even one innocent person should face punishment. So, if you think there are people who are guilty but have gotten away free, it’s nothing new; accepting this reality is built into the philosophy of law.

Here’s Dynastycrook Mihir Sharma:

He he… terror has no religion, remember?

You are wrong. Remember the murder of 257 innocents? That’s the bloodthirst.

False argument again!

Ha ha…this is your brain on the Dynasty drug.

The Congress obviously is scared to come out openly in support of Yakub. But they are mysteriously enraged today 🙂 Wonder why 🙂

Remember Americai Narayanan, the Congi who came as party spokesperson just once on The Newshour and then trended for days on Twitter for being so hilariously stupid? He just spilled the beans:

Here’s Malini Parthasarathy, Editor of The Hindu. She is the one who famously said that Modi is not qualified to be PM because he isn’t fluent in all Indian languages (lol)

Quoting  Portia from The Merchant of Venice? Let me quote Shakespeare right back to you:

Wouldst thou have a serpent sting thee twice?” (will you let a snake bite you again?)

Yes, that’s why Yakub is being executed.



3 thoughts on “72 virgins vs 72 Rudaalis

      1. So far none of the dynasty crooks or their family members or any member of sold out media reported killed in any terrorist attack. Now I am getting suspicion that these rudalis get information prior to any such attack. Or is it that these scums stopped walking on streets?


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